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    (2008-01-28) Cesare Pavese: esperienze e pratiche di traduzioni poetiche
    Esposito, Federica
    Conoscevo dal liceo le poesie di Pavese che consideravo moderne per l’epoca in cui sono state scritte e diverse da quelle dei poeti suoi contemporanei: gli ermetici, Umberto Saba o Cardarelli per citare alcuni esempi. Pavese è il solo che supera il lirismo del Novecento verso una poesia apparentemente semplice alimentata da realtà materiali e da un linguaggio comune. Si contrappone all’Ermetismo per il gusto verso fatti essenziali e il rifiuto di azioni introspettive. La sua è una poesia-....................
    (2014-08-28) Cetacean foraging and shipping: disturbance of cetacean foraging behaviour as a result of animal-vessel interactions
    Klepper, A. de
    The increasing use of the oceans and seas by humans for shipping and boating activities is causing an increase of interactions between vessels and marine animals. Cetaceans, a group of larger marine mammals, are subjected to increasing vessel intensity in their foraging habitat. The foraging methods of cetacean species are diverse, causing the level of possible disturbance by vessel encounters to be species specific. In addition, the diversity of vessel types on the marine waters implies that ev....................
    (2011-01-01) Cetacean Intelligence : what do we know?
    Klij, M.H.W. van der
    Cetaceans are, next to humans and other primates, often regarded as a group including the most intelligent species on earth. There are however different methods of measuring and defining intelligence, making it very hard to determine who is and who is not intelligent. In this thesis I have looked at the different measurements and studies that have been done concerning intelligence in cetaceans, for example at their brain quantifications, communication skills and the social and feeding behaviours....................
    (2015-01-01) Ceuta and Melilla as a gateways to fortress Europe : the consequences for human rights when border security is humanitarianised
    Meijer, L. de
    This thesis aims to analyse the consequences for human rights in a humanitarianised border enforcement. In the first part of this thesis the theories to understand my research question are highlighted. First I introduce the term humanitarianism based on the work of scholars like Fassin and Barnett and Weiss. I also introduce the term ‘humanitarian government’ by Fassin. Furthermore the security theory by Huysmans and the paradox of protection by Bigo are conceptualized. Finally, I touch upo....................
    (2015-07-24) CFD Modeling of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms:
    Van Kruchten, T.J.G.
    An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is an excessive localized swelling of the abdominal aortic wall. AAAs are often lethal when they rupture and constitute a significant health risk in the developed countries. CFD simulations can help predict formation, progression, and rupture of AAAs by the use of hemodynamic parameters such as the Oscillatory Shear Index (OSI) that indicates the oscillatory behavior of the wall shear stress vector at the aneurysm wall. Ideally, it is envisioned that the risk o....................
    (2012-04-23) CFD Modeling of Two-Stage Parallel Plate Sedimentation Centrifuge for Microalgae Dewatering:
    Yu, B.
    As one of the most fast growing species on earth, microalgae provides great potential to satisfy the ever increasing demand in food, energy and material in a sustainable way. The focus for this thesis work is on one of the most important bottle neck of microalgae harvest process: microalgae dewatering, by CFD modeling of the flow and sedimentation separation in Evodos SPT centrifuge. Various microalgae dewatering technologies have been reviewed and evaluated. Compare to traditional conical dis....................
    (1995-01-01) CFD-model voor de enzymatische vorming van malto-dextrine in een buisreactor
    Boer, B.F.A. de
    Dit onderzoek heeft als doel het bestuderen van de stroming van vloeibaar aardappelzetmeel onder invloed van een enzymatische reactie. Dit zetmeel is vloeibaar gemaakt door het oplossen ervan in water. De zo verkregen zetmeeloplossing is echter nog één kleverige 'pasta', maar door verhitting hiervan bij een temperatuur van ongeveer BOOG, het zgn . jetcooken, neemt de stroperigheid ervan aanzienlijk af waardoor het voldoende vloeibaar wordt. Aan deze zetmeeloplossing wordt vervolgens een dosis ....................
