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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2019-12-18) Reliability Analysis of Railway Concrete Bridges using Expert Judgment Studies
    Aggarwal, Sakshi (author)
    New railway bridges for high-speed trains are being built in a many countries around the world. In addition to the construction of new bridges, existing bridges are ageing. These two factors make the assessment of railway bridges essential. The bridges are designed considering certain predefined reliability criteria to account for the variability in load and resistance. However, for the assessment of these bridges, a probabilistic analysis of the structure in the presence of uncertainties is rec....................
    (2019-02-05) Phase Diversity for the Deployable Space Telescope
    Risselada, Dirk (author)

    The Deployable SpaceTelescope Project was started at Delft University of Technology in 2014. The projectaims to develop an ultra-high resolution Earth Observation telescope with aresolution of 0.25m, but with a much lower mass and volume than its competitorscurrently in operation. In order to meet the stringent mass requirements, adeployable primary and secondary mirror are used. However, it is expected thatthe deployment of the optics will introduce severe aberrations in th....................

    (2019-02-01) Dealing with Biofouling: Is There an environmentally friendly and economically attractive coating for the shipping industry?
    van Ruiten, Martijn (author)
    The current approach in the shipping industry by the use of highly toxic coating systems is harmful for our inland waterways and oceans, does not benefit the public health and is very undesirable for all aquatic organisms on our planet.
    Almost every vessel today uses a toxic coating system which releases toxic compounds continually into our waterways and oceans. In this thesis a research is done to give an answer to the main question: ‘Is there an environmentally friendly and economically ....................
    (2019-02-01) Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuator: From characterisation to separation flow control
    van Pelt, Timo (author)
    This project proposes a series of experiments that involve plasma synthetic jet actuators. The first experiment will perform a jet characterisation experiment that will research the effect of orifice geometry on the overall performance of the actuator. The second experiment will built upon the first experiment and will use a plasma synthetic jet array to combat leading edge separation of a NACA 0015 airfoil at Re=1.7⋅105 and U∞=10 m/s and improve the overall performance of this pa....................
    (2019-02-01) Efficient Design of Controlled Offshore Systems: A Holistic Approach
    Clarenburg, Jimmy (author)
    Designing a controlled offshore system is a challenging process, the system dynamics are often nonlinear and subjected to loads that are random in nature. Furthermore, the proper description of the system’s dynamical behaviour involves knowledge pertaining to several fields. Unfortunately, at the design level, the process is often segregated between the different fields which are using highly advanced technology from their own discipline on overly simplified models relating to the other discip....................
    (2019-01-31) The implementation of glaciation-induced rotational behavior of the Earth in a numerical model
    Weerdesteijn, Maaike (author)
    The C2,1 and S2,1 spherical harmonic coefficients of glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) models are dominated by true polar wander (TPW), the secular drift of the position of the Earth’s rotational axis with respect to the Earth’s surface. The Earth’s rotational state and its interior are closely linked. The deformation of the body induced by a surface ice load depends on the local viscosity, while the adjustment of the equatorial bulge to the position perpendicular to the rotational axis d....................
    (2019-01-31) Model Predictive Control for Reticle Cooling
    de carvalho monteiro, patrik (author)
    During the exposure process of a wafer scanner, problems occur due to reticle heating. In this project, the consequences of reticle heating in terms of image aberrations are discussed along with how they could be solved with feedback controlled cooling. The problem is defined in terms of a performance index and constraints, which fits the Model Predictive Control (MPC) framework. The principle of MPC is explained and results are compared to the current state of the practice. The results show a s....................
    (2019-01-30) The effects of online shopping on the retail real estate market
    Coster, Dennis (author)
    In the period following the start of the economic crisis retail vacancy has steadily increased in many countries around the world. A frequently mentioned cause of the increase in retail vacancy is the growing popularity of online shopping. In various scientific publications, scholars have addressed the possible future implications of online shopping. In this research an attempt is made to empirically examine the effects of online shopping on the demand for retail real estate. This is done, using....................
    (2019-01-30) Wave overtopping and scale effects: Experimental case study New Afsluitdijk
    Huppes, Niek (author)
    After more than 85 years, the iconic Afsluitdijk is in need of a reinforcement. During the latest safety assessment of Rijkswaterstaat the dike did not meet the standards at two components; the amount of wave overtopping (>10 l/m/s) and armour stability. This research goes into detail about the overtopping on the Afsluitdijk. In the new design a lot a of different factors influence the amount of wave overtopping: the roughness of several elements and a berm. The combination of these different....................
