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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2068-01-01) Machtige CEO’s bepalen hun eigen beloning : analyse van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen
    Smulders, H.A.M.
    This thesis research examines CEO compensation in the Dutch hospital market during the period 2008 – 2014. There were 76 hospitals included in this research. The research aims to find an answer to the question whether or not CEO compensation is influenced by the CEO power. To measure CEO power four proxies were defined and tested in four fixed-effects regression models. The first proxy is RatioBord, which determines the effect of the size of the board of directors relative to the size of the s....................
    (2020-01-01) Binaural beats as non-drug intervention at the first ait
    Ouweneel, L.A.
    In dit onderzoek is getracht een non-medicamenteuze interventie te vinden voor het reduceren van acute pijn op de SEH en te onderzoeken in hoeverre alfa binaural beats hierin als interventie kunnen dienen. Uit literatuuronderzoek blijkt dat angst de pijnervaring bij patiënten kan versterken, daarnaast komen alfa frequentie hersengolven voor bij personen die in een ontspannen staat zijn. De hypothese is daarom dat binaural beats met een alfa frequentie een reducerend effect hebben op de state-an....................
    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2017-12-03) Business model innovation opportunities in the Dutch downstream photovoltaic industry
    Hoogduin, Eelco (author)
    This thesis provides insight in the characteristics of photovoltaic business models and how they relate to policy instruments and design considerations. Business models illustrate the rationale of how organizations create, delivers and capture value. The business model approach and more specifically the business model canvas is a tool that is widely used by academics, entrepreneurs and consultants to map out how organizations work and how different characteristics such as value proposition and d....................
    (2017-11-30) Entrepreneurs and Accountants: Vision 2025
    Mathur, Gaurav (author)
    Based on research with entrepreneurs, accountants and technology experts, a vision for the future of entrepreneur-accountant relationship is articulated. This vision is brought to life by the 'Centaur' product concept. Centaur uses Machine Learning to generate actionable financial insights. Voice commands make interaction seamless, and Dynamic Emotion Graphs encourage a deeper connection between accountants and entrepreneurs. Strategic Product Design
    (2017-11-29) Flow reconstruction using Bayesian inference with model reduction techniques
    D' Onofrio, Federica (author)
    RANS equations are nowadays widely used in industry because of their affordability in terms of computational costs. They reached a high level of complexity, as they involve systems of non-linear partial differential equations. However they still lack of generality as they are based on closure coefficients determined from fundamental real flow cases. Their accuracy drops when dealing with separating turbulent flows.
    There is a specific class of flows that separate after encountering a geometr....................
    (2017-11-27) Effect of series versus parallel electrical configuration on self-sensing in a structure of twisted and coiled polymer muscles.
    Röling, Marloes (author)
    The Twisted and Coiled Polymer Muscle (TCPM) is a new, light weight compliant actuator that is easy and inexpensive to produce. As a result there is a growing body of research, with the goal of implementation of the TCPM. Our research combines two existing fields: 1. Self-sensing, eliminating the need for an external force and displacement sensor. 2. Structures of multiple TCPMs. This research compares the effect of a series versus parallel electrical configuration on self-sensing in Joule heate....................
    (2017-11-27) Performance evaluation of multipinhole μSPECT systems for short time frames
    Vranas, Georgios (author)
    The need of image (frame) acquisitions within short time intervals is of major importance for preclinical SPECT imaging. The short frame times enable higher temporal resolution which is required in bio-distribution and pharmacokinetic studies where fast dynamic imaging is performed. The present study evaluates and compares the performance of two different preclinical multipinhole SPECT systems (NanoScan, VECTor) for short frames acquisitions.
    Prior to the systems comparison, the comparison a....................
