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    (2014-06-28) Is There a City Beyond the Buildings? Searching for Urbanity in Recife:
    De Carvalho Filho, L.M.
    This thesis is inserted in the debate about density, urban form and spatial quality. It intends to contribute in the study of Urbanity, the dimensions it involves and methods to evaluate and achieve it in an adequate level in cities, especially in the context of developing countries. The aim of this research is in one hand to discuss how the construction (historical, cultural and institutional) of the space of the city of Recife performs as a City in the sense of place to meet and exchange and o....................
    (2014-06-28) Redesigning the planning process: The case study of Panepistimiou Street in Athens:
    Chranioti, A.
    This diploma thesis explores the Greek planning tradition and practice and its capacity to address the real urgencies of the urban environment and deliver long-term benefits to society and the economy. An overview of recent regeneration proposals is presented in order to investigate the reasons why planning in Greece is said to have weak influence. The evidence presented is essentially reinforced by the extensive study of an on-going regeneration project that takes place in the city centre of At....................
    (2014-06-27) Het clientenperspectief op kwaliteit van zorg in een verpleegtehuis
    Kan van, M. 345814
    Deze bachelorscriptie gaat over het perspectief van revalidatiecliënten op kwaliteit van zorg in een verpleeghuis. Uit onderzoek is gebleken dat er te weinig aandacht is voor het perspectief van de revalidatiecliënt en dat juist het betrekken van de cliënten bij het revalidatieproces een positieve invloed heeft op de voortgang van de revalidatie. Revalidatiecliënten hebben bepaalde kenmerken waardoor ze zich onderscheiden van permanente cliënten in een verpleeghuis. Het belangrijkste kenmer....................
    (2014-06-27) Zorggebruik van Kwetsbare ouderen
    Horst ter, Q. 358655
    Achtergrond Er is onderzocht of integrale zorg dan wel de mate van zelfredzaamheid invloed hebben op het zorggebruik van kwetsbare ouderen. Literatuur Door de complexe en voortdurende sociale- en gezondheidsproblemen hebben kwetsbare ouderen behoefte aan een breed scala aan producten en diensten. Dit maakt dat kwetsbare ouderen meer gebruik maken van zorgvoorzieningen dan niet kwetsbare ouderen. Op het zorggebruik van kwetsbare ouderen kunnen twee determinanten van invloed zijn: integrale zor....................
    (2014-06-27) Designing a product for learning Visual Thinking:
    Smit, R.D.
    Visual Thinking is becoming an increasingly important and popular skill to learn. Yet currently there are relatively few products and methods available to people for learning it. This creates the opportunity to design a new product for learning visual thinking. The design of this product requires and understanding of how visual thinking itself works, and of the users and their context for which the design is done. Literature studies, in-depth-interviews and observations provided insights on th....................
    (2014-06-27) Design of a Semi-Empirical Tool for the Evaluation of Turbine Cooling Requirements in a Preliminary Design Stage:
    Tiemstra, F.S.
    There is an everlasting demand for higher cycle efficiencies in gas turbine engines. One way to obtain a higher efficiency is to increase the overall pressure ratio (OPR) of the engine. In order to benefit from the efficiency increase whilst maintaining the same specific gas power, the turbine inlet temperature (TIT) has to increase with it. However, with the extremely high TIT used in modern day gas turbine engines, the melting point of the materials used in nozzle guide vanes (NGV) and high pr....................
    (2014-06-27) Fatigue Analysis of the Column-Pontoon Connection in a Semi-Submersible Floating Wind Turbine:
    Marin, T.I.
    Motivated by the exciting potential of the new floating offshore wind concepts, this thesis aims to analyze the fatigue behavior of a novel semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine, developed at CeSOS, NTNU, which consists of four cylindrical columns with one central column supporting the 5 MW NREL wind turbine. The geometry was proposed by the author, based on logic, mathematical derivations, as well as information from the literature. The SESAM package provided by DNV was used for this ....................
    (2014-06-27) CVA calculation, an extended marked branching diffusion approach:
    Borsje, L. J.
    The marked branching diffusion algorithm as proposed by (Henry-Labordere, 2012), based on the particle diffusion introduced by (McKean, 1975), is extended upon to include stochastic interest rate models. This extended branching diffusion algorithm is used to solve pricing PDE's for equity derivatives including CVA, using the two types of default conventions as in (Brigo and Morini, 2011). Analytical results are then used to evaluate the performance of the algorithms in the case of one sided payo....................
