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    (2015-06-15) Ocean Waves Reanalysis of Operational Based Method: Wave Forecast Error based on the encountered OCTOPUS wave database:
    Van der Meij, A.B.
    Dockwise started in 2008 with the OCTOPUS motion monitoring and captain decision support system for performance optimization and bad weather routing capacity. The OCTOPUS-Onboard system gathers weather and motion data, which is collected in the OCTOPUS database. This database includes the encountered weather data and the measured accelerations and ship motions along the route of the vessel. A new calculation algorithm is developed which reflects the data collected with the motion monitoring pro....................
    (2015-06-12) Developing Governance: A study into the relation between development aid and the quality of government in recipient countries
    Hooi, E.A.A. (Joris)
    This study looks into the results of the recent 15-year big development aid push, which occurred under the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s). One of the main topics of the development agenda was and to this day is, a focus on the development of different aspects of governance within the recipient country. By using a recently developed indicator, which claims improved accuracy in measuring the amount of actual development aid provided by donor countries, the effect of aid on the quality of g....................
    (2015-06-12) De invloed van participatie op draagvlak bij hydro-elektriciteitscentrales in Turkije
    Yildiz, M.D. (Mazlum)
    In dit onderzoek is de invloed van participatie op cultureel, procedureel en inhoudelijk draagvlak gemeten bij het beleidvormingsproject rond stuwdamprojecten in het ontwikkelingsland Turkije. Er is gebruik gemaakt van twee deelonderzoeken om mogelijke verbanden tussen participatie en de vormen van draagvlak te onderzoek. In het eerste deelonderzoek is naar dit verband gezocht onder decentrale overheden. In het tweede deelonderzoek is bekeken in hoeverre een dergelijk verband te ontdekken is ond....................
    (2015-06-12) De houdbaarheidsdatum van ambitie
    Feddachen, S. (Souhaila)
    Met dit onderzoek wordt getracht om arbeidsmotivatie onder ambtenaren met de leeftijd 52 jaar en ouder te meten en verklaren, door bestaande hypotheses uit de literatuur te confronteren met data uit de survey, te houden onder oudere medewerkers binnen de gemeente Leiden. De vraag die centraal staat in dit onderzoek is: ‘hoe kan arbeidsmotivatie onder ambtenaren met de leeftijd van 52 jaar en ouder worden verklaard?’. Wanneer de motiverende factoren gespecificeerd worden voor de doelgroep oud....................
    (2015-06-12) Participatiemotivatie in Barendrecht
    Breugel, A.J. van (Arjen)
    Initiatieven van bewoners en (sociale) ondernemers worden steeds belangrijker om de samenleving goed te laten functioneren. Het zijn niet alleen meer initiatieven, het zijn vooral initiatieven die meer omvatten dan alleen een buurtactiviteit of een verbetering van een bestaande situatie. Bewoners denken na over hun rol in de wijk als één werkend geheel. Dat gaat over zorg, werk en samenleven, taken waar de overheid en de professionals tot op heden zelf het beleid bepaalden. Dit veroorzaakt ee....................
    (2015-06-12) De veranderingsbereidheid van politieprofessionals
    Kerkhoff, D. van den (Dirk)
    In dit kwalitatieve onderzoek staat de veranderbereidheid van politieprofessionals in de politie-eenheid Rotterdam centraal, waarbij de focus ligt op de implementatie van de nieuwe ZSM werkwijze. (artikel 8 van de Wegenverkeerswet: rijden onder invloed van alcohol). De centrale vraag luidt: "waardoor wordt veranderbereidheid in de politie-eenheid Rotterdam bepaald en op welke manier kan die veranderbereidheid worden vergroot?" Veranderbereidheid wordt bepaald door de mate waarin men "wil" ....................
    (2015-06-12) Van hiërarchie naar eigen regie
    Biezen, A.R. van der (Agnes)
    Dit afstudeeronderzoek heeft tot doel het doen van aanbevelingen aan Stichting Humanitas DMH ten aanzien van de aanwezige en waar nodig te versterken factoren die vanuit de literatuur zijn onderscheiden om te komen tot meer ondernemende, zelforganiserende teams door een analyse te maken van de aanwezigheid van de vanuit de literatuur verzamelde factoren op het gebied van zelforganisatie die van belang zijn om te komen tot meer ondernemerschap en zelforganisatie in de teams binnen Stichting Human....................
