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    (2012-01-01) From finite automata to power series and back again
    Everts, A.R.F.
    Christol's theorem links algebra in an unexpected way with a concept from computer sciences: a power series over a finite field is algebraic if and only if its coefficients are generated by a finite automaton. We examined the proof of Christol's theorem to find answers to the following two questions: Given a finite automaton with m states, what can we say about the algebraic degree of the corresponding power series? Conversely, given an algebraic power series of algebraic degree d, can we find a....................
    (2012-01-01) Test-hertest betrouwbaarheid en concurrente validiteit van de IPAQ bij totale heup- en kniepatiënten
    Blikman, T.
    Summary: Introduction: Due to an aging society and an increasing prevalence of obesity osteoarthritis is increasing, nowadays more often resulting in hip or knee replacement surgery (THA, TKA). Regular physical activity is important; it has proven to reduce morbidity and mortality and is associated with better prosthetic fixation. According to the international physical activity guidelines, a great part of the population is physically insufficiently active, especially the elderly. So far little ....................
    (2012-01-01) Minimal State and Canonical Realizations
    Prins, R.R.A.
    We have constructed four factorizations for four canonical realizations. For constructing these realizations we developed a Maple program. It turns out that the construction of the factorizations for the observer canonical realization and the observability canonical realization are rather straightforward. For the controller canonical realization and controllability canonical realization it is more difficult to construct the factorization. Although still possible, we have to use here our knowledg....................
    (2012-01-01) Quantifying default risk in supplier portfolios
    Brincke ten, Robert H.W.
    Defaulting suppliers form a great risk for many �rms. In this thesis we quantify the individual risks and losses of supplier defaults using structural credit risk models, tailored to the practitioner without subscribed database access. Supplier portfolios in the German automotive industry are used both to explore how such an implementation works, and how credit risk theory can be used to accommodate distinct characteristics of supplier default risk. Modeling elements based on the largest ....................
    (2012-01-01) Supply chain collaboration for maintenance spare parts at DAF Trucks N.V.
    Verlinden, Jeroen M.W.
    This report describes the research carried out for the department Maintenance Material Planning at DAF Trucks N.V. The task of this department is to ensure, at minimum costs, maximum availability of spare parts used for both corrective as preventive maintenance for the entire production facility at DAF Eindhoven. For that purpose there is a spare part inventory consisting of about 28.000 SKU’s, with a total value of 17.3 million Euro. The inventory is controlled with help of the ERP softwa....................
    (2012-01-01) Outcome and variable prediction for discrete processes: A framework for �nding answers to business questions using (process) data
    Spoel van der, Sjoerd
    The research described in this paper is aimed at solving planning problems associated with a new hospital declaration methodology called DOT. With this methodology, that will become mandatory starting January 1st 2012, hospitals will no longer be able to tell in advance how much they will receive for the care they provide. A related problem is that hospitals do not know when delivered care becomes declarable. Topicus Fincare wants to �nd a solution to both these problems. These problems....................
    (2012-01-01) Freeway work zone capacity: empirical research on work zone capacity in the Netherlands
    Homan, Thijs C.
    People in the Netherlands are constantly on the move and this will grow in the following years. Between 2005 and 2020, the transport of people will increase by 20% and the increase of the transport of goods will be even higher, between 40% and 80% according to the Nota Mobiliteit (Ministerie van Verkeer & Waterstaat, 2006). To cope with this growth in mobility, the infrastructure in the Netherlands is being improved constantly. The necessary adjustments on the existing road network have an impa....................
    (2012-01-01) Culture as an Obstacle for Implementing EU Projects in Ukraine?
    Yurchyshyn, L. (Lesya),
    Twinning is one of the principal tools of Institution Building support for Pre-Accession Assistance Beneficiaries (EU candidates and EU potential candidates) and European Neighbourhood Policy Beneficiaries (e.g. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Tunisia and Ukraine). In essence, Twinning affords a beneficiary country the opportunity to work together with an experienced Member State institution. To succeed, Twinning projects are only effective when and if the capacity....................
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