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    (2018-05-23) Literatuurwetenschap in de lachspiegel van de literatuur
    Kattenberg, Pablo
    Een kritisch onderzoek naar enkele invloedrijke academische publicaties over metafictie, waarin de relatie tussen metafictie en het idee van een zelfbewuste literatuur wordt onderzocht en bekritiseerd. Het onderzoek neemt, na een overweging van theoretische stellingen over metafictie van auteurs zoals Waugh en Hutcheon, Mark Currie’s notie van metafictie als een borderline discourse op. Aan de hand van deze definitie van metafictie, als een literair grensgeval tussen literatuurkritiek en ficti....................
    (2018-05-23) The Debate Around Feminism in Russia: the Case of Victoria Lomasko
    Wassing, Laura
    This thesis will look at the issue of feminism in Russia. It will answer the question of how the works of Russian artists, such as Victoria Lomasko, contribute to Russian feminism, particularly in a modern global context. This will be done in order to give a broader perspective of feminist theory, which so far is focused largely on western research and experiences. This creates an interesting point of study, as it can be seen as important for the development of feminist theory, but also to gain ....................
    (2018-05-23) Fandom in the Modern Age: The Culture and Economy of Japanese Icon Hatsune Miku
    Molenaar, J.J.E.
    Since the release of her software in 2007, Vocaloid Hatsune Miku has taken the world by storm. She first reached number one on the Japanese charts in 2010, being the first non-human to own that success. Most of Hatsune Miku’s music is created by fans, alongside music videos, illustrations and song lyrics and is shared among fans worldwide. This thesis examined how fandom works and whether there is a common notion of fandom to be found in academia. In this paper I have been trying to answer the....................
    (2018-05-22) Improving the onboarding process of Innoboost, A design approach: Mapping and communicating the working methodes & tools
    Bastiaanssen, Reinier (author)
    How does a micro SME communicate their way of working and experience to new team members?
    Every person at the company has about 20 years of experience in various companies. This does not only reflect in each person’s way of working, but also in the language and tools they use. These small differences accumulate into a range of different ways of working.
    But for the company to successfully grow, a common way of working needs to be established and communicated effectively to incoming me....................
    (2018-05-22) Matrix spans in max-plus algebra and a graph-theoretic approach to switching max-plus linear systems.
    Kalamboukis, Vangelis (author)
    The relation between graph theory and max-plus algebra has been well studied since the inception of max-plus algebra. It has been shown that any square matrix over the maxplus semiring can be represented as a weighted directed graph. Furthermore, properties of these matrices, such as irreducibility and its (unique) eigenvalue, can be determined by its graph-theoretical interpretation. However, this graph-theoretical interpretation has not yet been extended to SMPL systems.

    Switching ma....................
    (2018-05-22) Development of Silicon Oxide as Electron Selective Passivating Contact Layer in Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
    van Ekeren, Wessel (author)
    Within the photovoltaic industry, a lot of research is done in order to minimize losses which are created during the conversion of solar light to electrical energy. In a crystalline silicon solar cell light has to pass through several layers before it enters the silicon wafer where the electron-hole pairs are generated. As one can imagine, if more light reaches the active layer, more electron-hole pairs can be generated. It is highly desired that only one layer, the active layer, is absorbing ph....................
    (2018-05-22) Ongekleurd Nieuws. De representatie van etnische minderheden in het lokale Haagse nieuws.
    Schepens, Juul
    In dit onderzoek is gepoogd antwoord te krijgen op de hoofdvraag: In welke mate weerspiegelen Haagse media de demografische diversiteit in het nieuws? De representatie van etnische minderheden in het Haagse nieuws, is als volgt geoperationaliseerd: media hebben de taak om de demografische diversiteit van de maatschappij te weerspiegelen. Deze taakomschrijving houdt in dat alle sociale groepen in het nieuws worden besproken. Als sociale groepen niet of negatief in het nieuws worden besproken, dan....................
    (2018-05-19) Reducing conflicting forces with co-adaptive haptic shared control using online time-varying operator identification
    Vos, Jacco (author)
    Haptic shared control (HSC) is a method to combine the abilities of humans and machines, in which human and automation jointly exert forces on an input device. According to human-centered design, the underlying controller for HSC should closely resemble human behavior. This paper aims to continuously adapt HSC based on an online identified operator model. This approach is named coadaptive HSC. Co-adaptive HSC is hypothesized to decrease conflicts when the human adjusts his control behavior to ch....................
