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    (2012-06-19) Ground station user interface and data link: An implementation for unmanned aerial vehicles:
    Van Berkel, S.L.; Van Kooten, X.F.
    Research on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has steadily increased over the last decades due to the wide range of military, civil and security applications. Within the larger framework of aerial vehicles, the high degree of autonomy of UAVs places constraints on data communication links. Many existing UAV systems include ground stations which allow users to retrieve data from the airborne unit during flight. Air-to-ground connections have been successfully implemented for both low data rates and....................
    (2012-06-19) Wireless Indoor Climate Sensor: Wireless Communication at Ultra Low Power:
    Van 't Hof, D.M.; Van Rijs, A.T.
    The required product is a wireless indoor climate sensor. It is an autonomous sensor that transmits several parameters concerning its environment wirelessly. The product will be used to demonstrate a number of energy efficient sensors. The electronic instrumentation department at Delft University of Technology developed these sensors in association with NXP. Since the desire to communicate information wirelessly in an energy efficient way existed, several options could be explored. First a wirel....................
    (2012-06-19) Financial protection and equity in Tanzania
    Spadon, L.
    Summary Health and equitable provision of health care to the population are among the most important topics featuring on policy agendas worldwide. This thesis focuses on financial protection against catastrophic health expenditure in Tanzania, especially on the benefit package of health insurance as a way of increasing enrolment rates in an equitable way. The data that were used were baseline data collected by Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development in 2010. The results indicate t....................
    (2012-06-19) Learning from Applying Universal Darwinism to the Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture Sector:
    Mulder, T.A.C.
    This thesis is concerned with the notion of Darwinism and its application outside of its traditional biological realm, to that of economics. The mechanism of natural selection is based on the co-­‐ existence of variational, hereditary and selective processes within a system (Cordes 2006). This context-­‐independent description of natural selection has been coined ‘Universal Darwinism’, the extent and practical relevance of which is not thoroughly understood. This thesis has aimed to co....................
    (2012-06-18) Redesign of FUN2GO side-by-side tandem:
    Dong, L.
    Van Raam BV is a specialized bicycle producer for people with disabilities. One of their products is Fun2Go, a side-by-side tandem tricycle, which was designed in 2005 and produced for 7 years. To make it more competitive, Van Raam wants to develop the next generation of Fun2Go. This project includs 4 phases: analysis, concept, embodiment and conclusion. At the end of the project, the styling is improved, the current features are kept and several new features are added.
    (2012-06-18) Neutrally stable vibration energy harvesting:
    De Paula Pellegrini, S.
    This thesis brings together, for the first time, the fields of energy harvesting and static balancing. The proposal of two new architectures for the design of mechanical oscillators is supported by an extensive review on the existing energy harvesters. For the first one, a statically balanced oscillator, an analytically study proved it to be ineffective. This pushed for the development of a statically balanced frequency up-converter, that can integrate an energy harvester capable of coping with....................
    (2012-06-18) Draadloze communicatie in een MRI-omgeving:
    Dekker, T.D.; Jaspers, M.J.
    Met behulp van een MRI-scanner kan er bij een patiënt een afbeelding gemaakt worden van de binnenkant van het lichaam zonder dat deze opengemaakt hoeft te worden. Deze afbeeldingen worden gemaakt om een diagnose te stellen. De arts kan beter zien wat er aan de hand is met de patiënt als de resolutie van de afbeelding verbetert. De resolutie kan verbeterd worden door een MRI scanner te kiezen met een hogere magnetische veldsterkte. Een ander aspect dat meespeelt hoe goed de arts kan zien wat er....................
    (2012-06-18) Nieuwe werkwijze rondom de donatievraag in de donorregio Groningen: een verantwoorde innovatie?
    Verkerk, A.
    Samenvatting Nederland is er een tekort aan orgaandonoren. De afgelopen decennia heeft de overheid veel beleid gevoerd om het grote verschil tussen de vraag naar donororganen en het aanbod van donororganen te verkleinen. Tot nu toe is het nog niet gelukt het tekort aan orgaandonoren structureel terug te dringen. Om het aanbod van donororganen te vergroten, voert de donorregio Groningen in het kader van het nationale Masterplan Orgaandonatie sinds 2009 een pilot uit. Deze pilot richt zich op dr....................
