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    van Meurs, T.J.
    This paper will question to what extent educational policy during British indirect rule shaped the socio-political identity of post-colonial southern Sudan and how it articulates with internal and external post-colonial dynamics in the context of the 2011 secession. It focuses on educational policies because of its instrumental importance in creating the agencies for the British indirect rule, which is therefore valuable to examine if one wants to understand the impact of indirect rule on post-c....................
    (2018-05-14) Jane Austen's Radical Side: a Feminist Reading of Jane Austen's Novels and Heroines
    Westhoff, Lieke
    In this thesis, I am going to interrogate what might be meant by ‘feminism’ in the 1810s, what Austen might have understood by it, what we now understand by it and how we might apply those ideas to Austen’s fictions. I shall argue that, although Austen uses the rather conservative genre of the courtship novel, or according to Marilyn Butler, the conservative partisan novel, she employs this genre to subversively express her radical ideas (Butler 3). I shall explore the idea that Austen rar....................
    (2018-05-09) The Rise of Digital Platforms: Development of a Digital Strategy for Jumbo Maritime
    Hagenbeek, Lex (author)
    Digital platforms are on the rise and have affected strategic conduct and market structure in industries. The impact of digital platforms on the heavy lift shipping industry is not clear to Jumbo and they, as a supplier in this industry, need a digital strategy in order to seize the new opportunities and to defend their position against the threats in their industry that are driven by digital platforms. This research provides a strategic advice to Jumbo, by the analysis of the impact of digital ....................
    (2018-05-09) A water balance model for landfill De Kragge II: Supporting the development of a sustainable aftercare approach
    Vermeijden, Loys (author)
    Landfills are full of contaminated material, which could be harmful for the environment. To reduce the risks of pollutants entering the environment, a watertight base layer and an impermeable cover layer isolate the waste. These layers have to be maintained eternally, which is very costly. To move towards a more sustainable landfill aftercare, Dutch landfill operators have started three demonstration projects, to reduce leachate concentration in 10 years. At one of the projects, this is attempte....................
    (2018-05-08) Macro-scale performance of a mega-feeder nourishment: Describing and predicting the long-term feeding performance
    Drenth, Paul (author)
    A mega-feeder nourishment is a concentrated nourishment that disperses over time due to wind, waves, and tide, and as a result ‘feeds’ its adjacent coasts. During the design phase of a nourishment, performance indicators can enable an objective comparison of a mega-feeder nourishment to alternative nourishment strategies, In the case of an existing mega-feeder nourishment, predictions of the performance enable an objective assessment of the need for additional nourishments in the proximity o....................
    (2018-05-07) Influence of steering column friction on steering feel: A simulator study
    Skarżyńska, Marta (author)
    Steering feel is an important variable that contributes to drivers’ assessment of safety and comfort. As such, creating acceptable steering feel is one of the goals of automotive manufacturers. Prediction of subjective steering feel based on objective measures, for example, driver torque characteristics, can benefit the automotive industry by decreasing time and cost of the vehicle design process.

    This thesis project examined the effect of steering column friction, a sole objective pa....................
    (2018-05-07) Clinical (re)use of modular robotic surgical system: how to ensure sterility
    Berendsen, Jasmijn (author)
    The medical device market is continuously innovating to improve the outcome in the treatment of patients. One of these innovations is minimally invasive robot-assisted surgical systems to assist in performing laparoscopic surgical procedures and to allow surgeons to perform the most complex and delicate surgeries with pinpoint precision in very tight spaces in the body.

    The sweeping and rapid innovations in surgery can almost universally be seen as an advanced surgical treatment. Howev....................
    (2018-05-07) Quantifying directed nonlinear coupling between brain and muscle activity: a NARX model-based approach
    van der Helm, Nina (author)
    Relevance: To enhance our understanding of motor impairments (e.g. post-stroke or due to Parkinson's Disease), objective measures for communication in the nervous system are required. By applying system identification techniques to oscillations in brain and muscle activity, we can objectively quantify the coupling between these areas.

