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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2019-12-18) Reliability Analysis of Railway Concrete Bridges using Expert Judgment Studies
    Aggarwal, Sakshi (author)
    New railway bridges for high-speed trains are being built in a many countries around the world. In addition to the construction of new bridges, existing bridges are ageing. These two factors make the assessment of railway bridges essential. The bridges are designed considering certain predefined reliability criteria to account for the variability in load and resistance. However, for the assessment of these bridges, a probabilistic analysis of the structure in the presence of uncertainties is rec....................
    (2019-06-01) Luctor et Emergo: An Island Without an Island
    Üstem, Deniz (author)
    The Netherlands is often depicted as a battleground, with the Dutch in a constant struggle against the water that surrounds them. This project examines this tradition in the context of the Wadden Sea and the island of Schiermonnikoog, where this battle between the land and the sea is at its most extreme.

    This project traces the myth of ‘making new land’ by investigating the four major themes from the recent publication ‘Sweet and Salt: The Water and The Dutch’: conflict, concord....................
    (2019-04-01) Improving Dynamic Route Optimisation by making use of Historical Data
    van Lochem, Jelmer (author)
    In thedynamic world we live in, the transportation of people and goods in a reliable,efficient and timely manner has grown to be more important than ever. Roads andcities are becoming more congested and the impact of greenhouse gasses canalready be observed. The need for controlling transportation systems, andspecifically fleets of vehicles, more efficiently is therefore now higher thanever. Few methods exist in the literature which utilise historical data toincrease the efficiency of dynamic fl....................
    (2019-03-29) Aerocapture Mission Analysis: Investigation and Optimisation of Earth, Mars, and Venus Trajectories
    Engelsma, Jorrik (author)
    Similar to any industry, a constant effort in the aerospace industry is cost reduction. For space missions the cost is proportional to the launch mass. One method for reducing the launch mass is to incorporate specialised manoeuvres in the trajectory that reduce the propellant mass required. One such manoeuvre is the aerocapture. Aerocapture uses a single pass through the atmosphere to reduce the orbital energy to transition from an open to a closed orbit. The aerocapture manoeuvre was studied u....................
    (2019-03-29) Deep Reinforcement Learning with Feedback-based Exploration
    Scholten, Jan (author)
    Deep Reinforcement Learning enables us to control increasingly complex and high-dimensional problems. Modelling and control design is longer required, which paves the way to numerous in- novations, such as optimal control of evermore sophisticated robotic systems, fast and efficient scheduling and logistics, effective personal drug dosing schemes that minimise complications, as well as applications not yet conceived. Yet, this potential is obstructed by the need for vast amounts of data. Without....................
    (2019-03-29) Efficacy of Linearized Aerodynamic CFD Modeling for Flutter Computation
    Tatomir, Niko (author)
    Aeroelastic stability must be maintained for the entire flight duration. Of the vast phenomena that fall under the field of aeroelasticity, flutter is the most studied and influential in terms of driving aircraft design. As such, it is the main topic of analysis of this Master Thesis. For flutter analysis, it is of critical importance to accurately model the system unsteady aerodynamics, particularly for harmonic oscillatory motion. Therefore, the aim of this Master Thesis is to study the aerody....................
    (2019-03-28) Vapors Transport in the Anode Baking Process
    Aimambet, Narken (author)
    Anode baking is a huge part of the Aluminum industry. The quality and characteristics of the anode blocks will be formed in the anode baking furnaces. The process itself is very expensive, time consuming and ecologically unfriendly. From the other hand, anode baking process can use its own waste as a secondary fuel source. Here, by waste we mean volatile gases from the baking process. In the factories, raw anode and baked anode are weighted before and after baking process. The difference in the ....................
    (2019-03-28) Lateral Migration of Particles Under Poiseuille Flow
    Fikriyan, Rafil (author)
    The phenomenon of lateral migration of neutrally buoyant rigid spheres is studied experimentally for Poiseuille Flow. The study relied on the particle migration technique to capture the distribution of particles radial position at different flow parameters. In this thesis, the varying experimental parameters are flow Reynolds number and particle concentration. These two parameters have been reported to have an opposing effect on the migration. Reynolds number is varying at Re=200-1200 and the pa....................
