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    (2017-11-13) Implications of Fine Sediment Dynamics in Relation to Flushing Operations for Physical Habitats at the Meso-scale
    Knook, Vera (author)
    Worldwide, dam reservoirs loose over one percent of their storage capacity every year due to sedimentation. Proper management is therefore urgent. While drawdown flushing is considered an effective method to remove sediments from the reservoir, the increased sediment flux has an impact on the downstream environment. On the short term, several species suffer high mortality rates due to increased turbidity. Also on the long term the impacts might be significant. The deposition of fine sediments ca....................
    (2017-11-13) Structure-from-Motion Hazard Detection for Autonomous Planetary Landings
    Vanzella, Alessandro (author)
    Future space exploration missions on solar system bodies will require landing safely and precisely, with an accuracy of ~100 m at touchdown. This accomplishment is made challenging by vehicle design limitations, the dearth of onboard situational awareness, and the limited knowledge of the variability of the landing terrain. To date, only the Chinese Chang’e-3 has implemented hazard detection and avoidance capabilities, within its Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) subsystem, therefor....................
    (2017-11-13) 'Varen en Genieten' - De zeecruises van de Stoomvaart Maatschappij 'Nederland' en de Rotterdamse Lloyd, 1870-1940
    Muller, J.F.
    Wie denkt aan de Stoomvaart Maatschappij ‘Nederland’ en de Rotterdamse Lloyd, ziet meestal de grote mailboten voor zich die voeren op de lijndienst tussen Nederland en Indië. Dat de tropenschepen eveneens voor zeecruises werden ingezet, is een veel minder bekend gegeven. Dit werkstuk onderzoekt deze plezierreizen, die beide koloniale rederijen zowel binnen als buiten de lijndienst organiseerden. Het uitgangspunt van het onderzoek is de vraag waarom de SMN en de RL zeecruises aanboden in de ....................
    (2017-11-13) Modeling and performance evaluation of the Thread protocol
    Shamsundar, Ashwini (author)
    Internet of Things (IoT) as the name suggests is a network of interconnected devices connected to the internet. There are lot of 802.15.4 network technologies in the market for current implementation of IoT, however, they have critical problems which is preventing IoT to become fully successful. Some of the issues are lack of interoperability, high power requirements, incompetency to use IPv6 communications and single point of failure systems. These issues led to the development of new networkin....................
    (2017-11-12) The Invisible Paleolithic: Gender Bias in Six Spanish Museums
    Torres Romero, Leticia
    This study aims to analyze gender bias in six Spanish museums, covering the Paleolithic epoch. For this purpose, images and texts have been sampled. In the images, the sex, position in the image, activeness/passiveness, the posture, the placement regarding the settlement and the activities carried out by each individual have been identified. The analysis of texts covers the language used and the main topic addressed in each text. It is compared with a travelling exhibition called “Evolución e....................
    (2017-11-10) Induction heating of uni-directional carbon-fibre PEKK composites: Multiphysics modelling
    de Wit, Bas (author)
    The usage of carbon-fibre reinforced composite materials in the aerospace industry has been steadily increasing due to their light weight solution with respect to their metal counterparts. Using thermoplastic resins gives rise to induction heating as a joining technique. Induction heating can be applied by utilising the inherent material properties of the adherends themselves. This avoids having to input a foreign material in between adherends that has to heat up the joint. It is a form of non-c....................
    (2017-11-10) Influence of Stakeholders on urban quay walls: Determining the resistance using a Construction & Stakeholder matrix
    Breederveld, Casper (author)
    When a quay wall does not meet the safety requirements it has to be replaced by a new quay wall. During the entire replacement project many stakeholders are affected. This can lead to resistance against the project. Resistance can be expected when the interests of the stakeholders are not (sufficiently) integrated in the design or construction method of the replacing quay wall. The high density of stakeholders in urban areas increases the probability that stakeholders will resist against the pro....................
    (2017-11-10) Towards interoperable standards for 1D time series data within the water sector
    Haayen, Jade (author)
    Water management is becoming increasingly important in the world. Population growth, climate change, and increasing demands placed on infrastructure call for a smart and standardized approach. The data needs to stay at the source and sharing information in a more efficient way is becoming increasingly important. To make this possible in the water sector a platform is needed to facilitate the exchange of information. This platform allows for keeping data at the source, which can then be accessed ....................
    (2017-11-10) FabField: a new approach to building services design
    Santangelo, Matteo (author)
    FabField is a building system that borrows most of its basic principles from more evolved and flexible industries, making use of digital fabrication methods (CNC milling) to produce all components that constitute a building. However, not all aspects have been fully thought of in the system: the integration of building services for FabField is needed in order to perpetuate the core aspects of the building system: pre-fabrication, low-costs, high accuracy, light weight components and short constru....................
