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    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2020-01-01) Binaural beats as non-drug intervention at the first ait
    Ouweneel, L.A.
    In dit onderzoek is getracht een non-medicamenteuze interventie te vinden voor het reduceren van acute pijn op de SEH en te onderzoeken in hoeverre alfa binaural beats hierin als interventie kunnen dienen. Uit literatuuronderzoek blijkt dat angst de pijnervaring bij patiënten kan versterken, daarnaast komen alfa frequentie hersengolven voor bij personen die in een ontspannen staat zijn. De hypothese is daarom dat binaural beats met een alfa frequentie een reducerend effect hebben op de state-an....................
    (2019-09-01) Fixed-term contract jobs
    Bovelander, Paul
    Fixed-term contracts have become a common tool for employers to screen new employees. There has been widespread debate about the use of this type of contract. However, previous research established that fixed-term contracts can serve as a stepping stone into permanent employment. Consequently, fixed-term employees have the incentive to exert more effort than permanent employees. Using overtime hours and absenteeism as effort measures taken from the Dutch LISS panel, we present evidence that fema....................
    (2018-12-08) Transgenders in de Nederlandse media
    Rademaker, S.
    Tegenwoordig bestaat er veel discussie rondom de positie van transgenders in de maatschappij. Er worden verschillende initiatieven ondernomen ten behoeve van genderneutraliteit en daarnaast groeit de aandacht voor transgenders in de media. Deze mediarepresentaties zijn van invloed op hoe het publiek tegen transgenders aankijkt en hierover een mening vormt. Ondanks de groeiende media-aandacht, hebben transgenders nog steeds een ondergeschikte positie in de maatschappij en worden zij negatief....................
    (2018-12-06) The quantum advantage to charging electron spin qubit batteries
    Breeman, Emma (author)
    Quantum thermodynamics takes over from classical thermodynamics when systems are of the scale of single particles and quantum fluctuations have a noticeable effect. An interesting topic of research of this relatively new field is the quantum battery, which in this thesis consists of an array of N identical electron spin qubits. In an article by Binder et al. [4], it is proven that in theory, an N-times decrease in charging time of the battery is achieved when global operations on qubits are perm....................
    (2018-10-16) Wireless Charger for Hand-held Mobile Devices: EE3L11 - BSc Project: Final Thesis
    Toth, Nandor (author); van der Horst, Jordy (author)
    In recent years the field of wireless charging has seen remarkable developments. More and more devices like mobile phones and laptops can be charged wirelessly, and larger equipment like electric vehicles are likely to follow the same path. The air gaps over which the power can be transferred keeps increasing, as do the
    amount of power that can be transferred and the power transfer efficiency. Though combining these three key requirements has turned out to be a problem, since there always s....................
    (2018-08-23) Statistical Analysis of Geotechnical Parameters in Starnmeer and Alkmaardermeer: Dike Stability analysis
    Bitar, Zeid (author)
    The aim of this thesis report is to analyze slope stability parameters given by HHNK for the dike around a polder located in the province of North-Holland, “Starnmeer”, and a lake located to the west of it called “Alkmaardermeer”. Most of the dike has been reported to be too low in some places and plans of restoration will be implemented in 2019. A RFEM (Random Finite Elemental Method) analysis is to be done in collaboration with TU Delft and HHNK on these dikes to identify slope failure....................
    (2018-08-21) Modular Initiator Modelling of Engines: A component-based approach
    Mulder, Halbe (author)
    To allow the incorporation of engine design in the Aircraft Initiator conceptual design tool, a modular engine design and performance estimation tool has been created, which is intended to allow the study of the effects of changes to engine architecture on the complete aircraft design. It generates estimates for engine thrust, specific fuel consumption and mass based on a coarse description of engine components and is expandable to potentially include off-design performance estimation as well as....................
    (2018-08-20) Governance of Experimentation: A framework for evaluating transition experiments for urban flood risk management
    van Buggenum, Laura (author)
    Transition experiments are thought to be important tools for achieving transformational change in the urban water system. The governance of these experiments is described as a key factor in the success of these experiments. This paper sets out to operationalize and validate an evaluative scheme for the appraisal of transition experiments. This paper employs a case study approach to evaluate the governance of two transition experiments through the application of the evaluative scheme. This resear....................
    (2018-08-15) Shared decision making after a breast cancer diagnosis
    ten Bosch, Myrthe (author)
    Background and relevance
    Annualy, 14500 Dutch women get diagnosed with breast cancer. When getting diagnosed, there are several treatment options. It gets more common that this decision is made by the patient and physician together. But breast cancer is something you endure together, and the naaste is also important in the breast cancer period.