    Gap: Unfortunately, none of the existing techniques combine the ability to assess nonlinear behavior and to detect causality in a closed-loop, which is ne....................
    (2018-05-07) The effect of push-pull rod on the dynamic behavior of movable bridges
    Tzanidakis, George (author)
    In the Netherlands the design of a movable bridge and machinery part is based on the design standard NEN 6786:2001 (2001). When the bridge is in motion the calculations for the machinery part focus on the dynamic loads (torque) generating at the motor shaft. The calculation of these loads is carried out using tabulated formulas of the standard, which have been derived via a 2-DoF linear dynamic model. In this model the linear spring represents the total stiffness of the machinery part. For the c....................
    (2018-05-07) Wanderers: pop-up hotels in nature
    Işik, Firat (author)
    There is a rich history of mankind’s relation with nature which is still used as a framework in today’s architecture. The framework is built on the fact modern structures are still able to awaken emotions from the past. In ancient times survival has been different compared to modern times. Man survived with whatever it could gather in the direct environment to create shelter, causing structures to be built on different principles. Modern technology allows to create structures with new techni....................
    (2018-05-04) Feasibility Study on the Generalization of the Demise Observation Capsule
    Fatemi Ghomi, Parandis (author)
    In multi-stage launch vehicles, the adjacent stage re-enters the Earth atmosphere. Once the stage is re-entering the atmosphere, the low-melting-point materials melt and the inner parts will be exposed to excessive heat. With heat increasing, the parts will break into debris. Some of the fragments will burn in the atmosphere, others will crash into the Earth’s surface. Since there is a lack of knowledge about the re-entering physics, Demise Observation Capsule (DOC) project is started. The DOC....................
    (2018-05-04) The future cruise terminal in the port of Rotterdam
    de Vito, Lodovico (author)
    The city of Rotterdam and its port have been constantly growing over the last decades. As the port is ensuring a place in the top ten ports in the world, the city of Rotterdam is changing as well, growing and becoming a more international town. The municipality of Rotterdam is planning to build a 3rd bridge that will cross the Nieuwe waterweg and will connect the eastern or western part of the city center to improve the economic growth, welfare and attainability of the city. Although the exact l....................
    (2018-05-03) The influence of fresh water discharge on coastal water levels: By a combination of physical and probabilistic models
    van Es, Bart (author)
    Globally, at each river mouth freshwater is discharged to coastal waters. At each river mouth a freshwater plume is formed. These fresh water plumes are also known as the regions of freshwater influence (or ROFI’s). Furthermore, the freshwater plume will affect local coastal water levels. In order to improve global flood forecasting, research on this topic has been conducted. Through a combination of numerical (DFlow-fm) and probabilistic (vine copula) models predictions can be made for the si....................
    (2018-05-03) Robust Tracking Approach for Dealing with Classification Uncertainty
    Immerzeel, Ronald (author)
    Every year about 1.25 million people die as a result of road traffic accidents. Besides the traffic on the road increases every day, including the environmental impact due to the corresponding traffic emissions. Autonomous driving could be a unique opportunity to increase these traffic safety, traffic flow efficiency and to reduce emissions in future. In order to operate reliably and accurately, autonomous driving vehicles and autonomous features require an accurate perception of the infrastruct....................
    (2018-05-03) Capillary-based gripping for laparoscopic bowel surgery
    van den Berg, Jay (author)
    Lifting an object by capillary forces is mostly done with a single liquid bridge which connects the target object to a probe. In this work the potential of capillary forces for soft-tissue manipulation is investigated; not only a single liquid bridge is used, but multiple bridges as well since capillary forces can be enhanced by contact splitting. Specifically, laparoscopic bowel surgery was chosen, because with current instruments it remains difficult to atraumatically grip soft delicate tissue....................
    (2018-05-03) The effects of hand configuration on propulsive forces in swimming
    Bazuin, Rens (author)
    During front crawl swimming, water is driven backwards with the limbs. Drag forces generated by the limbs are consequently used for forward propulsion. The hands are responsible for approximately 60% of the generated propulsive forces. Reaching a podium place in competitive swimming is dependent on differences in finishing times smaller than 0.5%. For this reason, investigating the effects of hand configuration on swimming performance is of interest. Configurable properties of the hand are the f....................
    (2018-05-03) A Multi-Scale Approach to Implications of the Preferred Vertebral Trabecular Orientation on Spine Biomechanics
    Gudde, Aksel (author)
    Knowledge of the influence of loading directions on trabecular bone remodeling in spine is of significant value in understanding the development of spine deformities and vertebral bone quality across different scales. Information on the constitution of a preferred trabecular orientation and mechanical properties of trabecular bone are important indicators in this respect. The current thesis aimed at exploring these aspects across multiple length scales in the spine. The thesis is divided in two ....................
    (2018-05-03) An assessment of the performance and potential of OTEC innovation clusters worldwide
    Salz, Kevin (author)
    Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology development is currently in the gap between academia and commercialization. To bridge this gap, all stakeholders that influence the development must perform optimally. This thesis presents the performance of OTEC developing stakeholder groups (‘clusters’) in Japan, the Netherlands, France, USA and Malaysia and recommendations for improvement. Interviews with the main OTEC developing organizations gave input for a technological innovation syst....................
    (2018-05-03) Portable Editor Services
    Pelsmaeker, Daniël (author)
    Implementing the syntax and semantics of a new (domain-specific) programming language is a lot of work, which is worsened by the additional work needed to add support for the language to an editor such as Eclipse or VS Code. Lack of such support can impede language usability and adoption, as developers prefer different editors. However, supporting M editors for N languages requires M * N implementations to be built and maintained, which is known as the IDE portability problem. Portable editor se....................
    (2018-05-02) Characterization of the electrical properties of injection molded carbon nanocomposites
    Jorissen, Jan (author)
    Incorporating carbon nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes into a polymer matrix not only enhances the mechanical properties of the composite, but also induces good electrical properties. This makes carbon nanocomposite interesting for potential electronic applications, such as electromagnetic interference shielding by means of creating housings for electronic devices. One potential option of producing carbon nanocomposites is via injection molding, which is widely used in the plastics industry....................
    (2018-05-01) A new modelling method for representing the effect of spiral flow on the bed shear stress
    Bregman, Martijn (author)
    This thesis presents a new methodology for representing the effect of spiral flow on the bed shear stress magnitude and direction, using a low-vertical-resolution three-dimensional model. Furthermore, it discusses the performance of the new methodology in comparison with conventional high-vertical-resolution three-dimensional and depth-averaged models.
    (2018-05-01) Lab-Scale Nano-Filtration Membrane Performance With High Silica Concentration Feed Water
    Wang, Yundan (author)
    Water scarcity emphasizes the necessity of water recovery from saline sources, which are plentifully available. Nanofiltration (NF) is widely implemented in water reclamation treatment particularly in industrial field. However, the presence of silica hinders the possibility of obtaining a high recovery in a NF membrane system. In this work, the effect of silica concentration on the scaling of a NF membrane was investigated. Three types of feed water (demineralized water, water with 100 mg L-1 an....................
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