    (2019-01-30) A geothermal heatpipe prototype
    Zijm, Peter (author)
    Heatpipes are promising devices for geothermal energy extraction owing to their
    effectiveness to transport heat. The goal of this research is to validate an analytical heatpipe model with experiments and to investigate the difficulties in designing and constructing geothermal heatpipes. There is a lack of literature and research concerning the operation, performance limits and construction of heatpipes suitable for geothermal heat extraction. A prototype heatpipe is designed based on specifi....................
    (2019-01-29) The State Space Formulation of Active Inference: Towards Brain-Inspired Robot Control
    Grimbergen, Sherin (author)
    This thesis provides an exposition of the theory of Active Inference in a control theoretic context. Active Inference is a remarkably powerful neuroscientific theory that unifies many characteristics of the biological brain. As such, Active Inference provides a valid inspiration in search of improvements in bio-inspired robot control algorithms. The literature on Active Inference however is narrow and complex. The goal of this thesis is to open the door research of Active Inference
    in roboti....................
    (2019-01-29) Automated Execution Process Formulation using Sequencing and Decomposition Algorithms for Collaborative MDAO
    Bruggeman, Anne-Liza (author)
    With Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) a fully automated aircraft design analysis is set up and optimization algorithms are used to obtain better designs by balancing the synergy between components. In the EU project AGILE, a new methodology and framework were developed to make the MDAO approach more accessible to industry. A key component of this framework is the KADMOS package. KADMOS is used to formulate large, heterogeneous MDAO problems and their execution process be....................
    (2019-01-28) Complementing Automotive Haptic Shared Control with Visual Feedback for Obstacle Avoidance
    Vreugdenhil, Wilco (author)
    The technological advancements in the automotive industry have enabled the automation of numerous routine driving tasks. As a result, the art of driving has become a control task with a strong supervisory character, including the common human factor issues. Haptic Shared Control has been shown to be useful in keeping the driver in-the-loop by providing continuous haptic guidance on the steering wheel. Nonetheless, it has been reported that haptic support often induces control conflicts caused by....................
    (2019-01-28) Keel-Rudder Interaction: A look into the wake of a sailing yacht
    Boonstra, Rep (author)
    In the early 00 of this century, Keuning et al. (2007) looked into the hydrodynamic forces on the rudder and the influence of the hull and keel on these forces. Among others, they have assessed the lift and drag forces on the rudder. One of the outcomes of this study was an asymmetric lift curve; for negative rudder angles the rudder seems to stall at angles more than five degrees smaller than for the positive rudder angles.
    The goal for this research is to find and clarify the physical phen....................
    (2019-01-28) Exploring the relative importance of wind for exchange processes around a tidal inlet system: The case of Ameland Inlet
    van Weerdenburg, Roy (author)
    Considering scenarios of sea level rise, the sediment budget of the Wadden Sea is of interest for both coastal safety and for the maintenance of values of this unique environment. Sand nourishments are foreseen on the ebb-tidal deltas of the Wadden Sea to increase the sediment budget, which requires us to predict the fate of the nourishment. This study focusses on the exchange of water and sediment between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea through Ameland Inlet. Based on a combination of field ob....................
    (2019-01-28) Classifying Candida species using Mixed Integer Optimization based optimal classification trees
    van Dijk, Mick (author)
    Global medical use of azole antifungals and echinocandins has led to an enormous increase in resistant Candida species, that are most commonly associated with fungal infections. A possible mechanism causing resistance are single or simultaneous point mutations in the genes responsible for encoding antifungal target enzymes. The aim of this thesis is to apply and compare several classification algorithms, in particular decision tree algorithms, on Candida data sets received from the....................
    (2019-01-25) Assessing the Fairness of AI Recruitment systems
    Krishnakumar, Akhil (author)
    Businesses have leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) into many of their operational activities such as marketing, sales, and finance for its speed and cost-effectiveness. Lately, AI has also found applications in organizational recruitment processes. Unlike the conventional rule-based systems, present-day AI systems learn from data patterns—supported by the growing volumes of (big) data and increasing computing capacity—and make decisions independently without any human interventions. Thus....................
    (2019-01-25) Anima: Development of a product that supports healthy eating and wellbeing of Millennials suffering from Bulimia Nervosa
    Abarca Peiro, Angels (author)
    Anima is a new product service that aims to help people suffering from B.N during the maintenance stage. This means that once the patient is out from therapy, there are still some chances of having a relapse episode, that is why a solution to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle is needed. It is an in-home product that the user should use on a daily basis, in order to stay balanced. This product will help the user be more emotionally aware and help her/him regulating and embracing her/his emoti....................
