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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2019-07-07) The influence of spring-neap cycles on sediment trapping in tide-dominated estuaries
    Bouwman, Dennis (author)
    Using an idealized width-averaged model, the influence of spring-neap cycles on the transport and trapping of suspended fine sediment in tide-dominated estuaries is investigated. To this end we introduce a multiple time scale expansion. This provides a mathematically sound argument for treating the fast ebb-flood cycle and the slow spring-neap variations as independent time scales. With this expansion, semi-analytical approximations of the water motion and suspended sediment concentrations can b....................
    (2019-07-05) Efficient Neural Network Architecture Search
    YANG, MINGHAO (author)
    One-Shot Neural Architecture Search (NAS) is a promising method to significantly reduce search time without any separate training. It can be treated as a Network Compression problem on the architecture parameters from an overparameterized network. However, there are two issues associated with most one-shot NAS methods. First, dependencies between a node and its predecessors and successors are often disregarded which result in improper treatment over zero operations. Second, architecture paramete....................
    (2019-07-01) Property Bidding War Strategies for the Dutch Housing Market Using an Agent-Based Model
    Ziengs, Bart (author)
    The use of certain buyer strategies in the process of property bidding is being discovered in this paper. An Agent-based model is introduced where financial statistics are based on the Dutch housing market. Three types of agents are used in this model that uses cycles of two weeks. Thee hypotheses about the market are initially formulated. In the end, it proved that only the hypothesis "Initial overbidding on the list price results in a higher success rate" could be confirmed.
    (2019-06-30) An origami inspired spherical transformable metamaterial based on symmetry groups
    Nuijts, Ivar (author)
    This thesis presents a transformable metamaterial, inspired by origami. Generally, metamaterials are build up following the periodicity of Bravais lattices. This study aims to design a structure not following the Bravais lattices, but rather a different type of symmetry which tiles a sphere, in order to expand on current design studies. In this report the different types of spherical symmetries are discussed and the icosahedral symmetry group is used to design a theorical model. Then a prototype....................
    (2019-06-28) Designing Organisational Revolution: Exploring the role of design in the quest for progressive organisations
    Davidse, Max (author)
    Organisations find it more and more difficult to deal with our changing times, as our world has drastically changed over the last decades. This has led us to believe that organisational theory and practice from the last decades just does not hold up anymore. They have created organisations that made sense then, but do not necessarily now. Organisations themselves need to change in order to keep up with this sped up world. To achieve better success, many organisations are (constantly) entrenched ....................
    (2019-06-28) Product-service system adoption: motivational drivers for e-bike sharing.
    Bootsma, Nynke (author)
    The global environmental issues are becoming more and more pressing. These issues ask for not only changes on a product-level but also on a system-level (Ceshin, 2013). One of the potential solutions can be to facilitate more sustainable consumption. Sustainable consumption patterns can potentially be created by product-service systems (PSSs). PSSs enable “sale-of-use” instead of “sale-of-product” so these systems satisfy consumers through the delivery of functions instead of products. U....................
    (2019-06-28) Latent Space Modelling of Unsteady Flow Subdomains: Thesis Report
    Mulder, Boris (author)
    Very complex flows can be expensive to compute using current CFD techniques. In this thesis, models based on deep learning were used to replace certain parts of the flow domain, with the objective of replacing well-known regions with simplified models to increase efficiency. To keep the error produced by the deep learning model bounded, a traditional CFD model and deep learning model were coupled using a boundary overlap area. In this overlap area, the flow computed by the traditional CFD model ....................
    (2019-06-27) Bouwteam: For more collaboration in the construction industry
    van Riggelen, Roos (author)
    Bouwteam is a collaboration agreement in which the contracor is involved early on to work together with the client to make a design in which the knowledge of the client and the contractor is used optimally. Through the years the Bouwteam has been influenced by integrated contracts and has been changing in a variety of ways. Nowadays, there is not one standard way of using a Bouwteam anymore. In the last decade the Bouwteam has increased in popularity and is being used more and more. The Bouwteam....................
    (2019-06-26) Internal Loads of Semi-Submersibles at an Inconvenient Draft: An investigation into the non-linear response
    Korte, Ruben (author)
    Once a semi-submersible is operating at an inconvenient draft (A shallow draft with limited water column above the pontoons), the passing waves over the pontoons can not keep their linear motion and energy will be transferred to higher harmonic wave frequencies. This means the hydrodynamic response will also contain energy at these higher frequencies. Conventional linear diffraction solvers are not able to solve the combined response of the wave frequency and its higher harmonics, which then res....................
