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    (2019-02-21) MediTrail: a blockchain-based tamper-proof auditable access log for medical data
    Plomp, Angela (author)
    After several incident in which the privacy of patients was violated, the need for
    logging of access to medical data is evident. In this master thesis, the first prototype is presented for a blockchain-based access log for medical data. This prototype
    uses a novel blockchain to create a tamper-proof log. Patients each have their own blockchain in which health care providers can participate as well. At any time, a user can check the access logs of their data on the online MediTrail portal....................
    (2019-02-20) Link Prediction using Temporal Information in Multilayer Networks
    Nikolopoulos, Dionysis (author)
    There is an increasing attention towards link prediction in complex networks both in physical and computer science communities. Particularly Online Social Networks (OSNs) are
    becoming the most popular platforms for information sharing, content creation and communication between users on the Internet. However, most of the research was done considering only a static snapshot of the network and without using relevant information from
    other types of activities.
    In that direction, the pre....................
    (2019-02-20) The evaluation of large-scale nourishment strategies for Duval County, Florida
    Halbmeijer, Laura (author)
    The coastline of the United States has been threatened by significant erosion for the past decades. A study in 2000 predicted that 25% of the houses located within 150 meters of the shoreline will be destroyed by erosion in 2060. The east coast of the US experiences an average erosion rate of roughly one meter per year. Moreover, the Atlantic coast can be classified as highly erosive as it is vulnerable to hurricanes in the summer as well as winter storm events. The erosive behavior is counterac....................
    (2019-02-20) Deep Q-Network Memory Sharing: Inter-Agent Prioritised Experience Replay
    Hofmeister, Deniz (author)
    Humans teach each other by recollecting one's own experiences and sharing them with others. The intention being that the person being taught, does not need to experience those things first-hand to be able to learn from them. A large portion of human learning is in some form derived from this concept. This has inspired this report.
    Recent developments in Deep Q-Networks applied a so-called replay memory. This replay memory stores experiences in a buffer for it to learn from later. It is this....................
    (2019-02-20) Workforce Transition and Income Inequality in the Age of Automation
    Kocaoğlu, Alper (author)
    It is expected that automation and income inequality will have a major impact on the world economy in the 2020’s and beyond. A research conducted by Bain (K. Harris, Kimson, & Schwedel, 2018) claimed that the impact of the economic disruption, which could be triggered by the collision of income inequality and automation, might be more dramatic than what was experienced in the past sixty years. On one hand, the adoption of new automation and production technologies, such as recent developme....................
    (2019-02-20) Memetic Algorithm for Stochastic Inventory Optimization with Seasonal Demand
    Lee, S.H.
    Due to the increasing complexity of logistics networks driven by rapid globalization and technological transformation, a naive inventory management leads to serious damage to both the business and its supply chain. Therefore, achieving and maintaining the optimal balance between cost reduction and customer service has become an important strategic concern for all types of organizations. In this thesis, we study a single item, single-echelon inventory replenishment system with stochastic seasona....................
    (2019-02-19) Estimating arrival times of inland ships
    Sikkes, Vincent (author)
    This research focused on improving a current traveltime estimation system called
    the Trajectplanner. This system simulates the movements of inland ships on a
    network model of the Dutch inland waterways in order to calculate and to
    estimate the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for every ship that sails the inland
    waterways (excluding pleasure crafts). There are errors in the estimation of this
    ETA and this research focused on the cause of these errors and find ways to
    (2019-02-19) Calcification & Fibrous Tissue Characteristics in Atherosclerotic Plaques: A Combined Analysis and Modeling Approach
    Vis, Bas (author)
    Atherosclerotic plaque rupture is the main cause of acute myocardial infarction and stroke, the two leading causes of death worldwide. Rupture of plaque tissue is a mechanical event, where plaque stress or strain locally exceeds its strength. Biomechanical studies agree with histopathological findings that a large lipid pool and thin fibrous cap overlying the lipid pool increase the likelihood of rupture, by showing increased plaque stresses for these geometries. Another plaque morphological fea....................
    (2019-02-19) Standardized Thermal Control Solutions for PocketQubes
    Avila de Luis, Rodrigo (author)
    An innovative approach for thermal analysis and design of small satellites consisting in the study of its thermal behavior and properties from a global perspective is investigated in this research project. Spacecraft analysis and design is usually carried out in a tailored manner, based on the particular characteristics of each mission. The increasing interest in PocketQubes as space platforms, which share multiple design features, opens the possibility to develop general thermal control procedu....................
    (2019-02-19) Improving the Waste Collection Problem using Sensorized Containers.
    Rentier, A.M.
