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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2019-12-06) Advanced Set Bounding Methods for Fault Detection
    Ritsma, Folkert (author)
    Performance of set based fault detection is highly dependent on the complexity of the set bounding methods used to bound the healthy residual set. Existing methods achieve robust performance with complex set bounding that narrowly define healthy system behavior, yet at the cost of higher computation times. In this thesis a major improvement is reached in both accuracy and computation time by applying machine learning methods to set bounding. A method is developed which achieves fault detection a....................
    (2019-11-04) Pedalling performance in the BMX supercross gate start: A field-based observational study
    van Grieken, Hylke (author)
    In Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racing, a fast gate start is crucial for overall race performance (Rylands2014). The goal of this study was to (1) provide a better understanding of how cyclists effectively propel the bicycle during BMX gate start, and (2) identify pedalling variables which are good predictors of a fast start."
    Mechanical Engineering | BioMechanical Design
    (2019-11-04) Expected accuracy of Mars rotation and orientation estimation from TGO orbit determination
    Caldiero, Alfonso (author)
    The Rotation and Interior Structure Experiment (RISE) on the InSight lander and the LaRa experiment on the ExoMars platform will provide precise measurements (accuracies of a few mas) of the rotation of Mars, in terms of the Mars rotation and orientation parameters (MOP). These parameters include the rate of precession and the amplitudes of the nutations, of the length-of-day (LOD) variations, and of the polar motion components. The MOP are sensitive to the interior properties of Mars, particula....................
    (2019-10-31) The role of grid-size energy storage in enabling a community-level energy hub: Case study in Zuid-Oost Amsterdam Region
    Gao, Xiang (author)
    To follow the rapid advance of the Energy Transition, the technology and application of the renewable energy resources and energy storage devices have been developed in an unstoppable speed. When the application of energy storage technology starts to prosper gradually over the world, there are some problems showing up while lots of advantages are being advocated. There are plenty of batteries staying unused or being wasted for over half of the lifetime of the system, especially for the behind-th....................
    (2019-10-31) A flow-informed strategy for ballistic capture trajectory design
    Manzi, Matteo (author)
    In interplanetary mission design, ballistic capture is the phenomenon by which a spacecraft approaches its target body, and performs a number of revolutions around it, without requiring manoeuvres in between. For a spacecraft to be captured, its gravitational interaction with at least two celestial bodies has to be taken into account. Because of their fail-safe nature (eliminating the possibility of single point failures), their fuel efficiency and their wider launch windows, ballistic capture t....................
    (2019-10-30) Heat Energy Market: Energy Trading in District Heating Systems
    van Gestel, Lennert (author)
    In order to reduce CO2 emission, district heat networks and carbon-neutral heat energy production are being developed in the Netherlands. This resulted in an increasing amount of district heating systems (DHS) in the horticulture areas. A DHS in a region called the ”B3-Hoek” connects multiple producers with horticulture companies in a single-buyer market model with long term bilateral contracts. This market model has some undesirable aspects that contribute to the willingness of introducing ....................
    (2019-10-30) Startup Success Prediction in the Dutch Startup Ecosystem
    Camelo Martines, Diego (author)
    What makes a startup successful? How to define success? Existent models on startup success prediction often left aside significant predictors which may not be available in typical business databases such as crunchbase. com. In this research, focused on a population of five thousand organisations from the Dutch startup ecosystem, we go beyond previous approaches and deliver predictive models that include novel and distinctive variables. To achieve this goal, we depart from an extensive selection ....................
    (2019-10-30) Data-Driven Techniques for Printer Prognosis and Performance Improvement: Design and Critical Comparison
    Maffioletti, Filippo (author)
    It is of key importance for modern printing systems to maintain high standards of efficiency, reliability and print quality. In this regard, the scope of this work is to investigate the applicability of data analysis and machine learning techniques to improve the performances of industrial printers manufactured at Océ Technologies. Two critical aspects of the considered printing process are analysed and multiple algorithms are developed. Temporary failure of printhead nozzles, a well-known issu....................
