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    (2017-08-15) China's Island Building in the South China Sea: A Neorealist Approach to Chinese Interests in the South China Sea Disputes
    Redelijkheid, Justin
    This thesis examines the recent Chinese actions in the South China Sea disputes. Is China carrying out a neorealist approach regarding its interests in the South China Sea while ignoring international laws and norms? Examining the current international laws, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, shows that China has little interest in observing them. If power or security is what the PRC is interested in, the actions taken should be able to demonstrate that, which is what this pape....................
    (2017-08-15) Navigating troubled waters: An assessment of the possibility of effective EU mediation in the South China Sea dispute
    Kortman, Frans-Jan
    In a changing world where the global strategic hegemony of the United States can no longer be taken for granted, could the EU rise to the occasion as a non-traditional world power and effectively influence security situations in its periphery? Using the South China Sea situation as an example, I will argue that first, the EU needs to mend internal divisions and construct a detailed foreign policy, supported by all its Member States.
    (2017-08-15) States: a solution to conflict or a product of it? A critical analysis of how statebuilders represent violent conflict
    Simpson, Benjamin
    Since the end of the Cold War, international statebuilding – creating and strengthening government institutions – has been regularly promoted by international organisations and western states in order to end, resolve and prevent violent civil conflict in non-western countries. This thesis critically reflects on how statebuilding policymakers understand and represent the problem of violent civil conflict which they seek to tackle. It offers an original exploration of statebuilders’ narrativ....................
    (2017-08-15) The Chaplygin Gas and Modelling Dark Matter Haloes
    Beer, Thomas de
    Dark matter and dark energy are among the top unsolved mysteries within today’s physics and astronomy. These unknown phenomena are each supposed to explain a set of otherwise very puzzling observations. However, instead of introducing two unknown new forms of matter, one could equally try to unify their concepts into one. This is exactly what Unified Dark Matter models try to do. For this approach to work such models need to behave as dark matter on relatively small scales (to account for stru....................
    (2017-08-15) De kunstopvatting van Mir Iskoesstva
    Epema, Seijo
    The thesis explores the ideas about art of Diaghilev and the Mir Iskoesstva (World of Art) movement as proclaimed in their journal, issued from 1899-1904. Within this context the thesis explores whether the movement's ideas on art centre on the 'art for art's sake' principle or whether it sees a role for art in society.
    (2017-08-15) Beschaafde barbaren. Een postkoloniale representatieanalyse van de reisverhalen Een Barbaar in China en In Afrika van Adriaan van Dis
    Westerbeek, Elfrieda
    Twee reisverhalen van Adriaan van Dis, Een barbaar in China (1987) en In Afrika (1991), worden geanalyseerd met de postkoloniale representatieanalyse. Er wordt onderzocht of topoi uit theorie over koloniale reisverhalen in de moderne werken van Van Dis voorkomen wanneer hij ‘de ander’ en de omgeving representeert. Met de onderzoeksresultaten kan een breder patroon van het representeren van ‘de ander’ en de omgeving van het vreemde land aangetoond worden, in moderne reisverhalen en ongeac....................
    Rajendran, Anu Radha
    With the threat of terrorism in its latest and potent incarnation as Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) still on the ascendancy, the global war on terror has entered a new era, and its efficacy is in question. More than 15 years have passed since the 9/11 terror attacks, and yet success in suppressing terrorist activities and insurgencies still remains unclear. Successful counter-terrorism strategies in the wake of ISIS seem to require nations addressing extremism as the ideological motivati....................
    (2017-08-15) Testing the World-systems theory: Can it still explain global order or is it outdated?
    Meer, Angela van der
    This thesis researches if Wallerstein's world-systems theory is still able to explain today's global order, or if it is outdated. In other words, does the world-systems theory still apply to today's world, or does it need restructuring? Do we even need an entirely new framework to explain global order? In order to answer this question and in order to test the theory, the thesis is based on the specific case study of U.S. - Brazil trade relations between 2001 and 2014.
