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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2020-01-07) A Rapid Grid-Search Technique for KBO Exploration Trajectories
    Benayas Penas, Miguel (author)
    The Kuiper Belt is considered to be formed by remnants of the original Solar System, that is why exploration missions to that region are susceptible of having an enormous scientific impact. Nonetheless, it is far away from Earth, missions to KBO targets a significant challenge. Additionally, current methods to identify trajectories that encounter multiple KBOs are computationally intensive with impractically long run times on the order of months.

    The present work deals with applying a r....................
    (2019-12-20) Iterative Bias Estimation for an Ultra-Wideband Localization System
    van der Heijden, Bas (author)
    Three bias estimation frameworks are presented that mitigate position-dependent ranging errors often present in ultra-wideband localization systems. State estimation and control are integrated, such that the positioning accuracy improves over iterations. The frameworks are experimentally evaluated on a quadcopter platform. Two state augmentation frameworks show that the anchor placement has a significant influence on the observability of the problem. A third framework circumvented any observabil....................
    (2019-12-20) Monitoring Backward Erosion Piping with Self-Potential Geophysics
    Gevaert, Joost (author)
    Backward erosion piping is a dike failure mechanism. It is the internal erosion process by which sand is eroded away from underneath a dike or levee by seepage flow. This erosion process progresses in the direction opposite to the direction of seepage flow and forms a small pipe directly beneath the dike. As erosion continues, this process can lead to dike failure. During this erosion process, the groundwater flow pattern is subject to continuous change, due to the growth of the pipe. Self-poten....................
    (2019-12-20) Hand gestures as a form of communicating crossing intent from pedestrians to Automated Vehicles
    Epke, Michael Ray (author)
    Communication between pedestrians and drivers partially relies on nonverbal communication methods such as eye-contact and gestures. With the transition from manually driven vehicles to automated vehicles (AVs), pedestrians could lose the ability to communicate their intention to the driver. This study investigated the use of hand gestures as a new form of communication from the pedestrian to the AV. Twenty-six participants participated in a Virtual Reality (VR) experiment, in which they wore an ....................
    (2019-12-20) Watermarking for attack detection in networked control systems: comparison between a linear and a nonlinear approach
    Mooren, Maurits (author)
    With the increasing amount of information sent in control systems, data is more often communicated through a communication network. These networked control systems use the network to exchange control and feedback signals among the system’s components. Data sent over a network attracts adversaries that try to read and modify this data. These attempts of modifying the data are unwanted and need to be detected. In order to detect these attacks a digital watermark is added to the data in real time....................
    (2019-12-19) Numerical analysis of the flow past a leading edge inflatable kite wing using a correlation-based transition model
    Demkowicz, Patryk (author)
    Thorough understanding of flexible wing structural and aerodynamic properties is crucial to reduce uncertainties in the design process of energy generating kite systems. A flexible leading edge inflatable (LEI) tethered kite connected to a drum-generator module is currently being developed by the Airborne Wind Energy research group at TU Delft jointly with its commercial spin-off Kitepower. During each energy generation cycle, the kite experiences persistent regions of flow separation, which com....................
    (2019-12-19) Development of a portable, multi-agent experimental platform for demonstration of a persistent coverage control algorithm
    Vermeulen, Arjan (author)
    At DCSC, research is conducted in the field of multi-agent systems. While this research often takes a theoretical approach, there is a growing need to verify the research on an experimental platform. In this way, the newly developed methods can be experimentally validated. For this purpose, a compact system is developed for localization and pose estimation of small, differential drive agents, using a camera and computer vision. This platform is designed in such a way that it is both portable and....................
    (2019-12-19) Additive Manufacturing of Liquid Crystal Polymers: Interlayer features: formation and impact on interlaminar shear strength
    Houriet, Caroline (author)
    Recent findings have highlighted the potential of a 3D-printable high-strength Liquid Crystal Polymer, whose anisotropy can be fostered for topology optimization intents. The mesostructure of a 3D-printed liquid crystal polymer is studied: the observation of interlayer features under the form of regular notches or spiraling patterns swirls is reported on optical microscopy of cross-sections. A formation mechanism is proposed: interlayer features may be formed as a result of an offset in placemen....................
