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    (2010-01-01) Besturingsverandering binnen de gemeente Tubbergen: Regievoeren door het Klant Contact Centrum
    Baveld, Mathias
    Binnen de gemeente Tubbergen is een probleem ontstaan sinds de invoering van de Wet Dwangsom op 1 oktober 2009. Deze wet eist van de gemeente dat alle aanvragen van burgers binnen een maximum van acht weken worden afgehandeld. Wanneer deze doorlooptijd is overschreden kan de burger schriftelijk bezwaar indienen. Dit kan er vervolgens toe leiden dat de gemeente een schadevergoeding moet betalen. Binnen de gemeente Tubbergen is daarom besloten dat de doorlooptijden moeten worden gecontroleerd, of ....................
    (2008-01-01) Het optimaal produceren en uitgeven van bloedplaatjes : Sanquin bloedbank regio Zuidoost  op weg naar jonger leveren.
     Kortbeek, N.
    De voorliggende masterscriptie is het resultaat van een project dat is uitgevoerd in opdracht van Sanquin Bloedbank Regio Zuidost in de periode oktober 2007 ‐ mei 2008. Bloedbanken zijn verantwoordelijk voor het inzamelen van bloeddonaties en de productie en distributie van verschillende bloedpoducten. In Nederland is Stichting Sanquin Bloedvoorziening bij wet de enige organisatie die deze taak op zich neemt.   Eén van de produc....................
    (2011-01-01) Grensoverschrijdende criminaliteit : een onderzoek naar de motieven van Enschedese daders voor het plegen van delicten in Gronau
    Veldhuis, L.M.
    Centraal in dit onderzoek staan de beweegredenen voor daders afkomstig uit Enschede om delicten te plegen in Gronau, Duitsland. Er is een vermoeden dat Nederlanders delicten plegen in de Bahnhofstrasse, een straat in het centrum van Gronau. Wat precies de aard en de omvang is van deze delicten is niet bekend, eveneens waarom deze daders nu juist delicten plegen over de grens in Gronau. In dit onderzoek wordt geprobeerd helderheid te scheppen in deze onduidelijkheden. Op die manier ontstaat....................
    (2015-01-01) India's Digital Satyagraha
    -, Sameena
    Today almost 20 percent of India’s 1.2 billion population has access to Internet and social media. 20 percent may seem too little in such a vast population, but India ranks 3rd globally in Internet usage and penetration (IAMAI, 2015). Social media access in particular has also grown with Internet penetration, with over 108 million active Facebook users till date (Statista, 2015). According to TRAI, India’s telecom regulator, 89 percent of Internet subscribers in India access the Internet thr....................
    (2014-01-01) Application of the theory of planned behavior to low-achieving adolescents’ reading behavior in different reading contexts
    , N.
    Low-achieving students are at risk of becoming aliterate. This is partly because of problems with the acquisition of reading skills, but also because they lack the will to read. In this study the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) was used to identify psychological factors that might influence low-achieving students’ reading motivation and behavior separately. We made a distinction between three contexts: reading at school, reading fiction during leisure time and reading informative texts during....................
    (2016-01-01) Transcending knowledge : information technology and innovation consultancy
    , R.
    Every Firm starts with an Idea. Most of the ideas for startups fail to make the transition to a successful company. This is mostly due to lack of preparation, study and analysis from the owner’s side, as they focus on the idea only and neglect other major factors such as people, the startup internal resources, and external forces, that often dictate whether the idea will succeed or fail. For this reason a business plan is essential in this early period. A business plan must focus on the bigger....................
    (2014-07-11) 3D-guided Biopsy
    ?ahin, H. (author); Karalidis, A. (author); Dijt, J.W. (author)
    Systems providing assistance during a biopsy or an autopsy can be found in various medical centers and hospitals, today. Traditionally, CT(computed tomography) and MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) scans are used to produce detailed 3D models and offer support during this procedures. Unfortunately, the high doses of radiation which are involved during a CT scan make the procedure less favorable for a continuous operation. At the Erasmus MC the departments of Pathology, Radiology and Bio-informatic....................
    (2010-12-17) Aircraft Fuselage Design Study: Parametric Modeling, Structural Analysis, Material Evaluation and Optimization for Aircraft Fuselage
    ?en, I. (author)
    The strong search for lightweight materials has become a trend in the aerospace industry. Aircraft manufacturers are responding to this trend and new aerospace materials are introduced to build lighter aircrafts. However material manufacturers, like Tata Steel, are unfamiliar with the determination of running loads and the behavior of materials in fuselage structures. Therefore an evaluation tool is needed for determining the running loads and evaluating the performance of new materials. This wi....................
