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    (2018-06-14) Chinese Dream: Individual Dream or Dream of the Nation?
    Groenewoud, Melanie
    It has been five years since Xi Jinping introduced the concept of ‘Chinese Dream’ and it is still a hot topic, also online. While some scholars regarded this new concept of the Chinese Dream as a positive development for China, others considered it as a rather strategic narrative of the CCP to influence the image of China domestically and international (Boc, 2015; Callahan, 2015; Mahoney, 2013; Lu, 2015; Wang, 2016). However, most academic researches concluded that the concept ‘Chinese Dre....................
    (2017-01-01) Chinese energy supply security and national oil companies investment activities in Canada (2000-2017)
    L'Huillier, A.
    This thesis will provide a complete analysis of the Chinese state and by extension Chinese National Oil Companies involvement in Canada’s energy sector between 2000 and 2017. The tools used for this analysis are the theory of critical geopolitics and incremental internationalization. These allow for an analysis that explains China’s activities beyond their national borders. The main claim is that China is dependent on energy imports and that China’s overall support for its NOCs is necessar....................
    (2016-01-01) Chinese energy supply security, the cases of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan (2006-2016)
    Driel, M. van
    This thesis will provide a comprehensive analysis of the involvement of the Chinese state in the energy sectors of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan between 2006 and 2016. This will be done by using a critical geopolitical perspective, as it enables an analysis of the factors that have facilitated China’s activities beyond national borders, and can explain the increasing importance of geo-economic means in the international sphere. It will be claimed that China’s sustained domestic growth can only....................
    (2013-01-01) Chinese enterprises investing in the Netherlands : five case studies about motives and strategies.
    Huisman de Jong, L.
    This thesis researches the motives and expansion strategies of Chinese multinationals investing in the Netherlands. The purpose of this research is to clarify and identify differences and similarities within the literature written about the motivations and expansion strategies of firms coming from the emerging market. The questions of why (motives) and how (expansion strategies), will be central in this research. The institutional contexts of both countries are covered to show that both China an....................
    (2011-01-01) Chinese entrepreneurship in Africa: the case study of South Africa.
    Dekker, P.
    “China’s growing public presence in Africa has captured the world’s imagination” (Alden, 2007). This study aims to shed light on China’s entrepreneurial presence in South Africa over the past 20 years and predicts trends for the next decade. The goal is to expose more insights on Chinese entrepreneurship in South Africa. The focus is on why, how and what stimulated Chinese entrepreneurs to come to South Africa. The results show that China’s entrepreneurial presence is ingrained....................
    (2013-01-01) Chinese FDI to Africa : Institutional determinants and the moderating role of natural resources.
    Ziyan, Z.; Liu, H.Y.
    With the increasing amount of investment in Africa, this study investigates how the the host country institutional environment, including three factors: political risk, levels of corruption and rule of law, and natural resources affect Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) to Africa. It is hypothesized that political risk and corruption are negatively related to FDI inflow, and rule of law is positively related to FDI, because high degrees of corruption and political risk, and poor rule o....................
    (2012-01-01) Chinese foreign direct investment: a case study of Sub-Saharan Africa.
    Errani, S.
    The objective of this thesis is to empirically find the determinants of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). In doing so the focus is also put on whether these determinants differ between resource rich and resource scarce Sub-Saharan African (SSAn) countries. The focus on SSA and making a distinction between resource rich and resource scarce SSAn countries is exactly what this thesis will contribute to the existing empirical literature on Chinese FDI. To be able ....................
    (2010-08-27) Chinese Indonesians: Stereotyping, Discrimination and anti-Chinese Violence in the context of Structural Changes up to May 1998 Riots
    Luciana Sani Kosasih, ..
    Considering this notion of a separate group, Chinese are seen through stereotypes and prejudices. Seemingly insignificant, yet influential, by the nature of stereotypes Chinese always had to deal with the consequences of bearing this label. The first implication was that Chinese were treated differently from all other ethnic groups in Indonesia. Different treatments were closely related to discriminatory acts. During the colonial time, Chinese were placed in a different class, suffered residenti....................
