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    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2018-01-03) Robust Fundamental Analysis
    Cavazza, M.
    According to market efficiency, it would not be possible to profit from mispricing in stock prices. In this scenario, in case investors are able to correctly price the outstanding information, there would not be mispricing signals to invest on. If instead, investors would not always value prices correctly, by estimating how, on average, investors reflect information into prices,it would be possible to detect firms where certain information have been over (under) weighted at a specific point in t....................
    (2018-01-03) Spectral Regularization Algorithms for Recommender Systems with Large Implicit Datasets
    Janssen, S.A.J.
    Recommender systems are a class of algorithms that help customers to overcome their choice problem by recommending products that they are likely to be interested in. Most recommender systems are developed for datasets where users explicitly provide feedback in the form of ratings. In practice, such datasets are often unavailable and companies have to resort to implicit datasets, where feedback is distilled from different sorts of user’s behavior, such as click through data or purchases. There ....................
    (2018-01-03) A Dynamic Storage Assignment for areplenishment warehouse
    Sardha, A.M.
    In a replenishment warehouse are a lot of different processes during a day. These processes should go as efficient as possible in order to limit the costs of a warehouse. Labour hours are a big part of the costs in a warehouse. The labour hours in the picking area of a warehouse depend mostly on travelling to the product locations. In this thesis a closer look will be given in the travelling distance of the pickers in the picking area. The Dynamic Storage Assignment (DSA) is developed to reduce....................
    (2017-12-29) Gastvrijheid
    Mieke Moors
    Het grote aantal vluchtelingen dat vanaf de zomer van 2015 richting Europa kwam, leidde tot zeer verdeelde reacties in politiek en samenleving ten aanzien van het te voeren asielbeleid. De politieke en maatschappelijke discussie draait om de vraag in hoeverre we bereid zijn vreemdelingen toe te laten tot onze leefomgeving. Tegen deze achtergrond probeer ik in deze scriptie te onderzoeken wat gastvrijheid is of kan zijn. Daarvoor bestudeerde ik teksten van Jacques Derrida, Aischylos en Paul Ricoe....................
    (2017-12-22) The Search for the Optimal Debt Level
    Scherjon, M.T.H.
    This paper studies the impact of public debt-to-GDP ratios on the economic growth rate of 21 industrial countries during the 1990-2014 period. Thereby the aim is to determine the optimal debt-to-GDP ratio in terms of maximised economic growth. The debt-growth relation has been estimated by regression analyses, while taking alternative growth determinants, non-linearity and potential endogeneity issues into consideration. The findings confirm concavity of the debt-growth relation and the existenc....................
    (2017-12-20) Voting for Change
    V.A. van Wingerden
    While rational choice and political theory show that attitudes influence voting decisions, voting decisions might also influence attitudes, which could lead to political polarization. Choice induced attitude change, the phenomenon causing such attitude change, has consistently been found in the general (non-political) domain. The results of research on this topic in the political domain are less consistent, and often contradict each other. This thesis adds to the literature for this domain by co....................
    (2017-12-20) A Model to Explain Why People Act Egoistically While Feeling Moral
    C.E.M. Staner
    Traditional social preference literature assume that people act prosocially because they have an interest in other’s people well-being. Self-signalling models on the other hand, explain prosocial behaviours by the positive signal sent to the self when one acts morally. These two interpretations rely on a direct causation: if someone acts morally, he feels moral or is happy to see the beneficial effects on others. However, more recent experimental evidence challenge this view. When confronted t....................
    (2017-12-20) Land Transport Infrastructure and Productivity:
    F. Prata
    Using a fixed effects panel for the years 2000 to 2015, this paper empirically examines the relationship between rail and road infrastructure investment and the regional economic performance of Italy and Spain. As proxies for infrastructure investment, road and rail densities were used, while for economic performance, GDP, GDP per capita and GDP per hours worked at a regional level were considered. In addition, the extent that the economic effect of transport infrastructure is influenced by EU m....................
    (2017-12-12) A Shift Towards a More Environmental Sustainable Business
    R. Snijder
    This research examines to what extent the entrepreneurs in the dry-bulk inland shipping on the Rhine industry are enabled and constrained in the desired shift from policy makers towards a more environmental sustainable business. By doing a desk research, literature review and expert interviews the market of this industry, the business model of the entrepreneurs and the expectations from a policy perspective are examined. A survey is used to find out the opinion of the entrepreneurs in this indus....................
    (2017-12-12) The Network Effects of Truck Platooning
    S. Kagenaar
    Due to the recent financial crisis, many trucking firms are struggling to run their business profitably. To overcome this problem, the firms could lower their operational costs by employing a recent invention called truck platooning. This technology allows trucks, being connected via advanced Wi-Fi connections and radar systems, to drive very closely behind each other, reducing the fuel consumption by up to 10%. If platooning systems of different truck manufacturers are compatible with each othe....................
    (2017-12-01) Optimism - Economics & Psychology: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
    M.A.J. van Hulsen
    This paper investigates a possible correlation between the economic concept of optimism as measured by the parameters of the probability weighting function and the psychological concept of optimism as measured with the revised version of the Life-Orientation Test. 39 students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam were individually interviewed to measure these two types of optimism. Even though the existing literature points towards a possible correlation between economic and psychological optimism....................