    (2019-01-25) Boundary layer flashback prediction of a low emissions full hydrogen burner for gas turbine applications
    Tober, Joeri (author)
    A highly accurate model is presented that predicts boundary layer flashback (BLF) for lean premixed hydrogen combustion. In contrast to existing models, that fail for lean hydrogen mixtures, the present model includes the effect of flame instabilities. The model is applied to study the effect of burner geometry on flashback tendency. A diverging geometry results in a higher flashback tendency due to an adverse pressure gradient. These observations are in line with experimental results. It shows ....................
    (2019-01-25) The influence of different characteristics on the probabilities of failure of sewer pipes
    Montoya Montoya, Ana (author)
    Sewer assets face a great challenge for being underground assets and for experiencing constant deterioration and aging. Reactive decisions are no longer technically nor economically viable, and hence asset managers are migrating to the implementation of proactive strategies. Despite this, managers are making decisions that are poorly justified, based mostly in intuition. This is why it is important to improve the means to implement a more objective and justified proactive approach. Risk-based de....................
    (2019-01-25) The behavior of composite deep deck ComFlor210 under concentrated load
    Bushunova, Olga (author)
    The research concentrated on a behavior of the deep composite deck ComFlor210 under a concentrated force. The distribution of a concentrated force in ComFlor210 was studied numerically and analytically.
    The finite element model of a composite slab with 5.4m span showed good agreement with test results in the elastic stage. The parametric study of composite slab ComFlor210 revealed that in a slab with span 3.2m and 5.4m the load is distributed over three middle ribs. In a slab with 7.2m span....................
    (2019-01-25) Instability of a high-speed vehicle moving through a tunnel embedded in a visco-elastic half-plane: The Hyperloop case
    Vicca, Elke (author)
    Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation mode which operates by sending magnetically levitated capsule-like vehicles through a near vacuum tunnel. Due to the reduced air resistance and friction, speeds exceeding those of modern aircraft should become possible. When the system is moved underground,
    the stability of vehicle vibrations may become problematic as, especially in soft soils, the Hyperloop pod velocities could easily surpass the propagation speeds of waves in the soil. In that case,....................
    (2019-01-24) Detecting Rumors in Twitter for Humanitarian Activities
    Vaporidis, Dimitrios-Marios (author)
    In this Master Thesis project, the objective is to study how can Supervised Machine Learning be used to detect text-based rumours for humanitarian activities in Twitter. A model was developed in this project in order to classify a tweet at question whether is a rumour or not and whether is relevant to humanitarian activities or not. The findings of this research were promising as the classification modules developed were able to score 75.8% in Recall classifying tweets to rumours and non-rumours....................
    (2019-01-24) Integrating hardware data into simulation models for Attitude Control System design
    Cherukuri, Srikara (author)
    Space mission design is an activity that deals with a highly complex, non-linear system of which the requirements and characteristics are subject to regular change. This has consequences on the mathematical design but also the translation to hardware. In this thesis, we explore the use of Integrated Mission Design (IMD); a data-driven design methodology in which the hardware data is directly integrated into simulation models is described, to alleviate the engineer involved in this process. Essen....................
    (2019-01-24) Heart rate, heart rate variability, and GSR in relation to motion sickness caused by lateral vehicle motion
    Lie Hok Lien, Kenny (author)
    Self-driving cars is considered the next major step in the automotive industry and with automation in passenger vehicles, the driver can benefit from the freed up time for leisure or work, as he or she becomes the passenger. However, this is only possible if the drivers are comfortable during automated driving. The major issue here, is that the susceptibility of motion sickness (MS) increases significantly when the driver does not have his or her eyes on road, this susceptibility needs to be min....................
    (2019-01-24) An assessment of the willingness to choose a self-driving bus for an urban trip: A public transport user’s perspective
    Wien, Joost (author)
    The development of automated vehicles offers advantages for the transportation systems of the future. As a result, new and unknown challenges within the field of transportation arise. Moreover, there are uncertainties within the behavioural responses of travellers and amongst other things, the changes in the modal split within the transportation market. There is a lack of extensive knowledge of public transport user preferences regarding automated vehicles. In this study, the relative preference....................
    (2019-01-24) Improving Ultrafast Doppler Imaging using Subspace Tracking
    Generowicz, Bas (author)
    High frame rate Doppler ultrasound imaging provides a new way to image blood motion at thousands of frames per second. It has gained popularity due to its high spatio-temporal resolution, which is re- quired to distinguish blood motion from clutter signals caused by slow moving tissue. Since the flow of blood inside the brain is coupled to neural activity it is now possible to study brain function with the use of Ultrafast Doppler. This technique is called functional UltraSound (fUS), and forms ....................
