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    (2018-02-02) MRI prostate cancer radiomics: Assessment of effectiveness and perspectives
    Chatzoudis, Pavlos (author)
    Prostate cancer is a disease with very high prevalence and mortality in the western world. An early accurate diagnosis can increase treatment efficiency. Current diagnosing techniques consist in systematic biopsy sampling. Radiomics can infer tumor's phenotypic differentiations from medical images, providing an accurate guide for biopsy sampling and making personalized treatment plans possible. Radiomics are various features that are extracted from medical images. Subsequently they are applied t....................
    (2018-02-02) Using small scale morphological features on estuarine tidal flats as indicators for large scale morphological shape and development
    Verheijen, Anne Hans (author)
    Intertidal flats and salt marshes can protect hinterland against wave energy and flooding by tides or storm surges. Thus, the development of tidal flats is important to foresee. The presence of specific small scale features could indicate a certain development and large scale morphological shape. The shape is a predictor for development and it is expected to influence small scale feature formation. Tidal flat management could benefit from technological process, e.g. in drones, if these indicator....................
    (2018-02-02) Facilitating and supporting patients in decision-making about healthcare professionals’ access to their medical data
    Dullaart, Clémence (author)
    The transfer of a patient's medical data between healthcare professionals is sometimes needed to take relevant aspects of the patient's health into account to offer fitting care for the specific patient. A patient's medical data is stored in the systems of the different healthcare professionals that treat or have treated the patient, thus explaining the need for transfer of medical data. In the Netherlands, it is required by law that the patient gives permission for the transfer both to the heal....................
    (2018-02-01) Manipulation of particles in a Hele-Shaw cell using sources and sinks
    Deka, Antaran (author)
    The interest in manipulating particles, droplets and bubbles have garnered significant attention in recent years, owing to the advantages offered by micro-fluidics and the advancement in micro-fabrication technologies. These manipulation activities have found its applications in myriad fields of engineering, ranging from medical diagnostics to chemical industry to drug discovery. This has increased demand for the development of devices such as 'Lab on a chip', which performs laboratory-sized exp....................
    (2018-01-31) Inventory Optimization for Mercurius Shipping Group's Container-Crane Vessels
    ter Laare, Wessel (author)
    Mercurius Shipping Group invested in two container-crane vessels which are able to load and unload cargo to and from its holds. Due to their unique feature, the crane, failure of the vessels results in large financial consequences. Previous experience showed that these costs could be mitigated with easily/timely available spare-parts. The main aim of this study was to increase the reliability of Mercurius Shipping Group's container-crane vessel MKS Mercurius by proposing an optimized spare-part ....................
    (2018-01-31) Structuring airspace into lateral zones for conflict prevention
    Scholtes, Anouk (author)
    In an effort to accommodate the increasing air traffic demand, research is conducted to increase future airspace capacity. In addition to the growing demand, new forms of air transport are entering the market. Although a distributed control strategy seems unavoidable to cope with the introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Personal Air Vehicles, research on how this distributed control should be organized has not yet reached consensus. Prior research has demonstrated that structuring airspa....................
    (2018-01-31) Experimental research on channel closure in braided rivers
    Spielmann, Peter (author)
    The dynamic nature of braided rivers can lead to river bank erosion, bankline shifts and navigational hindrance. River training measures can be implemented in order to mitigate these problems. An alternative to conventional river training works is the closure of a channel within the braided network. Until recent there has been no systematic research on channel closure and guidelines or recommendations were absent. Recent simulations with numerical models on sand-bed braided rivers investigated b....................
    (2018-01-31) Thesis Report: Finding trim points of the ICE model using interval analysis
    Hungs, Stephen (author)
    In this work interval analysis is applied to the thirteen control effector Innovative Control Effectors model to find its trim set. The method to find trim states is based on interval box consistency. At low speed the method is capable of finding interval enclosures of single trim points with a high accuracy if the minimum number of required control effectors is used. At higher speeds the found accelerations are larger. When looking for a full trim set the method finds continuous bounds on the c....................
    (2018-01-31) Nature enhancing opportunities for an artificial North Sea island: Opportunity study for the Dogger Bank
    Frölke, Guus (author)
    Wind energy from the North Sea is one of the solutions to achieve the climate goals of the Paris agreement. The Dogger Bank, a North Sea sandbank, has a lot of potential for wind energy due to the relatively shallow location and good wind conditions. An artificial island creates even more opportunities, because alternating energy can be converted here into direct current. An island will also make the construction and maintenance of the windmills cost-effective. The Dogger Bank, however, is part ....................
