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    (2013-08-15) Het einde van het Zuiderzeetijdperk: Een evaluatie van het maritieme visserijerfgoed verbonden aan de afsluiting van de Zuiderzee.
    Bruin, Svenja de
    Met het vervallen van de leeftijdsgrens van 50 jaar, behoort het visserijerfgoed gerelateerd aan de afsluiting van de Zuiderzee nu ook tot het maritiem erfgoed van Nederland. In de afgelopen jaren is er vanuit verschillende hoeken aandacht voor dit materiaal getoond. Vanuit de archeologie is hiervan nog geen sprake. Vaak wordt bij voorbaat vastgesteld dat materiaal uit deze periode geen archeologische waarde heeft gezien de recentheid van het materiaal en de historische bronnen waarover we besch....................
    (2013-08-15) Egyptology in Museums
    Veen, Anne van der
    The development of Egyptology and its connection with the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden in the beginning of the 19th century.
    (2013-08-15) Searching for shells.
    Stuijt, Catharina
    The site of Anse Trabaud, placed between the bay and mangrove area, has been observed during the fieldwork of Leiden University in 2012, during which the shell material of unit 7 was brought back to be studied. The site is a pre-Columbian site, the habitation dated 700 to 1500 after Christ. The settlement was built on a sand ridge between the bay and the Morne des Petrifications, a mangrove area. The period of habitation was during the post Saladoid period, when the northern Lesser Antilles were....................
    (2013-08-15) Metal Matters. A study towards the application of metal detection on excavations on Dutch sand soils, clay soils and urban sites
    Boon, Robbert-Jan
    Metal artefacts are important for archaeology, as the archaeological information that can derive from thorough analysis of these, can be very helpful in understanding the past. Ranging from creating a greater understanding of communities through bronze age depositions via the trade networks of post medieval Europe by looking at the distribution of lead cloth seals. Metal artefacts are an extremely important category of finds and must therefore never be looked down upon. It is simply unaffordable....................
    (2013-08-15) The Apulo-Corinthian Helmet: A south-east Italic helmet type
    Kools, Sander
    This thesis has the subject of the Apulo-Corinthian Helmet, a south-east Italian helmet type and what it can say about the culture in which it was used. After establishing what an apulo-Corinthian helmet exactly is and which Type’s there are, I went on and found out that we can also order these helmets by Groups that were made by the same craftsman. After this I investigated the spreading, which very clearly pointed out Apulia was the region were these helmets originate from. Then I explained ....................
    (2013-08-15) IT Infrastructure Reorganization:
    Langerak, T.; Walterbos, A.T.
    The Bachelor Project assignment of internet startup, fulfilled by Tiddo Langerak and Alex Walterbos, consisted of the replacement of the IT infrastructure in the company. Before designing the new system, the old system was analyzed. Based on this analysis, a list of requirements was formed. The system has been designed so that it fulfills a significant amount of the requirements per definition: Using modern techniques like the Node.js platform, the AngularJS framework, Redis caching an....................
    (2013-08-15) Near-surface property extraction from vibrator impedance:
    Wallimann, B.W.
    In this thesis a numerical two-layer model for vibrator impedance has been evaluated with respect to its accuracy and sensitivity and an initial inversion approach based on this model has been deduced. This has been tested on synthetic and real data. The numerical two-layer model was introduced by [Baeten et al., 2008].
    (2013-08-15) Design of an Eye-Screening Device to Detect Retinopathy of Prematurity in India:
    Horstink, W.B.
    This report presents the process and results of the graduation project of Wouter Horstink at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology. The project is titled: “Design of a handheld screening device to detect Retinopathy of Prematurity in India.” Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP) is an eye ailment that can cause premature infants to get blind. Since the disease is only detectable after an eye examination, most of the premature infants need to be screened by....................
    (2013-08-14) Batch Scheduling for Energy-Efficient Sensing in Smartphones:
    Tsitsikas, K.
    Sensing in smartphones consumes a significant amount of energy and leads to quick depletion of the battery. Most of the existing solutions to overcome the short battery lifetime caused by periodic sensing are personalized. They tend to learn and predict the user activities. Thus, fewer samples are required to recognize user state and sensing intervals can be extended. However, such methods require a training phase and any change in the user pattern causes a need for a new training phase. Therefo....................
    (2013-08-14) Dental disease in the 19th century Dutch population of Middenbeemster
    L.P. Ouwerkerk
    This thesis compares the dental pathologies of fifty individuals from a 19th century Dutch rural cemetery divided in even groups of men and women, and four age categories. Between these groups the amounts of ante-mortem tooth loss, caries, calculus, attrition and activity-related wear were examined. The results are that ante-mortem tooth loss was relatively high even under thirty-five years of age, while no significant differences between the sexes were visible. Caries amounts were significantly....................
