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    (2018-07-17) Transition trade terminal
    Geldenhuys, Eldin (author)
    Zuidas, terminal, station, Amsterdam 2050 Zuidas station Complex projects
    (2018-07-17) 3D printed fiber reinforced lignin: Exploring the options to use wood in an additive manufacturing process
    Liebrand, Thomas (author)
    Problem definition and objective - Additive manufacturing has already been developed to use various sorts of plastics, metals, composites and concrete. Until now, the most used composite in building materials, natural wood, has not been used in an additive manufacturing process. The potential of using wood in
    an additive manufacturing process lies in the complex shapes which could be made, the savings of materials, the wood properties which could be used in a more optimal way and the ease to....................
    (2018-07-17) High precision Analog-to-Digital Conversion: Nuna Sensor System
    Vette, Marek (author)
    This thesis is part of the development of a sensor system for measuring currents in the Nuna solar car. A big problem within this system is the processing of incoming sensor data. Therefore, a solution in the form of a sensor-data-processing-unit was proposed, with its primary focus on the analog-to-digital conversion. The converter should not act as a bottleneck on the quality of the analog input. An accuracy of 62.5µV was achieved, which complies with the minimum requirements. The analog-to-d....................
    (2018-07-17) Refugees and Asylum Policies: A Debate on Lebanon's Inconsistencies
    Canto Rico, Paula Eréndira
    For several decades, Palestinian refugees have been subject to multiple instances of discrimination, particularly when seeking asylum in neighboring countries such as Lebanon who have long advocated against becoming a host nation. Notwithstanding, Lebanese authorities have been rather inconsistent with its decision as proven by the 'Syrian exception' – wherein Syrian refugees have benefitted from Lebanon and Palestine's tumultuous past, and were therefore able to contribute to the overall Leba....................
    (2018-07-17) Retranslation in Dutch Film Subtitles - An Exploration of Cultural References in 90s Films
    Jong, Elselien de
    This thesis explores retranslation in subtitling by analysing and comparing subtitles used by or created for VHS and Netflix. To establish whether Dutch subtitling conventions have changed towards a more foreignised and source-oriented approach in the course of the last twenty-five years, extralinguistic cultural references (ECRs) in the films Forrest Gump and Dazed and Confused were analysed and labelled according to translation procedure. Examining two different translations of the same film s....................
    (2018-07-17) Innovative Competition with Chinese Characteristics. The Case of 'Made in China 2025' in Relation to the German Industry
    Martin, Kuijper
    The Chinese aspiration to accumulate modern technology has great consequences for industrialised nations. In the ‘Made in China 2025’ initiative, the Middle Kingdom aims to become the leader in technological advancement before the half of the 21st century. It is essential to perceive the Chinese economic actions motivated by this development initiative, and how this influences global competition on innovation. This study consists of a qualitative approach investigating how the Chinese econom....................
    (2018-07-17) The Response of European Member States to the Migration Crisis
    Groot, Rens de
    This paper researches four possible explanations that might explain why some member states reacted stricter to the migration crisis than others. This is done by setting up three indicators which determine the level to which a member state has become stricter or more lenient with regards to migration policy. These three indicators are admission rates, family reunification, and forced returns. By using that data, the paper assesses whether right-wing populist parties, economic performance, public ....................
    (2018-07-17) Effect of language context in non-native perception of intonation: Insights from Dutch listeners' perception of Mandarin
    Shek, Eric
    Previous studies have indicated that native and non-native listeners’ attention to differences in segments and lexical tones is heightened when language context is removed. Do they also display greater sensitivity to intonational differences in the absence of language context? To examine this question, this thesis tests the ability of Dutch and Mandarin listeners to identify Mandarin questions and statements that differ only in intonation in three different levels of language context: no langu....................
