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    (2015-01-01) Chemoenzymatic dimerization of single domain antibodies for multimodal imaging.
    Edens, J.G.
    Camelid derived single domain antibody fragments (VHH) are small sized, have rapid circulatory clearance and great binding specificity. Because immune cells can infiltrate tumors, VHHs specifically binding MHC Class II or CD11b can therefore be utilized for cancer detection and the presence of malignancy. VHHs consist of only a single domain, so their binding affinity may entail constrains compared to the natural bivalent antibodies. During this project a chemoenzymatic dimerization approach was....................
    (2015-01-01) Chemokine production of buccal epithelial cells in term and preterm infants in Curaçao
    Stahlie, E. (Emma)
    Background: Previously, it has been reported that the buccal epithelial cells (BECs) of a term infants are hyperresponsive to microbial stimulation at birth. Within the first days after birth BECs achieve a hyporesponsive state. This transition, called sensibilisation, was presumably associated with colonization of the intestinal tract, leading to microbial exposure. Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a disease affecting premature infants, is associated with an abnormal microbial growth of the int....................
    (2012-08-31) Chemopreventive agents and breast cancer
    Waal, D. van der
    Although different forms of effective treatment are available, breast cancer is still the number one cause of cancer death among women in developed countries. Several potential preventive strategies have therefore been suggested to decrease breast cancer risk. Pharmacological interventions may be considered by high-risk women. Many studies have looked into the effectiveness of these preventive methods. Tamoxifen and raloxifene, both selective estrogen receptor modulators, have already been appro....................
    (2014-01-01) Chemotherapie en cognitie bij kankerpatiënten : de onderliggende mechanismen
    Klaver, K.
    Er wordt veel onderzoek gedaan naar de invloed van chemotherapie op het cognitief functioneren van kankerpatiënten. Dat de meeste kankerpatiënten die chemotherapie ondergaan last hebben van de zogenaamde chemobrain is duidelijk, welke mechanismen hieraan te grondslag liggen nog niet. In dit literatuuroverzicht worden veertien experimenten beschreven die de invloed van chemotherapie op het cognitief functioneren onderzoeken. Ten eerste is een overzicht gegeven van artikelen die de invloed van c....................
    (2009-01-01) Chemotherapy and informationseeking behaviour : characteristics of patients using massmedia information sources
    Muusses, L.D.
    Objective: Fulfilling patients’ information needs can help coping with illness and improving wellbeing. Patients use different information sources to fulfil their needs. Little research has been conducted on the characteristics of patients using different sources. The objective of this study is to find out which information sources are used by patients receiving chemotherapy for the first time and examine which factors explain the use of different mass‐media sources. Methods: A question....................
    (2013-01-01) Chemotherapy-induced hypercoagulability and thromboembolic events in patients with metastatic testicular cancer.
    Lubberts, S.
    Introduction: The majority of patients with disseminated testicular cancer can be cured with 3 or 4 courses of combination chemotherapy consisting of bleomycin, etoposide and cisplatin (BEP). Because of this good prognosis, focus shifts to adverse effects of this treatment. Venous thromboembolism and arterial thromboembolism (VTE and ATE) during and after chemotherapy are reported with incidences up to 15%. This hypercoagulability is thought to be caused by presence of cancer and administration ....................
    (2013-01-01) Chemotherapy-related amygdala dysfunction : a neuropsychological study.
    Meijer, A.
    Recent literature showed deterioration in cognitive performance after treatment with chemotherapy and has tended to focus on hippocampus deficits. Sensitivity of the amygdala for neurotoxicity of chemotherapy has never been studied. The purpose of this study is to investigate the chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity of the amygdala. This question was investigated through a neuropsychological assessment including tests with sensitivity for amygdala damage, other cognitive tasks and subjective ....................
    (2015-10-29) Chicago - embraced:
    Metzen, V.J.