    (2011-06-22) Het ontwerp van een optisch draadloos zendsysteem met witte leds
    't Hart, P.A. (author); De Buck, P.B.A. (author)
    In dit ontwerprapport wordt een systeem ontworpen dat via ledverlichting in een warenhuis elektronische prijskaartjes aanstuurt. De informatie die op het display van elk kaartje moet verschijnen, wordt onzichtbaar voor het oog gecodeerd in het uitgestuurde licht. Het ontwerp bestaat uit een enkele zender, namelijk de ledverlichting van een warenhuis, die uniform en simultaan dezelfde informatie uitzendt, en meervoudige ontvangers, namelijk alle prijskaartjes die informatie op het display afbeeld....................
    (2006-01-01) Marketing in het Amphia Ziekenhuis
    ’s Gravemade-Frijters, M.
    In this time period Dutch general hospitals are operating in a dynamic environment. Introduction of regulating market forces and changes in consumer behaviour are important aspects of this environment. Patients take up a more critical position and want more effective and efficient response to their needs. The implementation of strategic and internal marketing offers the opportunity to obtain and hold a proper position in this changing environment for a hospital. The central question for this re....................
    (2011-08-31) Impacts of Forest Land Allocation and Tourism Development on Forest-based Livelihoods in Rural Central Vietnam
    à Campo, J.M.G.
    Many rural livelihoods in Vietnam are still characterized by (extreme) poverty and a low quality of life. Where economic development in Vietnam’s big cities has been booming since the early 1990s, rural areas in the hinterland remain largely undeveloped. Poverty incidence in rural areas is extremely high in Vietnam. Especially ethnic minority groups that tend to live in remote and mountainous forested areas experience high poverty levels. Due to dramatic deforestation and the establishment of ....................
    (2014-12-19) Zuidasdok
    A-Tjak, B.G. (author)
    New directions for the public interior Architecture Architecture and The Built Environment
    (2017-05-23) The Effect of Corruption on Bilateral Foreign Direct Investment in Africa
    A. Akinsola
    This research empirically analyses the effect of corruption on both inward and outward foreign direct investment in African economies. Data from the FDI markets database, CEPII gravity database and the World Bank database are combined resulting in a sample of about 225 countries. The random effect model is estimated to analyse how corruption plays a role in either deterring or attracting foreign direct investment. I argue that corruption has a negative effect on FDI and that the type of corrupti....................
    (2015-07-13) Festival invasion
    A. Bernard
    Festivalisation is a neologism that describes the proliferation of festivals all around the world. Festivalisation of culture is the specific expression that describes the proliferation of festivals in the cultural sphere, whereby many artforms, from performing arts to visual arts are presented to the public via a festival formula. This research investigates the festivalisation phenomenon from a new point of view. It looks at the way permanent cultural organisations insert themselves in t....................
    (2016-06-22) Social TV: Second Screen and Audience Participation
    A. Borgomastro
    The vast popularity of social networks and mobile devices has led to a transformation of television, called Social television. Specifically, due to technological innovations, both public and commercial broadcasters are trying to respond through developing cross-media processes, expanding the actual content of their TV shows on social media (García-Avilés, 2012). They increasingly provide a growing level of interactivity, which enhance online audience participation in a variety of ways. In ....................
    (2015-06-08) Happily ever after in Cyprus
    A. Dimitriou
    This thesis is a qualitative research on the discourses about romantic love of young Cypriot women who are either heavy or non heavy viewers of romantic comedies. Cyprus is an interesting place to undertake such a research about romantic love because despite the fact that its culture is being progressively westernised, it still has great links with traditional values including ideas about romantic love. The research question being addressed is how the discourses of heavy and non-heavy viewers of....................
    (2015-07-31) ‘Visit Palestine’
    A. el Hamidi
    Deze thesis richt zich op de visuele propagandacampagne van de zionistische beweging tussen 1900 en 1956 en dan met name via posters. De posters omvatten een breed scala aan thema’s, variërend van diaspora en immigratie tot landbouw en arbeid, ingezet door verschillende zionistische organisaties ter verwezenlijking van de Joodse staat in Palestina. De hoofdvraag gaat over de wijze waarop de zionistische bewegingen aan de hand van visueel beeldmateriaal geprobeerd hebben Joden in Europa te mob....................
