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    (2918-01-01) Learning to Decide a Formal Language: A Recurrent Neural Network Approach
    Prorokovic, K.
    We use recurrent neural networks (RNNs) for deciding locally k-testable languages. We show that, when used for deciding languages, RNNs fail to generalise to unseen examples. However, using attention greatly improves the generalisation. We then implement a differentiable version of the scanner used for deciding locally k-testable languages. We show that RNNs are able to store the k-factors in its memory but not arrange them as a look-up table which is necessary for deciding languages specified b....................
    (2916-01-01) The moderation effect of brand personality on the effectiveness of different types of humorous advertisements
    Cui, J.
    Using humor to communicate various brand personalities in advertising can often be observed in practice, but scholars seldom investigated its effects. Humorous ads implied positive effects on brand equity and purchasing propensity. Recent findings in advertising research contradict the assumption of brand personality specific humor effectiveness. This study predicts and finds the moderate effect of brand personality on the relationships among different humorous ads, building brand equity, and bo....................
    (2107-01-01) Success factors in reward-based crowdfunding in China and the US : a comparative study
    Dijk, I. van
    Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing that is rapidly gaining popularity. Unlike the crowdfunding landscape in the US, the Chinese crowdfunding landscape is not yet well understood. This thesis aims to overcome this gap in the literature by investigating the factors of success of Chinese reward-based crowdfunding projects and comparing results to the US, based on Hofstede’s cultural six-dimensional model and signaling theory. Based on empirical evidence, this study shows that crowdf....................
    (2020-01-01) Binaural beats as non-drug intervention at the first ait
    Ouweneel, L.A.
    In dit onderzoek is getracht een non-medicamenteuze interventie te vinden voor het reduceren van acute pijn op de SEH en te onderzoeken in hoeverre alfa binaural beats hierin als interventie kunnen dienen. Uit literatuuronderzoek blijkt dat angst de pijnervaring bij patiënten kan versterken, daarnaast komen alfa frequentie hersengolven voor bij personen die in een ontspannen staat zijn. De hypothese is daarom dat binaural beats met een alfa frequentie een reducerend effect hebben op de state-an....................
    (2018-12-06) The quantum advantage to charging electron spin qubit batteries
    Breeman, Emma (author)
    Quantum thermodynamics takes over from classical thermodynamics when systems are of the scale of single particles and quantum fluctuations have a noticeable effect. An interesting topic of research of this relatively new field is the quantum battery, which in this thesis consists of an array of N identical electron spin qubits. In an article by Binder et al. [4], it is proven that in theory, an N-times decrease in charging time of the battery is achieved when global operations on qubits are perm....................
    (2018-10-16) Wireless Charger for Hand-held Mobile Devices: EE3L11 - BSc Project: Final Thesis
    Toth, Nandor (author); van der Horst, Jordy (author)
    In recent years the field of wireless charging has seen remarkable developments. More and more devices like mobile phones and laptops can be charged wirelessly, and larger equipment like electric vehicles are likely to follow the same path. The air gaps over which the power can be transferred keeps increasing, as do the
    amount of power that can be transferred and the power transfer efficiency. Though combining these three key requirements has turned out to be a problem, since there always s....................
    (2018-10-05) Free-floating bikesharing in Mobility as a Service
    Donkers, Robert (author)
    The aim of this graduation project is to determine how Mobike can be successful in the Netherlands in the short-term and how Mobike can be successful in the long-term. To answer these questions, in this project research has been conducted on the users of Mobike. Next to that the environment of Mobike has been analyzed, after which a vision has been created about how free-floating bikesharing fits in the mobility of the future.

    With the analysis of the environment of Mobike and the user ....................
    (2018-10-04) Adaptive Synchronization over Uncertain Multi-Agent Systems: A distributed homogenization-based approach
    Azzollini, Ilario (author)
    A challenging task in synchronization of multi-agent systems is steering the network towards a coherent solution when the dynamics of the constituent systems are heterogeneous and residing in a possibly large uncertainty set. In this situation, synchronization can be achieved via adaptive protocols (with adaptive feedback gains, or adaptive coupling gains, or both). However, as state-of-the-art synchronization methods adopt a distributed observer architecture, they require to communicate extra l....................
    (2018-10-02) An interactive, web-based, near-Earth orbit visualization tool
    Kardol, Sven (author)
    Even though several orbit visualization tools exist, the ability to compare multiple satellite orbits or manipulate time are not readily available with the current tools. Furthermore, most other visualization tools require additional effort or installations to work properly. To address these issues with other tools an interactive, web-based, near-Earth orbit visualization tool was developed. This was done to answer the question: What are the uses of another interactive, web-based, near-Earth orb....................