    Waste collection is a difficult problem faced by modern society. Environmental issues and increasing population resulting in more waste production and traffic congestion are examples of negative external effects. This thesis provides two useful models related to the waste collection problem. First, the insertion heuristic is used to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). Second, the results from the VRP are used to determine where sensors should be implemented in order to decrease the numb....................
    (2019-02-19) A Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman with Drone
    Bierema, M.E.
    The collaboration between a truck and drone with the joint objective to satisfy customer demand under minimisation of the execution time is studied. Leading exact methods approach the problem in the fashion of a set covering problem but have to cope with a large solution space. A framework is introduced that refines the solution space, improving the performance of existing methods. Furthermore, a branch-cut-and-price algorithm is proposed and a branching rule is introduced that is specific for t....................
    (2019-02-19) Optimized Tugboat Scheduling in the Port of Rotterdam
    In this thesis we investigate optimized scheduling of tugboats in the port of Rotterdam. Three heuristic methods for generating schedules, based on Tabu Search, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Genetic Algorithms (GA), are compared with respect to solution quality and suitability for application. Optimal results computed by solving an integer programming problem serve as a benchmark for the heuristic algorithms. Practical requirements for tugboat scheduling include delivering solutions in ....................
    (2019-02-19) Sandwich functions for the lot-sizing problem
    Molendijk, A.L.
    In this thesis we study the use of so-called sandwich functions for lot-sizing problems. A sandwich function is a function that replaces the objective function of an optimisation problem in such a way that the original objective function is bounded by this function and a scalar multiple of this function from below and above, respectively. We start by pointing out some places in the literature where this method has been used before. We then provide an analysis of sandwich functions for two w....................
    (2019-02-19) Risk Aversion and the Forecasting Performance of Implied Expected Returns in Bull and Bear Markets
    Romijn, S.
    In order to obtain more accurate return forecasts, this paper proposes several methods to improve the almost always positive implied return forecasts. Firstly, we estimate a constant and time-varying volatility risk premium and link these to the risk aversion, which is an input for implied return forecasts. Secondly, because implied return forecasts are almost always positive, forecasting accuracy is low during bear markets. To remedy this problem, we implement a dynamic forecast combination....................
    (2019-02-19) Light robust location-routing
    Knaap, L.A. van der
    In this thesis we will address the location routing problem (LRP) with uncertainty in customer demand. The objective of the LRP is to minimize the sum of depot cost, vehicle cost and routing costs. The LRP is an integrated version of the facility location problem (FLP) and the vehicle routing problem (VRP), where the decisions on the opening of facilities and determining optimal routes are considered simultaneously. We will present a two-stage light robust problem formulation, where in the first....................
    (2019-02-19) Solving Nurse Rostering Problems with Lagrangian Relaxation and Column Generation
    Dopheide, J.J.
    In this thesis we try to ll the gap between the current nurse rostering research and the very complex real world. In reality, very complex and elaborate regulations hold. Therefore, methodology is proposed that is very exible and robust to a variety of constraints. The nurse rostering problem is solved by applying a column generation approach that involves solving the Lagrangian dual problem with a subgradient algorithm. The algorithm is considered very robust to varying and dicult constraints,....................
    (2019-02-19) Why are asset prices so volatile?
    Herrewijn, S.R.
    Aiming to find the missing link between accounting numbers and stock return volatility, this paper examines how sales growth persistence is related to Extrapolation Hypothesis via the variance of its asset returns. Differentiating from the literature, growth persistence is captured by a mean-reverting state space model. Portfolios formed on the level of growth persistence feature many favourable attributes. Within this framework high-persistent companies are found to realise high sales growt....................
    (2019-02-19) Modelling Customer Lifetime Value in a Continuous, Non-Contractual Time Setting
    Bernat, J.R.
    The need of online retailers to maintain a competitive advantage in the today's booming online retail industry has led to an increased focus on customer relationship management (CRM). The aim of CRM is to increase a company's profits by creating long-term relationships with their profitable customers. However, before this can be accomplished, these profitable customers first need to be identified. The profitability of a customer is often expressed in terms of customer lifetime value (CLV), which....................
    (2019-02-19) Portfolio Risk Management using Extreme Value Theory and Vine Copulas
    Wit, J.L.
    We estimate the one- and ten-day-ahead Value-at-Risk and the Expected Shortfall of a portfolio by using marginal modeling and two different dependence models. The marginal modeling consists of two steps. Firstly the returns are filtered by an asymmetric Markov-Switching ARMA-GARCH model (ARMA-MS-GARCH-GJR) and secondly the tails of the filtered returns are estimated by the Generalized Pareto Distribution. We fit two different joint distributions on these transformed returns: Vine Copulas and a d....................
