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    (2012-01-01) ‘Europe’s Last Dictatorship’? – Democracy Theories and their applicability to Belarus
    Kramer, Sebastian
    When talking about Belarus, be it in public discourse or academic research, the term 'dictatorship' is used far too easily and often. The fact that this would put the country in the same league as Fascist Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union appears to be of minor importance. As this is rather one-sided and not differentiated enough, this paper takes a more nuanced look at Lukashenko’s Belarus in order to give a much more contrasted definition of its political system. An analysis of democracy th....................
    (2015-01-01) ‘Even Googlen’ : Google Spain & de controle over de online reputatie
    Monfrooij, T.J.
    Deze scriptie heeft als doel de problematische controle over de eigen reputatie in het online archief te verduidelijken. Dit zal gebeuren aan de hand van het Google Spain-arrest. Het spanningsveld tussen het recht op de privacy en de vrijheid van meningsuiting staat hierbij centraal. In deze scriptie wordt in de eerste plaats getracht inzicht te krijgen in de botsing tussen het recht op privacy en de vrijheid van meningsuiting, wanneer het gaat om bepaalde informatie die in het online archief wo....................
    (2017-01-01) ‘Everybody loves the sunshine’ : een interdisciplinaire studie naar de beleefde lifestyle migration in de Algarve, Portugal
    Nijland, K.
    Lifestyle migration is een betrekkelijk nieuwe vorm van migratie, waarin de behoefte van Noord-Europeanen om in een warmer zuidelijk land ‘a better quality of life’ te treffen, centraal staat. De Algarve is één van de voornaamste bestemmingen waar de lifestyle migranten naartoe trekken. Het laatste decennium is de bevolking en dichtheid van de Algarve hierdoor flink toegenomen. Dit heeft gevolgen gehad voor de oorspronkelijke bewoners van de regio, de Portugezen. Echter is er weinig b....................
    (2012-01-01) ‘Exploratory assessment on share repurchase programs in the Netherlands’.
    Winkel, C.J.O.W. van de
    Over the last decades share repurchase activities increased in the Netherlands similar to the development on the US equity markets. But activities came later and in a less pervasive extent than in the US market. In USA share repurchase programs peaked in 2007 (the year before the financial crisis) when S&P 500 companies paid out more than double the amount to sh areholders through repurchases compared to the reasonably stable dividend amount. In the Netherlands share repurchases peaked in 2....................
    (2013-01-01) ‘Factors influencing bone mineral density and strength changes in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a prospective study’
    Keuning, M.C. (Martje Christine)
    Background: The prevalence of low bone mineral density (BMD) is high among pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), during a period in their lives when they should experience the most rapid acquisition of bone mass. Guidelines for the treatment or prevention of this condition in children and adolescents with IBD are lacking. Vitamin D is essential for bone mineralization and remodeling and it may play an important role in bone health in states of inflammation as well. As the pot....................
    (2011-01-01) ‘Faking it’: A research towards explaining counterfeit purchases by conspicuous and status consumption.
    Denekamp, F.
    This thesis investigates the effect of a consumer’s status and conspicuous consumption on its willingness to buy non-deceptive counterfeits. Especially in the luxury fashion industry counterfeiting has become an increasing problem over the recent years. Which has also caused academics to research this phenomenon more and more. This research adds to this existing literature in that it makes a distinction between conspicuous and status consumption and that it adds personality as a moderating va....................
    (2009-01-01) ‘Financial crisis and sustainability in the banking industry’.
    Biezen, P. van
    Banks are often seen as the cause of the financial crisis. With the increasing attention to sustainability in general and also specifically in the banking sector, sustainability could be a key issue to help banks overcome their problems. This research studies whether, in times of financial crisis, banks change their sustainability strategy and why. To answer this question, four banks are researched; ING Bank, Rabobank, ASN Bank and Triodos Bank. Important subjects for this research are banki....................
    (2009-01-01) ‘Fitna was een splijtzwam’. Onderzoek naar de berichtgeving over Fitna door Nova
    Zwart, Jerney
    Dit onderzoek analyseert de berichtgeving over Fitna door het actualiteitenprogramma Nova gedurende de vier maanden waarin de film is aangekondigd tot twee weken na de vertoning. Nova deed in deze periode 23 keer verslag van Fitna. De basis van het onderzoek wordt gevormd door tien interviews met journalisten die werkzaam zijn in verschillende functies binnen Nova; de hoofdredacteur, drie eindredacteuren, vier redacteuren, een verslaggever en een presentator. Aan de hand van de uitkomsten van....................
    (2009-08-31) ‘Fitna’ en onderzoek naar de vrijheid van meningsuiting: een studie naar politieke tolerantie in Nederland
    Kuiper, A.J.
    Deze studie tracht een antwoord te vinden op de vraag in hoeverre Nederlandssprekende burgers politiek tolerant zijn in het algemeen – eerdere studies worden gereproduceerd – alsmede een verschil in de mate van politieke tolerantie te vinden jegens moslims en Geert Wilders. Statistische gegevens zijn door een kwalitatieve analyse ondersteund: respondenten blijken politiek tolerant jegens Wilders en moslims. Echter, men is meer politiek tolerant naar moslims. Niettemin worden er vele ‘mitse....................
