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    (2015-09-17) Test Subjects of Imperial Japan
    Loh, Carmen
    In this paper I attempt to answer what the effect was that Japanese language policies had on the Taiwanese people and what the effects were on the post-colonial period. To answer this, I examine why the Taiwanese people were taught Japanese, how this was put into effect and how it affected them, even after Japan gave Taiwan up as a colony.
    (2015-09-17) Karmic Retribution in the Sanyan: A Way to Popularize Morality in the Late Ming
    Haften, Lisanne van
    With its maxim wen yi zai dao 文以載道 (literature to convey the Way) Chinese literature is characterized by its emphasis on morality. Morality is a heterogeneously diverse set of codes and norms that derives from multiple sources, such as Confucian and Buddhism. Looking at Buddhism, this already started spreading towards China as early as the Han dynasty, and has over time gained a firm foothold in the Chinese culture and literature. This thesis will focus on the function of Buddhism in on....................
    (2015-09-17) Connecting colonies: shipping, trade and administration between New Netherland and Curaçao, 1645-1664
    Heijink, Martijn
    In 1646, Curaçao and New Netherland were united under Petrus Stuyvesant as director-general of both colonies. It was the culmination of several years of planning to improve the poor situation in these territories. The aim was to provide Curaçao with food produced in New Netherland and cut the costs of the unprofitable island. The connection functioned poorly as a lack of shipping capacity made it impossible to supply Curaçao as planned, and food shortages remained common.
    (2015-09-17) Vision for the Future: The Bandung Conference 1955
    Sena, Wildan Sena
    Held on 18-24 April 1955, the Bandung Conference became a watershed in international and diplomatic history. Described by President Sukarno of Indonesia as “the first intercontinental conference of colored peoples in the history of mankind”, it marked what Nehru described as “the political emergence of over half the world’s population in world affairs”. Many scholars have attempted to discuss the history and legacy of this conference, yet there is still no comprehensive studies that pr....................
    (2015-09-17) Wie is God? Een onderzoek naar het godsbeeld van jonge kinderen
    Valstar, W.K.
    Probleemstelling De centrale vraag in dit onderzoek is Wat is het verschil in godsbeeld tussen protestant christelijk opgevoede kinderen en niet-religieus opgevoede kinderen van 4 of 5 jaar? De volgende deelvragen hebben hier betrekking op: • Welke relevante theorieën bestaan er over de ontwikkeling van godsbeelden bij jonge kinderen? • Welke relevante theorieën zijn er over de invloed van opvoeding op het godsbeeld van kinderen? • Ontwikkelen kinderen die religieus onderricht worden van....................
    (2015-09-17) Cultural Content in the Widely Used ELT Method Stepping Stones: An Analysis of VMBO Textbooks
    Hoeff, A.M.C. van der
    In ELT, sociocultural knowledge and pragmatic skills have recently gained more attention, as students need to be prepared for real-life intercultural communication in the target language and should be made aware of the intercultural context and consequences of intercultural communication. Although culture has been included in curricula such as described in the CEFR, as suggested by the Dutch National Institute for Curriculum Development (SLO), and in various frameworks for conceptualizing 21st c....................
    (2015-09-17) Mobile dating: Romance is just a swipe away Tinders’ Romantic and sexual interactions
    Roeffen, C.
    It has become reality that relationships formed in cyberspace are actualized in the flesh. Due to the popular mobile dating app Tinder, the negative stigma of online dating seems to be gone. The app is bringing the geographical and physical attraction element back into online dating, reducing the stigma of online dating. The focus is on answering this question: How does physical and social nearness in Tinder shape romantic and sexual interactions? First the novelty of Tinder in the discourse of ....................
    (2015-09-17) English in Advertisements: Dutch Attitude, Comprehension, and Preference
    Berg, J.A.M. van den
    This study examines Dutch attitudes toward English, the comprehension of English, and preferences for English in advertisements. In particular, it seeks to answer the question whether international businesses should use standardized or adapted advertisement campaigns. With a questionnaire administered to a sample of the Dutch population, the following question was investigated: do Dutch consumers understand English in advertisements and is English in advertisements well received? Results show th....................
    (2015-09-17) ‘Ik ben de nieuwe Reve’. Een onderzoek naar Heleen van Royens schrijversidentiteit
    Jansen, A.E.
    In deze masterscriptie heb ik met behulp van Jérôme Meizoz’ posture-theorie Heleen van Royens schrijversidentiteit in beeld gebracht, om deze identiteit vervolgens binnen het debat rondom modern auteurschap te plaatsen. Dit debat heb ik vanwege de omvang van mijn onderzoek niet in zijn geheel getracht te omvatten, maar aan de hand van enkele mijns inziens relevante bronnen deels uiteengezet. Zo maakte ik gebruik van Andrew Bennetts beschouwing van het auteurschap door de jaren heen en toonde....................
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