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    (2013-01-01) Contemporary maritime piracy in Indonesia : a sub-national analysis of piracy in Indonesian provinces, 2005-2011
    Poldermans, J.
    Following the emergence of Somali piracy in 2005, academic attention to contemporary maritime piracy has increased. However, because of the power vacuum created by the end of the Cold War, maritime piracy in Southeast Asia already reemerged 20 years ago. Wherever maritime crime is manifesting itself, contemporary piracy remains a complex problem. Based on a literature review, a lack of central governance, poor economic opportunities, and permissive geographic characteristics are specified as cre....................
    (2011-08-29) Contemporary Sustainable Premium Margarine Packaging: A product and strategy design for Unilever:
    Li, X.
    Margarine is a novel product in comparison with butter; however it does have a little over century's heritage. As the timeline moving margarine has continuously improved, now it is the time that margarine starts claiming the premium product title. Hence a research was carried out to explore the opportunities which led to a product innovation. A new product requires marketing strategy and product design engineering to achieve the success. Thus a corresponding packaging was designed, and relative ....................
    (2012-01-01) Content about the content? A study into content on corporate career websites of Dutch hospital organizations
    Tissink, M.H.
    Purpose – This research presents what (potential) applicants consider important content on career websites of Dutch hospital organizations, what content hospital organizations consider important on their website and what content hospital organizations actually provide on their corporate career websites. Methodology/approach – Two different studies were conducted. The data for the first study was collected by interviewing (potential) applicants and hospital organizations. A content analysis ....................
    (2013-01-01) Content analysis of corporate social responsibility reporting in the Netherlands.
    Dekker, P.
    Purpose – In order to manage stakeholder interests, stakeholders have to be identified first. Therefore this research assesses the importance of stakeholders by investigating the stakeholders of ten Dutch companies, listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) of 2012, which are portrayed in CSR reporting during the period of 2008 till 2011. Since there are different groups of stakeholders, it has to be investigated which group of stakeholders is most important. The management of t....................
    Bierlee, Mike
    Tools for the development of languages have been emerging in the past few years. These tools, referred to as workbenches, vary greatly in features. Most workbenches allow developers to define languages and create parsers, but typically less support is available for creating a full-fledged IDE. One such workbench is Rascal. Rascal currently supports the creation of various IDE services, but no content completion. In this research we have developed a prototype content completion framework. To app....................
    (2010-06-24) Content for the TikTegel: Exploiting the potential of tangible interactive educational materials:
    IJtsma, T.J.
    The TikTegel, by Serious Toys, is a game computer that looks like a tablet, without keyboard, mouse or traditional screen. Players interact with the board by placing objects on it and receive auditive and visual feedback by sound and parts of the board that light up. The objective of the project is to use the tangible interactive possibilities of the TikTegel to create a new learning aid for the first two classes of primary school in the Netherlands. Education in group 1-2 is a versatile proces....................
    (2015-03-18) Content learning in the L1 and in the L2: A comparative study of CLIL students in grade 9 and grade 10 in Dutch secondary schools
    Goede, L. de
    This study has focused on content learning in bilingual education in the Netherlands. Throughout the Netherlands, over 120 schools have adopted bilingual programmes allowing students to both learn a second language (most often English) and study part of their school subjects through this same language, an approach coined Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Various researchers, teachers as well as parents have expressed their doubts with regards to the effect this has on students’....................
    (2013-01-01) Content Recommendation in Social Media
    Breuß, Mathias
    Where some say we suffer from information overload, others say we face an information filtering failure. Again others claim it’s none of both. Undoubtedly this challenge is caused by the democratization of publishing technologies. This democratization leads to an overwhelming number of content producers, from which we are free to choose according our personal interests. Employing additional technology to enhance our perception in this rough sea of flooding information is not just necessary bu....................
    (2009-01-01) Content-based image retrieval in dermatology
    Land, S.
    Ever since digital imaging became available, researchers have envisioned expert systems with many thousands of images that would help dermatologists make diagnoses, increasing their accuracy and improving patient care. Nowadays such databases are available, but most research so far has only focused on a very small subset of these images, those involving close-ups of brown lesions which are possibly malignant melanomas. This thesis instead explores mostly other types of images from dermatology, u....................
    (2012-01-01) Content, profile and online interaction : analysis of Tianya Bulletin Board System
    Guo, Huanhuan
    Bulletin Board System (BBS) has played dual role in Chinese online environment to inform and facilitate the expression of citizens. This study selected Tianya BBS, one of the most popular BBS sites in China, to reveal the online interaction of BBS articles. Specifically, Tianya Observation--online journal of Tianya BBS, offered the data base for this study. By analyzing both content and author of each article in Observation, this study aims to uncover the elements evoke active online intera....................
    (2012-12-14) Contested Discourses and Collective Action Frames : the Case of Patagonia Sin Represas
    Gherardelli Simunovic, A.
    The resurgence of social movements in Chile is something relatively new, especially when the claims of the movement are interconnected with environmental demands. Patagonia sin Represas, a social movement against the construction of 5 dams in the South of Chile has been able to mobilize the entire Chile from North to South, which creates surprise in a country that during the last years has great political apathy. The main question of this research and by using the Chilean movement as a case stud....................
