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    (2017-06-19) Changing State-Market Relations and Development
    Wouwer, Rafael Van de
    In this thesis the objective is to understand why state-market relations change overtime and the main research question is: “How do changing state-market-relations influence the performance of the Brazilian energy sector and what has been the impact of the different roles of the state on (national) growth and development since the First Republic until the Dilma Administration (1889-2016)?” The objective is to study which model leads to the development of an energy sector that can be used to ....................
    (2017-06-19) Ex Oriente Lux: een studie naar de “wijze” in het boek Zhuangzi
    Koster, Hein
    Although the general image of the classical Chinese book the Zhuangzi is that it is unique because of its unpolitical character, this research tries to find out whether this is true by examning the political character of the most important figure in the Zhuangzi: the sage. The sage embodies the entire philosophy of the Zhuangzi, and although he can not be said to be a political charachter, his man characteristics can definitely be used for political purposes. A good example of this usage is the ....................
    (2017-06-19) The Cut-up Literature of William S. Burroughs; Barbarians and the Future
    Damen, Joost
    The focus of this thesis is on a mysterious group of beings encountered in William S. Burroughs’ (1914-1997) literary works: the Wild Boys. These Wild Boys are a personification of many of the central themes of Burroughs’ works, such as homosexuality, masculinity and violence, but also revolution, anarchism and utopianism. As embodiments of all the above themes, the Wild Boys offer much that is of interest in the present day political sphere because they exist as (and express) a reaction to ....................
    (2017-06-19) The First World War and the positive influence on Sino-German relations
    Sybesma, Sietze
    What was the role of the first world war on Sino-German cooperation? Before the war their relations were unequal, and after the first world war, were China participated at the side of the allies, their relations and economic ties became stronger than the pre-war situation. What was the role of the war in this sudden change of stances?
    (2017-06-19) “You Cannot Hide Me Away”: Stigmatization, Discrimination, and Varying Experiences of People with Albinism in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Solli, Tilla
    This thesis utilizes a comparative perspective in analyzing the perceived differences between how people with albinism (PWA) are treated in Benin, Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, by examining the variables of ethno-religious composition and socio-economic conditions in the countries. This research has shown that although the differences might be small, they are of crucial importance in how a PWA is perceived in these countries ....................
    (2017-06-19) The Effect of Populist Radical Right Parties in the Netherlands on the VVD and PvdA
    Rijn, Nick van
    This paper seeks to add to the debate on how the views on the issues of integration and immigration have evolved in The Netherlands. Rather than focussing on one party in relation to a PRRP, this paper seeks to analyse the dynamics between a left-wing and a right-wing party (resp. PvdA and VVD), in order to show how this dynamic has influenced both parties’ programmes. Its objective is to show that the political and historical context between the above parties has been such a factor that it mi....................
    (2017-06-19) Chasing the American Dream: African Americans’ perceptions of opportunity in light of Obama’s presidency
    Otto, Juliette Adelheid
    The election of Obama, the first black president of the United States, marked a significant break with the past. Scholars have studied the rise in optimism for racial progress in light of the symbolic significance of this historic event. However, the literature fails to address the relationship between Obama’s actions and policies and African Americans’ perceptions of opportunity to achieve the American Dream. This thesis finds that Obama generally took a one-size-fits-all approach, targetin....................
    (2017-06-19) The Israel Defense Forces as a Social Agent: The Effects of Militarized Socialization on Public Discourse in Israel
    Dresia, Jip
    Besides strong physical presence in Israeli society, the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) symbolic presence in society is even more pervasive through constant transmission of its prominent values, embodied by the concept of strategic culture. This paper analyses the process of cultural transmission, performed by the IDF, within the framework of militarized socialization. Arguably, the process of militarized socialization underwent a shift from the use of military education as the main vehicle for so....................
    (2017-06-19) Ujamaa Linguistics and the Kiswahili Regime
    Wolters, Waldemar
    Diving into the history of the character and spread of Kiswahili, I examine how power structures in society have influenced the character and spread of Kiswahili in Tanzania. I focus on the early independence period because Kiswahili was nationalised during this period and because the manner in which this was done and legitimised remains underresearched. Using the Gramscian concept hegemony as the success of the ruling class to construct a worldview that is accepted throughout society which nat....................
    (2017-06-16) Saparmurat Niyazov - Turkemnistan's sultanistic ruler
    Berndt, Valentina
    This paper argues in favor of characterizing Saparmurat Niyazov's rule as sultanistic. The paper does this on the claim that authoritarian regimes are defined in broad terms and hence there is a clear theoretical gap that needs to be filled with alternative theories that make detailed analysis of regimes possible. Therefore sultanism was selected as an under researched political theory, that has a strong relationship with Niyazov's rule. The thesis examines the definition of sultanism in contras....................
    (2017-06-16) The 21st Space Marathon: A Team Effort
    Verzier, Sabine
    Space activity started as a national ambition during the Cold War and has progressively evolved into an international framework in which states can cooperate. Yet, this cooperation contained flaws from earlier on and the current framework dominated by the United States of America (USA) through NASA, bars any attempt of cooperation with China and their national space agency; CNSA. This thesis intends to look at the context in which cooperation emerged in the context of space activity and understa....................
    (2017-06-16) Radicals, Conservatives, and the Salem Witchcraft Crisis: Exploiting the Fragile Communities of Colonial New England
    Griffiths, Megan Rose
    The political, social and ecclesiastical anxiety and fragility of colonial New England was manipulated by two opposing groups‒the Radicals and the Conservatives‒both of whom helped cause, and exploited, the 1692 witchcraft crisis in Salem, Massachusetts. I identify the “Radicals” as a group of mostly young, female and poor individuals both instigating and reveling in the breakdown of an oppressive community. They were experimenting with a world turned upside-down, a grand social experime....................
