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    (2017-09-19) Grondslag van de Bataafse referenda. De Bataafse Staatsregeling aangegaan als Rousseau's Contrat Social 1797- 1805
    van Diepen, Sander
    Tussen 1796 en 1805 vonden er in de Bataafse Republiek een reeks referenda plaats over het aannemen van de Staatsregeling. In deze periode kreeg Nederland te maken met revolutie, een nieuw politiek bestel, democratische instituties en een reeks grondwetten. Voor het eerst werd het volk aangewezen als de grondwetgevende macht onder het leerstuk van de volkssoevereiniteit. Voor het eerst werd er in een openbaar en gelegitimeerd lichaam gesproken over de democratische beginselen die tegenwoordig al....................
    (2017-09-18) The Ems-Dollart Predicament
    T. Kohn
    The central case in this thesis is a border dispute between the Netherlands and Germany in the Ems-Dollart estuary. The dispute has been traced back to 1464, and has been almost continuously in place until the present day. The main question posed in the thesis is: ‘Why did the Dutch government refrain from resolving the Ems-Dollart dispute with Germany after 1945’. In terms of international relations theory being used, the thesis underpins the importance of looking beyond a state-centric app....................
    (2017-09-18) Dealing with Contested Heritage
    V. Ande
    This Master Thesis aims to provide a better insight into educational approaches, techniques and practices of incorporation and use of museums of occupation in history curricula in the Baltic states, i.e. how formal and informal education can co-exist in one domain and even cooperate. The thesis aims to provide knowledge about history education in museums of occupation and perceptions, attitudes and views on these museums of both the museum workers and history educators in the Baltic states. It a....................
    (2017-09-18) Did America learn to stop worrying and love the bomb?
    R. McGlynn
    Dr Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is one of history’s most iconic films and seen by many as the greatest political satire of all time. Yet did millions of ordinary Americans learn to love the bomb? And to what extent did popular culture and the media play a role in forming public opinion on nuclear weapons? Many see the nuclear arms race of the Cold War as a period characterised by fear and panic about nuclear annihilation, but was this actually the case....................
    (2017-09-18) The Open Door Policy and Geopolitics, 1890-1910
    E. Nilsson
    The Open-Door policy in China during the turn of the nineteenth century was a cornerstone moment for United States foreign policy in Asia, and several scholars have cited economic and political reasons for its adoption. Little has been written concerning the role of geopolitics in this respect, offering a new perspective on Sino-US relations which could help explain some of the activities occurring today, e.g. the One Belt One Road policy, the creation of artificial islands in the South China Se....................
    (2017-09-18) A Soldiers’ truth
    J. Reidy
    The title of the dissertation is “a soldiers’ truth: a comprehensive analyses of soldiers’ lives through diary narratives. This dissertation is about soldier’s experience in the Middle Eastern theatre, during the First World War. Soldier diaries can be seen as the leading source of understanding how the common man experienced the war and the brutal conditions he encountered while serving his country. However, soldier diaries may not provide an accurate account on the war, as a soldi....................
    (2017-09-18) Dutch Neutrality: Greedy, Easy or Just a Lack of ‘Dutch Courage’?
    W. O'Rourke
    An examination of Dutch neutrality through British newspapers to establish what if any was the prevailing opinion of the British press on the topic of Dutch neutrality during the First World War. The thesis answers the question ‘Dutch Neutrality: Greedy, Easy or Just a Lack of ‘Dutch Courage’?’ by breaking the topic down into four case studies looking at the start of the war, issues with trade, the last year of the war and finally the Kaiser Affair. Through the use of a wide ....................
    (2017-09-18) The war for supremacy of the jihadist movement
    J. Seijbel
    Syria today is torn by a major civil war and does not yet have the prospect of peaceful solution. The Syrian civil war is an offshoot of the Arab Spring, the widespread protests which began in Tunisia in 2010 and spread across the region. The civil war in Syria proved to be the right circumstances for several jihadist movements, and they have been able to establish themselves in the country. This research focuses on intra-movement rivalry and framing between ISIS, al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nus....................
    (2017-09-18) Base building by invitation The Origins of American military bases in the Netherlands 1945-1960.
    C. Hoogenboezem
    American overseas military bases are an important part of American foreign policy since the Second World War. From Asia to Europe, the American armed forces have an important military presence on every continent. After September 11 2001, there has been a renewed discussion on the American overseas presence. Questions such as if overseas bases are harmful to American policy and why does the United States continue to maintain such a large presence after the end of the Cold War are prevalent in thi....................
