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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) De effectiviteit van werkgeheugentraining bij stoppen met roken : de rol van impulsiviteit
    Zoeteweij, R.
    Roken heeft veel negatieve gevolgen voor de gezondheid van rokers en mensen in de omgeving van rokers. Het slagingspercentage van stoppen met roken is relatief laag op een percentage van gemiddeld 33%. Bij stoppen met roken speelt het werkgeheugen een belangrijke rol, omdat het zorgt voor een top down executieve controle en gedragsremming door de lange termijn doelen gerelateerd aan stoppen met roken actief te houden. Verder bleek uit onderzoek dat het werkgeheugen getraind kan worden. In deze s....................
    (2107-01-01) The sneaky snack game : developing a new paradigm to investigate the development of habits by overtraining
    Wimberg, J.
    Dual-process theories (Dickinson,1985)state that initially goal-directed behavior goes over to habitual control by overtraining, i.e. initially outcome-controlled responses become controlled by context stimuli. Evidence comes from devaluation studies, which have shown that instrumental responses for a reward persist despite devaluation of that reward, e.g. by inducing nausea. The present study aims to investigate in human subjects whether overtraining renders goaldirected behavior habitual. In t....................
    (2107-01-01) Werkgeheugen en motiverende gespreksvoering als hulpmiddel bij het stoppen met roken
    Theuns, W.
    In het huidige onderzoek werd de effectiviteit van een door motiverende gesprekken ondersteunde online werkgeheugentraining (een visueel-spatiële dual tapping task) onderzocht. Daarnaast werd onderzocht of de invloed van werkgeheugentraining op rookgedrag werd gemodereerd door de motivatie om te stoppen met roken. Aan het onderzoek deden 31 vrouwen en 23 mannen mee die aselect over de placeboconditie of de trainingsconditie werden verdeeld. Alle deelnemers moesten binnen vijf weken 25 adaptieve....................
    (2107-01-01) Contra-feitelijke gedachten en openheid tot norm overschrijding bij Nederlandse jeugdvoetballers
    Vries, T. de
    Een contra-feitelijke gedachte houdt in dat iemand zich de uitkomst van een actie anders voorstelt. Dit kan zowel door een situatie te bedenken waarin een actie wordt toegevoegd (additieve contra-feitelijke gedachten) als door een situatie te bedenken waarin een gebeurde actie wordt weggelaten (subtractieve contra-feitelijke gedachten). Het huidige onderzoek richt zich op de vraag: hoe hangen contra-feitelijke gedachten samen met openheid tot norm overschrijding bij jeugdvoetballers. Specifiek w....................
    (2107-01-01) Hechting en positief partnergedrag in volwassen partnerrelaties
    Andel, C. van
    In het huidige onderzoek is de samenhang tussen vermijdende en angstige hechting enerzijds en positief partnergedrag (positiviteit, openheid, zekerheid, taken verdelen, conflicten oplossen en netwerken) anderzijds onderzocht bij 129 heteroseksuele koppels. Hierbij is gekeken naar de eigen hechting en de hechting van de partner. Ook is de rol van hechting in het beloop van positief partnergedrag gedurende relatiecursus Hou me Vast onderzocht. Vermijding en angst bleken negatief samen te hangen me....................
    (2068-01-01) Machtige CEO’s bepalen hun eigen beloning : analyse van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen
    Smulders, H.A.M.
    This thesis research examines CEO compensation in the Dutch hospital market during the period 2008 – 2014. There were 76 hospitals included in this research. The research aims to find an answer to the question whether or not CEO compensation is influenced by the CEO power. To measure CEO power four proxies were defined and tested in four fixed-effects regression models. The first proxy is RatioBord, which determines the effect of the size of the board of directors relative to the size of the s....................
    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2017-10-02) Free Trade Agreements, Trade Openness and Economic Growth: A study of Asia
    Sadat, S
    The accelerated proliferation of the volume of FTAs for Asian economies has constantly intrigued the economics researchers. An anonymous conclusion is yet to be reached about the effect of FTAs on economic growth. This research investigates the affiliation amidst in-effect FTAs and trade openness on growth. A dynamic panel approach with the Arellano-Bond GMM estimators has been used for this research to tackle the endogeneity issue faced by past literatures. This research enhances the current li....................
    (2017-10-02) Tax Amnesty and Asset Repatriation in Indonesia
    Putri, W
    The government of Indonesia released a tax amnesty policy from July 2016 until March 2017 to eliminate tax penalties done by Indonesian tax residents with respect to unreported assets and investment. The policy also has an option to repatriate assets to be invested in domestic market for at least 3 years. Using a theoretical model, empirical estimation, and comparison with realization data, this thesis will analyze the impact of tax amnesty policy and also the asset repatriation policy for the b....................
    (2017-10-01) Capitalization of intergovernmental transfers and the income effects of the abolishment of the Dutch property tax.
    Krins, D
    This paper studies the effects of the abolishment of the user part of the property tax in the Netherlands in 2006. This major tax reform meant that municipalities lost a substantial part of their income, but they were compensated for this via an additional grant from the central government. The first part of this study discusses the income effects of the tax reform and finds that low incomes gained the most from this tax reform relatively, although in absolute terms the high incomes profited mor....................
    (2017-09-26) Remittances and the unwillingness to work in Albania
    Beqaj, D
    As in many developing and emerging economies, remittances account for a considerable share of GDP in Albania. This study investigates on the impact that remittances have in the work incentives for remittance-receiver households, by using micro data for Albania in years 2009 and 2014. There results of Pooled OLS and Instrumental Variables indicate that remittances positively affect the unwillingness to work for remittance-receiver households. These findings are helpful for creating a clearer....................
    (2017-09-22) The relation between CEO Pay-performance Sensitivity and Firm Performance - the mediating role of Work/Life Benefits.
    Fiotaki, M
    Executive compensation and Work Life Balance have been two topics of much debate. Much discussion has been done about the level, structure and role of CEO compensation in the firm performance, while in the same time there are concerns whether companies should provide employees with the balance of work and family. This balance can be achieved by providing Work Life Benefits to employees in order to help them with many facets of their lives such us their well being and their family. The aim of thi....................
    (2017-09-21) Het optimale contract bij een transparante salarisstructuur
    Post, Erwin
    Deze paper gaat over de invloed van een transparante salarisstructuur op een bedrijf en zijn werknemers. Allereerst wordt transparantie opgenomen in de nutsfunctie van de werknemer, waarna de invloed hiervan op de optimale inzet van de werknemers wordt berekend. Vervolgens wordt het optimale contract van de werknemer en van het bedrijf berekend. Aansluitend zullen aan de hand van de uitkomsten een aantal verschijnselen verklaard worden. Uit de resultaten is gebleken dat het invoeren van tr....................
    (2017-09-21) Did the Green Party decide the United States presidential election of 2016?
    Bijl, Jurian van der
    This paper models what voters do in the absence of their preferred party. In this context, some hypotheses are formulated with respect to the role of Green Party voters during the 2016 US presidential elections. To test these theoretical predictions, voting data at county level is analyzed with a Fixed Eects OLS model. Utilizing state dierences in party's ballot access, state borders are used as a source of exogenous variation. Provided that voter preferences are single peaked and that the....................
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