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    (2012-01-01) Changing pattern of recurrences after neoadjuvant chemoradiation in esophageal cancer patients
    Güler, S. (Sahin)
    Background: In the last decade chemo-radiotherapy (CRT) is firmly established in the curative treatment of esophageal carcinoma. It leads to a survival benefit of more than 10-13% in curatively treatable patients. This effect seems to be caused mainly by a downstaging or downsizing of the tumor with a reduction in local recurrences. In this retrospective cohort study, we investigated the impact of neoadjuvant CRT on the pattern of recurrences. We also compared the effect of the neoadjuvant CRT ....................
    (2011-11-30) Changing patterns The influence of stress on vegetation patterns in a salt marsh
    Versteegde, L.B.J.
    Biotic and abiotic stress can both be present on salt marshes. Factors as sea level rise and anthropogenic land use may increase stress and thereby influence ecosystems. Many researches involve the consequences of abiotic stress on ecosystems, but little is known about the effects of biotic stress or a combination of the two stress types on ecosystems. The aim of this study was to increase the knowledge about the effects of biotic and abiotic stress on salt marshes. Vegetation patterns are prese....................
    (2016-01-20) Changing perceptions of the bicycle in Chinese and Taiwanese society.
    Lievers, Martine
    Over the course of history, the bicycle has earned its place in the Chinese and Taiwanese streets and has long been the primary mode of transportation for many people. Even though both China and Taiwan play a big role in the world’s bicycle market, changes seem to have occurred in the presence of bicycle in the Chinese and Taiwanese streets as well as its corresponding perception. This thesis will reflect on changes in the public perception of bicycles in Taiwan and China in the last 60 years ....................
    (2014-08-29) Changing Perceptions on Surinamese Migrants in Dutch Media from 1975-2000
    Raevskaia, Anastasia
    Over the last fifty years, the Netherlands has changed from a relatively homogeneous population into a more multicultural society. The tree largest minorities in the Netherlands are now Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese. In my thesis I am focusing on Surinamese migration and Surinamese migrants. After the 1960s immigration picked up rapidly around the independence of Suriname in 1975 and then again in 1980 when visa requirements began to be imposed on the Surinamese. Surinamese migration and Suri....................
    (2012-04-27) Changing practices in waste collection. The separate collection of plastic waste in the Netherlands.
    Beemer, J.H.P.
    Since 1 January 2010 the separate collection of plastic waste is obligated in the Netherlands. All Dutch municipalities are obligated to provide the facilities which enable their households to collect plastic waste of separately. It turns out that the separate collection is quite successful. This is remarkable, since it is for the households voluntary and it asks a change in the daily practices of households. In literature on sustainable development the notion of transition is very often used. B....................
    (2014-08-28) Changing Relationships of Power in an Age of Globalization: Grassroots Activism against Water Privatization in Mexico
    Graaf, K.A.S. de; Hlawatsch, L.
    In our contemporary Age of Globalization new possibilities for local power contestation are emerging. Theoretically based in Anthony Giddens' Structuration Theory and Arjun Appadurai's notions of cellular and vertebrate structures and Grassroots Globalization, this thesis aims to make an anthropological analysis of a grassroots movement’s (Chiapanec@s en Defensa del Agua) abilities to contest plans for water privatization in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico. These abilities are linked to the organiza....................
    (2011-01-01) Changing routines and making investments : a study of entrepreneurs’ and employees’ commitment to energy conservation
    Brouwer, P.
    This field study tested to what extent entrepreneurs and employees who work in small organizations in Amsterdam are willing to conserve energy and by what factors their willingness to conserve energy could be predicted. VBN theory (Stern, 2000) showed that environmental behavior could be predicted by personal values and a sense of obligation, resulting from perceived social norms, ascription of responsibility and awareness of consequences. We therefore tested whether the personal value ‘C....................
    (2007-11-30) Changing Social Arrangement for Elderly Care in The Netherlands
    Abella, Anjani Francisco
    Many factors influence the shaping and reshaping of welfare policy — among these include state ideas and interpretation of social justice. With a focus on policy shifts on state-led elderly home care since the 1980s, The Netherlands has progressively championed citizen participation and solidarity to rescue Dutch welfarism. Earlier efforts by the state found that economistic strategies alone were incapable of offering viable cost-cutting solutions capable of safeguarding the dignified life of ....................
    (2014-09-04) Changing Structure: Dialectic approach to change in burial structures during the Middle Yayoi in northern Kyushu, Japan
    Pon, Wietske du
    In this thesis the spatiotemporal change in burial structures during the Middle Yayoi (200 B.C. – A.D. 50) in northern Kyūshū, Japan, is examined from the perspective of agency as dialectic entity. The purpose of this thesis is to provide a clear overview of this change and to contribute to a better understanding of the Middle Yayoi society. Between Yayoi III and IV, a sudden change is detected in the burial structures: new structures emerge whilst others disappear, and structures are u....................
