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    (2018-01-15) Design and Experimental Evaluation of a System based on Dynamic Conits for Scaling Minecraft-like Environments
    Donkervliet, Jesse (author)
    Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time,
    and provides both entertainment and education to people around the globe.
    One of the main challenges in gaming is increasing the scalability of these games to support the large numbers of players they attract.
    Minecraft-like games make this challenge even more difficult by introducing the novel feature of a modifiable world.
    The world that players explore can be fully modified, allowing players to build anything from a recre....................
    (2018-01-15) Shared control in exoskeletons: a proof-of-concept
    Siebinga, Olger (author)
    Currently, lower-body exoskeletons for
    paraplegics are investigated as an alternative to wheelchairs
    and as an exercise method with medical benefits. Literature
    provides little examples for users to influence the
    length or frequency of steps taken by the exoskeleton,
    complicating stability and practical usability. This study
    proposes a novel control paradigm that allows users to
    influence step parameters of the exoskeleton, through a
    bi-directional haptic interfac....................
    (2018-01-15) The impact of salinity intrusion on rice productivity: Soc Trang, Mekong Delta
    Ratering Arntz, Lexy (author)
    More than half of Vietnam's national rice production is produced in the Mekong Delta. Many hectares of rice were damaged due to extensive salinity intrusion during the dry season of 2016. The impact of salinity intrusion on rice production is studied by (1) mapping the impact using remote sensing data (MODIS NDVI time-series) and (2) investigating how the impact affects farmers' lives. Ground data is collected in Soc Trang province through interviews with commune officials and farmers. Quantitat....................
    (2018-01-15) Secondary Flow Mitigation in Turbine Vanes Through Endwall Fence Shape Optimization
    Mingardo, Giacomo (author)
    The threat of global warming made the increase of efficiency a crucial objective for future power plants and aero engines. As secondary flow is a major source of aerodynamic losses in turbines, its mitigation is critical to enable efficient designs. However, the suppression of secondary flow formation is challenging due to the complexity of the flow field and to the variability of its features according to each cascade characteristics. One solution is the use of three- dimensional endwall fence,....................
    (2018-01-15) Musumeyaku Revisited
    Chen, Si Yu
    A study on the position and representation of the musumeyaku of the all-female Takarazuka Revue. For the greatest part of the century long history of the Takarazuka Revue, the otokoyaku, or male-role actresses have enjoyed a monopoly of the theatre's fans' affection. In contrast, the musumeyaku remain mostly on the background. This Thesis reconsiders the musumeyaku's position and what they represent in the world of Takarazuka, and examines the femininity as represented by these actresses.
    (2018-01-15) Plotinus and the individual principle. A commentary on Ennead V.7.1
    Mulder, D.E.
    Does every individual human being have its own Form in the intellectual world? In contrast with his Platonic forerunners, Plotinus presents in Ennead V.7 an original approach to this controversial question and does not hesitate to deal with the question with a perspective that is broader than purely metaphysical. He goes beyond his predecessors in trying to come up with a comprehensive and philosophically correct discussion and does not contend himself with a didactic and dogmatic repetition of ....................
    (2018-01-15) Organic Rankine cycle as waste heat recovery system for marine application: Screening methodology, modelling and analysis
    Thimmanoor, Sai (author)
    Carbon dioxide emission into the earth’s atmosphere by maritime activities are a concern for the people within and outside the industry. This is because of the environmental impacts that are caused by these greenhouse gas emissions which changes the very chemistry of this planet. These impacts can be mitigated by reducing the CO2 emissions which can be achieved by several design and/or operational means. Waste heat recovery (WHR) technology is one such means that is capable of reducing emissio....................
    (2018-01-15) Using the slice rank for finding upper bounds on the size of cap sets
    Borst, Sander (author)
    The cap set problem consists of finding the maximum size cap sets, i.e. sets without a 3-term arithmetic progression in F₃. In this thesis several known results on the behavior of this number as n → ∞ are presented. In particular we discuss a reformulation by Terence Tao and Will Sawin of a proof found by Dion Gijswijt and Jordan Ellenberg. It uses the slice rank, a rank that is defined for elements of tensor products, to give upper bounds on the size of the cap sets. In this report we wil....................
    (2018-01-12) Kinodynamic Steering using Supervised Learning in RRT
    Moring, Stefan (author)
    With the need for robots to operate autonomously increasing more and more, the research field of motion planning is becoming more active. Usually planning is done in configuration space, which often leads to non feasible solutions for highly dynamical or underactuated systems. With kinodynamic planning motion can also be planned for this difficult class of systems. However, due to the difficult nature of the problem, computation time is an issue. RRT CoLearn is a novel variant on the original RR....................
