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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2019-12-06) Advanced Set Bounding Methods for Fault Detection
    Ritsma, Folkert (author)
    Performance of set based fault detection is highly dependent on the complexity of the set bounding methods used to bound the healthy residual set. Existing methods achieve robust performance with complex set bounding that narrowly define healthy system behavior, yet at the cost of higher computation times. In this thesis a major improvement is reached in both accuracy and computation time by applying machine learning methods to set bounding. A method is developed which achieves fault detection a....................
    (2019-09-22) Exploring potential implications of automated inland shipping on the Dutch waterway infrastructure: A scenario analysis
    van Terwisga, Wouter (author)
    Automated shipping is a technology which is highly anticipated by many actors in the inland shipping sector. Rijkswaterstaat, as the manager of the main inland waterways in the Netherlands, wants to be prepared for this technology. As the technology is still very immature, this research has attempted to reduce the amount of uncertainty in the effects and implications of this technology using a scenario analysis approach. As a result, the main research question is as follows: “What are the pote....................
    (2019-09-13) Practical Implementation of a Quantum Algorithm for the Solution of Systems of Linear Systems of Equations
    Ubbens, Otmar (author)
    With the rapid development of Quantum Computers (QC) and QC Simulators, there will be an increased demand for functioning Quantum Algorithms in the near future. Some of the most ubiquitously useful algorithms are solvers for linear systems of equations. Since the conception of the Quantum Linear Solver Algorithm (QLSA) by Harrow, Hassidim and Lloyd (HHL) in 2009, many improvements have been made, although a generic implementation for arbitrary matrices and vectors is still not available. In this....................
    (2019-09-01) Detecting speech from body movements: A look into the nature of speech based on neural networks and multi-source domain adaptation
    Ni, Xianhao (author)
    Our research focuses on speech detection from body movements using wearable accelerometer data collected in an in-the-wild mingling event. We aim to explore the nature of the connection between speech and body movements. More specifically, we stress on the person-specificity of speech. Many studies have shown that speech always comes along with unconscious body behaviours. There is a strong correlation and synchrony between speech and body movements. Previous research has proved that human behav....................
    (2019-08-30) Quantum Error Correction: Decoders for the Toric Code
    Leijenhorst, Nando (author)
    Quantum error correction is needed for future quantum computers. Classical error correcting codes are not suitable for this due to the nature of quantum mechanics. Therefore, new codes need to be developed. A promising candidate is the toric code, a surface code, because of its locality and its high error correcting capability and thresholds (the error probability below which increasing the size of the code decreases the failure rate). This thesis provides an introduction to quantum error correc....................
    (2019-08-30) Online Vehicle Inertial Parameter Estimation: Testing Rozyn’s Algorithm Under More Realistic Conditions
    Dijkhuizen, Joël (author)
    The inertial parameters of a vehicle, which include the mass, centre of gravity position and the moments of inertia, influences the dynamics of the vehicle. Currently, the modelling of the vehicle is done by assuming fixed, conservative, values for the inertial parameters. Knowing the exact values may increase the performance, safety and comfort of the vehicle. A literature review has been conducted, where different methods for online inertial parameter estimation have been graded based on the a....................
    (2019-08-30) Wing deformation measurements of the DelFly II in different flight configurations
    Heitzig, Dorian (author)
    This study investigates the wing deformation of the flapping-wing micro air vehicle (MAV) DelFly II in various flight configurations. Experiments were carried out with the MAV tethered in a windtunnel test section. To determine the best suited measurement approach, a trade-off study was carried out which showed that a point tracking approach with background illumination is most suitable. The therefore used high-speed camera pair and illumination were mounted on the same rotating frame with the D....................
    (2019-08-30) Creating a bias in inspection data: Exploring the medium- to long-term effects of data-driven risk-based regulation
    Sedee, Ivo (author)
    Monitoring organisations are currently in a transition phase towards risk-based inspections using data models and algorithms in order to increase their efficiency and transparancy. The use of data by monitoring organisations has several benefits, but can at the same time have negative effects in the medium- to long-term. This study explores these effects when monitoring organisations choose to perform their inspections based on data collected during their own inspections. Engineering and Policy ....................
    (2019-08-29) Model Free Reinforcement Learning with Stability Guarantee
    Tian, Yuan (author)
    Model-free reinforcement learning has proved to be successful in many tasks such as robotic manipulator, video games, and even stock trading. However, as the dynamics of the environment is unmodelled, it is fundamentally difficult to ensure the learned policy to be absolutely reliable and its performance is guaranteed. In this thesis, we borrow the concept of stability and Lyapunov analysis in control theory to design a policy with stability guarantee and assure the guaranteed behaviors of the a....................
