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    (2016-01-01) Collectieven online: gebruik en beleving van collectieven in winkelgebieden.
    Breukelman, J.G.
    Het doel van deze thesis is inzicht geven in de online activiteiten van collectieven en hoe zij worden ontvangen door consumenten. De volgende hoofdvraag is hierbij opgesteld: Wat is (in potentie) de invloed van de online aanwezigheid van collectieven op het gedrag en de beleving van consumenten in winkelgebieden? Uit het onderzoek is als eerste naar voren gekomen dat veel consumenten niet bekend zijn met de online kanalen van de collectieven of er weinig gebruik van maken. De indruk van deze o....................
    (2015-09-22) Collectievorming in beeld. Documentaire foto-opdrachten bij de stadsarchieven van Amsterdam en Rotterdam en het Tropenmuseum
    Houtekamer, Marieke
    Deze masterthesis gaat over een specifieke methode van verzamelen door archiefinstellingen en musea, namelijk het geven van documentaire foto-opdrachten. Hierbij wordt fotografen gevraagd om bepaalde aspecten van het leven in het werkgebied van de instelling in beeld vast te leggen. Voor mijn onderzoek naar de redenen van verzamelinstituten om sinds 1972 deze opdrachten te geven, heb ik drie instellingen gekozen die vanuit een lange of korte traditie deze opdrachten geven: de stadsarchieven va....................
    (2011-08-29) Collecting Relevant Environmental Parameters for Surgical Lighting Control
    Emirdag, E. (author)
    During the surgery, the lighting unit often needs to be manually adapted. However, the manual manipulation may cause loss of concentration, loss of time and increased risk of infections. To improve the manipulation, a semi-automated lighting system commanded by the surgeon is suggested. The commands are given via a pointer device to indicate the desired location and orientation of the light beam. The pointer device is tracked in space with a low-cost infrared 6DOF real-time system based on Ninte....................
    (2016-12-16) Collection and disposal of solid Waste by private companies in Ghana : A case of Zoomlion Ghana Limited in the Sunyani municipality
    Afia Twenenboah Kodua, Oppong
    Solid waste collection and disposal poses a serious developmental challenge to many governments in developing countries of which Ghana is no exception. In a concerted effort to tackle this challenge has necessitated the involvement of the private sector to partner with governments. It is imperative to state that the involvement of the private sector has not seen any drastic improvements in the management of solid wastes. An assessment of Zoomlion Company, a private solid waste management compan....................
    (2009-01-01) Collection selection for distributed web search : using highly discriminative keys, query-driven indexing and ColRank
    Bockting, S.
    Current popular web search engines, such as Google, Live Search and Yahoo!, rely on crawling to build an index of the World Wide Web. Crawling is a continuous process to keep the index fresh and generates an enormous amount of data traffic. By far the largest part of the web remains unindexed, because crawlers are unaware of the existence of web pages and they have difficulties crawling dynamically generated content. These problems were the main motivation to research distributed web search. We ....................
    (2010-01-01) Collection, the starting point: Matching workforce to workload at TNT Business Counters
    Haspels, Eljo K.
    This thesis describes a master graduation research into the problem of matching workforce to workload at TNT business counters. A TNT business counter is a facility where, every night, mail is collected, prepared and sent on to a sorting centre. Team managers at these collection facilities try, on a daily basis, to make sure the process is finished in time. The strategy of TNT Mail Netherlands currently aims at cost reduction and the creation of a more flexible cost structure at all departments....................
    (2015-02-02) Collections of Memories. In-between Amerindian Archaeology and Dutch-Surinamese Perceptions of the Past.
    Van Brakel, Addick A.
    This Master thesis on archaeology and cultural heritage management of the Caribbean and Amazonia was written at the University of Leiden, Faculty of Archaeology. The special emphasis in this research is on finding out which role the Amerindian past and archaeology play in a Surinamese image of the past. The research design in the first place needed to reveal the past perception of individual people with a Surinamese Caribbean background. The interviewees who participated in this research however....................
