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    (2016-04-15) SAR Retracking in the Arctic: Development of a year round Arctic SAR retracker system
    Schulz, A. (author)
    The sea level determination in the Arctic brings challenges with it, due to its high seasonality, varying surface types and scarce in-situ observations. By developing a year round retracker system with an implementation of a bias removal strategy, the Arctic sea level determination is improved. Through the analysis of the seasonal performance of retrackers, an insight into the behaviour of empirical and physical retrackers is gained that can be used in the selection process of optimal retrackers....................
    (2016-04-15) At your service! Circular business model prototypes for a service provider in the construction industry
    Van den Brink, R.J. (author)
    In recent years the circular economy has gained significant popularity, however practical implementation of the concept has not followed accordingly. Especially in the construction industry there is a need for a practical translation of the concept. This research makes this translation through the mutual development of circular economy theory and business model prototypes for a circular construction industry. These prototypes are aimed at service providers in the construction industry as it foll....................
    (2016-04-15) Ruinophilia
    Demir, B. (author)
    Ruins and residues of the past have held a moral, emotional, and aesthetic fascination throughout history. In the region of IBA parkstad Limburg there is a lack of cultural identity. The former meaning and significance is disappeared. The aim of this paper is to research the qualities and identity of significant layers in time, which are the Roman period, medieval period, mining industry period and modern period, to translate this in a new layer. In the research the via Belgica, a former fundame....................
    (2016-04-15) Complex Studio Graduation design (Pilsen, Chicago)
    Wang, W. (author)
    In this thesis the auther tried to test if she can introduce a new model of educational institution so as to imply the new learning mode because the development of industry and technology in the industrial corridor in Pilsen, Chicago. If this model worked, it means it can help make the post-secondary education more affordable in Pilsen as well as in other counties in Chicago, and the skill gap of the workers in their industrial area can be partly filled. Complex Architecture Architecture and The....................
    (2016-04-15) Towards energy transition in the built environment: The process towards energy efficient implementations in large urban areas
    Vlaar, C. (author)
    Cities strive to move towards a more sustainable city. In the process of energy transition in the built environment, moving from usage of fossil fuels towards renewable energy is the process obstructed which results which result in little or no action. This research will focus on several cases in Europe and analyse the cases with a focus on its management, policies and actors. The research will compare theory with practice on the process that tends to go towards the implementation of sustainable....................
    (2016-04-15) Manufacture Commune
    Lin, J. (author)
    A Fab-lab building focus on design and fabrication for the public and start-up. Advanced manufacturing and public landscpae Complex Projects Architecture and The Built Environment
    (2016-04-15) Ruin Prosthesis, using new crafts to rehabilitate the ruin of castle Schaesberg
    Schreuder, T.W. (author)
    This graduation project aims to integrate digital techniques within the practice ruin renovation. From studying ruin renovation projects and theory, this project argues that the use of digital capture and fabrication has the potential to be the tool to make that joint in a more specific, more customized and more elegant way than before. To realize this, the workings of 3d scanning have been studied in both literature and practical experiments in order to state their suitability for the proposed ....................
    (2016-04-15) Is temporary the new permanent: A research into the temporary use of vacant real estate
    Bruijning, S. (author)
    This report aims to contribute to what extent temporary use adds value to the urban environment and to prove the long-term benefits of temporary use. It aims to eliminate the gap of knowledge for property owners. Mere, it can also be valuable for other private parties or municipalities as it provides insight in the added value of temporary use in urban areas and offers a start for the use of temporary initiatives in urban planning, ultimately aiming to improve and upgrade areas within the city. ....................
    (2016-04-15) A Gradual Workscape
    Van der Ploeg, J. (author)
    Architecture Architecture and The Built Environment
    (2016-04-15) Counteracting Socio-spatial Segregation through Architectural Verwandlung
    De Geus, L.I. (author)
    One of the places where the phenomenon of socio-spatial segregation is most evident and tangible is the city of São Paulo in Brazil, which is also known as “the city of walls.” I developed an architectural concept based on philosopher Elias Canetti’s concept of Verwandlung that relates the social and mental levels of segregation with the spatial dimension of the architectural project. As ‘empathic metamorphosis’, Verwandlung for the human subject implies both an internal transformatio....................
    (2016-04-15) Genetic Diversity of Bartonella subsp. in Mexican Wild Rodents
    Schulte Fischedick, F.B.
    Objectives - The objective of this study was to identify the prevalence of Bartonella variants present in wild rodents from the Mexican states of Jalisco and the Yucatan and asses their implications for public health. Materials and methods - Hearts, blood and blood clots from a total of 100 rodents consisting of nine different species from Yucatan and Jalisco were analysed for the presence of Bartonella using a classical polymerase chain reaction (PCR) targeting the gltA (379-bp) gene region. Re....................
    (2016-04-15) the wage return to education during the recent economic crisis – an application to the netherlands
    Trigt, K. van
    This paper examines the wage return to education in the Netherlands over the recent economic crisis (2008 – 2009). The data is based on the LISS-dataset and covers the years 2008 – 2015. The primary focus is male individuals, working full time, aged 30 – 55 years, but is extended to include young (20 – 29 years), old (56 – 65 years), part time and female workers. The wage return to education is estimated using the Mincer and wage differential model. Based on the interaction results of ....................
    (2016-04-15) Iconic Rotterdam, a Marketed City
    N.R. de Gast
    This thesis investigates the experience and behavior of residents in Rotterdam and the surrounding Rijnmond region concerning the recently developed iconic architecture and city marketing strategies. Rotterdam is increasingly popular for tourists to visit and for companies to settle in. Regularly, this city appears in the media for its attractive atmosphere and modern architectural environment. Rotterdam is known as the ‘city of architecture’ in the Netherlands and actively started promoting....................
