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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2068-01-01) Machtige CEO’s bepalen hun eigen beloning : analyse van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen
    Smulders, H.A.M.
    This thesis research examines CEO compensation in the Dutch hospital market during the period 2008 – 2014. There were 76 hospitals included in this research. The research aims to find an answer to the question whether or not CEO compensation is influenced by the CEO power. To measure CEO power four proxies were defined and tested in four fixed-effects regression models. The first proxy is RatioBord, which determines the effect of the size of the board of directors relative to the size of the s....................
    (2017-07-24) Rat race als drijfveer van het hoge aantal werkuren bij accountants
    Deurloo, D.M.
    Dit artikel onderzoekt of een rat race evenwicht een mogelijke verklaring is voor het hoge aantal werkuren bij openbare accountants in Nederland. Het onderzoek is uitgevoerd door een vragenlijst af te nemen bij openbare accountants van één accountantskantoor in de steden Den Haag en Rotterdam. De resultaten wijzen erop dat er sprake is van een rat race evenwicht bij 43% van de accountants. Hierbij werken accountants meer uren dan het optimale aantal uren volgens het arbeidsaanbodmodel. Verder....................
    (2017-07-24) Forecasting movie ratings with recommender systems
    Schyns, O.R.T.V. (Oscar)
    In this paper I construct different recommender systems to predict movie ratings and compare there performances. Recommender systems can be used to classify movie ratings for users as interesting or not worth watching and with a few simple statistics the classification performance can be compared for different models. The relevance of this topic is growing every year with the exponential increase in data available. A lot of study has already been done about this topic but there is still work to ....................
    (2017-07-24) SVM Partitioned Decision Trees
    Fayoyin, O.D. (Oluwatosin)
    This paper investigates the use of decision trees to improve the performance of a linear support vector machine. Specifically, it creates a decision tree and uses the results of an SVM prediction as a branching rule for the tree. When tested on a suit of 8 data sets, this hybrid methodology was seen to outperform the usual linear SVM on 3 of the data sets tested and in the other situations the performance of the two models were similar.
    (2017-07-24) Predicting the Lapse Rates of AllSecur
    Geschiere, M.C. (Marcel)
    The lapse rate of the clients of AllSecur is predicted by three different methodologies. The current method used by AllSecur is the Generalized Linear Model and serves as benchmark. The two new methodologies are survival analysis and machine learning. I select the best method by evaluating its predictive performance in an out-of-sample dataset. The best survival analysis method is the Cox Proportional Hazards model with variables selected by a Lasso regression. The best machine learning method i....................
    (2017-07-24) Een belastingharmonisatie in de EU: is het einde van belastingcompetitie in zicht?
    Prado, Imre del
    In dit paper wordt gekeken naar de schadelijkheid en een mogelijke aanpak van belastingcompetitie in de Europese Unie, wat ofwel een harmonisatie ofwel een minimumtarief kan zijn. Er wordt voornamelijk gebruik gemaakt van literatuur van begin deze eeuw en er wordt empirisch onderzoek gedaan om de verandering van economische integratie sinds deze papers tot nu in kaart te brengen. Dit onderzoek heeft tot verschillende bevindingen geleid. Ten eerste lijkt op dit moment een concrete aanpak van bela....................
    (2017-07-24) Effect of Socio-economic Conditions, Coalition, and Party Identification toward Voter Choice in Indonesian Legislative Election
    Huvat, Ariessa
    The 2004, 2009, and 2014 Indonesian legislative election were held with unique political conditions on each of them. This research uses the data within these elections to test the external validity of several voting theories from other literatures, particularly on socio-economic determinants, coalition, and party identification effect toward voter choice. The results are as follow: Indonesian voter doesn’t really take current local economic growth into consideration; there is no evidence that ....................
    (2017-07-21) The effectiveness of leniency programs
    Loon, Leanne van
    study the effectiveness of leniency programs when there exists uncertainty about the fine reduction that the firms will receive. The study is an extension to the model of Motta and Polo (2003). The aim is to find a solution for a problem observed in, among others, Korea, where firms abuse the leniency program by repeatedly colluding and subsequently applying for leniency. The study shows that adding extra uncertainty to the model leads to a situation in which firms are less likely to reveal....................
    (2017-07-21) Don’t Demotivate, Discriminate: Outside-option
    Naaktgeboren, E.A.