    (2017-08-15) Vrijheid, gelijkheid en zusterschap
    Ginkel, Stella van
    A comparison between the feminist movements of the French Revolution and the French Revolution of 1848, focused on the ideological and historical context that shaped both movements and on the actions taken by the feminists of both revolutions.
    (2017-08-15) The Taipei Tianhou-gong and the Shikoku Henro: A Place-based Approach
    Prooi, Dennis
    This thesis makes use of the place-based approach to pilgrimage to investigate the past and present role of the Taipei Tianhou-gong (a temple in the Ximen district of Taipei) as a crossroads of pilgrimage. Past approaches to pilgrimage have either been blind to the particularities of pilgrimage across cultures, or placed too much stress on the contested character of pilgrimage sites. My primary aim is to show how the two discourses that informed the Taipei Tianhou-gong in turn in the past, at pr....................
    Poelen, Lisa
    This thesis will explain what the motives for the 1969 and 2015 occupations of the Maagdenhuis were. The Maagdenhuis building is part of the University of Amsterdam and is located in the city centre of Amsterdam. To be able to understand relevant background details of the different eras in time firstly it will be investigated how the social circumstances were in 1969 and in 2015. How was life in these two different times? A comparison will be drawn after investigating multiple societal factors; ....................
    (2017-08-15) Designing and characterizing a hardware and software acquisition system for low field MRI
    Hockx, Jelle
    A low field MRI software and hardware acquisition system has been designed and characterized. The transmit-receive is not custom built. Instead, a low cost, commercially available Software Defined Radio (SDR) capable of transmission and reception of RF signals was used. An application for the SDR was built using the opensource program GNURadio. The custom built, relevant hardware was a Transmit-Receive switch, a RF probe, and a Halbach array of permanent magnets. The result is a system that can ....................
    (2017-08-15) De Bokseropstand: het dagboek van luitenant Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb (1900-1901)
    Tangenberg, Roosmarijn
    Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb (1876-1956) was een vooraanstaand Duits beroepsmilitair in het Duitse Keizerrijk, de Weimarrepubliek en Nazi-Duitsland. Aan het einde van een lange carrière werd hij in 1940 door Hitler benoemd in de hoogste militaire rang, die van generaal veldmaarschalk. Aan het begin van zijn carrière nam hij deel aan het Oost-Aziatische Expeditiekorps dat in 1900 naar China werd gestuurd om daar de Bokseropstand neer te slaan. Tijdens die expeditie hield hij een dagboek bij en liet....................
    (2017-08-15) The illicit drug trade on the dark net: Analysing the need for a new EU Framework
    Hassan, Yasmine
    The tools and means of the illicit drug trade change over time due to technological innovation. Consequently, the trade in illicit drugs nowadays also occurs on the dark net – that part of the internet that is intentionally hidden and requires specific privacy enhancing software to gain access. As a result, governments and law enforcement agencies are faced with a new phenomenon. Several scholars and EU reports have called for a new approach. With this thesis, the application of the current Eu....................
    (2017-08-15) Sponsor van terrorisme: de rol van Iran in de relatie tussen Israël en Hezbollah
    Nawijn, Serra
    Het is geen recent fenomeen dat Iran beschuldigd wordt als zijnde de grootste sponsor van wereldwijd terrorisme. Met name haar steun aan de Libanese organisatie Hezbollah ligt vaak onder vuur. De doelen van Iran en Hezbollah vallen op een cruciaal punt samen: het verzet tegen Israël. Ondanks dat Iran zich meerdere malen publiekelijk uitsprak tegen het bestaan van Israël, kwam het echter nooit tot een militair conflict. Maar kunnen we stellen dat Iran, door Hezbollah te steunen, wel degelijk in....................
    (2017-08-15) A contemporary history of Islam within the EU: a case study of France and Islamic veils
    Richards, Hannah
    This paper engages in the debate on the banning of the burkini in coastal resorts in France in 2016. It uses this case study to assess whether there has been a change in attitudes towards Muslim women in the country. The findings suggest that whilst perceptions remain similar there is now more open opposition towards women wearing Islamic veils. The history of France’s relationship with Islam, especially in regards to women, is used to put into perspective the 2016 bans. The differences betwee....................