    (2019-10-29) Measuring Changes in Hamstring Contractile Strength and Lower Body Sprinting Kinematics During A Simulated Soccer Match
    Wilmes, Erik (author)
    Background - Hamstring strain injuries (HSI’s) in soccer occur most frequently during the latter stages of each half. Neuromuscular fatigue (NMF) may induce changes in hamstring contractile strength and sprinting technique, which are potential causes for the observed increase in HSI risk during each half.Objectives - The aim of this study was to examine the effects of soccer specific fatigue on hamstring maximal voluntary torque (MVT), hamstring rate of torque development (RTD), and alteration....................
    (2019-10-29) Predicting Manufacturing Times using Building Information Models: A case study at Oostingh Staalbouw
    van der Plas, Leon (author)
    In the construction industry, it is common to predict manufacturing times of structural elements based on the experience of shop managers. With the increasing use of Building Information Models (BIM) and data analysis in manufacturing processes an opportunity for improving the accuracy of predicted manufacturing times arises. This research proposes a general prediction model based on physical properties of structural elements extracted from BIM, along with manufacturing times of manufactured ele....................
    (2019-10-29) On-board Micro Quadrotor State Estimation Using Range Measurements: A Moving Horizon Approach
    Stroobants, Stein (author)
    Accurate indoor localization is essential for autonomous robotic agents to perform tasks ranging from warehouse management to remote sensing in greenhouses. Recently Ultra Wideband (UWB) distance measurements have been used to estimate position and velocity indoors. These UWB-measurements are known to be corrupted by a varying bias. Besides, current estimation methods are not suitable for large areas with a low beacon coverage. The goal
    of this thesis was therefore twofold. First, a simple b....................
    (2019-10-29) The Impact of Medio-lateral Trunk Movement on Mechanical Energy Generation and Distribution during Gait
    van der Ploeg, Jorik (author)

    A typical gait pattern of a healthy individual is characterized by coordinated kinematics of body segments that minimize the energy cost of transport. This is achieved by a well-coordinated sequence of energy generation, transmission, and absorption by muscles. Knowing the energy exchange between the body segments can explain the mechanisms that govern the dynamics of walking. In the case of disability, injury or disease, these m....................

    (2019-10-29) Experimental Characterization and Analytical Modelling of Rotor Tonal Noise
    Deora, Chakshu (author)
    Rotors have played a huge role in the history of the aerospace industry. It is being widely used in small scale aircraft, helicopters, ships, wind turbines, to name a few. The study of noise generated by the rotors is an important subject of research. This project aims to characterize the open rotor tonal noise using the experimental and analytical model with a primary focus on Blade Tower Interaction (BTI) noise. The objective of the project is to implement an analytical acoustics model with in....................
    (2019-10-29) Towards real-time identification of brain tumors by integrating diffuse reflectance spectroscopy in a neurosurgical instrument
    Volbeda, Annelieke (author)
    Brain tumors account for approximately just 2% of all cancers worldwide, but have a noticeable impact on cancer morbidity and mortality. Removal of brain tumors poses a big challenge for neurosurgeons, pediatricians and neuro-oncologists. An important aspect of this challenge is to adequately differentiate between tumor tissue and healthy brain tissue. Tumors that are located within the eloquent cortex (functional brain cortex and major white matter fiber tracts) pose a particular surgical chall....................
    (2019-10-29) Trajectory Optimization For Hybrid Walking-Driving Motions On Wheeled Quadrupedal Robots
    Sekoor Lakshmana Sankar, Prajish (author)
    Wheeled-legged (hybrid) robots have the potential for highly agile and versatile locomotion in any real-world application requiring rapid, long-distance mobility skills on challenging terrain. The ability to walk and drive simultaneously is an attractive feature of these hybrid systems, but is unexplored in literature. This thesis work presents an online trajectory optimization framework for high-dimensional wheeled-legged quadrupedal robots where the feet and base trajectories are generated in ....................