    (2019-08-29) Decline of private investments in the Greek economy and the way forward
    Karampekios, Antonios (author)
    Greece was amongst the first countries to be hit after the outburst of the European financial crisis in 2008. The crisis revealed the underlying intra-Eurozone macroeconomic imbalances and turned the attention of the global community and investors towards the very high level of Greek public debt. Private investments in the Greek economy also suffered a heavy downfall since the beginning of the crisis. The level of private gross capital formation kept decreasing since 2008 and forecasts estimate ....................
    (2019-08-29) Design of the European Lunar Penetrator (ELUPE) Descent Module Controller
    Bouma, Wouter (author)
    To obtain unambiguous ground truth of water-ice residing in permanently shaded regions of the Moon and to characterise the local regolith, ESA considers a mission involving an instrumented penetrator implanted there by high-speed impact. Released into lunar orbit, the European Lunar Penetrator (ELUPE) Descent Module will autonomously traverse a controlled trajectory to its designated target. The associated attitude control problem involves highly nonlinear large-angle slew manoeuvres and unstabl....................
    (2019-08-29) Synergies in Liner Shipping: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in the Partnership Decision
    Janzen, Pieternel (author)
    Liner shipping companies engage in strategic cooperation to deal with the market’s overcapacity, capital intensiveness and volatile freight rates. However, these partnerships do not reach their full potential and have lowered the level of service in the industry. To identify how carriers would be able to realise further synergies, this study has investigated the current performance of liner shipping companies and developed a model to identify and assess potential partnership opportunities. Thi....................
    (2019-08-29) Designing Repair Processes by Introducing a Return Quality Control Model: A Method for Sustainable Initial Repair Process Design
    Haak, Daan (author)
    An increasingly dynamic and competitive market forces MRO businesses to improve on efficiency and sustainability of remanufacturing processes. Present research focus on current process states and recovery, improvement and control of process phases beyond initial design without inclusion of return quality. This research addresses a method for sustainable initial repair process design from a return quality perspective. For this purpose it introduces a return quality control model that provides rep....................
    (2019-08-29) A user centered, edge based interaction between humans and autonomous vehicles
    Rakas, Nick (author)
    Autonomous vehicles have advanced rapidly in the last decades. The automotive industry is making valiant efforts to strengthen autonomous vehicle technologies and improve overall road safety. Besides actual safety, feeling safe is equally important. In other words, there is also a socio-technical perspective of self-driving vehicles that should not be ignored. Currently, when pedestrians wish to cross the road, they tend to rely on informal communication with drivers. However, this will not be t....................
    (2019-08-28) Prosumerism in Oosterwold: Designing a Transitional Practice of Food Growing
    Gokçe, Yağmur (author)
    Imagine a neighborhood where almost all of the decisions are left to its inhabitants; a neighborhood where all of the inhabitants cultivate soil to grow their food for their own consumption, in other words prosumerism*. This newly established neighborhood is Oosterwold which is located in the intersection of Dutch cities Almere and Zeewolde. Oosterwold is specifically designed to include agriculture activites into everyday life of its inhabitants which would enable sustainable ways of living in ....................
    (2019-08-28) On the effect of laser altimeter crossover observables on orbit determination with the JUICE mission as case study
    Villamil, Sebastian (author)
    This thesis' work aims to evaluate the potential added benefit to spacecraft orbit determination procedures upon using non-conventional measurements for orbit reconstruction. As a spacecraft orbits a celestial body, its ground tracks will naturally cross previous ground tracks at many points. These locations, known as crossover points, yield valuable information about the orbited body and the spacecraft trajectory using the spacecraft altitude measured during both passages at each crossover loca....................
    (2019-08-28) Appraisal of Friction Coefficients Between TBM and Conditioned Soil: A Laboratory Investigation Adopting a Direct Shear Apparatus
    Ambrosi, Matteo (author)
    During the advance of a tunnel boring machine (TBM), the torque applied to rotate the cutterhead must overcome the resisting moments acting on it. Hence, one of the major concerns of TBM design is to determine the torque and power requirements of the excavation machine. The first empirical approach for torque estimation was developed in the 80’s by JSCE. This estimation fits the recorded mean torque for 5-8m diameter projects, but overestimates torque as TBM diameter increases. Newer approache....................
    (2019-08-28) Likelihood-based Inference on Nonlinear spaces: Using Diffusion Processes on Riemannian Manoifolds
    Corstanje, Marc (author)
    When data in higher dimensions with a certain constraint on it, say a set of locations on a sphere, is encountered, some classical statistical analysis methods fail, as the data no longer assumes its values in a linear space. In this thesis we consider such datasets and aim to do likelihood-based inference on the center of the data. To model the nonlinearity, we consider the data to be a set of points on a Riemannian manifold. The general approach in this thesis comes from the classical result w....................