    (2019-06-25) Use of scenarios in participatory ADM: A comparative action research approach in the Paraná Delta, Argentina
    Schölvinck, Odilia (author)
    In this thesis, the usage of scenarios for the participatory application of ADM is investigated in the context of the Paraná Delta, in Argentina. The focus is two-fold: (1) the research focuses on how a participatory design for ADM can be made, and (2) it focuses on which moment of the framework scenarios should be introduced in the participatory ADM Paraná Delta Project Engineering and Policy Analysis Civil Engineering | Water Management
    (2019-06-24) The effects of space holder size and volume fraction on the geometric characteristics and performance of absorbable iron scaffolds
    de Vries, Sybren (author)
    Although many studies have been performed on porous absorbable iron scaffolds created by the space holder method, no studies have considered the influence of variations in space holders on absorbable scaffolds. The present study aimed to clarify the effects of space holder particle size and volume fraction, on the pore structure, resultant mechanical properties and absorbability of iron scaffolds.
    Spherical iron particles were used as the matrix powder and mixed with coarse and fine rectang....................
    (2019-06-21) Schematisation of discharge time series in morphodynamic river models
    Gradussen, Bas (author)
    River discharge is an essential parameter in morphodynamic modelling. It proves to be highly variable in both time and space. In this thesis the impact of the schematisation of time-dependent discharge series on morphodynamic change is studied. The impact is governed by several factors such as the long-term discharge statistics, and both short- and long-term sequences of discharge stages. A variable river discharge itself does not necessarily result in morphodynamic change. Changes in conveyance....................
    (2019-06-21) Design for a Better Hygiene Experience in a Flying-V Aircraft
    Yao, Xinhe (author)
    To study passenger contentment data and design for a better hygiene experience for a future aircraft: flying-v, researches and design were performed step by step. Firstly, to understand the overall situation of current flying experience, data were gathered from three co-creation sessions and a survey of 128 participants with experience of long-haul flights. Negative observations related mainly to physical discomfort and feelings of boredom. While social interaction was important for some passeng....................
    (2019-06-21) Sediment traps: for reducing maintenance dredging costs in the port of Rotterdam
    Tempel, Auke (author)
    Regular maintainance dredging is a large expense to the Port of Rotterdam, therefore the installation of sediment traps is considered. By increasing the bathymetry locally, an increase of local accumulation is expected and a decrease deeper in the harbour basin. This thesis describes the functioning of sediment traps in a stratified tidally energetic estuary, where sediment is supplied by the river and sea. A numerical 2DV representation is set up for the Botlek Harbour with the hydrostatic Delf....................
    (2019-06-21) Expedition One Planet: The design of exploratory journeys through the exhibition One Planet
    Koolen, Anna (author)
    The aim of this project was to evoke dialogue between family members about the content of the exhibition One Planet, an exhibition about global issues. One Planet is the main exhibition of the Museon and is based on the seventeen sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The project focused on families with children between 8-12, the main target group of Museon. Research on the current visitor experience showed that there is a lack of opportunity for families to reflect the content on....................
    (2019-06-20) Stakeholders as Researchers: Empowering non-researchers to interact directly with consumers
    Ponte Fissgus, Marta (author)
    An investigation into the trends of user experience research revealed that businesses and stakeholders will increasingly value human insights, and hence, as research becomes more mainstream, “organizations will continue to develop new tools to democratize those practices and adapt to company needs (dscout, 2018).” This trend was further supported by conversations with researchers across the technology company where this research has been conducted, who highlighted the need to have resources ....................
    (2019-06-20) The Lifehammer Solution
    Park, David (author)
    The report describes the graduation project done for Lifesafety Products B.V., otherwise known as Lifehammer. The company has a problem with the attachment systems of their emergency hammers. These hammers are used to break car glass in emergencies. The most commonly known use case in the Netherlands is when one ends up trapped in a car submerged in water. Due to the limitations of car interiors regarding suitable locations, a new spring-loaded hammer was developed, which is much smaller than th....................
    (2019-06-20) Study for a Quantitative Risk Assessment on Accidental Actions
    Kleijn, Sarah (author)
    Lately structural safety is an often discussed subject in The Netherlands. Recent collapses have made people question if our buildings are actually safe enough. Research shows that the individual probability of death due to structural failure is below the limit of 10-5 per year. However, it is unknown if every single building is safe enough as well. The main cause of structural failures are human errors (90% of the collapses). However, the Dutch Building Decree does not mention the unidentified ....................
