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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2019-12-18) Reliability Analysis of Railway Concrete Bridges using Expert Judgment Studies
    Aggarwal, Sakshi (author)
    New railway bridges for high-speed trains are being built in a many countries around the world. In addition to the construction of new bridges, existing bridges are ageing. These two factors make the assessment of railway bridges essential. The bridges are designed considering certain predefined reliability criteria to account for the variability in load and resistance. However, for the assessment of these bridges, a probabilistic analysis of the structure in the presence of uncertainties is rec....................
    (2019-06-01) Luctor et Emergo: An Island Without an Island
    Üstem, Deniz (author)
    The Netherlands is often depicted as a battleground, with the Dutch in a constant struggle against the water that surrounds them. This project examines this tradition in the context of the Wadden Sea and the island of Schiermonnikoog, where this battle between the land and the sea is at its most extreme.

    This project traces the myth of ‘making new land’ by investigating the four major themes from the recent publication ‘Sweet and Salt: The Water and The Dutch’: conflict, concord....................
    (2019-05-01) About the mechanical properties of bicycle tyres
    Baltus, Niels (author)
    A lot of research has been done on the behaviour of pneumatic tyres and this has led to various tyre models and a lot of measurement data. However, in the specific field of bicycle tyres, not so much measurement data is available. However, in 2013 Andrew Dressel received the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee by presenting his research: Measuring and modeling the mechanical properties of bicycle tires. In this research he did a lot of measureme....................
    (2019-04-30) Thermal Modelling & Analysis of the Deployable Space Telescope
    van Wees, Tim (author)
    The Deployable Space Telescope (DST) project aims at producing a competitive telescope by using segmented deployable light weighted optics which reduces launch volume and mass, and thus launch costs. Due to the criticality of heat management to the performance of the telescope, a thermal model had to be built in order to determine the expected temperatures throughout the telescope in orbit. Further, the premature baffle design required a supportive thermal analysis such that its critical paramet....................
    (2019-04-30) An optimization based approach to autonomous drifting: A scaled implementation feasibility study
    Verlaan, Bram (author)
    Development of the autonomous vehicle has been a trending topic over the last few years. The automotive industry is continuously developing Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) that partially take over the driver’s workload. This has resulted in an increase in vehicle safety and a decrease in fatal crashes [1]. Full vehicle autonomy has not yet been reached, as the control systems involved are not yet capable of handling every situation. One of these critical situations is when a vehicle ....................
    (2019-04-30) Obstacle avoidance for quadrotors using reinforcement learning and obstacle-airflow interactions
    van Dam, Geart (author)
    This research investigates and proposes a new method for obstacle detection and avoidance on quadrotors. One that does not require the addition of any sensors, but relies solely on measurements from the accelerometer and rotor controllers. The detection of obstacles is based on the principle that the airflow around a quadrotor changes when the quadrotor is flying near a surface. A well-known example of this is the ground effect, an increase in lift force close to a ground surface. Similarly, a c....................
    (2019-04-29) Surface Pressure Measurements using Coaxial Volumetric Velocimetry: Investigation on an Inverted Wing in Ground Effect
    Patil, Kaustubh (author)
    In experimental aerodynamics, pressure is an important parameter which provides insight into the various features of the flow around the test object. By obtaining the surface pressure information, various inferences can be drawn such as flow separation, local flow velocity etc. Traditionally, the most common method of obtaining pressure has been through direct measurements by incorporating the test model with pressure taps, which makes the model expensive and complicated. However, often there ar....................
    (2019-04-29) The Role of Creativity and Ethics in Responsible Innovation Behavior
    Roes, Rita (author)
    As innovations became the source of competitive advantage for many companies, creativity became an incredibly valued trait, sought in individuals during recruitment processes for example. Creativity can be defined as the ability to generate novel and useful idea. However, as the world saw many creative inventions resulting in harmful innovations, as well as creative endeavors resulting in deceptive and even criminal behavior, many researchers started questioning the relationship between creativi....................
