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    (2012-01-01) A requirements specification of an information system to support planned and unplanned use of shared meeting rooms
    Vermeij, Matthijs
    This report describes the research done for the school of Management and Governance at the University of Twente. The goal of this research is to provide recommendations for the key requirements specification of an information system that supports planned and unplanned use of the shared meeting rooms at the Ravelijn building, by employees and students of the school of Management and Governance. This report describes how the research has been performed as well as the results obtained.
    (2012-01-01) Het heksenproces tegen Lucia de Berk. Waarheidsvinding of winstbejag
    Bakker, C.D. (Chantal),
    Verpleegster Lucia de Berk wordt in 2001 verdacht van de moord op meerdere patiënten. Direct bewijs is er niet maar in maart 2003 wordt ze toch veroordeeld tot levenslang. In de media wordt ze al snel 'Engel des doods' genoemd. Deze scriptie onderzoekt hoe NRC Handelsblad en De Telegraaf over dit 'hekensproces' berichtten.
    (2012-01-01) Economisch gebruik van dorsresten in Romeins Karanis, Egypte.
    Feenstra, M.M. (Merel),
    Emmer-wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccon) was the dominant crop cultivated in ancient Egypt, but was gradually replaced by hard-wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) during the Ptolemaic period (later the Roman period). Hard-wheat was in contrast to emmer-wheat a free-threshing cereal. Threshing hard-wheat resulted in large numbers of threshing remains. This provided the opportunity to use threshing remains, among others, as temper in the fabrication of mud-bricks in construction. However, ar....................
    (2012-01-01) Kannen op Canvas, Vergelijking tussen de benaming en het gebruik van aardewerk
    Melis, Jacobine,
    Bij het classificeren via het Deventersysteem krijgen voorwerpen een benaming van een voorwerp waarop het lijkt. Bij deze manier van classificeren wordt het gebruik van middeleeuwse voorwerpen geregeld gecorreleerd met het gebruik van moderne voorwerpen. Er is onderzocht hoe het gebruik van middeleeuwse voorwerpen overeenkomt met het gebruik van moderne voorwerpen met dezelfde benaming en wat dit betekent voor dit type classificatiesystemen. Het onderzoek is uitgevoerd door het gebruik van vorme....................
    (2012-01-01) What makes employee willing to share knowledge via intranet?
    Ramdhania, Poppy Yuniarti
    Knowledge Management (KM) has been increasingly discussed by many scholars and captured the interest of practitioners. Knowledge sharing (KS) is one fundamental aspect in organization knowledge management (KM) practice. It bridges the process of acquisition and utilization of individual knowledge. The emerging approach of KS suggests that KS can not be managed but evolves in rich social interaction whereas the engineering approach assumes that KS can be stimulated by creating conditions (struct....................
    (2012-01-01) Innovation dynamics in open source software
    Bloemen, Remco
    Open source software development is a major driver of software innovation, yet it has thus far received little attention from innovation research. One of the reasons is that conventional methods such as survey based studies or patent co-citation analysis do not work in the open source communities. In this thesis it will be shown that open source development is very accessible to study, due to its open nature, but it requires special tools. In particular, this thesis introduces the method o....................
    (2012-01-01) A qualitative study of job satisfaction among lawyer assistants in Zhongyan law firm, Guangdong, China
    Li, Qianqin
    This research project firstly aims to find out the key elements that measure the job satisfaction of the lawyer assistants in Zhongyuan Law Firm, China, and then it explores, by using these key elements, to what extent the lawyer assistants feel satisfied with their job. The qualitative research method was used in this work, and the qualitative data analysis was used to give an elaboration on the participants‘ job satisfaction. Ten open-ended questions were designed for the interviews. There ....................
    (2012-01-01) Sustainably developed biofuel from Jatropha production in Cameroon : a feasibility study
    Alphen, J.H.C. (Jeroen)
    This research is about Biofuels and Sustainable Development; two of the most discussed topics in energy production at this moment. Since biofuels are in a dynamic phase, serious question marks have to be placed regarding the production of this in developing countries such as Cameroon. Therefore this research has been set up for Reef’s/ TRC’s which core business is supplying wood from its own forest concessions in Cameroon, to civil engineering projects and the building industry in the N....................
    (2012-01-01) A dynamic approach to L2 development in written language
    Dagelet, E.P.M. (Evelien),; Hummel, G.T. (Ingrid),
    It is assumed that language is constantly changing and developing within a Dynamic Systems Theory and Complexity Theory approach. This study investigates how the developmental process works for two advanced students of English their written language productions over the course of approximately 4 years. Subsequently, the written data samples were divided into two overarching categories of writing genres, e.g. formal and informal texts. Grammatical complexity, lexical complexity, and use of formul....................
