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    (2015-06-20) Code Stories:
    Salmi, S.; Van Beek, M.; Sol, R.
    Understanding code can be cumbersome. CodeStories strives to provide the tools to make code more understandable by creating a tight coupling between code execution and explanatory elements such as visualizations. Currently CodeStories only supports JavaScript, but extending it with different languages would significantly increase its range. During our research phase we have found that solutions exist that partly solve the problem, though none of the solutions are extensive. CodeStories relies ....................
    (2011-02-28) Code switching en de madrigalen van Maddalena Casulana
    Witte, I.
    Code switching (CS) is een term die in de linguïstiek wordt gebruikt om het overgaan van één taal of dialect op een andere binnen één taaluiting mee aan te duiden. Als muziek een taal is, zou ook hier sprake moeten kunnen zijn van CS. De hypothese in deze scriptie is dat Casulana op één of andere manier CS toepast. Ten eerste was componeren in de haar tijd vooral een mannenzaak. Daarnaast geldt voor de teksten van madrigalen in de zestiende eeuw veelal dat zij gaan over de onmogelijke li....................
    (2013-01-31) Code Switching in Student ELF Interactions: An Analysis of Cultural Expressiveness through Lexical References
    Frantzen, M.A.
    The ways in which people interact with each other are, for a great part, influenced by people’s linguacultural backgrounds. Especially in this globalizing world, with an increase of international relations, the field of intercultural communication studies has acquired a lot of attention over the past few decades. One of these international relations, which will be examined in this study, is the intercultural interaction between students from different linguacultural backgrounds. This study wil....................
    (2009-06-03) Code Tabaksblat - Where do we stand?
    Hoek, R. van
    In this paper I analyze the integration of the Dutch corporate governance code, Code Tabaksblat, within the companies that are listed on the Dutch AEX index. I looked at the total compliance of the firms with the Code, at the information provided by the firms on corporate governance and also at the relevance of corporate governance. To do so I have used the available information on the Code in their annual reports and on their websites for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 and set up a total sh....................
    (2014-06-12) Code-free Recursion & Realizability
    Faber, E.E.
    This thesis is an elaborate account of the theory of partial combinatory algebras (pcas) and their associated categorical structures called categories of assemblies and realizability toposes. From the viewpoint of "abstract Turing machines'', we build up the theory of pcas, generalizing some constructions from ordinary recursion theory, such as relative computability in an oracle (of type 1 and higher). In later chapters, we show how this notion of generalized relative computability can be used....................
    (2016-03-15) Code-Switching within the Noun Phrase: Resolving Papiamento-Dutch Conflicts
    de Jong, Amy
    This thesis focuses on theoretical accounts of code-switching with regard to Papiamento-Dutch bilinguals. It examines two contrasting theories, the Matrix Language Framework model (Myers-Scotton, 2002) and the Minimalist Program (Cantone and MacSwan, 2009), and compares them by examining which accounts for what happens at conflict sites in occurrences of Papiamento-Dutch code-switching, looking specifically at switching in noun-adjective word-order conflict sites. An event-related potential stu....................
    (2014-04-23) Codecraft
    Kool, E.N.
    This paper discusses whether games are suitable to teach the craft of programming. This notion is two-fold: is programming a craft, and how can games help to teach a craft? By means of literature research and qualitative interviews, it is concluded that programming is indeed a craft, and that games are suitable to get someone started in the field. Though games are interesting to teach beginners their own learning style, they lack the possibility of transferring enough knowledge and skill to achi....................
    (2008-01-01) Codenaam DNA; het leven ≠ een formule
    Eltink, Nikola
    Wetenschap is een onderdeel van de cultuur. Er bestaat geen objectieve, pure wetenschap die op zichzelf staat. Technoscience bestudeert het ontstaan van wetenschap als constructie. Popularisatie van deze wetenschap vindt plaats in de tentoonstelling Codenaam DNA. De wetenschappelijke constructies worden (onbewust) in metaforen uitgedacht en zijn impliciet verbeeld in de tentoonstelling.
    (2014-01-01) Coderen voor kwaliteit : de ontwikkeling van een codeersysteem dat ACT-consistentie kan toetsen.
    Schoonen, C.W.M.
    ACT has proven its efficacy for chronic pain. In response to growing demand for therapy over the internet, the internet-based, guided self-help intervention based on ACT, called ‘Living with Pain’ was introduced (Trompetter, Bohlmeijer, Veehof, & Schreurs, 2014). This master thesis provides a description of the development of an encoding system, that can be used to determine ACT-integrity of feedback mails from this intervention. Investigations about treatment-integrity in online-interven....................
    (2008-06-18) Coderivative Document Recognition:
    De Reede, S.J.
