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    (2068-01-01) Machtige CEO’s bepalen hun eigen beloning : analyse van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen
    Smulders, H.A.M.
    This thesis research examines CEO compensation in the Dutch hospital market during the period 2008 – 2014. There were 76 hospitals included in this research. The research aims to find an answer to the question whether or not CEO compensation is influenced by the CEO power. To measure CEO power four proxies were defined and tested in four fixed-effects regression models. The first proxy is RatioBord, which determines the effect of the size of the board of directors relative to the size of the s....................
    (2056-01-01) Mastering potential risks : employee motivations for self-censorship on social media
    Voogt, B.
    While social media enable employee voice and stakeholder dialogue, sometimes selfcensorship silences employees, because they feel it is too risky to speak out. This cross-sectional survey study among employees (N = 161) aims to unveil the types of risks employees encounter when the wish to express work-related issues on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and what type of self-censorship they employ to reduce these uncertainties. First, based on factor analysis, we found that ....................
    (2017-03-22) Clustering Stores of Retailers via Consumer Behavior
    Rooij, G. van. (Gijs)
    These days most retailers define clusters of stores and set different prices in the clusters, since it is not yet attractive to define store-by-store prices due to optimization and operational issues. However, retailers define clusters of stores solely based on local competition. Existing clusters of stores could be further broken down and price management decisions could be adjusted accordingly by using consumer behavior. Therefore, the price elasticity is used which is a reflection of consumer....................
    (2017-03-22) Predicting the outcome of soccer matches in order to make money with betting
    Zaan, T. van der. (Tim)
    For several decades soccer is reckoned among the most beloved sports on the globe. This manifests itself by continuous attention from millions of people from all over the world. The money volume involved in soccer is exceptional and expands consistently. Simultaneously, bookmakers’ profit acquired from soccer betting has increased over the recent past. The urge on the construction of statistical betting strategies that systematically generate profit can potentially be accomplished since nowada....................
    (2017-03-21) Analyzing Theoretical Capacity of the Metro Network of Rotterdam
    Meijer, J. (Jeroen)
    In this thesis a solution method to calculate the theoretical capacity of a metro network is presented. Using this method, the capacity of the metro network of Rotterdam, operated by the RET, is determined. The method consists of a two-step approach, in which in Phase One all possible routetime combinations are generated, referred to as ’paths’. In Phase Two an optimal selection of paths is made, subject to different constraints, such as minimum headway time, line frequencies and endpoint re....................
    (2017-03-21) Racial Disparity in Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation: Causes and Solutions
    Kremer, J. F. A. (Jeroen)
    End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is the last stage of Chronic Kidney Disease and if not treated, will result in a certain death of the patient. Currently, transplantation of a new kidney is the treatment option with the highest life expectancy. Despite the goal to provide equity among patients, some ethnic minority groups have a lower probability to get a deceased donor kidney. This thesis analytically shows that two fundamental matching rules, which are used in matching procedures around the worl....................
    (2017-03-21) Lobbying and Democracy: The Effect of Organized External Influences on Democratic Legitimacy
    Beijk, Justus
    An elected representative has the obligation to make decisions based on how this affects the population. There are various organized groups which seek to actively influence politicians in the decision-making process. This raises the question how a representative should deal with these organized groups, which we normally call lobbyists. In this thesis I will look at lobbying from a philosophical perspective. I will answer the question how lobbying influences democracy and how it affects democrati....................
    (2017-03-21) Food Production, Poverty and Population Pressure: Do States Have a Moral Duty to Reduce Meat Consumption?
    Higginson, Lara
    This thesis argues that, based on a deontological rights-based approach, meat production should decrease. There has been convincing research to argue that current industrial farming methods for meat are unsustainable, but there has been little research on the relationship between meat production and poverty levels, and what (if anything) this means for states and their moral duties. This paper is divided into two parts; firstly, it explains the causal link between meat consumption and poverty, a....................
    (2017-03-21) Beyond the Formal Will: A research into concepts of the will in Kant, Schelling, and Cohen
    Been, Lars Niklas
    In this thesis I will make a critical assessment of the Kantian formal conception of the will in light of Schelling and Cohen. My research question is twofold: how to assess the Kantian concept of will, given its notorious 'formality'? And under which conditions could Schelling's and Cohen's conception of the will meet the (assumed) flaws of the Kantian notion of the will? How could we evaluate Kant’s concept of the will in terms of its ‘formality’? What is the strength of Kant’s conce....................
    (2017-03-21) Privatization in Education
    de Nijs, Bart
    In this thesis an answer will be given to the question what the effects are of privatization on the access to education and whether it is desirable that education is privatized – and if so, in what way. To determine an answer to this question this thesis will first present different arguments in favor and against privatization in general and then introduce four different forms of provision. Consequently, the earlier presented arguments will be applied to the four different ideal types of provi....................