    The project is divided into a research part, and a design part. The research part deals with an exploration of the context of ....................
    (2018-07-30) Scenario Based Approach To Decentralized Stock Distribution: A Royal Netherlands Army case study
    Koffeman, Rutger (author)
    Background: Currently the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) has a traditional three echelon supply chain consisting of suppliers that deliver to a warehouse and the warehouse that delivers to customers. However, the RNLA is interested in having its stock geographically spread for safety reasons. A solution for this would be to re-design the supply chain into a decentralized stock distribution design. This means that instead of keeping the majority of the stock at a RNLA controlled storage facility, ....................
    (2018-07-27) Photo-patterned, pH-responsive hydrogel membranes for integrated fluid control
    Soons, Sophie (author)
    To control fluid transport, microfluidic systems often make use of pressure driven flow and pneumatically actuated valves. However these require bulky external instrumentation. An integrated fluid control mechanism would make microfluidic systems more portable, closed and automated. The aim of this project was to create a pH-responsive membrane for integrated fluid control in microfluidic systems. pH-responsiveness will allow the membrane to interact directly with analytes in a microfluidic syst....................
    (2018-07-27) Scaling limits of long-range quantum random walks
    Westdorp, Rik (author)
    In this thesis we introduce a variation on the quantum random walk to discuss shifts in an arbitrary range. The concept of Hadamard coin was therefore generalised to a higher order. By a Fourier transform method and a tensor product decomposition of the evolution matrix the long-range quantum random walk was found to converge in distribution to a random variable, different for every range. The limiting random variable consists of three parts: one part fast decaying with the range size, a non-con....................
    (2018-07-26) Novel Method for Mitigating Injectivity Issues during Polymer Flooding at High Salinity Conditions
    Schmidt, Julia (author)
    Synthetic polymers, in the emulsified form, have been utilized for enhanced oil recovery applications by using saline make-up water. However, there are concerns that have been raised about their injectivity. The large entangled polymer chains can clog the pore throats, giving a tendency to cause injectivity reduction. In this study, processing techniques were used to condition an acrylamide-based copolymer inverse emulsion system at a salinity of 50,000 ppm TDS before being injected into porous ....................
    (2018-07-24) Pile tip deformation caused by obstacles
    Jorna, Menno (author)
    Monopiles will be installed in more difficult terrain since space in the 'ideal' locations is reduced by the rapidly increasing development of wind farms in the ideal areas. In difficult terrain, the amount of obstacles or hard layers increase, leading to an increased risk of pile tip damage. Also the ever increasing D/t ratio of the pile leads to piles more vulnerable to damage to the pile tip. Already, damage to the pile tip was encountered in projects such as the Goodwyn A and Valhall project....................
    (2018-07-23) Numerical study of adaptive mesh refinement applied to a third order minimum truncation error Active Flux method
    Kunnen, Jeroen (author)
    In 2011 a relatively new type of numerical scheme has been introduced: Active Flux schemes. In this type of scheme an extra degree of freedom is added to the cell interfaces of a regular finite volume grid. This enables the use of non-conservative update methods for these additional variables, as conservation is automatically adhered to by the cell integral values. This increases the order of accuracy of the scheme, while allowing a broader range of update methods. This thesis proposes a new upd....................
    (2018-07-23) A Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor
    van der Kruijt, Arjan (author)
    This work describes a low-power and low-cost alternative to mechanical wind sensors, suitable for volume production in standard CMOS processes. The CMOS wind sensor operates in the electro-thermal domain; therefore, it has no moving parts and therefore requires very little maintenance. Moreover, the CMOS wind sensor is an active sensor, compared to its mechanical counterpart. Its sensitivity can be easily adjusted by changing the magnitude of the excitation signal.

    Despite the manufactu....................
    (2018-07-20) Direct Coupling Feasibility Evaluation: Predicting the Price of Hydrogen Produced by Solar Energy
    Schoehuijs, Tom (author)
    This report aims to evaluate the feasibility of a small pilot plant placed near Broome, Australia to produce 3 tons of hydrogen per day using photovoltaic (PV) energy. Using PVsyst, a PV modelling software, the maximum power operating points were determined for a test layout. This was then transformed to other layouts which allowed the optimum layout to be found for a system connected to electrolyzers using maximum power point tracking technology. A second scenario using a battery was also model....................
    (2018-07-20) Model-based rare category detection for temporal data
    Mandersloot, Jeroen (author)
    Rare category detection is the task of discovering rare classes in unlabelled and imbalanced datasets. Existing algorithms focus almost exclusively on static data in which instances are assumed to be independent. In this thesis we propose an algorithm that is designed for temporal data. Specifically, we are interested in data with temporal smoothness, i.e. where consecutive instances likely belong to the same class. We use the task of bird song detection in outdoor audio recordings as a motivati....................