    (2019-06-20) The apparent mass and transmissibility of a bicycle-rider system
    de Haan, Jelle Waling (author)
    The objective of this research is to identify the passive response of the rider’s body to translational and rotational random perturbations. A custom made bicycle mock-up equipped with a system of sensors has been developed, capable of measuring the linear accelerations, angular velocity and the rider’s force responses in all translational axes of all bicycle interfaces. The bicycle mock-up is driven by a hexapod that generates coloured noise perturbations in the range 0–10 Hz. Twenty four....................
    (2019-06-20) Coupled Dynamics of a Dual Lift Operation: Upending Method of an XXL Monopile
    Jutten, Daan (author)
    Offshore wind farms are moving to deeper waters, implying that larger substructures will need to be installed. The monopile is the leading substructure nowadays and this structure could be promising for use in deeper waters as well. Generally, jack-up vessels are used for the installation of the substructures and turbines. However, the jacking up and down of these vessels is time-consuming and limiting with regard to the water depth. A solution to tackle these two drawbacks, is to conduct the in....................
    (2019-06-20) Strength and Fatigue Analysis of FDM-fabricated Non-assembly Bi-material Compliant Mechanisms
    Juwita, Adinda Bunga (author)
    Multi-material compliant mechanisms have shown the potential to be utilized in the upper-limb prosthesis. The mechanisms consist of flexural and rigid parts, where the flexural components can serve as flexible joints between rigid bodies in the device (e.g., finger and finger segments). This configuration is feasible to be fabricated using a type of additive manufacturing called Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) process, without the need of further assembly and extensive post-processing. Knowledg....................
    (2019-06-20) Performance assessment of the Ocean Falls Wave Energy Converter: A solution for electrical power production in the future
    van den Kerkhoff, Roy-Matthieu (author)
    There is a growing demand for renewable sources of energy of which wave energy conversion is one. The Ocean Falls is an oscillating water column (OWC) system invented by BAM Infraconsult b.v. This system differs from conventional OWC systems since it includes a connection tube and an adjustable back wall. The OWC system is a resonance system for which maximum efficiency is obtained once the natural frequency matches the incoming wave frequency. This thesis focusses on the modelling of the OWC sy....................
    (2019-06-20) Courtyard Quest; playfully engaging families with the Pieter de Hooch exhibition
    van Houten, Irene (author)
    Museums are often believed to be aimed at adults, yet museums specifically aimed at children are becoming more common, and most museums attempt to cater not only to adults, but to their younger visitors as well. Museum Prinsenhof Delft is one such museum. This report presents the process of creating a new experience aimed at families, who come to visit the Pieter de Hooch exhibition at Museum Prinsenhof Delft. The experience focuses on families with children aged 6 to 10 years old, and aims to p....................
    (2019-06-20) Investigating Whether Clean Code Helps Developers in Understanding a New Project
    Bottema, Rowan (author)
    When developers enter a project, often a vast amount of existing code exists for them to understand. Improving the understandability of the code should help them in getting up to speed. This study researches two methods that could improve the understandability of the code for newcomers: Refactoring the code to adhere to Clean Code guidelines and providing an introductory document. The effect is measured by performing a controlled experiment in which the participants are given small tasks to comp....................
    (2019-06-20) Future Energy Carriers in Office Buildings: Techno-economic assessment of integrated energy and mobility systems
    Bleeker, Cliff (author)
    In the energy transition the expansion of the amount of renewable energy resources requires new methods for the design of energy systems. To deal with intermittent energy production, different energy technologies and solutions are in development. Hydrogen is a main candidate for this goal. Using Fuel Cell or Battery Electric Vehicles as flexible power plants is a second potential solution. This thesis explores how these two concepts can be combined in an office environment. The goal was to desig....................
    (2019-06-20) Measuring driver perception during on-road eye-tracking: Combining gaze behaviour and vehicle’s road scene perception
    el Hassnaoui, Mounir (author)
    Long before humans will completely trust fully automated vehicles, partial and conditional automation where the human driver is still in the loop will dominate the era of autonomous vehicles. However, more than 90% of traffic accidents are due to human errors, of which approximately half appear to be due to perceptual errors. Especially at busy and complex intersections that have a high density of visual stimuli. This poses a high demand for accurate measurement of the driver's situation awarene....................
    (2019-06-19) Including traffic light recognition in general object detection with YOLOv2
    Bos, Evert (author)
    With an in vehicle camera many different things can be done that are essential for ADAS or autonomous driving mode in a vehicle. First, it can be used for detection of general objects, for example cars, cyclists or pedestrians. Secondly, the camera can be used for traffic light recognition, which is localization of traffic light position and traffic light state recognition. No method exists at the moment able to perform general object detection and traffic light recognition at the same time, the....................
