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    (2010-10-29) Change through conservation: protected areas and institutional change in ethnic minorities in Nam Dong district, Vietnam
    Bakker, T.A.
    Attention for the development of livelihoods of indigenous communities has been increasing during the last two decades. At the same time, the increase of importance of national parks as a means to nature conservation and the general loss of control over the environment for indigenous groups, results in their marginalization. In this paper, the consequences of the loss of control over their own development is explained in the context of Ka Tu people in Nam Dong district, Vietnam. It is argued tha....................
    (2014-01-01) Change-Point Detection on Swing Funds
    Lou, Lin
    In this thesis we develop a method to find the threshold of trading volume in swing pricing policy. This method is based on the simulation of market excess returns given different values of thresholds. The best estimate of the swing pricing threshold is the one that fits the swing pricing pattern the most. Since a fund management company may change its swing pricing policy, our study also means to find what change-point detection methods in multivariate observations are more suitable for our re....................
    Dijk, David van
    This research project is conducted to find out whether the changeability of a Model Driven Web Development approach can be competitive to a classical software development approach. In the project the changeability of both kinds of approaches is analyzed and compared. The domain is scoped to small e-commerce web applications build on an ASP.NET architecture. For the development environment of the classical approach standard Microsoft tooling is applied. The model driven approach exploits the use....................
    (2012-11-30) Changemaker: onderzoek naar de effecten van het Changemakertraineeship op vrijwilligers.
    Stellingwerf, T.
    In dit onderzoek staan de effecten van vrijwilligerswerk op de vrijwilliger centraal. Welke vaardigheden doen de vrijwilligers op tijdens het vrijwilligerswerk en wat denken ze daar in de toekomst mee te doen? Er wordt verondersteld dat het vrijwilligerswerk menselijk kapitaal bevordert. Dit menselijk kapitaal wordt vervolgens omgezet in nieuwe activiteiten in de (mondiale) samenleving.
    (2017-03-06) Changes in attitude of two generations of women towards Menstrual Regulation in urban Bangladesh
    Tanzir, Azmarina
    Menstrual Regulation (MR) has been part of Bangladesh’s national family planning programsince 1979. This research explores the changes in attitudes towards MR between two different generations of women in urban Bangladesh belonging to different socioeconomic class, marital status and religious identity. By focusing on women's narratives, this research provides an evidence based critical understanding of urban Bangladeshi women's subjectivities and their experience in negotiating services as t....................
    (2007-01-01) Changes in autonomic reactions of anxious children after cognitive behavioral therapy.
    Holst, R. van
    Anxiety disorders in children seem to be associated with dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). These deviations in physiological reactions of people with anxiety disorders are assumed to play a major role in anxiety and co-morbid problems like unfavorable cardiovascular outcomes. Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) is indicated as an efficacious treatment for anxiety disorders. It is therefore important to investigate if successful treatment with CBT will results in changes of the AN....................
    (2017-01-01) Changes in eating time in dairy cows during the transition period
    Piersma, E.
    The number of cows on farms is increasing and less time is available to monitor cattle individually around the time of calving. The aim of this study was to investigate if it is possible to predict approaching parturition in cows based on their eating pattern as determined with a sensor, the Nedap Smarttag Neck. Furthermore, postpartum the difference in the eating/licking behaviour between heifers and older cows and influence of time of parturition on licking behaviour were investigated. The fin....................
    (2012-01-01) Changes in financing of cost of capital within hospitals and the effects on sustainability reporting, governance and risk management.
    Hallink, S.
    Until 2006 the Dutch Government covered costs of capital within hospitals. As of 2006 these costs have been gradually transferred to the hospitals themselves, and as of 2016 hospitals need to be able to cover these expenses via integral pricing for their delivered health care products and services. At the same time, Health Care has become a more technical and sophisticated industry, which requires large investments in refurbishment of buildings, medical equipment and (information) technology. ....................
    (2015-01-01) Changes in heart rate during third molar surgery.
    Hollander, M.H.J.
    Objective Anxiety is an undesirable psychological phenomenon with multiple negative influences on patient compliance, treatment comfort, surgical conditions and postoperative outcome. In oral surgery patients are usually anxious, but the exact pattern is unknown. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the intensity and course of anxiety during oral surgery. Method & material In 48 patients (25±6 years old) a third molar was surgically removed under local anesthesia. During treatment, he....................
    (2012-08-06) Changes in human cortical bone due to thermal stress. An experimental histological approach.
    Krap, Tristan
    Estimating the amount and duration of heat that bones have been exposed to is a difficult task, but can be an important question for both forensic and archaeological casework. Temperature related changes can be estimated by histology. For this method most researchers focus on the changes to the inorganic component of bone, because the organic component is often not as well preserved. However, it has proved difficult to estimate lower temperatures based on the inorganic component of bone. Therefo....................
    (2014-08-01) Changes in Landholding Patterns in the Age of Sulla: Colonization, Proscriptions and the Villa
    Koedijk, Max
    This thesis looks at changes in landholding patterns in the age of Sulla. While most studies on landholding patterns focus on the second century B.C., the author argues that the first century B.C. is deserving of more scholarly attention since many big changes occur in this period. The author discusses Sulla’s colonization programme and the proscriptions in order to determine the effect of these measures on landholding patterns in Italy. Specifically, this thesis seeks to help illuminate the r....................
