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    (2018-09-25) Wettability-controlled permeability of porous PDMS membranes for drug delivery in the brain
    Tio, Kimberly (author)
    Administration of drugs can help in the recovery of the brain for example after a stroke. There are many available delivery routes such as intravenous injection or local injection in the brain. Whereas, the former encounters problems with systemic side effects, the latter requires multiple invasive brain surgery. Local drug administration could be achieved with a drug delivery implant to reduce the amount of invasive procedures and to include useful features such as electrodes for monitoring neu....................
    (2018-09-25) Design of a Fully Electric Super Yacht: Research by design to find the drivers, enablers and barriers of electric yachting
    Akershoek, Rob (author)
    The aim of this thesis is to analyze if a fully electric super yacht is feasible, desirable and viable. This is done using a “research by design” approach using the current (and future) drivers, enablers and barriers to design a concept.

    First, a vision is developed using the ViP (Vision in Product design) method, in order to create a clear raison d’être (reason of being) for the concept to be successful.

    Context and Technology analysis lead to the formulation of a desig....................
    (2018-09-25) SME Credit Scoring Using Social Media Data
    Septian Gilang Permana Putra, Septian (author)
    Credit analysis is required in a wide variety of decision of a modern economy.
    It includes understanding the credit risk of small-medium enterprises (SMEs),
    which today is the most significant contributor to the economy of almost every
    nation. Creditors usually use credit scoring as a tool to predict the probability of
    the SMEs to default in the future. The existing methods of SMEs credit scoring
    still rely on traditional data, which may require high cost and have low scalabi....................
    (2018-09-25) Tractable Stochastic Model Predictive Control using Conditional Value at Risk Optimization
    Venkatasubramanian, Janani (author)
    A numerically tractable Stochastic Model Predictive Control (SMPC) strategy using Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) optimization for discrete-time linear time-invariant systems, with state and input constraints, subject to additive uncertainty, is presented. SMPC strategies make use of the probabilistic description of uncertainty to define chance constraints which allow a certain admissible level of constraint violation. SMPC strategies require the initial state of a system to be within a particu....................
    (2018-09-25) On the fall process of rock during Subsea Rock Installation: 1-D modelling of the falling process in the fallpipe
    Stoter, Mike (author)
    Scarcity of (green) energy resources drives mankind further offshore and towards deeper waters. Protection of subsea infrastructure is of eminent importance in these environments. The key parameter to have a good control over the installation of rock is the falling time. For larger water depths up to 1200 meters, the accuracy of the falling time prediction becomes more important because a small deviation can result in a large difference between prediction and reality. Offshore and Dredging Engin....................
    (2018-09-24) Gas Path Analysis on the GEnx-1B at KLM Engine Services
    van Moorselaar, Martijn (author)
    Modern gas turbines are complex and expensive machines, requiring specialised maintenance to keep them in working order. Maintenance takes places at specialised shops such as KLM Engine Services (KLM ES). Part of KLM Engineering & Maintenance (KLM E&M), KLM ES provides maintenance ser- vices to aircraft engines belonging both to KLM and to external customers. Gas Path Analysis (GPA) is a technique which can aid KLM ES in its maintenance process. As a gas turbine deteriorates over time, i....................
    (2018-09-24) Walkmen: A mobility tool that allows the visually impaired to experience a feeling of autonomy
    Koot, Laura (author)
    This thesis is the final result of the graduation project of the master programme Design for Interaction at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft (Delft, The Netherlands). The project is done for the Delft Institute of Positive Design in collaboration with Marten van Doorn from Bartimeus. When glasses or contact lenses are not sufficient enough to correct someone’s vision, visually impairment is diagnosed. The Netherlands counts 345.000 people who are visually impaired o....................
    (2018-09-24) Automatic Labeling of X-Ray Images Based on Deep Learning
    Yin, Yunchao (author)
    Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease, which influences 110 million people's health and causes 8.9 million deaths in 2015. Physicians can visualize the lesion in coronary arteries by cardiac angiography (X-ray image) during diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease. The pathological findings in cardiac angiography are reported per segment or per artery of the coronary artery tree, therefore, it requires to annotate the name of each segment or artery in the cor....................
    (2018-09-21) Local performance agreements for (social) housing policy-does it work?
    Plettenburg, Shauny (author)
    A case study in three Dutch municipalities on the effects and effectiveness of the policy instrument of local performance agreements for housing policy in the light of the revised Housing Act Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM)
    (2018-09-21) Power to the People: Towards a Suitable Restructuring Modality for Egypt's Electricity Sector Reforms
    Schütte, Ernst (author)
    Market-oriented electricity sector reforms have spread across the world in the last decades, with the aim to increase efficiency and stimulate investments. In many cases the outcomes of these reforms did not met up with expectations in terms of among others pricing, social welfare and efficiency. An often mentioned reason for these undesired outcomes is that the ‘content’ (the reform, the intervention), did not match the ‘context’ (of a country in which the reforms take place). Egypt is ....................
