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    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2017-10-02) Free Trade Agreements, Trade Openness and Economic Growth: A study of Asia
    Sadat, S
    The accelerated proliferation of the volume of FTAs for Asian economies has constantly intrigued the economics researchers. An anonymous conclusion is yet to be reached about the effect of FTAs on economic growth. This research investigates the affiliation amidst in-effect FTAs and trade openness on growth. A dynamic panel approach with the Arellano-Bond GMM estimators has been used for this research to tackle the endogeneity issue faced by past literatures. This research enhances the current li....................
    (2017-10-02) Tax Amnesty and Asset Repatriation in Indonesia
    Putri, W
    The government of Indonesia released a tax amnesty policy from July 2016 until March 2017 to eliminate tax penalties done by Indonesian tax residents with respect to unreported assets and investment. The policy also has an option to repatriate assets to be invested in domestic market for at least 3 years. Using a theoretical model, empirical estimation, and comparison with realization data, this thesis will analyze the impact of tax amnesty policy and also the asset repatriation policy for the b....................
    (2017-10-01) Capitalization of intergovernmental transfers and the income effects of the abolishment of the Dutch property tax.
    Krins, D
    This paper studies the effects of the abolishment of the user part of the property tax in the Netherlands in 2006. This major tax reform meant that municipalities lost a substantial part of their income, but they were compensated for this via an additional grant from the central government. The first part of this study discusses the income effects of the tax reform and finds that low incomes gained the most from this tax reform relatively, although in absolute terms the high incomes profited mor....................
    (2017-09-26) Remittances and the unwillingness to work in Albania
    Beqaj, D
    As in many developing and emerging economies, remittances account for a considerable share of GDP in Albania. This study investigates on the impact that remittances have in the work incentives for remittance-receiver households, by using micro data for Albania in years 2009 and 2014. There results of Pooled OLS and Instrumental Variables indicate that remittances positively affect the unwillingness to work for remittance-receiver households. These findings are helpful for creating a clearer....................
    (2017-09-22) The relation between CEO Pay-performance Sensitivity and Firm Performance - the mediating role of Work/Life Benefits.
    Fiotaki, M
    Executive compensation and Work Life Balance have been two topics of much debate. Much discussion has been done about the level, structure and role of CEO compensation in the firm performance, while in the same time there are concerns whether companies should provide employees with the balance of work and family. This balance can be achieved by providing Work Life Benefits to employees in order to help them with many facets of their lives such us their well being and their family. The aim of thi....................
    (2017-09-21) Het optimale contract bij een transparante salarisstructuur
    Post, Erwin
    Deze paper gaat over de invloed van een transparante salarisstructuur op een bedrijf en zijn werknemers. Allereerst wordt transparantie opgenomen in de nutsfunctie van de werknemer, waarna de invloed hiervan op de optimale inzet van de werknemers wordt berekend. Vervolgens wordt het optimale contract van de werknemer en van het bedrijf berekend. Aansluitend zullen aan de hand van de uitkomsten een aantal verschijnselen verklaard worden. Uit de resultaten is gebleken dat het invoeren van tr....................
    (2017-09-21) Did the Green Party decide the United States presidential election of 2016?
    Bijl, Jurian van der
    This paper models what voters do in the absence of their preferred party. In this context, some hypotheses are formulated with respect to the role of Green Party voters during the 2016 US presidential elections. To test these theoretical predictions, voting data at county level is analyzed with a Fixed Eects OLS model. Utilizing state dierences in party's ballot access, state borders are used as a source of exogenous variation. Provided that voter preferences are single peaked and that the....................
    (2017-09-18) The Ems-Dollart Predicament
    T. Kohn
    The central case in this thesis is a border dispute between the Netherlands and Germany in the Ems-Dollart estuary. The dispute has been traced back to 1464, and has been almost continuously in place until the present day. The main question posed in the thesis is: ‘Why did the Dutch government refrain from resolving the Ems-Dollart dispute with Germany after 1945’. In terms of international relations theory being used, the thesis underpins the importance of looking beyond a state-centric app....................
    (2017-09-18) Dealing with Contested Heritage
    V. Ande
    This Master Thesis aims to provide a better insight into educational approaches, techniques and practices of incorporation and use of museums of occupation in history curricula in the Baltic states, i.e. how formal and informal education can co-exist in one domain and even cooperate. The thesis aims to provide knowledge about history education in museums of occupation and perceptions, attitudes and views on these museums of both the museum workers and history educators in the Baltic states. It a....................
    (2017-09-18) Did America learn to stop worrying and love the bomb?