    The project deals with the decay of the social and built environment in West Chicago. It reflects on the rise of the artificial environment, theoretical thoughts from V. GRUEN as well as the materialistic condition of the built as potential reasons for the decay in the area. The building design is a new city centre in the decentralized west of Chicago. It offers many public functions that build up on old american settlements. It furthermore reuses wood, concrete and bricks from the decaying bu....................
    (2016-03-15) Chicago Fish Barrier: The design of a fish free passage for vessels between the Mississippi and the Great Lakes:
    Roest, J.C.
    The United States of America – and more specific the state of Illinois – are dealing with a problem of Asian carps spreading from inward waterways to the Great Lakes. The Asian carp was originally brought to America to be used in study‟s on agricultural pounds, but escaped after series of flooding. The Asian carp has no natural enemies in the waters of the United States and are heading via the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes.The threat of the Asian carp lies in the „special‟ prope....................
    (2014-06-26) Chicago Lakeside Health City Conference Centre:
    Starchenko, T.
    My graduation project is a part of Chicago Lakeside graduation studio in the Chair of Complex Projects. The goal of the studio was to develop a complex architectural solution based on analysis and economic and social strategies, integrated within existing fabric on different scales. The result of the first stage of my thesis work is an urban strategy for the South Chicago neighbourhood revitalization through the development of the Health City cluster on the former South Works site. Based on the ....................
    (2014-06-26) Chicago lakeside public health education centre:
    Ning, M.
    To revive the South Chicago neighbourhood and respond to the Chicago public health agenda, our group proposed a Health City as a new anchor for this district. As the pioneer of the concept of health city, the mission of the public education centre is to integrate the Health city's resource and introduce it to more people. The success of the building will exert a positive influence on the following development of Heath city. An increasing number of people and investors will be attracted to this p....................
    (2016-01-29) Chicago Midway:
    Verberk, J.H.
    Proposal for revitalizing western Chicago suburbia.
    (2015-10-29) Chicago Urban Lab:
    Costa, S.
    In order to foster a real change in the decaying West Side of Chicago, a new approach has to be investigated in the relation between the business world and local communities. To be effective, the spaces related to working need to be rethought, according to new standard than the actual economic model. The practice is starting to metabolize new typologies of working spaces in order to answer to the new requests of a reality disrupted by the crisis, providing affordable solutions or creating attrac....................
    (2015-06-26) Chicago: Social Dwelling Typologies:
    Hackl, A.
    Thesis explores possibilities of typological variations within boundaries of typical Chicago urban plot. Aim is to provide a sustainable, low-cost alternative to the classical american family house ("Shotgun" type). Questions like: “What makes groundplan of family house efficient?” and “How can dwelling typologies reflect and absorb demographic changes during time?” have been dealt with.
    (2011-08-31) Chicana Feminism and Western Feminist Thought:Gloria Anzaldúa’s Fractured Chicana Identity and Rosi Braidotti’s Nomadic Consciousness
    Hoog Antink, A.F.
    In the United States, the notions of race, gender and class remain much debated topics, not only as separate domains, but also in relation to each other. For non-white women the three notions often overlap in their struggle since they often see themselves as triply oppressed: by their gender, race and class. For Chicana women this is no different. What stands out when taking a closer look at their movement, is that their struggle is generally characterized by its isolated focus, and its exclusio....................
    (2015-01-01) Chicanas Write Back
    Ridder, A.J. (Alexander) de
    Since its inception in the 1960s and 1970s, Chicano writers have produced a corpus that is largely unexamined in mainstream literary studies. In this thesis, I examine a number of works by three Chicana writers: Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands: The New Mestiza and “Swallowing Fireflies”, Estela Portillo Trambley’s The Day of the Swallows and “Looking for God”, and Ana Castillo’s So Far From God and Massacre of the Dreamers: Essays on Xicanisma. Each of these writers is noted for her....................
    (2011-01-01) Chicano Identity
    Teussink, J (Joey)
    This dissertation examines three novels written by Rudolfo Alonso Anaya with regards to his use of Native-Mesoamerican mythology and folktales. The central question of this dissertation is how Anaya uses themes and elements from (Mesoamerican) mythology and folktales and how does he connects these to the narrative’s plot and to the different genres? The three novels under discussion are: Rio Grande Fall, Jalamanta: A Message from the Dessert, and Serafina’s Stories. Is there a clear connecti....................