    (2015-06-12) Technology and Fashion: Crossing the Intersection
    A. Minasyan
    Would you like to wear a dress that could charge your smartphone? Or wouldn't it be great that your sneakers could post on the Twitter and Facebook? Recently, the wearable computing devices defined that smart garments receive great attention and become a hot topic of discussion. More and more individuals are experimenting with the possibility to embed high- tech devices, such as solar cells or LEDs, into textile. The added functionality enables the garment to provide unique aesthetic experienc....................
    (2015-06-12) Geomechanical modeling of a fault-propagation fold:
    Doff, J.M.
    The goals of this thesis were to understand the impact of uncertainties and modeling methods on the resulting stress and strain patterns and to see how 3D stress patterns can be linked to what was seen in the field. In 3 types of models simulations were done to carry out this goal. These are the 2D perturbation model, the 2D static model, and the 3D model. Sensitivity analysis was performed on all of the models and in the 3D model also a principal stress analysis was done. Results and discussi....................
    (2015-06-12) Strength of the grass sod on dikes during wave overtopping:
    Bijlard, R.W.
    There is a shift in the approach for designing coastal structures. In the past, dikes were designed on the probability of exceedance of an incoming wave during storm conditions. In the near future, the design criteria will be the probability of flooding of the hinterland. In order to determine this flooding probability, the strength of the dike has to be known. This thesis focuses on the erosion of the grass sod during overtopping wave volumes. Several tests have been performed in the last few y....................
    (2015-06-12) How can improve its return policy to increase purchase intention and customer loyalty:
    Stoops, M.J.
    This project was conducted on behalf of and as a graduation project for the master Strategic Product Design at Delft University of Technology. The goal of this project was to improve the customer experience of’s return policy. Research found that the Dutch online shopper is generally unsatisfied with the return policies of Dutch web shops. offers its customers free returns within 30 days, which is a more liberal policy than most competitors offer. There are however s....................
    (2015-06-12) Precast Concrete in Framed Tube High-Rise Structures:
    Hummelen, J.C.
    In this thesis a particular structural system for high-rise structures is discussed: the prefabricated concrete framed tube and tube-in-tube structures. These system consist of a prefabricated concrete perforated elements in the perimeter of the structure that are the main lateral load resisting elements in the building. For tube-in-tube structures, the perimeter elements work together with a structural core that also resists the high lateral loads that are due to the wind loading on high rise s....................
    (2015-06-12) Nonlinear and learning control of a one-dimensional magnetic manipulator:
    Damsteeg, J.
    This thesis describes the control design for a magnetic manipulator. The experimental setup has four electromagnets (coils) which can be used to shape the magnetic field above the magnets by controlling the currents through all coils. By doing this, the steel ball can be positioned horizontally in one degree of freedom. The control objective consists of accurate and fast regulation of the ball. The magnetic force created by the coils is highly nonlinear. An empirical model is used to approximate....................
    (2015-06-12) Steel Grid Shells Stress-Based Sizing Optimisation:
    Pruszkowski, W.
    The second half of the 20th century brought a revolution, when a computer-aided design (CAD) emerged. The new technologies were not only aiding with the existing designs, they begun to generate them too making the first examples of what is known today as a free-form design. Complicated 3D geometries could now be easily generated, viewed on the screen and dimensioned. The design process of such structures though implicates numerous difficulties and requires managing large data streams, which even....................
    (2015-06-12) Uncertainties in future dike design:
    Evers, G.A.
    A dike is designed for an extreme event which greatly exceed the situation under daily circumstances. The expected loading during such an event is, however, difficult to estimate. Inherent uncertainties in nature and epistemic uncertainties in models and statistical data impede a clear verdict about the exact loading on a dike. Consequently, incorporating uncertainties in a dike design can have a great impact. One of the aims, following the Delta Decisions of 2015, is to improve the way uncertai....................
    (2015-06-12) Satellite altimetry on Greenland ice sheet mass balances:
    Bergaretxe, E.
    On this MSc thesis we use two radar altimetry mission data in order to study the evolution oof the Greenland ice sheet during the period 2013-2014. The Throughout Earth’s history the cryosphere, and more specifically its ice sheets, have responded to every major climate change event by expanding or retreating its extension pulled on the direction of the new climatic situation. Thus, for the currently ongoing climate change, the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets hold a significant relevance....................
    (2015-06-12) De Amsterdamse dictatuur: De interactie tussen Provo en de autoriteiten (1965-1967)
    Vollebregt, M.P.
    Gedurende de jaren zestig vond er een grote verandering plaats in de Nederlandse samenleving. De babyboomgeneratie die na de Tweede Wereldoorlog geboren was, leefde in een geheel andere maatschappij dan de voorgaande generatie. Dit zorgde ervoor dat jongeren zich vanaf de jaren zestig steeds meer gingen manifesteren als jongeren; er ontstond een generatiekloof. De nozems, pleiners en dijkers waren hier de eerste voorbeelden van. Dankzij het verhoogde schoolniveau breidde deze jongerencultuur zic....................