    (2017-03-21) Power Relations and Recognition
    Berkheij, Anne
    This thesis explores the theory of recognition by Axel Honneth and whether or not a struggle in his theory is necessarily a power struggle. I distinguished three different forms of struggles in Honneth's work: a conflict of interests, a conflict for recognition, and a collision. Only the last two are within the scope of the theory of recognition. A struggle for recognition is a situation in one is not recognized as an equal - this is a power struggle. In a collision there is mutual recognition, ....................
    (2017-03-21) Expected Utility Theory and Climate Change
    Wolring, Lisa
    Abstract: This paper investigates whether expected utility theory is a proper method for decision-making given the conditions of uncertainty surrounding climate change. I explain what expected utility theory is and how Ramsey’s theory of partial belief can be used to infer subjective probabilities. By the use of the Allais paradox I show that one of the axioms, namely independence is unlikely to be satisfied. First, it can be the case that when applying expected utility theory one does not ass....................
    (2017-03-21) Analysis of the bending properties of a Miura Ori origami
    Botto, Margherita
    In this thesis we investigate the effects of bending on a Miura Ori Origami sheet. In particular we are going to analyse a simplified version, a single stripe made by a row of unit cells. We will investigate how the bending stiffness and the curvature at the surface are changing with the variation of the fold angle of the structure and with the application of an external force. We investigate the curvature by scanning the samples with a 3D scanner and then analysing the data. To probe the bendin....................
    (2017-03-20) The British Visiting the Netherlands: Cross-Cultural Communication in Museum Marketing
    Westhoek, Alyssa
    This thesis aimed to determine whether and to what extent the quality of translations can be improved by taking into account differences in cross-cultural discourses and communication. In particular, this thesis researched the quality of translations of Dutch online museum marketing texts into British English and the possibility of improving this quality by using a dimensional model of culture. It was expected that Dutch respondents would favour the original translated text, as it paralleled the....................
    (2017-03-20) Azerbaijan in Conflict: Research on the motives of Azerbaijan to escalate its conflict with Armenia in the spring of 2016
    Soff, Olaf
    In the spring of 2016, Azerbaijan undertook a military campaign to conquer Nagorno-Karabakh. Although the estimated number of casualties, as well as the land taken by Azerbaijan differs per source, it is agreed that it is the most violent clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the 1994 ceasefire agreement was reached. This thesis will argue what the worsening economy of Azerbaijan and the shifts within its domestic political situation have moved Azerbaijan towards this escalation of the conf....................
    (2017-03-17) The effect of a longer education path on the earnings of graduated students
    Ramlal, T,
    This paper studies the effect of a longer education path on earnings of recent graduates. The data is derived from Monitor Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs and ordinary least squares regressions are used to measure this effect. Earnings are reflected by monthly income and a dummy variable for a longer education path is used. Controls for ability, personal characteristics and work related characteristics are added to the regression. Robustness checks are performed with hourly wage as the dependent vari....................
    (2017-03-17) Naar Indonesië en weer terug. Transport van een expeditieleger (1945-1951)
    Ruijter, Aart
    In een poging om de koloniale bezittingen in de Oost-Indische archipel na de Tweede Wereldoorlog te heroveren stuurde de Nederlandse regering een groot expeditieleger om de nationalistische onafhankelijkheidsbeweging te bestrijden. In de historiografie wordt veel aandacht besteed aan politieke ontwikkelingen en de geweldsmisdrijven die tijdens deze koloniale oorlog plaats vonden, maar nauwelijks aan de logistieke problemen waarvoor de Nederlandse regering stond om deze grote troepenmacht naar de....................
    (2017-03-17) Swimming Against the Tide: History of Dutch Propaganda Films about Indonesia and the Revolutionary Role of Joris Ivens
    Rezwana, Jafrin
    The Dutch colonial government used film as propaganda to establish and showcase their colonial agenda while recording footage in the Dutch East Indies (current Indonesia) for almost half a century, especially during the Era of Revolution (1945-49). These propaganda films served two major purposes. Firstly, targeting domestic audiences (in the earlier period) they were a source of information about Dutch East Indies for Dutch citizens and researchers. They created a positive impression about the ....................
    (2017-03-16) Violence against Women in Argentina, an Analysis of the Movement NiUnaMenos and its Influential Role
    Berghuis, Laura
    This thesis provides an in-depth analysis on the #NiUnaMenos movement in Argentina which will show that the movement has correctly framed its social movement action by being congruent and having credibility which has resulted into a unification of power through mass mobilization which has directly confronted the state and society in general. Therefore #NiUnaMenos can be described as an influential actor to combat violence against women in Argentina.
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