    (2019-04-29) Injectable pH-responsive Ureido-Pyrimidinone (UPy) hydrogel as drug carrier for epicardial activation
    Lauta, Francesca (author)
    The presence of a stem cell source in the epicardium that can be stimulated by exogenous delivery of transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) and migrate towards the myocardium can represent a new approach to achieve cardiac repair following myocardial infarction. However, injection of drugs always requires use of carriers which help stabilize the compound in the harsh and dynamic environment of the heart. To this extent, pH-responsive drug delivery systems represent an enthralling approach to ens....................
    (2019-04-25) Prioritising challenges to develop Mobility as a Service in the Netherlands using a Delphi study
    Smit, Laureen (author)
    Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is an innovative concept which has the potential to deliver a convenient mobility option to travellers. It provides the supply of multi-modal and demand-driven mobility services which includes custom made travel options with real-time information. This all is shared with the use of a digital platform to the customer. The service also includes the payment and settlement of transactions. However, when one is designing such a system, many challenges are encountered .The....................
    (2019-04-25) Dynamic AGV routing depending on sensor-based collision avoidance: A case for the light metal and forging industry
    Devaraju, Abhilash (author)
    AGVs have seen an upward trend in development over the last 60 years. The technology has developed from mechanical bumpers and guided wire navigation to contactless sensors and free navigation technique in the current age. Further, the control on AGVs has moved from central control system to local intelligence which opens up various possibilities with respect to operations as well as applications. The growing trend of AGVs has been due to the sudden growth in digital technology and the ever-incr....................
    (2019-04-25) Axiomatic Thinking in Neural IR: An axiomatic approach to diagnosing deep IR models
    Rennings, Daan (author)
    After surpassing human performance in the fields of Computer Vision, Speech Recognition and NLP, deep learning has been gaining scientific ground in IR. In spite of the sheer amount of publications that have proposed so-called neural IR approaches over the past decade, the field has not achieved the kind of progress seen in related fields. Over the past year or so, works have begun to solve the issues that complicate the progress of neural applications in IR. Among those issues we can find the l....................
    (2019-04-25) Exploring circular possibilities for using End-of-Use Dyneema® from the commercial marine market
    Otto, Vincent (author)
    Dyneema® fiber is a high-performance fiber that is sold by DSM Dyneema BV to product producers all around the world. Dyneema® fiber is marketed as the world strongest synthetic fiber, its high strength for its weight provides value over competing materials. Dyneema® fiber products include ropes and netting for commercial marine and armor plates for life protection. DSM is moving towards a sustainable and circular corporate strategy. This graduation assignment is to investigate possibilities f....................
    (2019-04-24) The Analytical Mechanics of Consumption: In Mechanical and Economic Systems
    Hutters, Coenraad (author)
    The Utility Lagrangian and the Surplus Hamiltonian in economic engineering do not depend on consumption.
    Two theories are proposed to include the effect of consumption in the Utility Lagrangian and the Surplus Hamiltonian. The second of these two theories resolves the dissipation obstacle in port-Hamiltonian systems as an additional result.

    The first theory includes consumption as a fractional-order derivative in the Fractional Utility Lagrangian, following an action principle for d....................
    (2019-04-24) Factors affecting container transshipment volumes at ports:: A data driven holistic modelling approach
    Veldstra, Tijmen (author)
    In 20 years, from 1996 to 2016, global cumulative container port throughput had an average annual growth rate of 6.3%. Furthermore, the average global transshipment incidence increased from 11% in 1980 to a stable 27% in 2017. This change in transshipment market dynamics has led to opportunities for potential port investments or disinvestments. In this research, a tool is developed for Royal HaskoningDHV that improves transshipment forecasts. The developed tool calculates the optimal ports for t....................
    (2019-04-24) Alternative Fuels for Short Sea Shipping in Europe: An agent-based study to explore future scenarios
    Vogelsang, Leoni (author)
    Increasing ship emissions are of big concern because they contribute to the effects of climate change and have an impact on the local and regional environment. Due to these concerns, stricter regulations are enforced upon the shipping sector by the International Maritime Organisation and the European Union. However, since new regulations are enforced, stakeholders have been slow to react. A key reason why investment decisions are not taking place is that of uncertainty in regulations and policy.....................