    (2018-07-19) Topology optimization of constrained eigenfrequencies
    Huigsloot, Menno (author)
    High performance machines such as those used in the semiconductor industry, robotics or racing engines have lots of fast moving parts. The dynamic properties of these moving parts are crucial to the performance of the machine. Therefore these moving parts have to be carefully designed which is often a very time consuming iterative process. In this thesis a general method to optimize the dynamic properties of a structure utilizing topology optimization is investigated. More specifically, the meth....................
    (2018-07-19) Modelling and Optimization of Tilt-Rotor Aircraft Flight Trajectories
    Saß, Konstantin (author)
    Tilt-rotor aircraft combine the helicopter’s benefit of VTOL capability and the flight performance that turboprops possess on range, speed and endurance. Tilt-rotor aircraft have the potential to decrease airport congestion and average flight delay in passenger transportation, while benefits are numerous in i.e. search and rescue, disaster relief and military application. Time, money and risk can be significantly reduced through the application of flight trajectory optimization and assessment ....................
    (2018-07-19) The applicability of heat flux sensors in a falling film evaporator: Experimental approach
    Cornel, Roy (author)
    The production process of milk powder consists of multiple stages. This report focuses on the falling film evaporator, which role in the production process is to evaporate the water content from the milk. A falling film evaporator is a large vertically-placed vessel whereby the inside is filled with smaller tubes. Steam enters the vessel and heats up the outside of the smaller tubes. The milk flows in a thin layer only along the inside perimeter of the smaller tubes, so these tubes are not compl....................
    (2018-07-19) Using cost-sensitive learning to forecast football matches
    Raats, Jason (author)
    Forecasting football match outcomes have been investigated previously, with the primary goal of these studies being to accurately predict the outcome for the highest number of matches. This thesis takes a different approach, comparing different methods to investigate which would result in the highest profit, rather than focusing on predictive accuracy. Data of eleven seasons of the Dutch football league, the Eredivisie, were used to train six cost-sensitive decision trees. Two of our cost-sensit....................
    (2018-07-19) Start-up growth strategy: A case study of Ecobloom
    Jansen, Emil (author)
    This master thesis is written for the master program Strategic Product Design in collaboration with Ecobloom and its members. The main objective was to create a holistic and strategic framework for start-ups to rapidly scale-up, while utilizing Ecobloom as a case study for implementation and evaluation.

    Ecobloom is a start-up that focuses on empowering people to grow their own fresh and organic food in a fun, interactive and sustainable way. The proposition that Ecobloom currently devel....................
    (2018-07-19) Limit order placement optimization with Deep Reinforcement Learning: Learning from patterns in cryptocurrency market data
    Juchli, Marc (author)
    For various reasons, financial institutions often make use of high-level trading strategies when buying and selling assets. Many individuals, irrespective or their level of prior trading knowledge, have recently entered the field of trading due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, which offer a low entry barrier for trading. Regardless of the intention or trading strategy of these traders, the invariable outcome is their attempt to buy or sell assets. However, in such a competitive ....................
    (2018-07-18) Regaining Control: Designing the Schluss User Experience
    jonk, steve (author)
    The goal of the assignment was to:
    Design a high-quality User Experience and User Interface for the Schluss personal data vault.

    This user experience should be hands-on, transparent, intuitive and clear. The user interface should feel extremely private, secure and trusted, whilst containing all the data that Schluss users need or want to track.

    In order to depict the user experience, a more practical deliverable is needed: 
    A functional user interface prototype....................
    (2018-07-18) Clean Aircraft Lavatory: Design of a new concept
    Randles, David (author)
    The subject of this thesis report is a new concept design recommendation for Zodiac Aerospace with respect to better hygiene and cleanliness in aircraft lavatories during long haul flights.An integrated design research approach is taken to solve the issue of poor hygienic behaviour in the lavatory. This includes an analysis of the current standards and practices surrounding aircraft lavatories, a review of existing products, an analysis of relevant stakeholders, observational research onboard ac....................
    (2018-07-18) Feasibility Of Demand Side Response From Electrolyzers To Support Power System Stability
    Ayivor, Patrick (author)
    The search for new sources of ancillary services and the projected demand for hydrogen as a medium of energy storage has aroused considerable interest in the use of large scale electrolysers for power system ancillary services. As the number of large scale electrolysers is projected to grow, it is important that the dynamics of these plants are well understood in order to integrate them successfully. In line with this objective, suitable models must be developed to aid studies of electrical powe....................
