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    (2015-08-11) Companies without bosses: Viability, potentialities and limitations of Worker Recuperated Enterprises in Argentina
    Meššová, Klaudia
    The unstable economic situation and insecure labour market characteristic of Argentina of the early 2000s have driven workers’ quest to find reliable jobs and decent working and living conditions. This thesis examines Worker Recuperated Enterprises (WREs) in Argentina as they might represent viable work alternatives fighting unemployment and helping workers to stabilise their living conditions. This work aims to, firstly, analyse whether WREs embody viable work organisations. Secondly, investi....................
    (2013-12-20) Company Innovation System: Identifying the Innovation Capability of a Company:
    Kamalapurkar, A.P.
    We propose a new concept called the Company Innovation System in this thesis. Company Innovation System (CIS) is the network of stakeholders in a firm for the generation, adoption and use of innovation within companies. CIS is developed building on three existing state-of-the arts. Josef Schumpeter’s idea that says innovation is a process characterized as a set of new combinations. The concept of Innovation Systems that lists National, Regional, Sectoral & Technological factors that influence ....................
    (2014-01-01) Company motivations to engage in CSR activities across industries : a multiple case study
    Rolea, I.A.
    The main purpose of this thesis is to contribute to a better understanding of the reasons that lead companies to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and to explore how these drivers vary across industries. The resource-based view and the institution-based view of the firm are employed to build a conceptual model of company CSR drivers. In order to discover industry-level differences that might exert influence on CSR engagement motivations, the paper uses criteria such as p....................
    (2014-01-01) Company motivations to engage in CSR activities across industries : a multiple case study
    Alexandra, R.I.
    The main purpose of this thesis is to contribute to a better understanding of the reasons that lead companies to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and to explore how these drivers vary across industries. The resource-based view and the institution-based view of the firm are employed to build a conceptual model of company CSR drivers. In order to discover industry-level differences that might exert influence on CSR engagement motivations, the paper uses criteria such as p....................
    (2014-01-01) Company Use of Social Media—A Study on Tasks and Communication Performance
    Zong, Ziyan
    Companies are shifting their communication with consumers to social websites, and Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social websites. Facebook and Twitter allow companies to establish their own page and carry out different types of tasks—story sharing task, promotional task, entertainment task and interaction task. According to an observation on companies’ activities on Facebook and Twitter, some companies carry out the same type of task on Facebook and Twitter, and, however, some ot....................
    (2007-12-20) Comparaço descritiva ou descrição comparativa?
    Kortz, Bob H.E.
    Análise comparativa utilizando um inventário ou repertório de nível semântico-pragmático e sintáctico-lexical para comparar e descrever textos de romances traduzidos e a relação existente entre os textos originais a fim de realizar a exposição à vista da tradução seleccionada.
    (2014-12-12) Comparative Analysis Among Near-Operational Evapotranspiration Products for the Nile Basin Based on Earth Observations:
    Hofste, R.W.
    Following the success of open access rainfall products based on earth observation data, similar global products are now under development for actual evapotranspiration. In this research, seven prototype evapotranspiration products based on MODIS and geostationary satellites were compared for the Nile basin. They include the special MOD16 version of the Nile basin, SEBS, SSEBSop, ALEXI, GLEAM, LSA-SAF and CMRSET. Most datasets are not yet released, and are in their testing phase before being diss....................
    (2006-06-01) Comparative analysis of design recommendations for quay walls:
    Meijer, E.
    The design and construction of quay walls is a problem in which people are interested for ages. There are many methods and recommendations developed for this topic. They differ for each country and type of structure and are developed for local conditions. Some of these methods and recommendations are collected in a national code, which can be used for the design of maritime structures. In Europe they try to normalize all national codes to obtain one European standard. Each of the European member....................
    (2015-10-28) Comparative analysis of FLEGT and REDD+ safeguards in Indonesia
    Späth, J.
    FLEGT and REDD+ are international forest frameworks that attempt to improve, through norms, principles and rules, the forest governance in developing countries. Because FLEGT and REDD+ go beyond one-shot agreements, but are instead international frameworks, which govern their particular areas of interest, they are considered as regimes. In order to ensure that local stakeholders do not suffer from adverse impact of these two forest regimes, safeguards were implemented into both regimes. Safeguar....................
    (2014-01-01) Comparative analysis of project finance in electric power sector : developed countires and developing countires.
    Jun, I.
    Project finance is to raise capitals to finance an economically feasible project that is intended to be repaid exclusively out of the project cash flow. Thus, project finance requires careful financial deal structure to allocate the risk and to benefit the involved parties in a manner that is acceptable to all parties. In this study, empirically, I found that electric power sector is leading the project finance in terms of deal frequency and deal amount (loan size). Dividing the data group ....................
    (2014-01-01) Comparative analysis of prostate cancer specific biomarkers in whole urine, urinary sediments and exosomes.