    (2017-06-16) Iraq's Path to Religious Success: The Case of Muqtada al-Sadr and Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani
    Char, Jasmin
    Shia clerics and movements in Iraq tend to use four main instruments in acquiring legitimacy from the Shia population. These are the provision of security, the provision of basic needs, the establishment of religious networks, and the establishment of legal networks. By focusing on the two dominant current Shia Iraqi leaders Muqtada al-Sadr and Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani from 2003 to 2008, it becomes clear how they have been using those instruments successfully. The main reason for their success c....................
    (2017-06-15) Collective motion of a finite sized flock: I know why the caged bird flocks
    Talman, Leandros
    The Vicsek model offers a phenomonologically rich set of behaviours while maintaining simple rules of interaction. By introducing a convex hull as a means of providing cohesion within the system, we have been able to probe the behaviour of this model as it is moved off of the usual periodic boundary conditions, to the infinite plane. We present the findings of 4 different schemes that introduce this cohesive effect by way of deflecting Boids on the convex hull back into the bulk. In one such sch....................
    (2017-06-15) Evolution of Thin, Polycrystalline Metal Films upon FEL Exposure
    Vollema, Victor
    Changes in thin film morphology and their underlying processes can prove important for the performance of future extreme ultraviolet (EUV) optics. A ruthenium coated diffraction grating was inspected using atomic force microscopy (AFM) prior to and after exposure to high intensity EUV light under a grazing incident angle, in order to determine whether such change occurs due to EUV irradiation. AFM images show signs of structural change, most noticeable at the bottom of the grating, possibly caus....................
    (2017-06-15) American Limits to Multilateral Trade Liberalization
    Meer, Bart van der
    Since the ratification of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the United States has moved towards a policy of trade liberalization that endeavors to retain its leading position in the global economy. Partly due to the self-interest of the United States, the Doha Round has failed. This essay elaborates on the foreign trade relations of the United States and discusses the chronology, objectives and failure of the Doha Round. Three arguments are presented for why the United States' trade li....................
    (2017-06-15) Sociale Bijstand voor de Beeldend Kunstenaar?
    van der veen, Olga
    Premaster kunstgeschiedenis scriptie. Een onderzoek naar de invoering en afschaffing van sociale bijstand voor de beeldend kunstenaar met de Beeldend Kunstenaars Regeling, bekeken uit overheids- en kunstenaarsperspectief.
    (2017-06-15) The effect of the UPP on citizen security in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro
    Bitter, Petra
    This study involves the idea of citizen security to the community policing projects in Rio de Janeiro called the UPP. In the discussion of security a Western lens is used in most studies, whereas in the case of Latin America there is not a sense of public security, but rather citizen security. This study tries to examine how citizen security has been effected through the UPP projects. This is done through the theories of citizenship, police-citizenship relationships, and community policing.
    (2017-06-14) Seriously Concerned? Brazilian Deputies on Inequality and Tax Reform
    Burattini, Beatriz
    The reputation of politicians and their parties has not been spared by Brazil’s ever deepening political crisis, as a variety of corruption scandals have delegitimised a large part of the country’s political establishment (Watts; Addley). Considering the dimensions of these scandals (Associated Press in Brasilia), citizens may wonder whether the men and women they elected feel obliged to serve their society. Putting scandals aside, the prevalence of income and wealth inequality in the countr....................
    (2017-06-13) Housing as a Fictitious Commodity?: A Historical Insight into Comparisons of Housing in Hong Kong and Singapore
    Brown, Timothy Alexander
    The recent years have seen a rise in the interest and media coverage concerning the housing markets in Hong Kong and Singapore. Both cities are routinely ranked as some of the most expensive property markets internationally, and have thus been the subject of significant comparison. This is often done on the basis of the two cities sharing commonalities in history and the situations of their housing markets, but in doing so, these comparisons negate the influences that the political environments ....................
    (2017-06-13) From the West to the South – from Donor to NGO? An analysis of a donor–NGO relationship, evidence from Tanzania
    Motovska, Nina
    The Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities adopted by the UN in 2006 represents the first ever internationally agreed upon instrument in the field of universal human rights of people with disabilities. Since the Convention came into force, the number of funding directed towards disabled peoples organization grew significantly. With increase in number of NGOs, including disabled people’s organisation, more and more researchers began to be interested in studying the nature of relat....................
    (2017-06-13) Nestor Kirchner’s Human Rights Discourse: Anchoring Human Rights Violations in the Past
    Hurtevent, Juliana
    Because Kirchner was elected in a time of political disenchantment, it was necessary for him to show his worth and respond to the population’s demands. The realm of human rights violations was a grand opportunity to revive political interest and gain legitimacy in Argentina. In such a context, Kirchner’s democratic “Republica” should have been exemplary in the respect of human rights, or so was thought. Several articles and CELS reports have shown that human rights violations still occur....................
    (2017-06-13) Development Through Trade: A Win-Win Situation?
    Stuurman, Linda M
    In 2005, the WTO Aid for Trade initiative was launched, with the aim of intensifying the involvement of developing countries in global trade to stimulate development. Various aspects of the program have been praised and criticized. However, the activities of multinational companies in the context of Aid for Trade seem to have been neglected. Western companies have been supported by Western governments to conduct business in Africa, as a result of Aid for Trade. As such, Corporate Social Responsi....................
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