    (2016-04-15) (N)Ergens weer als thuis
    Al Temimi, A. (author)
    Asielzoekers leven in feite in de schaduw van de samenleving. Ze zijn er wel, maar wie deze mensen zijn, waar ze zijn en hoe zij leven is vaak onbekend. Het effect van de opvangfase is levensbepalend voor asielzoekers. De opgedane ervaring in de opvangfaciliteiten, hetzij positief of negatief, reflecteert zich uiteindelijk in de Nederlandse samenleving. Een aantal voorbeelden zijn: wederzijdse angsten tussen asielmigranten en de Nederlandse samenleving, psychische aandoeningen en mede daardoor e....................
    (2016-04-15) A research to decrease the duration of the lifting phase for the Jumbo J-class, focussing on heeling
    Kommer, J. (author)
    For offshore installation projects Jumbo uses her J-class heavy lift crane vessels. The objects that need to be installed offshore are carried at deck or in the ship's hull. At location the object is lifted by the on-board heavy lift crane and slewed to the side of the ship. From the final overboard position the object can be lowered to the seabed. When the load is displaces by the slewing crane, the equilibrium of moments is disrupted and the ship will roll or heel. To reduce this moment change....................
    (2016-04-14) Together: Participatory methods in Architectural Design: creating public values for urban regeneration
    Munoz Aparici, M. (author)
    Participation is a commonly used word in planning and architecture nowadays. Nevertheless, it seems that few care to understand the complexities and limita- tions of participation. Participation has often been misused for political purpo- ses accepting it as mere feedback from citizens, using voting systems and,exhi- bitions of nished products that did not imply any real and lasting interaction with the will of the public. Many have focused on participation as an “answer” while it should be ....................
    (2016-04-14) The 2014-2015 Ebola Outbreak and Global Health Security
    Vos, Bart de
    On the 18th of September 2014 the United Nations Security Council met in its first emergency meeting on a public health crisis. The reason for this meeting was to discuss and find an appropriate response to the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The response came in the form of resolution 2177 and 69/1, which mandated the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response. A mandated health crisis mission is unprecedented in international politics and can be seen as a watershed moment. Th....................
    (2016-04-14) The Influence of Personal Traits in the Way of Doing Politics: The Case of Cristina Fernández in Argentina, 2007-2015
    Pagura, Guillermo Gabriel
    Given the impact of the actions carried out by world leaders and heads of State, it has always been of academic interest to elucidate what factors lead them to act in one way or another. With the aim of finding convincing explanations for political behaviour, this work goes over the traditional International Relations approaches, pointing out their inadequacy for this case. Drawing on the contributions of Political Psychology and borrowing tools from Content Analysis this work proposes to look a....................
    (2016-04-14) To adapt or not to adapt: A study into the adaptability of the urban environment
    Deurloo, T.J.C. (author)
    The climate and the urban systems are changing, leading to new challenges and opportunities in the urban environment. Adaptation to these challenges is needed, using the vulnerability assessment areas that are vulnerable can be identified. Vulnerability is the likelihood a system experiences harm and is the combination of both risks and adaptability. Finding adaptability can be hard and is not straightforward, therefor this thesis aims to operationalize adaptability for the current urban environ....................
    (2016-04-14) Model-based leak localization in small water supply networks
    Moors, J. (author)
    Small leaks in water supply networks often remain undiscovered, resulting in large amounts of lost water. Moreover, small leaks can grow larger over time and may result in pipe bursts, having negative consequences for the surroundings. An automatic leak localization method is required to decrease the search area and hence localize small leaks earlier. In this research, the automatic leak localization method of Quevedo et al. (2011) is validated in DMA Leimuiden (the Netherlands). A prerequisite ....................
    (2016-04-14) HipHop: A New Perspective for Garfield Park, Chicago.
    Bomhof, B. (author)
    Garfield Park is a neglected neighborhood in between the city center and the suburbs of Chicago. During the 60s the white middle class moved out to the suburbs to live the “American Dream”. Poor black people moved in and at the same time crime started to rise. Right now the citizens are suffering a live full of poverty and are suppressed by gangs that call the shots and creating a culture of fear. However, despite of the misery, they still have their Afro-American culture, which is the herit....................
    (2016-04-14) Framing behaviour by interior design
    Crobach, L.M.J.M. (author)
    This graduation thesis analyzes the consequences of emerging social trends on the role of the corporate real estate manager. Real Estate Management Management of the Built Environment Architecture and The Built Environment
    (2016-04-14) Promenade Architectural Introvert - UvA Library Binnengasthuis Amsterdam
    Petersen, E.Q. (author)
    A research and design for a new university library for the UvA at the Binnengasthuis area in Amsterdam. The Binnengasthuis area is an enclosed and introvert enclave in the middle of Amsterdam. The research focusses on the relevance of the introversion at the site. The design creates a symbiosis between the existing buildings and the new added function of a library. The result is a promenade architectural introvert. Heritage & Design Heritage & Architecture Architecture and The Built Environment
    (2016-04-14) De invloed van sociale media op de reguliere geschreven media Een descriptief en comparatief onderzoek naar Twitter
    Wielen, M.J.E. van der
    With the growing influence of social media in our daily lives, we even tend to adapt our language to social media. But the question remains if, reversely, the language we use on social media influences the langauge we use in our daily or professional lives. In this study I try to define the characteristics of the language used on Twitter. As a startingpoint I take the characteristics used in previous studies about language use in new media such as MSN and Texting. To determine if these character....................
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