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    (2018-11-12) Het oog van de leerling
    Monsjou, Nikki, van
    Samenvatting Door verschillende historisch maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen heeft het literatuuronderwijs een steeds kleinere plaats gekregen in het Nederlandse onderwijs op middelbare scholen. Tegelijkertijd blijkt het literatuuronderwijs vanuit verschillende perspectieven bekeken, een geschikte vorm om invulling te geven aan de vraag om persoonsvorming in het onderwijs meer nadruk te geven. Het perspectief van de leerling ontbreekt geheel in het onderzoek naar literatuuronderwijs dat is bijzond....................
    (2018-11-12) Functions of amulets: the power of objects in the ancient world
    Kret, Patricia
    This research studied the conceptualization of the functionality of power objects in the ancient world. With the help of emerging research fields on material agency and ancient emotions, instructions for making amulets have been studied to understand why ancient individuals put trust in certain objects that could, as they believed, influence their lives. This research has shown that the concept of protective circles can help to gain a better understanding of the believed functions of amulets and....................
    (2018-11-09) Societal Aging and Health Care Systems: A model-based policy analysis across OECD countries
    van der Paauw, Wijnand (author)
    Personnel shortage will become a major public health problem in many countries in the near future, and one of the main causes of this problem is societal aging (Burke et al., 2013). The goal of this study is to discover the effect and the future affordability of societal aging on health care systems across the OECD, to investigate which policies are needed to overcome this problem and to shed new light on new debates of new policies. A model-based policy analysis using a multi-region dynamic mod....................
    (2018-11-09) Three-dimensional Mixed-Mode Crack Propagation Calculations based on a Submodel Technique
    Dorca, Paul (author)
    Damage tolerant designs are necessary for the continuous operation of aircraft engines which are subjected to harsh environmental influences during operation (e.g. large temperatures, foreign object damage of airfoils). One important aspect of damage tolerance is crack propagation which can be investigated via 3D numerical software. This Master Thesis project focuses on investigating and implementing the submodel technique in MTU Aero Engines' own FEM (Finite Element Method) based in-house crack....................
    (2018-11-09) Riggid: a laptop stand that facilitates flex workers to work ergonomically
    Zwart, Thomas (author)
    This graduation project is about the development of a laptop stand that aims to allow flex workers to work ergonomically without losing the flexibility of their laptop. The graduation project is started with an entrepreneurial focus. The intention is therefore to to bring the product to the market. Currently, 11% of all work related illness in the Netherlands is expected to be caused by MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). As flex working is showing a rapid growth over the past ten years, the increa....................
    (2018-11-09) Using liminal exhibition spaces to create a subliminal festival experience at the MOJO Exhibition
    de Kat Angelino, Jord (author)
    In 2019, Museum Prinsenhof Delft will be showcasing an exhibition about MOJO Concerts. Since MOJO is a Dutch music event organiser, the assignment for this graduation project was to design an experience to evoke an on-site festival experience. A comprehensive design is made for the liminal exhibition space (the spaces in between exhibition rooms) to evoke a festival experience throughout the whole exhibition. A master thesis website has been made in stead of a thesis report: http://studie.dekata....................
    (2018-11-09) Enhancing the music festival experience for hearing-impaired people: Designing an inclusive visual/ tactile dance game
    Cuijpers, Carlijn (author)
    This thesis describes the design process to enhance the music festival experience for hearing-impaired people. This assignment was set up to make the MOJO backstage exhibition at Museum Prinsenhof Delft inclusive for hearing-impaired people. First, context mapping research with hearing-impaired and hearing festival visitors shows that inclusiveness at festivals is less present for hearing-impaired. To include hearing-impaired, the focus is to minimize the language barrier and create an independe....................
    (2018-11-09) Structuralism Reconfigured: Centraal Beheer as a center for adaptive academic education
    Bruijn, Anna (author)
    This project discovers the possibilities to accommodate a flexible program for academic education in the iconic structuralism monument in Apeldoorn of Herman Hertzberger. It discusses different types of learning environments and application of a diverse and flexible program in the polyvalent structure. The design attempts to introduce different atmospheres to increase usability of the building. This project could be a pilot to contribute to the Dutch knowledge economy. Graduation studio: Future ....................
    (2018-11-09) Integration of 3D BIM Models in a Web GIS for Life Cycle Asset Management
    Manolova, Manuela (author)
    In recent years, there has been a growing necessity for 3D geoinformation in urban planning and infrastructure management to provide a more realistic representation of urban areas and the built environment. A key concept in public infrastructure management is Life Cycle Asset Management (LCAM), which aims to improve the decision making in each phase of the life cycle of infrastructure assets, such as road and utility networks, civil structures, and green areas. Traditional systems in LCAM are li....................
    (2018-11-08) Suspended Sediment Modelling in the Port of Rotterdam
    de Groot, Sjoerd (author)
    This Master thesis presents an improved model for the transport of fine suspended sediment (SPM) in the Rhine region of fresh water influence (ROFI) and in the Port of Rotterdam. It is known that the transport of SPM in the Rotterdam harbor depends on marine as well as fluvial processes. SPM transport inside the harbor has been modelled in the past, but these studies did not take into account the dynamic nature of SPM concentrations at sea because they employed constant sediment boundary conditi....................
    (2018-11-08) Isogeometric Potential Flow Analysis of Linear Surface Waves
    Meijer, Moos (author)
    In numerical methods, correct geometry description and mesh refinement are a challenge. By using a more geometrically based Finite Element Analysis (FEA) type method called ‘Isogeometric Analysis’ (IGA), exact geometry description can be attained, even on coarse meshes. Furthermore, mesh refinement is relatively easy, since no communication with a geometry description is necessary. From a maritime perspective, this method seems to be very interesting. Therefore, a first step towards an all-i....................
    (2018-11-08) Redesigning the deboarding experience
    Spaargaren, Claudia (author)
    You are almost at your holiday destination. The ‘fasten your seatbelt’ sign just turned on and the plane started descending. After landing it is time to get out of this confined space, but all the other passengers are thinking the same thing. Everyone stands in the aisle, trying to get their hand luggage out of the overhead bin and exit the plane at the same time. Arriving at the gate you feel relieved you are out and can really start your holiday. The deboarding experience is not the best e....................
    (2018-11-08) Stick-slip behavior of ice interacting with concrete surfaces
    Nuus, Nynke (author)
    When sea or lake ice interacts with concrete offshore structures in Arctic regions, the frictional forces between the ice and the structure cause abrasion of the concrete surface of the structure. This may endanger the structural integrity when the steel reinforcement gets exposed and experiences corrosion, and must therefore be taken into account in the design process. For the design of concrete offshore structures in Arctic conditions, an accurate description and prediction of ice-structure in....................
    (2018-11-08) Subtitling Characterization. Frank Underwood in House of Cards
    Valkenhoff, Anouschka
    This thesis explores the characterization of Frank Underwood in the Netflix Original Series House of Cards, and more specifically how Frank’s characterization changes due to certain translation choices. James R. Keller (2015) argues that Frank resembles the ‘vice’ – a figure from the early modern stage that is also related to the well-known villain – and describes a number of traits. These traits are linked to Frank’s language use by using Culpeper’s stylistic framework of characte....................
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