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    (2016-06-30) Bamboo and Thin Glass: Structural analysis of bending bamboo and thin glass
    Ganatra, P. (author)
    To obtain free form geometry for the roof structure, bamboo canes are pre-bent. Thin glass is also cold bent and cladded. The tolerances that occur in bamboo construction are accounted by this flexibility of thin glass. Hence bending behavior of both the materials is studied. Different types of cladding options and connection systems are evaluated to obtain a durable roof structure. Architecture and The Built Environment Architecture, Urbanism and Building Science Building Technology
    (2016-06-30) Making a real city for everyone-spatial transformation towards inclusiveness and vitality
    Li, Y. (author)
    Rural-urban migrants are vulnerable facing the industrial transition in China. This research reveals the ignorance of migrants’ interests within current urban renewal in Shenzhen, China. By referring to the theory of arrival city and urban inclusiveness, the provision of affordable work-related space through urban renewal in Shenzhen’s transition context is defined as the research topic. To understand the relation between socio-economic performativity and urban form, space syntax analysis is....................
    (2016-06-30) Co-Operative Commons
    Yordanova, Y. (author)
    The project deals with creating and defining 'the commons' in a South American metropolis. Bustling streets of Bogota's historic centre serve as a platform to explore the relationship between the social and physical sphere. The aim is to reveal the variety of environments that the interaction between social and physical can generate. The design process is broken down into a series of steps and methods that show the multifaceted character the commons. Architecture and The Built Environment Archit....................
    (2016-06-30) Co-Building the Rhondda
    Jones, W.L. (author)
    This graduation project proposes an architectural process that will revitalise the post industrial area of the Rhondda Valley in South Wales. Through organising the community around new communal reseource spaces they will be empowered to renew their homes though a self-build approach. This will enable the provision of additional space and greater energy efficiency within the homes, which will transform them into wokring spaces suitable for a third industrial age. Once built, these productive dwe....................
    (2016-06-30) A Time-Efficient Competitive Pokemon Team-Building Algorithm
    Reijm, H. (author)
    The Pokemon video game franchise is based on players, also known as trainers, capturing and battling with fictitious creatures called Pokemon. Competitive Pokemon battling is a complicated business. Before even stepping into the arena, a trainer must design a competitively viable team of six Pokemon to battle with. This task is a difficult one because there are currently 721 species of Pokemon to construct a team from, and new Pokemon are revealed every year. The author therefore developed the S....................
    (2016-06-30) Place of becoming: A spatial perspective on the accommodation of asylum seekers in the Netherlands
    Klatser, B. (author)
    This thesis researched the form of asylum centres in the Netherlands from an urban design point of view and proposes a redesign of one of these centres. It provides a sophisticated overview of the functioning of current asylum centres and the influence of the form on the asylum seekers living there. A redesign of the asylum centre in Utrecht focuses on humanising the place by incorporating asylum seekers' desparate needs to become rooted again. A series of small interventions that redirect the p....................
    (2016-06-30) Use of MWD data for detecting discontinuities
    Van Oosterhout, D. (author)
    In the last decades, measurement while drilling, or MWD, technology has set foot in the drill and blast tunnelling industry. Penetration rate, thrust, torque pressure, percussive pressure, rotation speed, water flow and water pressure are registered on a centimetre scale and processed to parameters more dependent on geology. These parameters could ideally be used to adapt the blast design for a more efficient blast and to predict the amount of rock support needed. In reality, MWD technology is o....................
    (2016-06-30) The Water Institute
    Huang, J. (author)
    The design assignment is to design a water institute to use Amsterdam, an international port where talented scholars could gather, to deal with water related issues, especially ones happen in Ijsselmeer. The Water Institute is an educational facility which focus on the sustainable use and management of water resources to support health and prosperous communities. In the same time, public events would be held in the institute to raise the attention of citizens in Amsterdam to the issues mentioned....................
    (2016-06-30) Waste Management Center
    Bugaite, S. (author)
    Due to Free Trade Agreement and location at USA – MEX border there is an overload of urban and toxic wastes which are very poorly managed or dumped illegaly. New position towards urban waste management encourages united El Paso – Juarez strategy and merges different types of waste management - sorting (recycling), Waste-to-Energy (WTE), reuse and education. Research proved that these functions complement one another and reduce expenses, transportation and landfilling rate. New clean and effi....................
