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    (2009-01-01) Civil society in Zimbabwe: The National Constitutional Assembly: Emergence and role in Zimbabwe’s democratization
    This study addresses the role of civil society in Zimbabwe‟s democratization with particular reference to the NCA. It is primarily focussed on the development of the NCA, its role with respect to its relations with political parties, mainly ZANU PF and the MDC. The paper looks at the strategies applied by the NCA during the course of the struggle for a new constitution, a political and citizen rights characterized by broader public participation in government processes. The regression of ZANU....................
    (2014-01-01) Civil Society op maat
    Ee, E.E. (Elmar) van)
    Op 24 januari 2012 kondigde de Europese Unie een beëindiging aan van haar missie in Kosovo. Na veertien jaar lang bestuur van de Verenigde Naties en de Europese Unie zijn de meningen verdeeld over het welslagen van de international gemeenschap in het ontwikkelen van een civiele cultuur in Kosovo. Hoewel sommige theoretici enthousiast zijn over de grote mate van institutionalisering en het grote aantal civil society organisaties, benadrukken andere theoretici het feit dat de internationale gemee....................
    (2009-01-01) Civil society success in achieving the education for all goals in Ghana : the Ghana national education campaign coalition
    Plaat, Felicitas G.P.P. van der
    In this era of globalization, growing interdependence, global governance, mass media and advanced information technologies the rise of a global civil society could not stay behind. Civil society networks come up to rebalance unequal social, political and economic relationships. This thesis explores the success of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC), as a civil society movement concerned with the achievement of Education for All in Ghana that functions within the Global Campai....................
    (2015-06-11) CIVIL SOCIETY: cultural policies’ stepping stone
    F. Aliverti
    This research will focus on understanding the reasons why Italian current cultural policies, which aim at involving the privates within the cultural sector, are not effective. Specifically, I want to investigate, following Putnam (1993) and Harrison and Huntington (2000) researches, if a correlation between the failure of the indirect public support and a poor culture of giving, mixed with a low-implemented civil society actually exists. In Italy in fact even if many laws were established w....................
    (2013-01-01) Civil unrest : predicting protest using search engine.
    Cruise, A.
    Data generated by internet usage can be used to provide compelling insights into a range of phenomenon. The model in this paper uses Google search volumes to predict outbreaks of large scale protest and civil unrest. A positive shock in the search volumes for certain key words gives rise to a marked increase in the probability of civil unrest in the following week. In the absence of sufficient data, it is not currently possible to establish whether negative Economic growth shocks in the s....................
    (2014-09-01) Civil War in Mayo
    Dijk, Nynke van
    Analysis of the development of violence between the Truce and the end of the Civil War in county Mayo, Ireland 1922-1923.
    (2016-01-01) Civil-military communications within integrated United Nations Peacekeeping
    West, K. (Koen) van der
    This research deals with civil-military relations. In specific it focuses on a case of civil-military communication within an integrated United Nations Peacekeeping mission. It researches the interaction between the Dutch army and several civil UN entities in the MINUSMA mission in Mali. It discusses if communication between these entities has been effective and if there were communication barriers present. Furthermore several recommendations for improvement of communication are given.
    (2009-01-01) Cker dt tjetten eigluk eg ni zoo slegt vr j is! : onderzoek naar het effect van Instant Messaging op schrijfvaardigheid van jongeren
    Metzemaekers, Linda
    De komst van Instant Messaging (IM) heeft op maatschappelijk en sociaal gebied heel wat teweeg gebracht. Vooral docenten en ouders staan kritisch tegenover dit 1-op-1 medium waarbij gebruikers synchroon met elkaar kunnen communiceren. Gevreesd wordt dat de kinderen van nu, de generatie die zo bekend is met IM, ernstig wordt beschadigd door veelvuldig gebruik. De grootste vrees is dat de schrijfvaardigheid van de jeugd, die volgens de critici toch al slecht is, zienderogen achteruit zal gaan....................
    (2008-06-30) CKV Judgement Day
    Rijkhoff, Annelies; Rijt, Dorothy van; Meindertsma, Iris
    Is er een andere didactische aanpak nodig voor het ervaringsgerichte vak CKV (Culturele Kunstzinnige Vorming)? Dit is een interessante vraag voor CKV-docenten waarop een kant-en-klaar antwoord niet voor het grijpen ligt. Een verandering van didactische aanpak kan nodig zijn in verband met de door ons veronderstelde verschillen in houding tussen havisten en vwo’ers. Wij hebben aan den lijve ondervonden hoe moeilijk het kan zijn om de grote diversiteit aan leerlingen te interesseren en enthousia....................