    (2009-01-01) Collective Action for Local Accountability in Apa: Beyond Decentralization in Nigeria
    Isima, Jeffrey Oneyejefu
    Free, fair, regularly scheduled elections and universal suffrage are the most direct mechanism for ensuring that those who govern are accountable to citizens. Without elections, local government is not democratic. But elections are crude instruments of popular control, since they occur at widely spread intervals ... and address only the broadest issues ... People must be able to indicate their likes and dislikes between elections, as well as their views on specific proposals. There must also be ....................
    (2014-07-25) Collective Action in Burma
    Steehouwer, E.T.
    A study on the effects of changes in the political opportunity structure on the mobilization process of the democratic movement
    (2013-08-30) Collective Action in UK Urban Community Growing Projects: A Comparative Analysis
    Butler, A.R.H.
    Instead of a tragedy of the commons occurring in which resources used in common are degraded over time as individuals act in their own self-interest, many scholars have shown that these common resources can be successfully managed through a process of collective action. This study examines the conditions required for sustainable collective action in urban community gardens, as a community garden is a resource used in common by local people. The research takes a comparative case study approach by....................
    (2017-01-01) Collective action without groups: A case study of youth activism, fragmentation and political identification in Jordan
    Soudagar, R.
    This paper aims to understand the ways in which Jordanian social and political activists aim to win the mindset of Jordan’s youth and engage them for action. It specifically looks at the immense fragmentation in this field, aiming to outline what exactly causes this fragmentation. It will look for the formation of political identification, and the boundary processes activists engage in as they aim to form such political identifications. Empirically, this paper offers a non-exhaustive account o....................
    (2009-11-30) Collective anti-predatory behaviour in animals groups
    Kohn, G.M.
    The collective behaviour of animal groups serves to reduce the risk of predation to individuals. By joining a group individuals remain in close proximity to others which reduces the risk of predation. Groups can also afford benefits by allowing for early detection of predators. During predatory attacks groups may confuse or deter predators by making it difficult for single individuals to be targeted. The mechanisms underlying many aspects of collective behaviour in response to predation are not ....................
    (2014-01-01) Collective compensatory redress in mass harm situations concerning infringements of EU consumer law
    Šimulis, E.Š.
    This paper focuses on the issue of collective compensatory relief in mass harm situations concerning infringements of EU consumer law. The main question it seeks to answer is how the European framework could be improved to facilitate the obtainment of compensation through collective redress procedures. The paper identifies the main problems which preclude consumers from securing compensation in mass harm situations and envisages the possible ways of eliminating them. In this regard, the adoption....................
    (2012-01-01) Collective efficacy : de kracht van een team
    Meijer, H.
    Deze paper beschrijft de door Bandura (1982) voorgesteld relatie tussen collective efficacy en groepsprestatie. Door middel van verschillende onderzoeken is gekeken of collective efficacy positief samenhangt met groepsprestatie. De meeste onderzoeken bevestigen de theorie van Bandura maar er moet wel een gekeken worden naar hoe het team in elkaar zit. De positieve relatie tussen collective efficacy en groepsprestatie wordt niet bij alle teams gevonden. Als teamleden bij het uitoefenen van hun ta....................
    (2011-01-01) Collective generative capacity in internet-based collectives.
    Stellink, H.M.
    Internet-based collectives are growing fast and have become an important research topic in the past years. These collectives have a generative capacity, defined as the ability to engage in acts of rejuvenating, reconfiguring, reframing and revolutionizing within a particular goal-driven context. Within this research I look at the structure, cognition and technology of internet-based collectives and their relation to generative capacity. This relation will be investigated using Qmethodol....................
    (2016-07-19) Collective memory and First World War art movements: Futurism, Vorticism and Dadaism
    Fenton, Emily
    This paper addresses the influence of art movements which arose during the First World War on the existing collective memory of the war. In order to do this, a thorough exploration of what collective or cultural memory is and how it is formed was necessary. This knowledge can then be applied to various art movements to understand the correlation between art and remembering war. For this paper, three art movements were chosen as case studies to exemplify this connection: Futurism, Vorticism and D....................