    (2016-06-30) Visitor center Marker Wadden
    Doude van Troostwijk, J.V. (author)
    Het Bezoekerscentrum Marker Wadden is het verbindende element tussen de beschermde en gedefinieerde karaktereigenschappen van de gebouwde omgeving, en de grilligheid en onvoorspelbaarheid van de nieuwe natuur. Het centrum huisvest een tentoonstellingsruimte, restaurant, uitkijktoren, lodges en hun ondersteunende functies. De bezoeker arriveert per pont, jacht of chartervaart en zal vanuit de haven naar het gebouw geleid worden. Het bezoekerscentrum vormt de poort naar het natuurgebied. Voor bezo....................
    (2016-06-30) 3d Printing Concrete onto Flexible Surfaces
    Borg Costanzi, C. (author)
    The cost associated with producing concrete elements has a direct link to its geometry. Further cost is incurred if panels have variable thicknesses throughout their cross-section. These variations can take the form of edge-returns in cladding elements (required for detailing), stiffening ribs (required for structure) or simply surface textures (required for architectural expression). In the context of free-form concrete geometries, fabrication of such features becomes even more difficult. Curre....................
    (2016-06-30) Wesfort village: Creating an African Community in a heritage environment
    Bening, G. (author)
    When Sietze Wopkes Wierda designed the Wesfort Leprosy Asylum he was building on his own and the collective Dutch building experience regarding Closed institutions. The influence of the Reformed Church Mental hospitals of the Christian Organization for the Care of Nervous and Mental Patients and their system of building village like closed institutions seems profound. There are also many similarities between Wesfort and Leper asylums built in the Dutch colony of Surinam. Architecture and The Bui....................
    (2016-06-30) An Intimate Neighborhood, Care living for Aged People
    Huang, Y. (author)
    The purpose of the project is to understand how care is provided to aged people in today’s context, and discuss how care environment should be designed in order to fit in with today’s demands. The intention of design is to create an care living environment that offer several gradients of privacy so that it could suit the need of different aged group. The project also tries to find a proper position to its existing context, the Schilderswijk in Den Haag, by introducing a proper building scale....................
    (2016-06-30) Generating a common framework between polarities: Bogota
    Kulviciute, M. (author)
    Both the research and project proposal deals with the presence of urban polarities and possibilities of generating commons between them. The main goal of the project is to find connecting points between contradicting areas of the city without dismantling differences or diversity. By integrating different kind of activities into alternative type of urban framework the project seeks to create interactive relations and a place for coexistence while testing known theories of Shadrach Woods “Stem....................
    (2016-06-30) Building for Bildung
    Bekkers, S.C. (author)
    Architecture and The Built Environment Architectural Engineering and Technology Heritage & Design
    (2016-06-30) People watch, let Nature build
    Ottevanger, E. (author)
    Not any element describes the cultural identity better the Netherlands better than water. Who takes a look at the maps of Netherland spread through the centuries, realizes how structuring the water is for the Delta. The Dutch don’t panic when there is a large storm flood or when the riverbanks are flooded again. They deal with the water ingenious and with a lot of knowledge, if they want to control, stop or guide. They use it in their advantage, at sea or in the harbour, which is the link betw....................
    (2016-06-30) Neighbourliness on Kattenburg
    Van de Meulengraaf, J. (author)
    This Master Thesis is a research into transforming a post-war housing estate in Amsterdam. The transformation site is Kattenburg, one of the eastern islands of Amsterdam. After extensive site research also a casestudy research was done. This thematic research was done in order to investigate the important aspects of transformation of a post-war estate with focus on the open space. The case of this research was Tybalds Estate in London, a city very comparable to Amsterdam. Finally the design is o....................
    (2016-06-30) Mediating the borders: Three Architectural Interventions in Bogota
    Hos, D. (author)
    Dealing with the ‘Border Conditions’ in the context of Bogota through site specific architectural interventions. Use the notions of Mat Building and Oblique Function as an architectural tool in order to enhance the overall city experience on pedestrian level. Architecture and The Built Environment Architecture Methods & Analysis
    (2016-06-30) 3F3D: Form Follows Force with 3D printing
    Prayudhi, B. (author)
    Topology optimization is the natural counterpart of additive manufacturing, many believes that the technology could revolutionize the way we manufacture our everyday products, changing the way we design and manufacture our products considering of how the process mimics the nature system of manufacturing and design, so-called the biomimicry design. However, the level of research for the application of the technology in the building industry is still far behind compared to other more advanced indu....................