    R. McGlynn
    Dr Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is one of history’s most iconic films and seen by many as the greatest political satire of all time. Yet did millions of ordinary Americans learn to love the bomb? And to what extent did popular culture and the media play a role in forming public opinion on nuclear weapons? Many see the nuclear arms race of the Cold War as a period characterised by fear and panic about nuclear annihilation, but was this actually the case....................
    (2017-09-18) The Open Door Policy and Geopolitics, 1890-1910
    E. Nilsson
    The Open-Door policy in China during the turn of the nineteenth century was a cornerstone moment for United States foreign policy in Asia, and several scholars have cited economic and political reasons for its adoption. Little has been written concerning the role of geopolitics in this respect, offering a new perspective on Sino-US relations which could help explain some of the activities occurring today, e.g. the One Belt One Road policy, the creation of artificial islands in the South China Se....................
    (2017-09-18) A Soldiers’ truth
    J. Reidy
    The title of the dissertation is “a soldiers’ truth: a comprehensive analyses of soldiers’ lives through diary narratives. This dissertation is about soldier’s experience in the Middle Eastern theatre, during the First World War. Soldier diaries can be seen as the leading source of understanding how the common man experienced the war and the brutal conditions he encountered while serving his country. However, soldier diaries may not provide an accurate account on the war, as a soldi....................
    (2017-09-18) Dutch Neutrality: Greedy, Easy or Just a Lack of ‘Dutch Courage’?
    W. O'Rourke
    An examination of Dutch neutrality through British newspapers to establish what if any was the prevailing opinion of the British press on the topic of Dutch neutrality during the First World War. The thesis answers the question ‘Dutch Neutrality: Greedy, Easy or Just a Lack of ‘Dutch Courage’?’ by breaking the topic down into four case studies looking at the start of the war, issues with trade, the last year of the war and finally the Kaiser Affair. Through the use of a wide ....................
    (2017-09-18) The war for supremacy of the jihadist movement
    J. Seijbel
    Syria today is torn by a major civil war and does not yet have the prospect of peaceful solution. The Syrian civil war is an offshoot of the Arab Spring, the widespread protests which began in Tunisia in 2010 and spread across the region. The civil war in Syria proved to be the right circumstances for several jihadist movements, and they have been able to establish themselves in the country. This research focuses on intra-movement rivalry and framing between ISIS, al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nus....................
    (2017-09-18) Base building by invitation The Origins of American military bases in the Netherlands 1945-1960.
    C. Hoogenboezem
    American overseas military bases are an important part of American foreign policy since the Second World War. From Asia to Europe, the American armed forces have an important military presence on every continent. After September 11 2001, there has been a renewed discussion on the American overseas presence. Questions such as if overseas bases are harmful to American policy and why does the United States continue to maintain such a large presence after the end of the Cold War are prevalent in thi....................
    (2017-09-18) AFCENT in the mining region
    E. Schippers
    This thesis endeavors to document the first fifteen years of AFCENT, a NATO headquarters commanding forces in the central region of Western Europe, when it was moved from France to the former mining-town of Brunssum in Limburg, a province in the southern tip of the Netherlands. The thesis investigates the public debate in anticipation of AFCENT’s arrival, and the subsequent physical (including economic) and social consequences, thereby helping to gain a better understanding of what kind o....................
    (2017-09-18) Representation, reflection and reconstruction of identity
    S. van Berkel
    This thesis concerns the link between the history of race relations in Britain, and black representation on British television. Through examination of a 55 year period, an analysis of popular television, and a comparison with the Netherlands, the research attempts to understand whether television representation has increased or improved over time, and whether this has impacted both how black people in Britain are seen by others, and how they see themselves.
    (2017-09-18) From Blue Jeans to Royal Blue: How denim jeans became acceptable to wear in the Netherlands during the 1960s
    T. de Bruijn
    A Dutch person buys on average 1.82 jeans a year. In comparison to the Italians, who buy 0.6 denim jeans per person, this is quite a lot. Though almost everyone now owns a pair of denim jeans, only fifty years ago it was not that common to wear them. During the 1960s denim jeans, a garment representing the working class, became appropriated by the middle class in The Netherlands. This thesis discusses this appropriation of denim by the middle and upper classes in the Netherlands during the 1960s....................
    (2017-09-18) Post-war Germany and the birth of a bipolar world
    G. Wegter
    Extensive research has been done throughout the years on the Cold War. The study of this conflict, however, remains relevant to study. Because of the discovery of new archive materials and the introduction of new approaches in studying the Cold War, its historiography has developed throughout the years. The end of the Cold War and the end of the Soviet Union opened new archives, and that gave the study of the topic a boost. The world nowadays still is heavily influenced by the United States and ....................