    (2019-03-28) Port Sustainability: A Terminal Comparison Approach: Benchmarking Sustainable Performance of Terminal Operators
    van den IJssel, Daan (author)
    As ports are important infrastructure for a countries economy, ports fulfill a vital role in society. In the contemporary global environment, one is expected to adjust its business routines to meet sustainability targets. Because of their significant importance in a port governance framework, terminal operators prove an interesting unit of analysis in the broad concept of port sustainability. This research addresses the notion of port sustainability from the angle of terminal operators' sustaina....................
    (2019-03-27) Assessment of Hydrothermal Deep Geothermal Plants for combined Heat and Power Production with Respect to a Novel Monitoring Software
    Schifflechner, Christopher (author)
    The utilization of deep geothermal resources for combined heat and power generation in Germany has increased slowly but continuously during the last years. Due to the growing technical readiness, the focus is now shifting from the first proof of concepts to optimizing the performance of existing plants. One promising approach is the further development of the monitoring software of geothermal plants. While the current software enables a safe operation of the plant, it does not offer any profound....................
    (2019-03-27) Reinforcement Learning for Flight Control: Learning to Fly the PH-LAB
    Heyer, Stefan (author)
    In recent years Adaptive Critic Designs (ACDs) have been applied to adaptive flight control of uncertain, nonlinear systems. However, these algorithms often rely on representative models as they require an offline training stage. Therefore, they have limited applicability to a system for which no accurate system model is available, nor readily identifiable. Inspired by recent work on Incremental Dual Heuristic Programming (IDHP), this paper derives and analyzes a Reinforcement Learning (RL) base....................
    (2019-03-27) Performance evaluation tool for the expansion of a port's container network by an offshore modular platform
    Undetermined, U. (author)
    The Space@Sea platform is a sustainable offshore modular platform designed for a workspace at sea as an effort in coping up with the economic growth and allocating marine resources to more efficient uses. There are four potential applications of the platform: farming, transport & logistics hub, energy hub, and living spaces. In the case of the transport & logistics application, the platform is expected to be implemented as a container transhipment/storage hub operating at sea. In this th....................
    (2019-03-27) Policy Learning with Human Teachers: Using directive feedback in a Gaussian framework
    Wout, Daan (author)
    A prevalent approach for learning a control policy in the model-free domain is by engaging Reinforcement Learning (RL). A well known disadvantage of RL is the necessity for extensive amounts of data for a suitable control policy. For systems that concern physical application, acquiring this vast amount of data might take an extraordinary amount of time. In contrast, humans have shown to be very efficient in detecting a suitable control policy for reference tracking problems. Employing this intui....................
    (2019-03-27) Modelling the vortex induced vibrations of sea fastened wind turbine towers using a wake oscillator
    Jessurun, Timothy (author)
    It is well known that for tall cylindrical structures under wind action, such as wind turbine towers, vortex induced vibrations (VIV) may occur. During the installation of offshore wind turbine towers there are different stages of transport where we might deal with VIV. The main objective of this thesis is to explore the possibility of modeling the VIV of flexible cylindrical structures by means of an existing wake oscillator model. Sub objectives are to investigate the influence of the deck sti....................
    (2019-03-25) A Benchmark Study on Operational Modal Analysis System Identification Algorithms for Operating Offshore Wind Turbines
    Gasparis, Giorgos (author)
    Recently, Offshore Wind Turbines (OWT) have attracted great attention in an effort to make a shift from fossil-based energy sources towards an enhanced sustainable and renewable energy production. In order to achieve the renewables targets and reduce the cost of wind energy, OWTs are consistently increasing in size. Therefore, research has targeted the optimization of OWT design. For many years, System Identification has played a central role in obtaining the actual modal properties of existing ....................
    (2019-03-22) Robust Non-linear Control for Winged Re-entry Vehicles: Analysis of Control Concepts
    Lucassen, Koen (author)
    An analysis of attitude controller concepts, including four attitude flight controllers, for the re-entry of the HORUS-2b. The four concerning attitude flight controller concepts are the benchmark Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR), Model predictive Controller, Incremental Non-linear Dynamic Inversion (INDI) and Sliding Mode Controller. Each attitude flight controller was employed in a full Guidance, Navigation and Control system and subsequently applied to a winged re-entry vehicle, the HORUS-2b.....................