    (2017-12-01) When are Experts Wiser than the Crowd?
    A.A. van der Meeren
    This paper replicates the study of Prelec, Seung and McCoy (2013) and extents it with a more complex question. Their expert (LST) answer is based on how well individuals predict other people's answers. In their study, it outperforms the wisdom of the crowd (group) answer on questions about US state capitals. In mine, the LST and group answer perform similarly. Besides, for a more complex question (based on a bean-jar experiment), the LST answer underperforms the group answer. This corresponds to....................
    (2017-11-29) Affect and Firm Performance
    C. Johnen
    Affect has been described to predict a variety of firm performance indicators but at present, little is known which mechanism(s) underlie this relation. Studies have shown that affect influences entrepreneurial skills, which were also shown to influence some firm performance measures (e.g. Baron, 2008; Sharon, 2003). Yet, it was never empirically tested whether entrepreneurial skills mediate the affect-firm performance relationship. I hypothesize that affect predicts entrepreneurial skills, whic....................
    (2017-11-28) Balanceren tussen hemel en hel: flexwerken.
    Renee Vermeulen
    : In het huidige onderzoek is geprobeerd een antwoord te vinden op de vraag welke effecten het werken aan de hand van TPAW heeft op het ervaren van balans tussen werk en privé. Het onderzoek is in opdracht van het ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties, waar het tevens heeft plaatsgevonden. Binnen de onderzoeksvraag is tevens gekeken naar de invloed van boundary management. In de analyse is gevonden dat de manier waarop met de mogelijkheden van TPAW gewerkt wordt, niet in dire....................
    (2017-11-27) Het migratiedebat in Nederland in de periode 1995 – 2015
    J.F.G. Willemse
    In deze thesis staat het politieke en publieke migratiedebat in Nederland centraal. Om hier een goed beeld van te krijgen, is gekozen voor een langere onderzoeksperiode dan in het meeste voorgaande onderzoek. Hierbij wordt vooral stilgestaan bij drie belangrijke aspecten van het debat: de hoeveelheid aandacht, de aangehaalde politieke bronnen en de toon van het debat. Voor het publieke debat werd gekeken naar krantenartikelen, terwijl bij de analyse van het politieke debat gebruik werd gemaakt v....................
    (2017-11-27) Het bekeerde zelf
    H.J. Moeliker
    Je kunt van nature niets op religieus gebied of je kunt, als je maar wilt, alles. Het is precies deze tegenspraak die mij inspireerde deze scriptie te schrijven. Want beide uitspraken zijn in onze tijd gedaan. Ze tonen zich bovendien erfgenaam van twee totaal andere tradities, die echter volgens de Canadese filosoof Charles Taylor wel tot dezelfde bron zijn te herleiden: de Reformatie. De historische ontwikkeling van deze tradities is in deze scriptie nagegaan. De eerste kan de puriteins-piëtis....................
    (2017-11-27) Valuing passes in football using ball event data
    Bransen, L.
    This master thesis introduces and evaluates several models for valuing passes in football. We use event data from five seasons of matches from the top five leagues in Europe. The most simplistic model considers the value of possessing the ball in a certain area of the pitch. The other models use clustering methods to find similar passes and similar attacks to value passes. The comparison of attacks also yields the opportunity to find teams with similar playing styles. The proposed pass valuin....................
    (2017-11-27) Global Yield Curve Arbitrage with Term Structure Modeling
    Xu, J.
    This study investigates the profitability of trading strategies based on yield curve arbitrage opportunities in international fixed-income markets. For constructing the yield curve, this paper adopts three- and four-factor Nelson-Siegel models, cubic B-splines, and kernel smoothing methods as candidate models, and evaluates the model fit by their ability of identifying the mispricing of the government bonds with a generic yield curve arbitrage strategy that longs all the over-priced bonds and sh....................
    (2017-11-27) Macroeconomic drivers of household income growth Exploring heterogeneity across subpopulations via latent class modeling
    Bogers, D.
    Which macroeconomic factors drive household income growth and to what extend are these driving forces heterogeneous across different subpopulations, were the central questions of this research. To answer these questions, a latent class model has been estimated. Whereby new parameter values in the maximization step of the expectation-maximization algorithm where determined via the outlier robust generalized method of moments estimator of Lucas et al. (1997). Households were generally segmented in....................
    (2017-11-27) A methodological comparison of the empirical assessment of adaptation to disability: Can time heal all wounds?
    Hond, A.A.H. de
    Chronically disabled patients generally report a higher quality of life in their impaired health state compared to members of the general public when imagining the experience of the same health state. The difference in the patient’s experience and the public’s ideation is often attributed to adaptation. This master thesis studies adaptation to chronic disability in both self-perceived health and life satisfaction in a large longitudinal data set. Moreover, it examines what model specificatio....................
    (2017-11-27) Global Portfolio Diversification from a Eurozone Investor’s Perspective
    Nishshanka, G.
    In this paper, we investigate global portfolio diversification from a Eurozone investor’s perspective. We examine whether it adds value for Eurozone investors to have flexibility in the regional weights of a global equity portfolio instead of basing them on the regional allocation of global stock market indices. We do this by comparing portfolios based on the regional allocation in global stock market indices with various alternative portfolios. We furthermore investigate whether it adds value....................
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