    (2015-07-08) Collective Memory in Latin America: the role of the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica in the construction of peace in Colombia
    Krebsbach, Dörte
    This bachelor’s thesis deals with the topic of collective memory in Latin America. It analyzes the role of the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica (CNMH) in the construction of collective memory and concludes that it can be understood as a new approach to peace building. The thesis is divided into three parts: first it gives a theoretical background about the concept of collective memory. The second part deals with collective memory in the Southern Cone of Latin America and shows recent deve....................
    (2017-06-15) Collective motion of a finite sized flock: I know why the caged bird flocks
    Talman, Leandros
    The Vicsek model offers a phenomonologically rich set of behaviours while maintaining simple rules of interaction. By introducing a convex hull as a means of providing cohesion within the system, we have been able to probe the behaviour of this model as it is moved off of the usual periodic boundary conditions, to the infinite plane. We present the findings of 4 different schemes that introduce this cohesive effect by way of deflecting Boids on the convex hull back into the bulk. In one such sch....................
    (2014-06-30) Collective Private Commissioned dwellings for the 21st century
    De Weerdt, D. (author)
    Due to the crisis, developers and housing associations are no longer willing to invest money in large scale dwelling projects. Collective Private Commissioning can be an answer to this problem. This concept is based on private investors, getting together in building groups which can finance a residential building that they will occupy when it’s realized. Since we are designing dwellings for the 21st century, it is also relevant to investigate whether CPC is a good answer for the demands of con....................
    (2014-07-03) Collective Re-Use: A reinterpretation of the Portiek dwelling
    Hesselink, S. (author)
    The portiek dwelling type is a very prevalent dwelling type in the Netherlands but most of the housing is considered 'vulnurable' because they are mostly small apartments in reconstruction neighborhoods. This project examines the portiek dwelling as a unit, rather than on the level of the individual apartment or block, and shows its potential as a receptacle for collective housing of disadvantaged target groups. Transforming Housing Heritage RMIT Architecture and The Built Environment
    (2016-01-01) Collective sensing: How animal groups scale noisy gradients
    Couzin, I. D.; Weissing, F.; Sridhar, V. H.
    In the natural world, individuals constantly face the challenge of acquiring, interpreting and responding to complex sensory information. This is especially challenging when in- dividuals must navigate heterogeneous environments. Recent empirical evidence suggests that animals may deal with this challenge by living in groups and processing information collectively. While these collective properties are manifested at a group level, they are an outcome of decisions made by individuals. In general,....................
    (2015-07-06) Collectivism, marriage and well-being
    J.J. ten Kate
    The positive relationship between marriage and subjective well-being is a robust finding in the academic field. There is, however, a growing demand for contextualization of this relationship. It is for instance suggested that the influence of marriage on well-being varies across cultures. Although an understanding of these cross-cultural variations is lacking, existing research does provide indications of what cultural trait might play a role in these variations: national collectivism. Since aut....................
    (2012-01-31) Collectiviteit als verbindend element
    Dijkgraaf, K.D. (author)
    Een architectonisch project in het tweede havengebied van Scheveningen, waarbij de publieke ruimte, het collectieve domein en private programma en de verbinding daartussen centraal staat. Het project haakt in op huidige initiatieven op de locatie en speelt in op het publieke domein van Scheveningen. Het tweede havengebied wordt versterkt door het introduceren van een verbinding, een fiets-en voetgangersbrug en door het ontwerp dat door haar programma en vormentaal de kade zal activeren. Public R....................
    (2010-11-04) Collectiviteit in transitie
    Van Rijsbergen, J. (author); Voogt, J. (author)
    Onderzoek naar de vraag 'Welke ruimtelijke condities genereren collectiviteit op de route tussen de woning en de straat'. Aan de hand van 12 casestudies worden vergelijkingen gemaakt op basis van voor de onderzoeksvraag relevante statements gemaakt door architecten uit heden en verleden. Deze quotes zijn in een matrix uitgezet tegen de geanalyseerde projecten en gebruikt als toetsinginstrument om ze vergelijkbaar te maken. Besloten wordt met conclusies die met behulp van de matrix tot stand zijn....................
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