    (2013-01-01) Changing the Angle: The Effect of Group Membership and Apology on the Willingness to Take Perspective of Ex-prisoners
    Schrimpf, Lisa
    The stigmatization of ex-prisoners can complicate their reintegration into society because they perceive themselves as not being part of it. This perceived exclusion might lead to a higher risk of recidivism. Perspective taking is argued to counteract stigmatization as people are encouraged to find similarities between themselves and the other person. This study aims to focus on the effect of group membership of an ex-prisoner and on the effect of apologizing on the willingness to take the persp....................
    (2010-08-20) Changing the behavior of the inhabitants of the Dutch island Goeree-Overflakkee towards a more sustainable lifestyle:
    Blomsma, F.
    That less unsustainability is not equal to more sustainability is something that is not being recognized in many current strategies said to be dealing with the twin crisis of climate change and/ or resource scarcity. If sustainability is defined as a community taking care of it’s own needs and flourishing in ways important to it, that means that the community needs to learn to function independently. But what if the inhabitants of that community has no ‘we’ feeling, let alone a ‘why’ ....................
    (2014-05-19) Changing the concept. A toolkit for exhibition designers who want to create new, sustainable and visitor-focused exhibitions.:
    De Jonge, A.
    Ever since the first time that the term sustainable development has been used, the attention to approach design with the environment in mind has been growing and several sustainable design strategies have been developed. However, museums do not seem to follow these developments, especially when it comes to the design of (temporary) exhibitions. This master thesis focuses on analysing the possibilities for sustainable development within exhibition design and working out concepts based on these an....................
    (2013-01-01) Changing the game
    Timmermans, Wouter
    An analysis of the changing dynamics within the videogame industry. Focusing on new developments and the broader cultural context of these developments. From cultural labor in the digital age to chinese goldfarmers and crowdfunding as a new way of producing video games.
    (2013-01-01) Changing the game: a different approach on customer marketing at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    Pot, T.
    The airline industry has reached the crossroads. Today’s fiercely competitive and efficiency focused economic environment ensures that airlines are struggling to gain market share and sustain profitability. This is partly due to the global turmoil, the economic slowdown in the European region, the volatile demand of air traffic, the increasing number and strength of (lower priced) competitors, fluctuating fuel costs and more diverse and specific passenger needs. As a result, airlines have....................
    (2012-09-05) Changing the perception of bioplastics:
    Nijkamp, E.J.S.
    Bioplastics change the way plastics are made because they are manufactured from plants like corn and sugar instead of oil. This has many environmental advantages and in the future also financial advantages. Bioplastics are rapidly being developed and applied in various kinds of products. The challenge of this thesis was to understand bioplastics and to investigate how to change a materials perception by changing its sensorial properties. To change the perception of a material it is important to ....................
    (2012-01-01) Changing the security market line: the nonlinear relation between beta and return.
    Simonse, B.
    This paper examines whether there is a nonlinear relation between beta and return. It is aimed at testing whether an expansion of the Capital Asset Pricing Model which doesn't require supplementary computations of variables could reduce the pricing errors. A simple alteration in form would be easily applicable in current financial assessments. The data used is a sample of a hundred firms listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq markets from 2006-2011. The non-linearity is evaluated using....................
    (2010-12-17) Changing the spiral: Restoration effort of degraded land in Ethiopia, challenges and prospects, the case of Hadiya zone
    Lamore, Tagese Helore
    Land degradation resulted from man-made and natural causes lead countries to the environmental and socio-economic problems. Currently it is threatening lives of millions of people particularly in developing countries where the agriculture is the main source of subsistence and income. Now restoration programmes have been taking place in the areas where land degradation is severe problem. Countries, governments and other stakeholders agree on that restoration of degraded lands leads to alleviating....................
    (2015-01-01) Changing threats into chances: How can organizations turn crises into opportunities?
    Geosanu, V.A.A.
    Organizational crises are considered moments of truth, in which companies are able to demonstrate their power to wisely manage critical situations; apart from the dangers that crises pose to organizations, there are also benefits that a crisis can bring. The aim of the current study is to provide insight concerning the perceived benefits of crises. A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews was conducted with the participation of 15 communication professionals, either communication ma....................
    (2014-03-31) Changing value networks in the downstream activities of the automotive industry due to transition to services:
    Van Wijnen, J.J.
    The transition to services is analyzed for the downstream activities of the West-European automotive industry. The research builds upon theory on the transition to product related services. The value system of the automotive industry is identified as a value network for the downstream activities. A multiple case study research design is used by investigating an OEM (BMW) and three fleet management companies (Athlon, Alphabet and LeasePlan). The interview data was coded and analyzed using ATLAS T....................
    (2013-01-11) Changing value relevance
    Zapantoulis, A.
    This paper investigates value relevance in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom over the period 1991-2011. In contrast to most previous researches, value relevance is not only measured by coefficients of determination, but also by abnormal pricing errors (Gu, 2007). Three main findings are reported. First, value relevance appears to be stable in the sample countries over the period 1991-2004, after which there is a significant increase in value relevance that appears to be cau....................
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