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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2020-01-01) Binaural beats as non-drug intervention at the first ait
    Ouweneel, L.A.
    In dit onderzoek is getracht een non-medicamenteuze interventie te vinden voor het reduceren van acute pijn op de SEH en te onderzoeken in hoeverre alfa binaural beats hierin als interventie kunnen dienen. Uit literatuuronderzoek blijkt dat angst de pijnervaring bij patiënten kan versterken, daarnaast komen alfa frequentie hersengolven voor bij personen die in een ontspannen staat zijn. De hypothese is daarom dat binaural beats met een alfa frequentie een reducerend effect hebben op de state-an....................
    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2018-07-12) Considering project goal feasibility in decision-making during project execution in large industrial projects
    Rijnen, Basiel (author)
    In current practice, the feasibility of the project goal is only assessed by project owners at the start of the project, up until the final investment decision (FID) is made. The final investment decision involves the decision of the owner to continue the project into the project execution phases. After the FID is made, the project goal feasibility is no longer assessed. Traditionally it is believed that in projects all decisions are made before the final investment decision and during the proje....................
    (2018-04-06) Design of a hydraulic transmission system with series elastic element for a knee joint gait training application
    Brons, Rick (author)
    The restoration of the walking function of paraplegic patients requires long and extensive training. Physicians themselves are not able to provide this training due to the physical labour required. Robots and soft exoskeletons are in development to assist the physicians in this task, however, they are either bulky and restrictive or lack a method to actuate the knee joint. This research explores if a hydraulic system with elastic element is able to actuate a human knee joint during gait training....................
    (2018-04-06) Spacecraft Navigation around Small Bodies in Early-Characterisation Phases
    Moreno Villa, Víctor (author)
    Asteroid exploration is a new booming field for planetary sciences and space engineering. This navigation study deals with the first characterisation of the binary asteroid system, Didymos, for ESA's AIM mission. In particular, it tackles the estimation of its highly-uncertain environment and the scale-factor indetermination problem.

    Previous asteroid missions, such as NEAR-Shoemaker and Hayabusa, solved the scale-factor indetermination using ranging instruments while Rosetta combined ....................
    (2018-04-05) The Market for Owner-Occupied Dwellings After the Crisis: Institutional Change and Shortages of Owner-Occupied Dwellings in the Netherlands
    Bollemeijer, Cor (author)
    Traditional neo-classical economic theories are failing to explain the current situation in the Dutch housing market. There is a high demand for newly built owner-occupied dwellings, but the production is not increasing as quickly as expected. New Institutional Economics is offering explanations for this situation. The institutions in the development sector changed during the real estate crisis, which caused a disruption of the governance structures. There are still thresholds, even in this favo....................
    (2018-04-04) Reuse of wind turbine blades in a slow traffic bridge
    Speksnijder, Stijn (author)
    This master thesis presents a research & design project, aimed at finding a new use for decommissioned wind turbine blades. Wind energy is becoming a major source of renewable energy. As a result, a large stream of wind turbine materials arises. Most of these materials can be recycled very well, but the rotor blades pose a big problem after their lifespan of 20-25 years. These blades consist of complex composite materials that are doomed to end up in landfill or incineration plants, although....................
    (2018-04-04) Small Scale Methanol Production: Process modelling and design of an autonomous, renewable container sized methanol plant
    de Jong, Marnix (author)
    At the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris in 2015, ambitious goals for the worldwide CO2 emissions were set. To achieve these goals, a huge reduction in CO2 emissions must be realized. For the energy market, the current aim is to use renewable electricity instead of fossil fuels. However, there are multiple sectors where electricity is not a suitable form of energy, due to storage issues. For example, the chemical industry is heavily based on fossil fuels as a resource to syn....................
    (2018-03-29) Temperature, lipid charge and septin dependence of lateral lipid diffusion in biomimetic membrane systems
    Doekes, Philippine (author)
    Plasma membrane dynamics have become increasingly of interest due to recent discoveries on anomalous lipid diffusion in live cells. A specific characteristic has been found in the exponential relation between lateral lipid diffusion and temperature. The finding was reported to be surprising as a linear dependence was theoretically predicted. In this study, the gap between simple theoretical models and experimental in vivo results on lipid diffusion is investigated by studying model membrane syst....................