    (2016-01-01) CFO gender and accrual quality in the post-SOX period
    Elisa, N.
    This research examine the whether the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley act (hereafter, SOX) has led a different impact on the accrual quality of female CFOs and male CFOs. SOX was passed into law after some major accounting scandals such as Enron and WorldCom. After the implementation of SOX, CEO and CFO have become more accountable for the financial reporting and disclosure of the firm. The existing literature provides evidence that firm report more conservative after the implementation of....................
    (2015-01-01) CFO gender and accrual-based earnings management after the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    Zijleman, C.
    This research has been the first that provides empirical evidence that the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley has had a different impact on female CFOs compared to male CFOs, in the context of accrual-based earnings management. Prior research provides evidence that female CFOs adopt more conservative earnings management strategies: discretionary accruals are negatively related to female CFOs. Other research shows that after the passage of SOX, corporate executives adopt more conservative earnings man....................
    (2011-08-29) CFTR correctors enhance ATP8B1 I661T plasma membrane expression. A novel treatment for ATP8B1 deficiency?
    Lohuis, M.A.M.
    Mutations in the ATP8B1 gene can cause benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis 1 (BRIC1) or progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis 1 (PFIC1), commonly known as ATP8B1 deficiency. ATP8B1 is an aminophospholipid flippase, maintaining membrane asymmetry. In ATP8B1 deficiency the activity of the bile salt export pump (BSEP) which pumps bile salts out of the hepatocytes into the bile duct is decreased, leading to accumulation of bile salts and cell damage. However, the mechanism by which ATP....................
    (2012-01-01) Chain of care perspective on the influence of personality changes on long-term outcome of traumatic brain injury
    Koning, M.E de (Myrthe)
    Objectives: To describe in detail the chain of care of patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) after discharge from a level one trauma centre and to identify the long-term personality changes associated with TBI. In addition, it was evaluated whether the provided aftercare has been satisfactory for the patients and family members. Methods: Design/setting: Retrospective cohort study of patients admitted to a level one trauma centre. All adults admitted to the University M....................
    (2010-01-28) Chain of Events:
    Zeegers, R.D.
    The focus is on an urban intervention for the Line 11 Zone, Transvaal, The Hague to repair the disconnections. The zone restructures/stitches Transvaal with the Schilderswijk by a lower landscape for the cars and trams. Connected by other platforms. It creates a chain of events that support the public life, related to my essay subject: the inbetween. The line 11 zone is focusing on all type of users and the (Pop) Podium is focusing on specific type of users. The combination of these two world's ....................
    (2016-05-26) Chained by the Global Value Chain: Ethiopia’s Coffee Sector
    Fitzpatrick, Kieran John
    As the second most-traded commodity in the world, coffee is an essential part of world trade. In 2002 a crisis hit the global coffee sector and prices hit their lowest point in a century. As the birthplace of coffee, and home to some of the most unique varieties of coffee, Ethiopia was hit hard by this crisis. Since then many reforms have taken place in Ethiopia's coffee sector in order to improve its standing within the global coffee trade, however in order to understand the success of these re....................
    (2012-07-11) CHAINels: Journal:
    Onrust, B.; Verweijen, L.F.; Mandersloot, J.
    A group of three students worked a couple of months at CHAINels for their computer science bachelor project. In these months a recommendation algorithm was designed and implemented in CHAINels. The recommendation algorithm recommends posts to a company and those posts are shown in the Journal which was also made during this project. In this report, every step of the design and implementation of the Journal and recommendation algorithm is explained.
    (2012-07-19) CHAINels: Network Visualization:
    Titos Bolivar, C.; Van den Bogert, H.; Vollering, A.
    The report concluding 2 months of work at CHAINels for the Bachelorproject. The project consisted of making a visualization of a business network, and design a new chain (friend) recommendation algorithm.
    (2011-12-23) CHAINels: The business network:
    Koeman, V.J.; Buckers, E.C.
    For a Computer Science Bachelor project, two students worked on the ICT for CHAINels: a brand new concept to create an online business-to-business network. In this report, every step in the creation of this system is described.
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