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    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2017-11-15) Social Enterprises: The Effect of the Institutional Framework on the Prevalence of Social Enterprises, at Country Level
    J. Ancher
    This research investigates the effect of the institutional context on the prevalence of Social Entrepreneurial Activity (SEA) at macro level. By analysing data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report of 2015, this paper takes a cross-national approach in investigating this relationship. Using the reasoning and methodology of multiple scholars that have investigated this relationship in the past this research focuses on formal institutions via government spending and the more general pub....................
    (2017-11-08) The Olympic Candidature Process: the effect of IOC announcements on bidders’ stock exchanges
    Jansen, K.M.
    In this paper we examine the effect of arguably the world’s largest consistent, non-economic event, the Olympic Games, on the economy. More specifically, through an event study methodology we test the hypotheses that announcements that increase the probability of winning have a positive effect on stock indices and specific industries. This paper focuses on the three most recently announced Olympic Games: 2020, 2024 & 2028. We find significant effects of the different announcements for all coun....................
    (2017-11-08) Increased market access through RTAs: the case of the Dominican Republic
    Castro, A.M. de
    This paper investigates and analyses the impact of RTAs on the bilateral trade flows of the Dominican Republic, using macro level data retrieved from the World Bank for the period 2001 to 2015. Specifically, I study the impact of reduction in tariff rates on exports and imports in the Dominican Republic and whether RTAs, in specific the EPA between the EU and DR, was successful. My results indicate that a decrease in the tariff rates leads to an increase in both imports and exports in the DR and....................
    (2017-11-08) Increased duration of treatment after a decline in the number of patients: evidence of supplier-induced demand?
    Staaij, van der J.
    This paper investigates the increase in average duration of mental health care treatments in the Netherlands in 2012. In the same year, a compulsory copayment of 200 euros was intro-duced in secondary mental health care. This intended to incentivise patients with mild condi-tions to seek primary care rather than secondary, specialised care. The compulsory copayment was abolished in 2013. Exploiting the exogenous shock to the number of patients in 2012, pooled OLS and fixed effects estimations ar....................
    (2017-11-08) Can Microcredits improve the access to others financial services?
    Maino, M.L.
    This paper evaluates the effects that microcredits have on expanding the access to other financial instruments. We investigated if the provision of additional microcredits works as a gateway to other banking products from different categories and banking channels, meanwhile keeping in mind that the provision of microcredits allows for an increase in customers’ knowledge and trust in banks, reduces uncertainty, and encourages existing customers to try different product categories. We exploited ....................
    (2017-11-08) Socio-Economic Patterns in Overweight from Adolescence through Adulthood in the United States
    F. Ajjaji
    Overweight among adolescents is a growing health problem in many countries, especially in the United States. The current study examines socioeconomic-related inequality in overweight and obesity over time among young Americans using the methodology of the Erreygers adjusted concentration index. The changes in the concentration index of obesity are decomposed into obesity-related income mobility (MR) and income-related obesity mobility (MH). The analyses from adolescence through adulthood are exa....................
    (2017-11-07) Copula Based Synthetic CDO Pricing
    Lamme, M.
    This thesis focuses on the pricing of synthetic CDO’s using different copulas. For each copula, we compare the estimated tranche spreads for different homogeneous asset correlations, how the tranche spreads change when a heterogeneous asset correlation is imposed and finally what the implied correlation curve looks like. The Variance Gamma leads to the highest tranche spreads in most cases while the spreads under the Gaussian, Student’s t and Clayton’s are quite similar. We see furthermore....................
    Eijk, Joris J. van
    In this paper, I evaluate a Dutch area-based subsidy scheme that targets disadvantaged pupils in primary education. In line with the purpose of this subsidy scheme, I hypothesise that the extra funding has a positive impact on pupil performance. The strict eligibility rules of the subsidy scheme allow for a regression discontinuity design, which analyses a select group of observations. I use school-level government data from three school years covering the period 2013 to 2016. Using ordinary lea....................
    (2017-10-27) Artists attending arts festivals
    X. Xu
    Festivals are an emerging form of knowledge creation, especially in the current knowledge-based economy (Bathelt, Malmberg, & Maskell, 2004; Grabher, 2004). The impact of festivals has been regarded from various perspectives, yet evaluation on participating stakeholders is still a neglected topic, particularly in connection with the temporality of agglomerated learning spaces, called temporary clusters. This thesis links artist practice to the temporary nature of a festival to analyze to wh....................
    (2017-10-27) Beauty YouTubers’ Career Path as Creative Workers
    J. Pyeon
    This research aims to investigate the career paths of South Korean beauty YouTubers. This study regards them as creative workers and it focuses on the trajectory of their career. For this thesis, I adopt the mixed methods of quantitative and qualitative research. Samples, 100 South Korean beauty YouTubers, were selected encompassing beginning, growing, and influential stage. With the samples, several analysis were performed including regression, contents analysis, and in-depth interviews. T....................