    (2018-05-18) Extending the velocity range of Robotic Volumetric PIV: Desing and application of a multi-Δt approach
    Saredi, Edoardo (author)
    Car industry and motorsport development nowadays strongly rely on wind tunnel testing. As the literature survey shows, in order to fully understand the characteristics of the flow around a car, large-scale and volumetric flow field measurements are required. For its features, PIV can be pointed as a useful technique for automotive wind tunnels. However, its use in an automotive wind tunnel is strongly conditioned by the industrial environment itself, which requires particular efforts for what co....................
    (2018-05-18) Active Learning for Overlay Prediction in Semi-conductor Manufacturing
    van Garderen, Karin (author)
    In the manufacturing of semi-conductor devices there is a constant demand for increasing precision and yield. Measuring and controlling overlay errors is essential in this process, but these measurements are difficult and costly. Predictive models can be used as an addition to measurements, but they required labelled data for training. To achieve maximal performance with few measurements, active learning methods are explored that apply a sampling strategy to select which wafers to measure. The p....................
    (2018-05-18) Explicit Algebraic Subgrid-Scale Stress Model for Homogeneous Turbulence
    Gnanasundaram, Arun (author)
    The whole construct of explicit algebraic Reynolds stress models, as they are known in RANS, is based on the weak equilibrium assumption. By employing this assumption, and in addition, incorporating models for terms in the Reynolds stress transport equations, the system of six partial differential equations can be simplified to an algebraic form. However, the resulting equations are non-linear in terms of the Reynolds stress anisotropy and therefore become implicit. The cause of the non-linearit....................
    (2018-05-18) Assessing different modelling concepts for estimating pluvial flooding in urban areas
    Breedijk, Jacco (author)
    Our climate is changing. In the Netherlands, higher rainfall intensities and longer periods of drought are expected in the coming years. Urban environments have to be adapted in order to maintain (or improve) the living standards that we have set for today. Models of the urban drainage system play a vital role in the identification of flood-prone areas, participation of stakeholders and the design of effective measures. This research focuses on the modelling of the urban drainage system to asses....................
    (2018-05-18) Noise correlations and template matching on neural recordings
    Veloso O Donell, Miguel (author)
    Spike sorting is the gold standard algorithm to detect and classify neural spikes in extracellular electrophysiological data. The classical spike sorting algorithm is, however, not scalable to process thousands of neurons, and not fast enough to be applied on real time. Alternatively other algorithms have been implemented that are not only scalable to thousands of neurons but also faster in the classification task. In this work we focus on one of these algorithms: the Bayes Optimal Template Matc....................
    (2018-05-18) Colloidal Allostery: Exploring the pathway to innovative separation technologies
    Saraswat, Yug (author)
    Colloidal allostery is a regulatory mechanism where specific metabolites regulate the protein activity by binding to them and changing their energy landscape. The first steps to model this system on a colloidal scale were made by studying the depletion interaction between the hydrogel posts and the rigid polystyrene particles. Using soft lithography, hydrogel posts of different rigidity
    were synthesized inside the microfluidic channel. Polystyrene particles and depletant (dextran) were added....................
    (2018-05-17) Open-Source Software-Based SRAM-PUF for Secure Data and Key Storage Using Off-The-Shelf SRAM
    Setyawan Sajim, Ade (author)
    SRAM PUF has a potential to become the main player in hardware security. Unfor- tunately, currently available solutions are usually locked to specific entities, such as companies or universities. Here, we introduce the first open source project to de- velop software-based SRAM PUF technology using off-the-shelf SRAM. We also present testing results on two off-the-shelf SRAMs quality to be a PUF compon- ent; Microchip 23LC1024 and Cypress CY62256NLL. Testing on two bit-selection algorithms (data ....................
    (2018-05-17) Reinforcement learning in Portfolio Management and its interpretation
    Weijs, L.J.R.
    Since all machine learning methods commonly in use today are viewed as black boxes, the goal of this paper is to make one of these meth- ods transparent in the context of Portfolio management. I interpret the strategies implied by reinforcement learning (RL) and relate them to the strategies implied by academic portfolio advice with the help of their classical portfolio (CP) management models. Because RL is ac- tually approximate dynamic programming (DP), it is perfectly suited for the vo....................
    (2018-05-17) Testing Observable and Latent Risk Factor Models for Systematic Credit Risk on a Large Loan Level Data Set of Residential Mortgages
    Farias Fueyo, F.J.