    (2019-08-28) An Experimental Approach to Study Drainage in Relation to Geometrical Features of Artificial Adhesives
    De Geyndt, Wouter (author)
    With growing interest in wet adhesion, animals such as tree frogs are often used as paradigm for creating grippers in wet environments. Tree frogs are capable of attaching to surfaces under several conditions (smooth, rough, dry, wet, and flooded) due to the microstructure of their toe pads. This microstructure consists of pillar-shaped hexagonal cells separated by thin and deep channels. Drainage is an important phenomenon to consider, since too much liquid between the toe pad and surface resul....................
    (2019-08-28) Decreasing the exposure of temperature-sensitive cargo to ambient temperature on the tarmac at KLM Cargo
    Epe, Gerco (author)
    Temperature excursions show that goods that are transported from an aircraft to the warehouse are exposed to ambient temperature for too long, affecting the temperature of the cargo. KLM Cargo has a cool chain project that tends to gain more insight in the operational performance. With the exposure as KPI, defined as Degree-Hours, all subsequent operations are quantified and a performance value is appointed to each subsystem. The operations are not occurring in the same amount, therefore a modal....................
    (2019-08-28) Mitigation of Ice-induced vibrations of Offshore Wind Turbines by Control Idling
    Ali, Irfan (author)
    Offshore wind farms are being developed at locations with moderate ice conditions such as the Baltic Sea, where drifting sea ice upon interacting with offshore structures could lead to the development of a phenomenon known as Ice-induced vibrations (IIV). These vibrations are especially severe when the turbine is idling. Current mitigation measures consist of an expensive solution of ice cones, which are only favourable when ice occurs seasonally. The main objective of this study is to investiga....................
    (2019-08-28) Attention-Aware Age-Agnostic Visual Place Recognition
    Li, Jiahui (author)
    A cross-domain visual place recognition (VPR) task is proposed in this work, i.e., matching images of the same architectures depicted in different domains. VPR is commonly treated as an image retrieval task, where a query image from an unknown location is matched with relevant instances from geo-tagged gallery database. Different from conventional VPR settings where the query images and gallery images come from the same domain, we propose a more common but challenging setup where the query image....................
    (2019-08-27) Disappearing professions through technological development: Implications for the Dutch labour market
    Schot, Paul (author)
    Frey and Osborne (2013) have researched the effects of current digitization and robotization of society and concluded 47 percent of American jobs have a high probability of disappearing between now and the year 2030. There are signs that these technological developments may lead to a fourth industrial revolution and consequently, unemployment will rise, as job creation cannot keep up with job destruction. The previous Deputy Prime minister of the Netherlands underlined the necessity of dealing w....................
    (2019-08-27) Periodic event-triggered control for congested networked control systems
    Szymanek, Aleksandra (author)
    With the recent development of control systems, event-triggered control (ETC) has been introduced to prevent unnecessary usage of resources, which often happens under time-based control implementations. This thesis presents a novel approach to periodic event-triggered control (PETC) that aims at reducing the number of transmissions between the controller and the sensors even further. This goal is particularly important in networked control systems (NCSs), where communication and computation reso....................
    (2019-08-27) Evaluating Multi-Disease Interventions
    Gross, Shannon (author)
    Policymakers who work in the public health sector may rely on the help of quantitative models to support their choice of control strategy against a particular infectious disease. While policymakers have a large number of decision support models to choose from, hardly any of these tools are used to design an intervention strategy that can work well across multiple diseases. This is in part because of the need for large amounts of precise, detailed data and the presence of many unknown or confound....................
    (2019-08-27) Inter- and intra-driver variability in lane change behaviour
    Koppel, Christiaan (author)
    Lane change manoeuvres are known to vary widely in lane change duration. This is thought to be an effect of the surrounding vehicles and personal preference of drivers. However, little is known about the effect on steering behaviour during a lane change manoeuvre. Moreover, the relation of the effect of traffic to inter- and intra-driver variability is unknown. This study focuses on quantifying inter- and intra-driver variability in lane change duration and steering behaviour during lane changes....................
    (2019-08-27) Feasibility study of product-service system model for cradle-to-cradle products
    Soni, Gaurav (author)
    This thesis report helps to identify which business strategies can make product-service systems a feasible business model for cradle-to-cradle certified products. Cradle-to-cradle is a product certification that highlights the material re-utilization and material health of any products. Product-service systems are the business models that combine the provision of products along with related services, to ensure better and responsible handling of the products, even after selling the products. In t....................
    (2019-08-27) Machine Learning of Atmospheric Turbulence in a Variational Multiscale Model
    Janssens, Martin (author)
    Today's leading projections of climate change predicate on Atmospheric General Circulation Models (GCMs). Since the atmosphere consists of a staggering range of scales that impact global trends, but computational constraints prevent many of these scales from being directly represented in numerical simulations, GCMs require "parameterisations'' - models for the influence of unresolved processes on the resolved scales. State-of-the-art parameterisations are commonly based on combinations of phenom....................