    (2018-01-12) Additively manufactured suspension components for an F1 car: Design, Simulation,Manufacturing and Testing
    Zamariola, Nicolo (author)
    The recent possibilities given by additive manufacturing in free shape design have been seen as a
    potential breakthrough in the design and production of structural components of a racecar and more
    generally their influences on the future lightweight strategies in the automotive industry is expected
    to influence the next generation of products. Among the emerging techniques for the production of
    metal products, Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) ....................
    (2018-01-12) Uncertainty Estimation in Vision-Aided Robot Teleoperation System
    Vyas, Shubham (author)
    Teleoperation allows the use of human intelligence and decision making in remote tasks which are too dangerous for humans to perform. Technologies such as force feedback and haptic guidance have shown to increase task efficiency during teleoperation. In an unmodeled environment, sensors provide input for haptic guidance or present extra information about the environment to the user in order to make decisions and to perform the tasks. These sensors come with inherent errors and uncertainties whic....................
    (2018-01-12) Satī and Satī. From the Origins to the Śakta Upapurāṇas
    Loria, Ludovica
    The thesis is an attempt to trace back the origin of the satī ritual (which consists of the self-immolation of widows on their husbans' funeral pyre) to the myth involving the goddess Satī, Dakṣa's daughter, who immolated herself in the in the fire during Dakṣa's sacrifice, to which Satī and her husband Śiva had not been invited. She thus burns herself out of her rage towards her father, for not being invited and for not accepting Śiva as her husband. The link between the ritual and the....................
    (2018-01-11) The impact of RFID-deployments on Out-of-Stocks in various apparel stores
    de Boer, Daan (author)
    The retail market is changing rapidly. Many new offline, as well as online competitors, arrived. As a result, customers became more demanding. One of the critical elements is that customers expect a high variety of products that are always available. Out of Stocks (OoSs) in apparel stores result in lost sales in the short term and a declining brand reputation in the long run. For many retailers, it is therefore critical to minimise their OoSs. A high inventory accuracy is necessary to reduce the....................
    (2018-01-11) Crack widths in HSC: A study into crack width prediction methods for slender HSC balconies
    Hildering, Sven (author)
    This master thesis covers the research into cracking behaviour of slender high strength concrete cantilevering balconies. The research emerged from Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft and Hi-Con Denmark. They cooperatively designed very slender balconies in ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete. Other engineering firms tend to recreate these balconies in HSC and insecurities emerged around the cracking behaviour and crack width prediction for these slender HSC cantilevering balconies. In addit....................
    (2018-01-11) 'Wer regiert: Moltke oder Bethmann?'
    Sluijs, Coen van der
    'Wer regiert: Moltke oder Bethmann?' Een onderzoek naar de verhouding tussen de civiele en militaire macht in Duitsland ten tijde van de Julicrisis van 1914.
    (2018-01-11) Seks in 'Lust, Caution' en 'Summer Palace': Wat is de functie van seks in deze films?
    Pan, Chandan
    Seks in Chinese films kwam in de afgelopen eeuw slechts zeer uitzonderlijk voor; zelfs zoenen werd niet vaak in beeld gebracht. Er is nooit sprake geweest van een rijke traditie van seks in Chinese films. In dit eindwerkstuk komen twee films aan de orde die juist wel veel expliciete seksscènes bevatten: Lust, Caution (2007) en Summer Palace (2006). Deze scènes worden uitvoerig beschreven en geanalyseerd om de vraag te beantwoorden of ze vooral bedoeld zijn om het publiek te vermaken en choquer....................
    (2018-01-11) Het modehuis Hirsch
    Leeuw, C.G.M.R.
    Architect A. Jacot architectuur geschiedenis, Modehuis Hirsch in Amsterdam herwaardering A. Jacot, sociaal-economische situatie in Amsterdam en Parijs in de periode 1879-1912
    (2018-01-11) A Space Oddity? The Use of the Chinese Space Programme in Public Diplomacy Strategies
    Kuipers, Lysan; Kuipers, Lysan
    In this thesis I have investigated the use of the Chinese space programme in public diplomacy strategies. There is a gap between the image the Chinese government tries to project and China's behaviour on the world stage. While the intended image is that of a peace-loving nation that uses its space programme for scientific purposes that will benefit mankind, on a security level China uses its space programme for military applications and power projection. I have investigated this divergence and s....................
