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    (2013-10-31) Tracing Emerging Irreversibilities and Development Pathways in the Field of Nanosensor Technologies
    Kowalczyk, J.W.
    Abstract Nanosensor technologies constitute a new emerging field of science and technology with tremendous innovation potential. However, as the technology is still in its infancy many uncertainties and unknowns exist. Nonetheless, due to high expectations and promises, the technology gained a lot of attention from governments, companies and universities as they see potential to benefit from the development and commercialization of such technologies. With their ongoing activities and interaction....................
    (2013-10-31) FDI and responsible business in Tanzania: What difference does it make for employment and working conditions?
    Koornstra, M.
    In recent years, support for traditional development cooperation declined. There is little con-fidence in its effectiveness and therefore, a new way of development cooperation emerged. International organizations like the World Bank (WB), the United Nations (UN) and the In-ternational Monetary Fund (IMF) have emphasized the potential contribution of business to development, as well as national governments all around the world. In the current globalizing world, the private sector is increasingly ....................
    Benthem, M. van
    Deze scriptie gaat over de woonvoorkeuren van middenklasse gezinnen in Utrecht. Deze woonvoorkeuren worden verklaard aan de hand van gezinnen woonachtig in twee verschillende woonmilieus, centrum-stedelijk en groenstedelijk. Diepte-interviews zijn met gezinnen afgenomen in deze twee verschillende woonmilieus om de verschillende woonvoorkeuren te achterhalen en vervolgens deze verschillen te verklaren. Naast leefstijl, blijken levensloop en opvattingen over de opvoeding van kinderen een belangrij....................
    (2013-10-31) The potentials to improve the macrophytes in polder ditches within the management area of water board “De Stichtse Rijnlanden”
    Hartog, M.E. den
    A number of water bodies in the management area of the Water board ‘De Stichtse Rijnlanden’ (HDSR) should meet the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The WFD has determined that these water bodies must have a ‘good ecological status’ by 2015. To assess ecological status, the WFD requires the definition of reference conditions using biological, physical and chemical indicators and an assignment of the water bodies to one of the five quality classes. By focusing solely....................
    (2013-10-31) Responsible agribusiness in Ethiopia. The contribution of European entrepreneurs in sustainable local development.
    Repapis, I.
    In the past two decades Ethiopia has engaged in a modernization process to achieve socio-economic development. Possessing vast reserves of fertile agricultural land and water sources, Ethiopia has become one of the top five destinations for commercial agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Its ambitious policies place agricultural development at the core of this modernization process. In this developmental path the private sector has gained significant ground as a driver of development complementing....................
    (2013-10-31) Manufacturing investments going east
    Wolters, M.P.
    Doel van dit onderzoek is inzicht krijgen hoe het vestigingsklimaat van Oost Europa voor productieactiviteiten eruit ziet en met welke beweegredenen MNO’s hun productiefaciliteiten starten in deze regio. Deze doelstelling is geformuleerd in samenspraak met Buck Consultants International, de opdrachtgever van dit onderzoek. De onderzoeksvraag luidt: In hoeverre is het vestigingsklimaat van landen rond de oostelijke grenzen van de Europese Unie geschikt voor internationale investeerders in produ....................
    (2013-10-31) Future development of the price of control power
    Verweij, L.R.
    This thesis examines the future price of secondary control power provided by spinning reserve in the Netherlands. This was done by researching the opportunity cost, which equals the lowest price of control power. The opportunity cost was determined by comparing the profits of dispatching the plant in its most profitable way and by oblige the plant to run to provide control power. Three different factors that can affect the opportunity cost were taken into account. The first is changing the lengt....................
    (2013-10-31) The World Upside Down: The Rise of Crisis-induced Spanish Migration to Morocco
    Rooijendijk, L.
    This research studies the effects of the European crisis in terms of new trends in North-South migration: crisis-induced Spaniards migrating to Morocco. The main objective of this exploratory research is to contribute to a qualitative understanding of the causes, means and effects of Spanish labour migration into Morocco through portraying the migrants’ personal development in their transnational worlds. More specifically, this research aims to present the migration aspirations of the crisis-i....................