    (2011-12-15) Chinese Inflation Determinants Since 1978
    Xun, Yujie
    This paper explores Chinese inflation determinants for the post-reform period. Given the Chinese economy’s complexity as the world biggest transition economy, the inflation pattern presents recurrent episodes of cyclical inflation surge and decline. And, there is an evident structural break point around 1997. Based on this finding, this paper then examined the inflation determinants for both pre-1997 and post-1997 periods. Each period include 4 cycles, as suggested by the movements of consumer....................
    (2016-06-21) Chinese International Energy Policy and Its Diversification Prospects
    Liubomirova, Polina
    Currently, China is one of the most important actors in the international energy arena. Increasing economic growth requires The People’s Republic of China (the PRC), first, to expand its energy supply providers (diversification), and, second, to make this supply a secure one. Due to the rapidly changing market of energy, it is important to understand what factors place the main stress on the current energy policies and drive it to change. The essay addresses the following question: Why is Chin....................
    (2012-01-01) Chinese investeringen op het Afrikaanse continent, motor voor ontwikkeling?
    Mulder, M.H. (Marius)
    Directe buitenlandse investeringen worden vaak getypeerd als motor voor ontwikkeling van minder ontwikkelde landen. Het laatste decennium zijn de Chinese investeringen op het Afrikaanse continent sterk toegenomen. Dit roept de vraag op in hoeverre deze Chinese investeringen bijdragen aan de duurzame ontwikkeling van lokale Afrikaanse gemeenschappen. Dit wordt geanalyseerd middels twee case studies in twee economische sectoren, te weten de infrastructuur en de landbouw.
    (2011-01-01) Chinese investments in Angola
    Lijster, M.M. de
    This master thesis assesses the impact of Neo-Liberal policymaking on China’s influence in the Angolan economic development. The research question posed is: “To what extent can Neo-Liberal economic reforms explain China’s presence in Angola? John Williamson’s concept of the Washington Consensus has been used to narrow down the concept of Neo-Liberalism. Angola’s attempts to implement Neo-Liberal policies were not as successful as intended. Corruption, non-transparency and inequality re....................
    (2017-08-17) Chinese Local Elites and Institutional Changes
    Chen, Wenxi
    This paper proposes a new perspective to understand the local self-government movement during the late Qing New Policies era. On the one hand, this new perspective moves beyond the common practice of interpreting the local self-government movement as failed state efforts to bridle the local elite by enlisting them into bureaucracy, and instead looks at it from the perspective of local society. On the other hand, it emphasizes the relations between local self-government institutions and other con....................
    (2013-01-01) Chinese media’s perception of Europe : more changes coming along? : a case study on Chinese iconic fixture newscast Xinwen Lianbo
    Zhang, Q.
    The bilateral relations between Europe and China have been reinforced over the years. Europe is not only regarded as a strong economic power but also gaining a stronger political status in this multipolar world. This study examines the possible changes in Chinese mainstream media’s news reporting of Europe. Chinese flagship newscast Xinwen Lianbo is selected for the content analysis. A total of 602 news items are coded. Time frame is from 2012 to 2013. The data is then compared with an existin....................
    (2017-01-01) Chinese multilateralism in energy security : the case of Iran
    Jansen, T.
    This thesis will provide a comprehensive analysis of the involvement of China in Iran between 2001 and 2017. This will be done by using a critical geopolitical perspective, which enables to analyze the crucial factors that have contributed to China’s activities beyond its borders. In addition, it is able to explain geopolitical and geo-economic means that gain importance in the international sphere. Analysis is in this thesis relies on several claims. First, the Chinese development of the last....................
    (2016-01-01) Chinese national oil companies in Kazakhstan : implications for geopolitics and energy security
    Spornberger, S.
    This thesis studies the implications of Chinese energy investment in Kazakhstan with regards to geopolitics and energy security. China‘s rapidly increasing demand for imported fossil fuels has forced its government to expand its energy policy beyond its national borders. In order to enhance its access to energy resources abroad, the Chinese government has been facilitating the cross-border expansion of its national oil companies through diplomatic and financial support. Since 1997, China has b....................