    (2015-10-06) ‘Five determinants explained variance in Self-management Capacity in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: A cross sectional study’
    Klous, C.J.M.
    English Abstract Title: ‘Five determinants explained variance in Self-management Capacity in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: A cross sectional study’ Background: Large variances in effect size between patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) indicate that self-management intervention is no matter of ‘one size fits all’. This study increases knowledge on the facilitators and barriers of self-management capacity (SMC). Aim: Identify key determinants associated with SMC and explai....................
    (2017-10-20) ‘Follow’ My Constructed Instagram Lifestyle
    C.E.I. de Beer
    In the past five years, influencer marketing has become an increasing phenomenon on Instagram that allows brands to collaborate with influencers by creating sponsored content in the form of an advertorial. On Instagram, influencers engage in the explicit creation of individual images to construct an overarching impression of a desired lifestyle. What motivates influencers to work with brands and how do influencers construct their impressions through personal and sponsored posts? In line with Lea....................
    (2013-01-01) ‘Fostering employees’ cooperation : an integrative framework of leadership, trust, fairness and individual differences’.
    Zomerdijk, M.J.
    Employees’ knowledge has become a key strategic asset for firms to gain a competitive advantage. To exploit this resource to it’s best value, it’s of vital importance that employees cooperate in highly interdependent tasks. Although there are different factors that influence individual’s behavior, leaders are generally seen as the most important influencers of individual’s motivations and behaviors. This research emphasizes the importance of leadership in raising cooperativeness of fol....................
    (2013-05-31) ‘Framing Violence: an analysis of its construction and possible functions in video games
    Falger, J.A.
    This thesis will focus specifically on the framing of violence in video games. I will conduct an empirical analysis of the video game Battlefield 3 then relate the findings of my empirical research and analysis of the game to the broader academic discussion concerning video games, violence and framing. The central question of this thesis is: How is violence in video games framed diagnostically and prognostically and in what ways could this framing possibly influence the perception of violence in....................
    (2012-08-31) ‘From Soil to Customer’ Corporate Social Responsibility, self-regulation and supply chain control in the agri-food industry
    Vente, M.H.
    To increase the sustainability of their supply chain as an important example of such CSR strategies, companies are increasingly turning to self-regulation initiatives, either individually or collectively as a sector or an industry as a whole. With this development, corporations and industries are entering the arena of food control systems and certification which had previously been dominated by governmental and non-governmental agencies. While there have been many publications on such non-profit....................
    (2009-01-01) ‘From the Stall to the Store’: The Formalization of Street Vendors in Quito, Ecuador
    Ferragut, Sergio
    In 2003, after many years of back and forth negotiations, about six thousand five hundred informal street vendors were relocated from the streets, sidewalks and squares of the Historic Centre of Quito (HCQ) into eleven Popular Comercial Centres (Centros Comerciales de Ahorro - CCAs) built and conditioned by the Municipality of Quito (MDMQ), with support from local and international institutions. This process of formalization started in 1998 and concluded in 2003 when the vendors moved into the C....................
    (2008-08-31) ‘Ge zijt er en ge moet er aan wennen’ : Het aanpassingsproces van ouderen in het verpleeghuis
    Bonouvrié, M.
    Ouderen die permanent verhuizen naar een verpleeghuis staan voor de taak zich aan te passen aan een nieuwe woonomgeving waar zij niet echt voor kiezen. De wijze waarop ouderen zich aanpassen en hoe de ouderen deze aanpassing ervaren wordt in een kleinschalig kwalitatief onderzoek beschreven. Het doel van dit longitudinaal onderzoek was de verpleegkundige zorg voor pas verhuisde ouderen te verbeteren. Acht residenten zijn in de eerste en in de derde maand na de verhuizing geïnterviewd op een op....................
    (2008-10-31) ‘Gedwongen en vrije liefde’ in Suriname
    Hoving, M.F.
    Na de onafhankelijkheid in 1975, is binnen Suriname het natiegevoel steeds sterker geworden. Hierdoor zijn bevolkingsgroepen, ook tegenwoordig, in het dagelijks leven steeds meer met elkaar in contact gekomen. De Hindostaanse gemeenschap is echter nog een relatief ‘gesloten’ gemeenschap binnen deze samenleving. Bepaalde gebruiken en tradities, waaronder het huwelijk, worden sterk nageleefd, door deze gemeenschap. Met name jonge Hindostaanse jonge vrouwen die in Suriname leven, krijgen te....................
    (2008-01-01) ‘Geostrategic Neoliberalism’ and India’s New Neighbourhood Policy
    Gunasekera, Manisha
    This research paper examines the geopolitical drivers of the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ILA) from a realist IPE perspective. The study concludes that in addition to economic imperatives, there are compelling geopolitical factors driving the ILA, in the context of the transformation of India’s neighbourhood policy following economic liberalisation in 1991. It argues that India’s new neighbourhood policy of ‘geostrategic neoliberalism’, which incorporates neoliberal ideology dr....................