    (2013-10-31) Towards Spatial Justice: The Spatial Equity Effects of a Toll Road in Cape Town, South Africa
    Dijk, J.T. van
    The present study set out to provide an ex ante insight into the equity effects of a toll charge on the geographical accessibility of work opportunities and traffic diversion in the Cape Town metropolitan region, South Africa. Based on aggregate accessibility measures and a static traffic assignment model, computed in a GIS environment, the effects of a toll were estimated for different income categories for both a reference scenario and two toll scenarios. The findings indicate that particularl....................
    (2013-10-31) De verkoop van corporatiewoningen: Onderzoek naar de motieven voor het wel of niet kopen van een woning van woningcorporatie Portaal
    Bot, K.
    Woningcorporaties houden zich, naast het verhuren van sociale huurwoningen, tegenwoordig ook bezig met het verkopen van (corporatie)woningen. Naast het vergroten van de liquide middelen van corporaties, heeft het verkopen van corporatiewoningen nog een belangrijk doel: het bedienen van de lagere middeninkomens, die te veel verdienen voor een sociale huurwoning, maar te weinig voor een (reguliere) koopwoning. Het doel van dit onderzoek is om te achterhalen wat de motieven zijn van niet-zittende h....................
    (2013-10-31) Establishment of an immunohistochemical method to detect West Nile virus in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues
    Nijdam, P.
    With the emergence of West Nile virus in Northern America and the re-emergence ofthe virus in Europe, the relevance of West Nile virus as a pathogen has beenunderlined. In particular the quick spread on the American continent and the increasein virulence, compared to previous appearances, have lead to healthcare concerns.Reliable and accurate laboratory methods to detect this virus are thereforenecessary. One of them is immunohistochemistry, which is an important instrument inresearch and histol....................
    (2013-10-31) Validation of a PCR assay for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis from faeces samples of red deer.
    Bos, N.E.
    Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) is a common bacteria in deer in New Zealand, over 60% of herds may be infected. MAP causes Johne’s disease (JD), a chronic, granulomatous enteritis. Deer which are infected at an age of 2 years or younger seem to be most susceptible to the disease. Large numbers of MAP may be shed in the faeces in the end stage of the disease and the pasture will be contaminated, which gives the opportunity for transmission of MAP infection to other hosts. The....................
    Rakt, K.S.D. van de
    A nested PCR approach was used to investigate the presence of Herpesvirusses in different species of Canadian wildlife. The PCR is based on degenerate primers targeting the DNA polymerase B gene in open reading frame 9. The polymerase B protein is a essential protein and highly conserved in the DNA polymerase B gene of Herpesvirus. In this article we describe the findings of this nested PCR on wildlife samples. A unknown Herpesvirus in the specie Martes americana was detected. The detected seque....................
    (2013-10-31) Foodborne disease risk assessment at Kamp Heumensoord
    Lotterman, A.
    A foodborne disease risk assessment at Kamp Heumensoord was conducted at the International Four Day Marches Nijmegen 2013. This assessment consisted of a kitchen hygiene assessment and a mircobiological risk assessment of the served foods.
    (2013-10-31) Juvenile castration in cats: The current situation in the Netherlands
    Neven, E.C.
    Cat overpopulation remains a problem in the Netherlands. Juvenile castration (6-16 weeks of age) can help facilitate adopting out young kittens which are unable to reproduce. As a result, problems with owner compliance are avoided and a shorter holding period for kittens in shelters can be achieved. While widely applied in the United States of America (USA), Dutch veterinarians seem reluctant to perform this procedure in kittens. A survey was sent to Dutch veterinarians, specialised in the field....................
    (2013-10-31) Factors affecting ovulation within three weeks postpartum in dairy cows in Florida
    Vercouteren, M.M.A.A.
    Virtually, all dairy cows have their first follicular wave within two weeks postpartum. However, only 30 - 50% ovulates within three weeks postpartum. The aim of this study was to evaluate factors affecting ovulation within 21 days in milk (DIM) in dairy cows. Cows (n = 768) from 2 herds had their ovaries scanned by ultrasonography twice a week starting at 17±3 DIM for a total of 4 ultrasound examinations (US). Ovulation was characterized by the presence of a corpus luteum (CL) ≥ 20mm in any ....................
    (2013-10-31) Reference Genes for the Canine Intervertebral Disc: essential knowledge for gene expression research
    Heuvel, D.
