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    (2015-01-01) Practical cyber-attacks on autonomous vehicles
    Stottelaar, Bas G.B.
    This thesis explores the field of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) sensor technologies and potential cyber-attacks on sensors. The research on AVs is increasingly tremendously, as the first vehicles are due to hit the road by 2020. Unfortunately, the literature on cyber-attacks on VAs is limited and theoretical. The first part of this work addresses the available sensor technologies, including limitations, attacks and countermeasures. Examples of sensor technologies include Laser Imgae Detection and Rang....................
    (2015-01-01) How can leadership influence time-to-market in an improvisational setting?
    Dijkkamp, Pim
    This paper is concerned with exploring the relationship between leadership and time-to-market in an improvisational setting. First a literature review is provided in which the concepts of leadership, time-to-market and improvisation are listed. After this qualitative and quantitative analysis are made of theatrical simulations in order to research how leadership can influence time-to-market in an improvisational setting. The three leadership styles which are included in this research are directi....................
    (2015-01-01) Development of a measurement instrument for innovation facilitating procurement
    Lenderink, Bart
    In this research it was investigated how the percentage spend on innovation facilitating procurement (IFP) with respect to the total procurement budget of Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) can be measured. The idea behind IFP is to foster innovation among suppliers through the aggregation of public demand for innovative solutions and organising the procurement process in such a way that private parties are stimulated to develop and offer innovative solutions. IFP includes public procurement of innovat....................
    (2015-01-01) Biasing a ring-oscillator based true random number generator with an electro-magnetic fault injuction using harmonic waves
    Senden, J.M.J.
    This thesis shows the effect of an electromagnetic fault injection on true random number generators based on ring oscillators. It tests several designs, including ring oscillators of equal length and unequal length. We found that the created designs with ring oscillators of unequal length are more prone to fault injection. This research also shows that injecting the frequency of the operating frequency of the ring oscillators results in high mutual information. Fault injection using an electro-m....................
    (2015-01-01) De user experience van een user interface door middel van voelen, horen, ruiken en proeven
    Mencke, Valerie
    This report presents a study which focused on the extent to which the senses tactile, auditory, olfactory, and taste in user interfaces could deliberately enhance the user experience. A lot of knowledge is already at our disposal of how to design with visual stimuli, but less is known about other senses. Hence, we focused on other senses by omitted visual aspect from analysis. When multiple senses are addressed properly in design, the user experience will likely be improved. After all, in everyd....................
    (2015-01-01) Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) : towards an autonomous search and rescue aiding drone
    Heukels, F.R
    When having to find survivors in a heavily damaged building it is saver to send a drone that generates a 3D map before sending in emergence personnel. The generated map can then be used to locate the survivors and rescue them. This thesis proposes a light weight implementation of a 3D mapping algorithm that is designed to be run onboard of a drone. The map is generated by stitching together multiple images from a RGBD (RGB and depth image) camera by looking at the movement of the drone between t....................
    (2015-01-01) Intern toezicht in het voortgezet onderwijs : een onderzoek naar verschil in rolopvatting van toezichthouders
    Baan, A.
    In 2010 stelt de wetgevende macht een kader met betrekking tot verantwoording en toezicht in het voortgezet onderwijs - de Wet op het voortgezet onderwijs. De toezichthouder speelt daarin een dubbele rol, hij is controleur en adviseur. Vanuit de theorie is er kritiek op de dubbele rol, toezicht zou enkel om controle moeten draaien. In de praktijk bestaat de behoefte om ook te adviseren. Met behulp van het model van gepland gedrag wordt samenhang onderzocht tussen de factoren van het model (attit....................
    (2015-01-01) From employer attractiveness to employer branding: results of a mixed methods research
    Broek, M.N. ten
    Companies nowadays have to distinguish themselves from their competitors not only on products or services, but also as an employer. This study explores job and organizational elements that make a company attractive to both potential (students) and current workers (employees) and determines how a company can use employer branding to communicate those elements. A research using mixed-method designs was conducted: literature study, quantitative study and qualitative study. The literature stud....................