    (2018-03-29) The Design of a Circular Business Model Assessment Tool for the Lithium-Ion Battery Industry
    Strietman, Youp (author)
    A new Circular Business Model Assessment Tool is developed for companies within the Lithium-Ion Battery Industry. The new Assessment Tool uses statements from an existing Assessment Tool and new formulated statements to calculate a ranking of Circular Business Models. The weight calculations for ranking the Circular Business Models make use of the Normalized analysis method. To validate the Assessment Tool interviews are conducted to determine the usability and representativeness. Due to confide....................
    (2018-03-29) Study of the bifurcation behavior of the flow around a 2D Ahmed body applied to active flow control systems
    Crespo Pradell, Oriol (author)
    This master thesis focuses in the study of the application of active flow control in the transitional regime (Re ≈ 3E3) at the rear part of the roof of a 2D Ahmed body geometry. To do so, the natural bifurcations of the problem (which separate the ordered laminar behavior from the first pre-turbulent chaotic behavior) are studied, and different actuation frequencies and amplitudes are tested. The results are compared to the non-actuated case and to constant suction. Actuation at frequencies eq....................
    (2018-03-29) A Study of Global-Coefficient Non-Linear Eddy Viscosity Models
    Döpke, Max (author)
    In this research a global-coefficient non-linear eddy viscosity model (NLEVM) is studied. This model stems from the inherent inability of the Boussinesq approximation to model anisotropy and therefore flow features such as: swirl, stream-line curvature and secondary motions (Lumley, 1970; Pope, 1975; Craft et al., 1996). The focus lies on the limitations of using global-coefficients calibrated on a square-duct flow when applied on a rectangular-duct and a wing-body junction. The calibration is d....................
    (2018-03-29) The Effect of Liquid Film on Cavity Filling
    Kumar, Ankit (author)
    Noise generated due to flow over corrugated pipes has extensively been studied, because of its presence in various engineering applications. Flexible risers used in the oil and gas industry are one of these applications, where noise is produced due to corrugations present at the innermost layer of the riser. Dry-gas flow through a corrugated pipe generates an unstable shear layer over each of the corrugations. Under certain conditions, this shear layer can roll up into discrete vortices, which i....................
    (2018-03-29) Challenging gender stereotypes: The application of attribution theory for boys and girls when performing a strategic design task
    Vrolijk, Inge (author)
    There seems to be a shift in gender stereotypes in general. Concerning school subjects, there are also gender role stereotypes for boys and girls. Boys seem to be more interested in mathematics and natural sciences whereas girls seem to be more motivated for language, arts and writing (Jacobs, 2002). According to the attribution theory (Heider, 1958), the performance of an individual can be attributed to the person themselves (internal) or to the situation in which they are in (external). There ....................
    (2018-03-29) Fracture behavior in a modified Transverse Crack Tension test under compressive stress: A qualitative study on model parameters
    de Groot, Dennis (author)
    An increase in apparent mode II fracture toughness in Fiber Reinforced Polymers has been found from modified Transverse Crack Tension (mTCT) tests with compressive stresses added orthogonal to the delamination plane. Numerical reproduction of these results has not yet led to a good understanding of the reasons for this behavior. Currently, an analytical approach is used for determining the mode II fracture toughness from an mTCT test. In this research, the validity of the analytical relation is ....................
    (2018-03-29) Groundwater Modelling for Urban Water Management in Gouda, the Netherlands
    Chen, Weicheng (author)
    In 2014, a project, Living Lab Land Subsidence, is established to find a sustainable solution for land subsidence problem in Gouda. Being a part of the project, this research focuses on building a high-resolution groundwater model (2m*2m) by describing the model (such as recharge, leaky sewerage pipes) in local details. Water management strategies can be tested in the model to observe their effects on the groundwater levels. Then this model can be linked to a land subsidence model for further st....................