    (2014-06-27) Framed Space vs. Free Space:
    Oudenaarden, S.A.C.
    The graduation project ‘Framed space vs. Free space’ is about the differences between space free to plan by the user and controlled space by authorities in urban and landscape design. These are degrees of control on different scales. Scales in urbanism are assigned to get a grip on the complexity of the city, to understand the processes and interactions between different scales of the urban fabric. Seldom however, these scales are translated back to the whole they originate from: the unified....................
    (2014-06-27) Island Cabins:
    Overheul, S.P.
    THESIS. Qualitative study of the meaning of recreational houses for hosts and visitors in tourism dependent natural regions, a case study on the Dutch Wadden island Vlieland. DESIGN PROJECT. Architectural design for a series of recreational accommodations that fit in with the island and its visitors identity. PURPOSE. Facilitating sustainable tourism development by taking into account the value of place identity.
    (2014-06-27) Android Tor Tribler Tunneling (AT3): TI3800 Bachelorproject:
    De Vos, M.A.; Jagerman, R.M.; Versluis, L.F.D.
    Tribler is a decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing system. Recently the Tribler development team has introduced anonymous internet communication using a Tor-like protocol in their trial version. The goal of our bachelor project is to port this technology to Android devices. This is a challenging task because cross-compiling the necessary libraries to the ARM CPU architecture is uncharted territory. We have successfully ported all dependencies of Tribler to Android. An application called Androi....................
    (2014-06-27) Spatial model-aided indoor tracking:
    Xu, W.
    In order to address the problem of indoor pedestrian tracking, this thesis reports a research on spatial models' ability to reduce tracking error of a WiFi positioning system. There are three main objectives in this research. First, it is to build a suitable spatial model for tracking. Second, it is to develop a tracking algorithm that can make full use of the spatial model. Last, the tracking algorithm should be tested in a live environment. Based on literature study, a grid-based spatial ....................
    (2014-06-27) Obama Presidential Library and Archive:
    Reemaa, R.
    The studio Complex Projects dealt with the city of Chicago in US. The studio took a collective critical look of contemporary masterplanning in shrinking metropolitan cities in US and searched for new means do develop a vast blighted area in South-Chicago neighbourhood. In contradiction to a run-down brief site, the individual proposal is the Obama Presidential Archive and Library - a very odd but therefore an unique building type in the US that presidents establish after they leave their office....................
    (2014-06-27) The Bathyard: A Public Courtyard:
    Simon, M.L.
    The main concept of the design is to consider the thermal baths, and pools like the “public void”. Therefore the Bathyard proposes a gradient of 'publicness' using baths as a mean for interactions between the visitors and the inhabitants. More precisely, the building offers a public plinths of Thermal Baths and Pools, inhabiting the courtyard of the block, and combination of dwelling with Collective Thermal Baths and Penthouses with Individual Thermal Bath. This diversity in scale of apartme....................
    (2014-06-27) South Works Playful Learning Environment:
    Mateljan, M.
    The design combines 2 programs with the main idea of PLAY which is connecting them: Learning through PLAY and Recreation through PLAY. This programmatic combination of learning and recreation addresses the low educational level and the demographic homogeneity of the South Chicago neighborhood as well as deals with the reduced quality of life which comes as a result of the overall lack of programmatic and spatial diversity. The existing site features such as the ore walls and the existing water s....................
    (2014-06-27) South Works Performance Center:
    Smidihen, H.
    The Graduation Studio Chicago deals with former US steel site, an emptied industrial lot of 2.4 sqkm at South Side of Chicago. The first part of the studio (Msc3) focuses on the research and development of the master plan while the second part (Msc4) is structured as a continuation of the first phase. The MSc 4 project, is testing the arguments of the developed masterplan with an individual building intervention: the South Work Performance Center.
    (2014-06-27) Energy Producing Architecture: Johanneberg Science Park:
    Fedatsenka, S.S.
    Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of total worlds energy consumption (Kapsalaki et al., 2012). Most of this energy is provided by fossil fuels. According to various study this energy source will be depleted in 50 – 80 years. The climate change which is caused mainly by using fossil fuels makes the search for the alternatives in energy supply even more relevant. This study contributes to sustainable design development as well as to the architectural body of knowledge as an examp....................
    (2014-06-27) South Works Creative Incubator:
    Gyulkhasyan, N.
