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    (2018-01-01) Dig Out Your Gays: Death and Subversion in Two Queer Young Adult Novels
    Oudekerk, D.G.
    This bachelor thesis analyses the subversion of the “Bury Your Gays” trope as proposed by TVtropes and its functions as social commentary in the Young Adult novels Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller, 2011) and More Than This (Patrick Ness, 2013). It does so by connecting the trope to narrative theory and gender criticism, with a focus on sexual culture, heteronormativity and related political strategies. Both novels subvert the trope, but do so on a different level and with a different approa....................
    (2018-01-01) CYP17 inhibitor abiraterone acetate as a promising future treatment for canine Cushing’s syndrome: in vitro investigations
    Wit, W.L. de
    INTRODUCTION: Cushing’s syndrome or hypercortisolism is one of the most frequently diagnosed endocrinopathies in dogs. At present, medical management of canine hypercortisolism consists of either trilostane or mitotane. Both treatments have disadvantages associated with undesired hypoadrenocorticism. Therefore, a more specific inhibition of cortisol production is desirable. The steroidogenic enzyme cytochrome P-450c17 (CYP17) could be an interesting target for selective inhibition of cortisol ....................
    (2018-01-01) Barriers veterinarians experience while discssing a dog's overweight.
    Aldewereld, C.M.
    During a randomized pilot study, it was found that veterinarians find it difficult to discuss overweight. Thus, the main question for this study arose: What are barriers and motivators for veterinarians to discuss a dog’s overweight. Sub hypotheses were formed based on literature to investigate if lack of time, fear of offending patients and lack of skills are potential barriers and if feeling responsible and feeling compassion are potential motivators for the veterinarian to discuss overweigh....................
    (2018-01-01) De Romanisering in de civitas Batavorum
    Boer, M. de
    Voor deze scriptie is onderzoek gedaan naar de Romanisering in de civitas Batavorum. Met behulp van het model van Chris Gosden, dat onder andere gebaseerd is op postkoloniale theorie, wordt er voorzien in de behoefte van nieuw en dynamisch onderzoek naar de complexe interactie in de grensgebieden. In dit onderzoek is geanalyseerd of de Romanisering in het leefgebied van de Bataven, op basis van de archeologische vondsten, te identificeren is als een praktijkvoorbeeld van de middle ground. Daarbi....................
    (2018-01-01) An Empirical Analysis of Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization
    Hoek, J. van
    Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (EPSO) is a combination of Classic Particle Swarm Optimization and Evolutionary Algorithms. In this thesis we recreate the original EPSO algorithm and analyze its performance. Furthermore we extend the algorithm with uniform recombination, another idea from Evolutionary Algorithms. Finally we analyze why EPSO performs so well, and whether our extension fixes the mistakes made by EPSO or not.
    (2018-01-01) The Brokers, Colonial Mimicry, and Unattainable Trust: Agricultural Knowledge in the Dutch East Indies (1900s-1930s)
    Irawan Santoso Suryo Basuki, .
    This thesis would like to investigate how the agricultural knowledge was produced and circulated in the Dutch East Indies in the Ethical Policy period (1901-1942). It argues that, in the beginning, knowledge provided only by the European scientists and its circulation were done in mostly through an indirectly top-down process. The knowledge was diffused to the public using native leaders acted as intermediary. The natives who were placed at the bottom of society were treated as if they were inca....................
    (2018-01-01) Haemaphysalis longicornis: Measuring tick burdens on pasture and on sheep.
    Essink, T.
    This research project includes a comparison of two methods to estimate tick burdens of the tick Haemaphysalis longicornis. H.longicornis is the only tick which has considerable importance in New Zealand. It is the only exotic tick which causes production losses in cattle, deer, sheep and other livestock. Furthermore, in New Zealand H. longicornis has been shown to be a competent vector of bovine theileriosis (Theileria orientalis). This gives rise to the need for proper methods to evaluate ticks....................
    (2018-01-01) Influence of Tropical Cyclones on the Statistical Properties of Extreme Waves in the Tropical Indian Ocean
    Nugrahinggil Subasita, .
    In this MSc thesis, the climatology of ocean surface waves in the tropical Indian Ocean is investigated. Specific focus is on the probability distributions of the significant wave height, i.e. the mean height of the 1/3 of the waves over a 10-30 minutes interval, and of the mean wave period. Additionally, the characteristics of extreme waves, with heights that occur only once in e.g. 20 years or 50 years and which are generated by tropical cyclones, are analysed. For this, experiments were cond....................
    (2018-01-01) How Large is the Shadow? Smoothed Analysis of the Simplex Method
    Huiberts, S.