    (2015-06-12) Domesticated predators
    D.J. Burema
    Heterosexual relationships in which the woman is much older than her male partner have become increasingly visible in popular culture. Typically these women are referred to as cougars and their partners as toyboys. It is argued that these types of relationships have the potential to undermine traditional forms heteronormativity and intersectional gender/age performances. For women past their forties are not expected to engage in sexual relationships, especially not with younger men. Building on ....................
    (2015-06-11) Certification of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Wolzak, N.
    “Coca Cola Busted for Greenwashing” (Zara, 2013) “Has Earth day become National Greenwash Day?” (Tarbotton, 2010) “Microsoft has best Global CSR Reputation” (O’Reilly, 2013) These are just a few of the many headlines to have passed in the last years on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its effect on reputation. It was long thought that being responsible was enough to push up profits and strengthen the reputation of the company. However, since there have been some scan....................
    (2015-06-11) The Interactions between Monetary Policy and Option-based Implied Volatility: Evidence from Europe
    Gehrend, M
    I investigate the interactions between monetary policy and option-based implied volatility of stock markets indices in Germany, the Eurozone and Switzerland. Implied volatility constitutes an important economic variable as it incorporates information on the expected volatility of a stock index and on investors’ risk aversion. The analysis is performed using a VAR methodology. I control for the business cycle and in the case of Switzerland, also for the exchange rate. The results mostly indicat....................
    (2015-06-11) CIVIL SOCIETY: cultural policies’ stepping stone
    F. Aliverti
    This research will focus on understanding the reasons why Italian current cultural policies, which aim at involving the privates within the cultural sector, are not effective. Specifically, I want to investigate, following Putnam (1993) and Harrison and Huntington (2000) researches, if a correlation between the failure of the indirect public support and a poor culture of giving, mixed with a low-implemented civil society actually exists. In Italy in fact even if many laws were established w....................
    (2015-06-11) How have democratization and marketization impacted on art institutions’ self-assessment ?
    C. Devillez
    This thesis explores the impact of democratization and marketization on art institutions' self-assessment, from 1990 to 2013. Besides displaying and preserving art, museums have been responding to society's broader changes and stakeholders' evolving expectations. On the one hand, democratization contributes to the societal relevance of the arts, as efforts are made to foster engagement with culture among society at large. On the other hand, marketization has been developed in museums' practice a....................
    (2015-06-11) The Service Innovation Labs‘ Incubator Service: Co-Creating with corporations to enhance innovation using lean startup design:
    Altug, H.N.
    Corporates today face the challenge that their innovation efforts are ineffective and inefficient. Many anticipated ideas and opportunities get suffocated and lost in the dragging long processes within corporates. Bureaucracy, micropolitical dynamics and hierarchy add even obstacles to the process that make it close to impossible to realize ideas. Providing effective innovation efforts is what SI Labs exceeds in and for this reason consults corporations. This makes the graduation assignment of c....................
    (2015-06-11) The open boundary equation:
    Diederen, D.
    Consider an estuary which is described by two governing equations for two variables, the water level 'zeta' and the velocity 'u'. Having two governing equations (Saint-Venant, 1871) is sufficient to perform time integration. The problem statement for a finite domain contains two boundary conditions and an initial condition. However, if the domain is infinitely long, we only have one boundary condition. Does this mean that the problem statement for an infinite domain contains less information? Th....................
    (2015-06-11) The risk of exceeding a certain threshold for Chlorohyll-a in the Wadden Sea:
    Dulfer, C.E.
    The Ecostress project has the intention to develop systems and methodologies to observe changes in urban coastal areas. Within this project, the Wadden Sea is taken as a pilot area. The goal is to produce tools to assess human, social and environmental impacts, such as the spatial risk and socio-environmental impacts of coastal urbanization. One of the aspired tools is an interactive risk map for the amounts of Chlorophyll-a (Chlfa) in the water, as an indicator of algae, where the month of inte....................
    (2015-06-11) Vibration and comfort analysis of steel composite pedestrian bridge:
    Luo, Y.
    A number of load modes and comfort design guidelines, with the purpose of analyzing the comfort level of target structure, has been introduced in the last few years. The approaches to these issues have in many cases been very different in both how much in detail it goes when describing the pedestrian load and to what extent the load case has to be considered. Due to the complexity of modelling the human induced load and applying the load on the structure, researches on these topic....................
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