    (2019-10-28) The Effectiveness of Climate Change Policies for Decarbonization: A Comparison Between India and the UK
    Menon, Amritasree Menon (author)
    Climate change has been largely attributed to global temperatures rising over the years. This has been further mitigated by the increased usage of fossil fuels, deforestation, increased livestock farming, and chemical emissions, as a result of the large-scale industrialization of developing nations, combined with the increased consumption of goods and services all across the world (Steffen et. al., 2018). While separate research can be conducted in individual fields, it has become increasingly a....................
    (2019-10-28) Conceptual Robust Design of Turbomachinery Operating with Non-Conventional Fluids
    Gujjala, Tharun Raj (author)
    Over the years, applications for the turbomachinery usage and the operating range during its lifetime have widened. The single operating point optimized design leads to a problematic phenomenon called ‘local optimization’ which means that the design has a very narrow range of better performance around that point and deteriorates significantly at other points and thus requires the machine to be robust enough with stable and maximum average performance over the operating conditions range. The ....................
    (2019-10-28) Evaluation of public transport fare policy using smartcard data: Travel patterns change and distributional effects in Stockholm County
    Kholodov, Yaroslav (author)
    This study investigated the potential of ex-post fare policy evaluation utilising smartcard data. It looked into how to identify and measure the actual outcomes of a policy, define the degree of its success, and even find some unexpected side-effects of high importance. The study is based on a case of the public transport fare policy introduced by the regional administration of Stockholm County in January, 2017. The policy focused on changing the fare structure basis, in particular switching fro....................
    (2019-10-28) Towards a Responsible Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The case of Royal Philips
    Ruiz Reina, Juan (author)
    The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in healthcare is expected to set a paradigm shift to medical practice because these systems will have a significant role in applications such as diagnosis-support and image analysis. However, this implementation does not come without risks. There are important ethical concerns that should be addressed beforehand to ensure public trust and acceptability. Privacy, safety, transparency, reliability and potential biases are some of the is....................
    (2019-10-28) Keeping Track of Time on Energy Harvesting Systems
    de Winkel, Jasper (author)
    Energy-harvesting devices have enabled Internet of Things applications that were impossible before. Power failures are the norm for these battery-less devices, imposing a challenge to maintain a continued notion of time on these energy restricted devices. To address this challenge we introduce a novel time measurement architecture for energy harvesting devices. Compared to existing solutions, our solution not only improves the start-up time but also reduces the required energy to measure a durat....................
    (2019-10-28) Atrial activation time estimation using cross-correlation between higher order neighboring electrodes: In epicardial electrograms
    Kölling, Bart (author)
    A common cardiac arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation, which is becoming more widespread worldwide. Currently there is some understanding about the mechanisms behind atrial fibrillation, however more insight into the conduction of the atrial tissue is desired. Therefore, invasive mapping studies have been performed where an array of electrodes is used to record the electrical activity on the heart’s surface during open-chest surgery. The moment in time when the tissue under an electrode depolariz....................
    (2019-10-28) Performance Evaluation of Vehicle Routing Heuristics
    Sikkes, Louis (author)
    This thesis has researched the automation of performance evaluation of vehicle routing heuristics. The trade-off between solution quality, which is composed of multiple variables, and runtime make performance evaluation challenging. Therefore, it is often done by human experts. The research question of this thesis is: “How can we determine a performance measure that correctly represents the trade off between quality and runtime in vehicle routing heuristics?”. A literature review revealed th....................
    (2019-10-28) Inferring the location of reecting surfaces from acoustic measurements: Using a compact microphone array collocated with a loudspeaker
    Zaccà, Gabriele (author)
    The response of a sound system in a room primarily varies with the room itself, the position of the loudspeakers and the listening position. The room boundaries cause reflections of the sound that can lead to undesired effects such as echoes, resonances or reverberation. Knowledge of the location of these large reflecting surfaces can help to better estimate the sound field behavior inside the room. This work focuses on exploiting the inherent information present in echoes measured by microphone....................