    (2019-02-18) Adapting a mosquito trap for future deployment in African communities
    van de Geer, Cedric (author)
    Malaria is a major problem in sub-Saharan Africa, with as a result over 400,000 deaths each year. With pesticide resistance on the rise, new methods have to be developed that will reduce malaria transmission. The mosquito trapping method, in combination with bed nets, has been proved to be effective. The M-Tego is a mosquito trap embodiment designed with the user, sustainability and performance in mind. Industrial design engineering
    (2019-02-18) Thin Glass Cold Bent Sandwich Panel
    Guidi, Marina (author)
    From the beginning of the 21st century, thin glass has been used as a screen protector for electronic devices and smartphones. During the last 10 years, several studies have been carried out to introduce the thin glass in the building industry. The advantages of this material are light weight, high strength and high flexibility. On the other hand, thin glass, due to its low thickness, has a limited bending stiffness. Therefore, it is challenging to apply this innovative material in the building ....................
    (2019-02-15) Model-based Flight Control for a VTOL Aircraft with Independently Tilting Rotors
    de Jong, Joost (author)
    This thesis reports on the research and design of a real-time Time-Varying Model Predictive Control (TVMPC) scheme to stabilize a tilt-rotor aircraft with four independently tilting rotors. The aircraft design stems from a prototype system constructed by the drone technology start-up Avy.
    First, a motivation is presented for implementation of model-based flight control techniques. Consequently, TVMPC is introduced as a middle ground between Adaptive Model Predictive Control (MPC) and fully n....................
    (2019-02-15) Prediction of the added resistance in waves using CFD
    Hulsbergen, Bas (author)
    Shipyards these days see an increase in customers that specify combined speed and seakeeping ability design requirements. This requires the shipyard to make a prediction of the additional installed power required to maintain a certain speed when waves are encountered. The additional required installed power is directly related to the average extra resistance that the vessel is subjected to when it’s sailing in waves. This extra resistance is known as the time-averaged added resistance in waves....................
    (2019-02-15) Decentralized Stochastic Optimal Control for a Swarm of Micro Aerial Vehicles
    Bendriş, Bianca (author)
    In this work, we model a multi-robot formation planning and control task as an optimization problem, which we solve on-line and in a decentralized manner using the Stochastic Optimal Control (SOC) framework. Typically, the solution of a SOC problem requires solving the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation for all system states and controls. However, this operation becomes intractable when high-dimensional systems are used. In recent years, advances on a certain type of SOC problem, which can b....................
    (2019-02-15) Improving the visitor's end-of-festival experience
    Kurpershoek, Thijs (author)
    Visitors who return from a festival experience an empty feeling combined with fatigue. In this thesis, this experience is called the void. An established psychological phenomenon called the Peak-End rule describes how events are judged by both their peaks, be they positive or negative, and their ends. The end of festivals is now often perceived by visitors as "necessary evil". It is assumed that the end and its experience are part of the festival and last from the moment of leaving the terrain u....................
    (2019-02-15) Marinas in Argentina: A feasability study for a network of marinas in the Buenos Aires Province coast
    Dijsselbloem, Stijn (author); van Adrichem, Wouter (author); Baas, Daniël (author); Bartczak, Konrad (author); Zeeuw van der Laan, chris (author)
    According to themselves, Argentinians are living with their backs towards the sea. In order to turn this around, a feasability study has been done to find out how a network of marinas along the coast of the province would look like, based on a MCDA including all urban areas along the coast and a fleet analysis. A final network has been proposed and a conceptual design of such a marina has been made.
    (2019-02-14) Numerical Investigation into Size Effect on Prestressed Concrete Beam Resistance to Shear Tension Cracking
    Andrew Sugianto, ANDREW (author)
    In the past, many researches on the topic of size effect on concrete structures were mainly focused on the phenomenon of size effect in flexural cracking. The result of those studies can be found today in the concrete structure design specifications of well-known building codes, such as the Eurocode. Nevertheless, the inclusions of the results of those studies into the design specifications are still minimum and therefore, it is necessary to conduct more studies on size effect, especially on oth....................
    (2019-02-13) Prolonged Ex vivo Preservation: Creating a Normothermic Machine Perfusion Setup
    Brouwer, Max (author)
    Expanded Criteria Donor (ECD) organs are being used more often in clinical setting. The regenerative ability of the organs might be able to restore the organ to full functionality ex vivo. For long term kidney stabilization, optimization and monitoring an organ incubator is preferable. However, it is unclear which available parts would work best in synergy. A Normothermic Machine Perfusion (NMP) setup and a Mathematical Windkessel Model were created as a first step in a larger project of prolong....................