    (2016-06-30) Cement Centraal
    Hoogterp, J.P. (author)
    Hoe kan je door middel van Architectuur meer waardering creëren voor het ambacht binnen de beton productie? Architecture and The Built Environment The architecture of the Interior
    (2016-06-30) From Atomgrad to Atompark: upcycling a nuclear energy landscape
    Norkunaite, G. (author)
    The nuclear energy landscape is characterized by city large industrial sites, transmission corridors cutting through the forested landscape, a new town with specific type of population (multiethnic highly educated nuclear power plant workers, artists and sportsmen) and the lifestyle, buffer landscape which is part of international nature framework, forested, laky and sparsely inhabited land. This landscape is facing the transition due to the decommissioning of nuclear power plant. Decommissionin....................
    (2016-06-30) Foundation for Transportation: How Bochum transports the future through the commons
    Dennemark, M. (author)
    All previous three industrial revolutions shaped the site of the Opel factory in Bochum, Germany through great spatial, economical and social impacts. Once a symbol of prosperous growth and structural change, this monument of mass-manufacturing is now closed and being demolished. On the remaining Ruins of Capitalism this project proposes a new direction for another fourth industrial revolution. Building up on the old industry, the last remaining hall of the factory will be transformed to an Incu....................
    (2016-06-30) Influence of cyclic loads on epoxy coated carbon steel performance
    Sonnema, M. (author)
    Marine pipelines at the sea bottom are protected by a coating to prevent corrosion. Lifetime of coating are limited by coatings delamination. Delamination is caused by ingression of seawater through the coating and later attack of the metal. A zirconium conversion pre-treatment applied on the metal is used to improve the adhesion between the coating and metal substrate. During in-service lifetime, pipelines encounter cyclic loadings due to vortex induced vibrations or movements of fluid within t....................
    (2016-06-30) Mutual benefit from nature to human society: Reed factory along Oostvaardersdijk
    Li, Y. (author)
    This graduation project as a part of the Delta Intervention studio is meant to explore how much can the architecture contribute to water management based on its new cornerstone “build with nature”. Starting from the research on coastal vulnerabilities to the study of wetland systems, I tried to conceive an extreme environment where man and nature should considerably rely on and interact with each other, through which sustainable principles can be developed in both site planning and architect....................
    (2016-06-30) Restoring the Multitude: A Polycentric and Connected Bogota
    McGhee, B.J. (author)
    The platform tower building, a tool for creating new centralities and public space across the sprawling city of Bogota, with an emphasis on the plinth as a point of convergence for the urban multitude. Architecture and The Built Environment Architecture
    (2016-06-30) haverland village
    Soccetti, B. (author)
    Architecture and The Built Environment Architecture
    (2016-06-30) Interventions on Mediating the Borders
    Hocheng, E. (author)
    Dealing with the ‘Border Conditions’ in the context of Bogota through site specific architectural interventions. Use the notions of Mat Building and Oblique Function as an architectural tool in order to enhance the overall city experience on pedestrian level. Architecture and The Built Environment Architecture Methods & Analysis
    (2016-06-30) Adaptive membrane envelope: For office buildings in temperate climates
    Stavrou, I. (author)
    The Adaptive membrane envelope subject originates from the upcoming need for more lightweight structures in the building sector. Since high amounts of energy are wasted for construction and erection of buildings, the idea for lightness becomes essential especially in the case of office buildings, the glass facades of which can weight thousands of tonnes. On the other hand despite the need for glass facades in office buildings in order to perform working tasks more effeciently and create a health....................
    (2016-06-30) Flexible Operation of a Deep Multi-Well System in a Coastal Aquifer
    Luijben, W.J.M. (author)
    PWN is the drinking water supplier for the Province of North Holland in the Netherlands. They manage a deep infiltration system (DWAT) since 1990 with wells between NAP -55 and NAP -90 meters, which are used to inject water and to extract it after at least 60 days to produce drinking water. Renovation of these wells will lead to an increased pumping capacity (from 50 to 90 m3/hour/well) of the extraction wells and creates opportunities for a more flexible operation. Seasonal fresh water storage ....................
    (2016-06-30) Three-dimensional flow and load characteristics of flexible revolving wings at low Reynolds number
    Van de Meerendonk, R. (author)
    Increasing interest in the field of micro air vehicles has stimulated research activities regarding biological flapping-wing flight. An important characteristic of biological flapping-wing flight that is not commonly taken into account in mechanical model simulations is the influence of wing flexibility. This experimental study explores the flow field and fluid-dynamic loads generated by revolving low-aspect-ratio wings with different degree of chordwise flexibility at a Reynolds number of 10,00....................