    (2019-10-25) Design of a flat dynamic hand orthosis finger for DMD patients
    Baan, Maureen (author)
    People with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) will suffer from a limited hand function. Therefore, a dynamic hand orthosis could be one of the solutions to improve their hand function and quality of life. However, at this moment, none of the obtainable hand orthoses fits their special needs. The goal of this research is to design a flat dynamic hand orthosis finger for DMD patients with Brooke scale grades 4, 5, or 6 and to test its functioning. The design consists of a silicone outer part, and ....................
    (2019-10-25) Suspension Taylor-Couette flow: Investigation of particle loading effects on transitions between flow regimes
    Anantharaman, Arjun (author)
    Taylor-Couette (TC) flow refers to the flow in the annulus between two coaxial, independently rotating cylinders. The TC system has been subject to multiple experiments spanning over decades due to the instability phenomena that occur in the flow. When the rotation rates of the cylinders are increased beyond a critical value, instabilities appear in the system that result in the formation of different flow regimes. Single-phase flow in the TC system has been studied extensively and the various f....................
    (2019-10-25) Electrical Impedance Tomography applications for the preterm neonate
    van der Zwaag, Anne-Sea (author)
    Data analysis for electrical impedance tomography (EIT) research requires manual selection of sequences with a normal breathing pattern. This procedure is lengthy and the lack of a standardised approach results in different practices among EIT studies, limiting the potential and comparability of the research.
    This article presents a new approach to solving this problem, using automatic detection of EIT sequences with normal breathing pattern. An algorithm was developed to differentiate betwe....................
    (2019-10-25) The dynamic response of a wind turbine blade to downwind tower shadow
    van Schaik, Rik (author)
    The quest for affordable renewable energy causes the need for bigger and more efficient wind turbines. To counter the problem of possible collisions between the growing turbine blades and the tower support structure, downwind turbines might be a solution. For this configuration, blade flexibility no longer forms a problem and besides that passive yaw systems can be applied. However, the fatigue lifetime of the turbine components might significantly decrease due to tower shadow effects. This thes....................
    (2019-10-25) Experiments for Gas-Liquid Flow in a vertical Annulus
    Muis, Pjotr (author)
    Shifting from coal and oil towards sustainable energy sources is currently an urgent and global challenge. Compared to coal and oil, natural gas is a cleaner fossil fuel and may serve as a transition fuel. To meet future demands for gas there is a desire to optimize the production from existing reservoirs with their production facilities. In case of wet natural gas wells this gas production can be hampered by the presence of liquids, namely water and condensate, thus creating a multiphase flow i....................
    (2019-10-25) Signal Modelling and Imaging of Low Field MRI
    Brahma, Sherine (author)
    MRI machines are devices that are used to non-invasively obtain images of the internal anatomy and physiological processes of the human body. It is safe to use as the patient is not exposed to any harmful radiation, and there are no known side effects. But such machines that are commercially available are very expensive. Due to this reason, it eludes access to a large portion of the population, particularly in developing countries. This thesis investigates an inexpensive MRI machine that is base....................
    (2019-10-25) Van Gogh, The other story, A culturally diverse Van Gogh Museum: A framework for a culturally diverse Van Gogh Museum
    Verheij, Maud (author)
    The aim of this graduation project is to research the current way youngsters, with a diverse migration background (age 18-30 and living in Amsterdam) experience the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (VGM) and to design an intervention that provides them with a relevant and enriching Van Gogh experience to thereby increase its inclusiveness. Over the last years, the VGM noticed they were not reaching a diverse group of youngsters even though our society is becoming more diverse so, to welcome everyone an....................
    (2019-10-25) Atmospheric Lighting for Public Space
    Daniëlse, Tomas (author)
    In this thesis, a luminaire is developed for the public space. The main purpose of this luminaire is to positively influence the state of mind of bystanders and improve the residential quality of the city centre. It does this by creating distinct atmospheres with adaptive light features, based on the use of public space. To determine all the preconditions of such a design, an extensive analysis was carried out on all facets that are related to light. This covers both the physics concerning light....................
