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    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2018-05-17) Reinforcement learning in Portfolio Management and its interpretation
    Weijs, L.J.R.
    Since all machine learning methods commonly in use today are viewed as black boxes, the goal of this paper is to make one of these meth- ods transparent in the context of Portfolio management. I interpret the strategies implied by reinforcement learning (RL) and relate them to the strategies implied by academic portfolio advice with the help of their classical portfolio (CP) management models. Because RL is ac- tually approximate dynamic programming (DP), it is perfectly suited for the vo....................
    (2018-05-17) Testing Observable and Latent Risk Factor Models for Systematic Credit Risk on a Large Loan Level Data Set of Residential Mortgages
    Farias Fueyo, F.J.
    This paper compares the performance of two models for probability of default of residential mortgages, namely a two-step logistic regression model with observable systematic risk factor and a mixed-measurement observation driven generalized autoregressive score (GAS) model. The data set is of residential mortgages set available by the Federal National Mortgage Association. The comparison of the models is realized in two different settings, namely a setting where the data set covers a complete ec....................
    (2018-05-17) Multivariate Pairs Trading Using Temporal Dependence Structures
    Keuzenkamp, J.J.L.
    Multivariate pairs trading is a strategy that tries to exploit inefficiencies in the relative value pricing between stocks and baskets of related assets. In this research we set up such strategies, where the baskets are identified by elastic net regularization. The elastic net rigorously combines Lasso and ridge regression resulting in compact and robust baskets. We model the spread dynamics of pairs using copula-based (semi-)parametric time series models. This type of model allows for a range o....................
    (2018-05-17) The PD-LGD Relation for US Mortgages
    Hogers, M.
    This thesis shows that while macro variables and default rates share common cycles for conventional US mortgages, a unique cycle is observed for loss given default, implying that the relation between the default rate and loss given default is weak for conventional US mortgages. The average loss given default across the US increases from 2002 until the end of the data set in 2014. Similar increases are observed across the U.S. Census Bureau’s defined regions, although the West region shows ....................
    (2018-05-17) Applying an Active Trading Strategy to Financial Bubbles - Forward Looking Risk Management
    Bik, M.A.M.
    This paper examines the performance of the The Log-Periodic Power-Law (LPPL) model and the Generalized Hurst Exponent (GHE) in forecasting a bubble’s crash date. Furthermore, it is investigated whether applying a market-timing strategy to financial bubbles results in obtaining higher returns compared to a passive trading strategy. The LPPL model and the GHE approach are fitted to historical price time series of several indexes. Based on the information gathered from this calibration, an active....................
    (2018-04-25) The Impact of Spatial Organization on Regional Productivity in Europe
    W.M. Ouwehand
    Within urban economics, findings related to the impact of external economies of urban size on productivity are increasingly complemented by external economies of spatial structure by the inclusion of dimensions such as polycentricity. It is then argued that hierarchically distributed cities within polycentric urban regions can mutually 'borrow' size and share the associated external economies in a regional context. Similarly, polycentricity has been gaining popularity among policy makers as it i....................
    (2018-04-25) Digital Innovations, the New Driver of Successful Startups?
    F.S. Thijs
    This study investigates the influence of the use of digital innovations on the business success of firms participating in the Accenture Innovation Awards over the period 2014-2017, in which firms can participate with innovative concepts of maximum three years old. This research shows an increase of the number of concepts that use digital innovations. It also shows an increase of the number of users of concepts that use digital innovations, relative to the number of users of concepts that do not ....................
    (2018-04-20) Global Warming's Human Preferences
    J.M. Reijven
    Understanding of how individuals discount and evaluate risks has priority in designing efficient and effective policies on how to mitigate global warming. A large body of experimental evidence has confirmed that people violate exponential discounting as well as expected utility. In fact, people's behaviour is better characterised by hyperbolic discounting and cumulative prospect theory. In the last-mentioned, an individual's risk attitude is determined jointly by the curvature in the utility val....................
    (2018-04-17) Pay transparency: fairness and morale considerations in wage-setting policies considerations in wage-setting policies
    Cox, Lennart
    The emergence of pay transparency policies suggests an increased emphasis on fairness within the workplace. Nonetheless, the implications of pay transparency on pay structures and organizational performance remain unclear. This paper builds on the model of Fang and Moscarini (2005) to formalize employees’ responses to pay information and to subsequently determine the firm’s optimal wage policy and corresponding firm profits. In this extended model, the employees are offered a contingent wage....................
    (2018-04-12) Self-Help Groups: An Empty Promise or a Genuinely Effective Tool for Socio-Economic Development
    Solinge, A.F. van
    Self-Help Groups are an increasingly popular policy tool for boosting socio-economic development, access to financial services and women’s empowerment. In India its use has grown exponentially in the last decades. It is therefore surprising that there is relatively little research that evaluates their long-term impact. This thesis aims to add to the academic literature and the policy debate by measuring the effect of the length of membership on the savings of rural women in Maharashtra, India,....................