    (2015-01-01) Risk Management and Performance in Insurance Companies
    Eikenhout, L.C.A.
    A study in the Netherlands by Laeven & Perotti (2010) has shown that the financial crisis has had a dramatic effect on the insurance industry. The impact of the crisis caused various insurance firms to fail to fulfil financial requirements as stated by the Dutch Central Bank. Willaims et al. (2006) defined risk management in the following way: “Risk management aims to provide decision makers with a systematic approach to coping with risk and uncertainty.” First, there is traditional ris....................
    (2015-01-01) Exploring the link between HR frames of line management and HR professionals and employee’s trust in the airline industry
    Falk, Lisette Marie
    This research confirms a well-known finding that different social groups may have incongruent frames (Orlikowski & Gash, 1994; Wright & Nishi, 2006). By conducting this research, we extended the literature by proposing a link between congruent HRM frames and employees’ trust in HRM. We explored the link between congruence of HRM frames of HR professionals and line managers and trust of employees in a HRM system. Trust in times of change has been chosen as it has become a highly important ingre....................
    (2015-01-01) Short selling in the Netherlands
    Klamer, Daniel
    An investor is always interested in the return of his investment. Combined with the different risk involved in short selling, it is an interesting subject. Academic literature has often tried to explain changes in return and find relations between the risk, characteristics of the stock and companies and other possible related subjects to the return of the investment. In this research the concept of short selling, the different reasons or motives for short selling will be described. A literature....................
    (2015-01-01) Multi-level views in a SUM-based environment
    Lanting, Peter
    In this thesis we investigate the applicability of combining multi-level modelling and Single-Underlying Model (SUM)-based modelling. The first part of the thesis consist of a literature study on these two modelling methodologies. During this process we looked into the available tools, and found Melanee and nAOMi, made for multi-level modelling and SUM-based modelling respectively. The early stage of development of nAOMi, inspired us to extend this tool with a multi-level view. During this proce....................
    (2015-01-01) Using simulation for a new production line at Philips Drachten
    Strijker, V.
    A new and innovative product was invented at Philips. The processes and production line to mass-produce the product was being designed using the APQP framework. The research of this thesis aims to optimize the design of this brand new production line. Under guidance from lean six sigma green belts DfSS is applied to find the best combination of buffers in between machines and number of transport carriers. Then the bottleneck of the production line is identified and improved. To get to this optim....................
    (2015-01-01) Een onderzoek naar verbetering van procesbewaking van de productgroep Y door middel van voorraadbeheersing en monitoring
    Hoogterp, H.
    In dit adviesrapport is een onderzoek naar procesbewaking beschreven. Binnen de productgroep Y werd onvoldoende beheersing en bewaking van het gehele orderproces opgemerkt. Producent X produceert nog maar twee jaar de machines van productgroep Y. Er is nog niet veel ervaring met deze producten, zodat er ruimte voor verbeteringen is. Om enig overzicht te krijgen over het bedrijf, wordt er gebruik gemaakt van een ERP systeem. Om de procesbewaking te verbeteren is er een stappenplan ter aanb....................
    (2015-01-01) Radar system lead time reduction
    Gjaltema, P.B.
    This research investigated the lead time consequences of design decisions for new radar systems. An older radar system is investigated for logistic lead time reduction possibilities. We came up with a methodology to design a radar with a reduced lead time.
    (2015-01-01) Characterising the ripple effects of introducing energy-awareness functionality in Cyber-Physical System software
    Bouius, A.G.
    This research investigates what impact energy-awareness functionality has on an existing software design. Energy-awareness has become increasingly important in software development; especially for Cyber-Physical Systems. Nowadays society is more conscious about energy consumption; optimising energy usage has become an important selling point. Self-adaptation of system behaviour can heavily influence energy usage; especially for battery powered systems. Information about power consumption can be....................