    (2018-01-30) Sky-dive Cavity Buffeting Noise Reduction
    Jousma, Werner (author)
    Cavity buffeting noise is the main contributor to discomfort in sky-dive tunnels. Low frequency noise, generated by self-sustained cavity shear-layer oscillations, similar to automotive sunroof-buffeting noise and side-window buffeting noise, is observed in sky-dive tunnels. Typical low frequencies are not conventionally audible to the human ear: registration of this phenomenon occurs due to the high strength of the oscillations felt on the inner-ear. Long-term exposure to high intensity low fre....................
    (2018-01-30) Issues in Numerical Modelling and Assessing the Flow over Weirs and Groynes
    Chit Yan Toe, Chit (author)
    In this research two problem statements are defined, namely (1) the validity of the assumption that groynes and weirs are equivalent in hydraulic models, and (2) the difficulty of modelling groynes and weirs in the 3D numerical solver package OpenFOAM. Using the incompressible 3D Navier-Stokes equations solver for multiphase phase flows, the so-called interFoam solver un- der OpenFOAM framework, two different models are set up for tackling the two problem statements.

    The interFoam evalu....................
    (2018-01-30) AlanLight: sound, functionally correct, bounded acyclic data flow modeling
    Kunst, GJ (author)
    For programs controlling industrial processes, it is of vital importance that they produce results conform their functional specification. Furthermore, it is important that their running times are bounded, and that we can predict corresponding worst-case scenarios. Programs written in general purpose programming languages can crash or produce erroneous output. Data modeling and query languages are typically more restrictive. However, they either do not guarantee soundness (where values are of a ....................
    (2018-01-30) Design and Melting Behavior of the MSFR Freeze Plug
    Shafer, Deva (author)
    The freeze plug is a key safety component of the molten salt fast reactor (MSFR), one of six next-generation nuclear reactor technologies being developed under the Generation IV International Forum (GIF). It should be designed to melt if an accident occurs, allowing the MSFR to drain before it incurs structural damage.
    Two freeze plug concepts have been considered in recent years, in which the plug is melted either through the decay heat produced in the core, or through heat generated by spe....................
    (2018-01-29) Energy disaggregation: Nonintrusive load monitoring: The search for practical methods
    Janssen, Walter (author)
    In this MSc. thesis steady-state disaggregation methods for the Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring are researched. The main target is to find methods that have the potential to be practically applicable. These methods are characterized by the fact that they use data that is collected by smart meters, since smart meters are more and more the standard in Western households. Appliances are modeled by Hidden Markov Models and households are modeled by super-state Hidden Markov Models or Factorial Hidden ....................
    (2018-01-29) Segmenting and Detecting Carotid Plaque Components in MRI
    van Hilten, Arno (author)
    Cardiovascular diseases and stroke are currently the leading causes of death worldwide. Atherosclerotic plaque is a mostly asymptotic vascular disease, but rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque in the carotid artery could lead to stroke. Automated segmentation of plaque components could help improve risk assessment by producing fast and reliable results while saving costs.

    In this thesis two extensive comparisons have been made. First supervised classifiers are compared in the pixel-wi....................
    (2018-01-29) CMOS Image Sensor Design Methodology Applied to Optical Tomography and Neural Networks
    Snaevarsdottir, Fjola (author)
    Imaging sensors are remarkable devices which are able to capture moments and present them in a form available to us for years to come. With the use of material properties and photon particles, charges can be produced which, in combination with electric circuitry, transform into information understandable to the human eye and eventually the brain. When a photon particle hits a silicon photodiode, an electron-hole pair forms. By using readout techniques optimized for noise, area and power, images ....................
    (2018-01-29) Online Survivability in Software Defined Elastic Optical Networks
    He, Lina (author)
    With the high and varying demands for network bandwidth, Elastic Optical Networks (EON), as a promising solution for future optical transport networks, have been getting increased attention due to its flexibility and efficiency. As a huge amount of data is transformed over these networks, even short failures will lead to major data loss. Network survivability is, thus especially crucial in EON. Two main criteria for evaluating the survivability performance of optical transport networks are recov....................