    Intervertebral disc (IVD) disease is a disease common to dogs, especially chondrodystrophic dogs (dogs with short legs compared to their body height). In IVD disease the tissues of the intervertebral disc are degenerating which leads to loss of function and degeneration. To find a cure for the disease this study focuses on the molecular pathways playing an important role in IVD disease, which is done by determining a set of 15 reference genes which can be used in further studies. These referenc....................
    (2013-10-31) Trends in premature death in pet rabbits
    Peetsold, G.L.
    A pet rabbit can reach the age between 8 and 12 years, when given the proper care [5,6,13,17]. In the Netherlands, the average age of pet rabbits is between 3 and 4.5 (±0,3) years of age [4,5]. The Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Centre (VPDC) of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty at Utrecht University started a 3 year lasting research on 1 October 2009, the “Welfare research small mammals”. To investigate the causes of death in young pet rabbits and evaluates options to expand the average age....................
    (2013-10-31) Bisexual bonding in West African chimpanzees: Implications for the evolution of human sociality
    Leeuwen, K.L. van
    Humans are a gregarious species, with close bisexual bonds. Human’s closest living relatives, chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and bonobos (Pan paniscus), show different social systems. In chimpanzees and bonobos, males are philopatric and females disperse, which predicts close social bonds between related males and relatively solitary females. In bonobos, however, evidence states differently and the strongest bonds are formed between unrelated females and between mother and son. Chimpanzees gene....................
    (2013-10-31) CO2-Performance Ladder, The quality and usage of the obligated management documents
    Boersen, M.G.M.
    Summary In 2009 ProRail (Dutch railway) established a certification scheme, the so called CO2-Performance Ladder (CO2PL). The CO2PL provides a financial bonus in some tenders of (semi)governmental organisations like ProRail. The height of the financial bonus depends on the level of the certification which can vary from 1 till 5. Companies can obtain such a certificate when specific requirements are met. Within this master thesis the use of two requirements set by the CO2PL: the Energy Managemen....................
    (2013-10-31) Towards a more sustainable heat system in South-Holland
    Visser, L.
    In this report the possibilities of sustainable heat supply in South-Holland are reviewed. The province of South-Holland has set ambitious targets to reach 20 PJ sustainable heat in 2020, which is defined by the province as renewable heat plus waste heat. On the longer term a sustainable heat and cold share of 50% in 2050 is aimed for. This is based on opportunities such as a large demand for heat, a large availability of waste heat and the specific opportunities in the horticultural sector in t....................
    (2013-10-31) Regenerating an Immune System: Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Transplantation for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency
    Latour, B.L.
    Primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) are a subset of immunologically based, inherited diseases that predispose affected individuals to a variety of infections, allergies, and autoimmune disorders, and leave them at risk of developing cancer. PIDs provide an invaluable model to dissect intrinsic mechanisms of the human immune system. Examination of these mostly monogenic conditions has lead to the identification of many of the associated genes and has produced a wealth of information about the devel....................
    (2013-10-31) The influence of human disturbance on amphibians and small mammals
    Schaijk, M.E. van
    Human disturbance is increasingly affecting wildlife and their habitats. Studies on the ecological impact of human disturbance on wildlife mainly focused on bird species. However, the impact of human disturbance is at least equally important for amphibians and small mammals, in particular for endangered species. Therefore, this review gives an overview of the effects of human disturbance (light and noise pollution, vibration and human presence) on amphibians and small mammals. This provides a th....................
    (2013-10-31) Inhibition and flexibility in Hoarding, and OCD: similarities in neuropsychological profile
    Meulen, M.T. van der
    Introduction Cognitive impairment of executive functioning in patients diagnosed with Hoarding Disorder (HD) and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), particularly in the domains of mental flexibility and motor- and impulse control, is well established in a number of studies. However, research is inconsistent, leading to an ongoing debate on the conceptualization of Hoarding. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to examine whether ADHD and autism symptoms and related neuropsychological pr....................
    (2013-10-31) The endocrine Fibroblast Growth Factor family: Possible insulin-sensitizing therapeutics
    Smits, M.W.L.