    (2017-09-18) The Meaning of Heritage.
    D. Klerk
    What is heritage and who decides it should be preserved and for which reasons? Heritage is inevitably connected with culture and the identities who relate to it. But what if different identities value a heritage site in different ways?
    (2017-09-18) Valuation of Multi-currency CSA’s
    Vries, D. (Davy); Wel, M. van der
    A Multi-currency Credit Support Annex (CSA) is a contract used to document collateral agreements of a derivative contract between two parties where it is allowed to post the collateral in other currencies than the base currency. In this thesis, I construct a blended Cheapest-to-Deliver (CTD) framework in order to value those type of derivatives. I apply this new framework to a portfolio of Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) and compare it with the CTD method of Fujii & Takahashi (2011) and the multi- a....................
    (2017-09-18) Bayesian Inference for Generalized Autoregressive Score Models
    Niesert, R.F. (Robin)
    In this thesis I explore the benefits of adopting a Bayesian methodology when doing inference for generalized autoregressive score (GAS) models. Although analytical results regarding the form of the posterior or its conditional will generally not be available for this class of models, I show that for most simple GAS models several novel Markov chain Monte Carlo methods can be applied to enable accurate Bayesian inference in very reasonable time frames. I consider three illustrative empirical app....................
    (2017-09-11) Comparison and evaluation of systemic risk measures
    Yoon, N.J. (Namju)
    The consequences of the global financial crisis unveiled the shortcomings in the regulation and monitoring of systemic risk. The issue with regulating and measuring systemic risk is the fact there are many definitions and consequently many ways to quantify systemic risk. This thesis empirically compares four methods of measuring cross-sectional systemic risk in the European banking system (MES, ΔCoVaR, SRISK and DIP). Furthermore, relations between these measures and the underlying banks’ cha....................
    (2017-09-11) Cost allocation in cooperative transport: The joint network vehicle routing game
    Zon, M.A. van (Mathijs)
    Cooperative transport provides the opportunity for logistic service providers to reduce costs while also receiving additional benefits such as a reduced carbon footprint. To this end, potentially competing companies are asked to join forces. This thesis strives to give an insight into the benefits of cooperative transportation by providing a mathematical foundation for cooperative transportation and visualising its results. In this manner, the potential benefits to each collaborator become more ....................
    (2017-09-11) Corruption and Economic Growth: Latin American Countries
    Rahma, T
    Corruption is one of negative social traits that may occur in the government, by making use of their authority to gain personal benefits for the public’s cost in return. There are many opinions regarding the wrong and right of corruption, as the arguments are divided in two opposing group; the ‘sand’ and the ‘grease’ of economic growth’s wheel. These term means hindering and stimulating the economic growth respectively. Using both formal and empirical analyses we will find the im....................
    (2017-09-06) Does overtime work contribute to the gender earnings gap? Evidence from The Netherlands
    Herrero Garcia, C.
    The increasing participation of women in both education and the labour market, as well as the consequent rise in their work experience have driven the narrowing of the gap in earnings among women and men. Although the literature examining this convergence has come a long way in the last decades, there are a few insufficiently examined factors that potentially contribute to the gap. This paper combines the traditional view proposed by Labour Economics with the most contemporaneous analysis offere....................
    (2017-09-06) Don’t be picky!
    Pepels, Max
    This study estimates the effects of a tightening in the Dutch suitable employment policy implemented on the 1st of July 2015. Unemployed workers are obliged to accept all job offers after being unemployed for at least six months (previously twelve months). The tightening theoretically induces unemployed workers to redeploy earlier and, therefore, may seem an effective way to reduce the unemployment benefit expenditures. Using administrative data from the Dutch unemployment insurance agency (UWV)....................
    (2017-09-06) Do Sanctions Backfire?
    Cusini, T.
    The aim of this thesis is to investigate whether sanctions have a negative effect also on the sanctioning economies and not only on the targeted ones. I investigate the recent sanctions imposed by the Western Economies (i.e. Australia, Canada, the European Union and the USA) on Russia following the Crimea crisis. I collect quarterly data on industry performance, exports by products and FDI from 2010 until 2016 to study whether they are affected by sanctions. The results prove that European Union....................
    (2017-09-06) Reexamining the excess sensitivity of consumption to income
    Wagteveld, S.