    (2019-01-24) An innately mass conserving interface capturing method for the modelling of interface advection on unstructured grids
    Pols, Daniel (author)
    In solving two-phase flows, the location of the interface between the phases is necessary to handle interface jump conditions when solving the Navier-Stokes equation. Current interface capturing and advection methods, however, suffer from various issues. The level set method uses the signed distance to the interface and the interface being the zero level set of this function allows the evolution of the level set field to be described with a simple advection equation. This means that no additiona....................
    (2019-01-23) Automated land use classification: Supervised segmentation of road structures on aerial images using shape regression
    Brand, Patrick (author)
    Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision have been showed to be promising for automated land use classification of remotely sensed data. However, current state-of-the-art per-pixel segmentation networks fail to accurately capture geometrical and topological properties on land use segmentation, as these methods have inherently a lot of freedom. These geometrical and topological properties of land use structures are crucial for describing land usage on topographical maps, as ....................
    (2019-01-23) An Investigation of the Medical Ultrasound Image Sparse Spaces used for the Model-Based Imaging
    Liu, Zheheng (author)
    In this thesis, we investigate a sparse basis for ultrasound images, so that we can use sparse regularization in imaging. Actually, there are few previous researches explicitly demonstrating that medical ultrasound images can be sparsified for some dictionary. We consider various orthogonal transforms such as wavelet transforms, cosine transforms and wave atom transforms. Then, we perform those transforms on various ultrasound images and analyzes their sparsity. These ultrasound images include t....................
    (2019-01-23) The Soft Approach
    Scheffer, Nathalie
    Public diplomacy is a relatively new tool in foreign relations and the United States was late to the table when it came to using it. This thesis aims to investigate the public diplomacy tools deployed by the Bush administration during the War on Terror. Through performing a critical discourse analysis and focussing on Afghanistan and Iraq specifically, it answers the questions: What were the core objectives for the Bush Administration to start and continue the War on Terror? How were tools of p....................
    (2019-01-23) The Transitioning Image of Western Art in Taiwanese eyes: a case study of the Chimei Museum
    HSU, Yu-Han
    The purpose of this thesis is to examine the image of Western art in Taiwan with a focus on the Chimei Museum (*1990). Motivated by the recent trend for acquiring and displaying Western works of art in East Asia, I concentrate on the Taiwanese response in an attempt to bridge academic gaps in interpreting how East Asia reacts to Western culture. On the one hand, Taiwanese art collecting and exhibiting has definitely mirrored the cultural environment in East Asia as it was one of the earliest in....................
    (2019-01-23) The Transitioning Image of Western Art in Taiwanese Eyes: A Case Study of the Chimei Museum
    HSU, Yu Han
    The purpose of this thesis is to examine the image of Western art in Taiwan with a focus on the Chimei Museum (*1990). Motivated by the recent trend for acquiring and displaying Western works of art in East Asia, I concentrate on the Taiwanese response in an attempt to bridge academic gaps in interpreting how East Asia reacts to Western culture. On the one hand, Taiwanese art collecting and exhibiting has definitely mirrored the cultural environment in East Asia as it was one of the earliest in....................
    (2019-01-23) Monuments Made to Last; Interpretation and Reuse of Pharaonic Royal Mortuary Monuments during the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods
    Hesseling, Laurens
    Already during Antiquity, Egypt was famous for its royal mortuary monuments. During the millennia that have passed since the construction of these monuments, the meaning given to them by their spectators has altered several times. This study focusses on the interpretation and reuse of the Theban New Kingdom mortuary temples, the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the Old Kingdom pyramids at the Giza Plateau during the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods. Aim of this study is to show how these mo....................
    (2019-01-22) Critical Success Factors to the Inclusion of Climate Considerations in Dutch Road Planning: A Comparative Case Study
    Balkenende, Rick (author)
    99.94% of scientists believe in the effect of CO2 emissions on climate change. To tackle this, many parts of society must become sustainable. In Dutch road projects this drive for a sustainable transition is noticed in the last few years. Currently, the actions for climate inclusive road projects have not been successful. Climate consideration are limitedly part of the scope of these projects. A lack of understanding on road planning system, and the existence of success and failure factors limit....................
    (2019-01-22) Aggregate Interlock: Extending the aggregate interlock model to high strength concrete
    Presvyri, Stamatia (author)
    The shear capacity of concrete members is a major challenge of structural concrete research through the years. Many theoretical models have been developed and various experiments have been performed, focusing on the accurate prediction of the shear behavior. Many of the available theoretical models assume that a large contribution of the shear capacity is transferred through cracks by a mechanism often recognized as aggregate interlock. At the same time, due to the increase in the complexity of ....................
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