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    (2016-08-26) The development of the new Skil® Multi-Tasker:
    Rijksen, M.
    This thesis describes the graduation process and result for the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) from the Delft University of Technology. This graduation project accomplishes the masters degree Integrated Product Design (IPD). The project starts with an analysis of the current tool and its context. This phase of the process is meant to get to know the subject, gather insights and to get used to the jargon. After the analysis a research is executed. This research contains two parts....................
    (2016-07-01) Power-City Amsterdam Nieuw-West:
    Van Ham, T.P.W.
    “Our” world is changing rapidly, man-made global warming, as a result of greenhouse emissions is causing more frequently extreme weather patterns such as droughts or cloudbursts. In order to change the current fossil fuel based economy, producing and emitting harmful greenhouse gasses, a transition is required from this fossil fuel based economy towards a renewable energy based one. By defining the elemental factors needed to support a society at neighborhood level this research paper studie....................
    (2016-07-01) The importance of moisture recycling:
    Cömert, T.; Van de Koppel, N.T.D.
    In this article, we provide strong evidence for moisture feedback playing an important part in China’s precipitation. Due to the fact that China’s water scarcity has a huge impact on the economy and society, it is not only a problem for the country itself but could become a problem for the whole world in the near future. Most research in the past focused on improving water use efficiency, which are short term solutions. An appropriate use of moisture recycling data could however be a prime t....................
    (2016-07-01) Data analysis of measurements on the detection of Josephson radiation:
    Van Gulik, R.J.J.
    In this report an overview of the techniques used to perform measurements on a Josephson radiation detector is given. This experiment could lead to the observation of Majorana bound states, which can be used to realize a topological quantum computer. Software for the plotting of data from one- and two-variable measurements was developed, with the goal of improving the workflow and making the analysis of measurement data easier. Finally scripts for the extraction of variables such as the transimp....................
    (2016-05-04) Designing with transparent lighting: A Do-It-Yourself approach:
    Claus, S.J.
    Electroluminescent material is a light emitting electrically powered composite which consists of a stacked sequence of various specific materials. At the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering there is always an interest for the development of new materials. Yet there is a knowledge gap between the theory and the practical DIY fabrication of electroluminescents (ELs). This graduation assignment will demonstrate practical knowledge on the DIY production of electroluminescent materials and the f....................
    (2016-05-04) The analysis and adoption of environmental innovations in inland waterway transport:
    Consuegra, S.C.
    The inland shipping industry could improve its environmental performance by applying environmental innovations. However, the industry is very diverse and there is a wide variety of technical, operational and logistical innovations. To find which innovations are most suitable for a fast-, cost- and effort effective adoption by the IWT industry, this research provides an understanding of the stakeholders' considerations, it evaluates the environmental innovations, and it applies theories on the ad....................
    (2016-05-04) Droplet behaviour in a cavity mixing-layer:
    Van Meerkerk, M.
    The transport of a dry gas through corrugated pipes can lead to flow-induced pulsations, which can result in tonal noise production and fatigue failure of the pipe or coupling. The unwanted effect can be prevented by increasing the liquid content. The effect of liquid on the one flow-induced pulsations is yet unknown, but one of the proposed mechanisms is mixing-layer disruption by droplets or damping by liquid on the wall. In this master thesis the effect of liquid droplets on a cavity mixing-l....................
    (2016-05-03) System modeling of supercritical water gasification processes: Thermo-fluid one-dimensional modeling in Modelica language:
    Schönlein, C.M.
    Supercritical water gasification (SCWG) is a conversion process for wet biomass feedstock into synthetic natural gas at conditions above the critical point of water (220.9 bar and 374.15 °C). A high energy and conversion efficiency of the process is achieved by using supercritical water as a reaction medium which avoids the necessity of an energy-intensive drying process. Moreover, heat recovery is applied in order to minimize the system energy input while sustaining conversion-supporting pro....................
    (2016-05-02) Health Dashboard: Improving telemonitoring and self-management of heart failure patients by design.:
    Reitsema, R.
    This project presents the result of a new proposal to improve telemonitoring and self-management for heart failure patients: The Health Dashboard. The Health Dashboard is designed for Philips in collaboration with the Reinier the Graaf hospital in Delft. It aims to reduce the chance on readmissions, to reassure heart failure patients about their health, to increase adherence in daily monitoring and to provide reliable insights about patient’s health to the medical team. It is used in the bathr....................
    (2016-05-02) Diem: An animated house that cares with Intent:
    Van Boheemen, F.A.D.