    (2019-12-19) Absorption of ammonia in an ammonia - ionic liquid solution: A detailed experimental and numerical study of the absorption process
    Peshave, Kalyani (author)
    Excessive consumption of non - renewable resources in the recent times has negative effects on the environment, one of the important of which include global warming. This suggests an urgent need for adaption to the sustainable use of the resources, for which the thermal technologies show a lot of scope. Absorption heat pump is a type of heat pump which uses a thermal compressor instead of a mechanical compressor as in the case for the conventional heat pumps. Thus, such heat pumps are indeed an ....................
    (2019-12-19) Managing circular construction projects
    Versteeg Conlledo, Ana (author)
    The construction sector has been the world’s largest consumer of raw materials since years. Construction and building activities together account for 36% of global energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (World Green Building Council, 2017). Considering the built environment puts major pressure on the natural environment, a change in the construction sector is crucial. Circular economy is one of the concepts that can be applied to the built environment. The circular economy is base....................
    (2019-12-19) Ship collision on temporary structures: Combi-walls under collision loading
    Jansen, Johan (author)
    When designing a construction pit adjacent to a navigation channel, the event of a ship colliding with the structure is something to take into account in the design of the pit. However, several aspects regarding ship collisions, i.e. the probability of occurrence of a collision, the magnitude of the collision force and the influence on the safety of the pit, are uncertain. The goal of this research is to develop a method to determine the safety of a temporary construction pit. The Blankenburg Co....................
    (2019-12-18) Parametric Modelling Method based on Knowledge Based Engineering: The LNG Bunkering Vessel Case
    Charisi, Nicole (author)
    This thesis aims in the development of a parametric modelling method for the preliminary ship design based on Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE). The research work was conducted in cooperation with C-Job Naval Architects. Nowadays, parametric models can be seen as the core of the design practice since they facilitate the exploration of the preliminary design space, and thus, multiple design solutions can be assessed. The present work proposes a parametric modelling method based on knowledge build....................
    (2019-12-18) Analysing BGP Origin Hijacks
    van Veen, Simone (author)
    In the past years, society has become increasingly more reliant on the Internet. Consequently, the security of the Internet became of critical importance. This thesis focusses on the security of one of the Internet's main protocols. This protocol, called the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), is used to exchange information that allows Internet traffic to reach its intended destination. BGP is vulnerable to misconfigurations and attacks that can cause a range of problems. This thesis focusses on one....................
    (2019-12-18) Strategic Design of a Medical Consumable: From product to circular service
    van Hamersveld, Mike (author)
    The world of today is facing a large environmental challenge. We all need to reduce our impact to remain sustainable. Companies must look at a more circular approach of producing their goods. Without consumers engaging in circular behavior however, the circular economy will not reach its potential.To examine the circular economy approach in a medical domain, a case study is done at Philips Design. Specifically, we look at the Healthdot, a medical sensor for at home, currently not envisioned to b....................
    (2019-12-18) Explorative study towards the integration and combination of three technologies into a virtual control system
    Spel, Bart (author)
    Interacting with holograms is something which is widely speculated about. Combining holographic projections with haptic feedback and gesture control might bring this concept closer to reality. This project aims at exploring the possibilities of combining these three technologies into a combined virtual control system. Project owner Safran initiated the project concerning the combination of three technologies into a single virtual control system. This system could provide added value to a lavator....................
    (2019-12-17) Medical Instrument Tray Optimization: Combining Use Rates, Expert Opinions and Risk Analyses
    van Trier, Teun (author)
    The operating room and central sterile supply department (CSSD) are two
    resource-intensive healthcare departments. Reducing the environmental and financial impact of these departments is of great importance in the global debate on sustainability. Removing unnecessary items from instrument trays may provide a partial solution. However, improvements to tray compositions are often time-consuming, not permanent and not using the full reduction potential. This research compares different methods ....................