    This thesis focuses on the endocrine members of the Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) family. The 23 FGFs, polypeptides that perform different actions in an organism, can be divided into seven subfamilies, functioning intracrine, paracrine or endocrine. The endocrine family consists of FGF19, the human ortholog of FGF15, FGF21 and FGF23. To function in the body, endocrine FGFs signal through FGF receptors (FGFR) with the use of co-receptor Klotho. Tissue specific expression of FGFR and Klotho deter....................
    (2013-10-31) Differential roles of intracellular and extracellular heat shock proteins in tumorigenesis
    Schimmel, L.
    Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are a class of proteins originally found to be intracellular chaperones that mediate proper folding of other proteins. However under stress conditions, these proteins were found to be present at the plasma membrane, or in the extracellular environment, either as free soluble protein or as part of secreted extracellular vesicles (EVs). These vesicles can be formed via different biosynthesis routes, and were found to be a novel way for cell communication. Because EVs can....................
    (2013-10-31) Thinking makes it so: How psychological expectations recruit neuromodulatory circuits. Insights from the placebo effect.
    Matheson, G.J.
    Placebo effects have traditionally been thought of as a confounder within clinical research. Recent research in humans and animals employing diverse methodologies, however, has demonstrated that placebo effects are in fact genuine psychobiological events in which psychological processes give rise to measurable effects within the brain, including the induction of modulatory neurotransmission. The ability of psychological mechanisms of expectation and learning to evoke endogenous neuromodulation....................
    (2013-10-31) Towards etiology-directed treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder behavioral and cognitive domains using genetic mouse models
    Molenhuis, R.T.
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by impaired social and communicative impairments (SCI), and restricted and repetitive behaviors (RRB). Currently, hundreds of genes have been associated with ASD and human genetic studies suggest that different etiologies are underlying SCI and RRB. Pharmaceuticals are recently being tested in clinical trials and they are likely to have subdomain specificity, while designed to target a molecular ASD etiology. Based on these studies, we hypothesize ....................
    (2013-10-31) The role of posttranslational modifications and ISWI-driven chromatin remodeling during the DNA damage response
    Berg, J. van den
    The human genome is constantly exposed to DNA damage-inducing agents from various sources. The resulting genomic lesions have to be resolved in an adequate way to prevent errors in proteins, which could eventually lead to mutations and chromosomal aberrations. For every type of DNA damage, the cell has a specific repair pathway to restore the DNA in an either error-prone or error-free fashion. For instance, cisplatin and UV-irradiation induce DNA adducts can be repaired by the nucleotide excisio....................
    (2013-10-31) The structure and function of the lipopolysaccharide transport system in gram negative bacteria.
    Beek, N. van
    Gram-negative bacteria contain lipopolysaccharide (LPS), also known as endotoxin, in the outer leaflet of their outer membrane (OM). LPS causes a strong immune response in humans, provides structural support for the bacterium and protects it against hydrophobic molecules, like some antibiotics. LPS is synthesised in separate parts in the cytoplasm and transported across the inner membrane (IM), through the periplasm and across the OM. The synthesis pathway and the transport across the IM have be....................
    (2013-10-31) Increasing the Chemical potential by using a Local Optical Ultra-tight Dipole-Trap (i.C.L.O.U.D)
    Tol, J. van der
    Although the experimental set-ups to get in the temperature regime for Bose-Einstein Condensation have been available for many years, there is an even colder regime where we are eager to do research in. It is in this regime that the temperature times the Boltzmann constant becomes of the order of the chemical potential. In this regime exciting new things can be measured, for example, so-called first and second sound switch their behaviour. In the experiment described in this report we reach this....................
    (2013-10-31) Clinical relevance of diarrheagenic E.coli detection
    Vinamont, I.
    Improving the detection of specific diarrheagenic E. coli types has not been the focus of clinical and scientific research. The need for this was not recognized, especially in the western world. Now, the importance of detection and identification has been recognized, mostly due to outbreaks of infections in the western world. The main problem is the fact that there is a large overlap (target genes and symptoms) between different E. coli types, which makes identification difficult. Because of the....................
    (2013-10-31) Begeleiding van student-leerkrachten. De relatie tussen nabijheid en adaptieve begeleiding.
    Vreekamp, M.
