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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2018-12-10) Sure - Increasing safety in medication care through patient empowerment
    Erkelens, Emma (author)
    The design process of the Zeker app is a graduation project of the TU Delft faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in collaboration with Capgemini Invent. Capgemini Invent is evoked by the increased safety measure in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The European legislation: The Falsified Medicine Directive, ensures additional serialisation of medication packaging with QR-codes. This raised the question which stakeholders can be involved in user-centred opportunities these QR-codes have when b....................
    (2018-12-06) The quantum advantage to charging electron spin qubit batteries
    Breeman, Emma (author)
    Quantum thermodynamics takes over from classical thermodynamics when systems are of the scale of single particles and quantum fluctuations have a noticeable effect. An interesting topic of research of this relatively new field is the quantum battery, which in this thesis consists of an array of N identical electron spin qubits. In an article by Binder et al. [4], it is proven that in theory, an N-times decrease in charging time of the battery is achieved when global operations on qubits are perm....................
    (2018-11-30) Redesigning and modelling of a food assembly process: A case study at KLM Catering Services
    Crouwel, Dominique (author)
    This paper deals with the food flow for intercontinental KLM flights. The aim of this research is to design a framework to optimize the processes of food assembly and subsequently apply the framework to increase the throughput time at the intercontinental department of KLM Catering Services. A discrete event simulation model is created to compare key performance indicators for different design alternatives. In this simulation model different amount of equipment is handled together with different....................
    (2018-11-27) Assessment of Fe(II), Fe(III) and NaMnO4 dosing for As removal <1 µg/L during aeration-filtration at WTP Prinsenbosch
    van Dijk, Tim (author)
    In 2013, Brabant Water (BW) adopted a new goal of <1 μg/l for As level in the drinking water, resulting in the need to enhance As removal at seven water treatment plants (WPT’s), including WTP Prinsenbosch (As = 2.6 μg/l). Earlier experiences of BW at WTP Dorst had shown that dosing of NaMnO4 to an aeration-filtration system efficiently reduces As concentrations. However, the so-called AOCF method had undesired operational side-effects, including decreased filter run time, breakthrough of....................
    (2018-11-26) Utilizing volunteered geographical information for the benefit of city planners and urban science: Case of Rotterdam
    Özağaç, Deniz (author)
    One of the main challenges of the recently popular data science field is establishing a common ground of understanding between technical methods and domain knowledge. Making smart and effective use of data is just as important for public organizations as it is for private organizations as our cities and their problems get more complex with increasing populations and their demands. Addressing this very issue, this thesis focuses on the connection between data science and urban science, mainly on ....................
    (2018-11-23) Decentralised Local Energy Markets: Evaluating the Impact of Blockchain Technology on Local Energy Markets
    de Vrij, Xavier (author)
    Uprising innovative technologies like blockchain and the Internet of Things are increasingly changing the energy domain. These disruptive technologies are becoming more mainstream as a result of media attention and are supported by large multinationals like Tesla and Google. This combined with the enormous CO2 emissions due to fossil fuels and increased number of black-outs has resulted in a growing societal need for self-owned and self-generated renewable energy. More and more communities are f....................
    (2018-11-23) Electroluminescence, a user-oriented material driven design
    Verhoeckx, Josien (author)
    TThis project started out as a quest to find a meaningful application for the electroluminescent material: a phenomenom where a plane of phosphor is lit up when an alternating current is run through it. The material has several unique properties which make it perfect for application on smart wearables:It emits light, it is paper thin, it is flexible, it allows for an almost unlimited form freedom and lastly, it can be printed on a lot of different materials, including fabric. These properties ca....................
    (2018-11-22) Airport pavement management decision making: A prioritization tool to select pavement sections requiring M&R treatments
    Laguado Lancheros, Juan (author)
    An increase in air traffic demand, aging pavement infrastructure, and limited funds make pavement management decision making a difficult process. Pavement management systems (PMS) are essential for pavement management. PAVER, the most common airport pavement management system (APMS) assists pavement managers by identifying the surface condition of pavement sections, however it’s based only on the pavement condition index (Greene, Shahin, & Alexander, 2004). Other criteria are taken into ac....................
    (2018-11-22) Phase-Specific Stiffness of Sprinting Prostheses: Performance Enhancement of Amputee Sprinting: A Modelling Approach
    van der Gun, Govert (author)
    Running-specific prostheses enable amputee athletes to perform at the highest level. However, current prosthesis design still impairs sprinting performance in multiple ways. An example is the constant mechanical stiffness of the prosthetic devices. The dynamic behaviour of the blade is determined by this property, but it is static and cannot change according to the gait phase-specific sprinting dynamics.
