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    (2013-09-06) Programming for Interactive Prototypes:
    Pijnappel, P.I.R.
    Goal In recent years, designers have increasingly started to make experiential prototypes containing electronics within the design process. This has been enabled by the rise of several microcontroller boards and software tools that decrease the complexity and cost of making such a prototype, allowing designers to construct these prototypes themselves. Although these tools have already drastically simplified the complexity of making such prototypes, it is still far from easy. It often requires su....................
    (2013-09-06) Interacting with patients and their parents: Exploring design opportunities for supporting pediatric oncology nursing staff:
    Heikamp, A.
    The assignment of this graduation project was to investigate the current interaction strategies of the pediatric oncology nursing staff in challenging situations on the pediatric oncology unit. Which interaction problems exist on the pediatric oncology unit? And which interaction strategies between the pediatric oncology nursing staff and patients and their parents can be identified? The goal of this project was to define design opportunities for supporting the pediatric oncology nursing staff ....................
    (2013-09-06) Design for Political Involvement - Reframing the party-citizen relation:
    Kieft, C.R.M.
    This thesis describes the process and results of the graduation project “Design for Political Involvement” for the Masters’ course Design for Interaction. The project was executed for the political party D66. The goal of the project was to design a product that will increase the involvement of citizens in the political party D66 by the year 2018. The focus was on the relationship between the party and citizens as the foundation of any form of involvement.
    (2013-09-06) Modelling Power Plant Investment Behaviour: Three modular investment algorithms including hard and soft factors:
    Verweij, R.
    Simulation models become increasingly important in energy policy analysis. A literature review showed that there is demand for analysing the effect of multiple more realistic investment algorithms on the outcomes of energy policy analysis. The reason is that energy policy analysis could be incomplete without insight in the implications of the assumed investment behaviour in simulation models. The research question is: How is the effectiveness of the EU-ETS mechanism affected by diverse investmen....................
    (2013-09-05) Design of a business creation fund for Health Innovations.:
    Laban, V.C.
    Health Innovations, a venture capital firm in healthcare, is currently searching for a growth strategy to realize its corporate objectives. The search for this growth strategy was structured using the three growth directions of Ansoff (1957): product development, market development and diversification. In three steps the best direction was defined. First a situational analysis was done, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Then an external analysis was conducted to identify the most important ....................
    (2013-09-05) Re-figuring the Past. Interpreting Early Halaf Figurines from Tell Sabi Abyad (Syria)
    Arntz, Monique
    Figurines have been the subject of many archaeological studies and publications since the early 20th century. Studies in the past tended to be universalistic in nature and studied figurines mostly as art objects. In recent years there has been a move towards more contextualised research and a move away from universalistic explanations. However, there are still some shortcomings in figurine literature. Site publications often lack synthesis into a larger temporal and geographical framework. Also ....................
    (2013-09-05) Calendars, Rituals, and the Ethnographer
    Akker, Paul van den
    Perception of time is a constituting pillar in the Maya worldview. The Maya calendar system, which has been in use for thousands of years, however, is currently under threat by a variety of developments. This research master thesis focuses on the contemporary practices and beliefs related to the Maya calendar in Mexican and Guatemalan Maya communities by analyzing ethnographies published between 1889 and 1982. The aims are firstly to analyze the forms in which the traditional time perception ha....................
    (2013-09-05) Highrise energy storage core: Feasibility study for a hydro-electrical pumped energy storage system in a tall building:
    Oldenmenger, A.W.
    To counter the effects of carbon dioxide emissions and to become less dependent on energy imports, the electrical energy production in Europe is likely to make a significant shift towards renewable energy sources in the coming years. One of the major challenges in this transition process is to match the unpredictable and fluctuating supply of renewable energies, like wind and PV, with the demand. The solution to this problem comprises demand control (smart grids) and storage systems. The Highr....................
    (2013-09-04) The 'Intercultural Style' revisited
    Zevenhek, K
    Essay on the use and trade of 'Intercultural Style' chlorite vessels in Southern Mesopotamia, the Arabian Gulf, the Iranian Highlands and the Harappan culture. This essay uses these unique vessels to describe the intercultural connections along their respective trade-routes as well as provides a theoretical background in which to study these connections. Central in the production and distribution of the 'Intercultural Style' vessels is the small site Tepe Yahya.
    (2013-09-04) De verhalen achter de scherven: De pre-Columbiaanse aardewerkverspreiding van Anse Trabaud, Martinique 2012
    Ottolander, Rosanne
    Vanaf half juni tot en met half juli 2012 heeft er een opgraving plaatsgevonden op de site Anse Trabaud, Martinique door de Universiteit Leiden onder leiding van Prof. dr. Corinne Hofman. Hier is veel archeologisch materiaal uit gekomen, waaronder veel aardewerk. Aardewerk vertelt iets over de activiteiten van de mensen die daar leefden en over de eventuele veranderingen die hebben plaatsgevonden door de tijd heen. Aan de hand van de gegevens uit de database zijn er verschillende tabellen en gr....................
    (2013-09-04) Het grafelijk hof van Leiden in de Middeleeuwen
    Buitelaar, Marieke
    Rond 1200 stond in Leiden een hof van de graaf – een gebouwencomplex waar hij zich van tijd tot tijd ophield terwijl hij rondreisde door zijn gebied. Ook in andere steden in het graafschap Holland had hij hoven. Het is van Leiden echter niet duidelijk waarom hij zich daar vestigde. Met de hulp van drie hypothesen zal worden geprobeerd een antwoord te krijgen op de hoofdvraag. Het hof werd waarschijnlijk gesticht in of voor 1121, toen de voorloper van de huidige Pieterskerk als grafelijke kap....................