    (2019-03-22) Ganymede: A Frozen Enigma: Exploring possible internal density distributions through gravitational potential field variations
    van Strien, Max (author)
    In 2022, ESA plans to launch the JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) mission which will spend at least three years making detailed observations of Jupiter and three of its largest moons, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. These moons are currently a hot topic within the science community as their interiors might include oceans consisting of liquid water. These oceans could provide life, but at the moment little is known about the exact composition and structure of these interiors. Only Earth based ob....................
    (2019-03-22) Data - driven design of a metamaterial unit cell using sparse Gaussian processes
    Głowacki, Piotr (author)
    Metamaterials are a new class of materials where the properties crucially depend on the design of the unit cell that is periodically repeated in space. In this study a new metamaterial unit cell concept has been proposed, inspired by a class of space structures known as deployable masts. The ability of these structures to contract to a fraction of their size made them suitable candidates for energy absorbing applications. One of the main design targets of energy absorbers is the ability to tune ....................
    (2019-03-22) Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Explained and improved upon for applications in marketing intelligence
    Koks, Iris (author)
    In today's digital world, customers give their opinions on a product that they have purchased online in the form of reviews. The industry is interested in these reviews, and wants to know about which topics their clients write, such that the producers can improve products on specific aspects. Topic models can extract the main topics from large data sets such as the review data. One of these is Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA). LDA is a hierarchical Bayesian topic model that retrieves topics fro....................
    (2019-03-22) Binomial formulas for Macdonald polynomials
    van den Boom, Eddo (author)
    Symmetric and nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials associated to root systems are very general families of orthogonal polynomials in multiple variables. Their definition is quite complex, but in certain cases one can define so-called interpolation polynomials that have a surprisingly simple definition and are related to the Macdonald polynomials by a binomial formula. In this thesis we will discuss such formulas for two kinds of root systems: type A and type (C,C). For the latter cas....................
    (2019-03-21) Who is next?: Identifying characteristics of European banks that are key in influencing the target selection of banking malware.
    Hoppenreijs, Marrit (author)
    The European financial sector is a frequent victim of banking malware leading to massive losses. It appears that not all customers’ banks are equally attractive targets among cybercriminals who deploy banking malware. This research established a comprehensive regression model explaining why certain banks are more attractive to cybercriminals. The model proves that large banks, banks that are part of a banking group, banks with a high brand value, and banks which websites have a high domain-pop....................
    (2019-03-20) Material Driven Design: Designing a product from residual Dyneema® production fibres.
    Rutten, Freek (author)
    This master’s thesis is a collaboration between DSM Dyneema and the Circular Design Lab, a part of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. DSM Dyneema is a business group within the large Dutch multinational DSM N.V. They looking into means of making their business practice more suited to a future in a circular economy. Like many materials producers, these efforts start within their own walls; looking for ways to re-purpose production residuals. Asid....................
    (2019-03-20) Suppression of hydrodynamicand severe slug flow by using surfactants in flowline-riser systems
    van der Pol, Justus (author)
    In the oil and gas industry the occurrence of slug flow in flowlines and risers can cause operational problems. Such flowline-riser systems are used to transport the oil and/or gas from the location of the wells to a production platform, where the fluids might be separated into single phases. Slug flow conditions imposefluctuations in the production rate, which may lead to the flooding of the separators, trips of compressors or pumps, and to increased loads on the supports of the pipeline and pi....................
    (2019-03-19) Assessing the forecast skill of agricultural drought forecast from satellite-derived products in the Lower Shire River Basin
    Panis, Marijke (author)
    In 2008 the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) started with Forecast-based Financing pilots to improve existing Early-Warning Early Action systems. Forecast-based financing is a new methodology to prepare, deliver and respond in a more effective and efficient manner, based on hazard forecasts. Actions are triggered when a forecast exceeds a danger level in a vulnerable intervention area. Forecast-based financing consists of several implementation steps, of which the first three aim at impact-based fo....................