    This paper compares the performance of two models for probability of default of residential mortgages, namely a two-step logistic regression model with observable systematic risk factor and a mixed-measurement observation driven generalized autoregressive score (GAS) model. The data set is of residential mortgages set available by the Federal National Mortgage Association. The comparison of the models is realized in two different settings, namely a setting where the data set covers a complete ec....................
    (2018-05-17) Multivariate Pairs Trading Using Temporal Dependence Structures
    Keuzenkamp, J.J.L.
    Multivariate pairs trading is a strategy that tries to exploit inefficiencies in the relative value pricing between stocks and baskets of related assets. In this research we set up such strategies, where the baskets are identified by elastic net regularization. The elastic net rigorously combines Lasso and ridge regression resulting in compact and robust baskets. We model the spread dynamics of pairs using copula-based (semi-)parametric time series models. This type of model allows for a range o....................
    (2018-05-17) The PD-LGD Relation for US Mortgages
    Hogers, M.
    This thesis shows that while macro variables and default rates share common cycles for conventional US mortgages, a unique cycle is observed for loss given default, implying that the relation between the default rate and loss given default is weak for conventional US mortgages. The average loss given default across the US increases from 2002 until the end of the data set in 2014. Similar increases are observed across the U.S. Census Bureau’s defined regions, although the West region shows ....................
    (2018-05-17) Applying an Active Trading Strategy to Financial Bubbles - Forward Looking Risk Management
    Bik, M.A.M.
    This paper examines the performance of the The Log-Periodic Power-Law (LPPL) model and the Generalized Hurst Exponent (GHE) in forecasting a bubble’s crash date. Furthermore, it is investigated whether applying a market-timing strategy to financial bubbles results in obtaining higher returns compared to a passive trading strategy. The LPPL model and the GHE approach are fitted to historical price time series of several indexes. Based on the information gathered from this calibration, an active....................
    (2018-05-17) Street vendors in an urban jungle: notions of development in modernising Thailand
    Husen, Sean Edward
    In light of development plans by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration recently threatening to evict street vendors, this thesis takes a historical perspective onto notions of development in Thailand from 1945 to 1997. The research question of this thesis is as follows: to what extent are changing public spaces in Bangkok representative of the dynamics of economic development and urbanisation in Thailand? Through the use of theories of development – development economics and the modernisatio....................
    (2018-05-17) The representation of Muslims in popular Bollywood cinema
    van Beusekom, Iris Alida Maria
    Muslims form the largest minority in India, making up for approximately 13% of the total population of India. However, Muslims are also victim to the stereotypes which the Bollywood film industry reproduces. Cinema is a form of mass media, which can play a large role in the formation of someone’s opinion. With the increase of electronic mass media, and the availability of internet worldwide, the influence of cinema is greater than ever. Cinema has proven to be one of the most influential instr....................
    (2018-05-17) Democratic Confederalism; A Kurdish Solution for Liberation after Decades of Struggle?
    Cleyndert, Emilie
    “Although, according to the founders of the Republic of Turkey, a Turkish ethnic nationalist ideology had to become the fabric of society, the irony is that this ideology is at the same time the main source of political conflict and violence” (Jongerden 2001, 81). The establishment of the Turkish Republic under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal, consolidating Turkish Nationalism as State Ideology, was the beginning of a history full of paradoxes and contradictions. Especially the Turkish centr....................
    (2018-05-17) Synthesis of a Force Generator using Two-Fold Tape Loops
    de Jong, Martijn (author)
    Normal linear springs have spring characteristics that are often too simplistic for complex applications. For instance in balancing applications, constant force or negative stiffness mechanisms are required. A tape loop, which consists of a two-fold tape spring, is a compliant shell mechanism which can act as a force generator with theoretically any force-displacement behavior by adjusting the tape spring’s cross-section.

    In this thesis, a synthesis method is developed to determine th....................
    (2018-05-16) The effects of different cure cycles on the mechanical performance of thick-walled composites
    Alleman, Guyonne (author)
    A composite wind turbine blade is partially thick-walled to comply with high strength criteria. When the manufacturer’s recommended cure cycle (MRCC), which is designed for thin-walled components, is used for thick-walled components it can lead to high levels of residual stress. This experimental research investigates different cure cycles for thick-walled glass-fibre epoxy composites made by vacuum infusion with the objective of minimising residual stresses and cycle time. It is found that a ....................
