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    (2018-02-20) The Impact of Accentedness in English
    Dijk, Suzanne van
    This BA-thesis sets out to explore the differences between native and non-native listeners regarding the impact of accentedness as well as the differences between native and non-native listeners regarding comprehensibility and speaker evaluation. This BA-thesis investigates this through a smallscale experiment where 5 native and 5 non-native listeners evaluate recordings with different degrees of accentedness. This BA-thesis ended with the notion that both the native and non-native listeners pre....................
    (2018-02-20) De context van de laat staan-constructie
    Pol, Sofie van der
    Deze scriptie gaat over de laat staan-constructie. Een voorbeeld hiervan is de zin "Hij kent geen Engels, laat staan Frans". Het uitgangspunt is de beschrijving van “laat staan” in de Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst (ANS), een grammatica voor het Nederlands-Nederlands en het Belgsich-Nederlands. De belangrijkste eis die hierin staat is dat de voorzin van laat staan negatief moet zijn. Een vergelijking met literatuur geeft redenen om te twijfelen aan de negatieve eis. Daarnaast blijkt dat ui....................
    (2018-02-19) Latency Analysis and Reduction in a 4G Network
    Kurian, Ashish (author)
    5G, the next generation of mobile network, is expected to be launched commercially around 2020. Compared to the present generation – 4G mobile network, a significant improvement in terms of performance and reliability is considered for 5G. One of the important factor in the design of 5G is – about 10 times lower packet latency than 4G. Some of the use cases identified for 5G require packet latency as low as 1 ms. Such stringent latency targets are essential to enable new services like virtua....................
    (2018-02-19) Development Of A Preliminary Lifing Analysis Tool For The F135-PW-100 Engine
    Jagtenberg, Michelle (author)
    In the near future the Royal Netherlands Air Force will replace their fleet of F-16’s with the F-35. In the past the NLR has aided the Air Force with life cycle and deterioration analysis work on the F100-PW-220 engine, which powers the F-16. Understanding the physical system of the engine allows for on-condition maintenance. The same is preferred for the F135-PW-100 engine powering the F-35. Therefore, a preliminary lifing analysis tool has been developed for the F135-PW-100 engine rotor blad....................
    (2018-02-19) Cubesat Deployment Trajectories for the Asteroid Impact Mission
    Minguijon Pallas, Pablo (author)
    Missions to Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) are a growing trend in spaceflight. The interest for such bodies is not only justified by the threat that they represent for the Earth, but also because they are potential sources of extra-terrestrial materials, provide windows to the past of the Solar System and to planetary formation, and offer a good opportunity to demonstrate deep-space mission technologies.

    The Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM) is the next European Space Agency mission to a NEO, wh....................
    (2018-02-19) The value of the experience curve in a societal cost-benefit analysis
    van Leeuwen, Michel (author)
    Current literature on the usage of the experience curve in a societal cost-benefit analysis is lacking. It is unclear how the experience curve should be used in a societal cost benefit analysis and how large the effect or added value is. This thesis uses a case study to analyses effects of the experience curve on a societal cost benefit analysis and identifies any limitations or challenges.
    (2018-02-19) Lane Change Path Planning: with State-Dependent Safety Constraints
    Berger, Niels (author)
    In the past years a number of SAE level 2 driving automation systems have come available in commercial vehicles. An example is Volvo's Pilot Assist, which provides a more comfortable journey for the driver as certain parts of the dynamic driving task are taken away, but it still requires the driver to be attentive in order to supervise the system and resume vehicle operation if necessary. Car manufacturers and high-tech companies all around the world are working on the development of an Automate....................
    (2018-02-19) The Effect of Wake Models, and Environmental Conditions on Wind Farm Layout Optimization
    Daneshbodi, Amir (author)
    The purpose of this research is to broaden current knowledge of Wind Farm Layout Optimization (WFLO). Until now, there are many research conducted on different optimization methods, annual energy yield calculation processes, and wake modeling methods. But, few papers have addressed the effect of different modeling parameters on WFLO in a form of sensitivity analysis. The results would be helpful in order to have a better overview on the effect and importance of each modeling parameters on the ob....................
    Lu, Mengyue
    The study of reduplication in Chinese has received more and more attention in recent years. With the development of modern linguistic theories, scholars have begun investigating Chinese reduplication as a phonological or morphological phenomenon instead of a pure rhetorical device. However, traditional epistemology and methodology still takes the dominant position in the study of OC (short for Old Chinese, the same hereafter). Therefore, it is necessary to examine OC reduplication from new persp....................
    (2018-02-19) Turning Snippets into Stories: The Potential and Challenges of Twitter Data for Humanities
    Kragten, Joery
    With 300 million monthly active users, Twitter is a global social media platform embedded in everyday communication and information diffusion. As a result, it has attracted a wide range of scholarly disciplines, studying its data, resulting in hundreds of studies that utilized Twitter’s data. This thesis will focus on the challenges and potential of using Twitter data for Humanities. As every social media platform has its unique dynamics, Twitters structure will be explored to see how it relat....................