    (2019-03-19) The future of cash: Designing for the continued support of cash
    Boerrigter, Igo (author)
    An analysis of the declining use of cash within the Netherlands and the eurozone. Recommendations and a redesign are created to tackle the challenges of both a declining cash cycle and a society with limited cash use. Design for Interaction
    (2019-03-18) Diaphragm electromyography post processing with Simulink as a means of guiding weaning from ventilation in preterm infants
    D'Aquino, Francesco (author)
    The problem of premature births is widespread throughout the world affecting 41000 newborns daily; the issues that follow, often related to breathing, require the use of mechanical ventilation to compensate for the poor compliance of the respiratory muscles of newborns. However, side effects associated with artificial ventilation, including atrophy, require a cyclic interruption of automatic ventilation so that infants can develop and train their respiratory muscles (the so-called weaning from v....................
    (2019-03-18) Encoding of Correlated Temporal Information in a Model Cerebellar Loop with Olivary Oscillators and Long-Term Plasticity
    Fernandez Santoro, Elias Mateo (author)
    The olivocerebellar system plays a central role in motor learning, crucially contributing to the coordination, precision and accurate timing of movements. The system is formed by Purkinje cells (PC), the Deep Cerebellar Nucleus (DCN) and Inferior Olive (IO). Its input activate the PC which produces simple (SS) and complex spikes (CS). The latter induced by the IO. The oscillatory nature of the production of CS seems to play a role in motor control and motor timing. In addition, CS modulate the p....................
    (2019-03-18) The design of a high speed CMOS image sensor: featuring global shutter, high dynamic range and flexible exposure control in 110nm technology
    Stampoglis, Periklis (author)
    High speed imagers find applications in many fields such as scientific and medical imaging, automotive applications, machine vision and much more. In this thesis, the design of a high speed, high dynamic range (HDR) CMOS sensor with electronic global shutter (GS) and flexible exposure control is presented. The sensor is designed in the 0.11μm CIS process, features 1k(H) x 1k(V) pixels and achieves frame rates greater that 10.000 fps.A review of the architecture of the sensor is given, along wit....................
    (2019-03-18) Culture driven co-creation: Guidelines for Super Moderators in U_CODE project
    Soltani Ramezanzadeh, Nasibeh (author)
    The U_CODE (Urban Collective Design Environment) project started to create an environment for urban co-creation with citizen. To achieve this, U_CODE has designed and developed a new kind of participatory platform for different European countries. To have an effective co-creation session, U_CODE facilitators need to have a good knowledge and understanding of different culture and values that can affect the co-creation sessions. The purpose of this project is to design guidelines for Super Modera....................
    (2019-03-18) Explorative study towards supporting dredger's control work by HoloLens
    Dai, Mengyin (author)
    The worldwide company named Royal IHC proposed this graduation project. Royal IHC is a reliable supplier of dredge vessels. Trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) is one of the company’s main products for port maintenance. A dredge operator is doing all the dredge control task in the dredge operator cockpit. The human-machine interface (HMI) of the dredge operator cockpit is developed on a perpetual basis. The system become more and more complex. Therefore, novice operators need to spend longe....................
    (2019-03-18) Physicochemical characterization of corrosion inhibition on galvanized steel surfaces: Organic coatings and green corrosion inhibitors
    Ankora, Maxine (author)
    Conversion coatings are generally required to enhance organic coating adhesion and corrosion resistance on galvanized steel. Until a few decades ago, chromate conversion coatings were the most common conversion coatings in the industry owing to their exceptional performance in this regard. However, the adverse effects associated with hexavalent chromium as found in chromate conversion coatings and certain corrosion inhibitor pigments are now widely known. As a result, various initiatives have be....................
    (2019-03-15) Robust model for operational stand and gate planning Schiphol
    Käller, Danuta (author)
    The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of individually established buffer times, based on historical delay data, on the robustness of an operational stand and gate allocation schedule. Using flight schedules and the structural lay-out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a stand and gate allocation model is created using BEONTRA software. Eight allocation schedules are
    specified with each a set of different buffer times, which are established after grouping and analysing the hi....................
    (2019-03-15) Fabrication of polymer nanocomposites for application in luminescent solar concentrators
    Endtz, Jan David (author)
    The integration of luminescent nanoparticles into transparent polymer matrices opens the way to affordable, scalable and efficient luminescent solar concentrators. A key challenge in the fabrication is to prevent agglomeration of the nanoparticles as this will drastically reduce the performance due to scattering effects. The incompatibility of inorganic nanoparticles with organic media typically leads to irreversible agglomeration upon direct mixing. In this study, inorganic luminescent Y3Al5O12....................
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