    (2018-10-02) Utilizing Process-Based Models to Better Incorporate Heterogeneities within Reservoir Modelling
    Vacek, Matt (author)
    Traditional reservoir modelling utilizes a stochastic approach centered around statistics to generate a 3D representation of the reservoir. While the results of a stochastic approach are favorable, they tend to lack the detail that is necessary to fully understand the different aspects of the reservoir, more precisely, the inclusion of heterogeneities. A possible solution to this problem is the use of process-based models. Process-based models utilize the physical processes involved in the trans....................
    (2018-10-01) The design of an active, under-actuated, prosthetic wrist mechanism based on synergetic relations
    Lenssen, Tomas (author)
    Inspired by work of Montagnani et al. (2015), who found that for prosthetic hands a complex wrist mechanism worked functionally equal to a multi-DOF hand mechanism, new work has been set in motion to extrapolate and test this hypothesis. The goal of this work consisted of building a multi-DOF wrist mechanism, while it was crucial to keep the mechanism small, light, and efficient. A study preliminary to this work has found a single, synergetic relational "path" between all degree of freedom of th....................
    (2018-09-28) Moving object detection and image inpainting in street-view imagery
    Uittenbogaard, Ries (author)
    In this thesis, a pipeline is created consisting of two parts. In the first part, the moving objects (cars, cyclists, pedestrians) are detected in street-view imagery using image segmentation neural networks and a LIDAR-based moving object detection approach. In the second part, those moving objects are deleted from the image data and an image inpainting approach is used to inpaint the hole. This is a unique approach in which information from multiple views is used as an input for a Generative A....................
    (2018-09-28) FEM analysis of a Mode III fracture mechanics test specimens for cohesive law determination of fibre composite
    Baharvand, Amir (author)
    Delamination is one of the common failure types in the fiber composites. The trailing edge in the wind turbine blades, for example, is one of the structural components where the delamination is driven by mode III under predominantly flapwise loading. There has been an extensive effort in developing test procedures and test specimens for determination of the delamination toughness in mode I and mode II delamination while the mode III is neglected due to its complexity, on the one hand, and the la....................
    (2018-09-28) Regularization of end-to-end learning for cardiac diagnosis by multitask learning with segmentation
    Snaauw, Gerard (author)
    Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) is used extensively in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. Deep learning methods have proven to deliver segmentation results comparable to human experts in CMR imaging, however, no successful attempts have been made at fully automated diagnosis. This has been contributed to a lack of sufficiently large datasets required for end-to-end learning of diagnoses. Here we propose to exploit the excellent results obtained in segmentation by jointly tr....................
    (2018-09-28) Spectropolarimetric modeling of the Earth as an exoplanet, in search for new habitable worlds
    Groot, Ashwyn (author)
    Previous studies have investigated the remote appearance of Earth-like exoplanets in the prospect of retrieving biosignatures of planets orbiting extrasolar stars, utilizing the variation of (polarized) flux. However, these studies did not use horizontally inhomogeneous models that include (1) daily cloud observations of planet Earth accounting for different cloud parameters with (2) an underlaying Earth-like surface cover, for (3) a set of wavelengths covering the ultra-violet, visible and near....................
    (2018-09-28) Impact of Exhaust Gas Recirculation on NOx emissions in non-premixed combusted Gas Turbines using CRN
    Dastagir, Abdulrahman (author)
    The major challenges in the world today is to reduce pollutant emissions from gas turbines while still being able to retain the maximum efficiency in the gas turbine. Especially due to stringent norms on emissions, the research on gas turbines have increased to reduce NOx levels. Most of the gas turbines have been using non-premixed combustion for power generation and since the early 90s research on premixed combustion was sought after. Aircraft engines and many other CHP power plants still curr....................
    (2018-09-28) Heat Exchange in Tensile Fractures: an Experimental and Numerical Approach
    Balmer, Marco (author)
    Geothermal energy is a relatively sustainable energy source of which the essence is to extract heat from hot subsurface rocks. Circulating fluids serve as the transport agent of heat. The contact area between the fluids and the rocks is where the relevant heat transfer occurs, i.e., where the water is heated up. In some geothermal reservoirs, this circulation occurs naturally through porous matrix (mainly sediments) or through heavily fractured formations. Enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) are p....................
    (2018-09-27) Control Strategies for Grasping and Holding Deformable Items Using a Gripper on a Robotic Arm
    Pijnacker, Joris (author)
    Because of the increasing e-commerce volume, resulting in increasing demands on the speed of delivery, logistical processes become more and more automated. Order picking is one of the last tasks that is done by humans in warehouses, because humans are flexible with respect to the large variability and changeability in items. However, it is a labour intensive and monotonous task, resulting in fatigue and a shortage of order picking personnel. This motivates the development of automated pick-and-p....................
