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    (2015-10-09) Evolutionary cycles and dimensions of change. A longitudinal and extensive study of Castel Goffredo industrial district
    Carli, G.
    Given the increasing recognition that clusters are essentially the results of an historical and path-dependent process, scholars have developed various conceptual frameworks of evolutionary cycle for their analysis. However, although appealing, such concepts need further empirical research, which should be either able to refine their theoretical bases and prove further their explanatory power. The present work is therefore an investigation of the hosieries industrial district of Castel Goffedo, ....................
    (2015-10-09) De betekenis van regionale identiteit in het proces van ontpoldering in de Hedwigepolder en verkweldering in Noord-Friesland Buitendijks.
    Kramer, R.M.
    Kwalitatief onderzoek naar de betekenis van regionale identiteit op het proces van ontpoldering en verkweldering. Centraal staan de casussen van de Hedwigepolder en Noord-Friesland Buitendijks. Daarnaast is er gekeken naar het waterbewustzijn per regio, de belangen op de verschillende schaalniveaus, de argumenten van de verschillende belangengroepen en in hoeverre regionale identiteit hierin terugkomt. Ook is er gekeken naar de mate van betrokkenheid van de burgers, de houding van de burger ten ....................
    (2015-10-09) Brazilië in beeld. Een inhoudsanalyse van Nederlandse krantenberichten naar de beeldvorming van Brazilië rondom het WK voetbal 2014
    Hoven, M.C.J.M. van den
    Met de organisatie van het WK voetbal in 2014 en de Olympische Spelen in 2016 ziet Brazilië de kans om zichzelf als een capabel, volwassen en vitaal land te tonen aan de wereld. Het organiseren van een mega evenement wordt dan ook vaak gezien als een uitgelezen kans voor een land om zichzelf beter op de kaart te zetten. Naast de positieve gevolgen die het organiseren van een mega evenement met zich mee zou brengen voor Brazilië, brengt een evenement als het WK een grote hoeveelheid media aanda....................
    (2015-10-09) Los Agachaditos: Street Food Vendors, Popular Networks and Food Security in El Alto, Bolivia
    Gajraj, K.J.
    Street food vendors are highly prolific in El Alto, Bolivia, a city susceptible to gaps in State service provision due to rapid expansion, and historical processes of exclusion of the indigenous peoples who make up the majority of the population. Street food vendors operate on a largely informal basis, outside the realm of formal regulation and within a decentralised structure of networks of popular actors. Past research on street food suggests that it may make a valuable contribution to urban f....................
    (2015-10-09) The economic benefits of rural tourism: Creating opportunities for local actors in tourism village Moni
    Siem, D.A.H.L.
    Rural tourism is getting more popular. But what are the economic advantages for the local community? This reserarch shows that many local entrepreneurs in tourism village Moni (Indonesia, Flores) have started small tourism businesses. Foreign entrepreneurs have started medium scale businesses and have provided many job opportunities for local people. The local community is benefiting directly from tourism. In addition other local people such as farmers and fishermen are benefiting indirectly fro....................
    (2015-10-09) Multi-objective optimisation of Integrated Community Energy Systems and assessment of the impact on households:
    Van den Hil, E.J.
    Sustainability has gained considerable interest at all levels in society during the last decades. Climate change has been a large contributor to this mentality change. As current energy systems are inefficient and contribute to climate change, a transition towards more efficient energy systems is sought. The share of local produced energy in the total energy mix increases, for example through small scale solar installations at household level. Integrated Community Energy Systems (ICES) is a comm....................
    (2015-10-08) Investigating the performance of wind farms with alternating tower heights:
    Van Heerde, S.
    Johnstone and Coleman (2012) were among the first to opt the idea of wind farms with mixed tower heights and predicted an increased power production due to the decrease of losses to TKE production from the mean kinetic energy balance. In the current study, the performance of infinite wind farms with alternating tower heights imposed by a neutrally stratified half-channel boundary layer is investigated. A LES approach is selected by using the existing LES code DALESURBAN. To model wind turbines....................
    (2015-10-08) Developing an educational approach to the practice of shaping 3D objects:
    Van Alphen, D.
    The goal of this thesis is to investigate the effect of digital design media on the design process of the industrial designer, and the designing of physical objects. Thereupon an educational approach to the practice of shaping objects was developed, which integrates theory about creativity, design methodology, and the application of new technologies and design media in design practices. Digital design media such as CAD modelling are increasingly integrated into the design process, replacing man....................
    (2015-10-08) Marx en Mill: Het belang van contemporaine critici
    Vennik, Martijn
    Deze paper vergelijkt de sociale analyse, van de leefcondities tijdens industrialisatie in de 19e eeuw, van hedendaagse historici met de analyse die Marx en Mill in hun werken, 'Das Kapital' en 'The principles of political economy', maken.
    (2015-10-08) Philips en de beloftes van omgevingstechnologie: Een kritische discoursanalyse
    Lai, J.