    (2012-01-01) Does coping style predict vulnerability of depression?
    Vlieg, E.F.
    Individuals can respond differently to stressors. This response determines whether the individual will get stressed. There are certain behavioral patterns which determines how an individual responds to stress. These are called coping styles: ‘A coping style can be defined as a coherent set of behavioral and physiological stress responses which is consistent over time and situation and which is characteristic to a certain group of individuals’ (Koolhaas et al., 1999). There are two coping sty....................
    (2012-01-01) Onderbeenprotheses in ontwikkelingslanden
    Prins, G.W.
    Amputatie van ledematen zorgt voor een patiënt voor een aanzienlijke vermindering van levenskwaliteit. Indien het de lagere extremiteiten betreft zal hij zich niet meer makkelijk kunnen voortbewegen. Dit zorgt voor problemen in het dagelijkse leven doordat de patiënt bijvoorbeeld niet meer aan het werk kan, of zich niet meer kan verplaatsen om sociale contacten te onderhouden. In ontwikkelingslanden is het probleem voor mensen met geamputeerde ledematen nog groter aangezien ze vaak niet veel g....................
    (2012-01-01) Een preoperatieve behandeling van osteoartrose aan het carpometacarpal gewricht van de duim
    Vries, K.
    Osteoartrose aan het 1ste CMC gewricht is een veel voorkomende ziekte die bij zowel mannen als bij vrouwen voorkomt. Het is een degeneratieve ziekte waarbij het kraakbeen is aangedaan door slijtage. Dit leidt tot ontsteking en zwelling van het gewricht, wat uiteindelijk leidt tot pijn en functieverlies. In dit artikel worden de problemen van osteoartrose en de anatomie behandeld. Er wordt gekeken naar mogelijke operatieve behandelingen en naar preoperatieve behandelingen. Preoperatieve behandel....................
    (2012-01-01) Aantrekhulp voor Orthopedisch schoeisel
    Steenbergen, S.J.
    De begeleider en/of auteur heeft geen toestemming gegeven tot het openbaar maken van de scriptie. The supervisor and/or the author did not authorize public publication of the thesis.
    (2012-01-01) Micro-RNAs as Regulators of Senescence and Aging
    Roo, W.
    Senescence is the change in the biology of an organism as it ages. It can be caused by different factors, and induced for different reasons. Aging is process, resulting from the accumulation of biological damage. Aging is closely connected to senescence, but has its own regulatory pathways. The p53 and p16 pathway are known to regulate senescence, while the IIS and TOR pathways are the best studied aging pathways. miRNAs have been found to regulate the mechanisms that control senescence and agin....................
    (2012-01-01) The overlooked impact of methodology in measuring the staffing record in EU civilian missions
    Steinberg, Carina
    The EU's credibility as an actor in civilian crisis management is at stake. Low staffing contributions by the Member States of the Union have been discussed as a main problem in the EU's civilian crisis management since 2009, the year in which the Lisbon Treaty entered into force. Several measures have been taken at EU- and Member State level since then. The central research question of this study is 'What does the staffing record in EU civilian missions look like in 2012, three years after....................
    (2012-01-01) Extending crop growing season to improve yield
    Renes, S.E.
    In order to keep up with growing demands on food worldwide, different ways in which crop yields can be improved need to be investigated. Genetic yield potential depends in part on the total incident solar radiation, which is related to the length of the growing season. This paper aims to give a preliminary assessment of the potential for increasing crop yields by extending the growing season, in the light of expected climatic changes, with the focus on the situation in the cool temperate climate....................
    (2012-01-01) Visualizing Place Name Etymologies
    Harris, B.
    De begeleider en/of auteur heeft geen toestemming gegeven tot het openbaar maken van de scriptie. The supervisor and/or the author did not authorize public publication of the thesis.
    (2012-01-01) Neural Correlates of a Bias in Decision Making
    Slotegraaf, T.I.
    De begeleider en/of auteur heeft geen toestemming gegeven tot het openbaar maken van de scriptie. The supervisor and/or the author did not authorize public publication of the thesis.
    (2012-01-01) Design gegrond in metaforen: een studie naar de invloed van dikte en gewicht op de beoordeling van smartphones
    Verdenius, Francien
    Product design has become a very important tool for brand differentiation. Design has focused on visual design for a long time but recent studies have shown other sensory information can have a positive influence on product experience. It is valuable to have more information about what would be a good base to build a design on. Two studies were conducted to find out if metaphors could provide this base. Two well known dutch metaphors were used to compose the hypotheses for these studies. It was ....................