    (2018-01-11) Distributed Optimization for Railway Track Maintenance Operations Planning
    Faris, Muhammad (author)
    An essential component of railway infrastructures is track ballast. As railway track is used frequently by passing rolling stocks, its performance degrades over time. At certain degradation levels, maintenance interventions must be carried out to improve the track performance so to meet technical and safety regulations. In this way, the risk of accident or derailment can be minimized and the railway interoperability is ensured. Furthermore, the responsibility of designing maintenance plan belong....................
    (2018-01-11) Investigation of the Flow Characteristics in a Pintle Controlled Rocket Motor Nozzle
    Ehlen, Johannes (author)
    Unlike a liquid rocket-engine, it is not possible to actively throttle the overall combustion of a solid rocket-motor. It is however possible to alter the thrust of an individual thruster by varying its throat area. The throat area can be altered by inserting a pintle of a conical or other shape into the nozzle throat. A setup which consist of multiple thrusters each with a pintle to alter its throat area, and which are connected to a single solid-propelled combustion chamber, can be used for at....................
    (2018-01-10) Automatic Quantification of Beach Occupation Using Oversegmentation and Machine Learning
    Gulden, Freek (author)
    Decision- and policymakers responsible for the coastal zone aim at combining measures against for instance long-term erosion, with measures that have a positive social, economic impact on the region. Recreational beach usage has a large social economic impact on a region and therefore quantification of the recreational beach usage can provide information on the social, economic situation in a region. In the Netherlands beach usage quantification is mostly performed by manual counting during ....................
    (2018-01-10) Improving the video streaming backend with on-the-fly format conversion and cloud storage
    Kylili, Christina (author)
    Online advanced media streaming services using HTTP adaptive stream-
    ing are increasingly popular. However in practice, the multi-protocol, multi-
    format nature of adaptive streaming creates a lot of engineering eort and
    costs for the operators, in the storage and preparation of the dierent
    formats. In this work, we acknowledge these issues and we study a stream-
    ing setup that can address these. Such streaming setup consist of a backend
    cloud storage and a processing nod....................
    (2018-01-10) An Acoustic Study on the Three-way Stop Contrast in the Medial Position of Tone Sandhi Domains in Lili Wu Chinese
    Bai, Ziyi
    The current study is an acoustic investigation of the three-way obstruent contrast between voiceless aspirated, voiceless unaspirated and voiced stops in the medial position of tone sandhi domains in Lili Wu Chinese, a language that has an aspiration-induced tonal split in lexical tones. The main focus of the thesis was to examine the acoustic realizations of the three-way stop contrast. By analyzing acoustic data from twenty old-generation Lili Wu native speakers, we found that f0 perturbation ....................
    (2018-01-10) Path dependence in repressive law-formation in Kazakhstan
    te Boekhorst, Rafael
    Kazakhstan is a consolidated authoritarian regime that introduced in 2017 a new set of amendments titled “On Changes and Amendments to Some Legal Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Countering Extremism and Terrorism”. The amendments concern migration, freedom of religion, communication and circulation of weapons and thereby increase restrictions on human rights. They functioned as a reaction to three events that took place in 2016: an amok-run in Almaty, a serious act of terrorism in Akto....................
    (2018-01-10) Nederlandse beeldende kunstenaars aan het Deense hof in de zestiende eeuw,
    Rieks, Tanya
    Naar aanleiding van mijn stage bij het Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis (RKD) in Den Haag, werd mijn interesse gewekt door een onderwerp binnen de kunstgeschiedenis dat niet of nauwelijks wordt vertegenwoordigd binnen de huidige opleiding kunstgeschiedenis, Denemarken. Mijn interesse ging uit naar Nederlandse beeldende kunstenaars die voor het Deense hof werkten tijdens de zestiende eeuw en zeventiende eeuw. Om mijn onderzoek af te bakenen richt ik mij alleen op beeldhouwers uit de La....................
    (2018-01-10) A critical investigation of Corey Brettschneider's value theory of democracy. Or, how democratic are illiberal democracies?
    Gerritsen, Lotte
    In this thesis I critically review Corey Brettschneider's value theory of democracy as a potential solution to the tension between democratic procedures and liberal rights and, thereby, also as an instrument to criticize illiberal democracies. I first discuss procedural and substantive interpretations of democracy, followed by an analysis and critique of Brettschneider’s democratic theory. I argue that Brettschneider does not succeed in grounding liberal rights in the core values of democracy ....................
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