    During acceleration a different stiffness might be required as opposed to steady state r....................
    (2018-11-22) Magnetorquer Design and Attitude Control for SHAPE
    van Hengel, Anita (author)
    Designing and modelling a magnetorquer, and developing an attitude control loop, with magnetorquers as only actuators, for the Stable and Highly Accurate Pointing Earth-Imager (SHAPE), which has a huge momentum wheel for stabilization and flies in a very low Earth orbit. Aerospace Engineering
    (2018-11-21) Fault Detection and Isolation for Lateral Control of an Autonomous Vehicle: A Model Based Approach
    van der Ploeg, Chris (author)
    Over the past years, the automotive industry has seen a constantly increasing level of automation of automotive vehicles. This increasing level of automation contributes to an increasing safety in traffic and a reduction of traffic congestions due tio faster response times and higher reliability, with respect to the human driver. The automation of a vehicle over the longitudinal and lateral degree of freedom requires additional safety measures to ensure safety of the passengers during automated ....................
    (2018-11-21) The future cool chain: Business model design for the smart cool lane of the Air Cargo floriculture supply chain
    Verhees, Bart (author)
    The Netherlands is currently still seen as the flower HUB of the world. The biggest market place for flowers, Royal FloraHolland, is located in the Schiphol area and therefore Amsterdam Schiphol airport is an important floriculture supply chain junction for the world flower trade. This position is of great value for all participating actors in the supply chain and the Holland Flower Alliance, consist of Schiphol airport, FloraHolland and KLM Cargo, is established to protect this position from up....................
    (2018-11-20) Assessing the impact of Quantitative Easing on Inequality in the US
    Ronzani, U.
    The Great Recession has had a great impact on inequality in the US, it further increased the already high income and wealth inequality levels. The crisis has also affected the US policy framework: in order to relaunch the economy, extraordinary policies were enforced. Some of them, such as the Quantitative Easing program, are claimed to further increase inequality. This paper investigates the relationship between the unconventional monetary policies implemented by the Federal Reserve, in particu....................
    (2018-11-19) Asteroid characterization through serendipitous detection by the Mid-Infrared Instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope
    Husárová, Lenka (author)
    The interest in asteroids is increasing, due to their promising clues on the origin of the Solar System, e.g. their albedos and sizes can provide insight into the protosolar nebula. The new scientific mission scheduled to launch in 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), provides an opportunity for observation of asteroids. In this thesis, the feasibility of using the Mid-Infrared Instrument's (MIRI) imager on the JWST for serendipitous characterization of asteroids is evaluated. The imager....................
    (2018-11-19) Passenger punctuality: Assessing the impact of disruptions
    den Heijer, Ago (author)
    Passenger punctuality is one of the most important measures to indicate and improve the service reliability of public transport operators. Previously, passenger punctuality measurements were mainly based on passenger counts in combination with vehicle locations. With the growing use of Automatic Fare Collection systems, passenger punctuality made a step forward in accuracy where it comes to normal situations. During disruptions, however, passenger journeys may be hindered, causing different jour....................
    (2018-11-19) The Effect of Maneuver Load Alleviation Strategies on Aircraft Performance Indicators
    Mancini, Andrea (author)
    The need to reduce the pollutant impact of aircraft emission drives the research on aircraft design progress through off-design performance improvement. This report proposes to investigate the effect of maneuver load alleviation technology via wing control surfaces. A methodology is presented to model the MLA technology in aircraft conceptual design and to evaluate its impact on both existing and clean sheet design. In addition, the possibility to consider the wing flexible when under the influe....................
    (2018-11-19) Exploring the barriers and strategies of the innovation phase: a case study in renewable energy technologies
    Effendi, Izma (author)
    More than ever, there is a growing importance of renewable energy technology (RET) as a part of the global energy source. With the increasing need of a cleaner energy and abundance incentives from the government, the evolution of innovating firms who are developing radical innovations related to RET products has been expanding, especially in the Netherlands. However, there is usually a long time frame in the innovation phase in which the innovative technological principle is translated into a vi....................