    (2019-06-19) Human-like overtaking maneuvers using Inverse Optimal Control
    van Weperen, Marijke (author)
    In recent years, rapid progress has been made towards automated highway driving. To increase comfort and trust in these automated cars, their motion planners, such as Model Predictive Controllers (MPCs), should exhibit a human-like driving style. However the effect of surrounding traffic on overtaking maneuvers has not yet been investigated. Here, the influence of the relative speed between cars and the width of the to-be-overtaken car on overtaking trajectories is analysed. In a driving simulat....................
    (2019-06-19) Empowering parents with mild intellectual disabilities through design
    de Paauw, Marieke (author)
    In the Netherlands 1.5% of persons with an intellectual disability have children, most of these parents only have mild intellectual disabilities (Willems, De Vries, Isarin & Reinders, 2007). In practice this means that a few thousand children have parents with a mild intellectual disability (De Vries, 2005). Research shows that there is a limited system capacity to support parents with mild intellectual disabilities (MID). Whereas most other parents can rely on their social network when they....................
    (2019-06-19) Intelligent Agents that Support Students with Self-Study
    Overklift Vaupel Klein, Thomas (author)
    University students are expected to study on their own for large amounts of time. However a lot of these hours are not spent effectively by students. Eventually students who have trouble with self-studying in an effective manner may end up failing courses because of this. When students realise they have a (self-study) problem they can seek aid by contacting the academic counsellor. However, there are problems with this workflow: students often need time to acknowledge they are having issues. The....................
    (2019-06-19) Spherical and Cherednik-Opdam transforms of Jacobi-type polynomials
    van der Klein, Anne (author)
    The spherical transform maps the orthogonal basis of symmetric Jacobi-type polynomials to an orthogonal basis of (symmetric) Wilson polynomials. The spherical transform is closely related to the Cherednik-Opdam transform, as it is essentially its symmetric version. The symmetric Jacobi-type polynomials can be composed from the non-symmetric Jacobi-type polynomials. These relations, between the symmetric and non-symmetric theory, give an incentive to consider the Cherednik-Opdam transform of non-....................
    (2019-06-19) A behaviour driven recommender system in the fashion domain
    Starmans, Ruben (author)
    Web shops use recommender systems to help users find the products they find interesting in the large amount of available products online. An often used approach to do so is collaborative filtering. This method relies on historical user-item interactions and uses them to recommends products other users found interesting. Fashion is very reliant on quickly changing trends and personal preferences and requires a more personal and up-to-date approach. The focus of this research is to generate recomm....................
    (2019-06-19) Hail Impact on Composite Aircraft: Investigation of low-velocity impacts in multiple impact locations and the effect on its fatigue life
    Verstraeten, Dries (author)
    The aerospace industry has made the transition from aluminium to carbon fibre composites on the newest, most advanced aircraft. One of the main disadvantages of composites is its high susceptibility to impacts, such as tool drops which occurs on a single point of impact. As such, these types of impact have been thoroughly studied. Nevertheless, a much less studied phenomenon but with possible catastrophic consequences is the effect of impacts covering a large area, such as hail. This research, t....................
    (2019-06-19) A Real-time Low Latency Signal Concentrator for Ship Tracking using AIS
    Bhoera, Ramkoemar (author)
    Global AIS coverage is not possible with terrestrial AIS as base stations are required to be build on sea, which is impractical. With the use of LEO satellites, the field of view of a single receiver is increased and is capable of communicating with many AIS cells simultaneously. As many vessels are transmitting data to the same receiver, message collisions occur which results in data loss.
    In order to increase the performance of the AIS receiver, blind beamforming techniques are used. This....................
    (2019-06-18) Drinking Behavior Detection: Using both Static and Dynamic information
    Teng, Xiang (author)
    This work gives a method which can use both motion and shape information for drinking action detection. Drinking action is differ from the other gestures. A complete drinking action duration could be divided into 3 different stages. Motion-based features and shape-based features are complement with each other in each stage. By using this feature, we have defined a fusion strategy that can use both the advantage of the strength of each part at a different stage.
    (2019-06-18) A machine learning based approach to melting layer detection
    Berndsen, Martin (author)
    Stratiform precipitation is one of the most important precipitation systems in the mid-latitudes. To gain understanding of the melting layer, which is part of a stratiform precipitating system, an algorithm which is able to select melting layer data from large datasets is required. The goal of this thesis work is to create and deliver a program which is able to performthis work. For development the available data was separated into three groups: no melting layer, only melting layer and the rest.....................
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