    (2018-09-27) Beamforming applied to Small Wind Turbines
    Brandetti, Livia (author)
    The increase of energy consumption as well as the need to reduce green-house emissions trigger the shift from a fossil-fuel based society towards a sustainable society. With a constant increase in the installed power capacity, wind plays a key role in the global energy framework. The improvement of the technology opens up new targets for the wind development [28]. In particular, the installation of small wind turbines in the urban environment represents a promising solution to supply residential....................
    (2018-09-27) EEG correlates of motor skill learning: an independent component approach
    Greeuw, Yvonne (author)
    Motor learning is a vital ability of the human brain in which multiple cortical areas like the primary motor cortex are involved. One way to investigate the fast motor learning brain dynamics is with use of electroencephalography (EEG). This non-invasive and mobile technique records continuous electrical activity on the brain cortex with a high temporal resolution. Although there has been considerable research into motor learning in humans, the mechanisms behind movement acquisition and executio....................
    (2018-09-27) Design and Implementation of a Development Platform for Indoor Quadrotor Flight Control
    Navia Vela, Libardo (author)
    Research and development of flight control of quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have gained popularity during the past few years due to their deployment flexibility and wide range of applications: agriculture, entertainment, cinematography, package delivery, search and rescue, etc. This thesis project follows up this interest aiming to build a real-time development platform for experimentation and test of indoor flight controllers in the Networked Embedded Robotics in Delft laboratory. F....................
    (2018-09-27) Mattress Ticking: Creating circular products
    Alewijn, Tjerk (author)
    The reduction of waste materials is an important goal in a multi-year plan of the Dutch government. It is one of the steps towards a circular economy. Some companies in the mattress production industry are looking into methods to make their mattresses suitable for this circular economy. Other companies however do not know how to adjust their production process to reduce waste materials, mostly because current production techniques are cheapest.

    Matras Recycling Europe (MRE) is a company....................
    (2018-09-27) Travel Avatar: A Personalised Digital Service for KLM Frequent Business Travellers
    Song, Yuke (author)
    This is a master graduation project of TU Delft, in collaboration with Air France KLM (AFKL) Digital Department. It proposes a personalised digital service, “Travel Avatar”, for KLM frequent business travellers, aiming at bring hedonic rewards of travelling for business to their trips and create memorable customer experience, which enhance intimate and loyal customer relationships with the airline brand in return.

    Amenities in air travel for business travellers are disappearing due ....................
    (2018-09-27) On the use of C2* emission spectroscopy for thermometry of flames in propulsion systems
    Chandra Sekharan, Kalyan Surya Jagan (author)
    The developments in combustion technology has to be catered to in parallel by the development in the instrumentation employed in collection of combustion data, to get a better picture of the complex processes involved. In this regard, the flame temperature and equivalence ratio are the most important parameters that has to be studied to infer the combustion efficiency and emissions from combustion. Combustion reactions in flames give rise to the formation of various intermediate radicals, some o....................
    (2018-09-27) Seat Vibration Simulator for Ride Comfort Evaluation
    Zhao, Liang (author)
    Ride comfort is one of the aspects of vehicles that manufacturers are constantly trying to improve, and seat vibration is an important contributing factor to ride comfort. The present study developed a seat vibration simulator for investigating the human perception of seat vibration and its application on ride comfort evaluation.

    The simulator was delivered as a fully functional system. The design requirements of the simulator were defined based on the review of proving ground measurem....................
    (2018-09-27) An interior proposal for an future shared autonomous car within urban cities
    Turgut, Önder (author)
    As you well know we are entering a new era. An era in which more and more things are becoming smart including the cars that we see around us. This technology will soon bring us new services like car- and ridesharing with autonomous capabilities. Big brands like Renault and Audi expect self-driving cars on the road around 2022. Nevertheless, a lot of questions remain unanswered. One of these questions is the adaptation of the interior to self-driving technology. What will we do, when we do not ha....................
    (2018-09-27) An Ultrasound Receiver ASIC Employing Compressive Sensing
    Mirzaei, Farzad (author)
    This work introduces an architecture that is capable of reducing the number of cables coming out of an ultrasound receiver ASIC by a substantial factor without dropping the frame-rate. It employs a newly developed technique named compressive sensing to exploit the ultrasound signal redundancies in the spatial domain.
    There are 32 receive paths of which the signal is amplified, multiplied by a random weight, summed in groups of 8 elements and digitized using 4 charge-sharing SAR ADCs. A 100MH....................