    (2018-11-16) Guidance Algorithm for an Air-to-Air Boost Phase Interceptor
    Broekhuizen, Joost (author)
    Current Ballistic Missile (BM) defence systems intercept an incoming threat in its terminal phase, and to some extend during its coast phase. During the boost phase of a BM, the initial velocity of the BM is low and the hot exhaust plume is easy to spot for infrared sensors, which provides a good opportunity for interception. To do so, the Network Centric Airborne Defense Element (NCADE) is a missile in development, which is to be launched from a 5$^{text{th}}$ generation fighter aircraft. A tra....................
    (2018-11-16) The Transition from Natural Gas to 100% Hydrogen in an Existing Distribution Network: Case Study: Stad aan 't Haringvliet
    Oprinsen, ludger (author)
    Climate change, earthquakes in Groningen and the desire to become more energy independent in the future are all reasons for the Netherlands to strongly reduce the use of natural gas. To realize this ambitious goal the domestic environment will also have to stop using natural gas and start heating, cooking and using warm water sustainably. The distribution system operator Stedin has developed a method/tool that helps munic- ipalities in identifying a viable energy carrier as alternative to natura....................
    (2018-11-16) Multiscale Modeling of the Åre 6.2 Thief Zones in the Heidrun Field: Its Potential for Fluid Flow Predictions
    Baskoro, Muhammad Adib Sinto (author)
    The upper reservoir intervals of the Lower Jurassic Åre Formation in the Heidrun Field (Offshore mid-Norway) are very heterolithic and have the lowest oil recovery factor of the field despite significant amounts of remaining reserves. One of these reservoir zones is the formation Åre 6.2, which is mainly composed of tide-dominated heterolithic channel belt deposits. It contains particular layers that have excellent properties with permeabilities up to 10 Darcy. These layers are predicted to af....................
    (2018-11-15) Numerical modelling of aerated-water wave impacts
    van der Eijk, Martin (author)
    A substantial part of structural damage for conventional vessels is caused by complex free surface events like slamming, breaking waves and green water. These events lead to the interaction of air and water where air can be entrained in water. The resulting air bubbles can considerably affect the evolution of the pressure caused by hydrodynamic impact loading. Besides a {cushioning effect on the impact pressure and a possible increase of the compressibility of the mixture higher than air, earlie....................
    (2018-11-15) Ionic separation of the IEX spent regenerant using Nanofiltration
    Diamantidou, Dionysia (author)
    The need to treat waste streams produced during the water treatment processes is becoming a challenge nowadays due to the industries’ disposal expenditures, the limitations imposed by laws and the environmental impacts. The spent regenerant from ion exchange (IEX) processes is an example of such streams. This study investigated the use of Nano-filtration technique for separation as a part of the treatment step for IEX spent regenerant. This research is focused on the parameters such as membran....................
    (2018-11-15) Kick-starting new engineers at EDS Casting & Forging B.V.
    ter Kuile, Mathijs (author)
    EDS Casting and Forging B.V. (EDS) is an Amsterdam-based design agency, specialised in redesigning welded assemblies into castings. As EDS is growing rapidly, and plan to keep on growing, they expressed a need of centralising their in-house design knowledge. From this need, the following problem statement was formulated:

    “New engineers at EDS have a lack of easily accessible sources, to learn how to design an economical casting or forging”

    To approach this problem, the foll....................
    (2018-11-15) Glass Flood Defences: A theoretical and practical assessment of the impact resistance of Glass Flood Defences to floating debris
    van der Meer, Roos (author)
    In the far south of the Netherlands, the erratic river Meuse flows through the landscape. It recently flooded twice in the 1990s, causing much economical damage. Emergency measures, such as a demountable flood wall, were taken to prevent future flooding. And while this solution was to the liking of the inhabitants, the update in the flood safety standard called for a more permanent structure. In the search for an alternative and permanent solution, a glass flood wall was suggested.

    (2018-11-15) DeepSleep: A sensor-agnostic approach towards modelling a sleep classification system
    Rao, Shashank (author)
    Sleep is a natural state of our mind and body during which our muscles heal and our memories are consolidated. It is such a habitual phenomenon that we have been viewing it as another ordinary task in our day-to-day life. However, owing to the current fast-paced, technology-driven generation, we are letting ourselves be sleep-deprived, giving way to serious health concerns such as depression, insomnia, restlessness, apnea and Alzheimer’s. Polysomnography (PSG) studies are used for diagnosing a....................