    (2012-06-18) Force Generation of Bio-Inspired Hover Kinematics: An experimental campaign:
    Vandenheede, R.
    The field of remote sensing and information gathering is being revolutionized by the recent developments in Micro Air Vehicles, MAVs. The need for maneuverability and flight in confined spaces has directed the focus of research towards flapping flight. Biological flapping flyers exhibit all the characteristics that are desired by MAVs. Biological flyers are able to hover, make rapid changes in their attitude, and navigate through very narrow spaces. For the purpose of this Master thesis the haw....................
    (2012-06-17) Wave height from pressure measurements:
    Winde, H.P.
    For this project, Environment Mapping & Surveying (EMS) from South Africa has provided two pressure meters for wave measuring. These pressure meters give a value for the pressure, which must be converted to pressure and after that to a Rayleigh distribution and a wave spectrum. Therefore is the purpose of this report to test the pressure meter and to convert the outcomes of the pressure meter to wave heights, resulting in a Rayleigh distribution and a wave spectrum. At first, there were calibra....................
    (2012-06-15) LED lighting for offices and homes:
    Neerincx, W.
    This is my thesis for the graduation project of the master program Integrated Product Design at the University of Technology Delft. It describes the development of an LED lighting system designed for Lughes. The goal (of this project) is to develop a LED lighting system suitable for the use in offices and homes. Importantly, based on the available machinery of the client, the main production method will be waterjet cutting. Part 1: Analysis During the analysis phase, the waterjet cutting techni....................
    (2012-06-15) From 'made in Vietnam' towards 'designed in Vietnam'. The changing role of Vietnamese designers.:
    Simane, K.
    The goal of this research project was to investigate the design process of local designers (what they do and in what order), to map out stakeholders involved in each phase, identify barriers and find opportunities how local Vietnamese designers could be supported. Sample was selected among the designers working and living in the southern part of Vietnam- area of Ho Chi Minh City. Data were gathered using qualitative research methods- semi-structured interviews, sensitizing workbooks and sensiti....................
    (2012-06-15) Effect of removal of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier:
    De Pater, P.D.
    The research objective of this thesis is to determine the new hydrodynamic and morphodynamic situation in case the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier is removed, with emphasis on the development of the intertidal area. To reach the objectives of this study a literature study is performed which describes the impact of the Deltaworks. An analytical model is developed to evaluate the effect of the Philipsdam and Oesterdam on the hydrodynamics in the Oosterschelde when the barrier is removed. Besides....................
    (2012-06-15) Developing a parametric model for storms to determine the extreme surge level at the Dutch coast:
    De Jong, M.S.
    To date no study has been done to analyse the effect on water level for the Dutch coast from the passage of storms over the North Sea. This research examines the feasibility of developing a joint probability method to determine the extreme water level for the Dutch coast, resulting from these storms. This has been done by means of a parametric model, which determines the hydraulic boundary conditions from a set of significant storm parameters. The objective of this research is to obtain physical....................
    (2012-06-15) De verblijftijd van water in een meer met behulp van een deeltjesmodel:
    Nieuwenhuis, M.T.A.
    De verblijftijd van water in een meer is belangrijk voor de ontwikkeling van gewassen en de verspreiding van schadelijke stoffen. In dit verslag is er een meer gecreëerd waarvan de beweging van het water wordt bekeken per waterdeeltje: er wordt een deeltjesmodel opgesteld. Een andere methode om de verblijftijd van water te onderzoeken is met behulp van partiële differentiaalvergelijkingen. Tijdens het onderzoek wordt de werkbaarheid van het deeltjesmodel onderzocht ten opzichte van het model o....................
    (2012-06-15) A patient-specific poroelastic model of a brain with a subdural hematoma:
    Langen, C.D.