    The final thesis project South Works Creative Incubator is a continuation of Graduation Project MSc3 phase focusing on research and development of the masterplan framework for the Southworks site: an emptied industrial lot of 2.8 sqkm at South Side, Chicago, Illinois. The aim was to introduce a catalyst proposal to develop the area and activate the neighborhood in its environment of slow growth. South Works Creative Incubator is the digtal media production centre supporting the creation and pre....................
    (2014-06-27) Nonlinear Model Reduction of Cable Slab Dynamics:
    Sridhar, A.
    In high precision motion systems, rather flexible cable slabs provide electrical power and cooling liquid to moving stages. The positioning accuracy of free floating stages is defined by the disturbances action on it. So, it is of utmost importance to accurately quantify the disturbance forces of these cables. The mathematical model of such a structure must feature geometric nonlinearities. The computational cost of such a model is often prohibitive, therefore nonlinear reduction techniques are....................
    (2014-06-27) De Invloed van Dopamine- en Serotoninerisicogenen op Executieve Functies: een Serie Meta-Analyses
    Vermeulen, Lisette
    Recent years several studies have attempted to examine the associations between polymorphisms of COMT, DRD4, DRD2, DAT1, MAOA, 5-HTTLPR, and executive functions. These studies have never been combined in a meta-analysis. In this thesis a meta-analysis is carried out for each gene separately. This leads to a central research question: Do people with risk variants of dopamine genes or the risk variant of 5-HTTLPR perform worse on executive function tasks than people without these risk variants? Se....................
    (2014-06-27) Meta-analyses naar de relaties tussen risicovarianten van dopaminegenen dan wel het serotoninegen en executieve functies
    Zweistra, Esther
    This research focused on the relationship between risk variations of dopamine genes as well as the serotonin gene and executive functions. To conduct a series of meta analyses, several electronic databases concerning these genes were consulted. The analyses encompass the following dopamine genes: COMT, DRD4, DRD2, DAT1 and MAOA. It also encompasses the serotonin gene 5-HTTLPR. The executive functions that will be discussed are inhibition, cognitive flexibility, working memory, planning, and atte....................
    (2014-06-27) Starting smart: Scholia and mise en page of the book-beginnings in the Venetus A
    Eldik, Alex van
    It is known that the density of ancient commentaries is higher in the beginning of the book. I connected this with the mise en page of the Venetus A manuscript, one of the most famous Iliad manuscripts. The content from different sources is divided over different places on the page. The scribe made his own choices in selecting the content for the manuscript, but was guided by the pedagogical tradition before him, in which the first 12 books of the Iliad were the most important. The amount and co....................
    (2014-06-27) Robotically Aided Regionalism - Reawakening stone stereotomy through robotic fabrication:
    Tanti, M.
    The research is based on the Maltese archipelago, a collection of islands with no other building material available apart from Globigerina limestone. Importing materials before the industrial revolution was an impractical endeavour which led for the inhabitants of the island to learn and master ways how stone can be used in a variety of ways. This restriction resulted in a cultural landscape made out of one material, hence the material has not only transcended from a building resource to a build....................
    (2014-06-27) The Potential of Rare Earth Deposits in the Deep-Sea Environment:
    Van Gerwe, T.J.
    Because of high resource prices for rare earth elements over the last decade, companies and governments are investing in research in finding new deposits and innovations. The purpose of this thesis is to measure the potential of rare earth deposits in the deep-sea environment. This is done by a wide and extensive literature study with a focus on supply and demand, combined with several cash flow analyses. Some research will be on alternatives for deep-sea mining; for example recycling and substi....................
    (2014-06-27) Digitale Architectuur: De ontwikkeling van CAD technieken en haar weerslag op het architectonisch product:
    Hassan, Y.
    Op welke wijze heeft de CAD techniek zich door de jaren heen ontwikkeld en wat is zijn weerslag op het architectonisch product? Met deze vraag word er geprobeerd om meer duidelijkheid te krijgen over de invloed van CAD technieken in de architectuur. De ontwikkeling van CAD begint in 1963 en is vandaag de dag nog in volle gang. Er word daarbij gekeken naar de van invloed zijnde aspecten en de daaruit voortkomende gevolgen voor het architectonische product. De ontwikkeling van CAD wordt hier opged....................
    (2014-06-27) The potential of phytostabilization on environmental and human risk reduction in mine waste areas
    Goris, K.
