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    (2013-03-28) Telewerken binnen organisatie X
    Smits, T.C.
    Binnen X is er onderzoek gedaan naar de mate waarin telewerken een toegevoegde waarde heeft voor de realisatie van de organisatiedoelstellingen. Hierbij is er onderzocht welke factoren van invloed zijn op de inrichting en invulling van telewerken. In het licht van deze contextuele factoren zijn er hindering en enabling factoren geïdentificeerd. De resultante van deze hindering en enabling factoren vormen de basis waarmee er een uitspraak gedaan kan worden over de mate waarin telewerken een toeg....................
    (2013-03-28) Corridorontwikkeling in Suriname. De potentie van de as Paramaribo - Zanderij
    Kooijmans, J.
    Er zijn drie grote bedreigingen voor de verdere ontwikkeling van Paramaribo: er is ruimtegebrek, er is sprake van structurele verkeerscongestie en frequent wateroverlast. Een oplossing bieden voor deze problemen vergt enorme ingrepen in de inrichting en infrastructuur van de stad. Deze ingrepen brengen enorme kosten met zich mee en zijn daarom waarschijnlijk niet te realiseren. In plaats van ingrijpen in de huidige situatie kan ook naar alternatieven worden gezocht. In hoeverre kan corridorontw....................
    (2013-03-28) Voetballen in de buurt of liever wat verder met vrienden?
    Hermie, T.
    In deze thesis wordt onderzocht hoe de verzorgingsgebieden van de 33 Utrechtse voetbalverenigingen eruit zien. Met andere woorden: waar halen de verenigingen hun leden vandaan? En waarom kiezen leden voor een bepaalde vereniging? De Centrale Plaatsen Theorie is daarbij het uitgangspunt.
    (2013-03-28) BrabantStad - Een netwerk van steden en provincie in Noord-Brabant
    Ploeg, B. van der
    BrabantStad, a network of cities and Provincial government in Brabant This Master’s thesis focuses on the coexistence of network and territory as principles of spatial structuration in an “urban network”. In the Dutch context, an “urban network” is a form of administrative co-operation at the regional scale in-between urban municipalities and a Provincial government. To gain insight into how such a network operates, a study is conducted on histories and spatialities of Dutch regional ....................
    (2013-03-28) High Tech, High Tide. De aantrekkingskracht van Nederland voor technisch hoog opgeleide kennismigranten uit het buitenland.
    Zanten, M.J. van
    De Nederlandse high tech sector wordt geconfronteerd met een groot tekort aan technisch hoog opgeleid personeel. De geringe instroom van technisch hoog opgeleid personeel is deels te verklaren door het feit dat steeds minder scholieren en studenten kiezen voor technische vakken en studies. Een andere verklaring is de geringe instroom van technisch hoog opgeleid personeel uit het buitenland. Dit wordt ook wel kennismigratie genoemd. Het bevorderen van de komst van kennismigranten is voor het bedr....................
    (2013-03-28) Beeldvorming Kenia - Een analyse op de weblogs van vrijwilligerstoeristen
    Meijer, E.V.
    This research will discuss the perception of Kenya via social media. Many Dutch volunteer tourists in Kenya write on a Dutch weblog about their adventures, trips and daily life during their volunteer time. These stories published on the weblog can tell a lot about how people think about Kenya and which image exists and arises about Kenya. The main question of this research is: “What do the weblogs of Dutch volunteer tourists in Kenya contribute to the imaging of....................
    (2013-03-28) Delta and shelf clinoform development, the effect of sea level and sediment supply on geometry and time scales; an analogue flume model.
    Wiersma, D.
    Recent years have experienced a bloom in 2D analogue flume modeling, due to the clear and simplified representation it gives on sedimentary systems. The difference in spatial and temporal scales between delta and shelf clinoforms has often been disregarded in those experiments. Furtermore, both the shelf and the delta topsets have been approached as a static entity, rather than a dynamic transit system. Longitudinal profiles from both experimental and real world data sets show however, that char....................
    (2013-03-28) Marine X-band radar derived wave field quality on an ebb tidal delta
    Rutten, J.
    Marine X-band radar is used to monitor the sea surface. Algorithms to derive wave, current and bathymetric information from the radar images are surrounded by considerable uncertainty and lack of robustness, especially in complicated morphological settings. The large temporal and spatial resolution of radar imaging qualifies radar data for calibration or validation of numerical models, but the data quality should be known. Therefore the aim of this thesis is to find the wave field quality in mar....................
    (2013-03-28) Reassessment of the role of industrial water demand in global monthly water stress, for the year 2000
    Gioumpakis, P.