    A patient-specific poroelastic model of the brain was constructed in COMSOL Multiphysics and evaluated for its usability in a clinical setting. Image processing of magnetic resonance (MR) images of a standard (uninjured) brain and a computed tomography (CT) scan of a patient with a subdural hematoma was used to generate a finite element mesh of the estimated shape of the patient’s pre injury brain and obtain a deformation map describing the displacement due to the hematoma. Various finite-elem....................
    (2012-06-15) Advanced Flight Control Design and Evaluation: An application of time delayed Incremental Backstepping:
    Koschorke, J.F.R.
    The sensor-based approach of Incremental Backstepping is applied to flight control law design in this research project. It allows the usage of the same control law on different types of aircraft without the need for redesign. Apart from full state availability, the derivation of Incremental Backstepping assumes instantaneous control action. Due to actuator lags and delays, the implementation of control commands cannot necessarily be considered instantaneous. This mitigates the stability guaran....................
    Voorhorst, J.
    This thesis investigates how a Chinese perspective on International Relations, as well as the theoretical paradigm of the English School, can contribute to understand China’s increased activity in regional multilateral organizations. Three case studies, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), are selected in order to analyse China’s decision to join and participate in these organiz....................
    (2012-06-15) Making hospitals more hospitable: designing new coffee systems for the hospital context:
    Klein Hemmink, B.
    Health Care is gaining attention in the public debate, because our greying society leads to ever increasing costs and includes a labour force that is not capable of dealing with the increasing amount of people that require health support. This development is putting pressure on society in economic, but also social terms. Privatization processes force hospitals to work more efficient, to compete for customers more pro-actively and to find new sources of revenue. They will put more effort in attra....................
    (2012-06-15) Housing and user interface design of the Elana medical laser:
    Wasch, E.
    At the start of the graduation project in October 2011, the Excimer laser of Spectranetics was used for the Elana technique. Because the design, technology, and usability was outdated, Elana started in corporation with MLase the development of the new laser. With a functional prototype as starting point, the goal of the graduation project was to design the housing and user interface for the Elana medical laser, that offers medical professionals the required functionality and is easy and safe to ....................
    (2012-06-14) On consistent stochastic processes in the Nelson-Siegel framework
    Molenaars, T.K.
    The Nelson-Siegel model is used by many practitioners in the field of yield curve fitting and modeling. In the beginning it was just a method to fit the yield curve, nowadays people have developed methods using the Nelson-Siegel curve to predict the yield curve. This model, as a forecasting method based on continuous processes, lacks theoretical background. We take over Filipović’s the definition of the consistent state space process: the process which, when representing the parameters of th....................
    (2012-06-14) De prijs van hard werken
    Sorgen, M. van
    Spangen is een voorbeeld van een stadswijk die in naam van stedelijke vernieuwing aantrekkelijk is gemaakt voor investeringen van projectontwikkeaars en middeninkomensgroepen. Dit is een verbetering voor de fysieke leefomgeving, maar of dat ook geldt voor de sociale leefomgeving wordt in dit onderzoek verkend. Het proces van gentrification wordt beschreven en in deze casus wordt 'gedwongen gentrification' geconstateerd. Mensen moeten kopen in een omgeving waarop zij meer en meer op zichzelf zijn....................
    (2012-06-14) Access to arbortion in Poland Legal issue within political context
    Duda, D.
    Summary There is a variety of perceptions of conception, pregnancy and birth in different cultures. Hahn and Muecke developed for it a term birth culture which: „informs members of a society about the nature of conception, the proper conditions of procreation and childbearing, the workings of pregnancy and labour, and the rules and rationales or pre- and postnatal behaviour‟.1 Their concept describes all relevant elements of the reproductive process in a cultural context. I believe that thi....................
    (2012-06-14) Design on a new photoplethysmographic-clip:
    Van Geest, G.
    This report reflects the graduation process of Gerjan van Geest a master student of Integrated Product Design at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University Delft. The graduation subject was: “Design of an improved photoplethysmographic-clip” With a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor it is possible to measure the heartbeat and oxygen saturation. The department of Experimental Anaesthesiology, laboratory of Experimental Anaesthesiology, at the Erasmus Medical Ce....................
    (2012-06-14) Thermal optimization of competitive sailing gear:
    Joustra, J.J.
