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    (2017-12-13) On the maintenance of the adjacent coast by sediment transported from recurring beach nourishments: A case study for the Holland coast
    Simonse, Jesse (author)
    Since 1990, the Dutch coastline is maintained within the ‘Dynamic Preservation’ program, according to which the coastline is maintained seawards from a reference line, mainly by applying nourishments. Research into the maintenance of the Dutch coast is continuous and causes the content of the coastline preservation program to change constantly since the initiation in 1990. In recent years, the switch was made from yearly nourishment programs to the use of multiannual nourishment programs, in....................
    (2017-12-13) Haptic Assistance is a Promising Method to Support Operators of a Hunting Simulator for Training Lions
    Kremer, Jeroen (author)
    At the Lion Foundation a hunting simulator is used to stimulate the hunting instincts and skills of lions and tigers, in order to improve their health and increase chances of relocation into the wild. The hunting simulator is an animal enclosure wherein a piece of meat, used as prey, is moved by means of a joystick-controlled cable-driven system. The animal caretakers find it difficult to operate the hunting simulator effectively: the position of the prey relative to the hunting cat and enclosur....................
    (2017-12-13) Surface heave by steam injection and subsidence by aquifer production- a 2D modeling study with Plaxis
    Al-Badri, Hoessein (author)
    Steam injection is an EOR method, which is mostly used for heavy oil production. This viable method is based on increasing the pore pressure in the reservoir and reducing the viscosity of the heavy oil. In particular cases, the increase in pore pressure and thermal expansion related to the steam injection leads to surface deformation – heave. The results show that the level of heave increases when the reservoir thickness is larger. For a 100 m thick reservoir, with a pressure increase of 5 MPa....................
    (2017-12-13) Gedragsproblemen bij kinderen en ouderlijke stress
    Roosenbrand, Mariette
    Een kind opvoeden met gedragsproblemen kan voor ouders een hele opgave zijn. Er zijn verschillende type gedragsproblemen zoals onder andere autisme kenmerken, internaliserend en externaliserend probleemgedrag. Volgens ‘the proposed model’ van Abidin kan het beeld dat ouders van zichzelf hebben als opvoeder beïnvloed worden door verschillende factoren waaronder kindfactoren zoals gedragsproblemen. Als de ouder een negatief beeld van zichzelf vormt naar aanleiding van die verschillende factor....................
    (2017-12-12) Submerged Ramjet Intake Modeling
    van Wijk, Erwin (author)
    To evaluate the performance of proposed submerged intakes in an early design phase, a performance analysis model able to evaluate a range of intake geometries is required. This document details how such a model was developed with the use of available sub-models for specific flow features. A formulation of the method of characteristics suitable for rotational  flow was used to compute the parts of the flow field not affected by viscous effects. Boundary layers, both laminar and turbulent, were ....................
    (2017-12-12) Impact of "Lost C2 Link" on Key ATM Performance Indicators in a Mixed RPAS - Manned Aircraft Operational Environment
    Ion, Andrei (author)
    Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are becoming more and more popular with an increasing number of companies using them in the fields of precision agriculture, emergency delivery of medical aid and preventive maintenance. Trials are being made to extend their use to public safety, monitoring traffic, providing internet and even air taxi services. These RPAS operations are currently handled on a case-by-case basis and operated in segregated airspace by creating temporary restricted areas fo....................
    (2017-12-12) Tropical Cyclone Statistical Wind Estimation: In Regions with Rare Cyclone Occurrence
    Hoek, Jasper (author)
    Tropical Cyclones (TCs) are in many regions responsible for severe damages and a great number of casualties, resulting from the severe wind speeds, rainfall, wave heights and storm surges. The recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma are examples of the great devastation that can be caused by a single event, and of the insufficient level of preparedness that is currently present to withstand the adverse effects of such an event. Even in the U.S., which suffers relatively frequently from TCs, and has an....................
    (2017-12-12) Numerical simulations of core-annular flow through a horizontal pipe
    Konings, Swen (author)
    Core-annular flow is an efficient flow regime for the transportation of viscous oils. The viscous oil in the core is surrounded and lubricated with an annulus of water. Water has a low viscosity and therefore reduces the pressure drop. Numerical simulations are performed for horizontal core-annular flow by using the Volume of fluid (VOF) method to solve the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS) in OpenFOAM. Periodic boundary conditions are used for a small pipe section. With periodic ....................
    (2017-12-12) Model predictive control approaches for urban traffic networks: A comparison between optimization algorithms.
    de Vette, Martin (author)
    In this thesis, the effect of traffic light control on urban networks is investigated, with the main focus on the optimization algorithms used to solve the optimization problems resulting from a model predictive control approach. This will be done by using a macroscopic traffic flow model (the S-Model) to simulate the real-time traffic flows inside a network. A microscopic emission model (the VT-micro emission model) is further added to also include impact of the vehicle behaviour (accelerating,....................
    (2017-12-12) Monitoring of Fatigue Damage for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations: Investigating Operational Strain Estimation Techniques
    Norbruis, Joris (author)
    A global focus on the shift to renewable energy has introduced international targets for sustainable energy production, which have strongly increased the interest in offshore wind turbines (OWT’s). In order to make offshore wind energy even more competitive, the levelised cost of energy for this industry has to be brought down. One of the OWT aspects that can still be developed further, with respect to the cost, is the foundation. As these structures usually have a design lifetime of 25 years ....................
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