    Hendriks, R.J.
    Purpose: Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most commonly diagnosed malignancy in men from Western countries. Serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) level is used as a tool in the detection, staging and monitoring of PCa. However, it has limitations as an early detection biomarker because it is not prostate cancer-specific. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new, more specific biomarkers to detect PCa. Numerous mRNA-based biomarkers with possible clinical value have been identified in urine. Urine....................
    (2015-06-26) Comparative Analysis of Shale Permeability Measurements:
    Leeftink, T.N.
    Gas has proved to be a successful extractable hydrocarbon resource from shale in the United States. In Europe results have so far been disappointing, but with increasing global energy demand a lot of interest remains in the potential of recoverable shale gas reservoirs. However, the way how the economic potential of shale is mapped is insufficient, because there are no industrywide measurement techniques available for measuring the flow properties of these (ultra)low permeable rocks. A proper as....................
    (2014-09-30) Comparative Analysis of Transport Projects Appraisal: A comparison between the Netherlands and the United States:
    Bin Kamis, M.H.
    Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is the most widely used tool for evaluating policy programs and capital expenditure. It involves estimating, where possible, the full direct and indirect private; and social costs and benefits associated with a policy action or potential project. The Netherlands is one of the countries that use CBA in transport project appraisal; and its practice is considered as state-of-the arts in transports sector. However, there are a number of issues in its practice, which can b....................
    (2011-01-01) Comparative earnings quality analysis in UK private and public companies measured before and after adoption of IFRS.
    Mihajlovic, D.
    Ball and Shivakumar (2005) show that the quality of financial reporting is different between private and public companies on UK market, even though both are subject to the same regulations in accounting, audit and tax. The intention of this work is to investigate whether the introduction of IFRS has had an impact on quality of financial reporting within private and public companies. Data analyzed in this work covers the period from 1999 to 2009. Also this work extend the original scope, co....................
    (2013-12-05) Comparative Hydrology Across Physiographic and Climatic Diversity: A search for simple patterns and predictability:
    Berghuijs, W.R.
    The bulk of catchment science literature consist of ‘unique’ case studies describing the complex interaction of soils, water, vegetation, topography and geology at individual sites. Yet, the uniqueness of individual sites makes it difficult to transfer findings to new locations and facilitate understanding and prediction in other catchments. In this thesis we use a comparative approach by searching for general behaviour among several hundred catchments located across the contiguous United St....................
    (2014-06-04) Comparative linguistics of birdsong and child language acquisition: focus on prosody
    Mol, C.
    We propose a comparative study of birdsong and human speech acquisition. Previously, most comparative studies focused on syntax. However, syntax is always linked to semantics, while birdsong lacks semantics. Strikingly, prosody has been hardly investigated in birdsong research, while important elements of prosody can be studied without semantics. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that prosody plays an important role in human speech acquisition, for example to help babies segmenting continuous s....................
    (2010-06-17) Comparative study between Dutch and Spanisch structural safety performances:
    Méndez Safont, M.
    The Dutch building industry has faced several major structural incidences for the past years. Among them, the theatre fly-tower collapse in Hoorn, the parking deck collapse in Tiel or the balconies collapse in Maastricht. Some of them not only involved material damage and remarkable economical losses but also human casualties. The causes of these – and other – incidences reflect an abnormal functioning of the Dutch building industry and hence the concern of the involved parties and the multi....................
    (2014-09-15) Comparative study of foam stability in bulk and porous media:
    Bent van der, V.J.
    The oil recovery from a reservoir can be enhanced by gas injection. Creating a foam with the injected gas can improve the sweep efficiency. For an efficient foam displacement process the foam films must remain stable in the presence of oil. Unfortunately, most foams are destabilised by oil. It is therefore important to select an foaming agent appropriate for the reservoir. To select this foaming agent a reliable screening procedure is necessary. In this thesis seven different surfactant solutio....................
    (2012-01-01) Comparative study of lateral shipment policies with the use of simulation.
    Godianis, I.
    Despite the important practical use, not much theoretical research has been done for Lateral Shipment policies (LSPs). LSPs are methods extensively used in the Supply Chain Industry, in order to reduce product stock outs. Essentially a Lateral Shipment involves the redistribution of stock among retailers, instead of making emergency orders to the warehouse. The use of efficient LSPs can both reduce the cost of emergency replenishments and also prevent stock outs that lead to loss of sales a....................
    (2011-02-28) Comparative study of light trapping strategies in thin film solar cells :
    Bensdorp, S.
    In this thesis we perform a in-depth comparison study between different geometri- cal possibilities for solar cells to find an optimal design. Basic numerical experiments on the essential parts of the improve- ments in the geometry were performed separately to obtain an indication about increasing efficiency for 2D configurations. Our research has a strong focus on the inclusion of metallic and dielectric nanoparticles to enhance absorption efficiency.
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