    (2018-02-19) The Luchtmans Ladies: Female Customers in an Eighteenth-Century Bookshop
    Boutellier, Linda
    This thesis examines the buying behaviour of Dutch women during the eighteenth century and determines whether a change can be detected in the kinds of works that women bought. The research is based on the female customers that came to Luchtmans, an academic bookshop in Leiden, and thus the main source of this study is the extensive archive that the firm has left behind. At the start of the eighteenth century, a wealthy mother primarily visited the shop to purchase school books for her young chil....................
    (2018-02-19) Koning Amanullah, Modernisatie, Hervormingen en Nationalisme, begin twintigste eeuw in Afghanistan
    Wedad, Ghaled
    During and after the World War 1 Afghanistan became the bufferzone between rival powers, Soviet Union, Great Britain, Ottoman Empire and Germany. This led to reforms in the politics, industry and army. With Germany and Ottoman Empire in war with Great Britain during World War 1, the Niedermayer - Von Hentig mission of 1915-1916 was a delegation that was sent to convince Afghan Amir Habibullah to choose side with the Central Powers. This mission led to political chaos that choose for the two side....................
    (2018-02-19) In Search for their Right: Cross-cultural relations through VOC legal sources in fort Cochin, 1750-1760
    Mertens, Rob
    This thesis provides an insight in how cross-cultural relations took place and how the VOC legal system functioned in the 17th century in a multi-cultural place like Cochin on the southwest coast of India. This is done through legal sources that are from fort Cochin. Of these legal sources the emphesis lies on cases between non-Europeans vs Europeans and non-Europeans vs non-Europeans.
    (2018-02-16) Aggregated Flexibility to support Congestion Management: A case study at Eneco CrowdNett
    Brouwer, Robin (author)
    Increased variable renewable energy sources penetration in The Netherlands require more flexibility that could be provided by distributed energy resources located at small end-users combined with demand response. Aggregators could act as intermediary entities to exploit the flexibility potential of small end-users and create value for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) by delivering electric flexibility services that support congestion management.

    Aggregator Eneco CrowdNett is planni....................
    (2018-02-16) An Analysis of the Phreatic Surface of Primary Flood Defences
    de Loor, David (author)
    PLAXIS study of a primary flood defence in the Netherlands. The influence of water level, precipitation, and wave overtopping on the position of the phreatic surface is being investigated. The hydraulic loads are applied to a clay dike with a cracked top layer and a sand dike with a cracked clay cover. The findings are related to the current deterministic methods to estimate the location of the phreatic surface. Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk
    (2018-02-16) Narrative world creation with assisted environment filling
    Goedegebure, Marijn (author)
    Games such as Skyrim use a narrative world, which is a game world that is used to tell stories. Creating narrative worlds is a time-consuming process because of the collaboration of writers, 3D artists and game designers, the story adjusting the world over time and the requirement for diverse and interesting environments. This thesis focuses on solving these problems. First, the manual approach was designed that allows the manual creation of a narrative world,
    while focusing on filling envir....................
    (2018-02-16) The cocktail party problem: GSVD-beamformers for speech in reverberant environments
    Hulsinga, Derk-Jan (author)
    Hearing aids as a form of audio preprocessing is increasingly common in everyday life. The goal of this thesis is to implement a blind approach to the cocktail party problem and challenge some of the regular assumptions made in literature. We approach the problemas wideband FD-BSS. From this field of research, the common assumption of contineous activity is dropped. Instead a number of users detection is implemented as a preprocessing step and ensure the appropriate number of demixing vectors fo....................
    (2018-02-15) Traditionele honden bewaken de stadsdemocratie
    Nieuwstraten, Marieke
    Wie op de hoogte wil blijven van de actualiteit, slaat ’s ochtends de krant open of scrolt door een nieuws-app. Tijdens dit ochtendritueel staat men er niet altijd bij stil, maar nieuws is geen objectieve beschrijving van wat er is gebeurd of staat te gebeuren. Er zijn verschillende actoren die onze actualiteit en, in een later stadium, onze sociale werkelijkheid bepalen. Politieke en publieke actoren spelen een rol tijdens agendabuilding en bepalen deels de nieuwsagenda, maar onderwerpen die ....................
    (2018-02-15) Translating the Information-to-Persuasion Ratio
    Best, Irene de
    The effectiveness of advertising texts largely depends on the way they are written. Torresi’s information-to-persuasion ratio is a way of defining the stylistic traits of advertising texts in terms of their informativeness and persuasiveness. This ratio can be used to determine the way an advertising text should be translated, so that the translated advertising text is effective. The purpose of this thesis was to experiment with Torresi’s theory by examining the effects different information....................
    (2018-02-15) Improving the reproducibility of BOLD rs-fMRI signal by selective data elimination
    Driever, Theo (author)
    Connectivity mapping with resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI) is rapidly developing and has shown great promise for clinical applications. Before successful implementation in clinical setting, it is key to evaluate the long-term reproducibility of the functional connectivity profiles. To this end, the reproducibility of rs-fMRI data is studied in this work. The main research question revolves around the improvement of the overall reproducibility by selectively omitting ....................
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