    (2018-07-18) Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the Dynamics of Sandy Nearshore Inlet Systems: A case study: Katama Bay, and Santa Lucia Estuary
    Monclus Abadal, Albert (author)
    Sandy barriers comprise 12% of coastlines around the world, and most of these barriers enclose tidal bays and lagoons. These systems accommodate human settlements vulnerable to climate change, which offer enough economic, social, and environmental utility to require further research on the impact of climate change and subsequent best management practices.

    The present work aims to analyze how climate change impacts the hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of two barrier inlet systems: Katama....................
    (2018-07-18) Simulation of Nearshore Process and Testing of Implicit and Explicit Vegetation Representation in SWAN
    Baron-Hyppolite, Christophe (author)
    Using field data made available by George Mason University, a combination of Delft 3D and SWAN models are created to conduct an assessment of Implicit and explicit vegetation implementations in SWAN. The implicit vegetation implementation refers to the use of manning roughness coefficients to simulate wave dissipation by vegetation. The explicit vegetation dissipation refers to the Dalrymple et al. 1984 vegetation dissipation model. Conducting this research will serve to validate, through the us....................
    (2018-07-18) The effect of a shallow vegetated foreshore on infragravity waves: A study with SWASH
    Feys, Charles (author)
    A specific type of wave is identified as an infragravity wave (IG wave). These waves with very long wave periods, even up to minutes, are possibly dangerous for flood events, increased storm surge and/or failure of coastal defences. Current guidelines for dike safety are often determined for gravity wave dominated systems, so identifying IG dominated systems can be a tool to determine whether dike safety guidelines are sufficient or not. To analyse the IG waves, the non-hydrostatic simulation mo....................
    (2018-07-18) SDFT Based PMU Prototype
    Radević, Isidora (author)
    Presently, phasor measurement units (PMUs) are the most accurate and advanced time-synchronized technology. PMUs are the main element of the Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection and Control System, the concept that provides an estimate of the actual condition of the system, allowing operators to run online simulations and determine the possibility of cascading events, the voltage values outside the limits, while the operator is still able to take proper actions, preventing the system blackout. Howev....................
    (2018-07-17) Inexact distributed optimization schemes: A convergence analysis using monotone operator theory
    van Wijngaarden, Niels (author)
    Distributed optimization has been an
    extensively studied field for years. Recent developments in the area of sensors makes it possible to create networks consisting of a large number of nodes. The focus of this thesis will be optimizing distributed problems over a decentralized network. These distributed optimization schemes operate in an iterative matter as follows. First each node performs some local computations, after which the data is transmitted to its neighbours. The purpose of this ....................
    (2018-07-17) Experimental Performance Analysis of Graph Analytics Frameworks
    Hegeman, Tim (author)
    Big data, the large-scale collection and analysis of data, has become ubiquitous in the modern, digital society. Within the big data landscape, graphs are widely used to study collections of entities and the complex relationships that connect them. The analysis of graphs has applications in social networks, logistics, finance, bioinformatics, and many other domains. With the rapidly increasing amounts of data being collected, analyzing large-scale graphs has become a necessity. To address this n....................
    (2018-07-17) Undular bore development over coral reefs: An experimental study
    Dekkers, Jochem (author)
    A series of laboratory experiments were designed for a schematized 1/20 fringing reef. Both regular and bichromatic wave experiments were carried out. The focus lies on the regular waves experiments. Six regular wave experiments were carried out. During the first two experiemnts, cnoidal waves were generated with typical swell scales, while the latter four experiments involved waves with scales similar to infragravity waves. High-resolution collocated measurements of surface elevation and veloci....................
    (2018-07-17) Flexible work, flexible stay: Residential Complex Design
    Du, Jingling (author)
    In the Netherlands - and indeed most of the Western world - the prospect of a shrinking population and decreasing economic growth appear to be the most pressing issues. Town planning can greatly contribute to a more sustainable world, and the means it needs to do so are at the heart of the discipline, in the form of rational zoning, that is, the design of urban patterns that minimize the need for traffic. "Densification" is often promoted as a means to achieve this - though, obviously, everythin....................
    (2018-07-17) Future Node: Amsterdam Sloterdijk 2050
    Dreesmann, Floris (author)
    Amsterdam Sloterdijk currently can be best described as a desolate office-area next to a major multi-modal mobility hub. At the same time amsterdam at large is facing challenges it has never seen before. The city is getting over-crowded, housing prices have increased sharply, and the limits of it's mobility network are already reached. Continuing on the current path the city can simply not absorb the projected growth towards 2050. 'Future Node' proposes to leverage sloterdijk's underutilized pot....................
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