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    (2018-07-12) Considering project goal feasibility in decision-making during project execution in large industrial projects
    Rijnen, Basiel (author)
    In current practice, the feasibility of the project goal is only assessed by project owners at the start of the project, up until the final investment decision (FID) is made. The final investment decision involves the decision of the owner to continue the project into the project execution phases. After the FID is made, the project goal feasibility is no longer assessed. Traditionally it is believed that in projects all decisions are made before the final investment decision and during the proje....................
    (2018-06-05) Reinventing the Chemical Industry: A Feasibility Study applied on the Backbone of an Energy System
    Picarelle, Louis (author)
    The Need for Renewable Fuels
    Global warming demands an urgent and thus dramatic change in the current focus and approach of producing energy. Current renewable energy production is mainly focused on solar and wind. However, for many industries their infrastructure is not adapted to electricity as an energy source. Therefore, a full transition to wind and solar is not viable on the short term. More than 50% of the current industry still relies on fossil fuels. This means there is a strong nee....................
    (2018-06-01) Understanding barriers to CO2 abatement: The Y-factor applied
    Arensman, Carolien (author)
    Barriers to COabatement impede their materialisation. In this research the Y-factor was used in expert interviews to gather information on the barriers to the materialisation of four abatement options in the Netherlands: Insulation, Carbon Capture Storage, Biofuels and Geothermal energy. The potential of these options for the Netherlands is relevant, although no acceleration of their realisation has taken place. The Y-factor proved to be a suitable research method to systematicall....................
    (2018-06-01) Morphodynamics of the Haringvliet ebb-tidal delta: Unravelling the mechanisms behind its morphological evolution
    Colina Alonso, Ana (author)
    • While the formation of the intertidal shoal Hinderplaat was a direct consequence of a human intervention, its degradation was a natural response of the system to frequent hydrodynamic forcing conditions.

    • Tidal currents push the Hinderplaat in offshore direction, but this is counteracted by waves: these generate cross-shore and longshore currents on the shoal, inducing its landward migration and southward spreading.

    • Extreme discharge events pro....................
    (2018-06-01) Ergonomic Exoskeleton Synthesis: Application to a Wearable Passive Exoskeleton for the Shoulder
    van Dijk, Nick (author)
    The human machine-interface is more important than ever in the field of exoskeletons. Current design approaches lack a way of systematically designing the ergonomics of exoskeletons. Methods with a more pro active approach to ergonomics have to be developed. This thesis extends existing methods by which self aligning mechanisms are created with a systematic approach. A synthesis method is proposed by which all possibilities are synthesized. These possibilities are then excluded based on kinemati....................
    (2018-06-01) Modelling and Control of a Scaled Car In and Beyond Stable Limit Handling
    Baars, Mart (author)
    Over the past century, cars have become the most important means of transportation. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, safety has become an important topic. The introduction of driver assistance systems, like Electronic Stability Control, has led to a significant decrease in fatal accidents. By preventing the vehicle from entering unstable behaviour, it remains controllable for the average driver. In rally racing, though, unstable manoeuvres, like drifting, are widely used for i....................
    (2018-06-01) Application of Evolutionary Structural Optimization to Reinforced Concrete Structures
    De Marco, Andrea (author)
    The present thesis has the objective to create a procedure for the automatic preliminary design of reinforced concrete structures, based on the Evolutionary Structural Optimization method (ESO). The developed algorithm performs heuristic topology optimization based on multiple criteria, in subsequent optimization cycles executed in series. In each ESO cycle, it is possible to perform material addition, removal or transition between a couple of materials, i.e. steel, concrete and void. Each optim....................
    (2018-05-31) Antibacterial silver- and copper-based surfaces on additively manufactured titanium implants
    Valerio, Vito (author)
    Background: The increase in orthopaedic implants, as a result of an ageing population, is accompanied by increasing numbers of implant associated infections (IAI). Current prevention and treatment procedures are not sufficient to prevent IAI, with a tremendous impact on patients’ quality of life. Preventing IAI at the source of the infection, increases the effectiveness while simultaneously the quantity of the antibacterial agents can be reduced. By synthesising an antibacterial surface, the i....................