    (2019-12-17) Increasing the Effectiveness of the Capacity Usage at Rolling Stock Service Locations
    van Hövell tot Westerflier, Madeleine (author)
    Passengers often complain about dirty trains indicating the relevance of interior cleaning of rolling stock (RS). Servicing tasks (i.e. interior and exterior cleaning and smaller technical checks) are executed on a daily basis at service locations (SLs). Currently, due to train operations during daytime, the current focus lies on night servicing. In this thesis daytime servicing is considered in order to tackle the capacity shortages at SLs. Therefore, the Rolling Stock Servicing Scheduling Prob....................
    (2019-12-17) Analysis of fluid flow around a rotating circular cylinder using RBVMS and IGA
    Feij, Christiaan (author)
    The case of the flow around a rotating circular cylinder is very complex. This thesis investigates the properties of a fluid flow for Reynolds numbers ranging from 50 to 400. Numerical simulations are performed using a combination of isogeometric analysis and the residual-based variational multiscale method, providing high accuracy. The results show how the lift and the drag generated by the cylinder are related to the spin rate and the Reynolds number. When comparing the lift and drag values to....................
    (2019-12-17) The footprint of yacht production: Defining a framework for the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index
    Cozijnsen, Lisette (author)
    This research has been performed with the goal to set up a model for the comparison of the environmental impact caused by the production of yachts. This model is created in such a way that it can be implemented in the YETI, Yacht Environmental Transparency Index, which is currently under development. The model that is created is based on a Life Cycle Assessment methodology named Fast Track LCA. This methodology consists of five steps which are further standardized to meet the requirements of the....................
    (2019-12-17) Quantum Gaussian Processes for Data-Driven Design of Metamaterials
    Kuś, Gaweł (author)
    The data-driven approach shows great potential for designing new materials with unprecedented properties by using machine learning and optimization. Recently, a data-driven framework was successfully applied to design a unit cell of metamaterial achieving super-compressibility, despite being built out of brittle base material. The key element of the framework is the algorithm called Gaussian processes regression (GPs) – a unique machine learning method that provides with the uncertainty of the....................
    (2019-12-17) Scene Classification for a Mobile Interactive Robot
    Donadoni, Laura (author)
    The use of social robots increased in the past few years. Current technology, however, lacks in de- ploying a single robot for different applications without the help of a human being. Current solutions are time-consuming, labour intensive and hard to generalize. Being aware of its surroundings, in terms of environment and context, the robot can select the appropriate application that the situation needs. We propose a multi-modal, knowledge-based hybrid scene classification method for applying a....................
    (2019-12-17) Interwoven: Growing a Durable yet Delicate Composite Textile
    Ford, Damienmarc (author)
    Growing design is an emerging new design approach at the confluence of materials science, biology, arts and design. It challenges current industrial consumption and production because it offers the opportunity to co-create with nature and shift the paradigm of production towards more sustainable solutions. Diana Scherer is an artist exploring the creation of a novel material by utilising the natural processes of the growth of a living organism. She has created a material called Interwoven, which....................
    (2019-12-17) On the aeroelasticity of an extreme scale wind turbine: Using an FSI framework in NLR's in-house code ENSOLV
    Rietema, Roald (author)
    Recent decades, an ongoing trend has emerged in the upscaling of wind turbines in order to compete with traditional energy resources. For conventional wind turbines, aside from improving safety, the driving factors for new designs have always been increased efficiency and performance. This has led to novel wind turbine designs comprising thin-walled structures and light-weight composite materials that produce more power per unit. The current cost of wind energy is strongly dominated by operation....................
    (2019-12-16) The Thermodynamics of Economic Engineering: With Applications to Economic Growth
    Manders, Nicolas (author)
    The economic engineering group at the DCSC uses Newtonian and analytical mechanics to model economic systems but makes no use of thermodynamics. The introduction of thermodynamics to the economic engineering framework would increase the extent of analysis and interpretation of economic systems in economic engineering. In this thesis the foundations of the thermodynamics of economic engineering are developed in order to include thermodynamic modeling of economic systems in the field of economic e....................
    (2019-12-16) Towards the ambient aerosol extinction from dried aerosol in situ observations.
    van Binsbergen, Priska (author)
    Accurate predictions of the extinction and scattering properties of the atmosphere are important for climate research and interpreting satellite data. This study introduces a model (called the H-model) that calculates the scattering coefficients and scattering enhancement factors based on in situ measurements of the dried ambient aerosol. A disadvantage of using dried aerosol measurements is that they do not correspond with the ambient conditions, as they are measured at a relative humidity belo....................