    (2016-06-30) Transcranïele Magnetische Stimulator voor Muizen: Softwareontwerp
    Naseri Jahfari, A. (author); Eland, E. (author)
    Deze thesis beschrijft het ontwerp en de implementatie van de software van een transcranïele magnetische stimulator voor muizen. Deze zal door de afdeling Neurowetenschappen van het Erasmus MC gebruikt worden om onderzoek te doen naar de mechanismen en mogelijkheden van transcraniële magnetische stimulatie (TMS). TMS heeft veel potentie om neurologische ziektes te diagnosticeren en te behandelen. Echter is meer onderzoek nodig om TMS beter te begrijpen. Hiervoor is een stimulator voor muizen g....................
    (2016-06-30) Mending Varna: Authentic Landscape as a Fountainhead and Essential Element of Urban Continuity and Identity
    Lyubimova, T. (author)
    Thesis project is developed within the framework of the Flowscapes studio. It follows the strategy of a research by design. It explores solutions to the problems of urban fragmentation, lack of coherence and identity of urban environment from the perspective of landscape architecture. Authentic landscape is chosen as a hypothetical initial fountainhead for the enhancement of the urban spaces. The analysis explores the site through layers and scales. The city of Varna in Bulgaria is a site for th....................
    (2016-06-30) Optimal charging of a quantum battery consisting of electron spin qubits
    Molengraaf, C. (author)
    When the size of a system is reduced to the scale of single particles, classical thermodynamics fails to predict the system’s behaviour as quantum fluctuations come into play. Recently it has been proven by Binder et all. [1] that theoretically a quantum battery, consisting of qubits, can be charged faster (i.e. with higher power per qubit) when the qubits become entangled during the charging process. In this thesis such optimal charging is investigated for one specific type of quantum battery....................
    (2016-06-30) PackCity
    Hui, C.H. (author)
    The project started with the fascination of pop-up activities with space “PACK and PICK”. With this individual fascination, there are questions keep challenging my own fascination through out the process of the project. First of all, there is the main research question of the inefficient use over time in one day in the “FIXED” architecture, can we live more dense and free with the method of pack and pick? The research part of personal experiment of packing my own apartment. Activities ti....................
    (2016-06-30) Mobile Phone Data Validation: A Validation Framework for Mobile Phone Data for Transport Planning
    Knepper, S.C.J. (author)
    Over the last decade, it has become more common to build origin destination matrices for transport modelling using traces left by mobile phones. This thesis presents a framework for the validation of origin-destination matrices made using mobile phone data. Using the steps presented, it is possible to test the trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice and journey purpose aspects of the matrices. This answers the need for clearly defined tests to measure the quality of mobile phone based ma....................
    (2016-06-30) Co-Operative Commons
    Bencic, V. (author)
    The project deals with creating and defining 'the commons' in a South American metropolis. Bustling streets of Bogota's historic centre serve as a platform to explore the relationship between the social and physical sphere. The aim is to reveal the variety of environments that the interaction between social and physical can generate. The design process is broken down into a series of steps and methods that show the multifaceted character the commons Architecture and The Built Environment Archite....................
    (2016-06-30) Deicing Scheduling
    Verboon, R.S. (author)
    Nowadays the airline industry is an important factor in our economy. In this changing market it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments. Especially cost savings, and cost reductions form a vital component to stay competitive in the airline industry. For this work the deicing procedure is studied, which is part of the ground operations. Deicing is of paramount importance to ensure safe flying conditions in wintry conditions. This work considers a deicing at-the-gate operation....................
    (2016-06-30) Forze telemetry
    Heinsohn Huala, T. (author); Van Alphen, G. (author)
    In this report we will introduce and explain what our project is about. Also we will describe and discuss the choices we made in this project. At the problem analysis part in Chapter 2, the requirements for this project are discussed. We will look at different alternatives and ways to implement these requirements in Chapter 3 and explain why we chose certain solutions. For each part of this project we thought about which programming language would be best to use and which frameworks we would nee....................
    (2016-06-30) Exoskeleton Monitoring System
    Voortman, J.M. (author); Visser, R. (author); de Bruijn, V. (author)
    Project MARCH is designing and building an exoskeleton for paraplegic people in order for them to walk again and participate with it in the 2016 Cybathlon in Zürich. The exoskeleton has many sensors, which acquire data from their surroundings. Project MARCH required a system, which allows for wireless external monitoring of the exoskeleton. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Software Technology TI3800
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