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    (2068-01-01) Machtige CEO’s bepalen hun eigen beloning : analyse van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen
    Smulders, H.A.M.
    This thesis research examines CEO compensation in the Dutch hospital market during the period 2008 – 2014. There were 76 hospitals included in this research. The research aims to find an answer to the question whether or not CEO compensation is influenced by the CEO power. To measure CEO power four proxies were defined and tested in four fixed-effects regression models. The first proxy is RatioBord, which determines the effect of the size of the board of directors relative to the size of the s....................
    (2017-02-21) Museums of the World: politics and the representation of indigenous peoples’ narratives in European museums
    Giannakopoulou, Eleni
    Museums during the course of their long history have undergone many changes that have resulted in their reorganization. Social and political changes of the past years have contributed in specific museums’ decision to change their name and become Museums of World Cultures. This thesis investigated the reasons that led museums to that decision, their hopes and objectives, but also the actual changes that accompany this change of name especially regarding their exhibition practices. The main obje....................
    (2017-02-21) From Maverick to Mr. President: Cline of Cautiousness in the Rhetoric of Presidential Candidates Donald J. Trump and H. Ross Perot
    Fransen, Demi
    This thesis aimed to establish whether a cline of cautiousness could be noted in the rhetoric of presidential candidates Donald J. Trump and H. Ross Perot. Purr words, snarl words and metaphors were analyzed and categorized according to the American cultural values of equality, confrontation and orientation to action. Furthermore, constitutional keywords were divided into four different categories, namely that of 'The Presidency and Leadership', 'The System of Government', 'The United States Eco....................
    (2017-02-21) Het Superheldennarratief: Louter Amusement of een Morele Les?
    Ridder, Christian J. van de
    The narrative of superhero stories is key to understanding why superhero movies became so popular after 9/11. What qualifications do you need to become a superhero and what are key elements for their stories. This model of the superhero narrative, eventhough it applies to all superheroes, leaves room for diversity amongst them. Batman and Spider-Man, both without a doubt famous superheroes, could be seen as opposites in terms of their completion of the superhero narrative. Especially the way in ....................
    (2017-02-21) Dissolving Heternormativity through the Analysis of Slash Fiction and Boys' Love Manga
    Steijn, Bram
    This thesis presents a research question that relates to some of the key issues in literary gender studies, queer studies, romance studies, and psychoanalysis: what is the role of the reader’s gender and sexuality in the appreciation of (certain popular) genres that offer non-heteronormative representations of desire?
    (2017-02-21) The ‘troika’ policies to Greece in the Eurozone crisis - a qualitative study of hegemony
    Hartmann, Henrik Sydney
    This thesis examines the crisis policies of the ‘troika’ institutions to Greece in the context of the Eurozone crisis. The neoliberal policies of fiscal austerity and internal devaluation prescribed by the troika had a strong contractionary impact which resulted in a prolonged recession of the Greek economy. For this reason, the research question of this study is to what extent the IMF, the EC and the ECB have been questioning the appropriateness of the prescribed crisis policies to Greece. ....................
    Hall, Robert
    In 2011 a coalition of states began a military intervention in Libya. The coalition consisted primarily of NATO members, but also included several Arab countries. The justification for the intervention was the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 which allowed the intervening forces to “take all necessary measures” to protect civilians, but also prohibited an occupying force, meaning the interveners had to focus primarily on an air campaign and the implementation of a no-fly....................
    (2017-02-20) What about the Achaeology
    Sep, Nancy
    In the beginning of November 2015 the supreme court of Mexico (SCJ) ruled in favour of the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico against Monsanto. Monsanto was to stop the cultivation of soy beans immediately because the affected states Yucatan and Campeche weren't properly consulted before the plans of Monsanto were approved. The states claim the soy plants infected the bees and thus the honey they produce. This resulted in a European ban on Mexican honey which has had a devastating effect on the Mexica....................
    (2017-02-20) Dr
    Lambert, Ralph
    Israel's existence in a near constant state of conflict has had many side effects for the lives of people living there. One such cost felt by the majority is that of national service to which the majority of Israel are subject to. National service sees Israel's Jewish youth and other minorities living there forced to take part in military activity. This comes with the notable exception of the Haredim otherwise known as the Ultra-Orthodox. The draft exemption enjoyed by the Haredim has a valid hi....................
    (2017-02-20) Visualization of Ashura Commemorations by News Media in Lebanon.
    Georgiadou, Maria
    This thesis will focus on how the commemorations of Ashura in Shia Islam are visualized by news media in Lebanon. The day of Ashura is the tenth day in the Islamic calendar and marks the death of Imam Hussein that took place in Karbala, Iraq in 680 CE. For this thesis I conducted a research of articles and their visuals about the Ashura commemorations published by Lebanese news media and from this corpus I selected 6 most exemplary articles to close analyse. The thesis is divided in an introduct....................
    (2017-02-17) Gebonden vrijheid
    Tol, van H.M.