    (2018-05-16) Frequency analysis of reset systems containing a Clegg integrator: An introduction to higher order sinusoidal input describing functions
    Heinen, Kars (author)
    PID is the most popular controller in the industry. PID controllers are linear, and thus have fundamental limitations, such that certain performance criteria cannot be achieved. To overcome these limitations, nonlinear reset control can be used. Reset control can achieve less overshoot and a faster response time than linear controllers. However, the resetting mechanism has a jump function which causes jumps in the control input, which can result in limit cycles.

    Linear filters and contr....................
    (2018-05-16) Performance Estimation of a Processor Module in the Real-Time Motion Control Platform of an ASML Lithostepper
    Voskes, Jurriaan (author)
    At the core of state of the art microelectronic industry's drive for better technology, lies the continuing advancement in the development of Integrated Circuits using highly complex lithography machines, known as lithosteppers, which embed complex mechanical sub-systems performing intricate motions.
    These systems are controlled by means of custom real-time computing platforms containing off-the-shelf and specialized hardware components, and are optimized to keep pace with the continuing gr....................
    (2018-05-16) Voices of Buenos Aires - Lunfardo and Tango; a Dramatic Expression of the Arrabales
    Lammertse, Laura
    Famous tango dancer Carlos Gavito once said, “If you dance your life, you dance better”. This quote beautifully reflects the main motive in of this thesis, namely the existence and development of the tango. The Argentine tango can be considered to be Argentina’s addition to the world’s experiences of dance. Over the past few decades, the tango transformed from a indecent form of dance straight out of the brothels with men and women rubbing their bodies together to a classy and elegant d....................
    (2018-05-16) “Democratization, Colonial Legacy, and the Complex Nature of Ethnicity in Contemporary Myanmar”
    Veerkamp, Yora
    In light of the democratization process in Myanmar, new prospects for ending the ongoing ethnic tensions have emerged. However, there remain cases of ethnic outbursts and minority oppression in contemporary Myanmar.This thesis will examine to what extent the current situation regarding minority oppression and ongoing ethnic conflict reflects its complex political climate of authoritarian rule and the new political transition, democratization. British colonial rule left the modern nation faced wi....................
    (2018-05-16) Oplossingen voor Dreshers hoger lager spel voor N <= 980
    Stassen, Misha (author)
    Melvin Dresher beschouwde in zijn boek uit 1961 over speltheorie een getallenraadspel over N getallen. Hij liet zien hoe de optimale strategieën van beide spelers kon worden gevonden met behulp van lineair programmeren. Later toonde Selmer Johnson oplossingen voor N<=11 en merkte op dat de berekeningen steeds complexer werden bij toenemende N. Deze thesis beschrijft technieken om het spel op te lossen voor N<=980. Het algoritme van Dresher vormt nog steeds de basis, maar er zijn enkele aa....................
    (2018-05-15) Weather Condition Estimation in Automated Vehicles
    Wymenga, Jan (author)
    This work presents a multi-sensor approach for weather condition estimation in automated vehicles. Using combined data from weather sensors (barometer, hygrometer, etc) and an in-vehicle camera, a machine learning and computer vision framework is employed to estimate the current weather condition in realtime and in-vehicle. The use of different sensor types is shown to improve robustness and reduce noise. The resulting modular framework allows it to be used with different sensor configurations, ....................
    (2018-05-15) Experimental characterization of chemical and physical performance of epoxy modified bitumen
    Pipintakos, Georgios (author)
    The increasing traffic load has led to the use of polymer modifiers in bituminous mixes in order to improve the performance and the durability of the pavement structures. Epoxy is a thermoset material which ensures enhanced fatigue performance and improved mechanical characteristics when used to modify bituminous materials. However, unlike conventional modification techniques, a series of experimental methods have to be conducted to evaluate the chemical- related phenomena occurring during the b....................
    (2018-05-15) Sanders's Horse Race: How the Media Explained Bernie Sanders's Loss in the 2016 Democratic Primaries
    Berkelaar, Maarten
    This thesis analyzes how The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal explained the loss of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries. This thesis argues that conservative and liberal media focus on different explanations for Sanders’s loss and that through the style of media reporting several important factors in the Bernie Sanders’s primary defeat, such as the influence of the invisible primary, were not sufficiently explored. Through the media’s “horse rac....................
    (2018-05-14) Designing a tool to stimulate reflexivity of fundamental scientists using a novel co-design approach
    van der Horst, Sophie (author)
    Following the perspective of the European Horizon 2020 project ‘NUCLEUS’, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) should be brought to life in universities and scientific institutions. This study acts as one of the mobile nuclei of the NUCLEUS project, with the goal to operationalize RRI instead of building theories. The aim of this research is to stimulate reflexivity, one of the dimensions of RRI, amongst scientists in fundamental research within the TU Delft, using a simple tool or meth....................