    In this thesis, we show a new improved upper bound on the expected number of edges in the shadow of a random smoothed polyhedron on a two-dimensional plane. We use this bound to give smoothed complexity bounds for the simplex method for linear programming based on existing algorithmic techniques.
    (2018-01-01) Essential oil production in rural Africa
    Appelman, S.N.G.
    The goal of this study is to identify opportunities to reduce the fossil energy use for the steam distillation process of essential oils (EO) in rural Africa. Therefore, renewable energy technologies (RETs) and energy efficiency measures (EEMS) were identified, evaluated and assessed on applicability. As a results, eight technologies were found suitable to achieve this goal, these are: CSP-, biomass- and efficient boiler, an economizer, solar water heating (SWH) system, feedwater condenser, insu....................
    (2018-01-01) Performance evaluation of large-scale hydrological models for different hydro-climatic zones in Australia
    Wagenaar, N.W.
    Climate change will affect volumes and timings of river discharges and will therefore determine the distribution and amount of people experiencing floods and droughts in the future. Therefore, the need for reliable hydrological modeling increases in order to respond to these changes. Modeled output of these models have been compared with observations and it is seen that modeled output is not limited to input forcing only, which results in uncertainty of modeled output. This research aims to eva....................
    (2018-01-01) Remotely sensed and field surveyed early-warning signals of desertification in the Ebro basin, Spain
    Daas, J.H. den
    The Ebro Basin near Zaragoza, Spain is the northern most semi-arid region in Europe with shrubland vegetation, a large water deficit and high grazing pressure in the last century. Early warning signals of desertification in the form of spatial and temporal variation in vegetation cover derived using remote sensing and field measurements were studied. They may provide enough time to act before a critical shift to a barren state induced by overgrazing in semi-arid zones takes place. Vegetation co....................
    (2018-01-01) Action points to advance commercialisation of the Dutch tidal energy sector
    Zuijlen, J.P. van
    Water management has traditionally been focused on water safety, hygiene and agricultural problems, however, given the current need for sustainability in order to combat climate change, the possible production of sustainable energy is a desirable extension of integral water management. Tidal energy is a form of ocean energy which harnesses energy from the tides and has the potential to contribute significantly to sustainable energy solutions in certain coastal regions, thereby reducing carbon em....................
    (2018-01-01) A Pore-Scale Analysis of Colloidal Particle Attachment and Detachment in Porous Media
    Tang, D.W.S.
    The fate of colloidal particles entering soils and groundwater aquifers is an important issue in environmental hydrogeology and many other fields involving porous media. Compared to soluble chemical species, colloidal particles experience different trajectories in porous media, and they cannot be described by continuum hydrodynamics. In addition to physical phenomena such as the clogging of narrow crevices by large particles, colloidal pollutants in the environment are also prone to becoming ads....................
    (2018-01-01) The perfect storm: can sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) strandings in the North Sea be linked to storm activity?
    Nielen, J.H.
    In early 2016, 30 male sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) stranded along North Sea coasts. Sperm whale mass strandings in the North Sea area have occurred several times over the past century and are relatively well documented. Most strandings occur when sperm whales migrate south from the Norwegian Sea, and enter the shallow North Sea by accident. There are multiple theories regarding the cause of why sperm whales sometimes take the wrong turn into the North Sea ‘trap’. One hypothesis foc....................
    (2018-01-01) A paleolatitude study on Mesozoic rocks from Costa Rica – reconstructing the Caribbean Plate.
    Wiel, E. van der
    Paleomagnetic data-points are important constrains to large scale plate reconstructions. In the case of the Caribbean Plate and its formation in the Panthalassa Ocean there is a lack of Mesozoic constrains. Here we present new paleomagnetic results from Jurassic and Cretaceous oceanic rocks of the Caribbean Plate obtained in northern Costa Rica. Our results show a consistent latitudinal position for the Caribbean lithosphere from 160Ma onwards. With paleolatitudes between the 1° south and 10° ....................
    (2018-01-01) Wind of change - Firm contributions to technological development in development phases
    Branger, A.H.W.
    Conflicting theories exist on the contribution to technological development that incumbents and startups have. Previous literature combined contrasting theories by stating that it depends on the industry sector whether incumbents or startups are more innovative, and thus contribute more to technological development. In this research the focus is on the technology level, by looking at what the contribution of different firm types in different stages of the technological development process is. Th....................
    Jonker, A.E.
    In the Europe 2020 Strategy is stated that the European Union wants to be a world leader when it comes to innovation. Considering the innovation performance of all EU Member States, there is still a long way to go before this goal is met. As innovation and the generation of knowledge are strongly related. A better understanding of the knowledge generation of EU countries may pave the way to meet the goal. No such study is performed in recent years. In this descriptive study, quantitively the de....................