    (2018-01-29) Accuracy of Conflict Count Models: Analyzing the effect of traffic scenario on conflict count models for unstructured and layered airspaces.
    Þórđarson, Olafur (author)
    Decentralized airspace concepts have been proposed to increase the capacity of airspace. Previous research has showed that decentralized airspace concepts show great improvements in capacity, such as the Layers concept, where height rules are implemented, and unstructured airspace, where there are no procedural constraints. One aspect that determines capacity is safety. Measuring the number of instantaneous conflicts can be used as an intrinsic safety metric for new airspace design. Conflict cou....................
    (2018-01-29) Feeding High-Bandwidth Streaming-Based FPGA Accelerators
    Mulder, Yvo (author)
    A new class of accelerator interfaces has signi cant implications on system architecture. An order of magnitude more bandwidth forces us to reconsider FPGA design. OpenCAPI is a new interconnect standard that enables attaching FPGAs coherently to a high-bandwidth, low- latency interface. Keeping up with this bandwidth poses new challenges for the design of accelerators, and the logic feeding them.

    This thesis is conducted as part of a group project, where three other master students inv....................
    (2018-01-29) Subgrid-Scale model using Artificial Neural Networks for Wall-bounded Turbulent flows: A research on the fidelity of the model
    Kurian, Naina (author)
    The chaotic nature of turbulent flows combined with the diverse scales present within turbulent flows makes these flows very challenging to accurately simulate. Since turbulence is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided in real flows, a good understanding and accurate representation of turbulent flows would help to advance in the technical front in a sustainable manner. Over the years, LES and DNS have come up as different methods by which this problem of turbulence could be solved, to an extent. D....................
    (2018-01-28) Enhancement of Conventional IPC Decoupling by Inclusion of an Azimuth Offset
    Pamososuryo, Atindriyo Kusumo (author)
    Wind turbine technology has become one of the most attractive solutions to generate electricity as well as to cope with the global carbon emissions. Having a prospective future in terms of growing worldwide demands, it becomes more important to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) of the wind turbine which is generally done by manufacturing the structure, such as the rotor blades and tower, larger. Consequently, this so-called upscaling strategy introduces a drawback in terms of more sever....................
    (2018-01-26) Linear Parameter System Identification for Joint Impedance
    Kerklaan, Martijn (author)
    The dynamic relation between the displacement and
    reaction torque of the human joint is known as joint
    impedance. Properly quantifying joint impedance
    has medical potential in the diagnosis, understanding
    and modelling of movement disorders associated
    with neuromuscular conditions like cerebral palsy,
    stroke, dystonia and old age. The identification
    of joint impedance is often done with Linear Time
    Invariant (LTI) methods which lack the complexity
    to fully cap....................
    (2018-01-26) The Influence of Elbow Flexion and Arm External Rotation on Peak Elbow Valgus Torque and Ball Velocity in Baseball Pitching
    Vliegen, Liset (author)
    Elbow injury, especially Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) tear, is very common in baseball pitching. This is often attributed to high valgus torques repetitively stressing the ligament. The goal of this study was to research the effect of Elbow Flexion (EF) and arm External Rotation (ER) angle on Peak Valgus Torque (PVT) as well as ball velocity, using a three-folded approach.

    Motion data of 12 Dutch A and AAA team pitchers were collected (29 pitches in to....................
    (2018-01-26) Investigating the use of Fused Deposition Modeling as Energy Director application method for Ultrasonic Welding of Thermoplastic Composites
    Kerssemakers, Ties (author)
    The joining of high performance Thermoplastic Composite (TPC) structures by Ultrasonic Welding (USW) is considered a promising alternative for mechanical joining or adhesive bonding methods. The process is fast, clean, and highly automated. In the USW process, an intermediate, unreinforced polymer layer is required at the weld interface to concentrate the heat generation at this weld interface and is called the Energy Director (ED). This research investigates a new method to manufacture and appl....................
    (2018-01-26) Strain Softening: Linear and nonlinear response of weakly attractive soft particles
    Kumar, Abhishek (author)
    Emulsions and foams are commonly found in products made by industries ranging from those
    associated with food and pharmaceuticals to those involved in selling personal care products.
    This work is motivated by the need for accurate models of their mechanics, which can then be
    used for efficient processing.

    They can be thought of as soft repulsive spheres that can overlap with one another to a
    certain extent, along with a weakly attractive potential between the spheres. We....................