    (2017-11-27) Performance Evaluation of a Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Network
    Rizky Dharmawan, Tubagus (author)
    Software-Defined Networking (SDN) potentially can improve the flexibility and management of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). To investigate the impact of SDN on WSN, in this thesis, we consider three Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Network (SD-WSN) frameworks, namely SDN-WISE, SDWN-ONOS, and TinySDN. After comparing these frameworks, the performance of TinySDN is evaluated in three different scenarios: homogeneous, heterogeneous, and dynamic networks. The Collection Tree Protocol (CTP) is used ....................
    (2017-11-24) Elastic-BPM: the Design, Deployment, and Evaluation of a Cloud-Based Architecture for Enterprise Business-Process-as-a-Service
    Bertens, Johannes (author)
    Business processes are part of every company’s daily business. In the past hundreds of years, almost every aspect in the operation of businesses has seen a two-pronged transformation: first, toward defining and then following processes, and second, toward making the processes efficient through the use of technology.
    In this work, we define a technology-driven approach to business processes: Business Process as a Service. Starting from the current technological possibilities and architectur....................
    (2017-11-24) Heat Transfer Modification in a Particle-Laden Turbulent Channel Flow: For externally heated particles
    Rajora, Aviral (author)
    Heat transfer in multiphase flows plays an important role in many industrial applications. For instance, particle-based solar receivers utilize the high absorptivity and heat capacity of dispersed phase in a carrier fluid to improve efficiency and heat transfer. This dispersed phase generally consists of a large number of small particles. It is, therefore, difficult to completely resolve such flows considering their finite size. Usually, these particles are so small, that they can be treated as ....................
    (2017-11-24) High Bandwidth Stable Motion Control of Fourth and Higher Order Systems
    Palanikumar, Arun (author)
    PID is the most commonly used technique in industrial motion control. It consists of three components - lead, lag and low pass filter (LPF). PID, being a linear control method is inherently bounded by waterbed effect due to which there exists a trade-off between precision, tracking, and stability. Reset control is a nonlinear technique which shows promise in overcoming certain limitations. Despite the promise shown, the use of reset elements other than integrator within the framework of PID for ....................
    (2017-11-24) Optimization of offshore wind farm installation procedure with a targeted finish date
    Vigney Kumar, Vigney (author)
    Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) installation procedure is a complicated phase requiring excellent management of resources for timely completion of tasks. The wind farm installation period involves crucial stages like streamlining onshore logistics, transportation of components on vessels, installation of foundations, wind turbines, and cable laying, etc. With wind turbine size growing and OWFs moving into deeper waters, the complexity of the installation procedure is also intensifying correspondingly. ....................
    (2017-11-24) Low Voltage Ride Through Control for the Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
    Zhang, Shaochuan (author)
    Stability and security of the grid are two vital aspects of energy supply. To keep the grid stable, it is necessary that the electricity plant can control and protect the mechanism. In the past, traditional plants could meet these requirements. Nowadays, the share of sustainable power sources in total electricity generation has become so important that these sources must keep the grid stable. A significant part of these requirements is the Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) capability of the sustai....................
    (2017-11-23) GPU based image registration
    Bhosale, Parag (author)
    Currently, non-rigid image registration algorithms are too time intensive to use in time-critical applications. To solve this problem, stochastic gradient descent (SGD) has been implemented in image registration. But, SGD depends on manual step size selection which is dicult and time consuming. To avoid such manual selection, SGD has been improved further by using adaptive stochastic gradient descent (ASGD) and fast adaptive stochastic gradient descent (FASGD) to select an optimal step size auto....................
    (2017-11-23) Aerodynamic Investigation of an Exit Guide Vane Followed by a Curved Duct: A Numerical Study
    Pfeifle, Ole (author)
    Curved exhaust ducts are used in aero engine applications for different purposes, including thrust vectoring, shielding of parts from the exhaust or improving stealth properties. Their integration, however, regularly represents a design problem due to flow separation and high aerodynamic losses occurring in the bend. Curved duct flows for both compressible and incompressible conditions have been studied extensively in the past. However, no experimental results of a high Reynolds number flow thro....................