    (2019-10-25) Eating and drinking in Dutch hospice care: Coping difficulties and conflicts
    Houdijk, Maxim (author)
    People with a life-limiting illness, and everyone closely involved, face many struggles throughout the illness. One of those struggles is related to the diminishing appetite for food and drinks. In Dutch hospice care institutions this struggle has also become apparent with their residents. When they see those near and dear urge their loved one to eat more, in the hope that maybe it will help extend the life of their loved one. Unfortunately, this approach of food care does more harm than it help....................
    (2019-10-25) Greentom Go: Designing a circular and sustainable hand cart
    Zhuk, Daniël (author)
    The main objective of this graduation was to design a sustainable hand cart product concept for young families in the Netherlands, which is simple in its design, easy to use, and affordably priced. The hand cart should furthermore be suitable for up to three children to sit in and suitable to transport goods. Research was done on current hand carts on the market, on users' experiences with them, and on the current sustainability and circularity of Greentom's currently produced product. This rese....................
    (2019-10-24) Quantitative Analysis in Neonatal Healthcare: Detecting Delta Brushes with the Wavelet Transform
    Beintema, Tim (author)
    In the Netherlands the preterm birth rate is around 7%. The problematic part is that these preterm infants make up for 72% of all deaths during or shortly after birth. To provide a way to aid these infants the following question was stated by the doctor: "turn on a light in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when the preterm infant’s development is not as expected". This question was interpreted as following: first of all, find an informative signal present for preterm infants which can provide ....................
    (2019-10-24) Fabrication of a flexible ECM supporting-membrane for organs-on-chip applications
    Rosencwaig Lustig, Mauricio (author)
    One of the most widely used structural Organ-on-Chip industry is Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). This material offers desirable features such as customizable mechanical properties, patterning , biocompatibility, optical transparency, permeability to gasses, viscoelasticity and hydrophicity. One example of OoC, the Cytostretch platform proposed at TU Delft, where different tissues can be cultured in one single OoC platform. Its PDMS membrane can inflate and deflate in a cyclic and controlled matter,....................
    (2019-10-24) In vitro evaluation of a PEKK and poly-carbonate-urea-urethane implant for the treatment of osteochondral defects
    van Aken, Joris (author)
    Cartilage repair remains a major challenge and treatment of osteochondral defects generally results in inferior quality fibrous repair tissue. This study aims to elaborate on the work of Korthagen et al. who developed a thermoplastic polyurethane and polyetherketoneketone implant to treat osteochondral defects. Although promising results were found, Korthagen et al. encountered difficulties binding the neo-tissue to the elastomer part of the implant. The goal of this study is therefore to test p....................
    (2019-10-24) Exploring the Evolution of Passenger Characteristics Based on Smart Card Data: A Case Study of Shenzhen, China
    QUE, JIJIA (author)
    Passenger travel characteristics (PTCs) are characteristics that are sought from the information contained in trips, such as travel frequency, travel mode, departure location, and etc. Understanding PTCs can help develop passenger-oriented planning and service policies, so analysis of PTCs is a topic of constant interest to researchers and transportation service providers. However, PTCs vary with the change of many factors, such as network, price policy, service. The process or trend of PTCs cha....................
    (2019-10-24) Towards Explaining Automated Credit Decisions: The design of an Explicability Assessment Framework (EAF) for Machine Learning Systems
    Herber, Nils (author)
    The use of machine learning systems has great potential to better predict probabilities of default for credit underwriting. Despite this advantage, herewith there exists the substantial risk of discrimination. Moreover, machine learning models with the highest prediction-accuracy are often the least explicable (i.e. explainable). Nonetheless, explicability is needed to create accountability of automated credit decisions by machine learning systems. Furthermore, there exists a regulatory need for....................
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