    (2019-04-24) Sound Cultures of Critical Care: How design could tune sound-related practices of intensive care nurses
    Schokkin, Marije (author)
    The intensive care unit (ICU) is a special department of the hospital that admits critically ill patients who need intensive monitoring, supporting, and/or take-over of one or more of their vital functions. The patients are monitored and supported by medical equipment as well as a team of intensivists, nurses and other medical staff members 24/7. Due to the audible alarms of the devices, but also because of conversing people and other machinery and incidental sounds, the ICU transformed into an ....................
    (2019-04-23) Detection of Drought, Flood and Snow Anomalies with 37GHz Passive Microwave Space-borne Data: The SSM/I case study over Europe
    Ioannidou, Eleni (author)
    Europe is a continent with diverse climatic conditions. The dominant climates are the Oceanic, the Mediterranean and the Continental ones. The western part of Europe has an oceanic climate, southern Europe has a Mediterranean climate and eastern Europe has a continental climate. Because of such heterogeneities, a vast range of extreme climatic events might occur in different areas. We define extreme climatic events the droughts, floods and heavy snowfall. Those events will be generically referre....................
    (2019-04-23) Development of a speed conversion model for the SKM measured wet skid resistance
    van der Bilt, Daphne (author)
    Skid resistance is an important parameter for road safety and therefore it is essential to monitor the skid resistance of pavements. In the Netherlands, skid resistance is measured with either the RWS Skid Resistance Tester -measuring the longitudinal friction coefficient- or the Seitenkraft-Messverfahren (SKM) -measuring the sideway friction coefficient. The latter is nowadays the preferred measurement device by Rijkswaterstaat. Skid resistance depends much on the vehicle speed: the higher the ....................
    (2019-04-23) Development of a 3D printed patient specific Ankle Foot Orthosis
    Veltmeijer, Ewoud (author)
    Patients diagnosed with drop foot syndrome experience difficulties creating enough clearance during walking, resulting in stumbling over very small obstacles. An Ankle Foot Orthosis is an orthopaedic aid which limits the plantar flexion of the foot, providing a safe walking gait for the patient. Currently, these AFOs are vacuum formed over a machined foam reproduction of the patients leg. The patient specific geometry requirements make it ideal for the one-off production freedom of 3D printing. ....................
    (2019-04-23) Jensen-Gaussian wake model extension considering the Atmospheric Boundary Layer effects for the Wind Farm Layout Optimization
    Habiboella, Amrien (author)
    To increase the total wind farm power output, the wind farm layout needs to be optimized. The power output of a wind turbine depends on the incoming velocity, while the velocity is influenced by the wake of the upstream wind turbines. Wind Farm Layout Optimization (WFLO) problems makes use of the so called low fidelity wake models, which predicts the velocity downstream of a turbine. The analytical Jensen wake model with a top hat velocity wake profile is commonly used to perform the WFLO during....................
    (2019-04-23) The role of data and information sharing when slow-onset natural disasters and conflict collide
    Kuipers, Titia (author)
    The frequency and severity of natural disasters is increasing worldwide, leading to a growing number of people struggling to survive. While climate related natural disasters affect large portions of the world, communities who are already struggling to survive due to conflict, insecurity or poverty are hit the most. In fragile states, slowly unfolding natural disasters are getting more and more intertwined with conflict. In these areas, humanitarian and peacekeeping organizations have increasingl....................
    (2019-04-18) A practical maintenance task packaging model applicable to aircraft maintenance
    Witteman, Max (author)
    This research concerns the problem of scheduling aircraft maintenance tasks, that must be carried in multiple maintenance checks to keep the aircraft airworthy. During this research the allocation of maintenance tasks to their maintenance opportunities is referred to as the task allocation problem. It is a complex combinatorial problem that is solved daily by aircraft operators.We propose a novel two-stage framework capable of solving the task allocation problem, for an entire fleet. A Mixed-Int....................
    (2019-04-18) Slimmer dimmer: A case of inclusive smart home design
    Flach, Emil (author)
    Smart homes have existed for decades, with Bill Gate's home built in 1997 being a notable example. The rapid developments in technology have made all electronics cheaper and made the Internet of Things possible. The Internet of Things has brought many new products and services to the market and revived the dream of a "smart home" for the average person. There seem to be two main types of smart home systems. The first type of smart homes are built using proprietary, subscription-based services an....................