    In this paper, an extension is studied for the model provided by Kamphorst and Swank (2016), they show that discrimination can be caused by employees expecting their manager to prefer one of the employees. An outside option is added to show that giving employees the option to quit their job to work for another company, can give the manager less reason to discriminate. A stable non-discriminatory equilibrium is found when a manager can be certain that the employee leaves, this is tested by d....................
    (2017-07-21) Het effect van de Body Mass Index op productiviteit:
    Jacobs, Ashley
    In deze scriptie is het effect van de Body Mass Index op de productiviteit van Nederlandse werknemers onderzocht. Dit is onderzocht aan de hand van drie hypotheses. Er werd onderzocht of de Body Mass Index een negatieve invloed heeft op productiviteit, het effect voor vrouwen groter is dan voor mannen en dat obesitas, vergeleken met onder-, over- of normaalgewicht het grootste effect heeft op productiviteit. Dit werd gedaan met behulp van paneldata afkomstig van het Longitudinal Internet St....................
    (2017-07-20) The Theory of Planned Behaviour as a Determinant of Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption among Dutch Adolescents
    J.J. Ong
    This study analyzes the relationship between intention and sugar consumption among Dutch adolescents using Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB). According to the theory, one’s intention consists of three components: attitude towards the behaviour, the subjective norms and the perceived behavioural control (Ajzen, 1991). The higher the components the higher one’s intention to perform the behaviour. This study addresses the behaviour: consuming less sugar sweetened beverages (SSB). It w....................
    (2017-07-20) Stuck in a Paradigm
    Groenendijk, A.
    The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) came as a surprise for most economists, and henceforth was at the same time a crisis for economics. This thesis attempts to offer an explanation for this that goes beyond scapegoating. In order to do so, an interpretation of economics before and during the GFC is developed, based on the ideas of Thomas Kuhn. The paradigm of mainstream economics is analysed. The main ingredients of this paradigm – the DSGE model, the Efficient Market Hypothesis and the Great Mod....................
    (2017-07-20) The influence of populism on mainstream party policy
    Schrieks, T.
    This thesis uses a political accountability model to study the influence of populism on mainstream party policy. Politicians have an incentive to select a popular policy instead of the optimal policy, when voters are uninformed. This incentive increases when the challenger is a populist instead of a mainstream politician. Populist challengers do on the other hand have a disciplining effect on non-congruent (biased) incumbents. Less talented politicians are less likely to be informed, when the co....................
    (2017-07-20) The effect of non-western immigrants on sold house prices in municipalities in The Netherlands between 1998 and 2007
    Westende, S.A. van 't
    This paper empirically analyses the effect of non-western immigrants on sold house price in municipalities in The Netherlands. This paper finds that if the share of non-western immigrants increases with one percent, the average sold house price decreases with 1,73 percent of a standard deviation. Small significant effects are found for an increase in the share of non-western immigrants of one year and two years. This effect can partly be explained by the negative view many people tend to have to....................
    (2017-07-20) Afvalscheiding en uitkeringsgerechtigden
    Gadellaa, S
    Het doel van dit onderzoek is het testen van de relatie tussen het percentage inwoners dat afhankelijk is van een uitkering en het scheiden van afval binnen een gemeente. Deze relatie wordt onderzocht door middel van een regressieanalyse met fixed effects van paneldata. De dataset bevat gegevens over het restafval als percentage van het totale huishoudelijke afval en het percentage uitkeringsgerechtigden van de totale bevolking binnen Nederlandse gemeenten over de periode 2007 tot 2014. Uit de r....................
    (2017-07-20) The Brexit Vote and Trade
    Biemond, Ard Jan
    The Brexit vote created a lot of economic uncertainty in Great Britain. Since uncertainty affects the decisions of businesses, it also affects those of traders. This paper provides evidence that the uncertainty created by the Brexit vote affected the international trade of the United Kingdom. The descriptive analysis points out that imports and exports from and to the European Union did decline. The general effect, however, is negligible. It turns out that there is no difference in effect betwee....................
    (2017-07-20) Double Jeopardy: Age Discrimination as a Gendered Phenomenon
    Bartels, E.A.J.
    This thesis is concerned with the working lives of mature aged women in the United States. More specifically, their probability of employment, expectations regarding finding another job, and salary in comparison to that of men are explored. Differences may occur due to the mutually reinforcing effect of age and gender discrimination, also called gendered ageism. As plethora of studies show, this mainly arises from negative stereotypes, based on inter alia sexual attractiveness and perceived la....................