    For the master thesis ‘Thermal optimization of competitive sailing gear’ research and design was done to improve the thermal comfort of sailing gear for the Dutch Olympic team. The research starts by defining the ambient conditions, target group and the basic human body heat balance. It was found that not the core temperature of a body is the result of heat drawn (cooling) or added to the body (warming) by the environment. The design is focused on single-handed dinghy sailors, as they face t....................
    (2012-06-13) Provinciale Toepassingen voor Wegverkeersgegevens: Gebeurtenisdetectie op basis van NDW Verkeersdata:
    Vries, J.
    Provincie Zuid-Holland beschikt over wegverkeersgegevens uit verschillende bronnen. Via lussen in de weg worden intensiteiten en puntsnelheden gemeten en door middel van kentekenherkenningscamera’s worden reistijden vastgelegd. Deze verkeersgegevens zijn zowel actueel als in de vorm van historische gegevens beschikbaar. Provincie Zuid-Holland heeft gevraagd waarvoor ze deze verkeersgegevens zoal zou kunnen gebruiken. Daarnaast is Provincie Zuid-Holland in januari 2012 gestart met een eigen k....................
    (2012-06-13) Techniques for Memory Mapping on Multi-Core Automotive Embedded Systems:
    Amarnath, R.
    The demand to increase performance while conserving power has led to the invention of multi-core systems. The software until now had the convenience of gaining better performance over faster processors without any need for a change. The advances in the multi-core hardware have shifted the responsibility of software performance from hardware architects to software developers. To harness the true power of the multi-core, the software must utilize the available cores and memories. In this thesis, ....................
    (2012-06-12) Proefmonsters: Creating New Eating Experiences for Children with Cancer:
    Hollenberg, N.
    Research was done about eating with chilhood cancer. What are the main problems and what are possible solutions. In the end a design was made, called "Proefmonsters". A daily food sample that can be ordered by hospitalized children to increase their curiosity and fun at dinner time.
    (2012-06-12) Between State and Zion: Christian Sectarianism in Nineteenth Century Russia, 1801-1881
    van Rijn, Jorrit
    This thesis investigates the relationship between the Russian tsarist state and the four most important Russian Christian sects, the Khlysty, Skoptsy, Dukhobors, and Molokans, in the period 1801-1881. First the developments of the Russian Orthodox Church and the tsarist state following the Russian Orthodox Church schism (raskol), which gave rise to Russian religious dissent, are discussed, before moving on to an in-depth assessment of the history and beliefs of the four sects mentioned above. In....................
    (2012-06-11) Flood protection and marine power in the Wash estuary, United Kingdom: Technical and economical feasibility study:
    Hofschreuder, B.
    The Wash estuary is situated at the English east coast. Covering an area of approximately 615 km2, the estuary is among the largest estuaries in the United Kingdom. Adjacent to the Wash estuary, the Fenlands are situated, a low lying area covering almost 3900 km2. Within the last century several coastal flood disasters and near flood disasters have occurred in the area. In view of the predicted climate changes it is proposed to construct a privately funded storm surge barrier across the estuary,....................
    (2012-06-11) A workload model for MapReduce:
    De Ruiter, T.A.
    MapReduce is a parallel programming model used by Cloud service providers for data mining. To be able to enhance existing and to develop new MapReduce sys- tems, we need to evaluate the performance of these systems. To this end we intro- duce in this work the Cloud Workloads Archive Toolbox. This toolbox facilitates the analysis of MapReduce workload traces, generation of realistic synthetic work- loads, and the evaluation of MapReduce systems in simulation. We present an overview and analysis o....................
    (2012-06-11) Calculation of Wave Forces using REEF3D:
    Kamath, A.M.
    Non-breaking wave forces on a cylindrical pile are calculated numerically by solving the three-dimensional Navier Stokes equations in the numerical wave tank of REEF3D. Initially, the numerical wave tank is validated by comparison of the numerical results with the analytical solutions for varying grid density, time step size, numerical beach width, wave amplitude, numerical methods- time and spatial discretization, relaxation method and wave type. The performance of the wave tank under the afore....................
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