    (2015-01-01) European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan
    Burik, Marco A. van
    In the dawn of the cold war and the wake of 9/11, did the discussion around security and its efficient governance become of great concern to every nation. Especially with the increasing globalization of our world, do national security concerns reach further than the visible borders. Conflict and resulting insecurity was a byproduct of such globalization, and as such, now calls for an integrated and coherent solution. In this environment did a school of thought evolve around the best practices of....................
    (2015-01-01) Participatory design approach to improve the communication between care providers through the electronic health record
    Wolbers, S.
    Preliminary Research: This chapter has discussed the EHR, the Quality of Care, and the users of the EHR and their needs. The EHR is a complex system with many benefits and drawbacks. Table 2.1 showed that the EHR could improve the Quality of Care by supporting qualitative documentation, decision support, cli-ent portals, evidence-based and validated standards, and cooperation among professionals. The professionals have different needs according to the EHR. They all need the right information at ....................
    (2015-01-01) EU Biofuel policy and the negative environmental influences of 'land grabbing'
    Zijlstra, S.F.
    In recent years, academic researchers have paid much attention to the increase of large scale land acquisition in developing countries, hereafter referred to as ‘land grabbing’, and the side-effects associated with it. The role the European Union plays or will play in the future as cause and solution to these problems is still unclear. European biofuel policy and the concept of ‘land grabbing’, which is commonly associated with biofuel crops, will be analysed in this paper. This study ai....................
    (2015-01-01) De kost gaat de baat vooruit. Een onderzoek naar een verbetering van het orderproces bij Van Keulen Interieurbouw
    Visser, R.
    Dit onderzoek richt zich op het analyseren en herontwerpen van het orderproces en de digitale ondersteuning daarvan bij Van Keulen Interieurbouw. Het doel van dit onderzoek is een verbetering vinden in het orderproces voor de afdeling technische werkvoorbereiding die een aantoonbare kostenbesparing oplevert. Met behulp van meerdere deelvragen wordt de hoofdvraag: ‘Hoe kan het huidige orderproces bij VKI voor de afdeling TWVB verbeterd worden zodat het een aantoonbare kostenbesparing oplevert?....................
    (2015-01-01) Een onderzoek naar het op afstand werken met persoonsgegevens
    Vries, N.L. de
    Om de veiligheid te kunnen waarborgen wil de gemeente Enschede graag onderzocht zien hoe gemeenteambtenaren op afstand omgaan met de beveiliging van persoonsgegevens. Daarnaast dient gekeken te worden naar nadere beperkingen op het gebied van telewerken met persoonsgegevens. Om dit te kunnen onderzoeken is de volgende onderzoeksvraag opgesteld: ‘Hoe gaan gemeenteambtenaren van de gemeente Enschede anno 2014 om met de beveiliging van persoonsgegevens als zij telewerken’? Om deze onderzoeksvra....................
    (2015-01-01) Verschillen in innovatie: een kwantitatief onderzoek naar de invoering van een fysiek inlooppunt van het Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin 2007-2011
    Scholte op Reimer, Merle Suzanne
    In 2007 trad de Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning (Wmo) in werking. Deze wet draagt bij aan het principe dat inwoners zo lang mogelijk kunnen participeren in de samenleving, en wordt daarom ook wel de participatiewet genoemd. De wet moet ervoor zorgen dat mensen zo lang mogelijk zelfstandig kunnen blijven meedoen in de samenleving, al of niet geholpen door vrienden, familie of bekenden. Als dat niet lukt, biedt de gemeente ondersteuning. Omdat de rijksoverheid er vanuit gaat dat gemeenten beter....................
    (2015-01-01) Factors influencing students' intention to recycle
    Philippsen, Y
    With levels of consumption rising and resources diminishing turning waste into a resource –recycling- becomes indispensable. Even more in light of current EU proposals to introduce mandatory recycling rates. In order to increase recycling rates individuals play an important role. This paper focuses on factors that influence students’ behavioural intention to recycle at the University of Twente. This question is approached by using the theory of planned behaviour with the extension of the var....................
    (2015-01-01) Geautomatiseerde beeldanalyse van morfologische kenmerken en de motiliteit van een individuele spermatozoon.