    (2017-09-22) The Conservation of a Cartel Paradise
    A. Groenheijde
    Between 1890 and the start of World War II the United States developed a strong federal antitrust legislation with the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act. In Europe on the other hand cartels thrived and were even stimulated by national governments. World trade was dominated by Europe with a share of 70%, of this share a minimum of 40% was controlled by international cartels. Leading firms in those cartels were European, mostly German. Those cartels harmed US interests and impeded the US war effort ....................
    (2015-10-20) Sexting, Snapchat & Social Norms: Because everybody is doing it?
    A. Gudmundsdóttir
    This research aims to uncover what social norms Icelandic youth are developing and applying to sexting via Snapchat; the factors that influence the norm development; and how the norms coincide or differ across age, gender, and relational contexts. It is one of the first qualitative studies to explore sexting from youth’s perspectives. The focus on Icelandic youth provides an excellent opportunity to yield insights into the relative influence of the socio-cultural context due to Iceland’....................
    (2015-07-16) The Integration of Online Information in Lifestyle Politics
    A. Hashim
    This research aimed to explore how young Dutch citizens get news about the world online and use the information they have in relation to their political participation activities, whether conventional or unconventional political participation. The main focus of this research was on young Dutch citizens’ political consumption and how that is linked to their web browsing activities. Therefore, the following main research question was explored: how is the political consumption of young Dutch citiz....................
    (2014-12-11) Een rationeel geloof in de Ene!?
    A. Hazenoot
    De rationele verdediging van een geloof in God vormt al eeuwen een steeds weer terug kerende discussie. In deze scriptie wordt in het eerste deel de these van Leibniz dat deze wereld de beste van alle mogelijke werelden is besproken in relatie tot de discussie die hij voerde met twee tijdgenoten. Zijn rationele verdediging werd ook toen al hevig bekritiseerd. In het tweede deel worden de tegengestelde posities die J.L. Mackie en A.C. Plantinga innemen op grond van een zelfde uitgangspunt van d....................
    (2016-10-01) "Athens" Creative Economy and Urban Space
    A. Konomi
    Creative individuals have been seen as key agents of urban regeneration in the age of the new/creative economy and the idea of developing ‘creative clusters’ for these individuals has been seen as policy for urban economic and cultural development. But, what makes one place more attractive to creative enterprises and activities than another? How is the spatial behavior of creative entrepreneurs formed? This study focuses on the dynamics which affect the relationship between creative enterpri....................
    (2014-09-01) Personal leadership integrity: habit or value?
    A. Korver
    It is crucial that top management, the leaders of an organization, are taken up their responsibility in order to create an ethical culture within the organization. Ethical leadership is the fundament of an ethical culture within an organization.
    (2015-06-26) Museum Promotion on the Web: A Comparative Study
    A. Kostenko
    This thesis explores the tensions that occur when museums that traditionally hold authority in matters of knowledge face the democratic nature of the Web 2.0. Indeed, nowadays cultural institutions are compelled to go online since it provides them with opportunities to unprecedentedly extend their reach and promote themselves. Nonetheless, in order to succeed, their communication and promotion have to engage online users and be adjusted to the participatory culture of the Web 2.0. A range of stu....................
    (2015-06-12) Technology and Fashion: Crossing the Intersection
    A. Minasyan
    Would you like to wear a dress that could charge your smartphone? Or wouldn't it be great that your sneakers could post on the Twitter and Facebook? Recently, the wearable computing devices defined that smart garments receive great attention and become a hot topic of discussion. More and more individuals are experimenting with the possibility to embed high- tech devices, such as solar cells or LEDs, into textile. The added functionality enables the garment to provide unique aesthetic experienc....................
    (2015-07-03) Sex, weapons and video games
    A. Parra Vinasco
    After four decades of technological development, video games have reached an extraordinary popularity around the world, and surprising levels of realism and graphicness. Video games have gained a pivotal role in the society and such privilege position has raised questions about its impact on players. The study of violent graphicness as a trigger for real world aggression has dominated the academic sphere of video games research, but the need to understand motivations, perceptions, and reasoning ....................