    (2017-07-19) Beyond Borders
    Satriawan, A.H.
    This thesis examines the impact of economic globalisation on national economic prosperity. Through export revenues, there are significant relationships found between economic globalisation to schooling investment decision, human development level, and income inequality. A higher export earnings increase educational attainment and the HDI score, while the Gini Index is significantly lowered. Nonetheless, the effects found were relatively small, inferring that other factors could explain the varia....................
    (2017-07-19) The Tremble of the Tremor: An Empirical Study on the Effect of Terrorism on International Tourism Demand in Europe
    Sudradjat, Nabila
    This thesis examines the effect of terrorism on international tourism revenue for 44 European countries throughout the period 2000-2015. The analyses focus on the impact of both frequency and severity of attacks. Only terrorist incidents with four or more casualties are considered. The severity of attacks is measured using a severity index, adjusted for frequency. These impacts are studied using ordinary least squares (OLS) regressions, controlling for both country and time-specific fixed effect....................
    Hoey, Sam
    International trade has been increasing in most countries due to ever increasing globalization. This paper evaluates the relationship between the increasing levels of international trade and the wellbeing of a nation. This relationship is analyzed in both a repeated cross sectional and time series setting. Exports are found to not have a positive relationship with happiness in both a repeated cross sectional and time series setting. Imports show the same result in a repeated cross sectional se....................
    (2017-07-19) Peak-End Effect in the Workplace: a strategic option for firms?
    Schuttevaar, Vincent
    The peak-end effect influences perception by placing comparatively large value on the peak and the end of an event. These perceptions influence experience, satisfaction, and decision-making. This paper looks at the potential for firms to exploit this mechanism. There are numerous reasons for thinking that it can, despite the lacking personnel economic research. These reasons are explored in a piecemeal fashion, with an emphasis on combining research of psychology, organizational science, an....................
    (2017-07-19) Distance in International Service Trade
    Park, SiHo
    This paper identifies the determinants of service trade with gravity model using the most recent bilateral service trade dataset. It is found that distance has significant trade-inhibiting effects on service trade flow as well as on merchandise trade. To understand the driving force behind the negative coefficient of distance variable in the service trade, we investigate the relationship between service and merchandise trade. The complementary relationship reveals that more than half of the nega....................
    (2017-07-19) The Relation between Field Behaviour and Changes in Impatience
    M.M.C.M. Mendes de Leon
    Many studies already did research in finding any correlation between impatience and field behavior using hyperbolic discounting functions. However, using these functions can be prob- lematic. Therefore in Rohde (2016), a new measure is introduced for calculating the degree of decreasing impatience. This research focusses on an extension of the experiment by Rohde (2016), searching for correlations between the degree of decreasing impatience and self-reported self-control problems. Two experiment....................
    Hennink, Michiel
    The last decades can be characterised by increasing globalisation and structural changes in European labour markets. Little is known about the interdependence of those developments and the eventual individual impact of those phenomena. This study aims to relate globalisation, indicated by trade and FDI, to the self-employment rate, which in turn is related to the prevalence of acute myocardial infarction (as an objective indicator of health), addressing a lack of knowledge on this topic in the a....................
    (2017-07-18) Social dumping: sluipend gif of fata morgana?
    Bruin, Esmée de
    De vakbond FNV voert actie tegen ‘social dumping’ in Nederland. Ook wil de Europese Commissie er strenger op toezien dat er geen oneerlijke concurrentie tussen werknemers uit verschillende delen van Europa plaatsvindt. In deze scriptie wordt onderzocht of dit werkelijk mogelijk wordt gemaakt door de detacheringsrichtlijn. Aan de hand van een paneldata analyse wordt gezocht naar een verband tussen de Nederlandse import van diensten en de sociale premie van Europese landen. Uiteindelijk komt n....................
    (2017-07-17) Separation of Ownership and Control
    Ruiter, R.
    The purpose of this research is to analyse the effects of ownership structures on the managerial efficiency in the corporate governance. A sample of 171 publicly listed firms in the Benelux from 2013 until 2015 is used to measure the overall effect. An analysis is conducted in which the ownership concentration and the heterogeneity among the concentration of shareholders are regressed against the firm performance. Besides, the effects of two different types of ownership identity are tested,....................
    (2017-07-17) Law and statistics, a perfect combination?