    (2018-11-14) Towards Understanding How Developers Comprehend Tests
    Yu, Chak Shun (author)
    Developers spend the majority of their time and effort on reading and comprehending source code. In order to improve this process of program comprehension for developers, a numerous amount of existing studies have looked into understanding how developers approach it and factors of influence. However, less is known in the field about how developers comprehend test code, an alternative form of source code, despite its widely acknowledged importance and benefits in both research and practise. In th....................
    (2018-11-13) Thermal Decomposition Characteristics of Miscanthus and Ulva during Pyrolysis
    Zabel, Yorrit (author)
    Global warming, caused by the excessive release of greenhouse gases due to the use of fossil fuels, is the main reason why a switch to renewable energy sources is becoming a necessity. A renewable energy source with a high potential to contribute to the energy needs worldwide is biomass. Biomass can be used for the production of electricity and heat or for the production of chemicals for a wide range of applications.

    The overall challenge for the thermal conversion of biomass is the dev....................
    (2018-11-13) Concept development of an unmanned, non-lethal, anti-piracy craft: The Beagle
    Overbeek, Mike (author)
    Maritime piracy has been a problem for the last decades and peaked in 2010. This resulted in large investments in anti-piracy measures, but as piracy waned over the following years, so did the investments in anti-piracy measures. This could be an indication that the stage for maritime piracy has been reset. This report suggests a more efficient and cheaper approach to counteract maritime piracy on merchant vessels indefinitely.

    SeaState5, the company at which this research is done, came....................
    (2018-11-13) Wake-Up Alignment for Batteryless Sensors
    Delle Donne, Carlo (author)
    Batteryless network nodes could enable unprecedented ubiquitous sensing applications, while gathering energy from the environment and hence removing maintenance costs for batteries. However, these devices inherently suffer frequent power failures and reboots, due to the volatility of the incoming energy, thus classical synchronous message passing cannot work. On the other hand, the asynchronous scheme is not viable either, since power outages can occur at different rates on two devices, and for ....................
    (2018-11-12) Translating the Horizon Zero Dawn experience into merchandise
    Pasha, Omar (author)
    This thesis, done in collaboration with Guerrilla, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, will explore new merchandise possibilities for Guerrilla’s hit game Horizon Zero Dawn, which is an open world action/adventure videogame set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, where nature has reclaimed the Earth and terraforming machines have turned violent against humans.

    Guerrilla releases a new videogame every few years, meaning there is a period of silence of multiple years between e....................
    (2018-11-12) Adpt: personalizing dashboard experiences
    de Visser, Jelmer (author)
    This project was performed for a Dutch creative agency with the general objective to demonstrate a new application of personalization in service design. Specifically, the goal was set to stimulate a personalized experience of a future energy dashboard by making the communication of information to users more effective. To that end principles of adaptive user interface (AUI) theory, practice-oriented design (POD) and a mindset framework from the creative industry were combined. Through the concept....................
    (2018-11-12) Design and maturation of a seaweed material: A material- and product-strategy study guided by small-scale values
    Küppers, Anne-Marieke (author)
    In the thesis, challenges and the possibilities are identified within the development and scaling of seaweed-based material, while exploring the initial values of small-scale stakeholders. Three research questions are set, that concern how to design industrially with a seaweed-based material, how the material can mature while guarding the initial values of small-scale stakeholders, and how involved stakeholders can be convinced to accept a seaweed material. The main challenges that were identifi....................
    (2018-11-12) A voxel-based methodology to detect (clustered) outliers in aerial lidar point clouds
    Griffioen, Simon (author)
    To obtain 3D information of the Earth’s surface, airborne LiDAR technology
    is used to quickly capture high-precision measurements of the terrain.
    Unfortunately, laser scanning techniques are prone to producing outliers
    and noise (i.e. wrong measurements). Therefore, a pre-process of the point
    cloud is required to detect and remove spurious measurements. While outlier
    detection in datasets has been extensively researched, in 3D point cloud
    data it is still an ongoing pro....................
    (2018-11-12) Creativity Courtyards 2.0: Bringing the communal spirit to the surface
    Birda, Stavroula (author)
    The project is about the transformation of the Klein Vaticaan ensemble in Zutphen. By using the historical value of the site and its communal identity as a basis, the aim was to reinterpret the urban fabric and integrate it in a sustainable solution that is going to connect with the city and bring the lost communal spirit to the surface. The typology of the courtyard, which is integral part of the historical building blocks of Zutphen, played a pivotal role in the configuration of the new urban ....................
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