    (2013-09-04) The enigmatic "tekenu".An iconographical analysis of "tekenu" in tombs from the Old Kingdom to the Late Period
    Paraskeva, Katerina
    Abstract There is a series of aspects and elements at present, whose meaning still remains a mystery. One example of these elements is the “tekenu”, a representation that appears in several tombs in Theban region. It is a fact that tekenu is not fully understood due to the lack of ancient written sources about it. Additionally, the absence of a monographic study in order to investigate further the existence of this enigmatic depiction impedes the complete understanding of it. The representat....................
    (2013-09-04) Untangling Sea Level and Sediment Supply History of the Panther Tongue Delta, Utah, USA:
    Busch, S.P.
    The Panther Tongue is a fluvio-deltaic parasequence in the lower part of the Star Point Sandstone formation in the Wasatch Plateau, central Utah, deposited during the late Cretaceous period. The sedimentology of the Panther Tongue and adjacent beach ridges parasequence has been extensively described by Hwang & Heller (2002) and Hampson et al. (2011). This study aims to produce an estimate of the magnitude of the sediment supply and the sea level fluctuations at the time when the Panther Tongue d....................
    (2013-09-04) Car as Power Plant: Assessing Vehicle Technology Acceptance and its implications for the Business Model design.:
    Allison Ojeda, E.
    Vehicle to Grid (V2G) has been proposed as an alternative way to cope with the electricity demands of the future by integrating the electric and transportation system infrastructures. In this way, the vehicle fleet will be used as a mobile storage system, enabling a higher penetration level for renewable energy sources. As an example, with the current personal transportation fleet of Europe, 2,390 GW of electric capacity could be fed into the grid. Currently, V2G is in the Research and Developm....................
    (2013-09-03) Building up Faith; Hellenism and the Jewish religion in Jerusalem in Herodian times as expressed in the Jewish Temple
    Brand, Sanne Iara van den
    This research deals with discovering how Herod the Great put the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple Complex to use within the political situation of the Roman Empire and the relation of the Empire with the Jewish People. As client king for the Roman Empire in Judea it was his job to prepare the Judean people for future incorporation in the Roman Empire, for which he used the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. To prove this was indeed the case I will investigate how Herod used the Hellenistic architec....................
    (2013-09-03) From Arcadia to Attica; the transition of the Pan cult during the fifth century BC
    Schepers, Ischa
    According to the myth Pan was a goat-footed god, born in Arcadia. The origin of his cult also lies in Arcadia, and was most likely established during the seventh century BC. Within Arcadian veneration he was deemed to have a pastoral nature, from which herding and hunting were the most important characteristics. An overarching aspect of fertility emphasized his importance for the reproduction of the flocks, the increase of wild game, and his part in initiation rites of the paides; the Arcadian y....................
    (2013-09-03) The city according to the millstone assemblage: A complementary approach to the Koroneia urban site survey
    Brasser, Jan Paul
    Deze scriptie legt zich toe op de beschrijving van een survey assemblage van maalstenen. De hoofdvraag die centraal staat is “Zijn maalsteenfragmenten bruikbaar als survey data?”. Om deze hoofdvraag te beantwoorden wordt getracht enkele deelvragen te beantwoorden over de stadsheuvel van koroneia: “Hoe vond voedselverwerking plaats in Koroneia en op welke schaal werd dit beoefend in respectievelijk de Archaische, Klassieke, Hellenistische en Romeinse periode? Hoe is dit te plaatsen in het h....................
    (2013-09-03) Het eiland van de Zon in het Titicacameer in Bolivia: een lokale huaca groeit uit tot een pelgrimsoord voor de Inca's
    Koch, Sanne; Koch, Sanne
    Het eiland van de Zon in het Titicacameer in Bolivia is een belangrijk pelgrimsoord voor de Inca’s. Het eiland wordt uitgebreid beschreven door Spaanse kroniekschrijvers in de 16e en 17e eeuw en heeft ook na de onafhankelijkheid van Bolivia vele onderzoekers geboeid. Vanaf wanneer is het eiland van de Zon een pelgrimsoord te noemen? Vanaf wanneer krijgt dit eiland een bijzondere religieuze en ceremoniële waarde? De literatuurstudie die is verricht geeft antwoord op deze vragen. Archeologisch....................
    (2013-09-03) ‘Stressed to the bone’: Comparing stature and non-specific indicators of stress in a Dutch rural post-Medieval population
    Gilde, Esther, 't
    This thesis compares stature, a non-specific indicator of health, with three other non-specific indicators of stress in a human skeletal population. The latter are enamel hypoplasia, cribra orbitalia and Harris lines. The goal of this thesis is to improve the understanding of the relationship between stress markers and stature in order to evaluate the health of past populations in a better manner. The material used is from the rural Dutch town of Middenbeemster, from the post-Medieval time. Only....................
    (2013-09-03) Beschrijving en analyse van vroeg midden-paleolithische vuursteencomplexen uit de stuwwal bij Soesterberg en Maarn (Midden-Nederland)
    Alink, Gerrit
    In deze scriptie worden vuursteencomplexen uit het midden-paleolithicum beschreven en geanalyseerd, afkomstig uit de stuwwallen in Midden-Nederland, gevonden in groeves in Soesterberg en Maarn. Uit de stuwwallen in Midden-Nederland zijn meerdere vuursteencomplexen bekend, daterend uit het vroege midden-paleolithicum (170-300 Ka). Ze worden beschreven als behorend tot de zogenoemde ‘Rhenen Industrie’. Doel van het hier beschreven onderzoek is de vuursteencomplexen uit Soesterberg en Maarn te ....................
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