    (2008-01-01) Claiming Indigenous Land Rights from the Bottom Up
    Oundo, Symphorosa
    The current situation of dispossession of the Ogiek from their land in Mau Forest, Kenya is the result of the adoption of the State’s land and other policies that are similar to those adopted by the colonialist more than a century ago. In response the Ogiek have instituted several cases through the Kenya courts in an effort to once again access their ancestral lands. Not only has the Kenya government introduced land policies that have greatly affected the way of life of the Ogiek and it ....................
    (2010-01-01) Claiming life’s end : a study on legal and social euthanasia discourse in the Netherlands
    Rommerts, Kay Jagath
    In 2001, the Netherlands effectively decriminalized euthanasia in excruciating situations, but end-of-life decisions and the medical and legal transactions they require continue to spark debate among politicians, ethicists, lawmakers, and healthcare professionals. This study examines the ways in which Dutch law, citizens, and state and civic institutions construct and exert forms of authority on end-of-life decisions and practice. In doing so, I will examine the legal and ethical discourse ....................
    (2012-01-01) Claiming security properties in a service oriented architecture
    Verberkt, S.L.C.
    The rise of service oriented computing as a popular software development paradigm brings the inability to compose security properties back into the spotlights. Since the modular nature of services is one of the key concepts within service oriented architectures (SOAs), a lot of security efforts in this field are rendered useless. This is amplified by the fact that services are built upon an uncoupled architecture. Additionally, service oriented systems need to be able to bootstrap trust in ....................
    (2011-08-31) Claiming Space in Casablanca: Modernist experiments and user-initiated dwelling transformations in Hay Mohammadi.
    Culley, B.P.
    This thesis seeks to provide exploratory insights into the transformation, adaptation and adaptation processes of post-WWII modernist mass-housing projects, using Casablanca's laboratory neighbourhoods as a case-study. A historical contextualisation of Casablanca's development depicts a city shaped by the modernist principles of the Athens Charter. Yet, over the space of half a century, the urban tissue has extensively evolved – both from a social and physical perspective – shaped by its inh....................
    (2014-09-11) Claiming Tibet or claiming Tibetanness? On the relationship between 'Tibet' and national identity
    Unen, Lisanne van
    This thesis argues that there is a hegemonic and inflexible discourse on Tibetan identity, though there are examples of dissent. This identity discourse constructs a narrative on ‘Tibet’ which Tibetans claim. In turn, by claiming ‘Tibet’, Tibetans are claiming their own identity. ‘Tibet’ is represented by the government in exile. This constitutive relationship between ‘Tibet’ and ‘Tibetanness’ results in a narrativising of history and an Othering of Shugden practitioners and ....................
    (2010-01-01) Claims-based working: access to business activities
    Shao, Herman
    In today’s dynamic business environment the success of an organization depends on its ability to react to various changes, like shifts in the attitudes of customers or the introduction of new laws. Changes in the business environment can have an impact on the business processes of an organization. The business processes will have to be able to cope with changes and unpredicted situations. Business processes can be seen as a collection of activities which are ordered in a particular fashion....................
    (2014-03-21) Clamping of microtubule attachment sites at the kinetochore: prevention or correction of merotelic attachments?
    Jonge, R.D. de
    The regulation of chromosome segregation is important to insure equal distribution of genetic material between daughter cells. This research proposal will focus on the regulation of chromosome segregation through the prevention and correction of erroneous kinetochore-microtubule attachments, in particularly merotelic attachments. One possible prevention mechanism of merotelic attachments is clamping of microtubule attachment sites and has been identified in yeast. Clamping orients the attachment....................
    (2015-06-04) Clamshell Dredge bucket improvement for Clay Production:
    Combe, T.A.A.
    Especially for the dredging industry in the United States of America and the leading dredging company Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company the clamshell dredge is a commonly used dredge tool. The aim of this study was production [m3/s] optimization of the clamshell bucket for stiffer clays. Different aspects of clamshell bucket geometry to clay experiments and bucket concepts are discussed and presented in the report. The approach of tackling this challenge was first evaluating four main elements ....................
    (2016-07-28) Clarifying Ambiguity: An Analysis of the Function of Ambiguity in Natural Language
    Bruin, Grietje AE de
    This thesis will examine the question ‘why are natural languages ambiguous?’ by discussing the function of ambiguity in natural language. Formal linguistic approaches such as the Chomskian approach consider ambiguity as a fault in language design. This view is challenged by functional linguistic approaches, which recognize that ambiguity has a communicative function. Ambiguity can create greater communicative efficiency (Piantadosi, Tily & Gibson, 2012); it enables us to say more with fewer ....................
    (2013-01-01) Clarifying business-IT alignment in theory and practise using the Generic Framework for Information Management
    Business-IT alignment is an important topic with a lot of research and articles written, but there is still much discussion on what alignment is. Using the Generic Framework for Information Management (IM Framework), this thesis aims to define the field of alignment thoroughly by means of a literature review. It does so by mapping influential writings on alignment in the IM framework. The combination of the reviewed literature is then used for a study on another kind of alignment, the alignment....................
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