    Bastiaansen, Koen
    This paper examines the impact of the publication of a report of the Dutch council of jurisdiction in 2009 on the level of interpretation of forensic evidence by Dutch courts by using an ordered probit model. This paper also investigates if there is a difference in the interpretation level between the low and high courts in the Netherlands as well as if the seriousness of the crime and the penalty given to the defendant have any impact on the latent variable. The results suggest that the le....................
    (2017-07-14) Time-Varying Parameters in the Dynamic Nelson-Siegel Model
    Buitenhuis, J. (Jos)
    In this study we look into various ways to introduce time-varying parameters in the dynamic Nelson-Siegel model. We consider three extensions: (i) a time-varying loading parameter, (ii) time-varying volatility and (iii) a time-varying unconditional mean. For the introduction of a time-varying unconditional mean we consider specifications with- and without macroeconomic information. Furthermore, we combine the three extensions into a more sophisticated model. We perform an in- and out-of-sample a....................
    (2017-07-14) Does migration cause a significant increase incrime and unemployment rates in the Netherlands during the period 1990-2013?
    Guilloux, A.
    This research paper addresses the affair of immigration, which has been a recurrent and prominent debated topic in our society. A focus is made on the Netherlands and the effect immigration has had on unemployment and crime rates through the years 1990-2013. The results show a significant negative relationship between immigration and unemployment rate, rejecting the first hypothesis. However, the second hypothesis, which evaluates the influence of immigration rate on crime rateis accepted, when....................
    (2017-07-14) Pension De-Risking
    Reinders, M.T. (Mart)
    The partial buy-out or carve-out is a new pension fund de-risking solution proposed by Willis Towers Watson. In the partial buy-out only part of the pension fund liabilities are transferred to an insurer. The pensioners are generally more risk averse and have a shorter investment horizon than active participants. The pension fund board is obliged to conduct the fund policy decisions in interest of all participants, making the policy generally too risky for the pensioners and not risky enough for....................
    (2017-07-14) Risk behaviour of children measured with the Colombia Card Task
    Dijkstra, N.F.S. (Nienke)
    Risk behaviour in an experimental risk task is a key predictor of real life behaviour and the development of a child. Existing research shows that smokers and gamblers are risk seeking on experimental risk tasks. The present study aimed to predict risk behaviour of children by means of the Columbia Card Task (CCT). The analysed dataset consists of 3326 children of around nine years old. This study is embedded in the Generation R program that investigates children’s growth, development, and hea....................
    (2017-07-14) Canadian mutual fund flows and performance when managers have Chinese-sounding names
    Shu, W.
    This paper shows that name-based social biases affect the investment choices of Canadian mutual fund investors. This investigation is based on a sample of 442 Canadian mutual funds. The panel data is drawn from Fund Library database and it is analyzed by using Stata. The relevant characteristics of fund and fund managers, such as fund flows, grade, rank, age, load fees and manager’s gender, have been applied to the analysis. On the basis of results, we can conclude that Canadian mutual funds ....................
    (2017-07-14) Waarom mijn baas mijn schoonmaker betaalt
    Sinds Marshall in 1890 de term doelmatigheidslonen formuleerde als de extra betaling, die leidt tot een verschil in nut dat een werknemer behaalt uit zijn huidige baan en het nut van zijn beste alternatief, is dit een vaak terugkomend fenomeen geweest binnen de arbeids- en personeelseconomie. Doelmatigheidslonen liggen boven de marktruimende vergoedingen en kunnen, door een wig te drijven tussen het aanbod en de vraag naar arbeid, leiden tot onvrijwillige werkloosheid (Krueger & Summers, 1988)....................
    Schothorst, A.
    This paper provides a model to evaluate the choice of (non-)diversity in team settings. It includes the role of communication intervals as well as the probability of similarity in ideas. This makes it able to compare diverse teams to less diverse teams and draw conclusions for specific projects with different characteristics. This paper does not give an absolute answer for the question whether or not to choose for diverse team members but gives more insights in the factors complying diversit....................
    (2017-07-14) Will a means tested excess deductible lead to more efficient healthcare while guaranteeing universal access to healthcare?
    Goudriaan, Th.
    The healthcare system performs a vital role in society. Yet in many countries the design of the healthcare system makes it inefficient and not universally accessible. In this paper the means tested excess deductible is researched as the possible solution to inefficiency and inaccessibility in healthcare. The means tested excess deductible is a deductible which is variable to both income and wealth, which influence the direct consumer cost of healthcare. When income and/or wealth increases so doe....................
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