    (2013-08-14) Narrative and Ritual in the Codex Borgia: A Structural Analysis of this Postclassic Mexican Manuscript
    Gerritse, Samantha
    This thesis focuses on the interpretation of pages 29 to 46 of the Codex Borgia. This sequence of pages is unique in the corpus of Mexican manuscripts, and it contain very complex imagery. Because of this, these pages have been the centre of many interpretation efforts for already more than a decade. To this day no consensus has been reached about the meaning of the pages. To aid in this matter, this thesis contains three aims: (1) to give an overview of the interpretations made thus far, (2) to....................
    Michael, Noe
    Analyzing the acquisition policies of museums is an important way to understand how the legal as well as ethical standards have evolved since 1970. Museums were influenced by these changing standards: What could be bought legally some years ago can no longer be bought legally today. This has to do with how the legal and ethical standards evolved. Furthermore, it is evident from the research that museums have understood that they can no longer buy unprovenanced antiquities and, for this reason, h....................
    (2013-08-14) Fermo: Colonialism vs. interregional connectivity in Iron age Italy.
    Verhoeven, Ties
    This thesis contains the research results on the archaeological sites of Fermo located in the Le Marche region in central Italy. New theoretical perspectives on the relationship between ethnicity, identity and material culture in combination with new theoretical approaches towards the process of colonization are applied on the Iron age population of Fermo.
    (2013-08-14) Facies and permeability prediction based on analysis of core images :
    Wieling, I.S.
    The present standards for core interpretation do not contain the acquisition of high resolution images from core slabs; images are taken on a very low resolution under a poor light source for administrative purposes only. The advantages of taking high resolution images and subsequent analysis of these images could be substantial and are investigated in this project. Besides the possible advantages image analysis could have, these images provide a safe way to store core information, as they are n....................
    (2013-08-13) Discover in the forest: An integrated visitor experience in the Awarehouse:
    Wang, Y.
    This report is meant to document a graduation project aiming to design an integrated (interactive and educational) visitor experience in the Awarehouse where serves as the brand experience center of Interface Company, which is an international company that produces the environmentally responsible modular floor coverings. A fully developed proposal for six zones of Awarehouse and an interactive showroom were presented at the end of project, which mainly focuses on the brand essence of the Interf....................
    (2013-08-13) Do we really need A Priori Link Quality Estimation?:
    Vasilopoulos, V.
    Traditionally, link quality estimation (LQE) has been viewed as an a priori step in sensor network routing protocols because it filters out unreliable links before data transmission. Recent results, however, show that protocols can perform well without a priori LQE. Because getting rid of LQE seems rather counter-intuitive, the aim of this work is to look deeper into the behavior of LQE-free protocols. Our results, based on one of the state-of-the-art LQE-free protocols, show two interesting ins....................
    (2013-08-13) Herdenkingen van 150 jaar koninkrijk
    Linden, Margot van der
    In 1963 vierde Nederland het 150 jarig jubileum van het koninkrijk. Op 30 november 1813 landde prins Willen Frederik op het strand van Scheveningen. Iedere 50 jaar wordt deze gebeurtenis herdacht. In 1963 was deze herdenking niet meer vanzelfsprekend. Het herdenkingsbegrip lag door de Tweede Wereldoorlog onder druk. Er werd desalniettemin gepoogd een 'zinvolle' herdenking te organiseren waarin niet alleen het verleden, maar ook de toekomst centraal moest staan. Het Nationaal Comité Herdenking, ....................
    (2013-08-13) In China is alles anders ; Een onderzoek naar de beeldvorming over China in drie Nederlandse kranten in 1986 en 1992
    Mans, Fenna
    Het onderwerp van deze scriptie is het beeld van China in Nederlandse kranten. In het onderzoek wordt het Chinabeeld van het NRC Handelsblad, de Volkskrant en De Telegraaf in de jaren 1986 en 1992 met elkaar vergeleken. In deze scriptie wordt gelet op wat de beeldvorming over China is en waar deze door beïnvloed wordt. Er wordt gekeken of ontwikkelingen in Nederland en het Westen invloed uitoefenen op het Chinabeeld. Ook wordt er gelet op de verschillen tussen de drie kranten in de manier waaro....................
    (2013-08-13) Verschaf ons goede oogst en wijn!
    Porte, Erik de la
    This theses contains the basics of the Roman domestic religion of the first century b.c. and the first century a.d. The paper contains a lot of primairy sources as well as some archeological evidence from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Ostia.