    Onze leefomgeving is steeds vaker uitgerust met technologie. De komende jaren zal dit door de verdere miniaturisering van technologie steeds sneller toenemen. Omgevingstechnologie verbetert het menselijk leven, zo luidt de belofte. Het omgevingstechnologiediscours is grotendeels positief te noemen. Zo moedigt het voor het discours invloedrijke Philips de acceptatie van omgevingstechnologie aan voor het verhogen van aantal technologische apparaten in huishoudens. Philips is invloedrijk in de vorm....................
    (2015-10-08) The role of pairwise and higher-order correlations in feedforward inputs to neural networks:
    Hübner, D.
    When presented with a task or stimulus, the ongoing activity in the brain is perturbed in order to process the new information of the environment. Typical characteristics of this evoked activity are (1) an increase in firing rate of neurons, (2) a decrease in trial-by-trial variability and (3) an increase or decrease in spike count correlations. Considering the importance of variability and correlations within the rate coding paradigm, it is crucial to understand the origin of these modulations.....................
    (2015-10-07) Critical Pressure during Installation of Suction Caissons in Sand:
    Panagoulias, S.
    Suction caissons are used in a variety of bottom founded and floating offshore applications, in shallow and deep waters. The present research focuses on the analysis of suction-assisted installation in sand. Suction pressure measurements from a number of field projects and laboratory centrifuge tests in sandy soils led to find that, in 70% of the studied cases, the critical suction pressure is underestimated by current design methods. The main goal of the present thesis is to improve the underst....................
    (2015-10-07) Yex: Increasing attention of exotic fruits and vegetables in the supermarket :
    Liu, S.
    Yex is a company specialized in the import and export of exotic fruits and vegetables. They are solely a B2B company. Yex, however, sees opportunity in creating added value for their customers. Yex want to help their customers sell the exotics fruits and vegetables in the store, with the focus mainly on supermarkets. For this reason, Yex created Discovered, a sub-brand targeted towards end consumers. The problem that the exotic product category faces is that most people do not know about these e....................
    (2015-10-07) Integrated Sustainable Port Design: Framework Development Port Masterplan:
    Zheng, Z.Z.
    Ports have evolved into an essential part of a nation’s economy [Schipper et al., 2015]. In order to obtain economic growth and prevent loss of trade and competitive position, the worldwide growth in port development will not stop [PIANC 2014a]. At present the port development process typically results in environmental mitigation and/or harm. This translates into a need for integrated sustainable port master planning [PIANC, 2011]. The aim of this research is to develop a practical tool for ....................
    (2015-10-07) Structured Population Models: Applied to Predator Prey Population Dynamics
    Wit, K.P. de
    Predator prey population dynamics can be modeled using a structure that is bought forth by characteristics of the individual. In this thesis we explore such individual state based models by both providing a theoretical background and by examining satiation and handling time based models. The former entails providing a framework underlying such models. The latter entails deriving properties of these models from mathematical derivations inspired by intuition from simulations. In doing so we clarif....................
    (2015-10-06) Local Buckling Analysis of Thin-Wall Shell Structures:
    Ye, F.
    This master thesis presents research into buckling of thin hyperboloid shells structures. This type of structure is typically applied as the large cooling towers at coal fired electricity plants. However, modelling cooling towers is not the objective of this research. The objective of this research is to understand the buckling behaviour of shells with negative Gaussian curvature, which cooling towers have. In previous research it was found that negatively curved shells are not very sensitive to....................
    (2015-10-06) The Effect of Pre-Rotation on Pump Performance:
    Rajkumar, S.
    The aim of this thesis is to study the effect of pre-rotation on the performance of an axial flow pump manufactured by Xylem Flyght. Through theory and experiments, it is known that pre-rotation or swirl in the flow is an adverse effect, as it reduces the efficiency of the pump system. But the extent of this effect cannot be predicted to good accuracy due to the difficulty in modelling the exact flow behaviour around the impeller. Physical modelling and experiments help in addressing this diff....................
    (2015-10-06) Anomaly Detection Beyond the Research Setting: An exploration of the use of statistics and machine learning to detect cyber attacks:
    Sæmundsson, G.D.
    In this work we approach the problem of deploying anomaly detection techniques for detecting cyber attacks in an organisational environment. Anomaly detection has been an active research area for almost three decades with promising results. However, few such systems have been successfully im- plemented in an operational environment for improving cyber security. Researchers have attempted to identify the reasons for this gap between research and operational success, and provide guidelines on how ....................
    (2015-10-06) Improving the production of high quality anodes at Aluchemie:
    Willekens, P.A.
    The production of anodes at Aluchemie is improved using a genetic algorithm. This is a parallel batch scheduling problem, where the batching and handling time constraints are predetermined. The GA has customized crossover and mutation functions. Using this GA, an improvement of 4.4% achieved.
    Hermes, Inez
    A theory that can give us another perspective of the world we live in is the constructivist theory. Although constructivism, like realism, takes the state as the centre of its research, constructivism offers different insights in world politics. By analysing Russia’s policies through both theories, this research tries to offer new ways of understanding Russia under Putin and how Russia positions itself in world politics. This paper will focus on Russia’s policies under Putin, because Putin m....................