    Het belang van goede begeleiding van student-leerkrachten wordt zowel in de literatuur als in de praktijk benadrukt. Twee onderzoeksgebieden, de student-begeleiderrelatie en adaptief begeleiden, zijn in dit onderzoek aan elkaar gekoppeld. De student-begeleiderrelatie is onderzocht vanuit het interpersoonlijk perspectief, wat de relatie beschrijft in termen van nabijheid en invloed (Mainhard et al., 2009). Adaptieve begeleiding betreft het dynamisch veranderen van begeleidingsmethoden in reactie ....................
    (2013-10-31) Assessment of the biochemical characteristics of Rotavirus; implications for process development
    Put, R.M.F. van der
    Rotavirus was first discovered in 1973, and is a major cause of acute gastroenteritis both in children in developing and developed countries. On a global scale, episodes of rotavirus diarrheal disease occurring in infants under the age of five are estimated to affect over 100 million individuals. Therefore, it is important to develop a safe and effective rotavirus vaccine for use in humans. This literature review evaluates the status and challenges of rotavirus vaccine development, with the goal....................
    (2013-10-31) Baculoviruses Budded Virus: virion structure and assembly
    Pervolaraki, K.
    Baculoviruses are invertebrate viruses of the family Baculoviridae. They have been isolated from more than 600 orders of arthropods with Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera and Diptera to be the most well-characterized hosts. Baculoviruses are a group of large, circular dsDNA viruses with genomes of 80 to 180 Kbp. They have rod-shaped and enveloped nucleocapsids, replicate in the nucleus of infected host cells and have interesting biological and molecular properties ranging from their practical application....................
    (2013-10-31) Gibbsite systems for confocal microscopy studies
    Harten, E.J. van
    This thesis describes the synthesis of large (fluorescent) gibbsite platelets and their phase behaviour studied by optical observations of Bragg reflections, polarized light microscopy, and confocal laser scanning microscopy. Large gibbsite platelets (500-700 nm) were synthesized via two different methods; the seeded growth method, in which small platelets are stepwise grown to larger sizes and the direct growth method, in which large platelets are obtained in a one-step synthesis. These platele....................
    (2013-10-31) Sensitivity to Evidence in Probabilistic Networks
    Meekes, M.
    The probabilistic network framework is an approach to apply probability theory to reasoning with uncertainty in knowledge-based systems. Whereas researchers have studied the properties of parameter sensitivity analysis for probabilistic networks to quite some extent, evidence sensitivity analysis has received far less attention. The aim of my thesis is to present new, fundamental insights on sensitivity to evidence in probabilistic networks.
    (2013-10-31) Automated level generation and difficulty rating for Trainyard
    Vendrig, N.
    This thesis presents a framework for automatic level generation for the puzzle game Trainyard. We made a replica of this game, called Flight, and integrated the level generation framework into it. This framework is able to automatically generate levels of various difficulty. The generation of levels is divided into three components: (i) the level generator, which creates the level, (ii) the level solver, which checks the feasibility of the generated level, and (iii) the difficulty estimator, whi....................
    (2013-10-31) The Size Robust Multiple Knapsack Problem
    Tönissen, D.D.
    In this thesis we investigate the size robust multiple knapsack problem. The differences with the standard knapsack problem are, that there is more than one knapsack and that the knapsack sizes can decrease with a certain probability. To deal with this, we allow recovery by removing items. Our goal is to find a solution where the expected value is maximal. We solve this problem with two decomposition approaches: The combined and separate decomposition model. We show that the speed-up for the de....................
    (2013-10-31) Validation of Bayesian networks- with a case study on fingerprint general patterns
    Doshi, V.
    In the first part of the project we design and validate Bayesian networks for evaluation of the fingerprint general pattern. These networks have two applications in forensic science. Firstly, it will help the fingerprint examiner reduce the number of reference fingerprints he has to search (to find the donor of the fingermark), by ascertaining from which finger(s) is it more likely for the general pattern(s) of the fingermark(s) to occur. Secondly, it will help the fingerprint examiner to quanti....................
    (2013-10-31) Optical flow for dynamic facial expression recognition.
    Psaltis, A.
    Facial expressions are essential in human face-to-face communication because they reflect emotion and are a form of nonverbal communication. The face of a human has the most relevant visual characteristics of personality and emotion. We developed and analyzed a real-time fully automatic facial expression classification system that uses sequences of frames describing the dynamics of the expressions. This includes face detection, face registration using landmark points of the face, feature extract....................
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