    (2016-07-22) ‘Geven is het symbolische voedsel dat sociale relaties in stand houdt’
    Ploeg, B.M.
    Crowdfunding is a phenomenon rapidly growing in popularity —particularly in the cultural sector— allowing founders from multiple sectors to utilize the power of the crowd to fund their projects. Little research has focused on social aspects, while it is a social phenomenon pre-eminently. Due to the fact that many people participate in a crowdfunding campaign, social relationships can be affected. Therefore, this study aims to examine the relationship between founders and contributors of proj....................
    (2011-01-01) ‘Gezonde ziekenhuizen’ als waarborg voor de continuïteit van zorg : 'Ziekenhuizen als Diensten van Algemeen Economisch Belang?'
    Damen, A.J.
    Op de overheid rust de plicht om publieke belangen, zoals de continuiteit van zorg, te waarborgen. Met de invoering van het nieuwe zorgstelsel zijn veel ziekenhuizen in financiele problemen gekomen. De overheid zou via financiele steunverlening ziekenhuizen uit de problemen kunnen helpen. De overheid is hierbij gebonden zich te houden aan de staatssteunregels. Het concept Diensten van Algemeen Economisch Belang(DAEB) biedt de mogelijkheid een uitzondering te vormen op het staatssteunverbod. Het ....................
    (2014-07-23) ‘Gezonde’ mannen en vrouwen, wat zijn dat eigenlijk volgens Men’s Health en Women’s Health?
    Burgers, Ingrid
    De representatie van mannen en vrouwen in de tijdschriften Men’s Health en Women’s Health loopt erg uiteen, ook al hebben de bladen nagenoeg dezelfde redactie. De stereotiepe manier waarop de bladen naar de andere sekse verwijzen, is niet reëel en de gerepresenteerde genderrollen zijn ronduit onhaalbaar voor de lezer. De eisen die zij stellen aan hun lezers zijn oneindig. Niet alleen moeten mannen er goed uitzien, ze moeten ambitie, een hoog salaris en bij voorkeur twee tot drie keer per we....................
    (2016-07-14) ‘Give me a reason to make it my own’: The Further Effects of Confabulation on Self-knowledge
    Verhage, C.L.
    In recent years, research started investigations on the downstream consequences of unconsciously activated behavior. The present study builds on the work on the explanatory vacuum and misattribution of behavior (i.e., confabulation) caused by nonconscious processes and extends the work on confabulation by investigating the further consequences on one’s self-knowledge. It was hypothesized that receiving negative false feedback on previously performed behavior would lead, because of the need to ....................
    (2011-12-15) ‘GIVE WAR A CHANCE’: ALL OUT WAR AS A MEANS TO ENDING CONFLICT : Comparing Sri Lanka and Colombia
    Diaz, Fabio Andres
    This paper investigates the emergence of a military approach as a means to solving protracted civil conflicts in the particular cases of Sri Lanka and Colombia. The article attempts a comparative study of the military alternatives emerging as an end to civil war in both countries. The approach adopted is to study the emergence of these military options within the context of each country’s history and to assess whether the call for war was merely a consequence of the war on terror, or driven by....................
    (2012-01-31) ‘God spends the day elsewhere, but He sleeps in Rwanda’ About Catholicism, conflict and peace in Rwanda
    Buit, H.M.
    Over the last decades, scholars from different backgrounds have researched the ways people deal with the consequences of violent conflict. Only recently, the contributions of religion to processes of peace and reconciliation attracted academic attention. This thesis builds upon this emerging field of study and examines the role of Catholicism in Rwanda. Currently, Rwanda is known for the genocide that occured in 1994. But long before the genocide took place, Rwanda was seen as an example of succ....................
    (2011-01-01) ‘Going for goal’ of ‘taking one for the team’ : Individualisme ‐ collectivisme binnen sportsponsoring & de invloed van sekse
    Macinski, Stephanie
    In dit onderzoek staat de betekenis van individualisme en collectivisme binnen effectieve sportsponsoring centraal. Om tot effectieve sportsponsoring te komen stellen de match-up hypothesis en image transfer theory dat overeenkomsten tussen product en sporter nodig zijn. Deze match-up wordt in de praktijk veelal gemaakt op basis van aantrekkelijkheid en deskundigheid van de sporter. In dit onderzoek wordt echter gesteld dat individualisme en collectivisme eveneens belangrijke criteria vorme....................
    (2009-01-01) ‘Good’ Policy Theory and the EU’s Sports Policy : Is the EU’s Sports Policy a ‘Good’ Policy?
    Rappers, Leona
    Since the 1970s, sport has been on the agenda of the European Union, but no coherent approach has so far developed. Rather, issues that are ‘inherent to sport’ were said to fall out of Community law anyway; while sporting matters that fell under Competition Law and Single Market Policies, most notably, were indeed subject to EU jurisdiction. In recent years, however, excluding purely sporting matters from the scope of Community law per se has dissolved into an approach, especially by th....................
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