    (2018-05-31) Spline-based Trajectory Generation for Autonomous Truck-Trailer Vehicles in Low Speed Highway Scenarios
    Al Jawahiri, Amir (author)
    Trajectory generators are designed to create reference paths that are parametrized by time as well as by velocity or acceleration. In the literature, it has been noted that often path planners are the last step in the planning module of autonomous truck-trailer vehicles, which results in a collision-free track. A trajectory generator can improve this path by making it smoother, which improves passenger comfort and decreases stress on the engine. The available trajectory generators are in their m....................
    (2018-05-31) Designing a lightweight and comfortable aircraft seat
    Kuday, Mehmet (author)
    This assignment started fairly broad with only a clear deadline to present a final prototype at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg between 11th and 12th of April 2018. At first the project sounded almost impossible to complete before this time. After discussing the possibilities with Rik Westerink, the starting point was to design an aircraft seat feature for the premium economy class combining manufacturing techniques offered by Aeroworks. ....................
    (2018-05-31) Potential impacts of supply water quality change on aged household connection pipes
    Tan, Qiuman (author)
    Driven by solving water shortage problems and meeting the increasing strict regulations of water quality, changes of supply water quality are commonly happening worldwide. These kinds of irregular changes can have impacts on drinking water distribution systems with accumulated material, leading to chemical, physical and microbiological deteriorations in water quality with (in)organics release and biofilm detachment. Household connection pipes (HCPs) are the last obstacle reaching customers’ ta....................
    (2018-05-30) Feature-based Optical Navigation for Lunar Landings
    Magalhães Oliveira, Beatriz (author)
    For space exploration, reducing the size of landing ellipses, increases the access to areas of scientific interest. This can be achieved with improved GNC systems. Since the exclusive use of IMUs is insufficient for Pinpoint Landing, optical navigation is being explored as a solution.

    The method developed in this work is based on image features matched between a pre-built database and the landing images captured in real-time. The algorithm was tested with data from DLR's TRON laboratory....................
    (2018-05-30) Multi-Machine Scheduling Lower Bounds Using Decision Diagrams
    van den Bogaerdt, Pim (author)
    We investigate the use of relaxed decision diagrams for obtaining lower bounds on multi-machine scheduling problems. The type of scheduling problem we consider models a railway service site where maintenance jobs are performed, but is sufficiently general to potentially have wider applicability.
    We find that our decision diagram formulation is able to give decent lower bounds in short time. Our implementation is competitive with lower bounds given by existing solvers, and is superior when du....................
    (2018-05-30) Determination of aerosol optical properties with lidar. A comparison between algorithms.
    Floutsi, Athina (author)
    Lidar systems can provide vertically resolved measurements of the physical and optical properties of the atmospheric particles with high spatiotemporal resolution. In this study, four case studies were analyzed and studied in order to identify the dominant aerosol type over the city of Nicosia in Cyprus: 05 April and 07 April 2015 and 17 April and 21 April 2016. More specifically, vertical profiles of the extinction and backscatter coefficient, Ångström exponent, particle linear depolarization....................
    (2018-05-30) Passive Localization of Robots with Ambient Light
    van der Werff, Danielle (author)
    A lot of research is been being done on Visible Light Communication (VLC), which has shown to be of interest for many applications, such as localization. Since localization based on VLC requires active modulation of light sources, this limits the amount of light sources that can be used for localization. Furthermore, in some situations there might not even be a controllable light source present (for example outdoors). To extend the use of light-based localization schemes, this thesis looks into ....................
    (2018-05-30) Partially Displacement Controlled conditions in the overbend: During S-lay pipeline installation
    Jansen, Jasper (author)
    The S-lay pipeline installation method is characterised by its fast installation process and its application in all water depths. Offshore standards and design codes provide local buckling checks for combined loading criteria for load controlled and displacement controlled conditions, where a load controlled condition is defined as a case in which the structural response is primarily governed by the imposed loads and a displacement controlled condition is defined as a case in which the structura....................
    (2018-05-29) Parameter Identification, Simulation, Linearization and Validation of a Ship Propulsion System
    Sang, Yueming (author)
    This Thesis is written to obtain the Master of Science degree of Maritime Technology at Delft University of Technology. It describes a research regarding with the calibration(parameter identification), validation and linearization of a ship propulsion system model. In the meantime, the Thesis is also one sub-project under the research program "Potential of Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation in the Towing Tank" held by Dr.Ir.A.Vrijdag. HIL (Hardware-In-the-Loop) Simulation is widely used in Engineer....................