    Knowledge management in large enterprises currently depends very much on the active participation of the employees. If an employee is unable or unwilling to share his knowledge,the knowledge management fails. To counter this situation, the documents of all employees can be collected automatically and stored in a knowledge management application. However, since every document is subject to change during its life cycle, many versions of a document will be created, and thus collected and stored. A ....................
    (2010-08-31) Codes of Conduct The real Impacts of Codes of Conduct in the Garment Industry in Tirupur
    Wils, S.M.D.
    Codes of Conduct have become key instruments in ensuring minimum labor standards in global production system. However, although Codes have spread around all different kind of industries and have created a general awareness of the importance of social, environmental and labor standards, critics about the concept have also increased. The core debate is concerned with the question if Codes of Conduct meet their primary objective of benefiting workers in global production systems through improvement....................
    (2014-09-04) Codes of Conduct: Understanding paratextuality and how the critical reception of Girls uncovered ideological codes in American culture
    Darweesh, S.
    With the rapid growth and reach of the Internet, the influence of hype surrounding a television show is becoming more entwined with the artistic text of the show itself. The text outside of the show - the paratext - is analyzed in this thesis, as well as its influence on making meaning from television. By combining Stuart Hall’s encoding/decoding principle and John Fiske's categorization of codes with Jonathan Gray's theory on fan- and antifandom, this thesis aims to look at the HBO television....................
    (2012-07-31) Codewisseling in de klas. Codewisseling door Nederlandstalige groep 2 leerlingen en hun leerkracht tijdens de Engelse les
    Laan, M.C.
    In deze scriptie wordt een onderzoek beschreven naar codewisseling door Nederlandstalige groep 2 leerlingen en hun leerkracht tijdens de Engelse les. Codewisseling is het gebruiken van verschillende codes, in dit geval de Nederlandse en de Engelse taal, in talige communicatie. De codewisseling die waargenomen is tijdens de Engelse lessen wordt op sociolinguïstisch, conversatie-analytisch en enigszins op grammaticaal niveau bezien. Het sociolinguïstische perspectief richt zich op de wijdere soc....................
    (2006-01-01) Coenraad van Beuningen en Johan de Witt, correspondentie ten tijde van de Noordse oorlog (1655-1660)
    Postma, M.
    In deze scriptie wordt de relatie tussen raadpensionaris Johan de Witt en de Amsterdamse diplomaat Coenraad van Beuningen bestudeerd aan de hand van de correspondentie die zij voerden tijdens de Noordse oorlog (1655-1660) toen Van Beuningen ambassadeur was in Denemarken. De correspondentie van De Witt met Van Beuningen wordt in perspectief geplaatst door tevens te kijken naar de briefwisselingen die De Witt tegelijkertijd onderhield met de ambassadeurs in Engeland (Nieupoort) en bij de Zweedse k....................
    (2014-05-15) Coercion versus Engagement and North Korea’s Brinkmanship Foreign Policy
    Khachatryan, M.
    Over the last half century, North Korea has made over 2,660 military provocations against South Korea. Even during peaceful dialogue or institutional negotiations, North Korea has often engaged in “unreasonable” actions such as provocations, violence, and terrorism when situations do not proceed according to plan, the goal being to force its counterparts to change their stance or make concessions. Various explanations have been proposed as to when and why North Korea employs brinkmanship. Th....................
    (2015-01-01) Coercive pressures, environmental sustainability and the response of luxery conglomerates ; a content analysis
    Boulahrouz, A.
    This study aims at defining the response of luxury conglomerates when facing coercive pressures on environmental sustainability. The research was conducted by a content analysis on both coercive pressures and the responses from luxury conglomerates. The focus is on three types of stakeholders; NGOs, consumers and shareholders. As this research is a multiple case analysis, the cases included the three leading luxury conglomerates; Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton (LVMH), Kering and Richemont. Th....................
    (2015-09-23) Coetzee’s Traumatized Creatures: Toward a Post-Anthropocentric and Posthumanist Understanding of Trauma
    Stolker, M.A.
    This thesis investigates what trauma theory would look like if it were more attuned to the creaturely residues of trauma. Through theorizing Freudian trauma theory and showing how its humanist focus is taken on by literary scholars, the thesis examines how the traditional approach of trauma that focuses on language and narrative could move towards a more affective and embodied approach that finds its origin in animal studies and its theorization of concepts like the creaturely, the open, vulnera....................
    (2010-08-31) Coevolution of learning ability and neuro-cognitive organization
    Arnold, S.F.
    The environmental complexity thesis states that environmental complexity is the driving force behind the evolution of cognition. Herbert Spencer held a particularly strong version of this view, and believed that life and mind can be understood as reflections of the environment they evolved in. However, Spencer's view does not account for the possibility of fit but diffusely implemented behaviour. As connectionist AI has amply demonstrated, fit behaviour d....................
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