    (2018-07-17) Van Rio Bravo tot The Hangover
    Wiggers, Cathrien
    Uitvoerig onderzoek naar de Bromance als genre-hybride in film. Ten eerste wordt de traditie van de term retrospectief belicht. Ten tweede wordt gekeken hoe de Bromance zich verhoudt tot reguliere, klassieke genres zoals sciencefiction, horror of comedy. Is de Bromance als afzonderlijke genre-categorie te beschouwen of heeft de Bromance altijd een samenhang met een ander genre? Om deze vraag te beantwoorden, kijkt deze scriptie eerst naar specifieke genres die met terugwerkende kracht duidelijke....................
    (2018-07-17) The Economic Affects of Infrastructure Investment in Brazil
    Verhaagen, Maria-Pia
    Since the middle of the 20th Century, Brazils economy has suffered from underinvestment in infrastructure. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the countries ports, and in particular the biggest port in the country: the Port of Santos. This thesis analyses how investment into the Port of Santos's infrastructure could improve the efficiency and productivity of the port, and consequently the Brazilian economy overall. Recommendations are made as to how this investment should be made, and from wher....................
    (2018-07-17) The Role of Regime Type and Durability in the Rise of Urban Child Witchcraft Accusations in Africa
    Church, Gabrielle
    This thesis is in accordance with the requirements for the completion of the International Relations Master Program. First, the aim of this thesis was to test the existing theory that a failed or collapsed regime is a necessary component for the presence of a change in witchcraft victimology from elderly women to urban children. This was done by analyzing the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Angola, and Ghana. The second chapter illustrates the state of the art of lite....................
    (2018-07-17) Vrouwen in Livius: Een narratieve analyse van boek I-V van Livius' Ab urbe condita
    Aalderen, Elske van
    In deze scriptie onderzoek ik welke technieken Livius inzet om zijn lezer na te laten denken over de rol van vrouwen in zijn werk. In mijn analyse ga ik in op verschillende niveaus van de tekst: inhoudelijk, narratief (en metatekstueel). Op inhoudelijk niveau bekijk ik met welke woorden Livius zijn personages definieert en welke acties hij hen uit laat voeren om zo een beeld te krijgen van het effect dat zij op het verhaal hebben. Op narratief niveau richt ik mij voornamelijk op de narratieve te....................
    (2018-07-16) On the effects of an azimuth offset in the MBC-transformation used by IPC for wind turbine fatigue load reductions
    Disario, Gianmarco (author)

    Wind energy currently is one of the most attractive solutions to help in the goal of switching to a more sustainable way of energy production. To stay competitive with other forms of energy production, the reduction of the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) is an important indicator. One way of achieving this goal is by increasing the size of the wind turbine. As a result, the increased blade length also comes with a significant increase in fatigue loads present on the wind turbine’s rotatin....................
    (2018-07-16) Towards efficient perfusion recellularization of porcine liver grafts with liver-derived organoids
    de Vries, Anne Mathilde (author)
    Currently, the only effective treatment for end-stage liver diseases is liver transplantation. However, the waiting list with patients who are in need of a new liver is long, because too few good-quality donor livers are available. New techniques in the field of tissue engineering are being investigated to create a reconstructed liver, which might offer a solution for the shortage of transplantable livers. In this study, after decellularization had been performed, the potential of recellularizat....................
    (2018-07-16) Physical Activity Recognition using Wearable Accelerometers in Controlled and Free-Living Environments
    Konsolakis, Kostas (author)
    Physical activity recognition through wearables has enabled the development of novel applications in healthcare. Most of the existing studies focus on predicting activities using wearable sensors, either in a controlled or uncontrolled environment. However, there is not a clear distinction between these two environments. Hence, this thesis aimed to answer the research question “How accurately can we classify physical activity based on wearable accelerometers placed on the wrist and chest in a ....................
    (2018-07-16) Testing of Fast Transfer Relay by an EMTP-based Approach
    Wu, Wenbin (author)
    Industries such as chemical companies need a continuous power supply and the fast transfer relay Siemens 7uv68 is designed to transfer frompresent feederwhich encounters a fault to an auxiliary feeder and minimizes the transient torque of the induction motors during transfer. The relay will be installed in a DOW power plant in South Tarragona, and it should be validated that the relay can operate well in all kinds of fault scenarios and no mis-operation would occur in such power plant.
    To pe....................
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