    (2018-01-25) Assessing the performance of two new acoustic imaging techniques
    Nijhof, Daniëlle (author)
    These are exciting times to work in the field of acoustics: researchers have a more granular understanding of sound than ever before due to the ability to acquire, store and analyze unprecedented amounts of acoustical data. The purpose of acoustic imaging is noise reduction. If noise can be measured, it can be reduced. Acoustic imaging is generally performed with a technique called conventional beamforming, which makes use of an array of microphones and of the phase of sound at the different mic....................
    (2018-01-25) Constructing a Confidential, Authenticated, Forward Secure and Offline Logging Scheme
    van der Veeken, Pieter (author)
    In IT systems, a logfile provides administrators with an audit trail which can be used to review a system’s activities and a way to discover and diagnose problems which have occurred within that system. When an attacker penetrates an IT system, commonly one of their first actions is tampering with the logs, so that they can hide their malicious activities. For most types of systems a suitable secure logging solution exists. These solutions prevent an adversary from tampering with the system lo....................
    (2018-01-25) Third Golden Age
    Papatheodorou, Dimitrios (author)
    The city of Amsterdam is facing a housing shortage and according to the future population prognosis, the problem is going to become more severe due to growing immigration numbers. Following Brexit, Amsterdam, along with other European cities are competing to attract the biggest share of potentially relocated businesses and organisations from London. The lack of available housing options acts as a deterrent to expats looking for job opportunities in Amsterdam. The city wants to become a competiti....................
    (2018-01-25) At the confluence of design by nature and structural design: An anticlastic surfaced roof supported by a fractal-like branching structure
    Stoffer, Maurits (author)
    The main objective of this graduation is to find a new structural principle that is emulated by the design by nature. Observing, analysing and transforming the natural design principles and laws could derive a new application in the field of structural design. There are many concepts, approaches and directions to translate biology to architecture. The way to get from biological observations, to physical phenomena, describing these mathematically in the hope to come up with an integrative innovat....................
    (2018-01-24) Ready for detection: Stair-detecting in depth images using spatial features and Adaboosting
    Andriessen, Frerik (author)
    Space exploration could be significantly aided by combining the disciplines of machine learning and computer vision, but these disciplines need to be developed further for specific space-related applications to have merit. One of the applications for space exploration is the detection of certain structures designating areas of interest. This thesis demonstrates a method of structure-detecting that is applied to staircases. In addition to incorporating certain physical features, like other algori....................
    (2018-01-24) A Modular SGLR Parsing Architecture for Systematic Performance Optimization
    Denkers, Jasper (author)
    SGLR parsing is an approach that enables parsing of context-free languages by means of declarative, concise and maintainable syntax definition. Existing implementations suffer from performance issues and their architectures are often highly coupled without clear separation between their components. This work introduces a modular SGLR architecture with several variants implemented for its components to systematically benchmark and improve performance. This work evaluates these variants both indep....................
    (2018-01-23) Characterization of incoming tsunamis for the design of coastal structures: A numerical study using the SWASH model
    Glasbergen, Toni (author)
    The Tohoku Tsunami of 2011 in Japan flooded a large part of the coastal area of Japan. The tsunami was caused by an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 just of the coast of Tohoku. The inundation height of the tsunami exceeded the design height of the tsunami barriers. This event led to thousands of fatalities.
    The aim of this study is to find the characteristics of the incoming tsunami waves for the design of coastal defence structures. This incoming tsunami wave close to the shore or on th....................
    (2018-01-23) A Study of the Buckling Behaviour of Stiffened Panels under Compression and Lateral Pressure
    QI, Lijian (author)
    The main objective of this thesis is to develop a method to investigate stability behaviours of stiffened and unstiffened panels under the influence of in-plane compression and out-of-plane lateral pressure using appropriate simplifications. A test fixture to conduct buckling experiments with lateral pressure is also designed. Due to the deflection caused by the lateral pressure, considerable complexities will be introduced in terms of loading interactions and geometric nonlinearities, which mak....................
    (2018-01-22) Modelling the effects of excavation pits on fringing reefs
    Klaver, Sebastiaan (author)
    Many small island developing states (SIDS) are among the most vulnerable to climate change (e.g. sea level rise) and seasonal to inter-annual climate variability, and subsequently experience flooding due to swell waves and wind waves, coastal erosion and salinisation of freshwater lenses. To counteract this, reef flat mining for sand and aggregate offers a possible solution to the material demand for coastal protection infrastructure and other engineering projects. However, the knowledge on the ....................