    (2019-12-16) An automotive MIMO radar calibration using targets of opportunity in different weather conditions
    Audenaert, Lisa (author)
    Automotive radar has an advantage over other sensors in that it is better at operating in bad weather conditions. To see the extent of the effect that adverse weather conditions might have on the statistics of the data a statistical analysis was performed on real measurement data. During heavy rain there is a shift that can be observed in the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of the target. The average RCS of the target increases slightly when it is raining. In (Multiple Input Multiple Output) MIMO rada....................
    (2019-12-16) Microneedles for Optical Spectroscopy: To measure across the skin barrier
    Demirci, Eda (author)
    [Background] This project provides a proof of principle to use microneedles in combination with optical spectroscopy for bilirubin detection. For newborns, high bilirubin levels in the blood can lead to serious health consequences, such as jaundice, which can lead to brain damage. Therefore, it should be detected as early as possible. However, bilirubin monitoring of newborns in remote African areas is insufficient. In these areas the current invasive methods are time-consuming, and minimally in....................
    (2019-12-16) Chalk putty: specimen preparation and aging properties
    Sanchez Alonso, Carlota (author)
    Chalk putty is a soil-like material that is formed when intact chalk is disturbed. Recently, it has become of special interest due to the development of offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas, where in a number of sites piles are driven into chalk strata. Several pile tests reported in the literature show increased shaft capacity up to 4 months after driving. Although it is a widespread remark in the scientific publications that chalk properties improve over time, laboratory replicatio....................
    (2019-12-16) Development of a reversible solidoxide cell test station
    Wagemans, Tom (author)
    In a effort to curb climate change, more and more countries are adding solar and wind farms to their electrical grid. These solar and wind farms produce electrical energy based on environmental conditions, for example solar irradiation intensity or wind speed. As such these farms create fluctuations in the electrical grid and create a mismatch between energy supply and demand. To solve this problem the European Balance project proposes to use reversible solid oxide cell (ReSOC) systems. These sy....................
    (2019-12-16) In Search of Sun: Solar Pretreatment to enhance the Biomethane Potential of Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) Fibres
    Mc Gregor, Julia (author)
    In the past decades, fossil fuels have become an increasing concern, due them being a non-renewable energy source and due to the environmental concerns related to the production and use of this fuel. This has led to increasingly more research in the value of bio-sourced lignocellulosic biomass such as Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) fibres from the palm oil industry. EFB fibres are a major by-product of the palm oil industry and globally, over 30 million tons are produced annually. Due to its biomass ch....................
    (2019-12-13) Fiber optimization of a carbon windsurfing boom: FEM fiber optimization for mass and stiffness
    Huisman, Niek (author)
    The goal of this research is to optimize the fiber layup of a carbon windsurfing boom for weight and stiffness. A windsurfing boom should be stiff to provide an efficient basis for the energy transfer from the sail through the surfer to the board. The weight of the boom is important as the total weight of the rig influences the performance, especially during movements where the swing weight of the rig is important. To optimize the fiber layup the FEM simulation software of SolidWorks is used. Th....................
    (2019-12-13) Operational Gate Allocation Using a Sliding Time Window
    Borghart, jasper (author)
    The steady growth of air traffic volumes and the subsequent increase of congestion at major airports require airports to increase their operational efficiency. Inefficient or the absence of gate reassignment models increase the possibility and occurrence of gate blockage and at the same time reduce the comfort of passengers as they often receive the notice that they have to wait for their assigned gate to become available. This thesis describes a model to optimally reallocate flights to availabl....................
    (2019-12-13) Design and optimisation of an additively manufactured patient-specific partial mandible reconstruction implant
    Oldhoff, Miriam (author)
    Additive manufacturing (AM) provides the opportunity for complex porous designs, without the costs depending on batch size. Therefore patient-specific implants can be rapidly manufactured. In clinical practice, reconstruction of the mandible is needed in case of bone tumors or trauma. Part of the mandible is removed and the shape of the missing part needs to be estimated, before an implant can be designed. Now-a-days the golden standard for mandible reconstruction is autograft surgery using the ....................