    CONTEXT With the rise of smart connected products the user will have more and more products to monitor and control directly (and remotely). Although these products bring us new benefits, these products also have downsides. Connected products are significantly more complex. Not only installing a connected product requires more steps, but also the daily use differs because these products are able to notify its users any time and thereby demand attention. Connected products require the user to inve....................
    (2016-05-02) Rotterdam's circular waste glossy & solid board waste bin:
    Bomhof, M.
    Dealing with waste in a proper way is part of the shift from a linear to a circular economy. Sorting waste is an essential step in the recycling process. Making households sort their waste is a challenge. Rotterdam is one of the lesser performing municipalities of the Netherlands. In general, high-rise households sort their waste below average, but have also less extensive services from the government. Therefore, this group gets special attention. Household waste in Rotterdam consists mainly o....................
    (2016-05-02) Roll damping to improve the operational limits of existing barge shaped vessels:
    Habing, R.
    Roll motion damping has been an important issue since mankind started building ships. Naval architects have always tried to reduce the roll motion as much as possible for comfort, structural strength and operational limits. In this thesis the effects of using ballast water as active or passive roll damping system are investigated. The goal is to improve the motion behavior of barge shaped vessels owned by Boskalis, such as the Taklift 6. These vessels are used extensively on the North Sea. The r....................
    (2016-04-29) Embassy of Youth:
    Van de Merwe, L.
    ‘Embassy of Youth’ was a collaboration with Delft Institute of Positive Design (DIOPD) and Oxfam UK. The project took a positive design approach to see how it could contribute to the community well-being of a disadvantaged neighbourhood, specifically the teenage boys in that neighbourhood. Theory on community well-being was used to evaluate how this was present in Feijenoord, a neighbourhood in Rotterdam South that challenges with poverty, crime but also the stigmatisation of a ‘bad neighb....................
    (2016-04-29) Design for Impact: Creating products that matter through integrating vision- and learning-driven design :
    Zwolle, C.
    Design for Impact is a design framework that aims to enhance the chance on adoption of innovative products, services and systems in general and of Peerby Go in particular. It helps designers that work at high-technology startups to turn long term visions into reality at the shortest possible notice, with the minimum of means. This goal is pursued through merging a vision-driven design method (ViP) with a learning driven-design method (The Lean Startup).
    (2016-04-29) Viewpoint dependent model for multi-view object recognition:
    De Lange, L.F.M.
    The life expectancy of humans increases due to better medical care, food quality and personal hygiene. The demand for domestic robots performing (simple) household chores will increase as consequence to this trend. An important task of these robots is recognizing objects within an environment. Object models are constructed using multiple views from various viewpoints in order to increase the recognition robustness and reduce the influence of noise such as variation in illumination. The objective....................
    (2016-04-29) The influence of pedalling on the lateral dynamics of cycling: a modelling approach:
    Baines, P.M.
    There are still important knowledge gaps regarding stability and safety of bicycle riding. Every year around 60,000 people need hospital treatment for single sided accidents in the Netherlands alone. Supporting the need for understanding lateral bicycle dynamics. One of the prominent disturbances on lateral bicycle and rider behaviour is pedalling. However, although there is a good understanding of the determinants effecting the forward or propulsive behaviour of the bicycle associated with peda....................
    (2016-04-29) Friction Stir Welding effects of defects in Glare:
    Bied-Charreton, A.D.
    Splicing technology is used to create fuselage panels due to the maximum width of the aluminium sheets of 60 inches as a result of the production process. A set of designing rules is required for the design of a spliced Glare fuselage resulting in a significant increase in complexity. Friction stir welding of the thin aluminium sheets in Glare results in larger Glare panels where the maximum dimensions are limited by the size of the autoclave. FSW Glare could result in reduced weight and product....................
    (2016-04-29) Upscaling coastal flood risk assessment - Insight into the uncertainty of a continental-scale model:
    Bouziotas, D.
    During the last years, flood risk assessments at continental and global scales are emerging as useful tools for risk hotspot identification, support for international policy-making and harmonization of strategies for climate change adaptation. The emergence of these models comes to cover the growing demand for integrated, large-scale risk assessments in fluvial and coastal settings, requested by actors such as international organizations and insurance companies. These stakeholders are alarmed b....................
    (2016-04-28) Coping with stress in the work environment:
    De Koning, M.S.
    This master thesis shows the design process which aims to tackle the problem of large amounts of burnout due to stress, people working in services experience in The Netherlands. As a result, long periods of absenteeism can cause a great effect on society, since The Netherlands is largely dependent of service work. Since this it is an organisational problem the Frame Creation Process offers an appropriate structure to this project, as the intention of this process is to find new approaches (new t....................