    The finding that consumption is ‘excessively sensitive’ to current income is mostly blamed on the presence of liquidity constraints. This thesis extends the current literature and examines the relationship between excess sensitivity, household debt and the unemployment rate for a panel of 17 OECD countries over the period 1995-2015. The findings suggest that excess sensitivity is lower with higher levels of debt and lower unemployment rates, and that consumption is also sensitive to debt gro....................
    (2017-09-06) EMU Enlargement: Its Effects on Intra-area Trade for Current Non-EMU CEEC Economies
    Veranian, M.
    This paper investigates the impact the European Union (EU) and the European Monetary Union (EMU) have on the trade of its member countries. Particularly, the main objective of this study are the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC). The gravity model forms the basis of this study. The estimation method used within this study is the fixed effect method. This method is used on panel data from 28 EU members between 2000 and 2015. The results support the four hypothesis that the membership ....................
    (2017-09-06) Expatriate Voting Rights and Voting Behaviours
    Münstermann, F.
    The UN estimates that in 1910 roughly 33 million individuals lived in countries other than their own as migrants; by the year 2000 that number reached 175 million. During this period (1910–2000), the population of the world has increased threefold, from 1.6 to 5.3 billion. Migration, by contrast, grew almost six-fold over the course of these 90 years. Strikingly, more than half of the increase in migration occurred in the last three decades of the 20th century, between 1965 and 2000 (Benhabib,....................
    (2017-09-06) Governmental investments in education and their returns in gross domestic product
    Schippers, A.
    Educational economics plays a role in every life and many investments are made to achieve the current standard of publicly provided education. Governments devote a significant amount of their total expenditure on education, culture and educational science. In the Netherlands for instance the government in 2017 budgeted 33,8 billion for education, science and culture. This amount is about 12.8 percent of the total budgeted government expenditures of that year. (Rijksoverheid, Ministerie van Finan....................
    (2017-09-06) A theoretical approach towards online advertising
    Honing, P. van der
    Digital marketing and advertising has become a huge business in the modern era of business. Nowadays everyone uses the internet and the introduction of smart phones gave people the ability to stay connected around the clock. With an estimated 170,65 billion dollar revenue worldwide in 2016 and with the steady growth that has been observed, this market will only become bigger the more technologically advanced we become (Statista, 2017). In the competitive environment of the internet companies and....................
    (2017-09-06) The differences between ethnic groups on the labour market
    Bakas, A.
    The Netherlands has become a multicultural society since fifty years (Groenendijk, 2011). In those years different non-western populations have entered the Netherlands hoping for a better future (Entzinger, 1975). People from for example Suriname, Turkey, Morocco and the Dutch Antilles have come to Holland for also different reasons. Fifty years later the most populations are still in the Netherlands. They have built their lives and started new families. Their children, who are born and raised i....................
    (2017-09-06) De mogelijke winstvoordelen van garantie binnen een geïntegreerde tweedehandsmarkt
    Breedveld, Jordi
    Garantie is een service die onzekerheid wegneemt van de consumenten. Een markt met grote onzekerheid is de tweedehandsmarkt, echter is garantie in deze markt niet de standaard. Dit onderzoek tracht de reden hiervoor te vinden. Met behulp van de totale winst zal er worden geredeneerd of garantie op tweedehandsproducten voordelig is voor de verkoper. Er wordt gekeken naar een structuur waarin de producent van een duurzaam product de tweedehandsmarkt integreert in de verkoop. Er zal worden gekeken ....................
    (2017-09-06) The effect of minimum wages on unemployment
    Tick, Tristan
    In this paper, the correlation of (major) increases in real minimum wages in Estonia and Czech Republic will be investigated. Especially the correlation with the unemployment rate of the low skilled workers and young workers are being discussed throughout this paper. Out of the multiple linear regressions made in this paper, it appeared that relatively small rises in real minimum wages are correlated with a higher unemployment rate for both young workers and low skilled workers. Major rises in m....................
    (2017-09-05) Entrepreneurship and Competition, what is the role of a Countries' Competitiveness?
    H.M. Sasse
    Opportunity-entrepreneurship is one of the key drivers of economic growth in a country. The level of entrepreneurial activity has a link with the competitiveness of a country. This study investigates this link between the level of competition across countries and entrepreneurship. Opportunity-entrepreneurship is measured in this study by the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI). To capture the competition of a country, twelve different pillars of competitiveness are used. The pillars are derived ....................
    (2017-09-04) The Effect of Human Rights on FDI: An Empirical Analysis
    Toor, S.