    (2018-09-27) Design IoT Supported User Interventions for Sustainable Washing Usage
    Zhao, Yihan (author)
    Nowadays, the increasing populations and the higher demands of human’s life are creating a high pressure on the environment. Laundry as a routine for all the families, requires a large number of resources especially with regards to its water and energy consumption. With the innovation in both the business model and IoT technology, HOMIE is currently working on making positive impact on the environment with their "Pay-per-use" smart washing machine. Even though the result shows it is effective,....................
    (2018-09-27) Predicting vulnerable files by using machine learning method
    Shen, Xiwei (author)
    Web applications have been gaining increased popularity around the globe, in such a way that a growing number of users are attracted to make use of the functionality and information provided by these applications. While providing solutions to complicated problems in a fast and reliable way is one of the most advantages of using web applications, these platforms can cause adverse effect on user’s life if controlled in unauthorized way by malicious people. A platform with more vulnerabilities ar....................
    (2018-09-27) Residential PV Adoption: Exploration on Communication Channels' Influence through Consumers' Psychological Decision Making
    Maximillian, Stanley (author)
    This thesis researches the influence of various communication channels, considering the psychological aspect of consumers, to the adoption process of residential PV system, using agent-based modeling case study in the Netherlands. Agent-based model is used to explore how PV adoption dynamic behavior emerges as the result of information transfer between individuals on a new technology. Diffusion of innovation theory is used as the basic framework on how the usage of new technology can spread and ....................
    (2018-09-27) Travelling without moving: Design vision and roadmap for Air France KLM. Transforming a legacy airline into a VR entertainment powerhouse.
    Suarez Madrigal, Tony (author)
    This graduation project was executed for the Air France KLM (AFKLM), Corporate Strategy group, within the Transformation Office. Some of the main goals of this department are to enable the necessary systematic changes to help the group become a highly innovative, customer-centric and efficient organisation, as stated in their strategic goals in the Compass.

    Some of their ongoing projects include: creating a 'Winning way of Working', a cultural and digital transformation, and enabling ra....................
    (2018-09-26) Design of a model for assessing accountability in a robotic process automation implementation
    Juan Maso, Albert (author)
    Artificial intelligence is getting more and more advanced. In the future, robots equipped with AI will behave an act similarly as humans do, and this raises concerns about how they are going to be governed. However, scientists are alerting that not enough attention is paid to AI from a sociotechnical point of view. Intelligent systems can already behave in unexpected ways, make unfair decisions or treat data with bias. The consequences of this behaviour can directly harm humans, and researchers ....................
    (2018-09-26) Distributed State Estimation for Medium-Fidelity Wind Farm Models in pursuit of Model-Based Closed-Loop Control
    Suresh Kumar, Nivas Kumar (author)
    In research, the overall power production in a wind farm is typically increased by employing model-based wind farm control. A controller, in an open-loop setting, operates based on the velocity of the wind flow, predicted by a wind farm model. For a controller to achieve the desired level of power production, a wind farm model has to be accurate and computationally tractable.

    Generally, high-fidelity wind farm models are accurate but are computationally complex, making real-time contro....................
    (2018-09-26) Capturing creativity: The design of a toolkit for revergence in creative sessions
    Jordano de Barros, Renan (author)
    Creative facilitation sessions come to solve the complex problems the world is facing nowadays. Using participants from different work areas to walk through a problem together, these sessions are guided by facilitators. They are the ones expected to bring a creative mindset to the involved people.
    LEF Future Center, part of Rijkswaterstaat since 2008, brings a contribution to the power of change and the problem-solving capacity of their stakeholders. They have a set of creative environments....................
    (2018-09-26) The Pipingontspanner: Feasibility of a piping measure based on relief wells
    Olsthoorn, Thom (author)
    The Dutch flood defences are subjected to the new Dutch safety assessment program (WBI 2017) that incorporates the latest insights and safety regulations. As a consequence of the updated piping assessment model, studies are expected to identify more piping prone areas in the Netherlands, which makes it worthwhile to investigate alternative piping mitigation solutions that could be less expensive. A new potential solution is the Pipingontspanner, which consists of relief wells in combination with....................
    (2018-09-26) Detection of multi-transitional abrupt changes in SAR time series
    Scherpenisse, Brendan (author)
    Repeat-pass acquisitions with coherent Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems, preserving both phase and amplitude, are more readily available than ever (Bruzzone, 2016). Phase measurements from SAR systems have seen widespread use in the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture (InSAR) technique to measure deformations and elevations since the late 1980’s (Hanssen, 2002). Since the late 1990’s an increase in radar-based change detection is observed, mainly relying on amplitude measurements (Ajadi....................
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