    (2017-11-22) Redesign of a business class armrest: Improvement of arm comfort for watching in flight entertainment and reading
    Vledder, Gerbera (author)
    Airline profit margins are very small. In a highly competitive market, the challenge is to differentiate from other airlines. Differentiation within an airplane is difficult, because of the rigidity of an airplane and the strict regulations. The economy is in a lift, businesses allow their employees to fly business class more often. First class and business class only represent 10-15% of the total number of seats globally but is responsible for 50% of the revenue. This makes business class trave....................
    (2017-11-22) Designing a cyber risk assessment tool for small to medium enterprises
    Koeze, Ruben (author)
    With the extensive use of the internet nowadays, companies are becoming more and more at risk from cyber-attacks. Especially SMEs are vulnerable, as they lack in cybersecurity. This is due to time, resource and knowledge constraints. In the literature no clear solutions can be found in order to help SMEs with their cybersecurity. To overcome these issues, this research aims in developing a method with which a tool can be developed that can help SMEs in getting insights in their cybersecurity sta....................
    (2017-11-22) Ocean Current Patterns and variability around Curaçao for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
    de Jong, Maria (author)
    Large-scale changes in ocean conditions caused by installing and operating Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) have not been studied in depth. Conversely, the effect on an OTEC plant by oceanographic features are not researched in depth either. The aim of this research is to describe the natural patterns and variability of the ocean currents around Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean Sea and a potential OTEC deployment location. This research is carried out in order to assess possible implic....................
    (2017-11-22) Design of an Optimized Acoustic Array for Aero-acoustic Research in an Open-jet Anechoic Wind Tunnel
    Luesutthiviboon, Salil (author)
    This work aims to determine the optimal microphone placement on an acoustic array of TU Delft’s ‘V-tunnel’ which is used for beamforming in aero-acoustic studies. The beamforming performance is driven by two parameters; the Maximum Side lobe Level (MSL) and the Main Lobe Width (MLW). The array design should give a good trade-off between these parameters. The proposed optimization method has two optimization loops. First, the main loop consists of design variables used to collectively descr....................
    (2017-11-22) Research into pile toe failure in Amazonehaven
    Nejad, Reza (author)
    Extreme folding damage of open-ended tubular piles could occur during piling in onshore practices. Amazonehaven unique quay wall removal gave the opportunity to study king pile’s failure close to toe. King piles are primary piles in a combined wall system, exposed to static and dynamic load. It is argued that the unexpected pile toe failure have been caused by dynamic load because of the uniaxial direction of the extreme deformations. However, research into pile toe failure in Amazonehaven sho....................
    (2017-11-20) 3D motion compensation for an offshore crane: Assessing the feasibility for wind turbine maintenance
    Buijs, Roderick (author)
    When working offshore on a floating vessel, the vessel will be subjected to wave induced motions and with a moving crane tip, a suspended load can start to swing. When the motions of the load become too large, the operation is interrupted. Alternatives such as jack-ups, function as a fixed platform to which the crane is attached, therefore eliminating the effect of waves on the workability of the vessel. Within the offshore wind industry, jack-ups are used for installation and maintenance of win....................
    (2017-11-20) Robot Placement for Mobile Manipulation in Domestic Environments
    Chawla, Hemang (author)
    The development of domestic mobile manipulators for unconstrained environments has driven significant research recently. Robot Care Systems has been pioneering in developing a prototype of a mobile manipulator for elderly care. It has a 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm mounted on their flagship robot LEA, a non-holonomic differential drive platform. In order to utilize the navigation and manipulation capabilities of such mobile manipulators, robot placement algorithm that computes a favorable po....................
    (2017-11-20) Prediction of stress distribution using 3D geomechanical model in De Lier Field, the Netherlands
    Eddy, Muhammad Riandy (author)
    An understanding about geomechanical condition is necessarily needed in order to examine the state of stress of a subsurface area. Geomechanical modeling is one of the method to understand the mechanical condition and has been used in various subsurface-related industries such as oil and gas, geothermal, and CO2 storage. The principal stress distribution influences the stress regime and dictates the creation of different type of fault and fracture. The magnitude and orientation of principal stre....................