    This thesis investigates the effect of human rights on inward foreign direct investment. A fixed effects model with strongly balanced panel data of 180 countries from 1981 to 2011 is employed. I discover that the impact of human rights on FDI is negative for low-income countries, and positive for high-income countries. The ‘threshold’ value of income (proxied by GDP per capita), where the effect of human rights on FDI transitions from negative to positive, depends on the sample of countries.....................
    (2017-09-04) Trade and the Economic Complexity of Nations
    Tuano, J.
    This paper studies the relationship between trade and the economic complexity of nations. Using data spanning between 1996 and 2015 on the economic complexity index (Simoes & Hidalgo, 2011), various macroeconomic controls, and governance indicators, this research uses a combination of static econometric approaches as well as the Arellano-Bond dynamic panel estimator. Although, there is some evidence for a relationship between economic complexity and the total value of imports and exports, the re....................
    Vink, J.
    The Principal-agent theory states that, under the assumption of a risk-averse agent and a risk-neutral principal, the risk should be allocated optimally between the principal and the agent. The literature on management control states that under certain circumstances the agent should bear some risk in the form of incentive pay. These incentives deliver risk and can influence the performance both in a good, as well as in a bad way. In order to test for this relationship, we gathered informati....................
    (2017-09-02) De Prikkels van Parkeerbeleid
    F. Verweij
    In deze studie is door middel van literatuuronderzoek onderzoek gedaan naar het effect van ‘parkeren’ op autogebruik. Dit is gedaan aan de hand van drie attributen van parkeren, namelijk het aanbod, de prijs, en de locatie van parkeergelegenheid. De literatuur geeft aanleiding om te denken dat elk van deze drie attributen gebruikt kan worden om autogebruik te beïnvloeden. Het aanbod van parkeergelegenheid heeft een positief effect op autogebruik, terwijl de prijs van parkeergelegenheid een ....................
    (2017-09-01) The effect of free trade agreements on international trade
    Huijskens, Rico
    This paper examines how free trade agreements (FTAs) affect bilateral trade flows and if this effect differs between developed and developing countries. To conduct the empirical analysis, a panel dataset is used that contains 31 developed and 31 developing countries over the 1995-2014 period. The regression models are based on the gravity equation and are estimated using the ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation technique with time and bilateral country fixed effects, where the latter addresse....................
    (2017-09-01) Craft Guilds and Christianity
    Schafmeister, F.
    This study provides a first empirical test of the link between craft guilds and religious traditions such as the belief in purgatory put forth by Richardson and McBride (2009). For this purpose, we investigate the relationship between the diffusion of the Brethren of the Common Life (BCL), a spiritual group that, while not explicitly opposing the doctrine of purgatory, called into question certain religious traditions that might convincingly be included into the framework of Richardson and McBri....................
    (2017-08-31) The Effect of Political Identity Priming on Altruism
    Y.L. Leen
    This paper examines the effect of a political identity prime on altruistic behavior, measured through dictator games. Using a word puzzle with words that have a right-wing connotation, subjects were primed before being presented with four games with both 'deserving' (Red Cross) and neutral recipients. No significant effect of the political prime on altruism was observed. Findings from previous literature suggesting people donate more to 'deserving' recipients were confirmed.
    (2017-08-31) Introducing google trends in analysing financial integration and european bank performance
    Sumampouw, A.E.
    This thesis analyses the relationship between financial integration and European bank performance in the period 2007 to 2016. A new proxy for financial integration is introduced: the volume of bank-specific Google queries obtained from Google Trends. It is assumed that Google Trends will show higher volumes of queries in a specific region if a bank is more integrated in that region. This offers a new way to proxy financial integration, which is furthermore compatible with the growing importance ....................
    (2017-08-31) Optimal favoritism within ECB policy
    Scheepers, Bas
    This thesis establishes a framework to justify the perceived regional biases within ECB interest rate setting policy. In order to accomplish this, a Taylor-rule is constructed from which five conditions are derived regarding differences in economic circumstances among member states. These economic circumstances consist of: (1) differences in output persistence, (2) interest rate elasticity, (3) sensitivity to real exchange rate changes, (4) exposure to non-Eurozone trade and (5) inflationary pre....................
    (2017-08-31) The impact of the financial distress of 2007-2009 on the revenues of U.S manufacturing firms
    Gjeka, Lec
    Despite the vast research related to the financial crisis, little is known about the perspective of bank dependence and its effects during the financial recession of 2007-2009. The overall image that emerges in this analysis is related to the effect of bank dependence and other fundamentals on the Revenues of firms operating in the U.S manufacturing sector. This paper empirically uses two panel data regression models for 269 firms in a time span from the 2nd quarter of 2000 until the 4th quarter....................
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