    (2018-05-14) Intermodal Transport: Routing Vehicles and Scheduling Containers
    Kalicharan, Kishan (author)
    In intermodal transport multiple types of vehicles are used to transport containers. If the routes of the vehicles are known, then the container allocation can be optimized. This problem can be modelled as an integral multi-commodity min cost flow problem on a time-space graph. This model has an arc-based and path-based form. In this thesis, the path-based form is derived from the arc-based form. Some of the methods that can be used to solve this model are column generation, Lagrangian relaxatio....................
    (2018-05-14) Inland ports and information exchange: useful concepts to improve container transhipment terminals?
    Minderhoud, Melle (author)
    A large increase in containerized maritime transport, bigger ships and bigger call sizes cause the need for container transhipment terminals to increase the volume they can handle without increasing their handling costs and handling time at the terminal. This research aims at deepening the understanding of how this goal can be achieved through integration of an inland port and improving information exchange in the container transport chain.

    Improving the accuracy of the estimated time ....................
    (2018-05-14) Preserving Ecologically Beneficial Texts: Towards an Applied Approach to Ecotranslation
    Klaver, Rosanne
    This thesis explores whether ecological considerations are capable of influencing translation choices and thus form a valid area of special attention for translators in their translation practice. The existing scholarly literature that has investigated the relationship between translation and ecology has either defined ecology rather narrowly (Hu; Scott) or conceived of a translation ecology that remains theoretical and passive, in spite of the urgency and the severity of the ecological predicam....................
    (2018-05-14) Enabling Big Data Analytics For MATLAB Programs Using High Performance Compute Methods
    Lu, Yun (author)
    In this work, a possible solution to allow for scalable MATLAB deployment on big data clusters through Spark without using the official MATLAB toolbox is introduced. Other possible solutions that can be used for accelerating existing MATLAB code including calling modules written by Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Python Pool with multiprocessors are also investigated in this thesis. Among these approaches, Spark solution is achieved by accessing to PySpark through Python. Instead of using dis....................
    (2018-05-14) The Philosophy of Form: A Genre Study of Svetlana Alexievich’s Second-hand Time and its Implications for History, Literature and Time
    Roeters, Sjors
    For Svetlana Alexievich, both conventional history writing and art have proven inadequate to capture, or approximate to capture, reality. She turns to the voices of the ordinary people, writing a work founded on oral stories. In some sense, with Second-hand Time Alexievich also seems to take the storytelling tradition up again, albeit in a different, more reflective manner now, to agitate against the rise of coherent textual narratives representing reality with a sense of closure. Through the wa....................
    (2018-05-14) Het strategisch manoeuvreren in gezondheidsbrochures
    Mulder, Evelien
    In deze masterscriptie staat een vergelijkend onderzoek naar het strategisch manoeuvreren in Britse en Nederlandse adviserende gezondheidsbrochures centraal. De basis voor dit onderzoek is gelegd in het onderzoek van Van Poppel (2013). Van Poppel (2013) betoogt waarom schrijvers van gezondheidsbrochures pragmatische argumenten zullen moeten gebruiken en hoe de verschillende typen van pragmatische argumentatie bijdragen aan de overtuigingskracht. Aan de hand van een casestudy heeft Van Poppel de ....................
    (2018-05-14) Newsgames: Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de mogelijke positieve effecten van spel op het begrip en de ervaring van nieuwsproducties
    Lange, Thomas de
    In het kader van vernieuwende vormen van online journalistiek bekijken we in dit onderzoek het verschijnsel 'newsgames'. Centraal staat de vraag of deze vorm van journalistiek positieve effecten kan hebben op het leerproces en de ervaring van de nieuwsconsument. We beredeneren dat newsgames interactieve multimediale producties zijn. Uit diverse onderzoeken komt naar voren dat multimediale verhalen, verhalen waar meerdere mediatypen gecombineerd worden, zoals tekst en beeld, positieve effecten ku....................
    (2018-05-14) Is God Great? Christopher Hitchens and the New Atheism debate
    Algera, Tayra
    According to religious trends, involvement of Americans with (organized) religion is declining: Americans are slowly moving away from religion. This development can predominantly be ascribed to the younger generations who no longer adhere to the strong religious American values of their parents and grandparents. Research has shown that a drop in religiously affiliated Americans correlates with a rise in atheism.As a result, the rise of New Atheism in the years between 2006 and 2010 is an intrigu....................
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