    (2017-08-14) Trade Barriers of the Economy of the Republic of Armenia: a Challenge of a Single Nation or the Geopolitical Reality of the Region?
    Martirosyan, G.
    The thesis explores barriers to trade of Armenia with the world, addressing every trade agreement of Armenia, the local legislation pertaining to trade and statistics related to them. It then analyzes and assesses the effects of the Turkish embargo on Armenia, followed by insight into the EAEU and its role as a trade barrier in the economic life of Armenia. The thesis progresses to scrutinize the untold reality of the Armenian economy – the corruption, improper implementation of law, incom....................
    (2017-08-14) The Moroccan State and Two Moroccan Dutch Mosques in the Netherlands: A Comparative Discourse Analysis
    Looije, C.A.
    As long as Moroccan Dutch migrants have been present in the Netherlands, discussions have been taking place about the influence of the Moroccan state in the religious sphere in the Netherlands. The official Islam of the state entails following the Malikite school of law, Asharite tradition of theology and Sufism. At the same time, some mosques with largely Moroccan Dutch attendees are known to outspokenly preach the same traditions. Both the Moroccan state and two examples of such mosques in the....................
    (2017-08-14) David Claerbouts' tijdmachine Highway Wreck. Onderzoek naar verschillende tijdaspecten.
    Kuipers, C.M.A.
    In dit onderzoek wordt van David Claerbouts' Highway Wreck(2013) de perceptie van tijd bevraagd en de mate waarin het onderscheidend van de rest van het oeuvre is onderzocht.Het betreft een digitale presentatie van een gebeurtenis waarin heden en verleden zijn samengetrokken waarbij de grenzen tussen de klassieke media fotografie en film vervaagd zijn. Er worden hierdoor verschillende tijdelijkheden ervaren en de lineaire tijdsequentie wordt doorbroken door te navigeren tussen stilstaand en bew....................
    (2017-08-14) Apuestas en escena. Un análisis del cine como experiencia sensorial en los largometrajes de Lucrecia Martel.
    Benthem Fuentes, Iara van
    Lucrecia Martel retrata vidas cotidianas en la privacidad de sus hogares, casi como si fuera un documental retratando el día a día de la especie humana. La cámara frecuentemente cercana a la piel, frecuentemente desplazada de foco, guía la atención del espectador en una dirección, mientras que el sonido lo dirige hacia otra. Apelando de esta forma a la ambigüedad, a la confusión de los sentidos en el espectador, presenta tramas que se sienten familiares y se ofrecen como una experiencia ....................
    (2017-08-14) Interactions between the Dutch and local inhabitants in Nagasaki and Canton (1757-1840): Boatmen, Interpreters, and Local women
    Before Tokugawa Bakufu collapsed in the 1868, the Dutch was the only European officially permitted by both Tokugawa Japan and Qing China to establish a trading post and settlement in their most important maritime trading centre: Nagasaki and Canton. Under a series of restrictions implemented by the local authority over maritime trade with foreign countries and interactions between the Europeans and local inhabitants, merely a little amount of local civilians had the opportunity to interact with ....................
    (2017-08-14) Western Anatolia: Caught Between Two Powers
    Kourkoulakos, Antonios
    This thesis investigates the revealed material (texts, rock monuments, pottery, architecture, seals, sealings and burials) in western Anatolia during the Late Bronze Age. More specifically, in my thesis I examine the case of three western Anatolian sites, namely that of Gordion, Beycesultan and Miletus. This thesis does not only take into account the local material revealed in the aforementioned sites but it also investigates the foreign influences, such as the Mycenaean and the Hittite ones.
    (2017-08-11) Attitudes towards Georgian and Floridian English
    Put, Ruben Baruch van de
    This study focuses on the various attitudes towards Southern U.S. English; Georgian and Floridian English in particular. The research was executed through a questionnaire where the participants judged Georgian and Floridian speakers on their likability and their perceived intelligence on a 9-point Likert scale. These participants were 14 L2 speakers of English, who were first-year students of English Language and Culture at Leiden University. The questionnaire was divided into a section with aud....................
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