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    (2010-07-31) Cultural Diversity in the German Motion Picture Industry
    Kocula, E.J.
    The study analyses the state of cultural diversity in the motion picture industry in Germany in 2000s. Specific attention is paid to the presence of the Third World cinema productions on the market and to the role of the World Cinema Fund in increasing the degree of diversity. When it comes to the level of product diversification in the film industry, the most influential factors are cinema attendance, the strategy of adjusting supply to the demand, cost consideration and government policie....................
    (2007-01-01) Cultural Diversity in Work Groups An overview.
    Thomas, C.
    Two interesting developments mark the current economy are: an emphasis on team work and the changed composition of work groups due to globalization. People from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds increasingly have to work together effectively. Thus, the current article examines the effects of cultural diversity on group performance and processes. Research shows that diverse groups are especially effective when working on complex and novel task such as creative assignment....................
    (2007-08-31) Cultural Economics Debates
    Bird, E.
    Master Thesis Arts and Cultural Studies: Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship What is cultural economics and what can an understanding of it add to the discussion of the creative economy? From neo-liberal policies to expand the market and reduce government intervention the creative economy gained ground within the swell of new capitalism in the 1990’s. It was as much a rhetorical concept that re-positioned cultural policy from a spending ‘frill’ as it was an economic resp....................
    (2012-08-13) Cultural exchange on Malta and Gozo: A study of the Aegyptiaca on Malta and Gozo from the Phoenician and Punic periods.
    Sister, Joerie van
    This thesis was written with the objective to re-examine the Aegyptiaca on Malta and Gozo during the Phoenician and Punic phases, in order to achieve a better understanding of the cultural exchange processes, which would have occurred during the first millennium BCE. Because of the geographic location of the islands in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta holds a unique position, where several different cultures meet and merge. Based on previously published material (Hölbl 1989 and Sagona 200....................
    (2015-03-03) Cultural Gain and Loss in Translation
    Block, Sinja de
    In this thesis, an analysis of cultural differences through language in film translation is made. Looking at three versions of the Disney film Frozen, cultural elements have been illustrated and compared to show how American, Japanese and Dutch culture differ from each other.
    (2012-08-31) Cultural Globalization and the Motion Picture Industry:
    Remme, A.D.
    This research examines the influence of cultural globalization on the motion picture industry. There is not yet much empirical evidence about how media products spread world-wide, thus the aim is to make a contribution to this knowledge. The focus is on analyzing to what extent globalization contributes to a further homogenization of movie spectators’ preferences in different countries and cultural contexts. The main sources used in this thesis are the box office revenues and reviews of four d....................
    (2011-01-01) Cultural heritage : Bollywood images and identity : amongst middle-class hindustani women in Surinam
    Amirkhan, Stefanie
    Globalization is a term through which scientists, politicians and citizens of many nation states have negotiated the meaning of the local and the global in their own social contexts. Still, socio-cultural processes related to globalization did not eradicate dominant discourses which enable the essentialization of concepts such as autochthony, authenticity, belonging and heritage. Transnational or diaspora identities therefore remain interesting subjects of inquiry for many anthropologists. Socia....................
    (2011-07-21) Cultural Heritage 2.0: Involving stakeholders in service innovation for an audio-visual heritage service platform:
    Westerveld, B.B.
    Background and problem Audio-visual cultural heritage content should be preserved for our children and their children. However, currently the devices on which this material is stored suffers from decomposition. In addition to that, the content should be unlocked on a larger scale by exploiting modern technologies such as Internet and mobile applications. Therefore projects are initiated by the Dutch government, by putting in 170 million Euro’s, on how to achieve this goal. One of these project....................
    (2012-07-23) Cultural heritage management and archaeology in Suriname
    Brakel, Addick A. van
    This thesis is written as an orientation on heritage management and archaeology in Suriname. To be able to draw conclusions on this subject, the discussion first is on theoretical insights about heritage management. The theoretical discussion emphasizes the western scholar perspective in heritage management as well as archaeology. This western progressivist evolutionary perspective also has its consequences for policymaking in Suriname. Decisions from the past are of influence in the present. As....................
    (2013-04-18) Cultural historical values as a strategy for urban renewal of The Hague Moerwijk:
    Van Bart, W.A.
    The national policy on spatial development is characterized by the renewal of early postwar housing estates. These housing estates are characterized by large scale monotonous dwellings, and a surplus of unused public space and large infrastructural barriers. The negative image of the districts has spiral effect which contributes to further expiration. There is growing awareness of the potential of cultural historical qualities for urban renewal of these early postwar housing estates. Moerwijk is....................
    (2011-08-31) Cultural Identity through the small screen in globalization scene
    Djosef, A.D.