    (2017-09-18) AFCENT in the mining region
    E. Schippers
    This thesis endeavors to document the first fifteen years of AFCENT, a NATO headquarters commanding forces in the central region of Western Europe, when it was moved from France to the former mining-town of Brunssum in Limburg, a province in the southern tip of the Netherlands. The thesis investigates the public debate in anticipation of AFCENT’s arrival, and the subsequent physical (including economic) and social consequences, thereby helping to gain a better understanding of what kind o....................
    (2017-09-18) Representation, reflection and reconstruction of identity
    S. van Berkel
    This thesis concerns the link between the history of race relations in Britain, and black representation on British television. Through examination of a 55 year period, an analysis of popular television, and a comparison with the Netherlands, the research attempts to understand whether television representation has increased or improved over time, and whether this has impacted both how black people in Britain are seen by others, and how they see themselves.
    (2017-09-18) From Blue Jeans to Royal Blue: How denim jeans became acceptable to wear in the Netherlands during the 1960s
    T. de Bruijn
    A Dutch person buys on average 1.82 jeans a year. In comparison to the Italians, who buy 0.6 denim jeans per person, this is quite a lot. Though almost everyone now owns a pair of denim jeans, only fifty years ago it was not that common to wear them. During the 1960s denim jeans, a garment representing the working class, became appropriated by the middle class in The Netherlands. This thesis discusses this appropriation of denim by the middle and upper classes in the Netherlands during the 1960s....................
    (2017-09-18) Post-war Germany and the birth of a bipolar world
    G. Wegter
    Extensive research has been done throughout the years on the Cold War. The study of this conflict, however, remains relevant to study. Because of the discovery of new archive materials and the introduction of new approaches in studying the Cold War, its historiography has developed throughout the years. The end of the Cold War and the end of the Soviet Union opened new archives, and that gave the study of the topic a boost. The world nowadays still is heavily influenced by the United States and ....................
    (2017-09-18) The Meaning of Heritage.
    D. Klerk
    What is heritage and who decides it should be preserved and for which reasons? Heritage is inevitably connected with culture and the identities who relate to it. But what if different identities value a heritage site in different ways?
    (2017-09-18) Valuation of Multi-currency CSA’s
    Vries, D. (Davy); Wel, M. van der
    A Multi-currency Credit Support Annex (CSA) is a contract used to document collateral agreements of a derivative contract between two parties where it is allowed to post the collateral in other currencies than the base currency. In this thesis, I construct a blended Cheapest-to-Deliver (CTD) framework in order to value those type of derivatives. I apply this new framework to a portfolio of Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) and compare it with the CTD method of Fujii & Takahashi (2011) and the multi- a....................
    (2017-09-18) Bayesian Inference for Generalized Autoregressive Score Models
    Niesert, R.F. (Robin)
    In this thesis I explore the benefits of adopting a Bayesian methodology when doing inference for generalized autoregressive score (GAS) models. Although analytical results regarding the form of the posterior or its conditional will generally not be available for this class of models, I show that for most simple GAS models several novel Markov chain Monte Carlo methods can be applied to enable accurate Bayesian inference in very reasonable time frames. I consider three illustrative empirical app....................
    (2017-09-18) Acupunctuur als helend ritueel: het placebo-effect religiewetenschappelijk onderzocht
    Sleven, Carolien Janneke
    De werking van alternatieve therapieën zoals acupunctuur wordt vanuit de medische wereld verklaart door het placebo-effect. Maar is deze verklaring toereikend? En hoe komt placebo-effect eigenlijk tot stand? Het vakgebied van de religiewetenschappen is bekend met onderzoek naar genezingsrituelen en met de werkzaamheid van ritueel. Een religiewetenschappelijk onderzoek naar de werking van alternatieve therapie kan de beperkte zoektocht naar de medische verklaring van placebo-effect verdiepen doo....................
    (2017-09-18) Vrouwen en de vrijmetselarij. De veranderende positie van de vrouw en de invloed van de Engelse suffragettebeweging op deze ontwikkeling
    Zoete, Iris de
    In het driehonderdjarige bestaan van de reguliere vrijmetselarij is niets veranderd in de positie van de vrouw. In de 'Constitutions' wordt in 1723 vastgelegd dat alleen mannen lid mogen worden van een maçonnieke loge. Tot op de dag van vandaag is dit nog steeds zo. Door de jaren heen zijn er echter verschillende initiatieven ontstaan om vrouwen ook te laten deelnemen aan de vrijmetselarij. In de achttiende eeuw, de eeuw van de Verlichting, gebeurt dit door middel van adoptieloges. Dit is een v....................