    (2018-09-21) Impact of Non-gravitational Forces on Magellan Orbit Determination: A Historic Mission To Venus
    Inamdar, Jayraj (author)
    A detailed modeling of non-gravitational forces is an area that has been left unexplored in the past for orbit modeling of Magellan, primarily due to imperfect knowledge about its attitude and physical properties (optical properties and drag coefficient). As a result, past orbit analyses have restricted the non-gravitational force modeling by implementing a simple cannon-ball model for Magellan. Given that the Venusian surroundings can have significant impact on the spacecraft trajectory, the ma....................
    (2018-09-21) Investigation of dense gas effects on transition to turbulence over a flat plate boundary layer
    Mandyam Chakravarthy, Akshar (author)
    Laminar-turbulent transition (LTT) is the process through which smooth laminar flow transits into chaotic turbulent flow. Investigation of the paths taken to transit into turbulence is a front-runner among other methods followed to characterise turbulent flows. This is of particular importance in aerospace and energy industries for the design of wings and gas turbines. Early research used Linear Stability Theory (LST) to analyse the stability of the flow; with the increase in computational power....................
    (2018-09-21) A synchronized phonocardiogram for shear wave elastography
    Hogenhout, Gerard (author)
    Worldwide, cardiovascular diseases (e.g. coronary heart disease and stroke) are the leading cause of death. Early detection of cardiac failure symptoms and effective treatment can help reducing health care costs and predict cardiovascular events, which may prevent loss of quality of life, or even loss of life. This early recognition of imminent heart failure is done by evaluating certain risk factors. It is the general assumption that the myocardial stiffness is correlated to diastolic disfuncti....................
    (2018-09-21) Forecast-driven facility location model for pre-positioning relief goods in preparation for strong typhoons
    Blanco, Quinn (author)
    Weather forecast agencies periodically provide information on potential typhoon behavior from its formation to dissipation. This information can be used to pre-position relief goods in areas that are potentially affected by a strong incoming typhoon. The uncertainty of the typhoon behavior with respect to a point location decreases over time, thus showing the trade-off between forecast accuracy and lead time available for pre-positioning. This thesis paper presents a iterative methodology that u....................
    (2018-09-21) Blade shape optimization of an axial turbine using the adjoint method
    Natarajan, Puja Priyadharshini (author)
    The main objective of the thesis is to analyze the potential for improving the aerodynamic efficiency of Siemens SGT5-2000E turbine section by optimizing the blade shapes. An adjoint-based shape optimization is implemented at the mid-span of the axial turbine. The optimization is performed, for the stator and the rotor individually, to reduce the entropy generation (objective function) with mass flow rate as the constraint.

    The design optimization methodology is implemented using SU2, a....................
    (2018-09-21) Trap assisted tunneling modelling for aSi contact stacks in IBC-SHJ
    Saez Armenteros, Aurora (author)
    Interdigitated back contact silicon heterojunction (IBC-SHJ) solar cells have demonstrated 26.6% world record efficiency by combining outstanding passivation of Si thin film layers with the absence of front shading contact in the crystalline silicon (c-Si) absorber bulk. Furthermore, this type of solar cell merges advantages of c-Si with Si thin film technology that allows for adjustment and tuning of bandgap and Fermi energy in deposited layers, and thus, modifying material properties that also....................
    (2018-09-21) Redefining wine retail experience for the Chinese Wine Illiterates
    Bao, Zixian (author)
    Fastest growing wine market “Chinese wine market has been growing steadily between 2008-2012, by a constant growth rate of 137%” (Wang, 2018). The importation of wine is expected to grow from 2 million cases in 2007 to 50 million cases in 2017. The potential market is estimated at between 50 million and 250 million Chinese drinkers (Hays, 2015). This headline figure points out that there is a shift in wine consumption from the traditional producer countries, namely western countries to new w....................
    (2018-09-21) Fouling Control in Ceramic Nanofiltration Membrane: Forward Flush and Precoating Method
    Fajar Muhammad Rahman, F. (author)
    The new concept of sewer mining which utilizes the ceramic nanofiltration (C-NF) membranes offers a compact solution for water and other resources recovery. However, since it has very limited pre-treatment process, membrane fouling is a common problem due to the direct contact between the membrane and sewage water. Sewage water contains a lot of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) that can block the membrane pores. One of the most persistent EPS is sodium alginate which responsible for the ....................
    (2018-09-21) Locating potential landing zones with the help of digital surface models
    Blokland, Auke (author)
    The current procedure of the 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade (11 AMB) is based on a manual non integrated and slow method that uses only outdated and only topographical data. In the procedure are all 5 aspects of a potential landing zone taken into account, the so called 5S: Slope, Shoots, Surface, Size and Security.