    The domination of foreign children programs and the lack of local children’s programs on Indonesian national television form the outline of this thesis. This phenomenon mainly occurred as a form of (media and cultural) globalization. Children’s television programs, especially those produced in US, are widespread across nations. Children around the world are most likely consuming the same programs from transnational children’s media companies, namely Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network. A....................
    (2014-01-01) Cultural influence on the acceptability of lying in an intergroup situation
    Humrich, J.
    The current study examined differences between German ( N = 62 ) and Chinese college students (N = 66) concerning acceptability and morality of lying in an intergroup situation. The design was a mixed design with nationality and condition as between subject’s factors and type of lie as between subject’s factor. Participants answered an online survey and rated 12 scenarios about lying varying in type of lie (white lie vs. self-serving lie). The target of the lie was manipulated and depending ....................
    (2014-01-01) Cultural influences on artistic depiction : a psychological perspective on art history
    Specker, E.
    The present study draws on the work by Masuda et al. (2008) which showed that cultural differences between collectivism and individualism, specifically in the importance of context, are reflected in the art produced by those cultures. I discern a cultural shift in the cultural context of the West from collectivism to individualism in the 17th century. I then investigate if this is reflected in the art of the different periods by analyzing and comparing landscapes and portraits produced before an....................
    (2011-08-18) Cultural Influences on fairness perception
    Chong, W.Y.
    This thesis compares the outcome of the ultimatum game in 19 different countries to detect if cultural traits have influences on the fairness perception of people. To define culture Hofstede cultural dimensions were analysed. The results in this research are: that two of cultural dimensions of Hofstede: PDI and LTO, have significant effects on fairness perceptions.
    (2010-01-01) Cultural integration in cross-border mergers & acquisitions
    Zhang, Rong
    Billions of dollars are involved in the execution of mergers and acquisitions between companies, especially when they take place between different cultures. In literature it can be found that a culture difference is a potential catalyst to the success or to the failure of a merger or acquisition. In this work these cultural differences are studied in more depth. In a literature review, different theories in this area are related and this will give insight into the following aspects: culture....................
    (2008-05-28) Cultural Interfaces
    Weeks, Andrew
    Een onderzoek naar de werking van het begrip Cultural Interfaces gepresenteerd door Lev Manovich. Via onderzoek naar videogames is gepoogd de mate van controle van de speler over deze cultural interfaces duidelijker in beeld te brengen.
    (2012-09-30) Cultural Policies in New Towns
    Peters, L.
    The aim of this thesis is to gain insight in the development and impact of cultural policies in New Towns as Almere (NL) and Milton Keynes (UK). New Towns are a subcategory in the creative city discourse that is hardly researched. The core research question that is being asked is the following: What is the impact of cultural policy in New Towns? The theoretical framework of creative cities is the starting point of this research. Creative city research has mainly focussed on large cities and me....................
    (2012-08-30) Cultural Policies in the mirror of Theatre Directors
    Muñoz Arrunátegui, P.M.
    In this Master Thesis, I assess the most important implications of cultural policy for theatres in the city of Cali through the perspective of directors. I do so analyzing the objectives of government, assessing their formulation, describing relevant issues and evaluating the way such objectives become policy. The analysis involves mapping the current situation and addressing the consequences on the different economic dimension of theatres. Seven directors of the same number of theatres were co....................
    (2012-01-01) Cultural preferences for knowledge types: a comparison between the Netherlands and Vietnam
    Moor, A. de
    As knowledge is becoming one of the most crucial resources for companies in their quest for sustainable competitive advantage, and business is conducted increasingly across national boundaries, it becomes essential to understand how the transfer of knowledge in a cross-cultural context works. This study contributes to this understanding by introducing the concept of cultural knowledge dimensions (i.e. cultural types of knowledge), as an addition to the traditional ways of distinguishing between ....................
    (2006-01-01) Cultural translation of technological modernization : postphenomenology and technological mediation of culture
    Kenaw Fantaw, S.
    Drawing on the postphenomenological perspectives developed by Don Ihde and Peter-Paul Verbeek, this thesis will deal with the cultural translation of technological modernization and the technological mediation of cultures. Postphenomenology radically departs from classical phenomenology (as developed by Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger and Maurice Marleau-Ponty) by conceptualizing the field of human-world relation as a relation of mutual constitution and coshaping. Technological artifacts are p....................
    (2011-01-31) Cultural Transmission and Primate Brain Evolution: a Social Network Approach
    Will, G.J.
    Primates, including humans, have considerably large brains compared to other mammals of equivalent size. This review highlights hypotheses, both ecological and social, that have been proposed to explain what selective pressures might have driven an increase of brain size in the face of the production and maintenance costs of a metabolically expensive, large brain. Additionally, the relationship between life history characteristics and brain size is reviewed. The possibility is explored, whether ....................
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