    (2013-08-13) Stressgevoeligheid bij anti-sociale kinderen en adolescenten
    Tavlan, Ebru
    Het doel van dit onderzoek is het achterhalen van de gezamenlijke en afzonderlijke effecten van angst en agressie op neurobiologische en gedragsmatige stressgevoeligheid bij kinderen en adolescenten. De onderzoekspopulatie bestaat uit N= 223 proefpersonen met een leeftijd tussen 6 t/m 18 jaar. Als eerste is onderzocht of er verschil in neurobiologische stressgevoeligheid is bij angst en agressie. Vervolgens werd gekeken naar de effecten van angst en agressie op gedragsmatige stressgevoeligheid. ....................
    (2013-08-13) Characterization of red ochre in the Dutch Linearbandkeramik
    Wijnen, Joost
    As evident from archaeological excavation, red ochre, or hematite-rich ironstones, was widely used for ceremonial, mortuary, and other purposes in the Dutch Linearbandkeramik (LBK). Two regional groups of LBK settlements are known within the Netherlands, Graetheide and Caberg. Although these sites have some remarkable differences, they also have some remarkable similarities, making it that the jury is still out on whether they should be classified as a different regional groups or not. This stud....................
    (2013-08-13) Threepointers on Trial: A biographical study of Amerindian ritual artefacts from the pre-Columbian Caribbean
    Breukel, Tom
    Threepointers are amongst the most enigmatic artefacts of the pre-Columbian insular Caribbean (ca. 200 BC – AD 1492). According to the ethnohistoric chronicles they possessed a largely ritual function and were designated as zemies, Amerindian spirit-objects. Nevertheless, what threepointers actually signified and how they were used is not known, nor have previous studies been able to verify the existing hypotheses. This pilot study explores a biographical way of visualising the threepointer ar....................
    (2013-08-13) Effects of Maternal Behavior on Infants' Regulatory Behaviors during the Still Face Paradigm
    Borst, Maria Helena de
    This study investigated whether maternal reflective functioning was related to maternal sensitivity during the Still Face Paradigm (SFP). It was investigated whether the SFP elicited the still face effect. Additionally, the effect of maternal sensitivity on infants’ regulatory behaviors during the SFP was examined. Infants’ stress reactivity during the SFP was explored using skin conductance levels. Maternal risk status and infants’ temperament has been taken into account. The sample consi....................
    (2013-08-13) Effect van mentorstijl en doeloriëntatie op het accepteren en opvolgen van feedback in het hoger beroepsonderwijs
    Beijnum, Jacob Jan van
    Feedback has much potential for learning, when it also gives students guidance to bridge the gap between performance and goals. Effective feedback is more than telling students what criteria there are to meet and appraising their performance. Teachers should also give suggestions or proposals for the best course of action to bridge the gap between performance and goal. Whether the student accepts this feedback and is willing to follow recommendations depends on the teacher approach to communicat....................
    (2013-08-13) Het Family Stress Model met Acculturatiestress als een Immigrant-Specifieke Vorm van Stress
    Wel, Rianne van der
    Het Family Stress Model (FSM) gaat ervan uit dat een lage sociaal economische status (SES) van het gezin zorgt voor meer stress waardoor ouders minder positief ouderschap laten zien en minder positief ouderschap is gerelateerd aan meer internaliserend en externaliserend probleemgedrag bij het kind (Conger & Donnellan, 2007). Minderheden zouden naast algemene stressoren in het gezin ook stressoren kunnen ervaren die specifiek zijn voor hun minderhedenstatus, zoals acculturatiestress. In deze stud....................
    (2013-08-13) Psychosociale vaardigheden van kinderen met ADHD en/of ASS
    Ruijter, Carmen de
    The present study examined the psychosocial behavioral skills from children in the age 4 to 18 years old with ASS and/or ADHD in order to determine on which domains the children show deficiencies. The sample consisted of a total of 453 children, the parents/guardians were asked to fill in on the internet the Social Emotional Questionnaire (SEV) and the Questionnaire Psychosocial Skills (VPV). The age of the children was between 4 and 18 years, with a mean age of 11.3 years (SD = 3.54). The group....................
    (2013-08-13) The Bones of our Ancestors The relation between ancestor veneration, the cult of Lady 9 Grass and tomb reuse at Monte Albán, Tomb 7
    Verstraaten, Nienke
    Monte Albán Tomb 7 is one of the more enigmatic burial tombs in the valley of Oaxaca. It is still unsure as to why the deposits are so fragmented and what the grave goods might have meant within the context of this tomb. Many different theories have been carefully devised to explain the circumstances of Tomb 7 and for the purpose of this thesis, two have been chosen to serve as an explanation. The theories as they were put forward by McCafferty et al. (1994), concerning Tomb 7 in relation to th....................
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