    (2017-10-27) Wisdom of Crowd: Comparison of the CWM, Simple Average and Surprisingly Popular Answer Method
    K. Matoulkova
    On a daily basis people and institutions are forced to make optimal choices, provide correct solutions to many times very complex tasks and predict future outcomes. Since individual answers tend to suffer from random errors in judgement, it is frequently better to rely on mathematical combination of people's opinions in order to make the best decision. This approach, which is academically called the wisdom of crowd, lowers the random error and delivers an accurate answer that is most of the time....................
    (2017-10-27) The Effect of Behavioural Motives on Student Loan Behaviour in the Netherlands
    E.S.E. Aalders
    From the academic year 2014-2015, the Dutch government has implemented the social loan system in favour of the grant system. At present time, the student loan seems a good investment in one's future, yet take-up rates are relatively low. Many reasons have been found to influence borrowing decisions, but this paper sets out to uncover behavioural motives that are present amongst students. An online survey with 271 Dutch students studies these effects, and found that debt aversion influences the d....................
    (2017-10-27) Togetherness as a strategy
    B. van Riel
    Art organizations appear to have consistent problems with generating sufficient revenue. Recent government cutbacks in the Netherlands have increased this problem for art organizations operating in the city of Rotterdam. In the Netherlands corporate support of the arts in the form of corporate sponsorship and corporate philanthropy, which could provide the necessary relief, is declining in general. Therefor strategies need to be explored, that could provide the necessary income for art org....................
    (2017-10-27) Hoe Moslims TV kijken
    J. de Bloeme
    Verschillende persoonlijke en onpersoonlijke factoren zijn van invloed op het kijkgedrag, zoals normen en waarden en tv-bezit. Bij de doelgroep van dit onderzoek, moslimechtparen, kan ook de religieuze overtuiging een rol spelen. Deze verwachting is gebaseerd op het feit dat de Islam een religie is die vrijwel alle aspecten van het leven omvat. De volgende hoofdvraag staat centraal in dit onderzoek: In hoeverre is de Islam van invloed op het kijkgedrag van moslimechtparen? De onderzoeksmethode....................
    (2017-10-27) Politiek nieuws in verkiezingstijd, toen en nu
    H.D. Maijer
    Deze thesis onderzoekt of er een verschuiving over tijd waar te nemen is in het gebruik van medialogica in Nederlandse politieke berichtgeving gedurende de campagneperioden van 1994 en 2012. De onderzoeksperioden bestaan uit de maand voorafgaand aan de Nederlandse parlementsverkiezingen van 1994 en één maand voorafgaand aan de Nederlandse parlementsverkiezingen van september 2012. Binnen deze onderzoeksperioden worden artikelen uit een kwaliteitskrant vergeleken met een populaire krant om....................
    (2017-10-27) Indicators of movie quality
    V.A.M. Starmans
    The movie industry is constantly evolving, prompting production studios to rethink their movies in order to keep up with these changes. This thesis aims to find out how different indicators of movie quality are correlated and how these indicators can provide useful information to movie production studios before and after the production of a movie. This is done by answering the man research question: How consistent are indicators of movie quality? To make the concept of quality measurable, I use ....................
    (2017-10-27) The police’s mediatization and relation to the media within a terror-related context:
    M.S.J. Gibbs
    This research examines the police’s mediatization within a terror-related context. As such, theories of mediatization, police-media relations, and police’s new visibility notably are linked and discussed. The focus is put on the Paris attacks which occurred on November, 13th 2015. The police’s perspective is investigated, which implies that French police officers working in Paris and its area were interviewed. Moreover, this research raises questions such as the impact of the police’s me....................
    (2017-10-27) Are Birth Weight and Educational Performances Causally Related?
    E. Teichert
    Background. Politicians and policy makers have tried many ways to make life more equitable. To do so they need to have insights in which factors influence for example education, and therefore influence wages and lifestyle. Some of the factors policies have been made upon that were considered a causality, have later been proven to be only an association biased by other factors underlying this coherence. One of the factors where opinions of researchers are ambiguous is birth weight. There have be....................
    (2017-10-27) Rotterdam as a Flexible City
    B.M. van Horik
    A qualitative research method is performed to research if the creative industry is a resource for creative adaptive reuse of vacant buildings in the inner city of Rotterdam. For this research, two sample groups are formed: the professionals in the field of urban planning and policy - both from the public (Municipality) and the private sector (N=4) and the young, creative entrepreneurs (N=4). Based upon the theoretical framework four topics are discussed: A New Identity, Creative City, Creative A....................
    (2017-10-27) The Rotterdam Vibe
    J.R.M. den Outer
    In this master thesis, the main objective is to find out what are important pull-factors to creative entrepreneurs in the creative business sector in Rotterdam. The result of this thesis can provide useful policy recommendations, since it has become evident that the Rotterdam municipality wants to make Rotterdam appealing in various factors, and especially change the image of the harbour city to one of a creative city. Creativity and the creative class are important factors for a thriving ec....................