    Geijs, D.J
    Koppels met zwangerschaps problemen kunnen worden geholpen door het toepassen van kunstmatige bevruchting. Een techniek daarvoor is intracytoplasmatische sperma-injectie (ICSI), waarbij een zaadcel direct in de eicel wordt gespoten. Een factor die het succespercentage van ICSI beïnvloed is de kwaliteit van de getransplanteerde embryo zijn. Er wordt verondersteld dat een beschadigde spermacel die gebruikt wordt voor ICSI de kwaliteit van de getransplanteerde embryo negatief beïnvloed en dat de....................
    (2015-01-01) The virtual machine delivery network
    Fonville, M.E.
    Distributing virtual machine images over the internet via traditional methods wastes network resources. A proposed solution to this problem is the Virtual Machine Delivery Network (VMDN). A VMDN optimizes the distribution of virtual machine images using concepts from content delivery networks combined with knowledge that exists about the inner structure of virtual machines and their disk images. In this research this virtual machine image’s disk structure has been analyzed which resulted ....................
    (2015-01-01) Proactive policing and ethnic profiling : a comparative study of Germany and the Netherlands
    Bos, P.J.H.
    The aim of this study is to find out how it is possible that ethnic minority youngsters in Germany are equally prone to ethnic profiling by police officers as ethnic minority youngsters in the Netherlands, despite seemingly fewer opportunities for ethnic profiling for German police officers. Earlier quantitative research found these results among youngsters in different Dutch and German cities and earlier qualitative research did not provide for a conclusive explanation for these findings. For....................
    (2015-01-01) IS/IT integration in mergers & acquisitions: a framework for a systematic approach
    Lange, T.C.B de
    This research focused on the issue of IS/IT integration within M&As. Because IS/IT has such an important role within organizations nowadays, integration of IS/IT is considered to be crucial in M&As. After a first exploration of existing literature regarding the topic we found that this literature did not provide us with a method for a systematic approach towards an IS/IT integration strategy. Therefore, the main objective of this research became to combine and reuse existing knowledge about IS....................
    (2015-01-01) The European Fight Against the Financing of Terrorism: A study of the European Union's Third AML/CFT Directive
    Bloemkolk, I.C.
    This thesis aims to study the EU’s Third Directive on money laundering and terrorist financing and assess its adequacy for the purpose of combating the financing of terrorism. To carry out this research the thesis will center around the main research question: To what extent is the Third AML/CFT Directive of the European Union adequate in dealing with the financing of terrorism? In order to answer this question this thesis sheds light on the problem of terrorist financing and analysis the adeq....................
    (2015-01-01) De diagnostiek van vitamine B1, B6, B12, foliumzuur en vitamine D25 deficiënties in de huisartsenpraktijk.
    Hoorn, E.S van
    In dit onderzoek wordt onderzocht hoe de diagnostiek van vitamine B1, B6, B12, foliumzuur en vitamine D25 deficiënties bij patiënten die zich melden bij de huisarts effectiever kan worden uitgevoerd. Om de onderzoeksvraag te beantwoorden heeft er een data-analyse plaatsgevonden over laboratoriumgegevens voor de vitamine B12, foliumzuur, vitamine B1, vitamine B6 en vitamine D25. Deze laboratoriumgegevens bestaat uit de patiëntnummers, de leeftijd en geslacht van de patiënt, de aanvragende a....................
    (2015-01-01) Signal characterization for self-healing RF-power amplifiers
    Huiskamp, Maikel
    With decreasing transistor sizes power amplifiers suffer from lower supply voltages and PVT-E issues. A self healing scheme can help to correct any differences in the RF-power amplifier caused by PVT-E variations and decrease overhead on the RF-power amplifier system as a whole. A sampling system is designed and simulated that can sample at low frequencies and returns the first three complex Fourier components of the RF signal sampled. The simulations are performed in 28nm FDSOI on a 2.5GHz 1....................
    (2015-01-01) Reputation management : how to deal with online reputation threats?