    (2018-01-01) Relations of perceiving self-stigma in women: the role of depressive and anxiety symptoms and pregnancy
    Funk, S.
    The explanation of the implications of self-stigma as reasons for rejecting treatment are necessary to understand why some individuals refrain from seeking psychological health for depressive and / or anxiety symptoms. These symptoms were presumed moderating factors on the perception of self-stigma in a sample of pregnant and non-pregnant women because research provided evidence for correlations between emotional problems, such as depressive and anxiety symptoms, and self-stigma for seeking help....................
    (2018-01-01) Effect of overfeeding on blood pressure and physical activity in Shetland ponies
    Eimers, M.
    Obesity is of increasing concern in equid populations, because it is associated with metabolic dysfunction and risk for cardiovascular disease. In the present study the link between overfeeding, diet-induced obesity, blood pressure and physical activity in Shetland ponies is examined especially when blood pressure increases during weight gain and if there is a weight-activity relationship. 13 Shetland pony mares (mean age 5.5 ± SD 3.48) were divided into two groups, a control group (n=6) and a ....................
    (2018-01-01) Pilot study: The influence of diet induced increase in body weight on blood pressure and heart rate in Shetland mares.
    Vré, D. de
    Background: Obesity, genetic predisposition and insulin dysregulation are important elements of the equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), which eventually can result in laminitis. In previous studies with EMS and laminitis-prone horses high blood pressure and elevation of the heart rate were reported as symptoms. The aim of this is study is to determine whether an increase in blood pressure and heart rate is already measurable before ponies gain weight, and before other clinical signs of EMS/laminiti....................
    (2018-01-01) Provability Logic and the Completeness Principle
    Zoethout, J.
    We study the provability logic of arithmetical theories that prove their own completeness principle. Using our results, we reprove a theorem obtained by Ardeshir and Mojtahedi in 2014, giving the Sigma1-provability logic of Heyting Arithmetic.
    (2018-01-01) Codering van de affectieve functie van taal: een onderzoek naar de emotionele lading van afwijkend taalgebruik
    Hemmer, A.R.
    Dit onderzoek richt zich op de affectieve functie van taal en hoe deze taalkundig gecodeerd en verwerkt wordt. Aan het begin van de 20e eeuw beschreef H.J. Pos het affectieve karakter van afwijkend taalgebruik, in het bijzonder het afwijkend gebruik van functiewoorden. Recent onderzoek van A. Foolen en N. Corver borduurt hierop voort. In dit onderzoek is door middel van een online enquête onderzocht of respondenten daadwerkelijk een emotionele lading ervaren bij het afwijkend gebruik van functi....................
    (2018-01-01) Powerfrauen vs. Powervrouwen: Zur Integration von Mischkomposita in deutschen bzw. niederländischen Frauenzeitschriften
    Koppen, L.W. van
    In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird anhand der Dezemberausgaben der deutschen bzw. niederländischen Version der Zeitschrift Cosmopolitan aus dem Jahr 2017 untersucht, auf welche Weise die Integration der Mischkomposita ins Niederländische sich von ihrer Integration ins Deutsche unterscheidet. Dabei wird in Bezug auf das äußere Lehngut für beide Ausgaben das Verhältnis zwischen Mischkomposita und Anglizismen festgestellt. Außerdem werden in Anlehnung an die Forschung von Mayer & Putnik (2011) ....................
    (2018-01-01) Teaching Intercultural Communicative Competence alongside Language Proficiency
    Vos, L.
    As English has established itself as a contact language, it has become increasingly important to prepare students for interaction with other non-native speakers of English during secondary education (Seidlhofer, 2005). As such, intercultural communicative competence (ICC) should be taught alongside language proficiency to prepare students for effective communication in a globalising world. The literature study revealed how Byram’s (1997) ICC model and the Common European Framework of Reference....................
    (2018-01-01) George Orwell meets Homer Simpson: How Animated Sitcoms use Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four for their Criticism on Society
    Stadman, H.J.
    In the past decennium, Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four has featured multiple times on bestseller lists. This thesis discusses how this novel from the ‘40s still seems to remain relevant. It does so with the use of the popular medium of animated sitcoms. These sitcoms criticise society by mirroring it and blowing situations out of proportion. Nineteen Eighty-Four was also meant a criticism on society. This is where the novel and the sitcoms overlap. Occasionally, animated sitcoms refer to Ninet....................