    (2016-05-24) Changes in mineralogy and porosity during the reaction of shales with fracking fluid, CO2-fluid and brine
    Dohmen, P.E.M.
    Shale gas is an unconventional geo-resource, which had lots of attention in the last decade. This is mostly negative attention about the dangers of the chemicals in industrial fracking fluid and its impact on the environment. The methane emissions into the atmosphere are also a large concern when producing shale gas, as it is much higher than those of conventional resources. The challenge of today is to combine the continued use of fossil fuels, while simultaneously also reducing the associated ....................
    (2012-01-01) Changes in motor control after ACL reconstruction: an observational study, using virtual reality.
    Bisschop, M.M.M.
    Background: After ACL injury, most athletes opt for an ACL reconstruction. Despite reconstruction, they show altered movements during walking, jumping and stepping down. It is conceivable that patients consciously avoid loading their involved leg because they are internally focused on their knee. Objectives: The objective of this study is to examine the effect of cognitive motor control in terms of an internal focus and external focus during an easy and common daily task. Methods: Twenty ACL rec....................
    (2014-07-30) Changes in Parental Attitude towards Adolescent Alcohol Consumption as a Consequence of Adolescent Alcohol Consumption
    Chramostová, H.
    This longitudinal study extends our knowledge of the influence of adolescent alcohol consumption on parental attitude towards adolescent alcohol consumption. Furthermore, it examines the possible influence of parental alcohol consumption on the relation between adolescent alcohol consumption and parental attitude towards it. Data used for this study were originally collected in the program Prevention of Alcohol use in Students, following for 4 year a representative sample of Dutch adolescents.....................
    (2014-01-01) Changes in parenting and child behavior after the Home-Start family support program : a 10 year follow-up
    Aar, J. van
    Background: Home-Start is a parenting support program in which mothers, who experience difficulties in family life and parenting, receive weekly support by a volunteer at their own homes. The present study is an extension of Hermanns et al. (2013) by adding another follow-up period. It is the first to examine long-term changes (on average 10.6 years) in self-reported and observed parenting and child behavior of families that participated in Home-Start. Methods: The mothers of the Home-Start grou....................
    (2015-04-08) Changes in Personal Photography
    Dieren, Sharayah Evelyn van
    The rise of camera phones, particularly smartphones, has changed personal photography and online image sharing practices. This thesis offers an anthropological view on these changes and researches cultural differences and similarities in user behavior.
    (2015-01-01) Changes in pulmonary function after stereotactic body radiotherapy and after surgery for stage I and II non-small-cell lung cancer.
    Alberts, L. (Leonie)
    Background Although surgical resection is the standard treatment for stage I and II non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), approximately 20% of these patients are not eligible for surgery. Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) is a good alternative treatment for these patients. Lung resection will lead to a decrease in pulmonary function. However, previous studies have shown that pulmonary function after SBRT remains either stable or shows a small decline post-SBRT. In this study changes in pulmona....................
    (2014-01-01) Changes in pupil-size recruit brain areas involved in social cognition – an fMRI study
    Diatchkova, C.
    Various species aim to understand each other through different forms of communication varying from explicit verbal messages to implicit cues from another’s eyes. The eyes, and in particular the pupils, can reveal one’s emotional and mental state which is important for the understanding of another’s goals and intentions. A change in pupils is a signal that can be picked up by observers. The current study examined whether the activated brain regions during the observation of decreasing and i....................
    (2009-01-01) Changes in rhythmicity of mammals to cope with low food intake and high energy expenditure
    Zomeren, L.M. van
    The struggle for life takes many forms, but almost every aspect involves energy. Without this energy, life would not exist. Free-living animals face different energy demands in different seasons, because of seasonal differences in ambient temperature, reproduction, food availability and other factors. If they do not or cannot increase their energy intake, they will start to loose weight and/or experience other deleterious effects like decreased fertility, increased mortality and other fitness lo....................
    (2012-08-31) Changes in self-perceived health of individuals with chronic illness: the relevance of green space in the living environment
    Wolfe, M.K.
    Study objectives: Green space has been associated with a wide range of health benefits, yet nearly all studies on the subject are cross-sectional in design. To investigate the health-promoting potential of green space, this longitudinal study analyzes change in self-rated health of chronically ill persons in relation to the amount of green space in their living environment. A synchronized exploration of green space and chronic illness will provide a unique perspective on the health-promoting pot....................
    (2015-01-01) Changes in the accounting for goodwill : is impairment more value relevant than amortization?
    Kourouma, L.M.
    The principal aim of this thesis is to investigate whether goodwill impairment is more value relevant than goodwill amortization. To reach this objective, I use the Ohlson model (Ohlson, 1995) to test the hypothesis stating that goodwill impairment is more value relevant than goodwill amortization. To provide empirical evidence for the testing of the hypothesis, I examined 4 samples (2002-­‐2004, 2005-­‐2007, 2008-­‐2010 and ....................
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