    (2016-04-28) Feasibility of Alternative Finite Element Formulations within Topology Optimization:
    Feitsma, J.W.
    In this work, topology optimization is used to obtain optimal designs with minimal compliance as the objective. The checkerboard problem, refers to a resulting optimal topology where the material is distributed in regions of alternating solid and void elements. It has been shown that these regions emerge due to higher stiffness of the checkerboard patterns compared to the stiffness of uniformly distributed material. In this work a study is performed on the feasibility of non-traditional fini....................
    (2016-04-28) Design of a monitoring system for mobility, health & safety:
    Vicuña Contany, I.V.C.
    Companion, a monitoring system for safety, health and mobility, which connects the HCP and the patient. The system is composed of two bands connecting the HCP and the patient, a patch for monitoring and a processing component called Abacus. Companion uses multivariate input, SpO2, RR, HR, acceleration, movement and location to look for several cues and redundant evidence of events such as falls and heart attacks, the patient might experience. The system automatically informs the specific HC....................
    (2016-04-28) Designing a privacy aware infrastructure for an Inclusive Enterprise at IBM:
    Steenstra, C.T.
    The widespread adoption of computer technologies fundamentally re-shaped the way companies operate. A deluge of systems and applications now support the daily activities of employees and managers alike, thus increasing the amount, value, and sensibleness of available data. This abundance of data provides new opportunities for applications development, where more and more data is shared and reused to enable new functionalities, to unlock novel insights about the enterprise or its personnel, or to....................
    (2016-04-28) Robustness of public transportation networks: The effect of capacity reductions at the link-level:
    Koppenol, G.J.
    The quality of a public transport network is not only determined by its performance in non-disturbed situations. On a quite frequent basis public transport service do not operate according to plan. This urges for analysis on how well a network is capable to perform in such situations. How well is a PT network capable of maintaining its network performance in case of disruptions? Or in other words, how robust are PT networks? To answer these questions an assignment model is developed and applied ....................
    (2016-04-26) Stability of a Chinook helicopter with multiple underslung loads:
    Thijs, R.J.
    This thesis describes the process of creating numerical derived stability analysis of an Chinook with underslung loads. A helicopter model with underslung loads is build and numerically linearized. After the linearization the eigenvalues are calculated and plotted. It was found that numerical linearization works well with a single solid body, but becomes troublesome when multiple bodies are present.
    (2016-04-26) Stimulating circular behaviour through design strategy:
    Shyam, S.
    Mobile phones are undoubtedly an important part of our daily lives and activities. With the avid use and rapid upgrade patterns of mobile phones in current consumer lifestyle comes a wasteful disposal process. The high speed at which mobile phones are left for obsolescent makes the electronic waste problem that they bring with them a target of high concern. There is a strong need for solutions that elicit a shift from linear production and consumption processes to circular systems. The concept o....................
    (2016-04-25) Design of an electrosurgical unit for low- and middle-income countries:
    Westra, M.
    With the provision of essential surgical care millions of lives can be saved and this realization has reached the international agenda. There are however many obstacles that make it hard to provide safe, qualitative, affordable and accessible surgical care to the more than 4.8 billion people for whom this is currently out of reach. One of the obstacles is the lack of medical equipment that is suitable for use in the harsh environment found at the district hospitals. Problems that could be expect....................
    (2016-04-25) Frictional behaviour of pigs in motion:
    Den Heijer, A.
    Pigs (pipeline inspection gauges) are free moving piston-like devices, that are used for inspecting or cleaning pipelines in for example the oil and gas industry. Here they are used for onshore and offshore pipelines, where they are propelled by the production fluids. A better control of the velocity of the pig in the pipeline can be achieved by using so-called bypass pigs, which have an opening (bypass) that allows that some fluid passes by which reduces the pig velocity. A new development is a....................
    (2016-04-25) Integration of decentralized solar collectors in Dutch district heating networks:
    Van Miltenburg, R.M.
    Most of the heat in Dutch district heating networks is produced by fossil fuels. In this study the limits and most promising configurations for the feed-in of solar heat from consumers have been investigated. The results have been evaluated in terms of total annual solar gain, solar gain per collector area, solar fraction, CO2 reduction and costs. To make sure the results are applicable to more than one network, several Dutch district heating networks and building types have been used to design....................
    (2016-04-22) Streaming Fraud Detection on Session Based Data:
    Hendriksen, H.
