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    (2015-07-01) Characterising tree-based phylogenetic networks:
    Jetten, L.
    Commonly, the evolutionary history of a set of taxa is described by a phylogenetic tree. However, in certain cases, evolution can best be described by a phylogenetic network. In previous research, the term tree-based was introduced for a phylogenetic network, meaning that it can be drawn as a phylogenetic tree with additional horizontal arcs. In particular, an algorithm was given to determine whether a binary network is tree-based or not. Here we give a simple graph-theoretic classification of....................
    (2014-01-01) Characteristics and Costs of Switching Customers at a Dutch Health Insurance Company
    Jong, S. de
    Our research focused on switching behaviour and the costs of switching customers within a Dutch health insurance company. Each year people have the opportunity to switch their health insurer or package. The intention of allowing switching is to enhance competition and consumer choice in order to improve quality and efficiency in health care. Due to medical underwriting, risk selection, and increasing pressure on the supplementary packages, switching behaviour and the cost of switching customers ....................
    (2010-01-01) Characteristics of a successful marketing strategy for Indian software companies to enter the Western-European market
    Ridder de, Martijn
    The Indian software industry is one of the fastest developing industries. Since other markets are seeded, more and more Indian software companies are trying to enter the Western-European market. Given their low salaries, Indian software professionals are attractive for Western-European companies. The collaboration between Indian and Western-European companies contains some risks and problems. Therefore, we want to find out what are the characteristics of a successful marketing strategy for I....................
    (2014-01-01) Characteristics of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands: an exploratory study using data from the LISS panel
    Hartveld, A.
    Research about entrepreneurs mainly distinguishes between salaried workers and “entrepreneurs”, usually examined through the self-employed. In our study of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, we focus on the incorporated business owners and analyse what characteristics set them apart from salaried workers. We test the characteristics of entrepreneurs, as proclaimed in the classic theories, by associating them with variables from the representative LISS sample of the Netherlands. Our findi....................
    (2014-09-24) Characteristics of flow through orifices in pipes: an experimental investigation:
    Anantharaman, V.
    Orifice plates are key components used for flow measurement and control in several industries. For instance, they find applications in gas and liquid circuits of lithography machines, nuclear power plants and aerospace propulsion systems. They are used typically either for measuring flow-rate or to introduce a pressure drop for purposes of flow balancing. The present study focuses on the latter application. It is widely acknowledged in literature, that the turbulent, unsteady nature of the flo....................
    (2014-01-01) Characteristics of instructional videos for conceptual knowledge development
    Hove, P.E. ten
    Video is used more and more for instructional goals. To create a high quality design, it is important to know the influencing factors for effective instructional videos. This research investigates the characterization of popular and less popular instructional videos, to discover the differences. The focus is laid on videos with an informative conceptual content, rather than videos that entertain, or support procedural knowledge development. The primary purpose of a conceptual video is to promote....................
    (2015-09-16) Characteristics of the kinematics and geomorphology of slow-moving landslides in the Colca valley, South-Peru
    Heijenk, R.A.
    Slow-moving landslides cause large amounts of damage in mountainous regions and are known to be reactivated by seasonal rainfall and seismicity, although the mechanics of reactivation associated with these 2 forcing factors is still debated. In this case study, the kinematics and geomorphology are constrained and related to possible forcing factors for a number of remote slow-moving landslides in the Colca valley (Peru), which threaten local villages and roads. To do so, the horizontal displacem....................
    (2012-08-16) Characteristics of the Social entrepreneur: a neoclassical perspective
    Zebeda, S.
    Over the last decades, the concept of social entrepreneurship has been praised for its attractiveness due to its ability to provide entrepreneurial solutions to social issues. Still, research into social entrepreneurship is in a state of infancy. A lot of research into this concept is centered on the formulation of a plausible definition. Parker (2008) has taken his research a step further, by creating a theory on the concept. This theory is called the neoclassical life-cycle theory and makes as....................
    (2010-10-27) Characterization and Control of an Atomic Force Microscope:
    Vermue, M.A.W.
    The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is an instrument used for studying the topography of samples with nanometer resolution. Possible samples include specific materials or biological samples. The AFM is a mechanical microscope, since a three dimensional topography image is constructed by raster scanning a sharp tip and a sample surface in close proximity to each other and monitoring tip-sample interactions. The tip-sample interaction is controlled in all three dimensions by means of a piezoelectric....................
    (2012-03-29) Characterization and Design of a Readout Circuit for a Piezoelectric-based Acoustic Disdrometer:
    Bagree, R.
    In 2009, Department of Water Management (DWM) at TU Delft conceptualized the design of a low-cost disdrometer suitable for large scale, remote deployment. But, being a novel idea, its electrical characteristics were not well researched. Also, the system was not sensitive enough to measure the raindrops of diameter less than 0.9mm. Furthermore, it was found that the proposed disdrometer suffers from the edge effect i.e. when a raindrop hits on the edge of the disdrometer; the size of the raindrop....................
    (2015-01-01) Characterization and optimization of photodetectors in generic intergation platform
    Haan, E Erik den
    In this work we present a detailed study of PIN photodetectors manufactured in generic InP process on two substrate types, N+ and semi-insulating. We designed and manufactured several photodetector designs optimized for high responsivity (DC photodetectors) or RF performance (RF photodetectors). Measurement results of the key performance parameters, namely dark current, responsivity and RF bandwidth, are presented. For the DC photodetector design a responsivity of 0.92 A/W at 1550nm was achieved....................
    (2009-01-01) Characterization of a 85Rb magneto-optical trap
    Bruin, Mathijs de
    We present the study and measurement of the typical parameters of a Rb85magnetooptical trap using fluorescence imaging. We report an average temperature of 83 ± 6 µK and an average FWHM cloud size of 705 ± 118 µm. Also, we found an average decrease in temperature of 2:93 µK/hour.
    (2015-01-01) Characterization of a polarimeter calibrator
    Heijden, Sjoerd van der
    This document describes the characterization of a stimulus with adjustable degree of linear polarization (DoLP) and angle of linear polarization (AoLP). This stimulus will be used to calibrate the Spectropolarimeter for Planetary EXploration (SPEX). This stimulus is a rebuild from another design [1]. Turnable glass plates introduce a DoLP in light passing through. Using spectrometers, a rotating polarizer and dedicated software the output DoLP was determined as function of glass plate angle and ....................
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