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    (2012-12-14) Dealing with Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Western Europe: Challenges of Achieving Zero Tolerance
    Seare, K.A.
    This paper explores the potential challenges that could have contributed to the difficulty of achieving ‘Zero tolerance’ to FGM/C. In an attempt to answer the question the research looked at the language and representation of the initial campaigning, production of FGM/C and the reactions to the issue at a global level. Debates about the medicalization and criminalization of FGM/C are discussed in order to show the underlying contradictions and complexities of dealing with FGM/C. It also look....................
    (2011-01-28) Dealing with leisure:
    Rosmulder, P.J.M.
    A quest for tools to revise the Dutch in between landscape based on its recreational potential. This thesis proposes a strategy for the revision of the Dutch green buffer zones on the basis of its recreational potential for the urban context. A strategy for the 'Rijk van Dommel en Aa' in the Brainport region (Eindhoven) is used as a case study to test the theoretical background.
    (2013-07-31) Dealing with terrorism. How the Dutch government framed terrorism in the 1970s and 2000s.
    Francino, M.
    In this Bachelor-thesis, two decades of terrorism in the Netherlands will be compared. In the seventies, the Dutch government framed the numeral terrorist attacks (mainly by Moluccan terrorists) way differently than it did with Islamist terrorism in the zeroes. As it turned out, the government wasn't actively framing the terrorist attacks in the seventies, while it extensively did in the zeroes. The reasons behind this were various, the most influencial factor was the change in opportunity struc....................
    (2008-07-17) Dealing with uncertainties in Life Cycle Assessment for emerging technologies; test case LCA of Silicon Thin-film PV
    Salve, José Luis
    Onzekerheden in the benodigde inputdata voor Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) en Life Cycle Costing (LCC) studies zijn het onderwerp van veel publicaties en vormen een nog steeds belangrijk beperkende factor voor de betrouwbaarheid van de LCA/LCC uitkomsten van bekende en gevestigde technologieën. In deze thesis wordt de aandacht gevestigd op het karakterisering van verschillende klassen van onzekerheden in de invoerdata en wordt een praktische methode opgezet voor de behandeling ervan en hun doorwe....................
    (0000-00-00) Dearly Beloved...and Departed: Reevaluating the Narrative of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables Series
    Knoppert, Vivianne
    This thesis reevaluates the narrative of L.M. Montgomery's popular Anne of Green Gables series. Using the site of weddings and funerals in the text as a point of focus, this thesis examines the construction of the narrative of the eight novels which comprise the series. The focus is on narrative concepts such as différance, Derrida's arrêt de mort, and narrative time. This thesis develops an argument of narrative construction based on the concept of ending as the action which upholds narrative....................
    (2010-01-01) Death as a critical transition
    Duong, M.N
    Researchers have shown that in many complex systems there are certain points in which a minor perturbation can trigger a drastic irreversible change. These are so-called critical transitions. Research has yielded important cues that have been suggested as indicators of whether a system is getting close to a critical transition. The most important indicator that occurs before bifurcations that cause a critical transition is known as critical slowing down. A consequence of slowing down is that the....................
    (2009-06-30) Death Can Be Surprising: Mortality Salience and Attentional Control Influence Startle Reactions to Outgroup and Ingroup Members
    Petrescu, D.C.
    This study investigated the influence of mortality salience (MS) and attentional control on ingroup favoritism and outgroup derogation, at a basic biological level. University students (N = 39) completed a questionnaire measure of attentional control and subsequently were led to contemplate their mortality, or a control topic. Their eye-blink responses to a startle probe were measured while they viewed pictures of outgroup members (Arab people) and pictures of ingroup members (Dutch people). As ....................
    (2013-01-01) Debriefing Topics and Their Effects on Learning with Computer Games
    Walther, L.R.F.Z.J.
    The present study examines the question in how far short self-debriefings are effective to support individual learning with computer games. Two debriefing topics were compared with each other and with a Control condition. Furthermore, the effect of debriefing on motivation has been examined. A between-subject design in which the debriefing was manipulated across three conditions was applied. The 49 participants (mean age 22) played the computer game Lemonade Tycoon 2 two sessions of forty minute....................
    Aklilu, Mekalia Paulos
    This research paper centers on the Aid-Growth nexus in the context of Sub-Saharan Africa post 1980. Moreover, it attempts to show whether there is a link between ODA and negative growth impacts (de-industrialization) by putting in place economic structures which negatively affect the industrial dynamic of the sub-continent. Hence, within the Aid paradigm, it exclusively focuses on trade liberalization, being one of the widely applied conditionalities of the post 1980 period, as a pre-requisite t....................
    (2009-01-01) Decay of memory on Bayesian networks
    Cohen Tervaert, G.D.
    This thesis deals with systems of random variables attached to the nodes of a graph, depending on each other according to the directed edges in the graph. The theory of "random systems with interaction" is an area of probability theory which is growing rapidly. The goal of this theory is understanding cooperative effects in large random systems. Applications are primarily in statistical physics but also other fields such as biology or medicine. In statistical physics and thermodynamics, when one....................
    (2011-06-16) Decentraal afspraken maken door patiënten via internet
    Galen, L.D.C. van
    Samenvatting In dit onderzoek wordt beoogd kennis te vergaren ten aanzien van online afspraken maken door patiënten. In het onderzoek staat de volgende probleemstelling centraal: “Op welke wijze kan de inrichting van het planningsysteem worden vormgegeven, gegeven de randvoorwaarden voor decentraal plannen en afspraken maken door patiënten?”. Er zijn verschillende dataverzamelingsmethodes ingezet om antwoord te geven op de probleemstelling en deelvragen. Er zijn zes semigestructureerde in....................
    (2014-09-30) Decentraal beleid, decentrale keuzes?
    Borst, B.
    Over het democratische gehalte van de gemeentelijke bestuurslaag bestaan ernstige twijfels. Decentralisatie wordt genoemd als middel om lokale democratieën te revitaliseren (Fleurke, Hulst en de Vries 1997, 65 en Boogers et al. 2008, 14-15). De democratiseringsdoelstelling van decentralisatie kan pas bereikt worden als politieke partijen in gemeenten keuzemogelijkheden, met betrekking tot het gedecentraliseerde beleid, voorleggen aan de kiezer. In dit verband is het de verwachting dat de groott....................
    (2011-01-01) Decentralisatie in Kosovo. Het wondermiddel om etnische spanningen te verminderen?
    Deelstra, J. ( Joeri),
    Deze thesis richt zich op decentralisatie in het wederopbouwproces van Kosovo, waarbij de nadruk wordt gelegd op de relatie tussen de theoretische basis en de uitvoering van dit beleid. Het concept decentralisatie was vanaf het begin van het wederopbouwproces verbonden met de discussie over de uiteindelijke status van Kosovo. Sinds 2001 is het bovendien verbonden met de politieke eis voor een onafhankelijk Kosovo. Sinds de jaren zeventig van de vorige eeuw is er een debat gaande of decentralis....................
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