    (2018-03-28) Morphological modelling of the gravel revetment on artificial composite beaches
    Rijper, Huub (author)
    This thesis discusses the morphological modelling of the gravel revetment on artificial composite beaches. A composite beach is a combination of a sandy lower beach and a gravel upper beach. These beaches are found in nature, but can also be created artificially by placement of a gravel structure on a sandy beach. Artificial composite beaches are widely acknowledged as an effective type of shore protection against runup and overtopping (Blenkinsopp, 2016), but an assessment of such a beach with ....................
    (2018-03-28) Time for change: Designing a tool to inform and involve employees during organisational change
    Mattaar, Julia (author)
    This report describes the research towards and the design of a tool for informing and involving employees during organisational change. More than half of the change programs that are started are not completed successfully. One of the most influential factors to this low success rate is the resistance of employees. Informing and involving them in the organisational change is essential to gain their support and understanding for the change.

    The design is specifically aimed at the employe....................
    (2018-03-27) Reduction of the outflow velocity of a closed fallpipe system: The concept selection and analysis of an outflow velocity reduction mechanism
    Reinders, Jelle (author)
    Subsea rock installation is widely applied in the offshore industry and utilized for a wide range of purposes including but not limited to: pipeline protection, scour protection, insulation of pipelines, upheaval buckling prevention and seabed preparation. Tideway Offshore Solutions is specialized in subsea rock installation and currently operates three state-of-the-art fallpipe vessels. Their vessel 'Flintstone' makes use of an innovative closed fallpipe system to provide high accuracy subsea r....................
    (2018-03-26) Implementation of Blockchain Powered Smart Contracts in Governmental Services
    Corten, Paul (author)
    Blockchain, the rapid developing technology behind Bitcoin, is increasingly becoming popular. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that distributes digital transactions peer-to-peer to a decentralized network of nodes that verify the transactions and keep a cryptographic secured copy of the entire history of transactions. The network automatically reaches consensus about the correct history of records, which makes the database transparent and immutable. This consensus role makes it poss....................
    (2018-03-26) Observing Solid Concentrations in a Vertical Hydraulic Transport System
    van Stappen, Jeroen (author)
    At large oceans depths (5000m) manganese nodules are formed, these are rock shaped objects that contain various rare earth metals, Royal IHC is currently developing equipment to bring these nodules to the shore. The nodules will be transported to the water surface using a Vertical Transport System (VTS).

    In the VTS insight of the location of solid concentrations is required: This enables anticipation of the coming flow at the vessel, it is required for controlling the pumps, it will ind....................
    (2018-03-26) Numerical Study of Turbulence Induced Vibrations Using Synthetic Fluctuation Field Modeling in Nuclear Reactor Applications
    Sharma, Saurabh (author)
    The nuclear technology is changing at a rapid pace driven by the quest for more powerful and safer nuclear power plants, as a consequence several structural components in a reactor are becoming larger and slender while working fluids have higher densities and velocities. These changes can often alter the dynamics of the interaction between the coolant and the structural components and cause Flow Induced Vibrations (FIV) to become more prominent. As analytical methods are often insufficient to pr....................
    (2018-03-26) Car-Sharing in Activity-Based Modelling: A case study in Rotterdam
    Dorenbos, Gerben (author)
    Studies have shown that car-sharing has a lot of potential. Because of this, municipalities require a tool to evaluate the effects of car-sharing. This research has developed a mode choice model that includes a car-sharing alternative considering an activity-based framework, for the city of Rotterdam.
    (2018-03-26) The Global Data Synchronization Network in the Consumer Goods Industry: Adoption Framework & Critical Success Factors
    Garcia Millan, Manuel (author)
    Digitalization is revolutionizing the way organizations manage their internal operations. Many of them are still characterized by waste and inefficiencies, however, innovative digital tools are already changing the way large corporations operate in a variety of sectors. One of the fields that still have room for improvement is product data management (PDM) in the consumer goods industry. Supply chain partners spend huge amount of resources in just fixing manual errors and adapting large data for....................