    (2015-10-06) The Comprehensive Approach of the European Union
    Snijders, Malou
    The research concentrates on the comprehensiveness of the EU crisis management. It is examined whether the EU is using the comprehensive approach effectively. With the term ‘effectively’ is meant whether the approach has successful outcomes. The conflict in Mali is used as a case study to answer the research question. The research question of the master thesis is: ‘Did the European Union manage the Malian conflict with an effective comprehensive approach?’ In other words, did the EU have....................
    (2015-10-06) Hutu, Tutsi and the Germans: Racial Cognition in Rwanda Under German Colonial Rule
    Scholz, Anton
    The thesis approaches the complex of ethnicity in Rwanda under German colonial rule (1885-1916) and focuses on how Rwandan social structures were perceived by German colonialists and influenced by their policy. The research question – what was the German approach to ethnicity in the former protectorate of Rwanda, what informed it, and how did it impinge on the society? – already suggests that this period is severely under-researched. Challenging the contemporary discourse that it was the Bel....................
    (2015-10-06) De oriëntalistische constructie van 'de Ander' in Nederlandstalige reisjournalistiek
    Prins, Myrthe
    Hedendaagse berichtgeving over het Midden-Oosten belichaamt nog veelal een versterking van stereotypes, vergelijkbaar met het oriëntalisme dat Edward Said in 1978 beschreef als "a subtle and persistent Eurocentric prejudice against Arab-Islamic peoples and their culture". In deze thesis wordt de constructie van 'de Ander' in Nederlandstalige reisjournalistiek in kaart gebracht door middel van een discoursanalyse van de Midden-Oostenverhalen die van 2010 t/m 2014 in het reisblad National Geograp....................
    (2015-10-06) 'We will wear the pants; you will wear the skirts'. Perspectives on women and conflict in a Malian context
    Hall, I.J.M. van
    This thesis focuses on the discourses on women and conflict in the context of the conflict of 2012 in Northern Mali. There are various actors involved in this conflict: the United Nations, the Dutch government, the soldiers on the ground, local women, local women’s organizations,independent researchers, and the occupying groups. The main question I’ve answered is ‘What are the perspectives that various actors involved in the Malian conflict have about the role of gender, women and the conf....................
    (2015-10-06) 'Spitzenkandidaten' and Democracy
    Colonna, Donato
    The introduction of the 'Spitzenkandidaten' process in the 2014 elections to the European Parliament was referred to as the symbol of European democratic reform. This work assesses how the introduction of this process has impacted the state of democracy in the European Union.
    (2015-10-06) Energy Union: European energy security in light of EU-Russian energy relations
    van Rijssen, Robert
    Energy security is currently one of the most discussed and debated topics in political circles. This is partly due to shifting energy narratives and the growing understanding of the different dimensions of energy. For the European Union, energy policy and governance has been placed centrally on the agenda, with the Energy Union becoming one of the key priorities with the new Juncker Commission. The movement towards a broader conceptualization and understanding of energy security has come from a ....................
    (2015-10-06) European Economic Integration and Countries in Transition: Lessons from Portugal
    Chráska, Filip
    Portugal was the least developed country to join the European Communities before the Eastern enlargement. Its economy was characterized by weak commercial ties to Europe, a large agricultural sector employing more than one fourth of the labor force, lacking infrastructure and capital-intensive industries, and having a high illiteracy rate. Integration into the Communities influenced the transformation of Portugal into a modern market economy through three different channels. Firstly, the liberal....................
    (2015-10-06) Mine growth and socio-economical impact in north-western province of Zambia
    Chisukulu, Desderius Chiposo
    This thesis reflects the findings of a study conducted in Lumwana in the North-Western province of Zambia in 2009, 2013 and 2014. It looks at the socio-economic impacts of large scale mining activities on the Lumwana community. To find out how the community has been impacted, the study combined primary and secondary data collection including a small survey, open and structured interviews,a documentary research, field observations and focus group discussions. Copper mining industry plays a very i....................
    (2015-10-06) European Neighbourhood Policy: An analysis of the policy-formation process
    Schmitt, Annsophie
    The European Neighbourhood Policy was launched in the year 2004 and aimed at promoting prosperity, stability and security in the neighbouring countries. The Thesis tests the explanatory power of European Integration theories in explaining the formation of the European Neighbourhood Policy on the European level. Elements of the theory of Liberal Intergovernmentalism, the theory of intensive transgovernmentalism and historical institutionalism are used. The Thesis aims to answer the question why t....................
    (2015-10-06) On trade and development: EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements and the implications for human rights
    Trifonchovska, Victoria
    Since the onset of the European project, there has been a pronounced tendency to work with the African continent – from trade arrangements through development cooperation, and more recently incorporating intensified political dialogue and a human rights dimension. In the year of 2000 the Cotonou Agreement ushered in a new phase in the EU-ACP relations: the EU undertook negotiations on a new framework – Economic Partnership Agreements – for its relationship with the ACP region. The EPAs com....................
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