    (2019-08-27) A governance model for managing Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
    Orynbayeva, Altynay (author)
    Companies today are continually looking for new ways to digitize and automate their processes in order to maximize productivity and efficiency. Existing academic research has shown the efficiency and benefits of process automation using Robotics Process Automation (RPA). Through preliminary research, we observed that most of the companies have stagnated in a pilot or proof of concept of implementing RPA phase which implies that they are still learning how to manage RPA. The success of scaling up....................
    (2019-08-27) High-Throughput Big Data Analytics Through Accelerated Parquet to Arrow Conversion
    van Leeuwen, Lars (author)
    With the advent of high-bandwidth non-volatile storage devices, the classical assumption that database analytics applications are bottlenecked by CPUs having to wait for slow I/O devices is being flipped around. Instead, CPUs are no longer able to decompress and deserialize the data stored in storage-focused file formats fast enough to keep up with the speed at which compressed data is read from storage. In order to better utilize the increasing I/O bandwidth, this work proposes a hardware accel....................
    (2019-08-27) Port Call Efficiency Optimization, Using Data Analysis, Process Mining and Discrete Event Simulation
    Mašović, Matti (author)
    Port call efficiency (PCE) is an important factor in the port choice of shipping lines. This research strives to contribute to the current work on PCE optimization. This is done by applying relative new techniques on port call related data. A combination of process mining (PM) and discrete event simulation (DEVS) is explored, with the Port of Rotterdam as a case study, to determine how they can contribute to identifying and assessing policies that improve port call efficiency. It is concluded th....................
    (2019-08-27) New ships, new rules: Assessment of the Required Subdivision Index for Unmanned Ships based on Equivalent Safety
    de Vos, Jiri (author)
    The research effort on autonomous ships has increased over the last years. The realisation of these ships will have as a consequence that the crew can be reduced significantly or even be removed entirely, resulting in unmanned ships. Although there is a strong belief that unmanned ships would lead to more economic efficiency, only limited research has been performed in order to demonstrate what the overall effect of the change to unmanned shipping would have on transport costs. Nonetheless, more....................
    (2019-08-26) Active inference for adaptive and fault tolerant control: An application to robot manipulators
    Pezzato, Corrado (author)
    Dealing with inherently unmodeled dynamics and large parameter variations or faults, is a challenging task while controlling robot manipulators. Classical control techniques cannot usually provide satisfactory responses, and often external supervision systems have to be designed to handle the faults. Recent research has shown that active inference, a unifying neuroscientific theory of the brain, bares the potential of intrinsically coping with strong uncertainties in the system, mimicking the ad....................
    (2019-08-26) Insights in the market of recycled plastic, with practical value chain research
    van Sambeek, Boudewijn (author)
    The European Union (EU) landfilled and incinerated 600 million tons of waste in 2013, which could have been recycled and returned as raw material to the economy. Resource efficiency can regain this value and bring economic, environmental and social benefits. The EU has therefore adapted the Circular Economy Package with targets to stimulate the transition to a circular economy. These targets include reusing and recycling 55% of plastic packaging waste by 2025. Member states act to achieve those ....................
    (2019-08-26) Designing Communication Triggers for the Flexible Office Setting
    Yilmaz, Nazli (author)
    With the rise of remote working opportunities, the definition of office is changing and this is also affecting the way that we shape our offices. Nowadays, more
and more companies are switching to the flexible workspace. This shift is redefining the relationships and the communication motives colleagues have with each other. The project explores how the hindered aspect of communication can be revived with triggers in order to help the employees form deeper relationships. This is done via an it....................
    (2019-08-26) Evaluating SLAM in an urban dynamic environment
    van Schouwenburg, Sietse (author)
    Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) algorithms provide accurate localization for autonomous vehicles and provide essential information for the path planning module. However, SLAM algorithms as- sume a static environment in order to estimate a location. This assumption influences the pose estimation in dynamic urban environments. The impact of this assumption on day-to-day scenarios of an intelligent vehicle is unknown. A deeper understanding on the effect of dynamic scenarios in an urba....................
    (2019-08-26) Maturity model for the IT-department when migrating to a SaaS-environment
    Rijnveld, Justus (author)
    In a period where digitization rapidly influences the corporate world, Cloud Computing (CC) has emerged over the past years as well. CC refers to offering hardware, software, and data by a provider over a network and can benefit organizations enormously regarding cost efficiency, operational excellence, and innovation. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a delivery model of CC, allows organizations to deploy and use complete applications over the internet, which are managed by an external provider. Th....................
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