    Worldwide, mining is a source of huge amounts of heavy metal contaminated waste. The most important environmental health risks associated with unmanaged mine waste are caused by the formation of acid mine drainage and the spread of metals into the environment through aeolian dispersion, surface runoff and leaching. Heavy metal pollution and acid mine drainage lead to a decrease of biodiversity, and an increase in death and disease of vegetation, wildlife and humans for many miles around the poll....................
    (2014-06-27) 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy of phospholipid-metabolism in breast cancer
    Yang, L.
    In this literature review it is shown that phospholipid metabolism in human breast tumor tissues is altered. The progression from healthy to malignant transformation results in an increase in phosphocholine (PC) and/or phosphoethanolamine (PE) and total choline-containing compounds (tCho) and a decrease in glycerophosphocholine (GPC) and glycerophosphoethanolamine (GPE) in human mammary epithelial cells (HMECs). Some enzymes in choline phospholipid metabolism are potential targets for anticancer....................
    (2014-06-27) The role of the amygdala in social behavior and alcoholism
    Kosse, R.C.
    Alcoholism is a major health risk, since 4% of all deaths worldwide are attributed to alcohol. The development of alcoholism is influenced by genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors. The reward feeling, derived of alcohol consumption, can also stimulate the development of an alcohol problem. This reward is mediated by the mesolimbic reward pathway in the brain. Social behavior, especially social play, can also result in a reward feeling and there is a relation between social behavior and....................
    (2014-06-27) Het opsporen van dragers van Dictyocaulus viviparus
    Roest, T.A.
    Infectie met longworm (Dictyocaulus viviparus) is veelvoorkomend in Nederland. Na ontwikkeling van een tankmelk ELISA in Hannover, Duitsland in 2009, wordt nu bij de Gezondheidsdienst in Deventer ook een soortgelijke tankmelk ELISA ontwikkeld. Het is echter niet bekend bij welk aantal positieve dieren de tankmelk ELISA positief wordt. Het doel van dit onderzoek is om te bepalen of het mogelijk is om de aanwezigheid van één of meer carriers van longworm (Dictyocaulus viviparus) op een bedrijf a....................
    (2014-06-27) Kanaleneiland: Improving the liveability by redesigning the 'Stempel':
    Verhaak, E.
    The modernistic 'Stempelbouw' design for Kanaleneiland-Noord is the cause for many liveability problems nowadays. CIAM's ideology for the seperation of space and the emphasis on light, air and space can be traced back in this neighbourhood and result in a design which is too spacious, where people are barely able to regulate their privacy and where the housing typology does not match with the types of households in the area. By redesigning the 'Stempel' these problems are resolved. The area is r....................
    (2014-06-27) A Low Emissions Taxi Movement Planning Tool:
    Evertse, C.
    The goal of this research project was to develop and test an online, automated taxi movement planning tool, that optimizes the timed taxiing routes of all aircraft on an airport, by minimizing the impact on the environment. Automatic taxi planning tools have been developed before, but the emissions have never been included before as a factor in the optimal taxi planning. Since the tool is to be used in real-time in an operational context, the daily operations of airports have been analyzed and ....................
    (2014-06-27) Detecting speculative bubbles in GARCH processes: A time-series based test for predicting explosive behavior
    This paper provides further evidence for the usefulness of the speculative bubble test proposed by Franses (2014). The test is proven to be effective in predicting bubbles in high-frequency data. Three real world examples as well as Monte Carlo simulations show that the test gives signals when a speculative bubble occurs. Furthermore, this paper has adapted the recursive residuals method for GARCH processes. For stable processes, this method is even more accurate, but it cannot be used for dete....................
    (2014-06-26) Politieke verschillen
    Gogh, R. van (Richard)
    Er is een strijd gaande over de vraag welke rol de overheid zou moeten spelen in de economie. Deze strijd is niet iets nieuws, maar kan al terug geleid worden tot de Franse revolutie. De deling in de politiek maakt het makkelijker om het beleid te kunnen plaatsen en is daarom volgens sommige nog steeds relevant (Bobbio, 1994). Andere stellen echter dat deze scheidingslijn begint te vervagen door een steeds complexer wordende samenleving waar het politieke spectrum steeds breder wordt getrokken e....................
    (2014-06-26) How social are entrepreneurs?
    Vermolen, B.
    Entrepreneurs play an important role in current society. The ways in which they influence and have an effect on the economy are extensive. Social capital has been shown to be important for entrepreneurship. Therefore, in this study, the relation between entrepreneurship and social networks and social personality is investigated. The empirical analysis uses data from the LISS (Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social sciences). The LISS panel comprises over 5000 households in the Netherlands....................
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