    (2018-05-29) High Order Adaptively Integrated Cohesive Elements: Development, implementation and testing on composite delamination
    Russo, Raffaele (author)
    Composite delamination represents one of the most critical failure mechanisms occurring in composite structures. In case complex structures are being designed, numerical methods need to be employed. One of the methods to numerically simulate delamination in a Finite Element environment is through the employment of the Cohesive Elements, which embed the theory constituting the Cohesive Zone Model. Nonetheless, the computational time required to assess delamination simulations by implementing the ....................
    (2018-05-29) White Etching Cracks in wind turbine bearings
    Juarez Carrasco, Antonio (author)
    Wind turbine (WT) gear boxes are prone to failure well below the expected 20 years’ lifetime of a WT. It has been identified that most of the failures observed are due to white etch crack flaking. Although this type of failure has been intensely studied, the underlying mechanisms have not been identified; however, recent advances have shown that non-metallic inclusions might act as crack initiators. In this work, different bearings presenting this type of damage will be examined via microtomog....................
    (2018-05-29) Hydrodynamic coefficients of a free floating barrier in regular waves
    Flick, Jetteke (author)
    The Ocean Cleanup plans to deploy a barrier array, to concentrate and capture plastic in the North Pacific gyre by 2020. Both shape and behaviour of the barrier are quite different from the most marine structures.
    To get an estimation of the behaviour and loads on the system, the system has been modelled by The Ocean Cleanup in Orcaflex. This software uses the Morison equation.
    The hydrodynamic coefficients used in this equation are obtained from experiments with cylinders far from the ....................
    (2018-05-28) Trust Within Networks During the Initiating Phase of Spatial Redevelopment Projects
    Sandtke, Liza (author)

    Globally seen, two trends are noticed that threaten the quality of the living environment in cities. First of all, a strong urbanization trend is seen. Secondly, cities have to deal with increasing climate changes. These two trends lead to the development of new policies with the aim to sustain the liveability of city centres by making motorized vehicles less dominant in city centres and improve the quality of public space. Such new policy development always takes place in a network consist....................
    (2018-05-28) Effect of irregularities in the under layer on the stability of XblocPlus concrete armour unit
    van den Berg, Ileen (author)
    The XblocPlus is a new type of single layer armour unit for breakwaters. The key difference between earlier single layer armour units is that the unit is not only placed in a regular grid, but also with a regular orientation. The main benefit of this is that it can directly be seen whether the unit is placed correctly. Additionally, the placement always takes place with the same repetitive movement, as is preferred by crane drivers. The benefits to the placement procedure would howev....................
    (2018-05-28) Developing Edible Barcodes from Hydrogels: A study on the influence of drying
    Vasanth Bailey, Pavithra (author)
    Counterfeiting of food and pharmaceutical products, albeit a more serious issue in developing countries is, however, omnipresent. Therefore, there is an ever-growing need for anticounterfeiting measures to address this challenge. Currently, the existing overt and covert anticounterfeiting measures are more prevalent on the packaging of such products. While such measures are helpful to a certain extent, they are however, easier to by-pass with re-used authentic packaging, fake barcodes and duplic....................
    (2018-05-25) BuurThuis: a citizen participation tool that stimulates citizens to feel home in their neighborhood
    Smit, Linda (author)
    Many cities in the Netherlands have poor areas that have to deal with a lot of social problems. One of the approaches that policymakers use to improve these areas is the so- called gentrification approach. In this approach policy makers renovate and rebuild parts of the neighborhoods in order to attract more ‘better educated’ citizens to these neighborhoods. Although it seems this approach enables a mix of different social capitals, research show the opposite. A lot of research is conducted ....................
    (2018-05-25) Adaptive Planning for Sustainable WASH: A cross-cultural research
    Versteeg, Niki (author)
    This research emerged from the need to improve the Netherlands’ contribution to international water and sanitation service delivery. Over the previous two decades these serviced were not found to be sufficient sustainable according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2013). This thesis researches how development aid organisations can contribute to sustainable WASH services by looking to the strategic planning process.
    In this research an adaptive planning approach is designed to con....................