    Financial fraud is, within the banking world, a major source of expenses. Improving on timely detecting fraud is a constantly ongoing cat and mouse game between the financial institutions and criminal organisations. To be on the edge of fraud detection, new approaches have to constantly be developed. This research will tap into the large amount of data produced by systems around the actual financial transactions and attempts to use this data to timely, as quick as possible, react on events. Thi....................
    (2016-04-22) Design of an above water position determination system for a ship’s hull maintenance robot:
    Feitsma, W.J.L.
    Localization is vital for a ship’s hull maintenance robot such as the Fleet Cleaner robot. Not only is it key for automation of the robot, but it is also required to guarantee coverage and to produce inspection reports. Previous work on the position determination focussed on the under water localization and left the above water section as a partially open problem. For above water localization, standard techniques will not suffice due to the strict environmental and operational constraints and ....................
    (2016-04-22) Designing a tool for agile management in advisory firm X :
    Bak, B.
    The FinancialServices(FS) industry of advisory is inter- ested in the agile methodology and its practices. There are two reasons for this interest: first of all their clients, banks, are interested in these methods for their process management. Second, in order to keep up with the competition they need be up to date with new methods and knowledge. The assignment was to look for inter- esting applications of the agile philosophy within FS advi- sory. Advisory X has two main activities: client pr....................
    (2016-04-22) The development of a new product concept for induction stir-frying:
    Duijn, M.C.M.
    Two years ago, ATAG developed the Fusion Vulcano wok burner for stir-frying on gas. With this product, ATAG presents itself as cooking brand with a focus on cooking experience. ATAG wanted a similar product for stir-frying on induction, since there is no comparable solution for stir-frying on induction yet. ATAGs current induction wok hob lacks the appearance and experience they are looking for and have reached with the Fusion Vulcano. On top of that, their current induction wok hob is being pha....................
    (2016-04-22) Bringing the customer to the heart of your marketing strategy:
    Muusse, M.C.
    “Design a service to help iris Concise in the productisation of their consultancy services, in order to maximize impact in the marketing consultancy world” The product is built up as a circle with four layers. In the middle there is a blank spot. The first layer includes all the customer understanding tools, the second layers provides tools that can identify market opportunities, the third layer is built up with a set of creative tools and the fourth layer is an overview of all the measurem....................
    (2016-04-22) Connecting with customers: A service for RIKILT Laboratory Quality Service:
    Jekel, J.J.
    The world population is increasing and ageing. This causes an increasing demand for healthy and protein-rich food, putting pressure on food producers to increase their volumes. Sometimes this goes at costs of quality, or even safety. As a result more food safety incidents occur. Therefore the control of food and feed safety and quality is very important. This makes it possible to discover (potential) safety hazards earlier, so measures can be taken. RIKILT is a research institute that controls ....................
    (2016-04-22) Compensation of increased passive stiffness in the ankle joint: Design of Negative Stiffness Orthosis:
    Brandjes, P.E.M.
    This graduation project aims to develop an orthosis for patients suffering from a reduced Range of Motion (RoM) of the ankle joint. The reduced RoM is in dorsiflexion direction, the patient lacks the ability to turn the foot in the direction of the knee. This gait pattern is known as drop foot gait. This results in a low walking speed, increased energy cost and risk of falling. The approach for the Negative Stiffness Orthosis is to compensate the increased passive stiffness of the ankle with a ....................
    (2016-04-22) Electric/Electronic-Architectures - Automating and optimizing communication matrices:
    Fikke, F.S.
    This research aims at optimizing the Electric/Electronic-Architecture of modern day vehicles. Due to the massive increase in new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, currently implemented communication technologies are no longer sufficient to deal with the massive increase in transmitted information. Instead of the costly procedure of introducing yet another communication technology in the vehicle, this research targets an previously unsolved problem inherent to the current design process: The c....................
    (2016-04-21) Deep Reinforcement Learning - Pretraining actor-critic networks using state representation learning:
    Munk, J.
    In control, the objective is to find a mapping from states to actions that steer a system to a desired reference. A controller can be designed by an engineer, typically using some model of the system or it can be learned by an algorithm. Reinforcement Learning (RL) is one such algorithm. In RL, the controller is an agent that interacts with the system, with the aim of maximizing the rewards received over time. In recent years, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have been successfully used as function a....................
    (2016-04-21) Intelligent Controller Selection for Aggressive Quadrotor Manoeuvring: A reinforcement learning approach:
    Molenkamp, D.