    (2017-09-18) Bekend maakt bemind
    Bakker, Juliejet
    Een scriptie over het effect van diverse soorten religieonderwijs op de mate van tolerantie van jongeren in Nederland en Europa. Literatuuronderzoek
    (2017-09-18) Boerderij of Huijse Altena?
    Mol, Robin; Mol, Robin
    In het Noorden van Delft bevindt zich de middeleeuwse vindplaats Altena. Altena is vanaf circa 1200 bewoond. De bewoners van Altena bezaten na 1435 een hoge sociaal economische positie. Vanaf 1435 is de vindplaats een kasteel te noemen. Voor deze datum is het onbekend wat de status van de bewoners is. Dit onderzoek is erop gericht om aan de hand van het aardewerk te achterhalen wat de sociaal economische positie van de bewoners van voor 1435 was.
    (2017-09-18) India in the lives of Ancient Romans
    Barve, Supriya
    The coming together of foreign cultures and goods in the ancient Roman world is extraordinary. Here, the specific role and contribution of various foreign cultures can be analysed from several different angles. With a keen interest in Indo-Roman trade, this thesis investigates into the Indian objects that were brought over to the Roman world as a result of this trade. This includes objects ranging from spices and condiments, to various fabrics, precious stones, and even ivory objects. In contras....................
    (2017-09-18) Two Modern Radical Exegetes of the Qur'an: The influence of Sayyid Qutb on Abu Zayd’s humanistic hermeneutics
    Bafati, Rashwan Farid
    This thesis explores the influence of Sayyid Qutb on Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd's methodology of interpreting the Qur'an. Motivated by Abu Zayd's own account and statements of the fact that Qutb has influenced him, and his definition of Qutb's literary approach as "impressionistic", it compares the literary theories and approaches to the Qur'an of Qutb and Abu Zayd. It asks what Abu Zayd means by "impressionistic". A set of three theological questions (epistemology, nature of the Qur'an, predeterminati....................
    (2017-09-18) The Maashorst Residence. Theoretical approach on the possibilities of Iron Age habitation at the Maashorst
    Helm, Paul van den
    Archaeological research of the Iron Age (800 - 12 BC) at the Maashorst until now has been mainly focussed on the ritual landscape. Much information has been gathered on the burial mounds and urnfields such as Oss-Vorstengraf, Oss-Zevenbergen and Uden-Slabroekse heide. Remarkably, these grave fields contain relatively many 'rich' graves dating from the Early Iron Age (800 – 500 BC), where people of a noteworthy status had been buried. However, there is not much information available on where th....................
    (2017-09-18) Wie redt het vak?
    Dijk, Joyce van
    Een kritische discoursanalyse van vier visie op de toekomst en de invulling van het vak Godsdienst/Levensbeschouwing. Een aantal artikelen uit Narthex, tijdschrift voor levensbeschouwing en educatie, afkomstig van Thom Geurts, Bert Roebben, Willibrord van den Besselaar en Paul Vermeer over het vak Godsdienst/Levensbeschouwing zijn onderworpen aan een kritische discoursanalyse. Door het uitvoeren van deze kritische discoursanalyse is aangetoond wat de invloed van tekst een taalgebruik is op hun ....................
    (2017-09-18) An Examination of Indigenous Heritage representation in Grenada’s Primary Schools from Teachers’ Perspective.
    Charles, Lorna Dale
    Archaeological studies are not part of the school curriculum in Grenada. Thus, students and the larger population have limited knowledge of previous civilisations, and this limited knowledge limits society’s understanding of its history. In many schools, students learn about Grenada’s post-colonial history, while ignoring its pre-Colombian past that includes the island’s indigenous inhabitants. This thesis highlights some significant deficiencies within the present structure of education w....................
    (2017-09-18) Is there anyone listening? Christian-Islamic polemics 780-870
    Kist, anne Willem
    This examination of polemical theologian literature of the 8th/9th century Baghdad aims at establishing whether or not cross influence between Church of the East and Islamic authors occurred. In contrast to present day scholarly opinion, this paper holds that, in distinctive ways, each of the intellectual elite communities appropriated ideas and modes of argumentation of the other.
    (2017-09-18) Ethiopia’s “economic growth miracle” defies the “one size fits all” approach to economic development
    O'Mahony, Aine
    Over the past decade, Ethiopia achieved rapid and stable economic growth, considered as a ‘miracle’ when compared to other Sub-Saharan African countries. Ethiopia’s average real GDP growth per annum was estimated at 10.8% between 2003 and 2015 . In addition, Ethiopia succeeded in reducing its poverty rate by 21.8% between 2000 and 2011 . Classical development theories provide analytical tools to help outline traditional patterns of economic development. However, this paper will reveal tha....................
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