    (2018-05-24) Fused Filament Fabrication of Polycarbonate Components in a Simulated On-Orbit Environment
    Quinn, Marshall (author)
    This thesis investigated if Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), a 3D printing technique, could be used in a simulated on-orbit environment. A modified FFF printer was exposed to a vacuum environment and fabricated a variety of components from polycarbonate filament. The printer and its subsystems were evaluated for functionality in the vacuum environment. The fabricated components were analyzed for dimensional accuracy and subjected to mechanical testing. It was found that the FFF process can be c....................
    (2018-05-24) Towards a method to quantify plastic loss of a floating barrier due to wave overtopping
    Limburg, Hans (author)
    Plastic pollution in the marine environment is an increasing problem with severe impacts on ecosystems and economies around the globe. The Ocean Cleanup (TOC) Foundation develops a floating barrier able to intercept, concentrate and extract plastic from the marine environment. TOC has conducted several experiments and numerical studies to determine the plastic capturing efficiency of its system. One of the phenomena leading to degradation of capturing efficiency is wave overtopping. During a wav....................
    (2018-05-24) Bridging the gap to paperless: a resistance force field analysis of paperless alternatives based on the One IHC configuration for IHC Piping
    van Wingerden, Charlene (author)
    As more shipbuilding companies move towards a digital shipyard, paperless production is enabled by the integrated information systems used to realize this digital transformation. Royal IHC is one shipbuilding company in transition implementing a new configuration of information technology systems. However, based on the developed configuration of these systems, effort is still needed to bridge the gap to paperless. Technological resistance or gaps are still presented and paperless solution must b....................
    (2018-05-23) Fatigue life prediction of carbon fibre-reinforced epoxy laminates using a single S-N curve
    Broer, Agnes (author)
    Fatigue life prediction models, used in the design and analysis of cyclic loaded structures, often require experimental data in order to interpolate or extrapolate fatigue behaviour to different loading conditions. Due to scatter in fatigue life data, as well as model input requirements of several S-N curves, large numbers of experimental tests are needed. Consequently, fatigue life prediction is expensive in terms of both cost and time.

    In this thesis, constant life diagrams are consid....................
    (2018-05-23) Studying Ice Nucleation and Freezing Front Propagation with Infrared and Laser Speckle Imaging
    Van Hauwermeiren, Amber (author)
    Clear ice formation on aircraft is a large economic and safety problem. The phenomenon, also known as ‘freezing rain’, usually occurs when subcooled rain droplets impact the aircraft while it descends from high altitude to prepare for landing. It can quickly increase the aerodynamic drag by up to 80% and reduce the lift force by 50%. Inefficient heating methods or toxic or corrosive chemicals are used to keep flying safe. In this thesis, infrared imaging (IRI) and laser speckle imaging (LSI)....................
    (2018-05-23) Aerodynamic Design and Optimization of a Hyperloop Vehicle
    Wong, Felix (author)
    The Hyperloop is a newly proposed transportation method which caters to the rising demand of high-speed transportation, while adhering to stringent emission requirements. This system comprises pods that are propelled through a partially evacuated tube at velocities of 300 m/s. The low-pressure environment paired with high-subsonic Mach numbers create an unconventional flow regime. This thesis project is an investigation on the aerodynamic characteristics of a Hyperloop pod, whereby an optimizati....................
    (2018-05-22) Improving the onboarding process of Innoboost, A design approach: Mapping and communicating the working methodes & tools
    Bastiaanssen, Reinier (author)
    How does a micro SME communicate their way of working and experience to new team members?
    Every person at the company has about 20 years of experience in various companies. This does not only reflect in each person’s way of working, but also in the language and tools they use. These small differences accumulate into a range of different ways of working.
    But for the company to successfully grow, a common way of working needs to be established and communicated effectively to incoming me....................
    (2018-05-22) Matrix spans in max-plus algebra and a graph-theoretic approach to switching max-plus linear systems.
    Kalamboukis, Vangelis (author)
    The relation between graph theory and max-plus algebra has been well studied since the inception of max-plus algebra. It has been shown that any square matrix over the maxplus semiring can be represented as a weighted directed graph. Furthermore, properties of these matrices, such as irreducibility and its (unique) eigenvalue, can be determined by its graph-theoretical interpretation. However, this graph-theoretical interpretation has not yet been extended to SMPL systems.