    Kizak, Cagri
    Growing popularity of social media, which is established due to the development of information technology entails fundamental changes in both global business environment and organisational communication. Now, as conversations are situated in a new environment with free flow of unfiltered information, threats for corporate reputation evolve into a new degree of severity. In addition customer empowerment is integrated in the new context of social media, enhancing the importance for organisations t....................
    (2015-01-01) Indication of ictal propagation using single pulse electrical stimulation evoked early responses
    Keizer, D.
    Early responses (<100ms) evoked by single pulse electrical stimulation (SPES) of the epileptic brain are thought of as physiological phenomena. This study investigates their relevance with respect to ictal propagation patterns. SPES and seizure data from eight patients were recorded with a sampling frequency of 512 Hz. Stimulation consisted of ten monophasic pulses on adjacent electrodes with a pulse width of 1 ms and a frequency of 0.2 Hz. Stimulus intensity varied between 8-4 mA depending on t....................
    (2015-01-01) Discrete and Continuum descriptions of Shaken Granular Matter
    RIVAS, N.
    Vertically vibrated granular matter is studied using particle simulations, experiments and continuum models. We do a in-depth analysis of the granular Leidenfrost state (a density inverted, highly agitated state) and its transition to buoyancy-driven convection. In the Leidenfrost state we report the existence and characterise collective semi-periodic oscillations of the bed of grains, which are then observed experimentally. The transition to convection is then studied in detail. Correlations of....................
    (2015-01-01) When and Where to Fly and Stand by : a Tactical Decision Support System for Capacity Planning and Scheduling of Police Helicopters
    Hal, K. G. van
    This research explores the tactical planning and scheduling of the helicopters for the Dutch Air Support and Aviation Police (LVP). We create a forecast for High Impact Crimes, and determine hotspots. We define a coverage function that determines the expected number of crimes that can be successfully handled by the LVP, taking into account all deployed helicopters that are performing a surveillance flight or provide standby from a base. We define an exact method and a heuristic to allocate th....................
    (2015-01-01) Inventory control with orders without usage
    Horst, H.E. van der
    In this thesis the return demand is taken into account in the forecast at ASML. Currently ASML determines the safety stock levels by having the usage as main input in the model. However at ASML the orders of parts are not all used parts, but a big portion is returns. By making use of optimization models of ASML and an own developed simulation model, the impact of the new forecast method is made clear. Adding the returns to the forecast results in a reduction in emergency transportation costs, ....................
    (2015-01-01) An overview of the ‘safety & security’ cluster in twente
    Hinsenveld, N.H
    Since the end of 2010 the ‘safety & security’ economic cluster is in the center of attention of the ministry of Economy, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I). However a shift in what is considered to be the ‘safety and security cluster’ can be seen. This research focusses on the new ‘safety & security’ cluster within the region of Twente at the request of Twente Safety and Security (TS&S). It will be about all safety and security developments, products and research which have an economi....................
    (2015-01-01) A systems approach to the design of a management information system for a growing IT service company
    Berg, W. van den
    The managers of the Delivery department at Ymor desire a new management information system (MIS) that will provide them with information on their department’s level of performance. The goal of this research project was to design such a system. I have developed and used a new MIS design method that is based on Mason and Mitroff’s work (1973) where they define the five key variables of any MIS. For one of these key variables, namely the organizational context of the MIS, I have used a differen....................
    (2015-01-01) Het meten van cybercrime : validiteit van de door het CBS gebruikte vragenlijst en alternatieve mogelijkheden
    Verkade, R.
    In deze scriptie wordt onderzoek gedaan naar de vragenlijst uit de Veiligheidsmonitor van het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS), die het slachtofferschap van cybercrime meet. Er zijn aanwijzingen die erop wijzen dat de vragen en begrippen niet voldoende duidelijkheid bieden aan de respondent. Als gevolg hiervan zouden de uitkomsten van het CBS geen valide beeld geven van de daadwerkelijke hoeveelheid slachtoffers van cybercrime. Hierdoor heeft deze studie als doel de validiteit van de vra....................
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