    (2016-06-21) Professionele zelfreflectie in de Nederlandse journalistiek
    A. Rasenberg
    Journalist is een vrij beroep. Toch werken de meeste journalisten aan de hand van gedeelde normen en waarden en een gevoel van verbondenheid met het vak, waardoor de journalistiek steeds meer professionaliseert. Desondanks klinken er vanuit de maatschappij én vanuit de journalistiek zelf kritische geluiden. Zo heeft journalist Joris Luyendijk gezegd dat het onmogelijk is om 100% objectief verslag te doen vanuit dictatoriale landen. Hier maakte Luyendijk zich niet heel populair bij collega-journ....................
    (2016-06-08) ‘In stock’ on Amazon: The Cultural Globalisation and Deterritorialisation of Madhubani
    A. Sarkar
    This study is an investigation into the journey of Madhubani from India to Amazon has reconfigured and reconstructed the art form itself. Hence, determining the ‘circuits of commerce’ (Zelizer, 2004) will be indispensable to understanding the infrastructure that has aided the flow of Madhubani from the local to the global art market and responsible for the modification and repositioning of traditional Indian art from its ceremonial, traditional moorings, to its now decorative or commodified ....................
    (2016-06-22) Nationalism and the Media
    A. Sarycheva
    Russian contemporary society experiences nationalistic moods contagion that causes tensions among different ethnic groups. The subject of these tensions, ethnic minorities, comprises 22% of the population, a total of 26 million people (RFSSS, 2010). However, relatively little research is conducted on the topic of ethnic minorities media representation in Russia. Scholars focus on television news coverage though entertaining media is being neglected in existing academic research. The project....................
    (2013-01-01) Silica spray drying
    A. Schanssema
    De begeleider en/of auteur heeft geen toestemming gegeven tot het openbaar maken van de scriptie. The supervisor and/or the author did not authorize public publication of the thesis.
    (2014-10-13) The influence of free time and perceived trust in supervisor on personal initiative
    A. Schepers
    There’s a lot of external pressure on today’s economy. Organizations have to be more flexible and innovative and employees have to show behavior that complies with this. One of behaviors is showing more Personal Initiative at work. This research will contribute to the theory of Personal Initiative by investigating the influence of the (amount of) reward Free Time and the employee’s perceived level of trust in the direct supervisor on Personal Initiative, because neither of them was investi....................
    (2014-12-15) HET LIJDEN OMARMD
    A. Smit
    Hoewel Schopenhauer een uiterst samenhangende metafysica heeft opgebouwd, is de conclusie die hij op basis van zijn metafysica trekt niet houdbaar. Volgens Schopenhauer wordt de wereld gedreven door een blinde, onstuitbare wil die in alles werkzaam is. Hierdoor is de wereld een opeenstapeling van lijden en pijn zonder doel of richting. Volgens Schopenhauer is het daarom nodig om de wil te ontkennen waardoor er een paradijs van zalig niet-willen zal aanbreken. De Franse schrijver Michel Houelleb....................
    (2017-07-26) Invloeden die Geleid Hebben tot Groei in Huizenprijzen in de Randstad
    A. Tournier
    In dit onderzoek wordt er gekeken welke invloeden geleid hebben tot verschillen in huizenprijzen van de Randstad ten opzichte van Nederland. Daarbij wordt de volgende onderzoeksvraag beantwoord: In hoeverre valt de ontwikkeling van de huizenprijzen in de Randstad toe te schrijven aan economische factoren of aan demografische factoren? Voorgaande onderzoeken hebben uitgewezen dat vooral het inkomen, agglomeratie effecten, voorzieningen en restricties opgelegd door de overheid effect hebben op hui....................
    (2017-09-25) Health communication in a Dutch hospital serial
    A. van der Riet
    One way for health communication professionals to reach a large audience with their health message is the Entertainment-Education (E-E) strategy, which means that their message is incorporated in an entertainment program. The most recent E-E production in the Netherlands is the hospital drama serial Centraal Medisch Centrum, which was broadcasted in the last months of 2016 on the commercial channel RTL4. The aim of this thesis is to shed light on how the different involved professionals collabor....................
    (2016-06-10) Settling in with Social Media
    A. van Eldik
    International students start a new life in a new country with a new social network. Social media has the potential to aid this process. This study explores the role of social media in the settling-in phase of international freshmen in the Netherlands, offering a broad approach of the different ways in which university students use social media, as this approach seems absent from earlier research. The goal of this study was to distinguish the choice for and use of social media platforms, as well ....................
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