    (2012-01-01) Op verhaal komen: een verkennende case study naar levensverhalen in de psychiatrie
    Vos, Inez
    Background: The purpose of telling life stories is to arrange, give meaning and to express the identity. Although narratives are used as an instrument in mental health care, little has been known about the effects and possibilities to use them in psychiatry. Goal: This study will contribute in exploring the possibilities of using narratives in psychiatry. By means of a few cases, analyses and possibilities will be examined. Method: Five clients from De Wieke, a clinical setting of people with ....................
    (2012-01-01) Improving texts with multiple summaries by aiding readers to build a text model
    Weiss, Laura A.
    Background. Readers often have difficulties getting the gist of a text. Organizational devices can improve understanding by signaling the text structure and helping readers to distinguish between details and key ideas. This study examines a new design solution to support reading for understanding and recall: QuikScan (QS). QS presents within-document summaries that are formatted as numbered list items. Aim. Empirical studies have shown that QS improves understanding and recall, but the underlyin....................
    (2012-01-01) Process optimization of the preoperative anesthesia clinics at ZGT Almelo and Hengelo
    Odijk, R.C.A.
    In the last couple of years, Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT) successfully reduced the access times for surgical operations. This reduction in access time led to a bottleneck shift within the patient process from surgical operation to preoperative screening (POS). According to regulations [1], only people who are screened and have consent of an anesthesiologist can be operated. In some cases, patients were not screened before the surgical operation, which led to delay and occasionally to cancellatio....................
    (2012-01-01) Predicting treatment outcome of a preventive and early intervention for sub-threshold and mild panic disorder
    Zonneveld van, Alisa
    Introduction: Each year, 2% to 3% of the adult population is affected by Panic Disorder (PD). The aim of this study is to investigate variables predicting post-treatment effect sizes of a preventive and early intervention in PD. Method: Data concerning demographic information, initial symptom severity and personal variables were collected. A total of 166 participants suffering from panic symptoms followed the ‘Don’t Panic’ course during 8 weeks. Pearson correlations were conducted to expl....................
    (2012-01-01) Design of a supplier performance measurement & evaluation system for DSM’s Petrochemical & Energy Group
    Beijer, T.A.
    Research problem definition and research question For DSM’s Sourcing Petrochemicals & Energy department, there are only a limited number of suppliers big and capable enough to supply DSM. Therefore, DSM’s current sourcing strategy is focused on the development of long term strategic relationships with so called “strategic” suppliers. DSM’s main objective is to achieve a continuous improvement of DSM’s supplier business processes, reduce DSM’s cost and develop and maintain a hi....................
    (2012-01-01) Beauty is the beast: the influence of beauty in advertisements with regard to body satisfaction under women
    Muselaers, M.H.J.
    This study investigates the influence of beauty in advertisements on body satisfaction under women. This study is unique in current literature because it investigates the influence of beauty on the body satisfaction under women by means of a match between model and product and a beauty link. Using three questionnaires, study 1 investigated whether a match between an attractive model and beauty (beauty product and beauty link) does indeed lead to a difference in body satisfaction under women. The....................
    (2012-01-01) Chances for Pan-European deposit insurance : what explains national positions to the recast directive on deposit quarantee schemes?
    Stahlhut, Annika Maria Petra
    The financial crisis has demonstrated that integrated capital and financial markets need strong measures on systemic stability to stand confidence-induced break-downs. In view of raising cross-border banking deposit guarantee schemes as means to avoid panic withdrawals have come into sight. European states have therefore encouraged further harmonization on deposit insurance to first, enhance investor confidence for systemic stability and second, ensure fair competition on common markets for capi....................
    (2012-01-01) A java bridge for LSTMIN
    Oostinga, Ruben
    With today’s advancing technology we become more and more dependent on automated systems. We even trust our lives to those systems functioning properly. Think of the fly-by-wire system of a modern airliner. The system makes sure that the instructions of the pilot are translated into the correct movement of the plane. A fly-by-wire system is a lot more complicated than a mechanical system, therefore there is more opportunity for things to go wrong. To use such complicated systems it must be cer....................
    (2012-01-01) Tackling the bed blocking problem at the Medical Spectrum of Twente
    Dijk van, Nienke
    On account of a growing demand for better planning, usage and management of health services the Medical Spectrum of Twente (MST) in Enschede, The Netherlands, attempts to optimize the transmural care chain of the MST and the three aftercare institutions in the catchment area of the MST. In 2011 at the MST a total of 5474 patients were notified to be eligible for aftercare. 1541 of these patients caused a total of 7810 bed blocking days. A patient is a bed blocker from the first day after the....................
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