    (2017-11-17) Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Numerical Weather Prediction: DG in a large-eddy simulation
    Caljouw, Cindy (author)
    The coarse grid of numerical weather prediction and climate models requires parametrization models to resolve atmospheric processes that are smaller than the grid size. For parametrization development, these processes are simulated by a high resolution model. At the Royal Netherlands Meteorological
    Institute, the Dutch Atmospheric Large-Eddy Simulation (DALES) is used. This three-dimensional high resolution model uses advection schemes that are too diffusive when steep gradients are present.....................
    (2017-11-17) Real-time Face and Landmark Localization for Eyeblink-Response Detection: A heterogenous CPU-GPU approach
    Bakker, Paul (author)
    Pavlovian eyeblink conditioning is a powerful experiment used in the field of neuroscience to measure multiple aspects of how we learn in our daily life. To track the movement of the eyelid during an experiment, researchers traditionally made use of potentiometers or electromyography (EMG). More recently, the use of computer vision and image processing alleviated the need for these techniques, but currently employed methods require human intervention and are not fast enough to enable real-time p....................
    (2017-11-16) Data Quality in Inter-Organizational Product Information Sharing: Improving Quality of Product Master Data Exchanged Through Data Pools
    Leeuwenburg, Frank (author)
    Product master data (PMD) can be defined as a set of data that represents a selection of characteristics and aspects of its accompanying physical product. For several reasons, these data sets are increasingly exchanged between organizations within supply chains. Although this process is traditionally often supported by non-automated technologies such as Excel spreadsheet, telephone, email, and fax, the adoption of data pools is on the rise. These inter-organizational systems allow the data suppl....................
    (2017-11-16) Determination of Relevant Spatial Scale in Reservoir Simulation
    de Hoop, Stephan (author)
    Under-sampling of the subsurface combined with scale differences in observations causes the estimation of geological parameters to be an ill-posed problem. As a result, only a subset of theoretically possible models can truly depict the reality. In reservoir modeling, we capture complexity and heterogeneity by representing the solution space with a large number of high-resolution models, whose spread represents uncertainties in permeability. It is not immediately evident at which scale the stati....................
    (2017-11-16) Convective momentum transport in fine-scale weather forecasts over Cabauw
    Koning, Mariska (author)
    In this study we are specifically interested in the role of convective momentum transport in a commercial fine-scale LES model that is used for wind predictions in the wind-energy sector. With this model, forced with the ECMWF IFS, a year-long of daily forecasts are run over Cabauw, the Netherlands, at a resolution of 40m in the horizontal and a resolution in the vertical of 8m that decreases with height to 80m. At this location atmospheric conditions range from stable to convective boundary lay....................
    (2017-11-16) Reservoir Characterisation of low net to gross fluvial bearing strata of the Williston Basin Montana, USA
    Feleke, Abenezier (author)
    Outcrop analogue studies has been widely used in understanding the internal architecture of fluvial reservoirs. The Lower Tullock Formation of the Fort Union Formation in north eastern Montana, Williston Basin consists of cyclic floodplain sequences of coal-bearing strata. There a three main facies 1) channel 2) splays 3) coals seams.The major coal seams are laterally continuous however they are difficult in correlating over large distances due to coal splitting into multiple thinner beds. Groun....................
    (2017-11-16) Expo Mondo: an exploration to reveal world's unity in diversity by means of a patio pavilion
    van Gils, Marthe (author)
    The beginning of this project was marked by a visit to World Expo. From a study into this phenomenon grew the opportunity to reveal what the world has in common by means of architecture. The design of Expo Mondo was developed as a research tool to investigate and expose the unity of opposites as a common ground in this world.

    This project is part of a double degree graduation program with Science Communication. Explore Lab. Architecture
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