    (2008-01-01) Contested Notions of Wellbeing: Peoples’ and Donors’ Perceptions in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
    Divakalala, Cayathri
    Since the mid 1990s, the number of humanitarian initiatives in Sri Lanka has been steadily mounting, especially after the tsunami in 2004. The overwhelming response by locals and international donors to help the people in need, problematises the very idea of humanitarian intervention and calls for deeper understandings of intervention programming in the context of conflict and post disaster situations. This study attempts to understand the very objective of intervention programming, ‘wellbei....................
    (2013-07-31) Contested Space in the Global City #OccupyWallStNYC
    Houtzagers, P.J.
    This thesis analyses several stories of Occupy Wall Street participants’ not-so-everyday actions taking place in Manhattan’s public realm, in order to illuminate the contested nature of public space in global cities, and shed light on the ways in which such actions temporarily transform the contemporary urban public sphere. It is based on a multidisciplinary literature study, and three months of qualitative field research in the form of participant observation and semi-structured in-depth in....................
    (2012-02-29) Contested Space: ‘Youth’s Experience and Appropriation of Marseille’s Inner City District’
    Brant, T. De
    This thesis aims to acknowledge the importance of the urban environment in youths’ engagement with their surroundings. The case of Saint-Charles station, among other finding, will provide insight on this matter. By doing so it opts to expand our knowledge on the dialectical relationships between people and their environment. It questions if the current positioning of youth in a climate of fear and suspicion influences the way they are treated in public space. Furthermore I explore how regulato....................
    (2012-02-29) Contested Space: ‘Youth’s Experience and Appropriation of Marseille’s Inner City District’
    Brant, T. de
    This thesis aims to acknowledge the importance of the urban environment in youths’ engagement with their surroundings. The case of Saint-Charles station, among other finding, will provide insight on this matter. By doing so it opts to expand our knowledge on the dialectical relationships between people and their environment. It questions if the current positioning of youth in a climate of fear and suspicion influences the way they are treated in public space. Furthermore I explore how regulato....................
    (2010-12-17) Contested Waters, Conflicting Livelihoods and Water Regimes in Bangladesh
    Alamgir, Fariba
    The present study attempts to understand the factors that condition the con-testation between the saline water and fresh water in the south western coastal district in Bangladesh. The study takes in to the historical process and political economic forces that changed the water regimes and resulted into conflicting livelihoods that require two different waters. The study takes a political ecology approach to gather insights on the political and economic dynamics that cut across the water and agri....................
    (2012-05-31) Contesting Citizenship: Educational practices in an indigenous Mixtec community in Mexico
    Buck, M.A. de
    This thesis explores the engagement of a social movement in the contestation of citizenship by means of education, in the context of broader indigenous struggles in Latin America. I examine citizenship formation as social practice in an alternative educational project in an indigenous Mixtec community in Mexico. The counter-hegemonic citizenship project aims to create citizens with communal and indigenous identities as well as with critical and democratic dispositions. This project takes on unex....................
    (2008-08-22) Contesting education : the Serb secondary education system in Kosovo
    Schilder, Jeppe Thomas
    This research deals with the role the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has played in the secondary education system in Kosovo with special focus to the Serbs enclave of Gračanica. The UNMIK is the largest UN mission ever. As part of their mandate, they tried to reform the secondary education system into a unified secondary education system. After the unilateral declaration of independence (UDL), a unified education system seems further away as ever. The education system seems to be heav....................
    (2014-12-08) Contesting Interests: Rice and Sugar in the Late Colonial Java
    Feng, Ying
    This is a study of a colonial economy from an agricultural perspective, focusing on the interaction and conflicts between rice and sugarcane production in Java during the late colonial period. Rice is the most important staple food, while sugarcane has been the principal cash crop between 1870s and 1920s. Since the natural habitats for two crops are similar in many respects but large-scale intercropping was precluded due to different irrigation practices, rice and sugarcane have been competing f....................
    (2012-12-14) Contesting marginalisation through Sport in: A Case of Female Youth in Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) in Mathare Slums, Kenya
    Chepkemei, C.J.
    The study is an attempt to make visible the experiences of female youth from Mathare slums and how they are contesting their marginalisation by getting involved in Mathare Sports Association (MYSA) that uses soccer as an entry point to development through its various programs and activities. The findings reveal the difficulties faced by the female youth in slums which cannot be underplayed despite their attempts in the female youth exercising their agency. The research also highlights that the f....................
    (2009-08-31) Contesting the State and Corporations, Exploring socio-military organizations in East Kalimantan.
    Nijhuis, M.
    Although further research is necessary, this thesis has revealed some indicators that can help to answer the question of what the role of the socio-military organizations in the pursuit of land issues in the regions of Kota Balikpapan and Kabupaten Paser is. They essentially form an escape valve and quick fix solution for tensions rising due to the ambiguous position of adat in these regions, whilst forming a vehicle for local elites to combine personal with collective interests. The socio-milit....................
    (2010-01-01) Context as a constraint in political cartoons: A conceptual integration approach
    Ekic, M.,
    Conceptual integration theory (a.k.a. ‘blending’) (Fauconnier and Turner 1994) accounts for the cognitive process of conceptualizing something as fused with something else (e.g. character Superman and actor Christopher Reeves in “Superman is dead”). Since this is a theory of imagination, the focus has mainly been on the human mind’s seemingly unbounded creativity. The less creative aspects from which imagination arises have received little attention. In particular, the role of context ....................
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