    (2018-01-22) Integrating engineering knowledge in logistical optimisation: development of a concept evaluation tool
    den Uijl, Joris (author)
    A strategy for completing a dredging project is called a working method. The goal of a tender study is to find an optimal working method for a specific project. To find the optimal working method, the full range of possible solutions should be investigated. However, the available resources during a tender study are often limited and trends in the market place a further strain on the available resources.

    An optimal working method is often the strategy with minimal project cost and projec....................
    (2018-01-22) Semi-supervised Energy Disaggregation Framework using General Appliance Models
    Humala, Bontor (author)
    Providing detailed appliance-level energy consumption information helps consumers to understand their usage behavior and encourages them to optimize their energy usage. Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) or energy disaggregation aims to estimate appliance-level energy consumption data from the aggregate consumption data of households. NILM algorithms can be broadly classified into supervised and unsupervised (or semi-supervised) techniques. The former requires a large amount of prior data for ....................
    (2018-01-21) Santos, Rotterdam: From vacant to active monument, a creative office for Katendrecht
    Slager, Hester (author)
    Santos is a warehouse from the beginning of the 20th century, that has been vacant for most of its existence. Located on Katendrecht, it is placed right in the middle of a future high-density plan for 'de Pols', which focuses on attracting urban creators. By turning Santos into a creative office, the thesis builds upon these plans from the municipality, and attempts to once again turn Santos into a building that houses activity, instead of vacancy. The main design challenge concerns maintaining ....................
    (2018-01-19) The characterization of uncertainty for steady state multiphase flow models in pipelines
    Klinkert, Julia (author)
    Steady state multiphase flow models are used for the design and operation of pipelines that are used in the oil and gas industry. The predictions obtained with these models contain uncertainties, which arise from model assumptions and simplifications, and from uncertainties in the input parameters. In this thesis we investigate the effect of uncertainties in the input parameters (such as the wall roughness or the superficial velocities) on two main quantities of interest in steady state multipha....................
    (2018-01-19) Development of a Blade Element Method for CFD Simulations of Helicopter Rotors using the Actuator Disk Approach
    Viguera Leza, Daniel (author)
    The flow field subjected to the influence of the helicopter rotor is characterized by its three-dimensional pattern and unsteadiness. The accurate modeling of the flow around the rotor blades addressed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations is associated with high computational costs. The complexity of the analysis can be reduced by means of simplified methods such as the actuator disk approach, where the rotor is modeled as a zero-thickness porous surface.

    The CFD solver TAU....................
    (2018-01-19) Quidico Bay: Design Proposal for a Fishing Harbour in the bay of Quidico
    Noortman, Falko (author); Ruessink, Mark (author); Mann, Mathijs (author); Verlinde, Ronald (author); Sonnema, Wouter (author)
    Quidico is a small town, approximately 200 kilometer south of Concepcion. In the bay adjacent to Quidico town, a great number of local fishermen are active. In the current situation, high waves, a strong current and significant sediment transport hamper the effectiveness of the bay as fishing harbour. Also qualitative onshore facilities to support onshore activities of the fishermen, are absent. The Department of Ports of theMinistry of Public Works, developed a preliminary design proposal, to s....................
    (2018-01-18) The effects of anisotropy and heterogeneity in the piping sensitive layer
    Stoop, Nick (author)
    Levees are earthen structures that are designed to protect land from flooding and are commonly composed of impervious soils and built on sandy foundations. They are sensitive to an erosion process that is known as piping. After several years of investigation into piping, Sellmeijer proposed design rules by curve fitting results of a numerical model. The design rule are currently applied in the assessment of levees, despite being obtained under the assumption of uniform and homogenous subsoils. C....................
    (2018-01-18) The behaviour of steel bonded joints under creep and hygrothermal loadings
    de Zeeuw, Chantal (author)
    This thesis takes an initial step in the research on the long term behaviour of composite-to-metal bonds that are loaded under hygrothermal conditions. It focuses on the response and behaviour of the adhesive in these bonds under moisture and loading. The thesis is inconclusive on the effect of loading on the water uptake. The load level and environment were however found to have a significant influence on the creep behaviour and residual strength of the bonds. It was suggested that at the initi....................
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