    (2019-04-18) Epoch alignment in stateful streams
    van Kaam, Niels (author)
    While the amount of data and variability in data produced by numerous systems in a modern company continues to increase, users desire real-time and consistent results from complex analyses across a large variety of event sources. In industry, stream processing systems are emerging to process events with low latency in a scalable and reliable fashion. As more and more stream processing jobs are processing mission critical events, older jobs are subject to maintenance and have to be upgraded or re....................
    (2019-04-18) Design for the urban mine: Utilizing high purity reycled monostreams from household plastic waste for injection moulding
    Meinderts, Jorn (author)
    Plastic is a material that has greatly improved well being for the masses. However, it also contributes significantly to pollution of the natural environment and depletion of natural resources. So far only a small percentage of plastic is recycled and used for the production of new products. Inferior material quality and the inability to make a profit out of plastic recycling has led to little development in the utilization of this material. Umincorp is a company that developed a separation tech....................
    (2019-04-18) DataDonor: Crowdsourcing health care through digitalization
    Hens, Joris (author)
    The importance of value-based health care
    Worldwide, health care systems are struggling to control costs while improving care outcomes. An ageing population, increase in chronic patients and shortage in care professionals result in high burdens on our health care systems. Current health care systems are organized around delivering quantity. When this is continued, health care costs will rise in an unsustainable pace and the quality of care will be affected. The concept of value-based health ....................
    (2019-04-18) Investigation of Gas Generation by Riverine Sediments: Production Dynamics and Effects of Sediment Properties
    Li, Xin (author)
    Due to microbial activities, the anaerobic degradation of organic matter happens in the sediments and leads to considerable gas production. Especially for low flow areas gas production is more easily fostered. To prevent the potential problems caused by gas production from the riverine sediments, this study focuses on magnitude of gas formation and its relation with soil properties. Nine locations of known at Port of Hamburg were sampled; for each location the fresh sediment samples were collect....................
    (2019-04-18) Omnivisi Earable: Continuous and non-invasive monitoring of vital signs
    Aydin, Mucahit (author)
    This project is an initiative of the Department of Surgery in Maasstad Ziekenhuis. In the department, two types of patients undergo abdominal surgery: 1) mobile obese patients and, 2) patients with cancer. These types of patients need personal contact and guidance, especially patients with cancer. However, nurses are overwhelmed with work and utilize a great amount of their time to manually measure the vital signs of patients three times a day. These vital signs are heart rate, blood oxygen leve....................
    (2019-04-18) Application of vertical profiled mortar connections in precast concrete shear walls
    Van, Rens (author)
    This thesis focusses on the application of vertical profiled mortar connections in precast concrete shear walls that are built up with a stacked element configuration. The goal of the project is to develop a practical modelling approach in order to be able to apply the connections in a FEM model for structural analyses. For this purpose several research aspects concerning the behaviour of the connection were analysed. Civil Engineering | Building Engineering Civil Engineering | Structural Engine....................
    (2019-04-18) Duna & Água: Inhambane, Mozambique
    Versteeg, Pim (author); Tjia, Jacintha (author); Demetriades, Valerie (author); Caspers, Jochem (author)
    CIE4061-09 Multidisciplinary Project
    (2019-04-17) Dynamic Contactless Power Transfer On Go-karts
    de Leeuw, Vincent (author)
    Wireless power transfer is getting more attention than ever before but seems to be lagging in the go-kart industry. Manufacturers are designing more electric powered go-karts, but haven’t found a proper solution for most of its major drawbacks. The added weight from the battery pack and the required time to recharge are just two of these major drawbacks. These drawbacks make electric go-karts less desired in the rental industry, where turn-around-time is required to be as short as possible; in....................
    (2019-04-17) Damage Estimation of a Ship's Hull using ICCP system Measurements
    Booms, Daniel (author)
    Most ocean-going ships are fitted with an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system. The currents impressed by this system onto the seawater find their way to corroding parts of the ship’s hull, and prevent the hull from corroding. The electric field resulting from the currents around the ship is called the electric signature. This signature is a threat in seas with mines, as mines explode when they detect this signature. Therefore controlling the signature is important, especially t....................