    (2019-02-13) Evaluation of sheet pile behavior based on Eemdijk monitoring data
    Meijer, Friso (author)
    From the 3500 kilometers of primary flood defenses in the Netherlands, a third does not comply with the current standards. As a result, over 700 kilometers will be strengthened in the upcoming years. Traditional strengthening of dikes consists of strengthening with soil and requires space that is often not available. Further strengthening of dikes, therefore, requires smart solutions, which increase the strength, without changing the dikes cross-sectional area. One of these solutions is the use ....................
    (2019-02-13) Dynamic Substructuring for Efficient Vibrational Studies in Buildings
    van den Bosch, Valentijn (author)
    As a reaction to urban densication, light weight building is an attractive concept for optimally utilizing the capacity of the existing built environment. A common issue paired with light weight construction is the need to engage in vibrational design, in order to minimize hindrance due to human activities such as walking, that cause vibrations in buildings. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a crucial tool for accurately predicting structural behaviour in such a context. The typical problem wit....................
    (2019-02-13) Deep End-to-end Network for 3D Object Detection in the Context of Autonomous Driving
    Jargot, Dominik (author)
    Nowadays, autonomous driving is a trending topic in the automotive field. One of the most crucial challenges of autonomous driving research is environment perception. Currently, many techniques achieve satisfactory performance in 2D object detection using camera images. Nevertheless, such 2D object detection might be not sufficient for autonomous driving applications as the vehicle is operating in a 3D world where all the dimensions have to be considered. In this thesis a new method for 3D obje....................
    (2019-02-13) Using the Islamic threat as a means of regime consolidation in Central Asia
    Berlo, Robin van
    Contradictory to the widespread belief that after the Cold War a wave of democratisation would engulf the world, many post-Soviet states descended into authoritarianism. In tradition of their Soviet history, the Central Asian regimes declared themselves strictly secular. However, these countries, too, are affected by increasing Islamic radicalism. This thesis therefore researches the link between regime consolidation in Central Asia and a (perceived) Islamic threat. It tries to answer the questi....................
    (2019-02-13) Power Politics in the Malian Conflict: Considering the roles of ECOWAS, the UN, and France
    Brattinga, Elliott
    This study aims to show why Africa, specifically the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in this case study, seems to lack agency regarding the control of their internal security issues. The Malian conflict, which started in 2012, saw the activation of the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA) as well as a French military intervention called Operation Serval. However, in July 2013 AFISMA was superseded by a UN-led military operation while the French mission re....................
    (2019-02-13) A Bodily Revolution - Elmahdy and Ibrahim: Struggling for Agency in Post-Revolutionary Egypt
    Mons, Sophia
    Throughout the Egyptian January 25 Revolution in 2011, as part of the so-called Arab Spring, many incidents have put women, their bodies, and portrayals of female bodies at the heart of the uprisings. As the political participation of women became challenged, suppressed, and even violently punished under the ruling of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, who came to power after the ousting of President Mubarak, the female body became a site of domination. Nevertheless, young women rose again....................
    (2019-02-13) Subsidizing Disaster: The Agricultural Subsidy Dilemma of Post-Revolutionary Iran
    Gevers, Thomas
    The urgency of the Iranian water crisis increases every year. The Iranian agricultural sector is by far the biggest user of the vanishing water, yet it continues to be heavily subsidized. This paper first establishes a link between subsidies and water mismanagement and then continues to investigate the motivations and dilemmas that Iranian policymakers face in their decision to retain subsidies that promote the wasteful agricultural industry. With the input of experts in the field and from the r....................
    (2019-02-13) Mothers in Law and Cinema An analysis of women’s
    mehrinejad, Sara
    This dissertation aims to provide comprehensive research on the way in which contemporary Iranian cinema challenges the boundaries of the Iranian Family Law (which is embedded in Sharia) through the portrayal of women’s social challenges with regard to child-custody. For this, three movies focusing on child-custody-rights of women have been selected to analyze the connectedness of cinema with society and law.
    (2019-02-13) FDI Inflows in Southeast Asia: A Political Risk Perspective
    Bellingham, Andrew
    This thesis will challenge the traditional “Stylist Model” of FDI, which asserts that political risk does not impact the movement of FDI. In the following chapters, it will be demonstrated that political risk is a common deterrent of FDI, as it prevents capital from transferring from developed economies to developing economies (Méon, Khalid 2012, 2194). FDI inflows react to “transaction cost of investments”, meaning that investors will only move their capital overseas if they can receiv....................
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