    (2018-01-01) Towards a principle-based moral case deliberation method
    Berg, C.L. van den
    If a principle-based method for moral case deliberation for use in a clinical setting is to succeed, it has to deal with the criticism put forth by particularists. Their main charge is that principles are either too abstract or too rigid to guide action. Secondly, a principle-based moral case deliberation method must be practically feasible. As such, it must be usable in a morally pluralistic context, be accessible to laymen in ethical theory, and be able to resolve conflict in a timely fashion.....................
    (2018-01-01) The Translation of Board Games' Rules of Play
    Verhoeven, L.S.
    In the Netherlands, the translation of board games’ rules of play is a large industry. Ninety-five percent of the games published by the well-known Dutch game publisher 999 games concerns translated games. Translation studies lack research on this matter; only Jonathan Evans briefly discussed it in “Translating Board Games: Multimodality and Play” (2013). This study, therefore, functions as a pioneering research. The aim of this investigation is to explore what problems a Dutch translator ....................
    (2018-01-01) 'Minoritas Tau Diri'. A Review of the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Elections
    Smit, H.L.B.
    This research argues against the general opinion in the international media that Ahok’s electoral loss is a sign of the deterioration of Indonesia’s democracy. It argues that Indonesia is still a moderate country. In addition, it argues that the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial elections should not be seen as victory for radical Islam in Indonesia. It does so by researching the main question of this thesis: why has Ahok lost the elections? And elaborates by asking what the gubernatorial elections ....................
    (2018-01-01) Wat vind jij van mij? Een onderzoek naar het beleid rondom en de waardering van het digital signage systeem binnen de gemeente Rotterdam
    Reinders, M.V.J.
    In 2015 implementeerde de gemeente Rotterdam op grote schaal een digital signage systeem. De beeldschermen informeren werknemers over diverse onderwerpen, waaronder praktische facilitaire informatie en nationaal nieuws. De volgende drie onderzoeksvragen worden beantwoord: “Wat is het beleid van de gemeente Rotterdam omtrent de digital signage beeldschermen?”; “In welke mate bekijken werknemers van de gemeente Rotterdam de digital signage beeldschermen in ‘De Rotterdam’?”; “In welke....................
    (2018-01-01) Muziek in de Netflix Original The Sinner De rol van televisiemuziek in video on demand
    Stormer, T.
    Televisie is een medium dat constant in verandering is. In de mediawetenschap wordt er veel onderzoek gedaan naar deze veranderingen, maar binnen muziekwetenschap is hier minder aandacht voor. De laatste decennia is de ontwikkeling van video on demand (VOD) en de bijbehorende flow een belangrijk onderdeel van dit mediawetenschappelijke onderzoek. In deze scriptie wordt gekeken naar de ontwikkelingen die deze verandering teweeg heeft gebracht in televisiemuziek. Als leidraad worden Ronald Rodmans....................
    (2018-01-01) De toepassing van waarden aan de hacker
    Pauka, D.
    Dit onderzoek heeft als doel vast te stellen welke waarden kunnen worden toegeschreven aan de term hacken in een online discours dat zich richt op een creatieve vorm van hacken. Dit vindt onder meer plaats in de context van hackerspaces. In de nieuwsmedia en wetenschappelijke literatuur worden aan de term hacken gevestigde waarden toegeschreven die uitgaan van positieve, negatieve of activistische intenties. Dit is gevolg van hackersactiviteiten in een traditionele vorm die zich richt op de veil....................
    (2018-01-01) Bipolariteit in films: Een analyse van de representatie van bipolaire stoornis in Touched with Fire en Infinitely Polar Bear
    Linnebank, L.
    In dit onderzoek staat de representatie van bipolaire stoornis in films centraal. Bipolaire stoornis is een psychische aandoening. Films geven een bepaalde representatie van zulke aandoeningen die de kijker een beeld geven van wat deze ziekte is. Deze representaties zullen onderzocht worden. In dit onderzoek zijn de films Touched with Fire en Infinitely Polar Bear het onderzoeksmateriaal. In beide films hebben de hoofdpersonages bipolaire stoornis. De aandoening staat ook centraal in het plot. ....................
    (2018-01-01) Corporate storytelling: Hype of heilige graal? Een onderzoek naar de kracht van corporate storytelling en de beleving van stakeholders.
    Groothuis, A.L.
    Sinds het begrip storytelling bijna twintig jaar geleden zijn intrede deed in Nederland, is het niet meer weg te denken uit het communicatievakgebied. Dit is opmerkelijk, aangezien verhalen vertellen een eeuwenoud fenomeen is. Waarom benutten organisaties de kracht van verhalen dan pas sinds een aantal jaren? Hier is een tweetal verklaringen voor. De eerste is dat organisaties trachten om in de huidige informatie-overload hun communicatie te verankeren in de gedachten van hun publiek. Informatie....................
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