    (2019-12-13) Preliminary Propulsion System Design and Integration for a Box-Wing Aircraft Configuration: A Knowledge Based Engineering Approach
    Proesmans, Pieter-Jan (author)
    The design and integration of the propulsion system is known to be an interesting, multi-disciplinary challenge in aircraft design projects. Especially for new aircraft configurations, it is important to gain a lot of knowledge in the preliminary design stages. An example of such an unconventional configuration is the box-wing aircraft examined by the PARSIFAL project. Therefore, a Knowledge Based Engineering approach towards engine design and integration is developed in this thesis. This new ap....................
    (2019-12-13) Effects of silver nanoparticle- containing 3D printed antibacterial implants on macrophages
    van Poll, Mathijs (author)
    Orthopedic implants used for total joint replacements are under a high clinical demand. Although most total joint replacements are successful, premature failures are still affecting tens of thousands of people annually. The major causes of implant failure are aseptic loosening and bacterial infections. To overcome these issues, multifunctional biomaterials that can on one hand battle implant associated infections (IAI), while on the other hand enhance osseointergration are being researched. Addi....................
    (2019-12-13) Evaluation of a material hub as a circular waste management strategy: A case in Haarlem municipality
    Karamanou, Maria (author)
    Dutch municipalities face the waste management problem of assets which are reaching their end of life cycle. This is why, they investigate ways to effectively tackle this issue, by simultaneously complying with the goal imposed by the Dutch government about 100% circular construction sector by 2050. As a preparatory step in the transition towards Circular Economy (CE) in the Netherlands by 2050 and the forecasted changing regulations in waste management, a material hub is deemed as a solution to....................
    (2019-12-13) Navigation through terrain recognition for on-board radar systems
    Stefanovici, Vlad (author)
    Radar technique advancements have made it possible to equip lightweight aircraft with radar systems. These systems can help determine the relative position of the world around the aircraft. Performing calculations on the incoming radar signals, it is possible to determine the locations of the ground elements in the aircraft body of reference, which can be done using Direction of Arrival Estimation (DAE) in a lateral setting, as a Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR). Using traditional computing te....................
    (2019-12-13) Semi-Analytical Buckling and Optimisation of Variable Stiffness, Variable Thickness Laminates
    Vertonghen, Lander (author)
    Variable Angle Tow designs have shown to improve structural performance by providing a better stiffness distribution. However, additional manufacturing constraints are involved compared to straight fibre laminates: mainly the maximum fibre steering curvature that can be achieved. Moreover, if a gap free laminate is constructed, overlaps will be formed depending on the relative fibre orientation when the continuous tows are bent to follow a reference path in Automated Fibre Placement and a one-si....................
    (2019-12-13) Automatic multimodal detection of team cohesion in meetings
    van der Wel, Marissa (author)
    In this thesis the automatic multimodal detection of social and task cohesion in meetings is studied. The presence of social and task cohesion has positive benefits on employee well-being, creativity and productiveness, and can therefore be used to assess meeting quality. Conversational partners imitate each other's body language and speech characteristics to have smoother interactions, to increase liking, and it can cause a coordination of expectations. We hypothesize that social and task cohes....................
    (2019-12-13) A Decision Support Tool for Strategic Planning of Multimodal Transport Infrastructure: The Case of Brazil
    van den Boogaard, Raquel (author)
    The ever increasing need of developing efficient solutions for the transport of cargo, able to reduce transport costs while complying to green policies has promoted the use of multimodal transport during the last decades. Multimodal
    transport consists of the use of at least two modes of transportation for the transport of cargo from origin to destination. Governments and transport authorities (network planners) seek to make the optimal investment decisions when choosing where to allocate the....................
    (2019-12-13) Wave Dynamics in Inverse Krylov Subspaces
    Belier, Joris (author)
    Recent studies have shown an increased interest in modal solutions of wave problems with resonating structures. These studies demonstrate that resonating structures with physical dimensions close to a wavelength can be accurately described by a few relevant resonating modes. The physical dimensions of the demonstrated resonating structures were close to a wavelength, which suggests that these highly-resonating modes have relatively low eigenvalues. Those resonating-modes are therefore dominantly....................
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