    Opbrengstgericht werken is rijksbeleid dat niet op alle basisscholen even succesvol is geïmplementeerd. Dit onderzoek verklaart verschillen op leerkracht- en organisatieniveau. Beleidsverveemding is van invloed op tactisch niveau: als leerkrachten inspraak hebben in de implementatie op school en het belang van OGW voor hun leerlingen inzien, slaagt de implementatie beter. Hoe beter de schoolleider de balans vindt tussen het geven van inspraak, het creëren van draagvlak en het inperken van bele....................
    (2017-02-17) Alternative Governance in Guatemala: Responses to Land Conflict and Criminal Violence in the Ixil
    Garcia Garzon, Celia
    This thesis analyses alternative forms of governance to manage land conflict and criminal violence in the Ixil region in Guatemala. Under conditions of weak state presence, European-centric governance approaches have been sceptical about governance in countries with a weak institutional culture and precarious democracy. However, on pointing out the democratic stance governance should achieve, they have overlooked alternative forms of order and the contribution of (non)state actors on the provisi....................
    (2017-02-17) Leren van de fruitmand
    Rojas, Y.U.C.
    In dit onderzoek is getracht binnen een gemeentelijke context te achterhalen op welke wijze benchmarken kan bijdragen aan het functioneren van de bedrijfsvoering bij de G4 gemeenten. Onderzocht is hoe de vier steden Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht en Rotterdam met de benchmark Vensters voor Bedrijfsvoering omgaan en welke factoren en knelpunten hierbij een rol spelen voor adaptie en verbetering.
    (2017-02-16) Dutch connections in Swedish collections: a material approach to the Dutch-Swedish book trade
    Alsemgeest, Alex
    This thesis aims to give insight into Dutch books that are found in Swedish collections and show how underlying patterns of cultural exchange between the Dutch Republic and Sweden are connected to specific historical collections in Swedish libraries. The research is partially based on bibliographical data of nearly 3.000 books from five different Swedish collections, specifically recorded for this thesis in the Short-Title Catalogue, Netherlands (STCN).
    (2017-02-16) Drugsbeleid en Wet- en Regelgeving in Japan
    Felix, Simone
    Wanneer er naar cijfers over drugsgebruik in Japan wordt gekeken lijkt het erop dat het drugsprobleem in Japan klein is in vergelijking met veel andere ontwikkelde landen. Aangezien de discussie over het nut van (streng) drugsbeleid de laatste decennia een andere wending neemt, is het interessant om te kijken naar de stand van zaken in een land zoals Japan met haar lage cijfers omtrent drugsgebruik en vrij streng drugsbeleid. De vraag is of het drugsbeleid en de wet- en regelgeving in Japan zor....................
    (2017-02-16) Shinzo Abe: conservative nationalist and promotor of Nippon Kaigi’s ideas?
    Kikuchi, Tsutomu
    This thesis studies the largest right-wing organization of Japan, Nippon Kaigi. Nippon Kaigi is an elitist lobby group with far-reaching influence through their membership, which includes many politicians. This thesis is an attempt at explaining Nippon Kaigi influence through a comparison of statements by Nippon Kaigi and Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.
    (2017-02-16) Use of Twitter by Party Leaders in the 2014 General Election in Japan
    Groothedde, Jeroen
    This research paper analyses 400 Japanese Tweets by the party leaders of eight parties during the official campaigning period from December 2nd to December 14th of the 2014 General Election in Japan. The main goal of this research is to identify to what extent the Internet campaigning tool Twitter causes a candidate–voter interaction in this first Japanese general election where Internet campaigning has been legalized. The analysis is a mix between qualitative and quantitative research.
    (2017-02-16) Abe's speeches in the International arena: the rule of law as a rhetorical tool
    Veerman, Angelo
    This thesis explores the way in which Abe might be using the rule of law as a rhetorical tool in his international and domestic speeches. It will be discussed how he might be utilizing the rule of law in order to counter a negative domestic discourse aimed at him as a result of new-left wing protest groups. The thesis also examines how this use of the rule of law might affect expectations by the international community for Japan's military role.
    (2017-02-16) Why there are almost no women at the top in Japan
    Hemmes, Jelmer
    This thesis attempts to find out how and why women have not been able to reach the higher managerial positions in contemporary Japan. This thesis analyses three different layers. First is the system of the career track and the clerical track which are called Ippanshoku and sōgōshoku. The second point is that Japanese working women also need more role models. They are very elementary, as these role models can not only be a mentor but also provide the right example for women to reach the top. La....................
    (2017-02-16) The Portrait of the Sovereign
    Atalaia, Nuno
    This thesis proposes a reading of the French academic movement during the early years of Louis XIV's reign, under the lens of discourse and hegemony theory. Special attention is given to the writings and paintings of Charles Le Brun, Premier Peintre du Roy, presented as the most accomplished example of the painting's hegemonic function and identity during the founding years of the Academie Royale de Peinture et Sculpture.
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