    (2017-11-10) Organisatieverandering en huurderstevredenheid
    Oztürk, Kübra (author)
    Het doel van het onderzoek is het geven van een beeld van de veranderingen in organisatieaspecten binnen woningcorporaties die tot een verbetering van huurderstevredenheid hebben geleid. Tevens is het het doel om een basis te leggen voor verder onderzoek op dit onderwerp, vandaar het exploratieve karakter van het onderzoek. Door middel van een praktijkonderzoek met semi-structured interviews op 16 corporaties die de meeste ontwikkelingen hebben getoond op de huurderstevredenheid in de Aedes Benc....................
    (2017-11-10) A Case for Deep Learning in Mining Software Repositories
    Nijessen, Rik (author)
    Repository mining researchers have successfully applied machine learning in a variety of
    scenarios.  However, the use of deep learning in repository mining tasks is still in its infancy.
    In this thesis, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of using deep learning in mining software repository research and demonstrate these by doing two case studies on pull requests.
    In the first, we train neural models to predict, on arrival, whether a pull request is going to be merged or no....................
    (2017-11-10) Multi-fidelity Method for Aerodynamic Optimisation of Axial Compressor Blades
    Verheij, Lennart (author)
    In turbomachinery optimisation problems, run time is often a critical factor due to high dimensionality of the design search space. This work explores the use of the multi-fidelity method to speed up an aerodynamic optimisation algorithm applied to axial compressor blades. A rotor blade is optimised in a two-stage blade geometry for maximum isentropic efficiency. The single-fidelity reference optimisation uses a high-fidelity evaluation process employing Menter SST turbulence equations and a mes....................
    (2017-11-10) The Architecture of Science Fiction: Ready Player One
    Eersel, Chloé (author)
    When we design architecture we have to think very realistically because designs have to be implemented in the real world. Designing for science fiction worlds gives the designers more creative freedom. Because there is no limit of the real world we can come up with much crazier ideas than we normally would. This might not be applicable in the real world, but by setting our creative mind free we give ourselves the chance to come up with new and innovative design solutions. When we look at the des....................
    (2017-11-10) Increasing Team Collaboration by Implementing Shared Leadership: A case study of the soft side of project management
    Syed, Fatimah (author)
    Aim: This research focuses on aims to explore the concept of shared leadership in integrated design teams in the construction branch. The exploration is conducted by addressing the question of whether leadership styles and tasks are solely performed by the project manager of a design team, or whether leadership styles and tasks are also performed by other team member of the design team. The intention is to increase understanding of the interrelatedness of tasks, leadership style and communicatio....................
    (2017-11-10) Microperforated glass: Turning the innovation into a marketable product
    Tourlomousi, Olga (author)
    The potentials of glass as building material are continuously researched by experts in the field. With this thesis, glass, as sound absorber in room acoustics is presented. This function can be achieved by exploiting microperforation to glass, which is still a complicated and expensive process today. The innovative concept of a glass sound absorber was proved in 1960s and since then, no commercial product exists in the market. The objective of this research is to study how this innovation can fi....................
    (2017-11-10) Robots at the construction site: An adjusted business model for construction companies
    Hoogewerf, Liselotte (author)
    Context - After the recession of 2008, the real estate market is picking up again. Amongst others due to the urbanisation and the increasing world population the real estate demand is growing. However, the current scarcity of workforce in the construction industry might become a huge issue in the future. In order to deal with the future real estate demand, the conventional construction industry needs to change. Although other industries are gratefully using newly developed technologies such as r....................
    (2017-11-10) Graded Structures: The design of a grid shell that uses gradual densification to enhance the performance of the overall structure
    Jonker, Denise (author)
    This graduation thesis aimed to find an answer to the following question: 'How to design a grid shell for the canopy of a stadium that uses performance based densification to enhance the performance of the structure?'. De Nieuwe Kuip in Rotterdam is used as a case study to put the findings into practice. In order to answer this question a literature study into the application of wood, steel and FRP has been performed. In addition to that, a literature research into types of graded structures has....................
    (2017-11-10) Integration of V2H/V2G Towards Effective Demand-Response Programs
    Lew, Duncan (author)
    Increasing adoption of EVs in the next few decades is going to present new challenges such as EV charging creating a new and significant demand on the grid. The purpose of this thesis is to create a system that intelligently schedules the charging of EVs while considering the cost of energy and the discomfort of the user. At any given moment, 90% of vehicles are parked and have a huge energy source left unused. EVs could also be used as power sources for vehicle-to-home/vehicle-to-grid (V2H/V2G)....................
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