    (2019-04-17) Modelling sensory integration for ankle- and hip control in human balance
    van der Zwaag, Peterke (author)
    Falling is a problem in elderly, affecting 30% of people over 65 years old, and leading to serious injuries in 10% of the cases. Because balance is controlled in a closed loop system with a high level of redundancy, the cause of impaired balance control is often unknown. A balance control model in combination with perturbed balance experiments could be a useful aid to detect the underlying cause of balance impairment, which would allow for better treatment. A disturbance estimation and compensat....................
    (2019-04-17) Model-based validation of a tracking algorithm to quantify strain in muscles from two-dimensional ultrasound images
    de Graaf, Jurjan (author)
    Fascicle shear is theoretically a mechanism by which skeletal muscles lengthen. Existing ultrasound based techniques allow measurement of muscle architecture parameters, but not the quantification of shear strain. In this study, an algorithm that tracks the shear strain from ultrasound images using a continuum representation of the muscle was developed. Errors in strain tracking may arise due to misalignment of the imaging plane, movement artifacts and non-uniform strain within the muscle. The g....................
    (2019-04-17) Towards Self-Learning Model-Based Evolutionary Algorithms
    Meulman, Erik (author)
    Model-based evolutionary algorithms (MBEAs) are praised for their broad applicability to black-box optimization problems. In practical applications however, they are mostly used to repeatedly optimize different instances of a single problem class, a setting in which specialized algorithms generally perform better. In this paper, we introduce the concept of a new type of MBEA that can automatically specialize its behavior to a given problem class using tabula rasa self-learning. For this, reinfor....................
    (2019-04-17) Product-Service Design to Improve Self-Monitoring after Myocardial Infarction at the LUMC
    Mamaqi Kapllani, Kevin (author)
    In the Netherlands alone, an estimated 730,000 persons are currently diagnosed with coronary heart disease (CHD), 120,000 with heart failure, and 260,000 with atrial fibrillation. As of 2014, cardiovascular disease accounted for 27% of all deaths1. The cardiology department of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) has a regional role in treating patients with different cardiovascular diseases, ranging from myocardial infarction, heart failure and infectious cardiac diseases to life support....................
    (2019-04-17) Electrical and optical detection of streamers in transformer insulation
    Ananth, Akilesh (author)
    The use of esters as transformer insulation has been gaining increasing interest over the past few years because of their better environmental performance, higher resistance to the influence of moisture and for some particular liquids, higher flash point as well. However, in order to completely replace the traditional mineral oil and be considered as a viable insulating fluid for high voltage equipments, these liquids must have comparable responses to mineral oil under DC,AC, lightning impulse a....................
    (2019-04-17) Implementing Circular Economy in the Built Environment: Comparative Study between China and the Netherlands
    Duan, Shuyu (author)
    Circular economy is gaining global momentum as a new economic system to achieve sustainable development. The built environment plays an important role during the transition to a circular economy. China and the Netherlands share a common basis on enhancing resource efficiency by circular economy, which provides opportunities for mutual learning. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how circular economy is introduced differently in China and the Netherlands, and how circular economy is impleme....................
    (2019-04-17) Living in a world with(out) oil: Turning oil tanks into dwellings in a post oil world
    Beckers, Sanne (author)
    We are getting close to the so called peak of oil and this will result in a shortage of oil and therefore oil products. We can assume that the oil industry will get in decline, therefore we should think about the heritage that the oil industry will leave behind. An iconic element of the petrol industry is the oil storage tank. We can knock these tanks down, but what if we could repurpose them. This paper will set an example by repurposing an oil tank into multiple dwellings.
    Living in a wo....................
    (2019-04-17) Analysis of a Wind Driven Reverse Osmosis Desalination System: Experimental Study Using a Pressure Exchanger Energy Recovery Device
    Smits, Roy (author)
    With a fast growing world population, the lack of fresh water is one of the world’s biggest future concerns. Water stress can lead to conflicts, holds back economic growth and has a major impact on human health. Nowadays, more and more countries that lack fresh water sources are using the saline water from the oceans and desalinate it to produce fresh water. The most common way to do this is by the means of Reverse Osmosis (RO). However, one of the biggest negative aspects of desalination is i....................
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