    (2018-04-09) Het duister helder als het licht
    A. Groenendijk
    Deze scriptie is een fenomenologisch onderzoek naar de ervaring van depressie. Hierbij maak ik gebruik van de fenomenologie van het Zelf zoals Michel Henry die heeft beschreven. Daarin staat het Zelf centraal zoals dat wordt ervaren in het Leven: affectief en passief. Depressie is de mislukte weigering om dit Zelf te ontvangen en te ondergaan. Henry’s lezing van Kierkegaard, Freud en Nietzsche volgend beschrijf ik hoe depressie een ervaring is in en van het Leven, als vertwijfeling, leegte en ....................
    (2018-04-07) Systemic Risk in Different Sectors of the European Economy: A CoVaR Approach
    Koelemij, Charlotte
    This thesis investigates the presence of systemic risk in eight different sectors of the European economy. By using the Conditional Value at Risk (CoVaR) approach to measure systemic risk, it is shown that systemic risk is present in the sectors. Systemic risk has increased for six out of the eight sectors examined in the most recent financial crisis, excluding the technology and telecom sector. These sectors however, show systemic risk after the internet bubble burst. The analysis shows that sy....................
    (2018-04-06) LNG as a Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solution for Short-Sea Shipping
    K. Kokkinos
    The objective of this thesis is to evaluate the use of LNG as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the ship-owners to accommodate the already existing and implemented regulations, as well as those upcoming, concerning the air emissions of the shipping industry. The method used to evaluate the economic feasibility of LNG and its most common alternatives, namely MGO and HFO, is the development of pricing scenarios for oil and natural gas and the calculation of the Net Present....................
    (2018-04-06) Employment, Unemployment and Municipal Policy in the South Holland Province
    M. Valentukevicius
    This piece will provide insight into the argument between Michael Porter and Interventionist Economists on the topic of unemployment: Should the government accommodate the economy with economic investments, or should they directly intervene in the labour market, as a means to raise employment and lower unemployment. The area of study will be South Holland in the time bracket of 2005 to 2014, and the unite of Study will be the South Holland Municipalities. The findings of this work are such that ....................
    (2018-04-05) Contagion of the Global Financial Crisis and the Systemic Risk in the Banking System: Bivariate EVT Analysis in 6 Emerging Asia Economies
    Kuswardani, Ratna Khairunnisa
    This thesis aims to study the contagion and systemic risk of the Global Financial Crisis by analyzing tail dependence between market stock returns and bank stock returns between US, Europe and selected emerging Asian economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea). We apply the concept of bivariate Extreme Value Theory to model the dependence between two returns series for each variable under examination. We find dependencies between pairs of markets that are ....................
    (2018-04-04) The Dynamics of Urban Neighbourhood Development and Economics and Entrepreneurial Activity
    T. Burggraaf
    This thesis has been centered around the question: do socio-economic develoopments in neighbourhoods have a significant effect on economic activity in these neighbourhoods? By means of principal component analysis, socio-economic development has been defined as a combination of three neighbourhood characteristics: income, housing value and social security levels. Socio-economic development has been found to be a significant driver of economic activity. This thesis adds that Dutch neighbourhoods ....................
    (2018-03-22) The effects of a Numerus Fixus on enrollment and first-year success in higher vocational education
    Mathijsen, S.
    Higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Netherlands have introduced selection policies at an increasing level since the early 1970s to select students into their study programs. A cap on the number of enrollments – also known as a ‘Numerus Fixus’ – enables HEIs to reject those students that do not fulfil the admission criteria as stated by the HEI. This study combines student-level data of first-year students in higher vocational education (‘HBO’) and program-level data regarding....................
    (2018-03-22) Is a tree known by its fruits? The eect of the Cito-test on intergenerational educational mobility
    Toorn, A.J. van der
    This thesis looks at the eect of the introduction of the cito-test on intergenerational educational mobility. Initiated by Professor A. De Groot, the cito-test was introduced in 1969. De Groot wanted to make the advice for a child to which level of secondary education it should go more just by having an objective test besides the assessment of a teacher. In this study, a fuzzy Regression discontinuity is exploited, trying to nd a causal eect of the introduction of the cito-test on intergene....................
    (2018-03-22) IS VARIETY THE SPICE OF LIFE?
    Heugten, Y.H.H. van
    This paper sheds light on the potential of crop diversification as a strategy to reduce poverty among smallholder farmers in Côte d’Ivoire. The paper combines a recent nationalrepresentative survey with unique geo-referenced high resolution precipitation data. To resolve endogeneity issues in the OLS specification, an IV approach is applied. The results reveal that crop diversification negatively affects welfare outcomes, although no causal effect can be inferred from the results. It was....................
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