    (2017-10-27) End-of-Life Strategies For Used Mobile Phones:
    X.A.B. Uyttenbroek
    Mobile phones are replaced on a high frequency leading to large volumes becoming obsolete within several years, of which the majority is hibernating in households. In terms of volume, mobile phones are the largest contributor to the e-waste stream and due to their high reusability and intrinsic material values it is important to collect used phones for reuse and recycling purposes. Countries use different e-waste management systems and legislation to force producers and consumers to recycle e-wa....................
    (2017-10-27) Performance in cultural organizations: the case of Organizações Sociais in Brazil
    C. Mayer Tibeau
    The public support for the arts and culture has been widely discussed by economists, arts administrators, and policy-makers in the last decades. The shortage of funds to support the cultural sector - intensified in many countries during the 1990’s - increased the demand for performance measurement and accountability in the sector. Performance indicators started to be applied to monitor the operations and the management of cultural organizations, resulting in a general complaint based on t....................
    (2017-10-27) How to move the young audience for modern dance?
    L.L. Schreijer
    The appreciation of modern dance requires a developed taste. Youth modern dance companies apply different audience development strategies in order to cultivate the taste of the young audience. According to the theory on taste formation, both habit formation theory and learning by consuming theory imply a cultivation of taste, each with a different approach. Where habit formation indicates a routinized development, learning by consuming suggests that the marginal utility increases during the cul....................
    (2017-10-27) Shall we integrate?
    W.A. van den Broek
    In this research, the relationship between vertical integration and firm performance (for various stakeholders) will be identified. A holistic firm performance measure is created and consequently identified by making use of three performance measures: financial, organizational and environmental performance. Vertical integration is identified by creating an index, making use of SSIC-codes and identifying the number of segments that are integrated within a product line. Literature review concludes....................
    (2017-10-27) Turning Attention: The certifying role of a Dutch television show
    K. Bosman
    This study researches the certifying role of Dutch TV-show De Wereld Draait Door. As creative goods like music are experience goods, it means that consumers do not know the value of the product or service before purchasing it. Therefore, consumers retrieve information in order to lower uncertainty about a product or service. An example of how consumers do this is herd behaviour, where they base their decision on what others are doing. Another way of lowering uncertainty is by listening to a cert....................
    (2017-10-27) Music Students’ Bohemian and Entrepreneurial Career Identities
    L.J.K. Schediwy
    Entrepreneurship in the arts has started to gain attention from scholars as well as arts educators and policy makers in recent years. Advocates suggest that entrepreneurship curricula in art schools can help to prepare students for the tough conditions they will face on the arts labor market after graduating. However, this opinion faces resistance by some academics, arts educators and especially students themselves. The opposing view is that entrepreneurship does not cohere with artists’ ....................
    (2017-10-23) Museums and strategic usage of Web 2.0 social features
    V. Lanskaya
    In the last decades the museums have faced the unprecedented museum boom. Today, having to exist in the conditions of highly competitive market of various leisure activities, the museums are facing the decline in the number of the visitors, combined with the lack financing. Moreover, the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 forced the museums to adapt to the new digital reality and a new generation of visitors. In order to differentiate themselves not only from the other museums, but also fro....................
    (2017-10-23) Hidden Motives?
    A.Y.M. Dieben
    The growth of social media has made it an interesting area for marketers to target, as it provides marketers with a new way to reach potential and existing customers. A marketing strategy that has become very popular on social media is product placement through the use of social media influencers. This entails that an influencer - who is an independent third party, with usually a lot of followers - promotes a certain product in a social media post. The goal is to create brand awareness and brand....................
    (2017-10-23) The Ubers of babysitting
    K.P. Ciszek
    The transformation of the Internet into a collaborative environment has given rise to the sharing economy, allowing users to connect not only with friends, but also to interact with strangers. The sharing economy enables its users to exchange services and goods among one another in a quick and easy manner. Nonetheless, due to the fact that such services function based on relationships established online, their creators need to provide tools, which would facilitate trust between users. This thesi....................
    (2017-10-23) Challenges of a platform press: Algorithmic accountability and transparency in news media
    J.S. Frömming
    This thesis explores current news media policies regarding algorithmic accountability on third-party platforms and notions of a digital public sphere in Germany and the Netherlands and aims to give suggestions of how they might be adapted to conform to current changes. Algorithmic curation processes active on platforms shape the way users assimilate information and are therefore possibly shaping public opinion. As of today, those procedures are mostly happening concealed from the user, raising t....................
    (2017-10-23) Music Management 2.0
    P. González de Chavez Benéitez
    For emerging bands getting on stage and having a crowd to play to is the first step that needs to be taken in order to succeed in the music industry. However, this is not easy when they are starting in this business. Traditionally, gatekeepers such as agents or record companies control access to the stage. Now, digitalization has created a new path of communication that can help bands to get in contact directly with promoters. Venues and promoters can be contacted through different online servic....................
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