    (2010-01-01) Chinese postbodeprobleem
    Waarden, Dorthe Van
    Het Chinese postbodeprobleem is er op gericht om, gegeven een samenhangende en gewogen graaf, de kortste gesloten wandeling te vinden die elke lijn tenminste één keer bevat. Om dit op te lossen, splitsen we het probleem op in twee gevallen. Allereerst bekijken we de eenvoudige situatie, dat we te maken hebben met een Eulergraaf. Vervolgens richten we ons meer algemeen op het oplossen van het probleem voor een willekeurige graaf. Hiervoor bespreken we verschillende algoritmes die nodig z....................
    (2015-01-01) Chinese returnee entrepeneurs turn brain drain into brain circulation
    Coelho, A.A.
    Globalization has exponentially increased the possibilities and opportunities available to international migrants across the world. This group of successful individuals, outside their home country, together form a global network phenomena called Diaspora. Part of this international highly skilled workforce eventually decides to follow the entrepreneurial route, back in their home country. Leveraging their knowledge, experience, and contacts acquired overseas. These returnee entrepreneurs will e....................
    (2012-01-01) Chinese Reverse Mergers' information asymmetry premium: evidence from corporate insider transactions?
    Speijer, L.
    Are US listed Chinese reverse mergers’ (CRMs’) stock prices disproportionally affected by corporate insider transactions? Using three samples, consisting of insider transactions of US listed CRMs, comparable low value non-reverse merged Chinese US listed companies (LVCCs) and high value Chinese US listed companies (HVCCs) and three models, the Market Model (MM), Market Adjusted Returns Model (MARM) and Comparison Period Mean Adjusted Model (CPMAM), this study investigates whether stock....................
    (2017-01-01) Chinese run-of-the-river hydropower dams generating not only electrical tension
    Jong, M. de
    China has plans to extend the Zangmu Hydropower Station from one to four dams, which raised concern in downstream countries as India. In this interdisciplinary research, the consequences of the expansion of the Zangmu Hydropower Station are explored by the use of individual interviews and a literature study. Theories from Communication Sciences, Human Geography, Biology and Earth Sciences were used to give insight into the origins and impacts of the problem. The insights were then integrated to ....................
    (2010-01-01) Chinese student mobility : from the middle kingdom to the low lands in search of opportunity
    Bergsma, Jacqueline
    Deze scriptie gaat over Chinese studentenmobiliteit richting Nederland. Ze bestaat uit drie hoofdstukken en acht bijlagen. Hoofdstuk 1 beschrijft studentmobiliteit aan de hand van het push-pull model. Simpelweg wordt daarbij een onderscheid gemaakt tussen onaantrekkelijke factoren in het sturende land en aantrekkelijke factoren in het ontvangende land, in dit geval respectievelijk China en Nederland. Hoofdstuk 1 bespreekt deze factoren op vier gebieden, te weten: politiek, economisch, educatief ....................
    (2013-01-31) Chinese toeristen in Nederland: op zoek naar bevestiging of vernieuwing?
    Kuiper, T.P.
    Het Chinees toerisme is wereldwijd sterk in opkomst, in 2020 worden honderd miljoen grensoverschrijdende Chinese toeristen verwacht. Nederland verwacht daar 400.000 van te mogen ontvangen, tegenover 126.000 in 2010. Over het algemeen voldoet de Chinese toerist in Nederland aan het volgende profiel: - Normaal tot hoog inkomen en hoog opgeleid - 68% vrijetijdstoerisme, 28% zakelijke aangelegenheden, 5% familiebezoek - 61% vrouw, 39% man - Vrij jong, 60% is 15-34 jaar oud - Prijsbewust De gemi....................
    (2017-07-11) Chinese toeristen in Taiwan: een bedreiging voor de soevereiniteit?
    Voort, Cécile
    In deze scriptie wordt onderzocht hoe de bewoners van Taiwan kijken naar de grote aantallen Chinese toeristen die naar Taiwan komen. Ondanks de constante spanningen tussen China en Taiwan, is Taiwan uitgegroeid tot een van de meest populaire vakantiebestemmingen voor Chinese toeristen. De uitslag van de Taiwanese presidentsverkiezingen in 2016 heeft echter voor een grote verandering gezorgd in deze bloeiende toerisme-industrie, in negatieve zin. Het doel van deze scriptie is om antwoord te geven....................
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