    Presently only 10% of maximum available blue water resources, is used by the three consumptive categories, the agricultural, the industrial and the domestic. Recent studies have showed that water demand is expected to increase within the next decades due to constantly growing population, whereas the available freshwater resources are not likely to increase with the same rate and this makes the appropriate management of freshwater resources urgent. This study assessed the amount of pressure put o....................
    (2013-03-28) Climate and oceanography of the Tasmanian Gateway during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO)
    Woelders, L.
    Based on improved biostratigraphic control of Cores 9R to 38R from ODP Hole 1170D, the material is dated between ~43 and ~35 Ma. According to TEX86 based SST reconstruction, sea surface temperatures generally decreased from ~25°C to ~21°C during this period. Superimposed on this temperature decrease, a temperature peak from ~21.5°C to ~25.5°C was observed. Biostratigraphy confirms that this peak corresponds with the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO). Endemism in the Eocene Tasmanian Gate....................
    (2013-03-28) DNA-based solutions to paleoenvironmental research: Current and foreseeable applications of DNA techniques for the Holocene Black Sea.
    Schoffelen, N.J.
    Paleogenomics, which makes use of the genetic fingerprint of species that lived in a past environment, proved to be a powerful method for retrieving highly detailed taxonomical information from Holocene marine sediment records. This technique has been successfully applied on Holocene Black Sea samples, as the DNA remains preserved under anoxic conditions. This report shows that paleogenomic reconstructions for the diatom, dinoflagellate and haptophyte community improved sea surface temperature a....................
    (2013-03-28) How dry was the Messinian Salinity Crisis? - a molecular biogeochemical study of the Eraclea Minoa (Sicily) section, Italy -
    Mezger, E.M.
    The Messinian Salinity Crisis (MSC; 5.96-5.33 Ma) is considered one of the most enigmatic episodes of paleo-oceanographic change during the Cenozoic era. Kilometres thick evaporites are deposited in the Mediterranean basin, during periods when the connections between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean were restricted. The development through time of this crisis is still under debate. Although it is generally accepted that the MSC was a dry period with higher evaporation than precipitation ....................
    (2013-03-28) Binary population models of CVs: post thermal timescale mass transfer CVs
    Wijnen, T.P.G.
    Context: Recently the white dwarf (WD) mass distribution of cataclysmic variables (CVs) has been found to dramatically disagree with the predictions of the standard CV formation model. The high mean WD mass among CVs is not imprinted in the currently observed sample of CV progenitors and can therefore not be attributed to selection effects. The standard CV formation model might thus miss an important ingredient that can explain the discrepancy between the WD masses among CVs and their progenito....................
    (2013-03-28) Internationalisation, liabilities of foreignness and learning processes: Dutch SMEs internationalising to the UK
    Bekamp, B.
    In this thesis the motivations behind internationalising SMEs' choices for particular host-countries and entry-modes are researched. Literature indicates that internationalising firms have to deal with institutional differences between home and host country, and for that reason face liabilities of foreignness. This conceptualisation leads to the presumption that SMEs primarily internationalise to countries which are institutionally similar and which allow them to utilise equity entry-modes, beca....................
    (2013-03-28) Life cycle assessment on layered double hydroxides and their application to agricultural mulching films
    Schrijvers, D.L.
    Environmentally friendly disposal of plastic waste in the form of recycling or incineration with energy recovery is still not always applied to agricultural plastic waste. This makes biodegradable agricultural plastic, for example poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT), an interesting alternative for the most commonly used low-density polyethylene (LDPE). When polymers are exposed to sunlight, UV-A and UV-B radiation can cause photodegradation of the polymers. This can be prevented by th....................
    (2013-03-28) Regional Economic Growth in Europe Analysis of Regional Dependence and Structure
    Geus, S.G. de
    The economic structure of European regions is said to be of significant influence on economic growth. To get a more detailed view on the influence of this economic structure the related variety, unrelated variety and specialization of the regions are examined for their influence on economic growth. Several country level analyses researched this issue up to now. For the first time, in this thesis, a EU-wide analysis is done taking into account the spatial dependence of the regions, which is inclu....................
    (2013-03-28) Sustainable Infrastructure Development - A Socio-economic Impact Analysis of Airport Development in Vietnam
    Halim Nauckhoff, J.; Fentsch, P.D.P.
    Airport operation and development in Southeast Asia is at a crossroads. In order to maintain high levels of socio-economic development and improve national competitiveness within an increasingly globalized economic system, governments throughout the region are investing heavily to modernize their outdated and frequently under-dimensioned aviation facilities. While these processes have been found to benefit countries at the national and regional level, the associated socio-economic impacts on peo....................
    (2013-03-28) Glassy dynamics of Convex Polyhedra
    Tasios, N.