    This research led to an automated and fast method that uses more actual 3D data (WorldDEM) and delivers better results (validated on the Edesche Heide) than using the current method. T....................
    (2018-09-21) Fishkul'tura: Sport-Fishing and the Soviet Union's Programme of Physical Culture and Sports
    Burgt, Kelly van de
    This research maps the development of Russian sport-fishing from 1847 until it had become a highly popular leisure activity in the Soviet Union in the late 1960s. It first investigates the literary and material angling framework established by such writers as Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov (1791 - 1859), Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneev (1844 - 1898) and some of their pre-revolutionary successors such as Pavel Gavrilovich Cherkasov, Anatoliy Dimitrievich Shemansky and Feopempt Paramonovich Kunilov. The sec....................
    (2018-09-20) Pass the ball: Designing accountability into the socio-technical context of algorithmic systems
    Albeda, Laurien (author)
    Algorithms are all around us. Based on large amounts of data and through automated decision-making processes, they increasingly exercise power over us. As a way of governing this power, we should be able to hold these algorithms and those responsible for implementing them accountable. This research posed the following research question: How can algorithmic accountability be implemented by design?

    A literature review of the theory related to algorithmic accountability was executed, which....................
    (2018-09-20) Haptic assistance to mitigate damaging vertical accelerations of small fast ships in head waves
    Kok, Roy (author)
    Crew of small fast ships often experience exces- sive vertical accelerations when sailing in waves, leading to discomfort and injuries. In an attempt to avoid this, in good visibility experienced operators reduce speed voluntarily when they anticipate that the next vertical peak acceleration will be unacceptably large. However, at night and during excessive spray, the operator can hardly see the environment which makes it almost impossible to anticipate wave driven events. On top of that, this a....................
    (2018-09-20) Analysis of evacuation performance of early stage ship designs using a Markov-Decision-Process model
    Joustra, Redmer (author)
    This thesis research is conducted on behalf of the Delft University of Technology and Bureau Veritas Rotterdam BV, and the goal is to improve ship evacuation by analyzing this aspect early on in the design process. First, this summary will provide a background on the difficulties involved with the ship evacuation process . Next, an explanation is given why this thesis proposes a different model. And lastly, how this model is validated is elaborated upon.

    A ship evacuation is a highly co....................
    (2018-09-20) Design and Assessment of Random Access Procedures Supporting Massive Connectivity and Low-Delay and High-Reliability Services in 5G
    Raftopoulou, Maria (author)
    5G networks are expected to be used in many markets, one of which is the Factories of the Future (FoF). In the FoF, applications like regular monitoring and controlling of components (e.g. temperature) are introducing the need of massive deployment of sensors and actuators. Additionally, sensors which are monitoring time-critical components of the factory (e.g. pressure in power plants) should experience low delays with a high reliability. The current LTE-based technology for machine-type commun....................
    (2018-09-20) The festival food experience: Recreating the festival food experience within Museum het Prinsenhof's Mojo Backstage exhibition.
    Daalder, Mees (author)
    In the Spring of 2019, Museum het Prinsenhof Delft will present the Mojo
    Backstage exhibition, celebrating the 50th birthday of Mojo Concerts. In this
    exhibition, the visitor will learn about the developments Mojo has brought
    to the world of music, and experience what it is like to be at a festival. Over
    the years, festival food has become an increasingly important part of this
    experience. This thesis describes the process of designing an installation
    that lets the exhibi....................
    (2018-09-20) Blockchain for aircraft spare part management: Evaluating the robustness of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul business model
    Rajkov, Dusan (author)
    Due to the complexity of aircraft spare part management, the aviation supply chain and ecosystem are not deemed as transparent as desired. As a result, participants face additional cost of communication and compliancy as proprietary component data is not made immediately accessible. To solve these problems, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) providers currently consider to use Blockchain to track and trace aircraft spare parts. Guided by Business Model Stress Test, this thesis evaluates the ....................
    (2018-09-20) Joint Retrieval of Wind- and Total Surface Current Vectors from TanDEM-X Bidirectional Along-Track Interferometric Data
    Caldarella, Nina (author)
    Direct measurement of ocean surface velocity from space with a Synthetic Aperture Radar has shown to be a promising method to observe ocean surface currents. In this thesis report a method for Total Surface Current Vector (TSCV) retrieval using an experimental Bidirectional (BiDi) Along-Track Interferometric (ATI) acquisition mode with TanDEM-X is presented. Errors of retrieval results from simulated data and from real data are studied to assess the quality of the proposed method. The available ....................