    (2013-06-28) Chick lit: the new Jane Austen?
    Hoog, K. de
    The new genre of chick lit swamping the book market is sometimes called 'the new Jane Austen'. In this thesis, the two chick lit novels 'Can You Keep a Secret?' by Sophie Kinsella and 'Take A Chance on Me' by Jill Mansell are analyzed side by side with Jane Austen's 'Emma', to see if these can be compared and if the chick lit novels have literary merit.
    (2011-01-01) Child abuse as ‘national shame’ : an analysis of child abuse discourses in New Zealand
    Galama, Afra
    In New Zealand, child abuse is considered an issue of „national shame.‟ Extensive media attention for „high-profile‟ abuse cases combined with the country‟s high child abuse rates strongly contradict with the public discourse representing New Zealand as a „great place to bring up children.‟ Without ignoring the reality of suffering caused by the practice of child abuse, the focus of this study is on child abuse discourses in New Zealand. This thesis is based on a 10-week field rese....................
    (2011-06-10) Child behavior and maternal depressive mood during toddlerhood predict child adjustment after school entry
    Jansen, R.
    The aim of this 5-wave, multimethod, multi-informant study was to examine the longitudinal associations between child disruptive behavior and maternal depressive mood in toddlerhood. Adopting a transactional perspective on developmental psychopathology, the predictive value of these risk factors for child internalizing and externalizing problem behavior after school entry was investigated using multivariate latent growth curve modeling. The sample consisted of 162 toddlers (mean age 30 months), ....................
    (2011-01-01) Child death review : een verkennend onderzoek onder kinderartsen
    Aarninkhof, M.
    Elk jaar overlijden er in Nederland kinderen en jongeren. De oorzaken van overlijden zijn te vinden in de doodsoorzakenstatistieken die samengesteld worden aan de hand van doodsoorzaakverklaringen die door artsen worden ingevuld. De gegevens over de oorzaken van overlijden zijn interessant voor preventie, want hieruit kan lering getrokken worden voor de toekomst. Men kan twijfels hebben bij de betrouwbaarheid van deze gegevens. Van diverse kanten is er daarom vraag naar betrouwbare gegevens over....................
    (2011-01-01) Child death review in Oost-Nederland - Een vergelijking met de huidige werkwijze rondom kindersterfte
    Petter, J.
    Background In 1978 a method which focuses on systematic and multidisciplinary research of child deaths had been developed in the United States. This method is called Child Death Review. The primary goal of Child Death Review teams is prevention of child death. To reach this, causes and circumstances of each deceased child are mapped. This methodology of Child Death Review is practiced in the United States, the United Kingdom and some other countries. In the Netherlands such a method does not exi....................
    (2012-04-20) Child Friendly Cities: The Case of Wroclaw in Poland:
    Pieterse, S.
    Like many other cities in Europe, Wrocław in Poland aims to improve the livability of children by implementing sustainable urban mobility measures, but fails to be successful. Due to an ongoing outflow of families from the city to the periphery and region, a vicious circle of an ongoing increase in car use has occured which increasingly threatens the livability of children. Because the travelling distances have increased, many children are not able to overcome their distance constraints anymore....................
    (2010-06-29) Child Friendly Neighbourhood:
    Lee, H.
    To regenerate neighbourhoods of North Tower Hamlets by improving living environment and public space with child-friendly concept
    (2009-01-01) Child Labor, Agricultural Shocks and Labor Sharing in Rural Ethiopia
    Debebe, Zelalem Yilma
    We study the effect of an agricultural shock and a labor sharing arrangement (informal social network) on child labor. Albeit bad parental preference to child labor (as the strand of literature claims), poor households face compelling situations to send their child to work. This is, especially, true when they are hit by an income shock and face a binding adult labor constraint. We used a panel data from the ERHS and employed a fixed effects model to pin down causal relation between shocks, ....................
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