    A novel intelligent controller selection method for quadrotor attitude and altitude control is presented that maintains performance in different regimes of the flight envelope. Conventional quadrotor controllers can behave insufficiently during aggressive manoeuvring, in extreme angles the quadrotor is unable to maintain height which may result in loss of performance. By implementing several controllers designed specifically for these more extreme manoeuvres it is possible to maintain performanc....................
    (2016-04-21) Flexible Arrival & Departure Runway Allocation Using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming: A Schiphol Airport Case Study:
    Delsen, J.G.
    Runway capacity of a complex runways system can be limited by several factors. Currently, the runway usage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS) is described by a preference list established by multiple stakeholders. It makes an important trade-off between minimizing noise exposure to the environment and maximizing capacity. The existing model does not take into account fuel burn and the ensued emissions for the current and future demand in flights. This study tries to address this issue. A model ....................
    (2016-04-21) Towards an assistive luggage for reducing human effort while travelling:
    Kiyawat, P.
    People love travelling and most of them travel for fun and leisure. But carrying a suitcase through stairs is one of the biggest difficulties one can face while travelling. This project is in the direction of an assistive luggage technology that helps people reduce human effort to carry their suitcase while travelling. Stairo is a concept of a motorized staircase climbing suitcase that climbs up or down the staircase automatically when once kept in desired position on the staircase. It stops aft....................
    (2016-04-21) Towards an assistive luggage for reducing human effort while travelling:
    Kiyawat, P.
    People love travelling and most of them travel for fun and leisure. But carrying a suitcase through stairs is one of the biggest difficulties one can face while travelling. This project is in the direction of an assistive luggage technology that helps people reduce human effort to carry their suitcase while travelling. Stairo is a concept of a motorized staircase climbing suitcase that climbs up or down the staircase automatically when once kept in desired position on the staircase. It stops aft....................
    (2016-04-20) Basketball Backstop of the Future:
    Van Berchum, V.A.H.
    This masker thesis describes the design process of the basketball backstop of the future. A basketball backstop is the piece of equipment with a ring, on which the players score during a game of basketball. The game of basketball is changing; fans want a more engaging game experience and sports marketing becomes increasingly important. Schelde Sports is global market leader of basketball backstops. Even though the game of basketball is changing, the basketball backstops have not changed years....................
    (2016-04-20) Sustainability and food waste reduction in the kitchen:
    Carletto, G.
    Fribo is a product-system that aims at reducing the food waste in the households. The design is a consequence of an iterative process that had started from researching the main causes for food waste in private kitchens, proceeded with the user involvement and ended with a technological solution. The graduation process that led to the creation was run by Giulia Carletto, with the supervision of David Keyson and Sacha Silvester and at Invivo, design agency in Berlin. The communication, over the di....................
    (2016-04-20) GAME ON: Using game elements to stimulate environmentally friendly driving:
    Van Eeghen, P.J.K.
    The company (WeGo a provider of a total solution for corporate passenger car fleets) wanted ways in which they could keep their leading position, their client (municipality of Amsterdam) needed ways to fulfill their sustainability targets and the users (the employees) are unaware of the impact their driving behavior has on their carbon footprint. By combining a user-centered design process with short iterative cycles the concept was able to evolve to the capabilities and limitations of the users....................
    (2016-04-20) Conveying information through non-verbal communication in robotics:
    Hameeteman, D.M.J.
    Robots are becoming more and more involved in our daily life. In order to increase the acceptance of modern robotics in society even further, quite some improvements in human-robot interaction have to be made. Non-verbal communication is one such way of conveying information between robots and humans. In spite of its great potential, the current state of research is fairly limited. The goal of this research is to create a control framework that could generate movements with the flexibility to ....................
    (2016-04-20) Fatigue and Healing of Asphalt Mortar:
    Dijkhuis, S.L.
    Fatigue is one of the common failure mechanisms occurring in asphalt pavements. To better understand the underlying principles of these fatigue mechanisms, a procedure is developed to construct fatigue curves based on tests in uni-axial tension on asphalt mortar, leading to defining fatigue life using a variety of methods. The uni-axial tension loading mode is chosen to increase the insight of material behavior. To examine discontinuous fatigue mechanisms, tests are performed to assess the heali....................
    (2016-04-20) Combining learning with fuzzing for software deobfuscation:
    Janssen, M.
    Software obfuscation is widely applied to prevent reverse engineering of applications. However, to evaluate security and validate behaviour we are interested in analysis such software. In this thesis, we give an overview of available obfuscation techniques as well as methods to undo this effort through reverse engineering and deobfuscation. We research active learning, which can be used to automatically learn state machine models of obfuscated software. These state machine models give insight in....................
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