    (2018-09-20) Application of Digital Image Correlation on the micro-scale of composites
    Schroyen, Dries (author)
    Digital Image Correlation is a powerful tool with which full-field strains can be extracted from a series of digital images. If applied on the micro-scale of composites, the fiber-matrix interaction can be studied. To do so, different challenges have to be overcome. First, composite specimens have to be prepared for microscopy. Then, a speckle pattern for the DIC algorithm has to be applied, for which different methods are examined and optimized. Next, digital microscopic imaging systems are com....................
    (2018-09-20) Redesign of a Hybrid Electric General Aviation Aircraft: A case study
    Koopman, Thomas (author)
    The aviation sector and its associated activities contribute to climate change, damage to the environment, community noise, and local air pollution. As a consequence it affects the health and quality of life of citizens that live close to airports, and through climate change every person on earth. To reduce the impact of air travel and thereby accelerate growth, new technologies are being investigated. One area of research looks into the opportunities of using batteries and electric motors as ad....................
    (2018-09-20) Redesign of a Tata Steel transfer chute with dust liberation problems
    Vreeburg, Wouter (author)
    Dust liberation in transfer chutes has been a persistent problem in the bulk handling industry, with an increasing demand for solutions due to the tightening of environmental regulations. An investigation into the root causes of dust liberation and a chute redesign with improvements in dust liberation potential has been performed in this research. The biggest challenges of this redesign being that the case study chute is a multimaterial, movable chute with differing flow rates and a redirection ....................
    (2018-09-20) Minds, Materialism and Mental Representation
    Hegarty, Michael
    This essay argues that naturalism about mental representations is a failure: the matrix of explanatory requirements, ontological commitments and intuitions in naturalist accounts fails to result in a self-consistent notion of representation. Mental representations are posited to explain an intentional agent’s behaviour and this explanatory role depends crucially on what the representation is about. Therefore it is necessary that representations have determinate content in virtue of which they ....................
    (2018-09-20) Practical Utilitarianism and the separateness of persons objection
    Rapeli, Sampsa
    In modern political philosophy, utilitarianism is often considered a road once tried and found wanting. A major reason for this is the eminence of John Rawls' Theory of Justice, which provides a number of arguments against it. One of them is the separateness of persons objection, which accuses utilitarianism of viewing separate persons as one, and thus considers the happiness of individuals freely aggregateable and interchangeable. This, it is thought, results in unacceptable consequences in mat....................
    (2018-09-20) Terugverwijzingen en nieuwe stappen in Griekse wiskundige bewijzen
    Jong, Cecile de
    Both δέδεικται and ἐδείχθη are used by Greek mathematical authors in their proofs to refer to something that has already been proved. In this master’s thesis, the use of the passive aorist and the middle perfect in ancient Greek mathematical texts is discussed. The modern interpretations of the verbal aspects in (literary) Greek by Rijksbaron, Sicking and Stork serve as a theoretical framework. I intend to demonstrate that mathematical Greek, despite its dense, formulaic langu....................
    (2018-09-20) The rhetoric of Athenian praise and panhellenism
    Velthuisen, Marloes
    In what way can the two seemingly different parts of Isocrates’ Panegyricus be regarded as contributing to a specific goal? This is the question that my thesis will address. On the one hand, Isocrates seems to praise Athens and desire Athenian hegemony, while on the other hand the Panegyricus also advocates panhellenism. This thesis will argue that these two seemingly different parts of the speech can be seen as coherent and do in fact contribute to one goal, by researching Isocrates’ use of....................
    (2018-09-20) Cows, Cattle and Chariotry: A case study on classification versus orthography in Ramesside writing
    Langerak, Lucia Nova Maria
    By means of the sign known as Gardiner F27, theory on classification in ancient Egyptian written language is juxtaposed with orthography in both hieroglyphic and hieratic writing. Existing theory, currently a hotly debated topic in Egyptological scholarship, is tested and modified by means of source data primarily from the Ramesside period in Egypt. In this way the thesis opens up promising new avenues for future research.
    (2018-09-20) Substitutional Quantification, Satisfaction, and Denotation
    Bezembinder, Cas
    This thesis aimed to explain the differences between the substitutional and the referential quantifier. It did so firstly by presenting an analysis of the discussion between Wallace and Kripke, secondly by analysing Tarski’s reasons for introducing satisfaction, and finally by looking at whether Kripke’s definition manages to avoid the issues that motivated Tarski. It concluded that an essential part of the recursive truth-definition given by Kripke is the assumption of a pre-given truth-de....................
    (2018-09-20) Just War To Just Peace: Jus Post Bellum For A Lasting Peace
    Rathour, Mansi; Rathour, Mansi
    As the menace of international terror grows, just war theory has been a key topic of speculation in politics, international relations as well as philosophy. While the theory has been framed by the debate between “traditionalists” and “revisionists”, recent discussions seem to have a concern over the integration of jus post bellum. As a result, there has been a neglect towards this necessary third branch of the just war theory. The objective and the desired outcome of just wars is peace. ....................
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