    (2018-03-26) Sensory Augmentation by means of Wearable Technology: Supporting Intercultural Adaptation through Language Learning
    Marquez Alvarado, Guillermo (author)
    It is known that the distinctive relationship of the Millennial generation with technology has brought two icons of the current lifestyle, mobile phones and online social networks, which it is often considered as a badge of generational identity. The accelerated rise of smart devices has enabled modern society to reach amazing levels of productivity in regular lives. On the other hand, technology has contributed to increase the "absent presence effect", which is described as an individual is phy....................
    (2018-03-23) The Flow Topology of the Ahmed Body in Cross-Wind: An Experimental Investigation by means of Robotic Volumetric PIV
    Giaquinta, Daniele (author)
    The near wake of the Ahmed reference body in the presence of steady cross-wind is investigated experimentally by means of large-scale three-dimensional Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). A novel experimental technique is employed which exploits coaxial imaging and illumination while relying on Helium Filled Soap Bubble (HFSB) seeding as well as on robotic actuation. A 50% replica of the Ahmed body with a 25° slant angle is, therefore, considered in different configurations, among which the head....................
    (2018-03-23) Modeling the Dynamics of Propagated Flight Delay: A case study of the United States National Aviation System
    Termaat, Richard (author)
    The air transportation industry is becoming of greater importance to the world’s economy, since a growing part of the global population is able to afford air travel. However, the current network is limited in its’ capacity and therefore, more and more delay is experienced within daily operations. Research has shown that flightdelays have a high economic impact on the air transport industry. Therefore, the understanding of delay and how it propagates within a network is thus of relevance for ....................
    (2018-03-23) Assessment of Benefits and Drawbacks of ICN for IoT Applications
    Drijver, Floris (author)
    According to its creators, ICN is designed to fit the way we use the internet better than IP currently does.
    The use of named data and distributed network layer caching may provide a more efficient utilization of
    network resources due to the stateful forwarding plane which allows data to be retrieved from caches
    close by the requester, while also providing a higher content delivery performance in terms of content
    retrieval delay. Since the IoT is expected to connect billions of d....................
    (2018-03-22) Selective Catalytic Reduction for Marine Applications: Dynamic Modelling and System Integration
    Cattaneo, Federico (author)
    Environmental regulations are continuously raising the bar towards more advanced diesel engine designs ca- pable of minimizing the emissions of polluting substances. The recent IMO Tier III legislation, entered into force in 2016, is forcing the engine manufacturers to meet a NOx reduction of more than 70% from Tier II for all the ships sailing in designated NOx Emission Control Areas (NECA). Although these zones are, up to now, limited to the North American and U.S. Caribbean Sea NECAs, future ....................
    (2018-03-22) The Battery Electric Vehicle Experience: Understanding BEV perceptions: from early adopters towards mass acceptance
    Branderhorst, Stephan (author)
    Electric mobility is considered as the next step towards sustainable mobility. Within the Netherlands, as one of the leading countries if it comes to electric mobility, the market share of battery electric vehicles is still limited to 0,2 percent. Many studies are executed on consumer behaviour regarding electric vehicles. But no studies are found based on users with actual experience with battery electric vehicles. A theoretical framework was developed to create better understanding on how actu....................
    (2018-03-22) Hala ρ-VEX: Highly-Programmable Dynamically-Reconfigurable FPGA-based Streaming Platform for Image Processing
    Hilmarsson, Saevar (author)
    Image processing is found in many fields and in many domains. Advances in
    digital image capturing technology allows for faster video rates, of higher quality, than has been seen before and that trend continues. With greater resolution and increased data flow there is also a need for faster and better hardware for image processing. As the trend introduced in Moore's law is slowing down, and possibly reaching saturation in the coming years, there is an ongoing search for new and different solu....................
    (2018-03-22) The impact of dissident regions on European Union Rapprochement
    Houben, Gijs
    Much has been written about dissident regions such as Abkhazia, South Ossetia or Transnistria. Unfortunately until today little attention is given to Gagauzia, a dissident region that rejected the current Moldovan rapprochement towards the EU in its local referendum, organized in 2014. In contemporary academic literature very little is known about the influence of dissident regions like Gagauzia, Transnistria or Abkhazia on the EU rapprochement of their sovereign nation. Along with interviews an....................
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