    Switching ma....................
    (2018-05-22) Development of Silicon Oxide as Electron Selective Passivating Contact Layer in Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
    van Ekeren, Wessel (author)
    Within the photovoltaic industry, a lot of research is done in order to minimize losses which are created during the conversion of solar light to electrical energy. In a crystalline silicon solar cell light has to pass through several layers before it enters the silicon wafer where the electron-hole pairs are generated. As one can imagine, if more light reaches the active layer, more electron-hole pairs can be generated. It is highly desired that only one layer, the active layer, is absorbing ph....................
    (2018-05-19) Reducing conflicting forces with co-adaptive haptic shared control using online time-varying operator identification
    Vos, Jacco (author)
    Haptic shared control (HSC) is a method to combine the abilities of humans and machines, in which human and automation jointly exert forces on an input device. According to human-centered design, the underlying controller for HSC should closely resemble human behavior. This paper aims to continuously adapt HSC based on an online identified operator model. This approach is named coadaptive HSC. Co-adaptive HSC is hypothesized to decrease conflicts when the human adjusts his control behavior to ch....................
    (2018-05-18) Extending the velocity range of Robotic Volumetric PIV: Desing and application of a multi-Δt approach
    Saredi, Edoardo (author)
    Car industry and motorsport development nowadays strongly rely on wind tunnel testing. As the literature survey shows, in order to fully understand the characteristics of the flow around a car, large-scale and volumetric flow field measurements are required. For its features, PIV can be pointed as a useful technique for automotive wind tunnels. However, its use in an automotive wind tunnel is strongly conditioned by the industrial environment itself, which requires particular efforts for what co....................
    (2018-05-18) Active Learning for Overlay Prediction in Semi-conductor Manufacturing
    van Garderen, Karin (author)
    In the manufacturing of semi-conductor devices there is a constant demand for increasing precision and yield. Measuring and controlling overlay errors is essential in this process, but these measurements are difficult and costly. Predictive models can be used as an addition to measurements, but they required labelled data for training. To achieve maximal performance with few measurements, active learning methods are explored that apply a sampling strategy to select which wafers to measure. The p....................
    (2018-05-18) Explicit Algebraic Subgrid-Scale Stress Model for Homogeneous Turbulence
    Gnanasundaram, Arun (author)
    The whole construct of explicit algebraic Reynolds stress models, as they are known in RANS, is based on the weak equilibrium assumption. By employing this assumption, and in addition, incorporating models for terms in the Reynolds stress transport equations, the system of six partial differential equations can be simplified to an algebraic form. However, the resulting equations are non-linear in terms of the Reynolds stress anisotropy and therefore become implicit. The cause of the non-linearit....................
    (2018-05-18) Assessing different modelling concepts for estimating pluvial flooding in urban areas
    Breedijk, Jacco (author)
    Our climate is changing. In the Netherlands, higher rainfall intensities and longer periods of drought are expected in the coming years. Urban environments have to be adapted in order to maintain (or improve) the living standards that we have set for today. Models of the urban drainage system play a vital role in the identification of flood-prone areas, participation of stakeholders and the design of effective measures. This research focuses on the modelling of the urban drainage system to asses....................
    (2018-05-18) Noise correlations and template matching on neural recordings
    Veloso O Donell, Miguel (author)
    Spike sorting is the gold standard algorithm to detect and classify neural spikes in extracellular electrophysiological data. The classical spike sorting algorithm is, however, not scalable to process thousands of neurons, and not fast enough to be applied on real time. Alternatively other algorithms have been implemented that are not only scalable to thousands of neurons but also faster in the classification task. In this work we focus on one of these algorithms: the Bayes Optimal Template Matc....................
    (2018-05-18) Colloidal Allostery: Exploring the pathway to innovative separation technologies
    Saraswat, Yug (author)
    Colloidal allostery is a regulatory mechanism where specific metabolites regulate the protein activity by binding to them and changing their energy landscape. The first steps to model this system on a colloidal scale were made by studying the depletion interaction between the hydrogel posts and the rigid polystyrene particles. Using soft lithography, hydrogel posts of different rigidity
    were synthesized inside the microfluidic channel. Polystyrene particles and depletant (dextran) were added....................
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