    Self-assembly of polyhedral-shaped particles have attracted huge interest with the advent of new synthesis methods to realize these faceted particles in the lab. Recent studies have shown that polyhedral particles exhibit rich phase behavior by excluded volume interactions alone. Some of these particles are alleged to show a transition to a glass phase by quenching the liquid sufficiently fast beyond the glass transition (supercooling) such that the formation of structures with long-range o....................
    (2013-03-28) Efficient daily volatility forecasts and forecast revisions using intra-day data
    Ballering, W.B.
    The objective of this thesis is to examine the predictive performance of begin-of-the-day volatility in forecasting end-of-the-day volatility using intra-day data; to search for an efficient timing window to make our forecast and to assess the process of forecast revisions during the day. For this we develop three methods that make use of diurnal patterns: the average seasonal over the last K days, an exponentially weighted average seasonal and a Flexible Fourier Form alternatively we build....................
    (2013-03-28) Cleo: The Hands-on Design Tool for Conceptualizing Interactive Spaces:
    Eng, M.
    PLATFORM------- Interactive (technology-enhanced) spaces are becoming omnipresent in our modern world. Designers and companies alike are learning that technology can change peopleʼs impression of a sample of physical space in such a way that yields profit and creates meaning. In the business of designing interactive spaces, there is a dependency on experts to design and help realize these installations. The reliance is due to the many specialized and multidisciplinary skills required to create....................
    (2013-03-28) Improving Value-at-Risk estimates by combining density forecasts
    Zhang, W.
    This research focuses on the properties of weighted linear combinations of prediction models, evaluated using log predictive scoring rule and new scoring rules based on conditional and censored likelihood for assessing the predictive accuracy of competing density forecasts over a specific region of interest, such as the left tail in financial risk management. We apply the technique above on 20 prediction models for forecasting the daily S&P 500 returns and analyze this framework both ex post and....................
    (2013-03-28) Homo ex machina
    Laus, Claire
    Een gevangenisstraf haalt een mens uit de maatschappij. Hij wordt ver weggestopt, weg van iedereen. Wanneer een gedetineerde in de gevangenis terechtkomt, wordt hij onderdeel van de machine die justitie heet, waardoor hij van een actief burger naar een passief burger transformeert. Deze machine (justitie dus) haalt alle verantwoordelijkheid bij de gedetineerde weg. Hij heeft zijn leven niet in eigen hand en is een radertje in de machine. Het is vernederend, anoniem en er is weinig ruimte voor zi....................
    (2013-03-28) Sensitivity Analysis for Expansion of Transmission Systems with High Amounts of Renewables:
    Galinas, E.
    The increasing share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in oday`s electricity mix has introduced new challenges for the geing European power networks. Optimal large scale deployment of wind and solar units around Europe necessitates the upgrade of the transmission system. Identifying transmission bottlenecks for fully accommodating high amounts of renewables comprises the objective of the so called Transmission Expansion Problem (TEP). However, in times of high RES in-feed and consequently high....................
    (2013-03-28) The development of a Product Service System for a Bugaboo stroller:
    Keijsers, K.H.
    In this thesis a product service system for a Bugaboo stroller is developed. The main objectives are to come up with a PSS that has benefits for people, planet and profit. The objectives are defined as follows: 1. People: The PSS should convince people to lease a stroller instead of buying one. 2. Planet: The PSS should be a sustainable alternative for the current situation. 3. Profit: The PSS should be profitable for the company (this part is done in a parallel thesis, by Marcela Izaguirre (20....................
    (2013-03-27) Force distribution and connection strength in timber lock gates:
    Van Otterloo, J.R.
    For the thesis the mortise and tenon joint between the rear post and cross beam in a wooden mitre gate is researched. The joint is an important part of timber lock gates. The force distribution inside the joint and the strength of a tenonned beam are two main focus points.
    (2013-03-27) Fall prevention in the bathroom:
    Huisman, A.C.
    Falling is an common problem among older people (55 years and over), in the Netherlands only 95.000 elderly are treated in the emergency room because of a fall accident each year, of which 110 victims died after treatment. Four out of ten of these victims has fallen indoors, of which one out of eight was fallen in sanitary facilities. On a yearly basis 3.000 elderly were treated for a fall in the bathroom or shower. Direct medical costs of injury from a fall in the bathroom are counted to be €....................
    (2013-03-27) A Strategic Case:
    Van Aken, N.
    This graduation project is performed at Kofferfabriek Gefken, a small company that designs, produces and sells tailormade cases. More or less starting from scratch, a thorough internal and external analysis was performed, as well as two constructive sessions with the management. A new mission statement was formulated, and by using SWOT techniques and Brand-driven Innovation theory ( Roscam-Abbing, E.), a tactical improvement plan was developed. Concluding with a concrete product as an example of....................
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